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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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qualities in the eyes of the Britons, who held it
in great veneration. Principal branches are the
A] wen, Ceiriog, Clyweddog, and Alyn.

DEKBRIDGE vil. Balmagie par. Mid. Kirkcudbt.

1 m. W. of Castle Douglas-92, on D. River, as
above. Pop. 243.

DEECE, LOWER, BARONY (31, 37, 43) S. Meath,
contains the pars, of Cessev, Balsoon, Derry-
patrick, Galtrine, Kilmessan, Kiltale, Knockmerk,
Scurlockstown, Trubley, and part of Agher; acres
20,013, an. val. 17,6867., pop. 3990, houses 678.
1)., UPPER, BARONY (43-4, etc.) S. Meath,
contains the pars, of Balfeaghan, Drumlargan,
(lallow, Kilclone, Kilmore, Moyglare, Rathcore,
Rndanstown, and part of Agher ; acres 28,764, an.
val. 27,2737., pop. 51 GO, houses 890.

J)<-cl River (6) rises about 3 m. S. of Milford,
N. Cork, and runs N. about 15 m. through Lime-
rick, past Newcastle, Rathkcale, to R. Shannon,

2 m. below Askeaton, to which it is navigable.
CvT 1). Rivulet (37) Tiawley bar. N. Mayo, runs
9 m. E. past Crossmolina, and falls into Lough
Conn, near 1). Castle, Capt. Cuff.

P. DEENE par. (64) Corby hund. NE. North-
nipt n. G m. NW. of Oundle-78, on R. Men, con-
tains Deenthorpe, near Rockingham Forest.
Acres 2950; pop. 516 + 29; poor r. 1367. (Ound.
U.) ; real prop. 22767.; charities 27. St. Peter
Red. (Pet.) val. 3507., patr. Earl of Cardigan, of



1 Deenthorpe, of whose fam. the church has tombs,
and a brass (1586).

DEENTHORPE hmlt. in Deene par. as above,
the seat of the Brudenells, Earls Cardigan, com-

1 mands a fine view. Acres 1130; pop. 250; cha-
! rities 37. ; poor r. 1427. ; real prop. 1942/.

Deepdale (G4) a pleasant valley, near Wardlcy
and R. Eye, SE. Rutld. gaT D'EEPDALE limit.
(72) Grindon par. NE. Stafford. 7 m. ESE. of
Leek-154. giT DEEPDALE limit. ( ) Patterdale
chplry. NW. Westmrld. 5 m. N. of Ambleside
-27G, under Fairfield fell. 83" DEEPDALE hmlt.
( ) Cay ton par. N. R. York. 4 m. SE. of Scar-
borough-187. g^T DEEPDALE hmlt. ( ) Buck-
den tnshp. W. R. York. 7 m. S. of Hawes-249.
IJiT DEEPDALE hmlt. ( ) Dent chplry. W. R.
York, near Dent-270. giT DEEPDALK hmlt.
( ) Arnclifie par. W. R. York. 6 m. NW. of
Kettlewell, on R. Wharfe.

DEEPDALE HEAD hmlt. ( ) Wigglesworth
tnshp. W. R. York. 4 m. S. of Settle-235.

Deepdene (8) rear Dorking, Mid, Surrey, seat
of H. Hope, Esq., formerly of the Burrells, was
built by Duke of Norfolk on site of that in which
his ancestor Howard of Grej-stoke a great che-
mist lived. From den or deen, a 'hollow,' near
It. Mole, in which Betchworth Castle stands.

DEEPING-FKN ext. par. (64, 69) Elloe and
Xess waps. S. Lincoln, near Mkt. Deeping below.
Acres 30,000, of which 16,290 is enclosed ; pop.
973 + 18. Living, a Don. Cur. (Line.) val. 210/.,
patr. Stevensons. gif D. GATE hmlt. (64)
Maxcy par. NE. Narthmptn. 1 m. SW. of Mkt.
Deeping-90, on Lincoln, border. Pop. 201 + 5 ;
real prop. 18677. gaT D., ST. JAMES, par. (64)
Ness wap. S. Lincoln. 1 m. E. of Mkt. Deeping
as below, on R. Welland, had remains of a bene-
dictine priory, found. 1139 by Baldwin Wake,
and given with Thorney abbey to the Norfolks.
Acres 6470, with a mineral spring; pop. 1733
+ 15 ; poor r. 6777. (Bourn U.) ; real prop.
10,9157.; charities 2117., of which 2007. left by
Archdeacon Tigh, a native and translator of the
Bible. St. James Vic. (Line.) val. 1917., patr.
Sir J. Whichcote, Bt. of Aswarby ; church, built
by abbots of Crowland, has a large circular nor-
man font. The Stone cross has been turned into
a lock-up house.

