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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 141 of 293)
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with round tower, built, it is said, by K. Harold.
of Norfolk, dioc. of Norwich, contains the benefices
in Grimshoe and S. Greenhoe (marked*) hunds.
with Beachamwell rect. or 28 in all.

CRAXWORTH par. (66) Mitford hund. Mid.
Norfolk, 3 m. N W. of Hingham-99, on R. Black-
water. Acres 1100; pop. 340+2; poor r. 196/.
(Mitford U.) ; real prop. 1603/. ; charities, fuel
allotment 9/. St. Mary Rect. (Norw.) val. with
Let I on 307/., patr. Rev. P. Gurdon, rector.

CRASSWALL chplry. (42) Clodock par. W.
Hereford. 5m. SE. of" Ha y- 154, on R. Munnow,
had at the Abbey farm, an alien priory found, in
John's time, subordinate to Grandmont, and
granted by Edw. IV. to Christ's Coll. Camb. Pop.
374; real prop. 1963/. ; charities II. St. Mary
Cur. (St. Dav.) val. 47/., patr. Vicar. C. Abbey
Farm, and C. Court are no;r.

CRASTER tnshp. ( ) Embleton par. NE. North-
mbrld. 5m. NE. of Alnwick-308, by the coast
Pop. 247+3, fishermen. C. House, S. Craster,
Esq., whose fain, have held it for 6 centuries.

CRASTCX K tythg. (8) Woking par. W. Surrey,
4 m. NNW. of Guildford-29, near S. West. rail.



Crateford (62) 3 m. S. of Penkridge, Mid.Stafd.

CRATFIKLD par. (50) Blvthing hund. NE.
| Suffolk, 5m. WSW. of Halesworth-100. Acres
1 930, part common ; pop. 720 + 3 ; poor r. 222L
(Blyth. U.) ; real prop. 3709/. ; charities, town,
estate for poor, etc. 180/., Leman's school 9L St.
Mary Vic. (Norw.) val. with Laxfield 290/., patr.
Rev. E. Hollond,

P. CRATHIE par. Kincardine O'Neill dist. SW.
Aberdeen, in the midst of the Grampians, at R.
Dee's head, is joined to BRAEMAR. Size 40 m. by
20, mountain and forest, rising 4299ft. at Ben
Macdhui, 3420 at Scarsoch, 3777 at Lochnagar,
with red deer, good granite, limestone, slate, and,
here and there, emeralds, etc. ; pop. 1712, many
yarn spinners, and gaelic-speaking. Living (presb.
K. O'Neill) val. 234/., patr. Crown ; church, stands
near Balmoral, seat of Her Majesty, The Queen.
Birkhill belongs to H. R. H. Prince Albert. C.
Castle, Sir R. Burnett, Bt., an old Flemish house ;
Invcrcauld, J. Farquharson, chief heritor, near
Braemar Cast., and Malcolm Canmore's hunting
seat; Monalty, is close to Cairn-na-cuimhe (on.
the military road), where meetings were called
by the fiery cross ; Marr Lodge, Duke of Leeds.
The Dee has many falls or linns, and rises in,
several heads, with plenty of salmon, trout, etc.

Crathie Point, 2 m. E. of Cullen, N. Banff, in
Moray Frith.

CRATHORNE par. ( ) W. Langbaurgh lib.
N. R. YorkA m. W. of Stokesley-238, on a branch
of R. Tees. Acres 2460 ; pop. 294, in the linen
manufact. ; poor r. 1301. (Stokes. U.) ; real prop.
2380/. All Saints Rect. (Yk.) val. 205/., patr.
Dugdale's representatives ; church, has effigies of
the Crathornes.

P. 31. C7ratfofrK/*(61)3m.ESE.ofBiinratty,
SE. Clare, A. Stafford, Esq., M.P., on R. Shan-
non, near Cratloekeel Castle and Cratloe Beg two
ancient towers of the O'Briens.

Crafty Mountain (7) 2 m. W. of Swanlinbar,
2V W. Cavan, near C. Lough, is 1213ft. high.

CRAUD hmlt. (19) Upper Slane bar. NE,
Meath, 3 m. E. of Slane-28.

