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Cyngestun, Cyningestun, etc. of the Saxons, is

CYNHINFA tnshp. (60) Llangyniew par. Mid.
Montgomery. Real prop. 15757.

CYNLAS tnshp. (74) Llanderfel par. NE. Me-
rioneth. 3 m. E. of Bala-194. Pop. 40.

CYNLI/XVYD tnshp. (74) Llannwvchyllvn par.
NE. Merioneth. 4m. SW. of Bala-194, contains
Pandy. Pop. 395 ; real prop. 13067.

CYNNANT tnshp. (79) Llaufairtalhaiarn par.
NW. Denbigh. 4 m. SSW. of Abergele-214. Pop. 62.

CYNNILL-MAWR tnshp. (59) Llanfihangel-
Geneur-Glvnn par. N. Cardigan. 5 m. NE. of
Aberystwith-208, on R. Leri. Pop. 641; real
prop. 21207. At Glanfraed, Lly wd, the antiquary,
was born.

CYNNILLFAWR hmlt. (41) Llanddarog pur. Mid.
Carmarthen. 6 m. ESE. of Carmarthen-218, on the
Gwendraeth Vach river. Pop. 277.

CYNON-CAPEL (57) 7 m. SVV. of Aberaeron-1 92,
S W. Cardigan. Living, a Cur. (St. Dav.) val.
757., patr. Vicar of Llandvsilio-Gogo.

CYXON hmlt. ( ) Merthyr-Tydvil par. NE.
Glamorgan, near Merthyr-Tydvil-171, where It.
Cynon joins R. Taf, and "the Cardiff canal crosses
is joined to TAFF.



(74) Gwvddelwern par. NE. Merioneth, 2m. N.
of Cor won- 194. Real prop. 8687.

Cypressyrove (22) near Templeoque, 5. Dublin.

CYRCHYNEN tnshp. (79) St. Asaph par. N.
Denbigh, near St. Asaph-208. Pop. 49.

Cyricbyrig, of the Saxons, is CIIIRBURY, Salop.
Cifxeldene, of Alfred's Will, is CIIESELUEN (?)

Cyrn-y-Brain Hill (74) 6 m. N. of Llangollen,
SE. Denbigh. 1857 ft. high.

CYRUS (St.), or ECCLESCRAIG, par. 4 m. SSE. of
Lawrencekirk, <S. Kincardine, on the coast and N.
Esk, includes Lochside, Milton, Roadside, Tan-
gleha. Size 5 m. by 3, clayey, with good lime,
stone, a holy well, several denes, rare plants, jas-
per and other pebbles, etc, ; pop. 1GOO, some fisher-
men, of vil. 207; real prop. 13,7447., of which
IWi;/. on fisheries; for poor 3737. Living (presb.
Tordoun) val. 248/., patr. Crown. Laurieston, K.
Lyall, Esq., near the old cast, of the Stratons, now
of Kirksidc ; Morphie, F. Graham, Esq., with part
of the old cnstle and a stone pillar 12ft. high; at
Woodston-burn is the Kame of Mathers, once the
seat of the Barclays, near the cliffs which rise
200 ft. over a deep cave ; and a fall of 03 ft. at
Den or Dene Fenel, so called after Fenella, who
was taken here after the murder Kenneth III.
Properly " Ecclesgreig, " i. e. Gregory's church.

CYSYLLTE tnshp. (74) Llangollen par. SE. Den-
bigh, near Llangollen-184, and the Pont-y-Cysllte
or canal bridge. Pop. 428 ; real prop. 16567.


Dual Loch. See Indaal Loch, Argyll.

Daalvil Loch, in SE. Skye, W. Inverness.

Dacore Fl., of the Saxons, is Dacre river below.