P. M. DEEPING MARKET par. as above, parts of
Kesteven, 40 m. SSE. of Lincoln, 90 from London,
or by Gt. North rail., on R. Welland, was given
by Morcar de Bruen, a Saxon, to Crowland abbey,
and by the Conqueror to his chamberlain Rich, do
Rulos, who embanked the river. Acres 1290, in one
of the lowest parts of the co., but partly drained.
Pop. 1219+12; houses 257, with chapel, bank,
and freeschool (1117.); poor r. 5447. (Bourn U.);
real prop. 74347. ; charities 1697. St. Guthlack
Rect. (Line.) val. 5797., patr. Ld. Chancellor;
church, part norman. gif D., WEST, par. as above,

2 m. SW. Acres 1170; pop. 306; poor r. 1427.
(Stamford U.) ; real prop. 43G17. ; charities 347.
St. Michael Rect. (Line.) val. 3737., patr. Ld.

Deepthwaite ( ) 2 m. N. of Milnthorpe, S.
Wettmrld. seat of W. Bindloss, near R. Kent.

DEER, or BUCHAN, DISTRICT, in NE. Aberdeen.
contains the pars, of Aberdour, Crimond, New *
and (part of) Old Deer*, St. Fergus*, Fraser-
burgh*, Longside*, Lonmay, Peterhead*, Pit-
sligo, Rathen*, Strichen*, Tyrie. * D. PRESBY-
TERY, synod of Aberdeen, contains the pars, in D.
Dist. above. Ditto Free Church, contains those
marked * and Rosehoarly.

DEER, NEW, par. in the above dist. 5 m. W. of
Old Deer, as below, on D. Water (which runs to

N s 2




R. Ugie (?), was Auchreddy, and part of Old
Deer up to about 1600. Size 14 m. by 7, level
moor ; pop. 3756 + 23, of vil. 322, linen weavers,
and in the salmon fisheries, etc. ; real prop.
9558Z., of which 4804Z. on fisheries ; for poor 393Z.
Living (D. presb.) 219Z., patr. Crown; church,
has some druid remains and cairns near it.
Fedderatt Cast, was the Irvines', and at Bruce-
hill Ed. Bruce encamped after routing the
Comyns, 1308.

P." DEER, or OLD DEER, par. in the above
dist, and in part of Banff., 26 in. N. of Aberdeen,
137 from Edinbro', on R. Ugie, including Biffy,
Stuarttield, Fetter Angus, has at Sapling brae
remains of a cistertian cell to Kinloss abbey,
found. 1218 by Will Gumming, and given to the
Keiths. Size" 10 m. by 5J, flat, with limestone,
mineral springs, and granite ; pop. 4453 + 34,
weavers, etc. ; real prop. 9578Z. ; for poor 5377.
Living (D. presb.), val. 2 19Z., patr. Crown. Many
druid remains are seen. Pitfour, G.Ferguson, Esq.
Deer Isld. or Innismore (50) Clonderalaw bar.
S. Clare, at the mouth of R. Fergus, and about
2 m. long, contains 493 acres, with remains of St.
Lenan's abbey, and belonged to Earl of Egremont.
Deer Park (21) near Honiton, E. Devon. W.
M. Smythe, E?q. ^" D. Park (40) 4 m. ESE.
of Haverford West, Mid. Pembroke.

Deer River (26) rises near Holsworthy, NW.
Devon, and runs to Bude canal.

Deereen Rivulet ( ) Upper Talbotstown bar.
W. Wichlow, rises on the S. side of Lugnaguilla
mountn. and passes through part of Carlow to R.

Gloucest. a detached part, containing the pars, of
Leigh, Prestbury, Staverton, Tirley, Woolstone,
and parts of Deerhurst and Elmstone Hard wick ;
acres 9380, pop. 2896, houses 562. D. (UPPER)
HUNDRED (44, 54) NE. Gloucest. also detached,
contains Colne, St. Denis, Little Compton, Preston-
on Stone, and part of Welford ; acres 8120, pop.
1503, houses 341.

DEERHURST par. (44) Lower Westminster and
Deerhurst hunds. as above, 2 m. SW. of Tewkes-
bury-103, on the Severn, and formerly called
Deortyrste orDeorhurst, contains D.WALTON hmlt.
(pop. 257) and Apperley, and has remains at a farm
of a priory, found. 715 by Duke Dodo, rebuilt (on
being destroyed by Danes) 980, made a cell to St.
Denis 1056, after some changes given to Tewkes-
bnry abbey, and now belonging to Earl of Coventry
who takes hence title of visct. Acres 2930*;
pop. 937 + 7 ; poor r. 368Z. (Tewkesb. U.) ; real
prop. 2539Z. ; charities 34/. Holy Trinity Cur.
(Gl. and Br.) val. 182/., patr. Bishop; church,
rebuilt 1490, has norman traces, painted windows,
communion table in the midst, a fine canopied
brass of chief baron Cassy (1400) and another.

