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left. Bp. Sage, author of ' Fundamental Charter
of Presbytery,' was a native.

Creich Loch, in Skye, W. Inverness.


Creighton (72) 2 m. NNW. of Uttoxeter, XL'.
Stafford. Real prop. 1299/.


tnshps. ( ) Llanarmon par. E. Denbigh. 5 m.
ESE. of Rut bin- 195, on R. Alyn, under the Flint
hills. Pop. 36 and 137.

Cremlyn, or Crymlyn (37) 3 m. SW. of Neath,
W. Glamorgan.

Cremona (11) near Swords, N. Dublin.

Cremorgan ( ) near Maryboro', Mid. Queen's
Co. L. Moore, Esq.

CUEMORNE BAUONY (18-20, etc.) E. Monaghan,
contains the pars, of Aghnamullen, Clontibret,
Muckno, and parts of Ballybay, Tehallan, and
Tullycorbet ; acres 85,430, pop. 53,110, houses

Crcmorne House (7) at Chelsea, on the Thames,
now a place of amusement, was built by the Earl
of Huntingdon, and became the seat of Visct.
Cremorne. See Dartry House.

CRENDDYN HUNDRED (78-9) NE. Carnarvon.
contains the pars, of Eglwys-Rhos, Llan-dudno,
Lkin-gwsteunin, Llys-faen,and part of Llandrillo-
yn-Rhos ; pop. 3221, houses 692.

P. CRENDON, LONG, par. (45) Ashendon hund.
Mid. Ducks. 2 in. N. of Thame-44, where Col.
Blagge 1644, governor of Wallingford, was beaten
by the parl. forces, has the remains of Nuttley
abbey. Acres 3120 ; pop. 1656 + 27, some needle-
makers ; poor r. 1205/. (Thame U.) ; real prop.
5U47/. ; charities 44/., of which Sir J. Dormer's
24/. St. Mary Cur. (Oxon.) val. 134/., pair. Lord
Churchill; church, early eng. A kistvaen, with
urns, etc., was found 1849.

Cr&mes, of the Romans, a tribe in W. Ross.

Creran I^och, 6 in. N. of L. Ective, N. Argyll.
in Appin, an arm of the sea, 1 m. wide and 10 long.

CRESLOW par. (46) Cottesloe hund. Mid. Bucks.
5 m. N. of Aylesbury-40, is a meet for the Whad-
don chase hounds. Acres 620 ; pop. 7 ; poor r.
V2L (Aylesb. U.) ; real prop. 13751. No church.

P. CRESSAGE chplry. (61) Cound par. Mid.
Salop, 3 m. NW. of Much-Wenlock-148, at the
bridge on R. Severn. Pop. 297. Living, a Cur.
with Cound. C. Park, 1 m. S.

Crewbrook (81) near Tideswell, NW. Derby.
M'Connell, Esq., close to his cotton mills.

Cresselly (38) 5 m. NE. of Pembroke, SE. Pem-
broke. S. Allen, Esq., whose hounds hunt round

Cressex (7) 1 m. SW. of High Wycombe, S.

Cressey Hall (70) 3 m. SSE. of Donington, 5.
Lincoln, was the seat of the Herons, where Mar-
garet, Hen. VII.'s mother, was entertained, and
where is a heronry. The cawed bedstead in
which the Lady Margaret slept was for some time
at \Vrigbolt farm, Gosberton.

CRESSING par. (47) Witham hund. Mid. Essex,
3 m. SE. of Uraintree-40, was a preceptory of K.
Templars and Hospitallers. Acres 2960 ; pop.
500 + 1; poor r. 417/. (Hraint U.) ; real prop.
3856Z. All Saints T'j'c. (Koch.) val. 220/., patr.
Vic. of Witham ; church, with tomb of aNevill,
and a brass. C. Temple, 1 m. S.

