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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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FORD par. (13) Langtree bund, as above, close to
Wallingford, on R. Thames, was Craumares be-
longing to W. Gifard at ' Domesdy.' and has traces
of works thrown up by Stephen when besieging
Matilda. Acres 480 ; pop. 330 + 1 ; poor r. 1897,
(VVallingf. U.) ; real prop. 14797.; charities 31.
St. Mary Reel. (Oxon.) val. 187/., patr. ; church,
part norman, with an old piscina. A small hosp.
was found, here about 1248.

Crowmartin (13J) 6 m. NW. of Ardee, W. Louth.

CROWN FARM ( ) ext. par. Lower Thorngate
hund. NW. Hants. 4 m. SW. of Stockbridge-66.
Pop. 3. |^ C. Point (64) 9 m. E. of Melton-
Mowbray, NE. Leicest. ^ C. Point (66) 3 m.
E. of Norwich, E. Norfolk, Col. Money.

Crownarad Mountn. (91) Bannagh bar. SW.
Donegal, 3 m. NW. of Killybegs, 1619 ft. high.

Crownpit Sand (8) near Godalming, SW.

CROWNTHORPE par. (66) Forehoe hund. Mid.
Norfolk, 2 m. NW. of Wymondham-100, on R.
Yare. Acres 520 ; pop. Ill; poor r. 63/. (Foreh.
Incorp.); real prop. 5157, St. James Rect.
(Norw.) val. 1337!, patr. Lord Wodehouse of Kim-

Crow's Nest ( ) 2 m. W. of Worcester, Mid.
Worcest. J. Patrick, Esq.

Crowshatl (9) 4 m. N. of Chichester, W. Sussex.

Crowsley Park (13) 2 m. SW. of Henley-on-
Thames, SE. Oxford. Mr. A. Wright.

Crowsnest (25) 4 m. N. by E. of Liskeard, E.

SE. Gloucest. contains Cirencester vie. and the
pars, of Ampney-Crucis v., A. -Down, A.-St,
Mary and St. Peter curs., Badgington red., Baun-
ton c., S. Corney v-, Coates r., Daglingworth r.,
Driffield v., Rouse Duntisbourne r., Harnhill r.,
Maisey-Hampton, Minty, Preston v., Siddington
r., Stratton and part of Abbots' Duntisbourne r. ;
acres (exclusive of Cirencester) 33,720, pop. 6423,

CROWTON tnshp. (80) Weaverham par. N. Che-
shire, 5 m. W. of Northwich-174, near Gd. Juncf,
rail. Acres 1260; pop. 454+9; poor r. 1287.
(Northw. U.); real prop. 2318Z.

Crowtown (12) 4 m. SE. of Nobber, N. Meath.

Crowtrees ( ) about 12 m. NE. of Lancaster,
near Melling, N. Lancash. H3T Crowtrees, near
Bradford, W. R. York. J. Pollard, Esq.

CROXALL* See CROXHALL, Derby, below.

CROXBY par. ( ) S. Walshcroft wap. N. Lin-
coln. 5 m. SE. of Caistor-153, has at C. Lake a meet
for the Brocklesby hounds. Acres 1690 ; pop.
106 + 3 ; poor r. 20/. (Caist. U.) ; real prop. 20457.
All Saints Rect. (Line.) val. 120/., patr. Ld. Chan-

CROXDALE, i. e. CROIXDALE, chplry. ( ) with
Sunderland-Bridge, St. Oswald par. E. Durham,
3 m. S. of Durham-258, on R. Wear, of which it
has fine views. Acres 1670 ; pop. 262. Holy
Cross Ciir. (Dur.) val. 120/., patr. Dean and Chap.
C. Hall, W. F. Salvin, Esq. a fam. as old as the

Conquest, when they were of Cukeney, then of
Woodhouse (le Silvan).

a. CROXDEN par. (72) with Great Yate, S. Tod-
monslow hund. NE. Stafford. 5 m. NNW. of
Uttoxeter-135, containing Calton and Musden-
Grange, has the fine ruins of the cistertian abbey
found. 1179 by the Verdons, who were buried
here. Acres 2400; pop. 293 + 2; poor r. 1171.
(Uttox. U.) ; real prop. 28937. ; charities 5/. St.
Giles Cur. (Lich.) val. 927., patr. Earl of Maccles-
field ; church, nearly as old as the abbey, of which
the W. front, S. transept, part of cloister, etc., and
a cross with traces of gilding, remain. K. John's
heart was buried here ; and the steel key is at
Alton Towers. C. House, Carrington, Esq.

