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dlebie, and Ruthwell. A. AND CARLISLE Presb.
United Assoc. Synod, Annan, Carlisle, Chapel-
Knowe, Ecclefechan, Gt. Salkeld, Holywell, Lang-
holm, Lockerby, Longtown, Maryport, Newcas-
tleton, Penrith, Penruddock, Rigg of Gretna,
Whitehaven, and Wigton. Mkt. D. Th. Fairs,
1st. Th. May, 3rd Th. Oct. for hiring.

Annan River, i. e. " slow running," rises at A.
Hill in Hartfell, N. Dumfries, and runs S. 30 m.
through Annandale, past Moffat and Annan, to
the Solway Frith at A. WATER FOOT vil. which
had a tide light on Barnkirk point, after re-
ceiving the Moffat, Evan, Wamphray, Ae or Kin-
nel, Dryfe, Milk, Mein, waters.

ANNANDALE STEWARTRY a district of Dumf.
and the country of the Hallidays and Johnstones,
on R. Annan, was a thick forest in the kingdom
of Strath Cluyd, and province of Valentia, which
came to the Braces by grant from Dav. I. from
whom it fell to the Douglases, and since in great
part to the Hopetouns. Some remains are found
at Tassie's Holm, Lockerby, Birren's Hill, and
Middleby, the roman Blatum Bulgium. Gave the
extinct title of marq. earl, and baron to the chief
of the Johnstones.

P. ANNASCALLY vil. (44) Corkaguiny bar. W.
Kerry, 9 m. E. of Dingle-220, a petty sess. and
police station near Dingle bay. \Voodlawn, F.
Bland, Esq.

Annat, or Cumtnis, Water, runs over several falls
to R. Teith, near Doune, S. Perth.



ANNATKIM vil. (1C) near Coolrane, W. Queen's
Co. on R. Nore, was the site of an abbey.

Annavilla (33) near Mallow, N. Cork.

ANNE, ST. See ALDERNEY, Channel Islds.

Annefield (18) near Donnybrook, Mid. Dublin.
gS" Annefield (17) near Lucan, W. Dublin.
^Annefield (119) 6m. E. of Ballinrobe, 5.
Mayo, C. H. Cromie, Esq.

Annegrove (75) near Middleton, E. Cork.

Annegrove Al>bey (23) 4 m. N W. of Abbeyleix,
5. Queen's Co. J. W. Scott, Esq.

Annemount (75) 6 m. E. of Cork, SE. Cork.
N. M. Coulmin, Esq. giP Annemount (25) 3 m.
S. of Tallaght, S.Dublin.

Anner, Avontar, or Honor, River (83) rises near
Killenaule, SE. Tippery. and runs S. about 14 m.
to the Suir, 3 m. E. of Clonmel, at A. Park, seat
of Miss Osborne.

Annery House (26) 3 m. NW. of Torrington,
NW. Devon, on R. Torridge.

Anne's, St. (19) near Ratheny, Mid. Dublin.
B. Guinness, Esq. on Dublin bay.

Annesborough (6) near Lurgan, N Armagh.
ifaP*" Annesborough (34) 3m. NW. of Pilltown,
5 W. Kilkenny, flig" ANNESBOROUGH. See DRO-

Annesbrook (27) near Duleek, E. Meath. H.
Smith, Esq.

Annesgrove (26) near Castletownroche, 2V. Cork,
\ Hon. Gen. Annesley.

ANNF.SLEY par. "(71) N. Broxtow wap. W.
Notts. 8 m. NW.byN. of Nottingham-124, near
Newstead ab., in Sherwood forest, containing
A. WOODHOUSE lnnlr. Wandesley, and Felley,
was the seat, at the Conquest, of the Annesleys
(now of Bletchingdon). Acres 3360 ; pop. 274 ;
poor r. 137/. (Basford U.) ; real prop. 3223/. ; cha-.
rities, Booth's 46/. to baptist or independent mi-
nister, etc. All Saints Cur. (Line.) val. 52/.,
patr. the late J. Musters, Esq. (whose wife was
Byron's Mary), of A. Hall, through the Cha-
worths etc. ; church, old, with a font, brass of a
forester and dog, and tombs of the Annesleys, who
founded Felley priory and a castle in the park.