P. CRE.SSINGHAM, GREAT, par. (65) S. Greenhoe
hund. Mid. Norfolk, 6 m. SSE. of Swaffham-93,
o;i R. Wissey, belonged to the bishops of Thetford
at ' Domesd'y.' Acres 2490 ; pop. 476 + 3 ; poor
r. 287/. (Swaffh. U.); real prop. 2560/, ; charities
4>/. St. Michael Rect. (Norw.) val. with Bod-
njy 607/., patr. Ld. Chancellor; church, has 3
brasses of a priest, etc. (1518). Fair, 1st Wed.
Aug. i&T C., LITTLE, par. as above, 2 m. SSE.
Acres 1690; pop. 24-1; poor r. 111/.; real prop.
198'j/. ; charities 17/., of which Farrer's school 10/.



St. Andrew Rect. (Norw.) val. 284/., patr. Mrs.
A. Baker. C. Hall, .

CRESSWELL tnshp. ( ) Woodhorn par. E.
Northmbld. 7 m. NE. of Morpeth-289, on the coast.
Pop. 253, fishermen. Living, a Cur. (Dur.) val.
1001., patr. A. J. C. Baker, Esq., of C. Hall.
giP CRESSWELL, vil. (72) Draycott-in-the-Moors
par. N. Stafford. 2 m. SW. of Cheadle-146,
on N. Stafdsh. rail.

Cressy Hall (70) 6 m. NNW. of Spalding, S.
Lincoln. H. Smith, Esq.

P. CRESWELL tnshp. (82) Elmton par. NE.
Derby. 9 m. ENE. of Chesterfield-150, near C.
Crags, which have some good rock scenery. Pop.
222. ^T CRESWELL ext. par. (72) S. Pirehill
hund. Mid. Stafford. 2 in. NW. of Stafford-141,
on Gd. Junct. rail. Acres 460; pop. 16 ; real
prop. 1329/. Living, a Sin. Rect. (Lich.) val.
20/., patr. Rev. E., and G. Whitby, Esq., of C. Hall.

CRESWELL-QUAY vil. ( ) 5 m. NE. of Pem-
broke, S. Pembroke, on Milford Haven, Pop.
colliers, etc.

CRETINGHAM par. (50) Loes hund. E. Suffolk,
4 m. SE. of Debenham-83, on R. Deben. Acres
1700 ; pop. 411 + 3 ; poor r. 30 U. (Plomesgate U.) ;
real prop. 2906/. ; charities, town lands, etc. 51Z.
St. Andrew Vic. (Norw.) val. 173/., patr. Ld.

Crevenishaghy Isld. (5) 4 m. SE. of Boa isld.
N. Fermanagh, in Lough Erne, 1 m. long.

Crete Hill (5) near Maynooth, N. Kildare.

P. CREWE tnshp. (73^ Barthomley par. S.
Clieshire, 5 m. ENE. of >iantwich-164, a central
station on N. West. rail, (where the Manchester
and Chester lines join), 166A from London, 22f
from Chester, 44^ from Manch., has grown into
importance on that account, and has the N. West.
Comp.'s large locomotive and coach works, em-
ploying 1800 men, and including the smith's shop
260' ft. long, fitting up shop 330 ft. by 60, erecting
shop 300 ft by 100, an engine being made up of
5416 pieces, and one new coach turned out
every week. Acres 2190 ; pop. 396 + 10 ; poor r.
84/. (Nantw. U.) ; real prop. 2721/. Living, a
Cur. (Ches.) val. ISO/., patr. Trustees. C. Hall,
Lord Crewe (a meet for the Cheshire hounds), b.
of brick in Jas. I.'s time by I. Jones, is a fine
specimen of the style of the day, and was occu-
pied by both parties in the civil war. It has
some old portraits, gif CREWE tnshp. (73)
Farndon par. S W. Cheshire, 5 m. NW. of Malpas
-168, near R. Dee. Acres 400 ; pop. 67 + 1 ; real
prop. 549/.

CREWKERNE HUNDRED (18) & Somerset, con-
tains the pars, of Crewkerne cur., St. George Hin-
ton rect., Merriotttrie., Mistertone., Seaborough r.,
and Wayford r. ; acres 13,260, pop. 7495, houses
1455. >i< C. DEANERY, archdy. of Taunton, dioc.
of Bath and W., includes the benefices in the
above, and in Abdick, E. Kingsbury, S. Petherton,
hunds., with Hambridge c., Kingstone c.