DACORUM HUNDRED (7, 46) called Danais,
after the Danes, in ' Domesdy.' W. Herts, con-
tains the pars, of Aldbury rect., Berkhampstead
(St. Mary and St. Peter rs.), Bushey, Flam-
stead cur., Great and Little Gaddesden vies., Har-
pciulen, Hemel-Hempstead, Kensworth ., King's
Langley, Mimms, Puttenhamr., Shenley, Tringc.,
Wlieathampstead, Wigginton c., and parts of Al-
denham, Amersham, Caddington, and Studham;
acres 78,160, pop. 33,003, houses 6692. See

DACRE par. ( ) Leath ward. E. Cumberld. 4 m.
S\V. of Penrith-283,on the small R. Dacre, which
joins R. Eamont a little lower, near Ulleswater, and
Carlisle rail, containing Gt. Blenoow, Nevrbiggin,
Soulby, and Stainton, had a monastery where, 930,
Constantino of Scotland did homage to Athelstan,
and was the seat of the Dacres, whose castle, with
4 towere in good condition, is now a farm house.
Acres 8130, with limestone; pop. 975 + 4, of
town 204 ; poor r. 2847. (Penr. U.) ; real prop.
20197. ; charities 2357., of which 9/. to Motherly
school, and 1917. to Gt. Blencowe school. St.
Andrew Vic. (Carl.) val. 1207., patr. Ld. Chan-
cellor; church, with effigies and tombs of the
Dacres, and Hasells of Dalemain, who have the
manor ; in ch. yd. are four stone bears clasping a
pillar. Gives title of baron to the Brands of Hoo.

P. DACRE tnshp. ( ) Ripon par. W. R. York.
4 m. SSK. of Pateley Bridge-224, on 11. Nidd, con-
t-iins Hiiyshaw and the Heights. Acres 5230 ;
pop. 695, in the lead mines and linen manufact. ;
poor r. 299/. (Pateley U.) ; real prop. 3087/. ; cha-
rities 12/., of which 101. to school. Living, a
Cur. (Rip.) val. 357., patr. Dean and Chap.

Dacre Lodge (7) near Hartley, N.
C. Franks, Esq.



Daddon (26) 1 m. SW. of Bideford, NW.
Devon. L. Bucke, Esq.

Dades End (46) 3 m. S. of Stevenage, Mid.

DADFORD hmlt. (45) Stowe par. NW. Bucks.
3 m. N W. of Buckingham-55. Pop. 159.

DADLIXGTON chplry. (63) Hinckley par. W.
Leicest. 3m. S. of Mkt. Bosworth-106,on Ashby-
dc-la-Zouch canal. Acres 870; pop. 180 +J,
stocking makers ; poor r. 697. (M. Bosworth U.) ;
real prop. 22467. St. James Cur. with Hinckley.

Dadree ( ) 10 m. W. of Wolsington, W. Durham.

Daegstan, or Daustan, of the Saxons, is DAL-
STON, 'Cumlirld.

Daer, or Daire, Water, a head of R. Clyde, S.
Lanark, runs under the Lowthers 10m. N. to R.
Clyde at Elvanfoot, and gives title of baron to
Earl of Selkirk, of St. Mary's Isle.

P. Dafarndywerch ( ) 10 m. from Corwen.

DAFF vil. Innerkip par. NW. Renfrew. 3 m. W.
of Greenock-66.

P. DAGENHAM par. (1) Becontree hund. SW.
ESSKX, 3 m. SSW. of Romford-12, on a branch of
the Thames, which made a breach in 1707, and
inundated about 1000 acres, reclaimed by Capt.
Perry, 1718, at a cost of 40,000/. Acres 4550,
marshy, with decayed ' moor log ' or woo;!, stag's
horns, etc. beneath, and good angling in the pool ;
pop. 2294 + 18; poor r. 1057/. (Romf. U.); real
prop. 14,6527. ; charities 463/., of which 2707. to
Ford's school, Uphill's for apprenticing, 150/.
St. Peter and Paul Vic. (Roch.) val. 652/., patr.
Rev. T. L. Fanshaw, rector ; church, has brass of
Judge Urswykandwife(1479). D. Park,sveDa*j-
narn Park, below. A K-police station is hero.

P. DAGUNGWORTH par. (34) Crowthorne hund.
Mid.Glouccst. 3m. NW. of Cirencester-88, on Er-
mine St. belonged to Godstow nunnery. Acres
1700; pop. 302 + 7; poor r. 547. (Cirencest. U.);
real prop. 1981/. ; charities 71., of which Han-
cock's for school 5Z. Holy Rood Rect. (Gl. and
Br.) val. 266/., patr. Ld. Chancellor ; church, b.
about 1500.