ANNESLEY." See ANSLOW, Stafford.

ANNESTOWN vil. (25) Middlethird bar. E. Wa-
terfd. 5 m. WSW. of Tramore-104, a small port
on St. George's Chan., near ruins of Castle Don-
Isle. Pop. 149, decreasing, in the lead mines.

Annet Island, one of the Scilly Islds. W. of St.
Agnes, and once much larger, is uninhabited.

AnnetiUe (26) 4 m. S. of Mullingar, S. West-
meath, Robinson, Esq.

Annfield, 1 m. ESE. of Tranent, W. Hadding-
ton. ||iP Annfield, near Glasgow, W. Lanark.

Annifer River (40) rises in Precelly mountns.
NS. Pembroke. and runs to Newport bay.

Anningsley or Annesley (8) 3 m. SSVV. of Wey-
bridge, W. Surrey, was the seat of Thos. Day, who
wrote ' Sandford and Merton.'


Annock Water, rises near Dunlop, N. Ayr. and
runs SW. about 12m. through pleasant scenery
to the Irvine, near Irvine, and A. Lodge, W.
Montgomerie, Esq.

Ann's Hill ( ) 1 m. NW. of Cockermouth,
W. Cumbrld. A. Mackenzie, Esq., near R. Denvent.

Ann's, or Anna's, Side ( ) 6 m. S. of Raven-
glass, S W. Cumbrld. on the coast.

Ann's, St. (71) 1 m. NE. of Nottingham, S.Notts.

Ann's (St.) Cliapel (24) 3 m. S. of Modburv,
S. Devon. 3 A. (St.) Hill (8) 1 m. W. of
Chertsey, NW. Surrey, once the seat of C. J. Fox,
and, till lately, of his widow, has a fine view to
Shooter's andHampstead hills, Windsor, etc,

Ann's (St.) Head (38) W. entrance of Milford





Haven, Stir. Pembroke, lat. 51 41' N., long. 5
10' W. has two fixed lights (reb. 1800), 192 and
159 ft. high, seen 19 m. and 17, and which, in
one, clear the Crow and Toes rocks.

Annsborough (43) near Castlewellan, S. Down.

Annsfield (34) 3m. NW. of Pilltown, SW.

Annsfort (23) 4 m. SE of Cootehill, E. Cavan,
G. Powell, Esq.

Annsyift (62) near Fethard, S. Tipperary, G.
Gough, Esq.

Ansam, Ad, of the Romans, a doubtful station,
S. Suffolk, on the Stour, near Stratford (?).

Ansel's End (46) 6 m. SW. of Stevenage, Mid.


ANSLEY par (63) Hemingford hund. N. War-
wick. 3 m. S. of Atherstone-107, on R. Bourne.
Acres 3580 ; pop. 701 ; poor r. 438Z. (Atherst. U.) ;
real prop. 4766Z. ; charities 47Z. St. Lawrence Vic.
(Wore.) val. 116Z., patr. Ld. Chancellor; church,
partly norman, with a fine tower. A. Park, seat
of J. Chetwode, Esq. formerly of the Ludfords,
has a Chinese temple, by Sir W. Chambers, and a
hermitage, where T. Wharton wrote his " Beneath
this stony roof reclined."

ANSLOW, or ANNESLEY, tnshp. (72) Rolleston
par. E. Staffd. 3 m. NW. of Burton-on-Trent
-125, near G'd. Trunk canal. Acres 1920 ; pop. 278 ;
poor r. WSl. (Burton U.) ; real prop. 3142Z.