P. M. CREWKERXE par. in the above hund.
19 m. SSE. of liridgwater (on Br. and Ex. rail.),
132 from London, in a vallev, near R. Parrett,
containing Clapton, Coombe, Easthams, Furland,
Hewish, Laymore, and Woolminstone, was the
saxon Crocern, or Cruaem of Alfred's Will, a
crown manor at ' Domesdy.' and came through
the Redvers, Courtenays, etc., to the Pouletts,
of Hinton St. George. Acres 5810, well wooded ;
pop. 4414 + 63, of tnshp. 3673, in the nianu-
fact. of sailcloth (with 420 looms at work),
dowlas, and stockings; houses 749, with church,
2 chapels, mkt. house, 2 banks, John de Coombe's
(1449) free gram, school (320/.) with 4 exhibi-
tions, Cossius's school, two almshouses (14 1/.);




poor r. 14167., on 10,052?. (Chard U.) ; real prop.
15,9827.; charities 524?. Living, a Cur. (Ba. and
W.) val. 1587., patr. Dean and Chap. Winchester;
church, is cruciform and decor, eng. with tower on
4 fine pillars, brass of T. Golde (1525), and carved
confessional doors, and belonged to Caen abbey.
At Rana Hill, St. Ranus was buried. Crewkerne,
i. e. Cross cottage, stood here in Leland's time.
Mitt. D. Sat. Fair, 4 Sept. cattle, horses, cheese,

Crewmount (59) near Crumlin, S W. Antrim..

CRIBAKTII, i.e. 'comb hill,' parcel (41)Ystrad-
gynlais par. S W. Brecon. 8 m. N. of Neath-198,
on R. Tawe, where by a fault in the limestone the
strata stand perpendicularly. Pop. 271.

Cribls (7) 2 m. SW. of Rickmansworth, NW.

P. CHIBBS CAUSEWAY (35) 5 m. N. of Bristol
-114, Sir. Gloucester.

Cnbstown (42) 3 m. SW. of Wexford, S. Werfd.

Cribyn Clottas Camp ( ) 6 m. SE. by E. of
Aberaeron, SE. Cardigan.

* P. CRICCIETH, or CRICAETII, par. (75) Evio-
nydd hund. S. Carnarvon. 15 in. S. of Carnarvon,
226 from London, N. of Cardigan bay, and once a
mkt. town, is a contributor}' boro' to Carnarvon,
governed by a mayor and 2 bailiffs, and has, on
an isthmus which was the site of a british post,
remains of. the castle towers, etc., built or restored
by Edw. I., afterwards the seat of Sir Howell-y-
Fwyall, who was with the Black Prince at Poic-
tiers. Acres of old and new boro' 470 ; pop. 811
+ 17, some fishermen; houses 181, mean, with
4 chapels; poor r. 218?. on 14387. (Pwllheli U.) ;
real prop. 19137.; charities Ellis's school 87. Liv-
ing, a Rect. (Ban.) val. with Trevlys and Ynys-
cynhaiarn 3497., patr. Bishop ; church, later eng.
The castle has a good view across the sands.
Fairs, 23 May, 29 June, 22 Oct. horses, etc.

CRICCIN tnshp. (79) Rhuddlan par. NW. Flint.
near Rhuddlan-208. Pop. 638.

P. CRICH par. (71) Morleston, Scaresdale, and
Wirksworth hunds. Mid. Derby. 4 m. N. of Belper
-134, near Cromford canal and N. of Engld. rail.,
containing Tausley cur., and Wessington, is Cric
of ' Domesdy.' and was once a mkt. town. Acres
61 80, with lead mines in the limestone at C. Cliff,
worth 40,0007. a year, belonging to Messrs. Alsop
and Wass ; pop. 3698, in the mines, cotton mills,
and silk manufact. ; poor r. 5517. (Belp. U.) ; real
prop. 16,842?., of which 71007. on mines, and 21407.
on quarries ; charities 57. St. Mary Vic. (Lich.)
val. 1707., patr. Rev. R. Lee; church, has tombs
of the Dixies of Bosworth. C. Stand, belonging
to Hart of Alderwasley, has a view as far as Liu-
coin, etc. Fairs, 6 Ap. 11 Oct.