Craufurdland, 3 m. NE. of Kilmarnock, N. Ayr.
W. H. Craufurd, Esq., on a branch of R. Irvine.

P. CRAUGHWELL vil. (96) Dunkellin bar. S,
Galtcay, a pettv sessions and police station, 14 m.
SE. of Galway, 117 from Dublin. Pop. 274;
houses 45, with Killmaine church, and a chapel.
Aggard, J. Lambert, Esq. ; Moyode Cast., B.
Persse, Esq.

CRAVEN, a hilly district of W. R. York, round
Skipton, at the head of Rs. Aire and Wharfe,
whence the Earls Craven, who were originally of
Appletreewick, take their name and title. Mi-
nium and oxide of lead are found, and the ('.
harriers' hunt here, fjf C. ARCHDEACONRY, dioc.
of Ripon, includes the deaneries of Craven and
Pontefract, or 71 benefices in all, exclusive of
chapelries. C. DEANERY, contains the benefices
marked in Staincliffe wap. with Bingley vie. and
Ilkley v.

Craven Bank ( ) near Giggleswick, W. R. York.
seat of Rev. R. Ingram, on the borders of Craven,
j and the romun way, where coins of Constantine,
1 Gratian, etc. have been found, gaf" C. Cottage
(7) near Fulham, 3 m. WSW. of London, on the
Thames, was built by Lady Craven, Margravine
! of Anspach. US" C. HILL hmlt. ( ) between
Bayswatcr and Westbourne, NW. London, be-
longs to Earl (/raven.

CRAWCOOK tnshp. ( ) Ryton par. N. Durham,
7 m. W. of Gateshead-275. near Carlisle raiL
and R. Tyne. Acres 1390, with coal ; pop. 290;
poor r. 757. (Gatesh. U.); real prop. 2164/.

K K 4



Crawdundale Brook, runs from the Moors, N.
Westmrld. to the Eden, by Newbiggin, close to
which are the Written Crag, with a roman in-
scription on it, and the Loscar Crofts camp of 20
acres, on the Maiden way.

P. CRAWFORD par.UpperWard,&E'. Lanark. 46
m. from Edinbro', on Caledn.rail., contains Newton,
and Lead hills (with large mines) at the heads of
the Clyde (Dear, El van, Powtrail,Glengonar,etc.),
and ruins of the castle of the Lindseys (by gift
of Will, the Lion) and Douglases. Size 18 m. by
15, moor and mountain pasture (rising 3150 ft.
at the Lowthers) ; pop. 1G84, of vil. 236 ; real
prop. 12,3417., of which 2982/. on mines ; for poor
358/. Living (presb. Lanark) val. 234t, patr.
Crown. Traces of two roman roads from Niths-
dale to Glasgow, and 3 camps are seen ; and a
little gold dust has been found in the Elvan, etc.
^ C. Bridge (15) across R. Stour, 3 m. SSE. of
Blandford, E. Dorset. See TARRAXT CRAWFORD.
flgg- Crawford ( Great) Camp. See Spetsbury Ring,
Dorset. igT C.-JoHN par. Middle Ward, SE.
Lanark, near the above, containing Abingdon-40,
on Ks. Duneaton, Blackburn, etc. was given by
Mai. IV. to John de Biggar whence the name
and belongs partly to Earl Hopetoun and Sir T. E.
Colebrooke, Bt. Size 15 m. by 6, hilly pasture,
with stone, coal ( ?), lime, lead, and traces of gold ;
pop. 993, of vil. 139 ; real prop. 63297. ; for poor
1667. Living (presb. Lanark) val. 234/., patr.
Crown. Near Gilkerscleugh, is Netherston Hill
camp, 135 ft. diam., and there are remains of two
castles. ifip~ C. Priory, near Quits, Mid. Fife.,
Earl of Wemyss.

P. CRAWFORDSBURN vil. (1) Lower Castlereagh
bar. NE. Down. 2m. W. of Bangor-114, near
Belfast Lough. Pop. 188 + 1. C. House, W. S.
Crawford, Esq., M. P. ; Ballyleigh, Lord Dufferin.

Crawford's Lodge (36) near Templemore, E.
Tippery. t^T C. Town (24) 3m. SE. of Castlederg,
W. Tyrone.