Anson House (80) 4 m. NE. of Knutsford. N.

ANSTEY hmlt. (18) Hilton par. Mid. Dorset.
8m.WSW.ofBlandford-103. Pop. 200. l^r AN-
STEY par. (47) Edwintree hund. NE. Herts.
4 m. NE. of Buntingford-31, near R. Quin, on
Ermine St. Acres 2170; pop. 497+8; poor r.
312/. (Buntingf. U.) ; real prop. 3122Z. ; charities
81. Living, a Rect. (Roch.) val. 504Z., patr. Ch.
Coll. Camb. ; church, cruciform, with font, stalls,
and effigies of Nich. de Anstie, who built it out of
a castle erected by Eustace Earl of Boulogne, at
the Conquest, which belongs, with the manor, to
the Lyttons. g-g" ANSTEY chplry. (63) Thurcas-
ton par. Mid. Leic. 4 m. NW. of Leicester-96, near
Swannington rail, on a branch of R. Soar, came
from Ulverscroft ab. to the Greys of Groby. Acres
1400, formerly waste, now enclosed; pop. 838,
stockingers (215 frames) ; poor r. 407Z. (Barrow
U.) ; real prop. 3286/. ; charities 41Z. St. Mary
Rect. with Thurcaston ; church, ancient. A. Hall,
W. Martin, Esq., who has A. PASTURES ext. par.
near the above, which came from Duchy of Lan-
caster. Pop. 15. igp ANSTEY par. (63) Coventry
county of the city, NE. Warwick. 5 m. NE. of Co-
ventry-91, on Trent Valley rail, and Oxford canal.
Acres 990 ; pop. 224, ribbon weavers (10 looms) ;
poor r. 75/. (Foleshill U.) ; real prop. 2239/. ;
charities, Million's school-house. Living, a Vic.
(Wore.) val. 63/., patr. Ld. Chancellor. A. House,
II. C. Adams, Esq. ijgp ANSTEY par. (15) Dun-
worth hund. S. Wilts. 4 m. SE. of Hindon-94,
under Whitesheet hill, has a barn which was part
of Walter de Turbeville's preceptory of the Hos-
pitallers, found. 1210, val. 811. Acres 840 ; pop.
329 ; poor r. 233Z. (Tisbury U.) ; real prop. 1601/.
St. James Don. (Sal.) val. 22Z., patr. Lord Arun-
del of Wardour ; church, the oldest in the diocese,
has an old font. Dr. Zouch, the civil lawyer, a
native, 1590-1660.

ANSTEY, EAST, par. (21) S. Molton hund. N.
Devon. 10 m. E. of S. Molton-178, under A.
Hill, on R. Yeo. Acres 2170, hillv ; pop. 240 +
8 ; poor r. 671. (S. Molt. U.) ; real prop. 1630Z. ;
charities 21. St. Michael Rect. (Exet.) val. ISO/.,
patr. T. Jessop, Esq. igp A., WEST, par. as above,

1 m NW. Acres 2820 ; pop. 279 + 5 ; poor r. 162?.
(S. Molt. U.) ; real prop. 1886Z. ; charities 71. St.
Peter Vic. (Ex.) val. 132Z., patr. Dean and Chap.
giP A. House (51) 2 m. S. of Cambridge, S. Camb.
near the rail, and R. Cam, was seat of Anstey,
author of " The New Bath Guide." Roman urns,
etc. have been found.

Anstie- or Hanstey-bury (8) near Dorking, Mid.
Surrey, on Stane St., is site of a roman camp,
with a good view. Saxon coins found 1817.