DAGNAM, hmlt. (46) Eddlesboro' par. E. Bucks.
3 m. E. of Ivinghoe-33, had a chantry. Pop. 382
+ 8; real prop. 2679; church, in ruins.

Dagnam Park (1) 3 m. NE. of Romford, SW.
Essex, Sir T. Neave, Bt.

DAGWORTH hmlt. (50) Old Newton par. Mid.
Suffolk, 2 m. N. of Stowmarket-76. Pop. 169.

P. DAII.LY par. in Carrick, S. Ayr. 5 m. S. of
Maybole-83, on R. Girvan, took in Burr up to
J 650, and includes Ailsa Craig, 14 m. WSW. in
the sea. Size 6 m. by 5, or 17,000 acres, part
moorland, with coal, lime, stone, basalt, and mine-
ral springs. Pop. 2272 + 20, of vil. 591; real
prop. 10,7227., of which 26947, on mines ; for poor
6527. Living (presb. Ayr) val. 3487., patr. Crown.
In Lady glen, was a chapel. Kilkerran, Sir C.
Ferguson, Bt. ; Carleton, Sir J. Cathcart, Bt. ;
Dunure, Rt.Hon.T. Kennedy ; Bargeny, Hamil-
ton, Esq.

P. DAIRSIE par. Cupar dist. N. Fife. 2m. NE.
of Cupar-32, at the bridge on R. Eden, on Ed.
and North, rail., belonged to Archbp. Spottiswood.
Size 2 m. by 2, good soil, on trap, including Craig-
fordie and Foodie hills ; pop. 669 + 6, some weavers,
of D. MUIR vil/205 ; real prop. 47747. ; for poor
897. Living (presb. Cupar) val. 2517., patr. limes
of Sandside.

DAIRY COATKS vil. (86) N. Ferribv tn.shp. E.
R. York. 6 m. W. of IIuIl-171. ^f D. Hill (29)
5 m. SE. of Borris in Ossory, S. Queen's Co. 480 ft,

Daisey Bank (81) near Congleton, E. Cheshire.

Daisy Hilt (58) near Augher, S. Tyrone.
M M 3




HILL hmlt. (88) Manningham tnshp. W. R. York.
near Bradford-196. Living, a Cur. (Rip.) val. /.,
pair. Vicar.

DALAROSSIE par. joined to MOY, N. Inverness.
' Dal,' a vale.

DALARUIN vil. near Campbeltown, W. Argyll.
has Colville's whisky distillery, and is so called
after Dalruadhain, the seat of the first Scottish
kingdom under Fergus.

DALAVICH par. 8 m. \V. of Inverary-104, Mid.
Argyll, is joined to KILLCHRANAN. Pop. 390.

P. DALBEATTIE vil. Urr par. S. Kircudbt. 5 m.
E. of Castle Douglas-92, on D. burn, which goes
to Urr water. Pop. 1430, in a small shipping
trade ; houses 206, built of granite.

Dalblair, 5 m. E. of Cumnock, E.Ayr, on Guelt
water, D. Liraond, Esq.

DAI.BCRY par. (71-2) with Lees, Appletree hund.
S. Derby. 6 m. NNE. of Burton-on-Trent-125,
on a branch of R. Dove. Acres 1600 ; pop. 221 ;
poor r. 377. (Burton U.) ; real prop. 2112/. ; charities
51., with a share in Pole's at Radbourn. All Saints
Beet. (Lich.) val. 206Z., patr. Mrs. E. Cotton.

DALBWBA vil. (57) Nantcwnlle par. Mid. Car-
digan. 6 m. N. of Lampeter-209.