CROXHALL, or CROXALL, par. (62) Reptonhund.
Derby, and N. Offlow hund. Stafford. 6 m. N. of
Tamworth-115, on the R. Meese, containing Cat-
ton and Oakley, is near the Derby rail, viaduct
(over Rs. Tame and Trent) of wood, on 52 bavs
of 20 ft. span, 1310 ft. long. Acres 3160 ; po'p.
258; poor r. 11 9/. (Tamw. U.); real prop. 32547.
St. J. Baptist Vic. (Lich.) val. 4897., patr. Ld.
Chancellor. C. Hall, J. Prinsep, Esq.

Croxley Green (7) near Rickinansworth, S W.

CROXTETH PARK (80) ext. par. W. Derby
hund. SW. Lancashire, 2 m. NW. of Prescot
-198. Acres 710; pop. 57 + 1; real prop. 24497.
C. House, Earl of Sefton.

CROXTON par. (52) Longstow hund. 5 W. Cam-
bridge. 3 m. WNW. of Caxton-50. Acres 1901 ;
pop. 264 + 2 ; poor r. 1107. (Caxt. U.) ; real prop.
1913/. ; charities Sol. St. James Rect. (Ely)
val. 1857., patr. S. Newton, Esq., of C. Park.
gaP CROXTON tnshp. (80) Middlewich par. Mid.
Cheshire, 1 m. NNW. of Middlewich- 167, on R.
Dane and Gd. Trunk canal. Acres 430 ; pop. 48 + 3 ;
poor r. 727. (North wich U.) ; real prop. 13137,
From ' crux,' a cross. ig| CROXTON par. ( ) E.
Yarboro' wap. N. Lincoln. 6 m. NE. of Glandford-
Brigg-155, on the Wolds, under Yarboro' camp.
Acres 1630 ; pop. 105 ; poor r. 7. (Glandford U.) ;
real prop. 24627, St J. Evangelist Rect. (Line.)
val. 3587,, patr. Ld. Chancellor, ijip CROXTON
par. (65-6) Grirnshoe hund. S. Norfolk, 2 m. N
of Shetford-80, under C. High Trees, which are
seen from a long distance. Acres 3450 ; pop. 330
+ 6 ; poor r. 1147, (Thetf. U.) ; real prop. 24277. ;
charities, poor's allotment 57. All Saints Vic.
(Norw.) val. 98/., patr. Christ's Coll. Camb. ;
church, has an old norman or saxon font. It had
a hosp. called Domus Dei. gjg" CROXTON chplry.
(68) Fulmodeston par. N. Norfolk, 5 m. E. of
Fakenham-109. Pop. 68. St John Baptist Vic.
with Fulmodeston. gg" CROXTON tnshp. (73)
Eccleshall par. W. Stafford. 7 m. W. of Stone
-141. Acres 3790 ; pop. 887 + 5 ; real prop. 41 18/.

Croxton Green (73) 5 m. W. of Nantwich, S.
Cheshire. fgT C.-KEYRIAL par. (70) Framland
hund. NE. Leicester. 6m. SW. of Grantham-110,
containing Beskaby, at the head of R. Deven, had
an abbey found. 1 150 or 1162 by Will. Earl of Mor-
taigne and Porcarius de Linus. Acres 3900 ; pop.
657+6 ; poor r. 1477. (Granth. U.) ; real prop.
55927. ; charities 697. of which 47. for school. St.
John Vic. (Pet.) val. 2067., patr. Duke of Rutland,
of C. Park. C. Lodge, 1 m. NE.