P. ANSTON par. (82) S. Strafforth wap. W. R.
York. 12 m. ESE. of SheflSeld-162, near Chester-
field canal, contains A. NORTH and SOUTH tnshp.
(acres 3110; pop. 921), and Woodsetts. Acres
4490; pop. 1102 + 26, starch and nail makers;
poor r. 368Z. (Worksop U.) ; real prop. 4490Z. St.
James Cur. (York) value 79Z., patr. Preb. of
Laughton. gif A. Grange (72) 5 m. NNW. of
Ashborne, W. Derby, near R. Dove.

St. Andrew's distr. E. Fife. 13 m. SE. of Cupar,
37 from Edinbro', a sub-port to Kirkcaldv, on the
Frith of Forth, and a royal and parl. burgh under
the Anstruthers, joined to A. WESTER, as below,
by a bridge over R. Creel, contributes to return
one member for St. Andrew's (elect. 55), was
first chartered by James VI. and under the new
act is governed by 2 bailies and 19 councillors
with a revenue of 246Z. Pop. 997, decreasing,
in a coasting trade (which emplovs 66 vessels
of 3098 tons belonging to the port, which is a
small tide harbour) in herring fishery, etc. ;
houses 189, with church, 3 chapels, custom-house,

2 banks ; real prop. 1115Z. ; for poor 183/. Living
(Presb. St. And. j val. 132Z., patr. Sir W. An-
struther, Bt. of Elie. 'Maggie Lauder' of the
song, Dr. Chalmers, and Profes. Tennant the
linguist, author of ' Anster Fair,' were natives.
Mkt. D. Sat. grain. Fairs, 1st Thurs. after 11
Apr. 5 July, 11 Nov.

* A. WESTER par. close to the above, with which
and Kilrenny it forms one town, containing May
isld. (which is claimed by Craill), is a royal and
parl. burgh contributing to St. Andrew's (efect. 10),
first chartered by Jas. VI. and under the new act
governed by 2 bailies and 15 councillors, with a
revenue of 102Z. Acres 600 ; pop. 449, in a small
trade, which with the salmon fishery has declined
since the Union ; real prop. 2068Z. ; for poor 55/.
Living (Presb. St. And.) val. 142Z., patr. Sir W.
Anstruther, Bt. ; church, in pointed style.

Ansty House (12) 1 m. NE. of Alton, NE.
Hants. W. Deacon, Esq.

Ant River (66, 68) rises at Antingham, NE.
Norfolk, and runs SSE. about 13 in. past N.
Walsham, to R. Bure, at Horning.

ANTHONY (ST.) IN MENEAGE par. (31) Kerrier
hund. SW. Cornwall, 7 m. E. of Helston-276,
on the Channel at R. Helford's mouth, is near Gt.
and Lit. Dinas british camps, commanding fine
views. Acres 1410 (or 1265), slaty ; pop. 313 + 1 ;
poor r. 708Z. (Heist. U.) ; real prop. 2295Z. Living,
a Vic. (Exet.) val. 101Z., patr. Ld. Chancellor ;
church, old, with a font and granite tower, was a
cell to Tywardraeth priory, found, before Rich. I.
Meneage by an old writer is said to " abound
with metals." gif A. (ST.) IN ROSELAND par.
(31) W. Powder hund. SW. Cornwall, 3 m. E. of
Falmouth-269, on the Channel near St. Mawe's.
Acres 710 (or 571), slaty, with a bed of shell
at Forth 30 ft. above high-water mark ; pop. 144 ;
poor r. 35Z. (Truro U.) ; real prop. 1264Z. Living,
a Don. (Exet.) val. /., patr. Sir S. T. Spry ;
church, part norman, with tombs of the Sprys
of Place Ho., which is on the site of Bp. Warle-
wast's austin priory cell to Plympton, found.


1124. At the end of the RSs or Rhos (i. e. penin-
sula) is A. Point light, lat. 50 9' X. long. 5 0' \V.
Co ft. high, flashing white every minute, and seen
12 m. from SE. round (seaward) to Falmouth
barb. Off this is the Old Wall rock with 26 ft.