DALBY par. (84) Candleshoe wap. E. Lincoln.
3 m. NE. of Spilsby-129, contains Dexthorpe.
Acres 1020 ; pop. 106 ; poor r. 77Z. (Spils. U.) ;
real prop. 3 1217. ; charities, poor's land 71. Living,
a Cur. (Line.) val. 79/., patr. Lord Monson. D.
Hall, 3. Bourne, Esq. l^" DALBY ( ) 3 m. S. of
Peel, /. of Man, has St. James Cur. (Sod.) val.
60/., patr. Bishop. Near it is D. Point, with
reefs round it. fg DALBY par. ( ) Bulmerwap.
N. R. York. 7 m. E. of Easingwold-212, contains
Skewsby. Acres 1480; pop. 141; poor r. 41/.
(Easingw. U.) ; real prop. /. ; charities 51. St.
Mary Beet. (Yk.) val. 261/., patr. W. Gray, Esq.
D. Bush, a meet for the Simington hounds.

DALBY, HIGH ( ) 4 m. NE. of Pickering-226,
N. R. York, near D. Ridge. ^ D. LITTLE, par.
(64) Framland hund. E. Leicest. 3 m. SSE. of Mel-
ton-Mowbray-105, is a meet for the Cottesmore
hounds. Acres 2180; pop. 184; poor r. 61/. (M.
Mowbray U.) ; real prop. 2834/. ; charities I/. St.
James F?c. (Pet.) val. 263/., patr. E. B. Hartopp,
Esq., of D. House, of whose fam. the church has
tombs, igp D. MAGMA par. E. Goscote hund. as
above, 2 m. W. Acres 3080 ; pop. 479 + 6 ; poor
r. 156/. ; real prop.3238/. ; charities 4/. St S within
Vic. (Pet.) val. 209/., patr. Sir F. Burdett, Bt.
IgP D.-ON-THE-WOLDS par. (71) E. Goscote
hund. N. Leicest. 8 m. NW. of M. Mowbray-105,
had a preceptory of K. Hospitallers, found, by
Rob. le Bossu. Acres 3430, with a mineral spring";
pop. 410 4 2 ; poor r. 74/. (M. Mowbray U.) ; real
prop. 3548/. ; charities 9/. Living, a Don. (Pet.)
val. 401., patr. Rev. W. G. Sawyer, incumbent.
D.Old Hall, is ext. par. D. Lodges, 1 m. WN\V.

DALCARLIXCH vil. 4m. SW. of Duttril-136. S.

Dalchonzie, near St. Fillan's, S. Perth.
Skene, Esq. on R. Earne.

DALCHRAY vil. 2 m. SW. of Inveraven-116,
Mid. Elgin, on R. Spey.

DALCROSS or DALUS, par. 7 m. NE. of Inver-
noss-161, E. Inverness, is joined to CROY. D.
Castle, an old tower of the Clan Chattan, near
Cullodcn moor.

DAI/3OURY vil. Creich par. S. Suthrld. G m.
SW. of Loch Shin.

DALDEKUY par. (83) S. Gartree wap. Mid.
Lincoln. 2 m. S. of Horncastle-134, on the canal,
near R. Bain. Acres 550 ; pop. 37 ; poor r. 29
(Home. U.); real prop. /. St. Martin Rect.
with Scrivel.sby.

Daldowie, near , Lanark. J. M'Call, Esq.

P. DALE par. (38) Roose hund. SW. Pem-
broke. 11 m. SW. of Haverfordwest-251, on Mil-
ford Haven, near D. Hill and D. Point, which has
some fine views, was a boro' and mkt. town, where
Rhys ab Thomas received the Earl of Richmond
(Hen. VII.) on his landing here. Pop. with
Shokham isld. 392 + 4, fishermen, etc. ; poor r.
85/. (Haverfd. U.) ; real prop. 1076/. St. James
Cur. (St. Da.) val. 65/., patr. J. P. L. A. Phillips,
Esq. of D. Castle, through the Aliens. There is
anchorage in the roads in 2 to 5 fath. ; near it is
St. Ann's light, which see.