&. CRICHTON par. E. Edinbro 1 , 5 m. SE. of Dal-
keith-7, includes Pathhead, part of Faladam, and
the ruined 4-sided castle (called Humbie's Wa's)
built about 1450, by Chancellor Crichton, which
came to the Ramseys and Hepburns, earls Both-
well, etc. Size 4 in. by 4, or about 5000 acres,
partly rich soil, with limestone and traces of
coal ; pop. 1384 + 6, of vil. 122 ; real prop.
57047.; for poor 3657. Living (presb. Dalk.)
val. 2647., patr. B. Callander, Esq., who holds
the castle, which has some fine carving on it;
church, cruciform, founded 1449 by the Crichtons,
near Tyne water. At Longfuugh is a round
camp. "That castle rises on the steep," etc.
Gives name and title of visct. to Earl Erne of
Crum Cast.

Crichup Water, Closeburn par. Dumfries, a
branch of R. Nith, out of L. Ettrick.

P. CHICK limit. (35) Caerwent par. SE. Mon-
mouth. 4 m. SW. of Chepstow-135, on the roman

way to Caerwent. Pop. 148 + 1. C. House, W.
Phillips, Esq.

P. CHICK par. (53) Guildsboro' hund. W. Nor-
thmptn. a station on N. W. rail., 73i m. from London,
6 m. ESE. of Rugby-83, near Watling St. at the
tunnel, on Union canal, is a meet for the Py tchley
hounds. Acres 3930 ; pop. 1006 + 6 ; poor r. 5317.
(Rugby U.) ; real prop. 74837. ; charities 707., of
which Judkins's school 47. St. Margaret Beet.
(Pet.) val. 8907., patr. St. John's Coll. Oxon.

CADARN par. (42) Talgarth hund. NE. Brecon.
6 m. SSE. of Builth-173, contains Erwrd, where
R. Clettwr joins the Wye. Pop. 441 + 5 ; poor r.
2647. (Builth U.) ; real prop. 18497. ; charities 97.
St. Mary Vic. (St. Dav.) val. with Llandevailey
6867., patr. G. P. Watkins, Esq.

CRICKET-MALIIERBIE par. (18, 21) Abdick
hund. S. Somerset. 3 m. ME. of Chard-139, near
the canal. Acres 350 ; pop. 36 + 1 ; poor r. 407.
(Chard U.) ; real prop. 7987. St. M. Magdalen
Rect. (Ba, and W.) val. 777., patr. S. Pitt, Esq.
(g C., ST. THOMAS, par. (18) S. Petherton hund.
as above,' 2 m. SSE. Acres 540 ; pop. 78 ; poor r.
35?.; real prop. 12107. St. Thomas Rect. (Ba.
and W.) vaL 1067., patr. Lord Bridport of C.

CHICKETT tnshp. (74) Ellesmere par. N1V.
Salop, 2 m. W. Ellesmere-169. Pop. 30.

CRICKHEATH tnshp. (74) Oswestry par. NW.
Salop, 4 m. S. of Oswestry-171. Pop. 370.

CRICKHENLY hmlt. (88) Soothill tnshp. W. R.
York. 7 m. WNW. of Huddersfield-189.

so called from Craig Hywel british camp, 1200 ft.
round, on Breanog hill and Via Julia. Montana
roman way, contains the pars, of Crickhowell vie.,
Llan-bcdr rect., Llanelly, Llanfihangel-Cwmdii .,
Llangattockv. (where poor ho. is), Llangenny cur.,
Llangunider r., and Partrishow. Pop. 17,559,
houses 3494. See BRECON DEANERY.