CrawhiU ( ) 3 m. NW. of Bathgate, W. Lin-

CRA WICK-BRIDGE hmlt. and C MILL vil. San-
quhar par. N. Dumfries, on C. River, which rises
tinder Glenwhurry hill, and runs 10 m. SE. and
SW. to R. Nith at Sanquhar, with a fall, and
eome well-wooded spots. Pop. 71 and 144.

P. CRAWLEY par. (12) Upper Buddlesgate
hund. Mid. Hants. 5 m. NW. of Winchester-62,
contains Hunton Cur. Acres 4170 ; pop. 483 ; poor
r. 1607. (Winch. U.); real prop. 32417.; charities,
17. St. Mary Rect. (Win.) val. with Hunton 6907,.
patr. Bishop. C. Barrow, 1 ra. NE. C. House.
giP CRAWLEY, i. e. CAER LJVW, tnshp. ( )
Edlingham par. N. Northmbrld. 8 m. WNW. of ;
Alnwick-308, has remains of a (partly) roman
tower commanding a fine view, with several
camps about, fif" CRAWLEY hmlt. (45) Witney
par. W. Oxford. 2 m. NW. of Witney-65, on R.
Windrush. Acres 910; pop. 252; poor r. 2707.
(Witney U.); real prop. 9447.

P. CRAWLEY par. (8) Buttinghill hund. Lewes
rape, 2V. Sussex, 7 m. W. of E. Grinstead-28, near
Brighton rail, in a pretty spot. Acres 820 ; pop.
449 + 5 ; poor r. 727. (E. Grinstead U.) ; real prop.
10977. St. Mary Rect. (Chic.) val. 1167., patr.
Mrs. Clitherow ; church, with oak roof, and an old
rhyme on the tie beam. The Horsham and C.
hounds ' hunt round here, fairs, 8 May, 29 Sept.

P. CRAWLEY DOWN ( ) 5 m. from the above,
is a Cur. with Worth. ^" C. Dyke ( ) 3 m.
NW. of Garstang, NW. I^ncashire. ^ C.


IlrsBoijN pnr. (46) Manshcad hund. W. Beds.
2 m. X. of Woburn-41, near C. Brook, which
runs into R. Ouzel. Acres 1520; pop. 65fi ;
poor r. 3797. (Woburn U.) ; real prop. 23557. ;
charities 1127. for fuel, church, poor, etc, St. M.
Magdalen Vic. (Ely) val. 467., patr. Duke of
Bedford. C. Heath Farm, 1 m. SE. ^C. Nether
and C. Green, near Luton, S. Beds.

P. CRAWLEY, NORTH, par. (46) Newport hund.
NE. Bucks. 3 m. E. of Xewport Pagnel-50, had a
monastery at ' Domesdy. ' found, before the Con-
fessor's time. Acres 4060 ; pop. 865 ; poor r. 413/.
(N.Pagnel U.) ; real prop. 42107. ; charities about
87. St. Firmin Rect. (Oxon.) val. 7., patr. Miss
Duncombe. C. Little, m. NW.

CRAWTON vil. Dunnotar par. E. Kincardine. 3
m. S. of Stonehaven-94. Pop. 77.

CRAY hmlt. (42) Devynnock par. W. Brecon.
8 m. W. of Brecknock-171, on C. River, which
runs into R. Usk, contains Llanulid. Pop. 502 ;
real prop. 23097. i^ CRAY hmlt. (97) Buckden
tnshp. WR. York. 10 m. SSE. of Hawes-249.