ANTHORN tnshp. ( ) Bowness par. NW. Cum-
brld. 7 m. NW. of Wigton-303, near A. Lake,
on R. Wampool. Pop. 207.

ANTIXGHAM par. (68) N. Erpingham hund.
NE. Norfolk, 3 m. NW. of N. Walsham-125,
at the source of R. Ant. Acres 1530 ; pop.
271 + 3 ; poor r. 2067. (Erpingh. U.) ; real prop.
31297, ; charities, 2 coombs of wheat. St. Mary
Rect. (Norw.) val. 2627., patr. Lord Suffield and
Windham, Esq. ; church, of flint, with a brass
of a Calthorpe. St. Margaret Rect. with N.
Walsham ; church, in ruins.

Antivestteum Prom, of Ptolemy, is the Land's
End, Cornwall.

Antonine's Wall from the Forth to the Clyde,
now Grime's Dyke, was made by the 2nd legion
under Urbicus, Antonine's lieutenant, to join the
21 forts built by Agricola, and consisted of a
thick rampart 2*0 ft. high, and a ditch, with a
road on the S. side. From Caeridden by Falkirk,
Castle Cary, Kirkintilloch, Calder, to E. and W.
Kilpatrick, its length was 36 m.; and remains
of it, with a roman bridge, are to be seen at
Duntocher, which was a principal station.

AXTOXY (ST.) JACOB par. (24) East hund. S.
divis. SE. Cornwall, 4 m. W. of Devonport-217,
on Lynher creek, contains Torpoint Cur. Acres
2860 (or 2903), coarse slate ; pop. 2894 ; poor r.
9627. (St. German's U.); real prop. 11,4627,;
charities Sir C. Carew's school, etc. 127., besides
a yearly gift of beef and wheat. St. James Vic.
(Exet.) val. 2627., patr. Rt. Hon. W. H. P. Ca-
rew of East A., of which family was Richard,
author of the ' Survey of Cornwall ' (born 1555),
and John the one-handed ; church, has canopied
brass of Margery Arundell (1420), and tombs of
the Carews. Thancks, dowager lady Graves.

Anton, or Test, River (11-2) rises near Whit-
church, N. Hants, and runs bSW. about 27 m.
along Andover canal, past Wherwell (near which
R. Test from Amport joins), Stockbridge, Rom-
sey, to Redbridge on Southampton Water, called
Trisanton, i. e. Traeth Anton, by Ptolemy.

Anton East (12) 2 m. N. of Andover, NW.

Antona Fluv. of the Romans, is the Warwick

Anton's Gout (69) 3 m. NW. of Boston, SE.
Lincoln, a cut or canal into R. Witham.

Anton's Hill, 4 m. SE. by E. of Greenlaw, S.

ANTRIM (68 sheets) a seaside county in Ulster,
NE. Ireland, on the N. Channel, was the seat of
the JJamnii, and later of the O'Shiells, O'Haras,
O'Neills, and the M'Donnells from Argyll, who
divided it into Dalnaruidhe and Dalaradia, is
watered by Rs. Main and Bush, and bordered
by R. Bann and Londondy. (W.), L. Neagh,
Tyrone and Armagh (S\\.), R. Lagan and
Down (S.), Belfast lough (SE.), the N. Chan,
and Atlantic (E. and X.). Length, from Lis-
burn XX" W. to Bengore Hd. 66 m., greatest
breadth 25, av. ditto 20; relative size 366-
10,000ths ; circuit 170, of which 90 is a bold rocky
coast, having along it Ballvcastle and Carrick-
fergus fishery districts (with 121m. reckoning
bays, etc. of boundary and 636 vessels and 2061
hands, in 1849), also 23 Coast gd. stations with 145
men, Belfast harb. and lough, Black Head, Larne
lough (the best harbour, inside of Island Magee,