P. CROXTON, SOUTH, par. (f>3) E. Goscotehund.
Mid. Leicester. 7m. NE. by E. of Leicester- 96,
on a branch of R. Wreak. Acres 1760 ; pop. 297,
stocking makers; poor r. 1167. (Barrow-on-Sour
U.) ; real prop. 26267. ; charities 327., and 4 cot-
tages. St. J. Baptist Rect. (Pet.) val. 1307., patr.
Duke of Rutland. Races, Mar. at C. Park, on a
pear-shaped course of 1 m. 1738 yds.


CROT vil. Killearn par. S. Stirling. 2 m. SE. of
Drymen-58, near Croyleahy, and Ed. and Glasg.

P. CROY par. 8 m. N E. of Inverness, NE. In-
verness, and W. Nairn, near Culloden, between R.
Nairn and Moray frith, and so called from croix
a cross, includes Dalcross (de la croix) suppressed
par. Size 16 m. by 8, moorland, but woody in
part ; pop. 1684 + 2 ; real prop. 3957J. ; for poor
173/. Living (presb. Nairn) val. 239/., patr.
Earl of Cawdor and H. Rose, Esq. of Kilravock.
Holme, Rose, Esq. ; Cantray, Davidson, Esq.

CKOYDE (27) 8 m. NW. of Barnstaple-192,
N. Devon, on C. Bay, near Baggy point.

CROYDON hmlt. (20) Old Cleeve par. W. So-
merset. 3 m. S\V. of Dunster-161.

P. M. CROYDON par. (68) First Wallington hund.
NE. Surrey, 9 m. S. of London, 1 1 by C. Rail., on
the Ermine St., under Banstead Downs, at the bend
of R. Wandle, an election and polling place (for E.
Surrey), summer assize and petty sessions town,
containing Norwood and Shirley curs., Wood-
side, and Waddon, belongs to the Archbps.
of Canterbury, who were seated here till 1780,
when Addington Place was bought. Acres 9840,
or about 35 miles in circuit, with chalk ; pop.
16,712 +427, in the corn trade, some calico printers ;
houses 2771, in a long street, with 3 churches,
4 chapels, town hall (1806) by Cockerell, gaol,
mkt.-house, P-police station, bank, savings bk.
(27,680/. from 1090 depositors), brewery, cavalry
barracks, theatre, Abp. Tenison's free school (121Z.)
of which Oldham, who was visited by the wits of
his day, was usher, collegiate school, Friends'
school, Abp. Whitgift's hosp. (1593) for 34
brethren and sisters (2094Z.) which has a copy of
the 'Dance of Death,' a curious goblet, and a
chapel attached, Davy's almsh. (184/.) found.
1479, and since rebuilt, Freemasons' almsh. (b. by
S. Daukes), the Little almshouses, and Union
poorhouse ; poor r. 5563/. on 76,862/. ; real prop.
74,856/. ; charities 2813/., of which Smith's 213/.
Livings are, St. John Baptist Vic. (Cant.) val.
587/., patr. Archbp., church, later eng. b. by
Abps. Courtney and Chicheley, to which two
chantries were joined, has stalls, stained win-
dows, 6 brasses from 1512 (a priest, man in ar-
mour, etc.) and 8-sided font, mons. of Abps. Grin-
dall, Whitgift, Sheldon (by Latham), Wake, Potter,
Herring, and of Heron, Ld.Mulgrave, and others ;
St. James Cur. on the Common, 300/., Vicar. At
the palace, b. in 14th cent., reb. by Abp. Herring,
and now turned into a factory, Q. Eli/, was
entertained by Parker and Whitgift, and gave
the seals to Sir C. Hatton. Woodcote camp is
sometimes said to be the roman Novwmagus; coins
of Domitian, Valentinian, etc. have been found.
Howard of Effingham lived here, as did Barclay
who wrote the ' Ship of Fools,' and was buried
in the ch.-yard. An earthquake was felt 1551.
Haling Pk., C. Burnett, Esq. ; Shirley Ho. J. Ma-
bcrley, Esq. ; Coombe Ho., G. Enderby, Esq. ;
Addiscombe, the old seat of the Herons, is now
the E. I. Company's College. Ld. Mayor Gurney
was a native. The vicar's oak on the parish
bounds is gone. A railway worked by horses
was made to Wandsworth 1801; a canal, cut
1801-9, to the Surrey canal at Rotherhithc,
has been superseded by the C. Rail., which is
9J miles long from the point (1J from Lond.)
where it joins the Greenwich rail., was made
1839, and is now incorporated with the Brigh-
ton. Croyd. P. L. Union, contains the pars,
etc. of Addington, Beddington, Coulsdon, Croy-
don, Merton, Mitcham, Mordon, Penge, Sander-
Stead, Wallington, Woodmaustern ; acres 33,491,