CRAY, FOOT'S, par. (6) Ruxley hund. Sutton-
at-Hone lathe, NW. Kent, 5 m. ENE of Bromley
-10, containing Sidcup cur., is on R. Cray, which
rising at Orpington, runs 8m. NE. past the Grays
below to R. Darent near the Thames, and has
good trout. Acres 620; pop. 358 + 5; poor r.
757. (Bromley U.) ; real prop. 34027. ; charities,
Wollaston's free school 107. All Saints Rect.
(Cant.) val. 2517., patr. Ld. Chancellor; church, .
has effigies of a Vaughan, and a norman font.
Foot's Cray Place, built after Palladio's villa
1752, seat of Lord Bexley; Sidcup House, R.
Berens, Esq. Igg" C., ST. MARY'S, par. as above,
2 m. S. containing Crockenhill, and once a mar-
ket town, belongs to Dyke of Lullingstone.
Acres 2220; pop. 997+9"; poor r. 3847.; real
prop. 46737.; charities 827. of which 707. to
Withen's school, 47. to Manning's almsh. Living,
a Cur. with Orpington; church, has tombs and 5
brasses from 1518, of the Averys, Mannings of
Kcvington, etc. Mkt. house blown down 1703.
gif C., NORTH, par. as above, adjoining Foot's
Cray. Acres 1160; pop. 517+17; poor r. 1527.;
real' prop. 371 II; charities 277., of which 217. to
Hetherington's school. St. James Rect. (Cant.)
val. 3967., patr. Lord Bexley. N. Cray Place,
T. Coventry, Esq. formerly of the Hetheringtons ;
Mount Mascal, Capt. Cato. g3P C., ST. PACI.'S,
par. as above, near St. Mary's Cray. Acres 630 ;
pop. 564 + 12; poor r. 181*7.; real prop. 32847.;
charities, for education 4L St. Paulinus Rect.
(Cant.) val. 4837., patr. Viscount Sidney, of Pens-

P. CRAYFORD, sometime XEWBCRY, par. (1)
Lessness hund. as above, 3 m. WNW. of Dartford
-15, the saxon Creccanford, Cregganford, etc. on
R. Cray, containing Northend and 'Slade Green,
and once a mkt. town, was the scene of the battle
in which, 457, Hengist defeated Vortigern, and
at ' Domesdy. ' belonged to the see of Canterbury.
Acres 2380, marshy ; pop. 2408 + 38, calico and
silk printers, iron hoop makers, etc. ; poor r. 8207.
(Dartfd. U.); real prop. 10,1417.; charities, Pum-
mell's 37. St. Paulinns Rect. (Cant.) val. 86I>/.,
patr. T. Austen, Esq. ; church, has tombs of Lady
Shovell (wife of the admiral) and others who held
the manor, and were of May Place, a building,
partly of Jas. I.'s time, now a farm house. The
iron hoop works were originally established for
making plate armour. ' Many' deaths from
cholera 1849.

CRAZY CORKER vil. (20) Fakbill bar. E. West-
meath, 7 m. E. of JIullingar-48.

par. (21) Witheridge hund. JV.


Devon. 7 m. SE. of S. Molton-178, on R. Sturcomb.
Acres 3190; pop. 58 + 1: poor r. 307. (S. Molton
U.); real prop. 520/. St. Michael Rcct. (Exct.)
val. 153/,, patr. Rev. W. Karslake, rector.

Creadon Day (29) 1 m. NE. of Dunniorc, E.
Waterford, in Waterford harbour, near C. Head.

CREAGH par. (141, 150) E. Carbery bar. SW.
Cork, contains part of Skibbereen-207, on R. lien.
Acres 5802, mountainous with slate ; pop.6415 + 5.
Living, &Rect. (Ck. R. C.) val. 4<>5/., patr. Bishop.
C. House, Sir W. W. Beecher, Bt. Remains of
O'Driscoll's castle are in Lough Hyne. iJiT Creagh
(1 17) 2 m.NW. of Ba]lmrobe,S.Mayo, J.Cuffe,Esq.
where R. Rode joins Lough Mask. iJiT CRKAGH
par. (53-4, 56) Moycarnon bar.S. Roscomn. 10 m.
SW. of Athlone-76, on R. Suck. Acres 8867, with
limestone and bog; pop. 2888 + 2. Living, a Reef.
(K.K.C.K.) with 2 others, val. 2237., patr. Bishop.
Near it is C. Bog, of 1758 acres.

Creagh Castle ( ) near Doneraile, N. Cork, G.
W. B. Creagh, Esq.

Crcaghanmnone, Creaghanarourlte, Creitghawaddy,
and Creaghanchreeslty Islds. (34) iu Upper Lough
Erne, S. Fermanagh.

Creagfiben Mountn. Ardnamurchan par. N. Ar-
gyll 2439 ft. high.