DALE-ABBEY ext. par. chplry. (71) Morleston
hund. SE. Derby. 5m. ENE. of Derby-126, has
at Deepdale remains of an abbey found, by Serlo
de Grendon (Hen. II.), and refound. at Stanley,
1204, by Geoffrey de Saucemere. Acres 1530 ;
pop. 400, colliers ; poor r. 501. (Shardlow U.) ;
real prop. 2356/. The abbey chapel still stands,
and some of the church windows are at Morley
church. A silver dish belonging to the abbey
(dated 405), and supposed to have been brought
from Bourges in France, was found, 1729, at Ris-
ley. |^ D. End ( ) 5 m. N. of Kendal, Mid.
Westmrld. on R. Sprint, ^g" D., or Dalchead,
Hall ( ) 5 m. SE. of Keswick, Mid. Cumbrld. on
Thirle Mere, T. Leather, Esq. ^ D. Hall (72)
near Burslem, N. Stafford., J. Twigg, Esq.
lgiD. HEAD hmlt. ( ') Arkengarth-Dale par.
N. R. York. 7 m. SW. of Bernard Castle-246.
l^ D. Head ( ) 9 m. SW. of Middleham, N.
R. York, near Great Whernside hill, (gf D.
Park (9) near Petworth, W. Sussex, 3. A. Smith,
Esq., M. P. igT D., or Deele, Rivulet (60) rises in

D. Lough, Mid. Donegal, and runs 20 m. W. past
Convery to R. Foyle, near Lifford. gif D. TOWN
tnshp. ( ) Hawnby par. N. R. York. 7 m. NN W.
of Helmsley-222, on R. Rye. Pop. 49 ; real
prop. 563/.

Dalegarth Hall ( ) 6 m. ENE. of Ravenglass,
5. Cuinbrld. near Stanley Gill, a seat of the
Stanleys of Ponsonby, through the Austhwaites,
from 1345.

Dalemain ( ) 3 m. SW. of Penrith, Mid.Cum-
brld. where R. Dacre joins R. Emont, seat of

E. Hassell, Esq. from the Laytons; b. Will. III.'s

DALENESS vil. 13 m. S. of Nairn-126, S.Nairn.

DALES-GREEX vil. (72) Wolstanton par. .ZV.
Stafford, near Burslem- 152.

Dalesworth (82) 2 m, W. of Mansfield, W.

DALGAIX par. joined to SORJ?, Mid. Ayr.

Daltjan (122) near Shrule, S. Mayo, P. Kir-
wan, F,sq.

DALGARXOCK, or DALGERNO, par. joined to
CLOSEBUKX, Dumfries, has an old church, which
belonged to Holyrood. " I gaed to the tryste of

DALGARVAN vil. Kilwinning par. N. Ayr. 4 ra.
NW. of Irvine-69. Pop. 107.

DALGETY par.Dunfermline dist. S W. Fife. 4 m.
E. of Dunfermline-16, contains St. David's port on
R. Forth, Fordel (Hendersons' seat), and parts of
Crossgates and Hillend. Size 4 m. by 2, pasture,
with coal and salt works ; pop. 1265 ; real prop.
10,970J. of which 5866/. on mines; for poor 148/.
Living (presb. Dunferm.) val. 227/., patr. Earl
of Moray of Donibristle an old seat of the abbots
of Colm, to whom the old church belonged, and
near which was the Earl of Dunfertnline's castle.
Hay of D. who gave his name to Scott's famous
"Captain Dugald," suffered with Montrose 1650.
Cockairney, Col. Moubray ; D. House, .

DALGINKOSS vil. Comrie par. S. Perth, near



Comrie-53, on R. Earne, is the site of a well-
marked roman camp of 16 acres the Victoria of
Agricola after defeating Galgacus. Pop. 317.

P. Dalguise near Dunkeld, Mid. Perth. J.
Stewart, 'Esq.

P. DALHAM par. (51) Risbridge hund. W. Suf-
folk, 5 m. ESE. of Newmarket-61, containing
'Dimstall Green, belonged to the Stutvilles. Acres
1840 ; pop. with Southwell Park 598 + 6 ; poor r.
4397. (Newmkt. U.) ; real prop. 3047J. St. Mary
Rect. (Xorw.) val. 41 9/., patr. Rev. Sir R. Affleck,
Bt. of/). Hall, b. 1705 by Bp. Patrick.

DALIIOL'SIE, or DALWOLSIK, vil. Cockpen par.
Mid. Edinbm\ 2 m. SSW. of Dalkeith-7, on N.
15rit. rail. Pop. 99. D. Castle, Marq. of Dal-
housie, an old seat modernised, which has stood
many sieges.