which is really a peninsula) and light, Glenarm
bay (off which are the Hunter and Maiden rocks
and lights), Red bay (where the red sandstone
shows itself), Fair head (the ancient Rabogdium
Prom. 636 ft. high), Ballycastle bay opposite
Rathlin (which has ruins of Brace's cast.),
Bengore Head, the Giant's Causeway, and the
Skerries off Portrush. It contains 1164 sq. m.
(including Rathlin) or 745,177 acres, of which
503,288 are arable, 176,335 uncult. mountain and
bog, 53,288 under water (chiefly Lough Neagh),
1908 in towns; 360,875 + 3526 persons, of whom
90,549 are in Belfast, Lisburn, Carrickfergus, Bally-
mena, 17,966 are farmers, 188,484 females, 177,487
under 20 yrs. of age, 337,957 county born, 67,947
families, of whom 30,375, or 45 per cent., live by
trade, manufact. etc., 33,956, or 46 per cent., by
agricult., 37,164 by manual labour, 38,427 in 3rd
and 4th or lowest class houses; 57,806 houses,
besides 4540 empty and building; 14 baronies,
Upper and Lower Antrim (centre), Up. and Low.
Belfast and Up. and Low. Massereene (S.), Up.
and Low. Glenarm (E.), Up. and Low. Toome and
Kilconway (W.), Up. and Low. Dunluce and
Cary (X.); 74 parishes (Killead, the largest,
42,048 acres), besides parts of 9 others; 12
inkt. towns, Carrickfergus (the capital, etc. 112
m. from Dublin), Belfast, Antrim (old boro'),
Ballymena (police head quarters), Ballymoney,
Lisburn (county hosp.), Ballycastle, Larne, Ran-
dalstown (old boro'), Portrush, Broughshane,
Glenarm the first five being sess. courts, and
with Cushendall, police stations (with 229 men at
38 stations) the first seven (after Carrick-
fergus), poor law unions and there are 3 fever
hospitals and 20 dispensaries ; returns six members
to parl. (instead of 10 before the Union), viz. 2
for county (elect. 1314), 2 for Belfast (el. 4701),
1 each for Carrickfergus (el. 1232) and Lisburn
(el. 164); is governed by a lieut. and custos,
high sheriff, 22 deputy lieuts., about 108 magis-
trates, is in the Belfast military district, and
NE. circuit, and comprises 8 deaneries in the
diocese of Connor, and archdioc. of Armagh.
Gross rental 650,5097. or 18*. 4^d. per acre;
county valuation 474,3537. ; val. as rated to poor
675,2087. ; co. rate 61.586/. Savings banks (1848)
3, with 113,4297. from 5032 depositors ; loan funds
5, with a capital of 14,0907., and circulating 58,0717.
Schools (national) 308, with 26,728 children at-
tending, in '41, 18,722 went to schools of all
kinds, and 70,213 persons could not read or write ;
av. no. of committals 1845-8, 603, of whom 400
were convicted. Surface hilly, rising in parallel
ridges, which strike from Lough Neagh XE. -wards
to the coast, where they terminate in great basaltic
headlands, at the Giant's Causeway, etc. Highest
points inland are Divis (1567 ft.) and Cavehill
(1185) near Belfast; Agnew's Hill (1558), Big
Collin (1159), Slemish (1437), Carngormach
(1431), and others, about Larne and Glenarm;
Tristan (1810) the highest of all, and Slie-
vanee near Cushendall ; Knocklayd (1685) near
Ballycastle: all chiefly basalt or trap, with
clay slate to X*E. and sometimes alternating
with beds of red ochre, or overlying chalk (too
hard to be worked), red sandstone, and other
secondary rocks; bituminous coal found in
small quantities near Fair Head, appears to
! have been worked at an early date. Rivers
! are, the Lagan, which unites Lough Neagh and
i Belfast and waters the most cultivated part of
the county ; the Crumlin, Six Mile water, and
Maine, which supply the lough ; the Bann, whirh
runs from the latter and with the Bush falls
into the Atlantic. L. Neagh, 48 ft. above low