pop. 27,721, cases relieved (1846-7) 2953 (out-
door 2578), expend. 10,9067., prop, rated 145.166/.
Sup. Registry comprises the same, except Penge
and Wallington; pop. 27,720 + 561; 80 deaths
from cholera in 1849. The New County Court
district corresponds with the registry. Mkt. D.
Sat. Fairs, 6 July, 2 Oct.

CROYDON-CUM-CLAPTON par. (51-2) Arming-
ford hund. SW. Cambridge. 5 m. S. of Caxton
-50. Acres 2655 ; pop. 441 + 1 ; poor r. 449Z.
(Caxt. U.); real prop. 1185/. All Saints Vic.
(Ely) val. 449Z., patr. J. F. Gape, Esq. C. Wilds,
1m. N.

Croyes, 4 m. N. of Castle Douglas, N. Kirh-


CRUAQH, or CREVAGH, par. (22, 25) Uppercross
bar. . Dublin, 7 m. S. of Dublin, on R. Owen-
dugher, commanding fine views of the bay. Acres
4460 ; pop. 979, decreasing, some in the paper and
woollen manufact. Li%'ing, a Rect. with Tullaght.
Cloragh, C. Davis, Esq.; Mt Venus, R. Arm-
strong, Esq., has a fine cromlech 10 ft. high.

CRUCKMEOLE tnshp. (61) Pontesbury par.
Mid. Salop, 4 m. SW. of Shrewsbury-153. Pop.

CRUCKTON tnshp. (61) Pontesbury par. Mid.
Salop, 4 m. SW. of Shrewsbury- 163. Pop. 155 ;
real prop. 3609/. Living a Cur. with Pontesbury.
C. Hall, T. Harries, Esq.

P. CRUDEN par. Deer dist. E. Aberdeen. 7 m.
SSW. of Peterhead-144, including Finnyfold, Bul-
lers Buchan (near that cave), Longhaven (a de-
cayed fishing vil.) and Ward, was in llth cent, the
scene of a battle at Ardendranght, in which Mai.
II. defeated Canute the Dane, whence, they say,
the name, from 'Croju Dane,' meaning 'kill the
Dane.' Size 9 m. by 7, moss and moor, with many
caves on the coast ; pop. 2349 + 22, real prop.
89271. ; for poor 3071. Living (presb. Ellon) val.
204/., patr. Earl of Errol of Slains Cast., near
which are two arches made by the sea, also Dun-
buy rock, and the Bow of Pitwartlachie ; besides
some druid remains near the church.

CRUDOINGTON tnshp. (61) Ercall-Magna par.
Mid. Salop, 4 m. NNW. of Wellington-142, near
C. Bridge, on R. Rodeo. Pop. 196. C. Leasowes,
I m. NE.

CRUDWELL par. (34) Malmesbury hund. JV.
Wilts. 4 m. N. of Malmesbury-94, near the
roman way, contains Chedglow, Chelworth,
Eastcourt, Murcott, and is a meet for the
vale of White Horse bounds. Acres 4820 ; pop.
681 + 8 ; poor r. 3631. (Malmesb. U.) ; real prop.
6834/. ; charities 36/., of which Ld. Lucas's
school 16/. All Saints Rect. (Gl. and Br.) val.
487/., patr. Rev. VV. Maskelyne, vicar; church,
part norman.

Cruff Glass ( ) near St. David's, W. Pem-
broke. gsP C. Hywell. See CRICKHOWEL, Brecon.