P. Daljarrock, 6 m. S. of Girvan, S W. Ayr. on
R. Stint-liar.

P. DALKEITII par. 7 m. E . of Edinbro', NE.
Edmhro\ a fine spot on N. and S. Esk rivers, and
N. Brit, rail., including Lugton and Whitehill,
was held by the Grahams and Douglases, and is
a burgh of barony under Duke of Buccleugh
(with the title of earl), and a meet for the
Buccleugh hounds. Size 4 m. by 2, level, well
wooded and cultivated, with coal ; pop. 5830 + 22
of vil. 4831 ; houses in vil. 430, with 2 churches,
6 chapels, 4 banks, savings bk., foundry, brewery,
corn mills, good gram, school, library, poorhouse ;
real prop. 17,91'J/. ; for poor 141 87. Living (D.
presb.) val. SIC/., patr. Duke of Buccleugh of D.
Palace, built by Ann, duchess of Monmo', on the
site of the old castle, which was visited by Frois-
sart, Jas. VI., and Ch. L, taken by the English
1547, and occupied by Monk ; church, made col-
legiate 1400 by Sir J. Douglas, and partly ruined,
has tombs of the Scotts ; Buccleugh ch. val. /.,
patr. . Geo. IV. visited the palace 1822, and
Q. Victoria 1842. Newbottle, Marq. of Lothian.
The shire militia have their head qrs. here. Mkt.
l)s. Thurs. grain, Mon. meal. Fairs, 1st Th. after
Rutherglen fair in May, 3rd Tues. Oct. cattle,
horses. >J D. PRESBYTERY, synod of Lothian,
contains the pars, of Borthwick, Carrington*,
Cockpen*, Cranstoun, Crichton, Dalkeith*, Fala,
Glencross, Heriot*, Inveresk, Lasswade, New-
bottle, Newton, Ormiston*, Penicuik*, Temple.*
Ditto Fret. Church, contains the above marked *,
withCockenzie, Musselburgh, Pathhead, Preston-
pans, Roslin, Stow.

P. DALKEY par. (23, 26) Rathdown bar. S.
Dufilin, a police and coast-gd. station, 8 in. SE.
of Dublin, on the bay, near Kingstown, was once
a mkt. town and port defended by seven castles
(3 are left). Acres 467, part common, with gra-
nite quarries ; pop. 1449 + 5, of vil. 304. Living,
a Cur. with Monkstown ; church, in ruins. D.
Isld. green to the top and separated from the above
by a channel about 1-Gth m. wide, contains 25
acres of land, a martello tower, and the ruins of a
church, and was formerly the seat of the mock
' king of Dalkey,' and ' emperor of the Muglins,'
who was elected here in June, and the ceremony
duly reported in the ' Dalkey Gazette.'

hall Rivulet ( ) Lower Glenarm bar. N. Antrim,
runs past Cushendall.

Dallaghill. See DALI.OW GILL, York.

Dallam Tower ( ) near Milnthorpe.S. Westmrld.
G. Wilson, Esq. on R. Betha, near the site of an
old castle.

DALLAS, or DOLLAS, par. 8 m. SE. of Forres-123,
Mid. Elgin, on K. Lossie, includes Edinville. Size
12 m. by 9, heath v, with slate, stone, iron springs ;
pop. 1179+3, of vil. 187; real prop. 2913/. ; for
poor 235/. Living (presb. Torres) val. 158/.,

patr. Gumming of Altyre ; church, on the site of
a very old one, has a pillar cross 12 ft. high, near
it, and effigies of a saint. It means " Water

DALLICOTT tnshp.(Gl) Claverley par.S E. Salop,
3 m. ENE. of Bridgenorth-139. Pop. 20.

Dalligan Rivulet (23) Decies-without-Drum bar.
Mid. Waterford, runs 7 m. S. to Clonea bay.

DALLIGHTIE par. joined to DAVIOT, Aberdeen.

P. DALLINOHOO par. (50) Wilford hund. K.
Suffolk, 4 m. N. of Woodbridge-77. Acres 1110;
pop. 346 ; poor r. 266J. (Woodb. U.) ; real prop.
269JM. ; charities ill. St. Mary Rect. (Norw.) val.
384/., patr. Rev. E. Walford, rector. D. Hall,.