E 2



tide, and the largest freshwater lake in the
kingdom, and L. Beg, are the only lakes of con-
sequence. Large tracts of bog occur, the greater
part reclaimable. Linen is the staple article of
industry, and in the manufact. of this, of cotton
and coarse woollens, great part of the people are
engaged; in '47 (a bad year) 1018, and 9246
were employed in the cotton and flax mills re-
spectively. Other manufactures in and near
Belfast are damasks, tobacco, bonnets, ribbons,
glass, iron, etc., with paper at Antrim. Cod,
ling, pollocks, conger are caught in the sea, and
salmon in the rivers, at Carrick-a-rede and else-
where. Mineral waters at Ballycastle, Knock-
laid, Kilroot, Tsld. Magee. Climate, dry and
pleasant ; the fertile soil is along the rivers ; acres
in crop ('48) 227,573, of which the chief are oats
100,849, potatoes 37699, wheat 11,296, turnips
10,991, peas and beans 4540, barley 3319, flax
2895, meadow and clover 54,054 ; estimated val. of
stock (in '41) on 24072 farms above 1 acre, was
723,7571., including 23,901 horses, etc., 71,328
cattle (a poor breed), 18,297 sheep, 35,104 pigs,
158,586 poultry, etc. but by '48, the sheep and
cattle had nearly doubled; goats are kept on
the hills, much butter and cheese sent to mar-
ket ; agriculture is improving ; estates are large,
and about 14,000 acres are in plantation. Among
the antiquities are, cromlechs at Colin, Slieve
True, Cairn-graine (sun-cairn), Mt. Druid, etc. ;
old forts at Killead, Muckamore, Donegore, Kil-
conwav, Dunmacalter, Dunmaul, Drumfane, etc. ;
round towers at Antrim, Armory, Truemery,
Ram's isld. in L. Neagh ; abbey ruins at Bona-
margy, Glenarm, Glynn, Muckamore, Killead,
and cathedral remains at Connor; old castles
at Carrickfergus (where Fergus, the leader of
the Scots was drowned), Green cast., Older-
fleet, Chichester, Red bay (belonged to the
Bissets of the Glynns), Court Martin or Cushen-
dall, Dunluce (the M'Donnells), Bruce's in Rath-
lin, Shane's (the O'Xials), Dunseverick, Ken-
bane, Cast. Robin, Portmore. Principal seats are,
Marq. of Donegal Belfast, Earl of Antrim Glenarm.
Cast., Vist.Massareene-4n<rj/n Cast., Lord Lurgan
Brownlow, M'Naughten, Bt. Bushmills, Pakenham,
Knt. Langford Lod., Jones of Moneyglass, Alex-
ander, M. P. of Portglenone, Ker, M. P. of Eed
Hill, Crommelin of Newtown Crotn., Dobbsof Cast.
Dobbs, Kirk, M. P. of Thornfield, Leslie of L. Hill,
Macartney of Lissanore Cast, (old), M'Donnell of
Glenarm, M'Neill of Parkmount, Montgomery
of Beiniarden, Moore of Ballydwitty, O'Hara of
O'/T. Brook, Owens of Holestone, etc. Roads : 1.
Belfast (101 m. from Dublin) to Antrim 14 m.,
Randalstown 19, Ballymena 28, Ballymoney 46,
Coleraine 54, Bushmills near the Causeway 56.
2. Belfast (by the coast, commanding the finest
views) to Carrickfergus 10, Larne 22, Glenarm
34, Cushendall 47, Ballycastle 61, Ballinoy 66,
the Causeway 73. The Ulster rail, from Belfast
along the Lagan, by Lisbum, Moira, and Lurgan,
is opened to Portadown 25 m. Belfast and Bally-
mena rail. 33 m. long, passes Templepatrick and
Antrim with branches to Carrickfergus, and
Randalstown. Lagan navigation 28Jm. is partly
by river and canal from Belfast to L. Neagh.