. Mawr ' great hill ' ( ) 2 m. E. of Cardi-
gan, .S W. Cardigan, has a tumulus and trench,
where Griffith-ap-Rhys beat the English, after
the death of Hen. I. ^jp C.-y-dyrn, at Trelech
ar Bettws, Carmarthen, and C.-yr- Udon at Llan-
wenog, Cardigan, two barrows on the Teivi.

CRUGGION. See CRIGGION, Montgontery.

Crugh Isld. (21) 2 m. W. of Owney isld. NW.
Galway, near C. Rock, ^y C. Lv'ssa Mountn.
near Tarbert, Mid. Argyll, in Knapdale, is above
3000 ft. high, and commands a fine prospect of the
sea, islds., and mainland. From Cruach l.u-
sach," hill of plants.

CRCGLETON vil. (34) Whitehorn par. SE. Wig-
ton. 4 m. SE. of Sorby-139, a harb. near C. CaitU
ruins, in Wigton bay.




CrugsUick (31) 3 m. SW. of Tregony, Mid.Cornw.
CRUICETOWN par. (5, 11) Low. Kells par. N.
Meath, 2m. W. of Nobber-41. Acres 1863, with
building stone ; pop. 432. Living, a Beet. (Meath)
val. 951., patr. Crown. C. House, Shaw, Esq.,
formerly of the Cruises.

Cruicerath (27) 2 m. N. of Duleek, E. Meath,
A. J. Netterville, Esq.

Cruick Water, runs 14 m. E. past Ferns, .2V.
Forfar. and Menmuir, to E. Upper Esk, at Strick-

Cruicks Harbour, at Inverkeithing, S. Fife.
was the intended site of a Jewish settlement
-(Alex. III.), and the spot where Cromwell en-
camped 1651.

Cruimnish Isld. (5) Lough Erne, near Boa isld.
N. Fermanagh.

Cruit Island (40-1) 3 m. NE. of Aran island,
W. Donegal, near C. Strand.

Crum 'Castle (39) 4 m. WSW. of Newtown
Butler, iS. Fermanagh, Earl of Erne, on Upper
Lough Erne.

Crumbane Lough (50) 5 m. E. of Dunglow,
W. Donegal.

. P. M. CRUMLTN vil. (59) Up. Massareene
bar. S. Antrim, 6 m. S. of Antrim, 100 from
Dublin, a petty sessions and police station, on R.
Camlin.with some of the largest flour-mills in the
country. Pop. 568, decreasing, some in the linen [
trade. Fairs, 1st Mon. in the month.

P. CRUMLIN par. (18, 22) Uppercross bar. S.
Dublin, a police station and crown manor, 3 m. SW.
of Dublin. Acres 1817, with limestone ; pop. 1024
+ 7, of vil. 268, decreasing. Living a Cur. (Du.
G. K.) val. 1057., patr. Dean and Chap, of St Pa-
trick's, Dublin. C. Home, W. Collins, Esq. fig"
CRUMT.IN (36) 4 m. WSW. of Pontypool-149,
W. Monmauth. on the canal, 10 m. long, which
joins Brecon canal near Newport.

Crumlin, West (26) 2 m. S. of Lough Mask,
N. Galway.

Crummock Water ( ) 7 m. SW. of Keswick,
SW. Cumbrld. between Buttermere and Lowes-
water, is 3 m. long by f, and 22 fath. deep, with
three small islands and abundance of trout and
char ; near the middle are fine views of Melbreak,
Kannerdale Knot, and other mountains around it,
with Scale Force, a fall of near 200 ft. on the
W., and the Cocker flowing out at the bottom.

Crump Island (9) Ballynahinch bar. N. Gal-
way, 3 m. N. of Ballynahill harbour. |Jaf Crump
Oak (56) 3 m. NW. of Weobley, W. Hereford.

CRUMPANN hmlt. (78) Moycullen bar. SW.
Galway, at the head of Clynagh bay.

CRUMPLEHORN hmlt. (31) Lansalloes par.
SE. Cornwall, 7 m. SSE. of Lostwithiel-246.