P. M. CRICKHOWELL par. in the above hund.
14 m. SE. of Brecknock, 157 from London, a fine
spot on R. Usk, near Newport canal, and the
camp as above, is an angling station, petty sess.
town, and nominal boro' by prescription, which
comes through the Bourghills, Tubervilles,Paunce-
foots, and Herberts, to Duke of Beaufort. Pop.
1257 + 19, some shoe and paper makers ; houses
278, with 3 chapels, town-hall, bank, old 14-arched
bridge ; poor r. 3277. on 57227. ; real prop. 59307.
St. Edmund king and martyr Vic. (St. Dav.) val.
1207., patr. Rector, and a Sin. Rect. 103?., Duke
of Beaufort; church, cruciform, 113 ft. long, b.
1303 by the Pauncefoots, of whom, and the
Herberts, it has some old mons., and the only
spire in the co. There are traces of the castle
site; Cwrt-y-Carw, seat of W. Seymour, Esq.,
formerly of the Herberts ; Gwernvale, J. Gwynne,
Esq., formerly of the Progers, near which was a
cromlech. Crickh. P. L. Union, contains the pars.,
etc. in the above hund. with Grwyney (Vawr
and Vechan) ; pop. 17,666 ; cases relieved (vr.
1846-7) 1023 (out-door 951), expend. 353 27., prop,
rated 49,4137. Sup. Registry comprises the same
except Grwyney; pop. 17,676 + 637: 52 deaths
from cholera in 1849. The new County Court
district corresponds with the registry. Mkt. D.
Th. Fairs, 1 Feb. 13 Apr. 12 May, 24 Sept. 6


SAMPSON, pars. (34) Highworth hund. N. Wilts.,
40 m. N. of Salisbury, 83 from London, near Gt.
West, rail., a petty sess. town, on the Thames, N.


Wilts, canal, and roman way to Cirencestcr, con-
taining Whidhill and Chehvorth, was plundered
by Prince Ethehvald 905, and by Canute 101G;
granted to Edmd. de Langley, Duke of York, from
whom it came to the Hungcrfords and others ;
is a boro' by prescription, returning two members
from Hen. VI. 's time (occasionally from Ed. I.),
the limits, which for bribery, 1782, were extended
to the hunds. of Highworth, Cricklade, Staple,
Kingsbridge,Malmesbury (with Cricklade, Brink-
worth, and Swindon, for polling-places), being
unaltered by the Keform act, no. of electors,
1G56 (of 101. houses 6094), and chief influence
with Gordon of Kemble ; and is nominally go-
verned by a bailiff, etc. Acres of town 5840 ;
pop. of boro' 34,381, of town 2128 + 48 ; houses
392, in a long street, with 2 churches, 2 chapels,
Jennor's free school (since turned into a paupers'
house) and Union p. house; poor r. 1020Z. on
11.945/.; real prop. 13,1 58Z. ; charities 2897., of
which the " 100 acres" for 8 poor men produce
105/. St. Sampson Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val. 3G5/.,
patr. Dean and Chap. Sal., church, cruciform,
lias a fine pinnacled tower b. by the Warwicks,
with a very old clock, the Hungerford porches,
and a stone cross ; St. Mary Rect. 83/., Bp. Sal.,
ch. norman in part, with stone cross. The
Templars had a preceptory here; there was a
small hospital, and a town hall on 10 pillars b.
1569. Down Ampney Ho., Hon. P. Bouverie.
(jt C. DEANERY, archdy. of Bristol, dioc. of Glouc.
and Brist., contains the benefices marked in
Highworth hand., with Bishopston vie., Lit.
Hinton rect., Liddington r., Lydiard Tregooze r ,
Swindon v., Wanboro' v., Wroughton v., or 23 in
all. Crick, and Wootton- Basset P.L. Union, con-
tains the pars., etc. of Ashton Keynes, Braydon,
Cliffe Pypard, Cricklade, Eisey, Latton, Leigh,
Liddiard (Millicent and Tregooze), Lyneham,
Purton (where poor ho. is), Tockenham, VVootton
Bassett; acres 44,348, pop. 13,165, cases relieved
v yr. 1846-7) 1032 (out-door 858), expend. 6054/.,
prop, rated 82,7017. Sup. Registry comprises the
same except Braydon ; pop. 13,195 + 292. It be-
longs to Swindon New County Court district.
Mkt. D. Sat. Fair, 29 Sept.