ANTRIM BAROXY (38-9 etc.) Mid. Antrim, Lower
div. contains the pars, of Ahoghill, Ballyclug, Con-
nor, Glenwhirry, Racavan, and Skerry, with the
towns of Broughshane, Connor, Harryville, and
Kells ; acres 80,827, an. val. 27,5827., pop. 25,135,
houses 4362. Upper div. the pars, of Antrim
(part), Ballycor, Doughgrange, Donegore, Kil-
bride, Nilteengrange and Rashee, with the towns
of Antrim. Ballyeaston, Ballyclare, and Doagh ;

acres 36,493, an. val. 24,4507., pop. 15,629, houses

P. M. S3. ANTRIM par. (44, 49, 59) in the above
and Upper Toome bars. <S. Antrim. 106 m. N. of
Dublin, 22 from Belfast by Ballym. rail., where
Six Mile Water runs to A' Bay, in Lough Neagh,
a sessions and chief police station and a decayed
borough returning 2 members, under the Mas-
sarenes of A. Castle, from 1665 till the Union,
was the scene of a battle where Sir R. Savage
an early settler defeated the Irish, and was
given by Jas. I. to Sir A Chichester, burnt by
Gen. Monroe 1649, and attacked by the rebels
1798. Acres 8884 good, with water; pop. 5182,
of town 2645 (decreasing), in the papermills,
linen and stocking manufact. bleach-grounds;
houses 699, with 6 chapels, mkt. house, bridewell,
Union workhouse, dispensarv, bank, savings bk.
Living, a Vic. (Dn. C. D.) val. 235?., patr. Marquis
of Donegal ; church, has a good steeple. A mo-
nastery founded 495 and destroyed by the Danes
stood on the site of a very perfect round tower
95 ft. high, close to Steeple, seat of G. J. Clark,
Esq. Shanes castle which " the Banshee," it is
said, still visits, was the seat of the O'Nials. Gives
title of earl to the Macdonnels of Glenarm cast.
Ant. P. L. Union contains 19 elect, diva, with 24
guardians; acres 116,247, pop. 49,168, ho. room for
700, cases relieved (yr. 1847-8) 1305 (besides out-
door cases), expend". 57267., prop, rated 100,6127.
> A. Presbytery, includes Antrim, Ballyclare,
Banbridge, Belfast, Clough, Downpatrick, Holy-
word, Larna, Newtownards. Mkt. D. Tu. and
Th. Fairs, 1 Jan. 12 May, 1 Aug. 12 Nov.

ANTROBUS tnshp. (80) -Gt. Budworth par. N.
Cheshire, 4 m. N. of Northwich-174, belongs to
Sir E. W. Antrobus, Bt. of A. Hall. Acres
2560 ; pop. 489 + 1 ; poor r. 1857. (Runcorn U.) ;
real prop. 32797. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. ,
patr. Vicar.

Antron (33) 2 m. W. of Helstone, S W. Corn-

Anvil Point (16) 5 m. E. of -St. Alban's Head,
SE. Dorset.

ANAVICK par. (70) Flaxwell wap. Mid. Lincoln.
4 m. NE. of Sleaford-115, on the canal. Acres
1820; pop. 314+8; poor r. 847. (Sleaford U.) ;
real prop. 24877. ; charities 47. St. Edith Vic.
with Brauncewell.

AXWORTH par. 7 m. NW. of Kirkcudbright,
-104, S. Kirkcdbt. where R. Fleet runs into
Fleet bay, on Wigton bay, contains part of Gate-
house of Fleet. Acres 9000, arable and hilly
(1100 ft. at Cairnhurrah) ; pop. 883 + 5; real
prop. 39767. ; for poor 2007. Living (Presb. Kirk-

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