CUEAGHDOOES vil. ( ) Raphoe bar. E.Donegal,
4 m. NE. of Raphoe-137. Pop. 128.

Creayhmcelvallen Isld. (33) in Upper Lough Erne,
Mid. Fermanagh.

CREAGHREVAGHANORE hmlt. (21) Carrigallen
bar. Mid. Leitrim, 4 m. NW. of Ballinamore-25.

Creaknn (34) 3 m. S. of New Ross, W. Wexford.

CREAKE, NORTH, par. (69) Brothercross hund.
N. Norfolk, 3 m. SSE. of Burnham Westgate-1 18,
has ruins of St. Mary de Pratis austin abbey,
first found. 1206 as a priory hosp. by Sir Rob. de
Narford, and given by Countess of Richmond to
Christ's Coll. Camb. Acres 3460 ; pop. G48 ; poor r.
370/. (Docking U.) ; real prop. 41637. ; charities 157.
to Herod's school and Mansaur's almsh. St. Mary
fleet. (Norw.)val. 1077/., patr. E. Spencer, Esq. and
Bishop; church, has brass of a man holding a
church, gif C., SOUTH, par. as above, 1 m. S.
has on Blood gate or road, a saxon camp, and
many tumuli. Acres 3820 ; pop. 940 + 11 ; poor r.
430/. ; real prop. 53187. ; charities 387. St. Mary
Vic. (Xonv.) val. 325/., patr. Lord C. Townsend.

Creahrope (106) 5 m. N. of Brampton, NE.

Cream Point (30) Ibrickan bar. W. Clare, 2 m.
NW. of Miltown Malbay-158, near C. House.

CHEAMORK (73) 1 m.'N. of Wem-163, N. Salop.

Creaiimull Islds. near Barra, Western Islds.

P. CREATON, GREAT, par. (53) Guildsboro' hund.
Miff. Northmptn S m. NNW. of Northampton-66.
Acres 790 ; pop. 505 + 4 ; poor r. 355/. (Brixworth
U.); real prop. 38987.; charities, Palmer's 537,
St. Michael Red. (Pet.) val. 2107., patr. Rev. E.
T. Bi'vnon. i^"C., LITTLE, hmlt. Spratton par.
near the above. Pop. 77 ; poor r. 477.

Crebilly House ( ) near Bally mena, Mid. Antrim,
IT. H. O'Hara, Esq.

Creccanford, Cregcnnford. etc. of the Saxons, is
CUAYFORD, Kent, as above.

CRECORA par. (12-3, 21-2) Pubblebrien bar.
N. Limerich, 2 m. SE. of St. Patrickswell-124.
Acres 3013, good, with limestone; pop. 1284, de-
creasing. Living, a Vic. (Lk. A. A.) val. 587.,
patr. Vicars choral of Limerick cathedral. Green-
mount, J. Green, Esq.

CRKTRIX par. (37) Shillelagh bar. SW. Wick-
low (9) Rutwilly bar. NE. Carlow, 3 m. SW. of
Uacketstown-62. Acres 2471, moory; pop. 732
+ 22. Living, a Vie. with Aghold.

P. CiiKDENiiiLL par. (43) Griinsworth hund.



1 Mid. Hereford. 4 m. NW. of Hereford- 134, ron-
tn'ns that camp (near the Magna Castra or Ken-
chester of Antoninus), double ditch'd, and of about
40 acres, on a well wooded hill, whence there is a
fine prospect. Acres 1170; pop. 192; poor r.
1017. (Heref. U.) ; real prop. 403271 St. Mary
Reel. (Heref.) val. 2977., patr. Rev. J. Eckley,

CKEDITON HUNDRED (21) Mid. Devon, con-
tains the pars, of Colebrook, Crediton, Kenner-
leigh, Bishop's Morchard, St. Cyres, Newton, and
Sandford ; acres 34,160, pop. 12,055, houses 2452.