P. CRICKLAND ( ) 4m. S. of Burton-in-Ken-
dal, N. Lancash. near Lancaster canal and rail.

CRICKLAS hmlt. (41) Abergwilly par. W. Car-
marthen. 1 m. W. of Carmarthen-218. Pop. 474.

CRICKSTOWN par. (38-9) Ratoath bar. SE.
Meath, 4 m. NE. of Dunshauglin-17. Acres 1432 ;
an. val. 13997. ; pop. 195, decreasing. Living, a
Rect. with Ratoath.

CRIDLING STUHBS tnshp. (87) Womersley par.
W. R. York. 4 m. E. of Pontefract-177, near
Goole canal. Acres 1380; pop. 159 + 4; poor r.
597. ; real prop. 1653/.

CRIECH par. 8 m. W. of Dornoch-218, S.
Suthrld., includes Bonar at the bridge on R. Kyle
or Orkel, with Lochs Migdal, Elst, etc. Size
40 m. by 2 to 10, tying along the Orkel up to
Ben Assynt (3231 ft.), and watered by Rs. Lin
and Cassly, hilly, with pasture and wood ; pop.
2582 + 2, cattle breeders, etc., and gaelic-speaking ;
real prop. 481 1/.; for poor 3877. Living (presb.
Dornoch) val. 2097., patr. Crown and Duke of
Sutherland ; church, stands near a pillar cross 8 ft.
by 4. On C. Hill are remains of a M 'Tier's fort,
b" 12th cent., and an old castle at the head of R.
Kyle. Skibo, G. Dempster, Esq. Yarn spinning
is carried on.

P. M. CRIEFF par. 13 m. W. of Perth, Mid.
Perth. 47 from Edinbro', a fine healthy spot in
Strathearn, near Scot. Cent. rail, and a pass of the
Grampians, under Knock of C., and watered



by Ks. Shaggy, Turret, Pow, with good fishing.
Size (of lowland part) 4 m. by 3, good, with
stone ; pop. 4333, of town 3584, cotton and
linen weavers, etc., and in a good general trade ;
houses about 600, with a tollbooth, 2 churches, 4
chapels, 3 banks, news and assembly rooms, masonic
lodge, corn, flax, and other mills, distilleries, tan-
neries, dye works, St. Margaret's ladies' college,
and obelisk to Sir D. Baird 80i ft. high, 18 square ;
real prop. 7937/. ; for poor 7307. Living (presb.
Aughterarder) val. 1837., patr. Lady Willoughby
D'Eresby of Drummond Cast., church, rebuilt
1787, on site of the old pointed one, when coins
of Rob. I. were found ; West Church, /., Sub-
scribers, etc. Mkt. D. Th. Fairs, 1 Jan. 3 Tu.
June O. S. ; that for cattle 10 Oct. has declined
since the removal to Falkirk, 30,000 head having
been brought together at one time.

Crienlarich Inn, 5 m. ESE. of Tyndrum, W.
Perth, at the head of glens Dochart and Falloch.

Grieve ( ) near Cookstown, E. Tyrone, S. R.
Magill, Esq.

CriffeJ, or Crowfett, Mountn. near Southerness,
SE. 'Kirkcudbt. 1830 ft. high. " And Criffel
sink in Solway " which it overlooks. They
say here " when Skiddaw wears a cap, Crifl'el
wots full well of that," as it predicts a storm.

CRIFTINS tnshp. ( ) Ellesmere par. N. Salop,
near Ellesmere-169. Pop. 77.