DALLINGTON par. (53) Nobottle Grove bund.
Mid. Northmptn. 1 m. NW. of Northampton-66,
on a branch of R. Nen. Acres 1520 ; pop. 519
+ 4 ; poor r. 216f. (Nthmptn.U.) ; real prop. 3898/. ;
charities, Raynsford almshouse 28Z. St. Mary Vie.
(Pet.) val. 100/., patr. J. Reddall, Esq. of D. Hall.
D. Cottage, 1 m. N. igp DALLINGTON par. (5)
Netherfield hund. Hastings rape, E. Sussex, 6 m.
WNW. of Battle-56, was once part of the Great
Forest. Acres 3890 ; pop. 612 + 4 ; poor r. 446/.
(Battle U.) ; real prop. 25901. St. Margaret Vic.
(Chic.) val. 182/., patr. Earl of Ashburnham.
* D. DEANERY, archdy. of Lewes, dioc. of Chi-
chester, contains the benefices marked in Battle,
Foxearle, Goldspur, Hawkesboro', Henhurst, Ne-
therfield, Ninfield, Shoyswell, and Staple huncls.
rape of Hastings, with Pevensey rectf.Uddhnore
cur. Westfield vie. or 27 in all.

DALLOW GILL, or DALLAGHILL ( ) 12 m. W. of
Ripon, W.R,. York, near D. Moor. Living a Cur.
(Rip.) val. 73/., patr. Vicar of Masham.

DaUreodas of the Saxons, or Dalreudini of
Bede, had their seat in Argyle.

Dallua Rivulet (5) Duhallow bar. N.Cork, about
15 m. long, falls into R. Allow, near Kanturk.

DALMAHOY hmlt. Rattio par. N. Edinbro', 3 in.
W. of Currie-6, near D. Crags (866 ft.) was a pre-
bend to Holyrood. D. House, Earl Morton.

P. DALMALLY vil. Glenorchy, par. E. Argyll.
12 m. NNE. of Inverary, 100 from Edinbro' at R.
Awe's head.

DALMARNOCK vil. near Dunkeld-59, Mid. Perth.

DALMEAN, near Dalnacardoch, N. Perth, where
R. Ender joins R. Garry.

P. DALMELLINGTON par. Kyle dist. Mid. Ayr.
11 m. E. by S. of Maybole, 76 from Edinbro', a
burgh of baronj', on the ' bonnie Doon,' near Loch
Doon. Size 8 m. by 2, hilly pasture, with coal,
stone, iron, trap rock, etc. ; pop. 1199+ 14, in the
cotton, woollen, and carpet manufact. ; houses 250,
with church, library, savings bank ; real prop.
3679/. ; for poor 2261. Living (presb. Ayr) val.
158/., patr. Crown. Castle House, on the site of
Dame Helen's Castle ; a moot hill, and cairns are
seen. Fairs, Easter eve, Halloween, 1st Frid. after
Whitsuntide, o. s.

DALMENY par. NE. Linlithgow. near Queens-
ferry-11 (which was part of it till 1636) on Frith
of Forth and Almond water, containing Craigie,
and Auldcathy suppressed par. has remains of a
carmelite friary found. 1330 by the Dundases.
Size 4 m. by 2, of Auldcathy (detached) 1J by
1, including Mons, Dundas, and Craigic hills,
with clayey soil, coal, granite, basalt, sandstone,
grindstone, etc. ; pop. 1393 + 10, of vil. 1 18 ; mil
prop. 10.4G2J. ; for poor 222/. Living (presb. Lin-
lith.) val. 264/., patr. Earl Hopetoun, and Earl
Rosebcrry of D. Park, which gives him title of
baron, and has remains of the Mowbrays' cast, of
Barnbougle ; church, part nonnan, with a vaulted
roof, etc. Dundas, J. Dundas, Esq. near the old
seat ; Duddingstone, G. Dundas, Esq. ; Craigie

M AI 4



Hall, P. SawerS, Esq. Monshill has a fine view
over 1G counties, Earl's cairn is 500 ft. round,
there are remains of a fort, and roman coins have
been found. Prof. Wilkie, author of the 'Epi-
goniad,' was a native.