CRUMPSALL. tnshp. (88) Manchester par. S W.
Lancash. 2 m. N. of Manchester-183, was the
birthplace (1580) of H. Chetham. Acres 660;
pop. 2745 + 87, poor r. 263/.(Manch. U.) ; real prop.
14,4347. C. Hall, J. Waklyn, Esq., formerly
the Chetham's seat

Crumpwell (74) 2 m. SSE. of Oswestry, NW.

- Crumstone Island ( ) the most S. of the Staples
islands, NE. Northmbrld. 5 m. E. of Bamboro'
Castle, is small and black, with the Callers reef
on W. side.

CHUNDALE, or CRUNDELL, par. (3) Wye hund.
Scray lathe, E. Kent, 6 m. NE. by N. of Ashford
-53, near Canterb. rail., is the saxon CrudelL
Acres 1530 ; pop. 278 + 1 ; poor r. 188/. (E. Ash-
ford U.) ; real prop. 1558/. ; charities 87., of which
7. to school. St. Mary Reel. (Cant.) val. 344/.,
patr. Sir E. Filmer, Bt. Roman urns, etc. were
found here 1703.


CRUNWEAR par. (40) Narberth nund. SE.
Pembroke. 5m. ESE. of Narberth-240, contains
Lanteague. Pop. 282+1: poor r. 102/. (Narb.
U.) ; real prop. 8807. St. Elidvr Rect. (St. Dav.)
val. 100/., patr. Ld. Chancellor."

P. CRUSHEEN vil. (18) Upper Bunratty bar.
N. Clare, a petty sessions and police station, 8 m.
N. of Clare, 135 from Dublin. Pop. 194, de-
creasing. Fairs, 17 Jan. 20 May, 15 Aug. 19

Crussarath (13) 2 m. N. of Blanchardstown,
W. Dublin.

CRUTCH ext. par. (54) Upper Halfshire hund.
N. Worcester. 2m. N. of Droitwich-1161. Pop. 9.
Cmtha Lough (34) 6 m. N. of Dingle, W. Kerry.
CRUWYS-MORCHARD par. (21) Witheridge
hund. NE. Devon. 5 m. W. of Tiverton-165. Acres
6290; pop. 670 + 4; poor r. 3717. (Tivert. U.);
real prop. 4038/. ; charities 71. Holy Cross Rect.
(Exet.) val. 4551., patr. Rev. G. S. Cruwys, rector,
of Morchard House, an ancient seat; church,
struck by lightning 1689, has a screen and some
old tombs.

Cruwyshays House (21) 8 m. NW. of Tiverton,
NE. Devon.

CRUX-EASTON par. (12) Lower Pastrow hund.
N. Hants. 6 m. WSW. of Kingsclere-54, the Crock
Estone of ' Domesdy.' had a grotto made by nine
sisters of the Lisle fam. upon which Pope wrote
some lines. Acres 950 ; pop. 102 + 1 ; poor r. 25/.
(Kingsc. U.) ; real prop. 8047. St. Michael Rect.
(Win.) val. ISO/., patr. Rev. J. Bagge, rector.
The grotto had seats for each of the ' rural sisters,'
and portraits of their acquaintance on the trees
around. C. Lodge, 2 m. SW.

CRUXTON hmlt. (18) Maiden Newton par. Mid.
Dorset. 7 m. NW. of Dorchester- 120.

Crwngae, or Crongaer, the Welsh name of Dyer's
Grongar Hill.

CRYFIKLD hmlt. (53) Stoneleigh par. Mid.
Warwick. 3 m. SSW. of Coventry-91.

CRYNANT vil. (37) Upper Dylais hmlt. W
Glamorgan, near Neath- 198. Living, a Cur. with

Cuba Court (21) near Bannagher, W. King's Co.
CUBBERI.EY, i. e. Cow BERKELEY, par. (44)
Rapsgate hund. Mid. Gloucest. 4m. S. of Chelten-
ham- 95, at the 'Seven Wells' the source of R.
Churn or Thames, was a seat of the Berkelevs.
Acres 3800; pop. 231 + 5; poor r. 230/. (Chelt.
U.) ; real prop. 27867. St. Giles Rect. (Gl. and
Br.) val. 320/., patr. H. Elwes, Esq. ; church, b.
1330 by the Berkelevs, of whom it has effigies, etc.
CUBBINGTON par. (53) Knightlow hund. Mid.
Warwick. 4 m. NE. of Warwick-90, near R. Avon.
Acres 1780, heathy ; pop. 830 + 16 ; poor r. 3787.
(Warwk. U.) ; real prop. 44637. ; charities 56/., of
which Glover's for education 137. St. Mary Vic.
(Wore.) vaL 2077., patr. Lord Leigh, of Stone-

CCBECK hmlt. (97) Bainbridge tnshp. N. R.
York. 2 m. SW. of Askrigg-246.