P. M. CREDITON, or KIRTON. par. in the above
hund. 7 m. NW. of Exeter, 180 from London,
near Brist. and Ex. rail., in a hollow on R. Greedy,
a petty sess. and polling place (for N. Dev'.),
containing Posbury Cur., Cannon-Fee, Knowle,
Rudge, Town, Uford, Uton, and Woodland, was
the saxon Cridiantun, the seat of a bishopric
from 924 to 1049, when it was moved to Exeter,
returned members to parl. of 35-6 Ed. I. at
Carlisle, was occupied by Prince Maurice for
Ch. I. in 1644, and taken by Fairfax 1645. Acres
11,440 ; pop.5947 + 2, of town 2245,in the woollen,
coarse linen, canvass, duck, sailcloth, sacking, and
serge manufact., which employ about 170 looms;
houses 486, divided into E. and W. Town, with
4 chapels, mkt, house rebuilt 1769 after the fire,
Q. Elizabeth's free gram, school with 3 exhi-
bitions, Hayward's blue coat school, and work-
house (3247"), S. Dunn's mathcmat. school (257.),
Davie's (207.), and Spurway's (117.) almsh.,
united char, school (1437.), and Union p. house ;
poor r. 3203/. on 17,4247.; real prop. 25,4257.;
charities 37607., of which church lands granted to
the governors of gram, school for that and other
purposes 27207. Holy Cross Vic. (Exet.) val.
4257., patr. the Twelve Governors ; church, cruci-
form and decorated eng. (Hen. VIL), with a
tomb, was collegiate. Fires in 1743 and 1769 did
great damage here. Winifred or St. Boniface,
archbp. of Mentz, and a martyr, and S. Dunn, as
above, were natives. Traces of ecclesiastical build-
ings are to be seen near the church. C. LANK, 5 m.
SW. See Greedy Ph., below. Credit. P. L. Union,
contains the pars. etc. in the above hund., and
Bow, Brushford, Chawleigh, Cheriton (Bishop and
Fitzpaine), Clannaborough, Coldridge, Down, St.
Mary, Eggesford, Hittisleigh, Lapford, Nymet,
Rowland, Poughill, Puddington, Shobrooke,
Stockleigh (English and Pomeroy), Thelbridge,
Upton Hellions, Washford Pyne,"Wembworthy,
Woolfardisworthy, Zeal Monachorum ; acres
88,050, pop. 22,076, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7)
2192 (out-door 1848), expend. 10,2617., prop,
rated 85,0907. Sup. Registry comprises the same ;
pop. 22,030+27. The New County Court district
corresponds with the registry. Mkt. D. Sau
Fairs, 11 May, 21-3 Aug. 21 Sept. cattle,

CREEISRIDGE vil. MinnigafF par. W. Kircudlt.
7 m. N. of Newton Stewart-125, near R. Crce
(see CREETOWN, below). Pop. 262.

CKEECH tythg. (16) Church Knowle par. SE.
Dorset. 2 m. S. of Wareham-115; pop. 183; real
prop. 26217., of which 21007, on quarries. giT C.,
WEST, limit. Steeple par. as above, 2 m. SW.,
was a mkt. town to Bindon abbey.

P. CREECH, ST. MICHAEL, par. (21) Anders-
field hund. S. Somerset. 3 m. E. of Taunton-141,
at the bridge on R. Tone, and on Gt. W. rail
Acres 2150 ; pop. 1296 + 18 ; poor r. 4437. (Taunt.
U.) ; real prop. 65787. ; charities 37. St. Michael
Vi<: (Ba, and W.) val. 4637., patr. Rev. H. Cres-
well. f3" C. PLACE ext. par. (11) Denmead
hmlt. SE. Hants. 4 m. NE. of Fareham-73.
Pop. 14.




CREED par. (31) W. Powder hnnd. Mid. Corn-
wall, 6 m. SW. of St. Austell-254, contains the old
boro' of Gram pound, on R. Fal. Acres 2710 (or
2552) ; pop. 758, decreasing ; poor r. 1397. (St.
Aust. U.); real prop. 35967. Living, a Rect.
(Exet.) val. 35 U., patr. C. H. T. Hawkins, Esq.,
of Trcwithean and Pennance. There are traces
of camps, gif CREED tvthg. (9) Botham par.
SW. Sussex, 4 m. WSW.'of Chichester-62.