P. DALMUIR and D. SHORE vils. Kilpatrick-
West par. &. Dumbarton. 3 m. NW. of Renfrew
-50, on K. Clyie. Pop. 526 and 187.

Dalmutttn in Kyle dist. Mid. Ayr. had a Gil-
bertine friary found, by Walter Stuart, as a cell
to Paisley.

P. DALNACAUDOCII INN, Blair Atholl par. N.
Perth. 9 m. W. of Blair Atholl, 99 from Edinbro',
on R. Garry.

Dalquhurn House, near Eenton, Mid. Dum-
barton. W. Stirling, Esq., on R. Leven, where
Smollett was born (1721-71).

Dalriada, an ancient principality of Ulster, now
part of Antrim and Down.

DALRIE vil. Killin par. S W. Perth, near Tyn-
drum-88, the scene of a battle between Bruce and
the Lord of Lorn, at the head of Strathfillan.

DALROY vil. 11 m, SW. of Nairn-126, W.Nairn.
on R. Nairn.

P. DALRY, or DALREY, par. Cunninghame dist.
N. Ayr. 6 m. N. of Irvine-G9, on Rs. Garnock,
Rev, etc., near Glasgow and Ayr rail, (where
the Kilmarnock branch turns off), was the
spot where the people rose against episcopacy
1GGG. Size 9 m. by 9, with coal, lime, iron, and
a mineral spring ; pop. 4791 + IOC, some weavers,
cotton printers, and in the iron and dj r e works ;
real prop. 16,8307., of which 1050Z. on mines and
iron works ; for poor 5G4/. Living (presb. Irvine),
val. 2317., patr. Blair of Blair; church, on a hill,
which is almost an isld. At Auchinskeith is a
cave ; the Temple lands were held by the Tem-
plars, and cairns, etc. are seen. Gives title of
baron to Earl Glasgow, and means rey, i. e. king's

P. DALRY par. 3 m. N". of New Galloway-98,
JV. Kirkcudbt. on Rs. Ken and Blackwater, con-
tains St. John's Clauchan. Size 15 m. by 10
hilly pasture (rising 2890ft. at Blacklarg ?),with
forest and lakes ; pop. 1215, decreasing; real
prop. 605/. ; for poor 3987. Living (presb. Kirk-
cudbt.), val. 2187., patr. Forbes of Callander, chief
heritor; church, has tombs of some of Claver-
house's martyrs, who had a hiding place at Whig
hole. Roman coins have been found, and a road
may be traced. At Lochinvar lake is the Gor-
dons' old castle.

DALRY WESTER vil. 1 m. W. of Edinbro', N.
Ed.inb., near D. House, J. Walker, Esq.

P. DALRYMPLE par. Kyle dist. Mid. Ayr. 6 m.
NE. of Maybole-83, a pleasant spot on R. Doon,
belonged to the Dalrymples. Size 6m. by 2 ;
jwp. 909, decreasing; real prop. 56157.; for poor
1267, Living (presb. Ayr), val. 2307., patr. Crown.
Barbiston and two other forts are seen, and a
cairn where the british king Coilus or Coyle was
slain hence the name, which means the " killed
king's dale." Cassilis Ho. Marquis of Ailsa,
chief heritor.

DALSCOTR, or DAELSCOTE, limit. (53) Pattis-
hall par. W. Northmptn. 3 m. N. of Towcester-60.

DALSERF par. Middle Ward, Mid.Lanark. 6 m.
NVV. of Lnnark-31, on Rs. Clyde (which rose
17ft, in 1782) and Avon, was called Machan, and
includes Larkhill q. s., Millheugh, and Rosebank.
Size 5 in. by 3, hilly and fertile, with orchards,
coal, lime, good stone; pop. 3205 + 52, of vil. 112 ;
real prop. 77047. ; for poor 4487. I ,iving (presb.
Hamilton), val. 2657., patr. Duke of Hamilton. D.
House, Lieut. Campbell, belongs to Hamilton of

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