CCBERT, or CUTHBERT, par. (31) Pyder hund.
Mid. Cornwall, 8 m.WSW. of StColomb Major-250,
on the coast. Acres 2320 (or 2009), with a petrify-
ing or holy well ; pop.368, decreasing, some miners ;
poor r. 88"7. (St. Colomb U.) ; real prop. 33177. St.
Cuthbert Fie. (Exet.) val. 1807., patr. Rev. T. Stab-
back, vicar ; church, on a hill, has a wall painting
of St. Cuthbertus (whitewashed over). At Kelsey
point, the ' sweetest mutton (though but small) in
England' is fed. Carynes and llellanclose, R.
Hoskin, Esq.

CUBLEY par. (72) Appletree hund. S W. Derly.
5 m. S. of Ashborne-139, on a branch of R. Dove,
has at C. Corse, a meet for the Hoar Cross


hounds. Acres 2410; pop. 425; poor r. 1547.
(Uttoxeter U.); real prop. 28987. St. Andrew
Rect. ( Lich.) val. with Marston- Montgomery 5237.,
patr. Earl of Chesterfield. C. Big, 1 m. N. ; C.
Park, 1 m. SE. Fair, 30 Nov.

P. CUBLINGTON par. (46) Cottesloe hund. Mid.
Bucks. 6m. N. of Aylesbury-40. Acres 1290;
pop. 290 ; poor r. 1407. (Aylesb. U.) ; real prop.
22597. ; charities, a share with WHITCHURCH.
St. Nicholas Rect. (Oxon.) val. 289/., patr. Lin-
coln Coll. Oxon. ^T C., UrPKR and LOWER
(43) 7m. W. of Hereford- 134, Mid. Hereford.

CUBY par. (31) West Powder hund. Mid. Corn-
wall, near Tregony-262, belonged to the Pome-
roys, and has a carved holy well. Acres 2340
(or 2186), mica slate ; pop. 16l ; poor r. 42/. (Truro
U.) ; real prop. 31657. St. Keby Vic. with Tre-
gony. A castle, priory, etc. are supposed by
Whitaker to have been here.

Cuch, or Keach, River ( ) on NE. border of
Pembroke, runs about 10 m. N. to R. Teivi below

Cuchullin Mountns. S. side of Skye, NW. Inver-
ness. 10 m. W. of Broadford, a shattered and deso-
late group of hypersthene rocks 3200 ft. high at
Scuir na Gillean, with L. Coruisk in the middle.
"A scene so stern as that dread lake."

P. M. CUCKFIELD par. (9) Buttinghill hund.
Lewes rape, Mid. Sussex, 29 m. ENE. of Chichester,
38 from London, near Brighton rail., a polling and
petty sess. town, which comes to Duke of Norfolk
through Earl Fitzwarine, and contains Staplefield
cur. Acres 10,500, with building stone, pipe, and
ot her clays ; pop. 3444 + 86 ; houses 558, with
chapel, savings bk., free gram, school found. 1528
(417.), and Union p. house; poor r. 16877. on
14,8607. ; real prop. 10,7037. ; charities, as above,
with house and cottages for poor, etc. Holy Trinity
Vic. (Chic.) val. 4147., patr. Bishop ; church, has a
brass (1614) and tombs of the Burrells (of whom
was Sir Will, the antiquary), and of the fam. of Rev.
C. Sergison, of C. Place, which was built 16th
cent. Cuck. P. L. Union, contains the pars, etc.
of Albourne, Ardingly, Balcombe, Bolney, Clay-
ton, Cowfold, Cuckfield, Horstedkeynes, Hurst-
perpoint, Keymer, Lindfield, Newtimber, Pye-
combe, Slaugham, Twineham ; acres 58,863, pop.
17,132, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 2616 (out-door
2357), expend. 79517., prop, rated 72,6737. Sup.
Registry comprises the same ; pop. 17,132 + 512 :
' many ' deaths from cholera in 1849. The New
County Court district includes the Registry, with
Wivelsfield. Mkt. D. Frid. Fairs, 28 May,
Whit. Th. 16 Sept. 29 Nov. cattle, etc,