Greedy Park (21) 1 m. N. of Crediton, Mid.
Devon. Sir H. R. F. Davie, Bt., M. P., on R.
Greedy, which runs to R. Ex near Exeter.

CREEGBYTHER tnshp. (56) Beguildy par. NE.
Radnor. 9 m. NW. of Knighton-165. Pop. 217.

Creegh Rivulet (39) Strickan bar. W. Clare, rises
1 i m. S. Lough Doo, runs 12 m. \V. to May bay,
with a total fall of 439 feet.

CREEKSEA, or CRIXETH, par. (2) Dengie hund.
S. Essex, 8 m. SE. of Maldon-37, at the Wallasea
ferry over R. Couch. Acres 690, marshy ; pop.
199 + 4; poor r. 747. (Maldon U.); real prop.
14587.; charities 21. All Saints Rect. (Roch.)
val. with Althorpe 4007., patr. J. Robinson, Esq.
C. Place, 1 m. S.

Creemully (39) 4 m. SW. of Roscommon, 5.

Creeping Hall (48) 3 m. NE. of Manningtree,
S. Suffolk, near R. Stour's mouth. ^ C. Hall
(48) 6 m. NW. of Colchester, N. Essex, an old
moated house, near Colne Wakes.

P. CREESLOUGH hmlt. (24) Kilmacrenanbar. 2V.
Donegal, 6 m. SW. of Carrickfort-164. Pop. 235.
Ards House, A. B. Stewart, Esq.

GREETING, AM, SAINTS, par. (50) Bosmere
hund. Mid. Suffolk, 2 m. ESE. of Stowmarket
-76, near R. Orwell, belonged to the Bridgmans
and Crespignys. Acres with ST. PETER'S C.
1780 ; pop. 280 ; poor r. 2457. (Bosm. U.) ; real
prop. 24587. ; charities 57/. Living, a Rect.
(Norw.) val. with St. Mary and St. Olave, as
below, 6637., patr. Eton Coll. ; church, very an-
cient, gif C., ST. MARY and ST. OLAVE. pars, as
above, had (at Gratings St. Olave) an alien priory
cell toGresteen abbey ; and (at St. Mary's) another
to Bernay abbey, afterwards to Eton Coll. Acres
2080; pop. 196", and 30; poor r. 1907. (Bosm.
U.) ; real prop. 30287. ; charities 21. Living, a
Ri-.ct. with All Saints as above ; St. Olave's church
demolished, gif C., ST. PETER, or WEST, par.
Stow hund. as above, i m. NW. Pop. 213 + 5;
poor r. 1337. (Stow U.) ; real prop. 23557. Living,
a Rect. (Norw.) val. 4017., patr. Rev. E. Paske,

CREETON par. (64) Beltisloe wap. S. Lincoln.
5 m. W. of Bourn-97, on R. Glen. Acres 490 ;
pop. 64; poor r. 277. (Bourn U.) ; real prop. 9807.
St. Peter Rect. (Line.) val. 1017., patr. Ld. Chan-

P. CREETOWN vil. Kirkmabreck par. W. Kirk-
cudbt. 6 m. SE. of Newton Stewart-125, a burgh
of barony and sub-port to Dumfries, at the
bridge on C. River, which rises in S. Ayr. and
passes along the Kirkcudl>t. and Wigton border
20 m. S. through L. Cree (3 m. long), by Newton
Stewart, to which it is navigable, to Wigton bay,
having plenty of salmon, smelt (found only in
two other rivers) and a moss 4 m. long near
Penningham. Pop. 984.

Creevaghmore (27) Shrule bar. N. Longford,
near Ballyinahon.

Greece (24) near Ballybay, S. Monaghan, S.
Cunningham, Esq. ijif CREEVE par. (10-1, 16
-7) Roscommon and French park bars. N. Ros-
comn. 2 m. N. of Elphin-101, had a small fran-
fiscan monastery, granted to the M'Dermots.
Acres 4574, with limestone ; pop. 2086, decreasing.

Living, a Vic. with Ardclare. tfaf" Crccve (30)
4 m. N W. of Moate, W. Westmeath.

Creevelea Abbey (14) near Dunnahaire, 2V.