CRIGGIE vil. Dunnotar par. E. Kincardine. 3 m.
SW. of Stonehaven-94. glT CRIGGIE vil: St.
Cym's par. S. Kincardine. 3 m. S. of Lawrence-

CRIGGION, or CRUGGION, chplry. (60) Alber-
bury par. NE. Montgomery. 9 m. "NE. of Welsh-
pool-171, on R. Severn, under the Rodney pillar on
Breidden hill. Pop. 171 ; real prop. 31807. Living,
a Cur (Heref.) val. 108/., patr. V. Vickers, Esq.

CRIGGLESTONE tnshp. (88) Sandall-Magna
par. W. R. York. 3 m. SW. of Wakefield-181,on R.
Aire, near Manchester rail. Acres 2950 ; pop. 1479
+ 21 ; poor r. 4207. (Wakef. U.) ; real prop. 74057,

Gritty (66) 3 m. SE. of Aughnacloy, S. Tyrone,
R. Pettigrew, Esq.


Crimble Passage (24) from Devonport to Mount
Edgcumbe, SE. Cornwall, across Hamoaze.

Crimmongate, near Aberdeen, SE. Aberdeen,
Sir C. Bannerman, Bt.

P. CRIMOND par. Buchan dist. NE. Aberdeen.
8 m. NW. of Peterhead-144, on the coast, includes
Lochbeg. Size 3 m. by 3, or about 5750 acres,
poor land ; pop. 767, decreasing ; real prop. 3434/. ;
for poor 707. Living (presb. Deer) val. 2047.,
patr. Earl of Fife. Broadland, Harvey, Esq.
(?) At Castle Hill was a seat of the Comyns;
near this, walls, etc. of a chapel, which belonged
to the extinct burgh of Rattray.

CRIMPLESHAM par. (65) Clackclose hund. W.
Norfolk, 3 m. E. of Downham -84. Acres 1680 ;
pop. 358 + 3; poor r. 1197. (Downh. U.); real
prop. 341 1/.; charities, fuel allotment 237, St.
Mary Cur. (Norw.) val. G97.. patr. Bishop Ely.

CRIMSCOTT hmlt. (54) Whitchurch par. 8.
Warwick. 5m. SSE. of Stratford-on-Avon-96.

P. CRINAN vil. 18m. SW. of Inverarv, Mid.
Argyll, at the head of Loch Gilp, on C. Canal,
which is 6 m. long, across Kintyre peninsula,
and joins L. Gilp in L. F3'ne, to C. Loch, in Jura
Sound, saving about 115 m. round the coast. It
was cut 1793-1801 for 183,0007., has 15 locks, and
12 ft. water.

CRINDLE vil. ( ) Keenaght bar. N. London'
derry,^ near Newtown Limavady-142. Pop. 154.

Crinqell House ( ) near Neath, 5 W. Glamor-'
gun. W. Davies, Esq.




P. CRINGLKFORD par. (06) Ilumbleyard liund.
E. Norfolk, 3m. SW. of Norwich- 108, at the
bridge OH R. Yare, near Brandon rail. Acres
1080; pop. 191 + 2; poor r. 947. (Henstead U.);
real prop. 2087/. St. Albert Cur. (Norw.) val.
lOOt, patr. Corporation. C. Hall, Rev. W. Smyth.
There was a pilgrim's chapel here.

CRINGLES hmlt. ( ) Silsden chplry. W. R.
York. 4 m. SW. of Skipton-216. Pop. 143.

CRINKILL viL (35) Ballybritt bar. W. King's
Co. near Birr. Pop. 554 + 2. C. House, J. War-
burton, Esq.

Crinnis Copper Mine (31) near St. Austell, S W.
Cornwall, is very rich and productive, and in one
year yielded 84,000/. Silver, antimony, etc. are

CRINOW, or CROYNWYDD, par. (40) Dungleddy
huncl. E. Pembroke. 1 m. E. of Narberth-240, be-
longs to the Eatons of Pare Glas. Pop. 53, de-
creasing ; poor r. 21. (Narb. U.) ; real prop. 667t
Living, a Red. (St. Dav.) val. 86/., patr. Ld.

Crioch- Carbury, the old name of Carbury bar.
Sliffo, the O'Connors' country. C.-Cualan, in
E. Wicklotu, the O'Kellys' country.