Cuckhamsley Hill, the saxon Cwichelmerleawe,
near , Berks., has a good view.
Cucklett Church. See EYAM, Derby.
CUCKLINGTON par. (18) Norton-Ferris hund.
SE. Somerset. 2m. E. of Wincanton-109, con-
taining Clapton Forms, was once a mkt. town
under the Lortis. Acres 1780 ; pop. 339 + 5 ; poor
r. 1987. (Wincant U.) ; real prop. 29897. ; chari-
ties 297. St. Lawrence Rect. (Ba. and W.) val.
with Stoke-Trister and Bayford 6097., patr. W.
Phelips, Esq.

Cuckmans (7)lm. SW. of St. Albans, SW.Herts.
Cuckmere River (5) rises on the Downs at
Heathfield, E. Sussex, and runs 18 m. to the sea,
near Beachey head, at C. Haven coast-gd. sta-
tion, which has 6 to 10 ft. and is sometimes
stopped up in stormy weather.

P. CUCKNEY NOHTON par. (82) Bassetlaw wap.
W. Notts. 5m. S. of Worksop-146, near C. Hill,
containing Holbeck, Langwith, Norton, Bonbusk,
and Milnethorpe, was once a mkt. town. Acres
6510 ; pop. 1697 + 6, of town 625, in the cotton



and stuff mills ; poor r. 2077. (Works. U.) ; real
prop. 53907. St. Mary Vic. (Line.) val. 1937.,
patr. Earl Manvers.

CUCKOLD'S HAVEN (72) 3m. N. of Abbot's
Bromley, E. Stafford. ^ C. Point, S. side of
Thames, between Limehouse and Greenwich
reaches, opposite the W. I. docks, has a shoal
which spreads one-third over the river.

Cuckoo Corner (3) near Rathvilly, N. Carlow,
$&* C. Hall (1) 1 m. NE. of Edmonton, NE.

Cuckoo's Nest (61) on Wenlock Edge, S. Salop,
4 m. SE. of Church Stretton.

Cvddagh ( ) near Mountrath, Mid. Queen's
Co. Rt. Hon. T. Wyse.

CUDDESDEN par. (13) Bullington hund. E.
Oxford. 5 m. ESE. of Oxford-54, on R. Thame,
containing Chippinghurst, Denton, and Wheatley
cur., is the seat of the Bps. of Oxford. Acres 2700 ;
pop. 1483 + 2; poor r. 2637. (Headingham U.);
real prop. 60657. AH Saints Vic. (Oxon.) val.
4407., patr. Bishop; church, part norman, has
tombs of Bp. Bancroft, with other prelates, and a
fine epitaph by Bp. Louth on his daughter. (7.
Palace, b. 1635 by Bancroft, was burnt by Col.
Legge to save it from the puritans, and reb. 1679
by Bp. Fell, ifc C. DEANERY, archdy. and dioc.
of Oxford, contains the benefices marked in Bul-
lingdon and Dorchester hunds. with Beckley cur.,
Nettlebed don. c., Newington rect., Noke, War-
boro' c., Waterstock r., Wheatley c., Yefley c.

CUDDINGTON par. (45) Aylesbury hund. Mid.
Bucks. 5 m. WSW. of Aylesbury-40, on R. Thame.
Acres 980 ; pop. 626, in stone quarries ; poor r.
5127, (Aylesb. U.) ; real prop. 26467.; charities,
Almond's 1 17., with allowance of barley, wheat.
St. Nicholas Cur. with Haddenham. (sg CUD-
DINGTON tnshp. (73) Malpas par. SW. Cheshire,

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