CREEVEROE, UPPER and LOWER, hmlt. (32)
Rillian bar. NE. Galway, 6 m. NE. of Newtown-

Creevy (11) 2m. NE. of Granard, NE. Long-
ford, A, W. Bell, Esq., on R. Inny. g3 C. Loiqh
(23) Upper Castlereagh bar. Mid. Down. 4 m. NW.
of Crossgar-100.

Creevyquin (48) near Rscommon, S. Roscomn.

Cregaclare (114) near Ardrahan, S. Galway t
J. Lambert, Esq.

Cregan (15) 7 m. W. of Newtown Limavady,
2V. Londondy.

CREGUOTIA hmlt. (27) Ross bar. N. Galway,
3 m. SE. of Lough Mask.

CREGG vil. (2) Burren bar. N. Clare, 5 m.
NW. of Burren- 132. i^ Gregg (133) 6 m. S. of
Gort, & Galway, F. Butler, Esq. ^-g" Gregg ( )
near Nobber, N. Meath, W. Smyth, Esq. gap" Gregg
(85)nearCarrick-on-Suir, SE'.Tippery. H^Cregg
(8) 3 m. NW. of Sligo, N. Sligo, M. Jones, Esq.,
on Sligo bay.

Gregg Castle (69) 8 m. N. of Galway, Mid. Gal-
way, F. Blake, Esq.

Cregga (23) near Elphin, Mid. Roscomn

CREGGACAREEX hmlt. (110) in Aran isld. SW.
Gahvay, 6 m. S. of Gorunna isld.

CREGGAN par. (27-8, 30-1) Upper Fews bar.
S. Armagh (3, 6) Upper Uundalk bar. NW.
Louth, 6 m. NW. of Dundalk-50, on R. Creggan.
Acres 24,815, hilly, with slate; pop. 15,502 + 74.
Living, held by the Treasurer of Armagh chapter,
a Rect. (Arm. C.) val. 1244/., patr. Bishop. Urker,
T. B. Ball, Esq.

Creggan Castle (29) 3 m. SE. of Athlone, -S' W.
Westmeath, H. N. Frye, Esq. giP C. Isnigh ( 13)
Kilkenny bar. W. Westmeath, near Lough Ree.

CREGGANA hmlt. (4) Pubblebrien bar. N.
Limerick, 5 m. W. of Limerick-119.

CREGGANAI.ARA hmlt. (29) Fereragh bar. W.
Sligo, near Ballina-159.

Creggancarna (50) 5 m. N. of Ballinasloe, 5.
Roscomn. S. Masters, Esq.

Creggane (143) near Ross Carbery, S. Cork.

Creggaun (72) near Ballinasloe, E. Galway.

CREGGAUJJBEG hmlt. (18) Ballymoe bar. N.
Galway, near Glenamaddy-116.

CHEGGS hmlt. (20) Ballvinoe bar. 2V. Galway,
3 m. E. of G]ennamaddy-fl6. Pop. 163. Fairs,
12 May, 12 June, 12 Aug. 19 Dec.

Creggsford (3) S. side of Copeland isld. 2V. Down.

CREGIE quarter (40) Nevern par. 2V. Pembroke.
2 m. ENE. of Newport-250. Pop. 289.

CREGRINA, or CAREGRINA, par. (56) Colwvn
hund. S. Radnor. 5 m. E. of Builth-173, on "R.
Eddw. Pop. 112 ; poor r. 837. (Builth U.) ; real
prop. 10227. ; charities, a share in Powell's, Bre-
con. Living, a Rect. (St. Dav.) val. with Llan-
badarn-y-garreg 1207., patr. Bishop.

CREHELP par. (9, 15) Lower Talbotstown
bar. W. Wichlaw, 3 m. N. of Donard-30. Acres
2215; pop. 665, decreasing. Living, a. Cur. with

CREICH, or CRIECH, par. 4 m. NW. of Cupar
-32, 2V. Fife, near R. Tay, includes Brunton and
Luthrie. Size 3 m. by 2, or 2300 acres, poor, but
cultivated ; pop. 430 + 1 ; real prop. 33297. ; for
poor 527. Living (presb. Cupar) val. 2287., patr.
Grant of Congaiton. Remains of a roman and
nonnan-law camps, and Card. Beaton's castle, are

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