CRIPTON hmlt. (17) Winterbourne-Camel par.
S. Dorset. 2 m. S. of Dorchester-120. Acres 900 ;
pop. 17 ; real prop. 900/.

CRISHOGE vil. (14) Scarwalsh bar. N. Wex-
ford, 4 m. W. of Ferns-72.

Crispes Corner (5) 4 m. NE. of Battle, E. Sussex.

of Alnwick, NE. Northmbrld.

CRITCHILL, LONG, par. (15) Knowlton bund.
NE. Dorset. 6 m. WNW. of Cranborne-93, on
Adding Ditch, or way, to Old Sarum. Acres
2310; pop. 120; poor'r. 48/. (Wimborne U.);
real prop. 1295Z. St. Mary Reel, with C., MORE,
following, ifg" C., MORE, par. Banbury hund.
as above, 2 m. S. in a fine spot, contains Mans-
wood. Acres 2020; pop. 316+1; poor r. 73/. ;
real prop. 1976/. All Saints Rect. (Sal.) val. with
the above 371/., patr. H. C. Sturt, Esq., of C.
House ; church, with tombs of the Uredales, etc.
had a chantry.

Crix (47) 5 m. NE. of Colchester, Mid. Essex.


CROAGH vil. (5) Burren bar. N. Clare, 6 m. SW.
of Burren-132. flaP CROAGH par. (20-1, 29, 30)
Lower Connello bar. Mid. Limerick, 3 m. E. of
Rathkeale-136, was once a corporate town, with
an abbey, and the remains of two castles. Acres
7221, with limestone; pop. 3185, decreasing, of
vil. 187. Living, a prebend, in Limerick cathe-
dral, and a Rect. (Lk. A. A.) val. 475/., patr. M.
Barrington, Esq. fairs, 1 Mar. 1 May, 3 Aug.
1 Nov. |gy CROAGH hmlt. (14) Omagh bar.
W. Tyrone, 9m. W. of Castlederg-126.

Croagh Bay (148) 2 m. SW. of Skull, S. Cork,
between Long isld. and the mainland.

CROAGHAN vil. (19)Tullyhuncobar. W. Cavan,
near Killeshandra-75. C. House. gST Croaghan
(46) near Rathmelton, NE. Donegal, Patton,
Esq. gsp- CROAGHAN vil. (10) Boyle bar. N.
Roscomn. a petty sess. and police station, 5 m. N.
of Elphin-101. Pop. in the woollen manufact.
C. House, G. Lloyd, Esq., who owns the place.

Croaghanmoira Mountain (29) 5 m. N. by W. of
Aughrim, Mid. Wichlow, 2175ft. high.

Croaghann Mountain (53) 2m. E. of Achill
Head, W. Mayo, 2192 ft. high, has a noble view
of the Atlantic, with a cliff sheer down to the sea
(in one part), many rare plants, game, eagles, etc.

CROAGHILL hmlt. (1) Ballvmoe bar. N. Gal-
way, 8 m. NE. of Dunmore-132. $3 C. Lodge (1)
C m. W. of Ballymoe, N. Galway.

I Croaghmm/h Mountain (09) 5 m. XW. of Castle-
bar. Mid. Mayo, 1412 ft. high.

Cmagltnageer Mountain (85) 4 m. NE. of Lough
I Eask, N. Donegal, 1793 ft. high.

Croaglmaheeia Isld. (76) 2 m. W. of Macehead,
W. Gaiway, 1 m. long.

Croaghpatrick Mountain (87) 6 m. E. of Lewis-
burgh, S. Mayo, 2510 ft. high, and the point
where St. Patrick, they say, began his mission, is
in the old territory of Partrigia de Monte, which
stretched to L. Corrib, and has a lake with two
sacred trout in it.

Crobally (26) near Tramore, E. Waterford.

Crobcg (25) near Doneraile, N. Cork.

Crocadon (23) near St. Mellion's, E. Corn-
wall, was the seat of Jno. Trevisa, who, after
Wvckliffe's time, translated the Bible, and died

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