DEERNESS par. in Pomona Isld. Orkney Islds.
7 m. E. of Kirkwall, near D. Bay, Stronsay Frith,
etc. is joined to St. Andrew's, and includes Copin-
shay isld. Size 6 m. by 3, flat and boggy; pop.
777+11, in the herring fishery; real prop. Z.,
for poor /. Ruins of Picts' houses, two chapels,
and seats of the Buchanans, and Lords Kinclaven,
are found. Living (presb. Kirkw.) val. -
patr. Crown.

Deerpark ( ) near Charleville. N. Cork, W.
R. Sanders, Esq.

Deerpark Castle (60) near Casbel, Mid. Tip-
perary, 3. Hare, Esq.

Defenas, or Denas, were the people of Defena-
scyre, Thefnanscyre, Thefnascyre, or Devonshire.

P. DEFFORD chplry. (44) St. Andrew Pershore
par. S. Worcest. 3 m." SW. of Pershore-102, near

R. Avon and Birm. and Glouc. rail. Acres 1760 ;
pop. 422 + 4 ; poor r. 173Z. (Persh. U.) ; real prop.
2549Z. St. James Cur. with Pershore.

DEHENFRYN tnshp. (79) Bettws-yn-Rhos par.
NW. Denbigh. 3 m. SW. of Abergele-214. Pop.

Deheul>arth, the old british name of /S. Wales.
DEIGHTON tnshp. ( ) Escrick par. E. R. York.
5m. SSE. of York-199. Acres 2280; pop. 185
+ 1 ; poor r. 53/. (York U.^ ; real prop. 2565Z.
giP DEIGHTON chplry. ( ) Northallerton par.
AT. R. York. 5 m. NNW. of Northallerton-225.
Acres 2210; pop. 132; poor r. 46Z. (N. Allerton
U.) ; real prop. 1585/. Living, a Cur. with X.
Allerton. gip DEIGHTON hmlt. (88) with Sheep-
ridge, Huddersfield par. W. R. York, near Hud-

DEIGHTON, KIRK, par. f ) Upper Claro wap.
W. R. York. 2 m. N. of Netherby-194, near R.
Nidd, contains NORTH D. Acres 2470, with lime
pits, of town with Igmanthorpe 1290 ; pop. 539
+ 3, and 371 ; poor r. 92/. (Barwick Incorp.) ;
real prop. 3259Z. All Saints Rect. (Rip.) val. 90 1Z.,
patr. Rev. J. W. Geldart, rector, igp D., NORTH,
tnshp. in the above par. Acres 1180 ; pop. 168 ;
poor r. 49Z. ; real prop. 2022Z.

Deira Dwyrawr, or Deifyr of the Britons
the S. part of the Northumbrian kingdom, took
in the country between the Humber and Tyne,
consisting of Lancash., York., Cumbrld.,Westmrld.,
Durham. The name is preserved in Deirwent or
Derwent river, and wapentake.

Delaball, Denyball, or Derivall (30) near St.
Teath, N. Cornwall, a quarry of good roofing slate,
900ft. long, 240 deep, with" crystals, etc.
Delacres Abbey. See Dieulacres, Stafford.
Delaford Park (7) 3 m. NNE. of Colubrook,
SE. Bucks, on R. Colne, C. Clowes, Esq.

DELAMERE par. (80) First Eddigbury hund.
Mid. Cheshire, 7m. SW. of North wich- 174, con-
tains Eddisbury (found, by Ethelfleda) Kingswood
and Oakmere, in D. Forest, which though once
abounding with deer and wood, had become an
open waste, but since 1812 has been partly en-
closed and cultivated. Acres 8770, of which 3847
grow timber for the Crown, of town 1980 ; pop.
914+9, and 412 ; poor r. 34Z. (Northw. U.) ; real
prop. 1994Z. Living, a Rect. (Ches.) val. ,
patr. Crown. D. Lodge, G. Wilbraham, Esq. ;
Vale Royal, Lord Delamere, on site of the abbey.
The keeper lives at the Forest Chamber, an old

Delamont (31) near Killvleagh, E. Down, on
Lough Strangford, Rev. J. C. Gordon.

Delamont ( ) near , Down., D. Gordon, Esq.
Delamoor (25) near Cornwood, S. Devon. T. H.
Hayes, Esq., is a meet for the Lyneham hounds.
DELAPRB ABBEY hmlt. (52) Hardingstone par.
Mid. Northmptn. 1 m. S. of Northampton-66, seat
of E. Bouverie, Esq., on site of a cluniac nunnery
found. (Steph.) by Simon de Liz, where many
were buried who fell at the battle of Northamp-
ton. Pop. 24. Coins have been found. In the
park is one of Edw. I.'s crosses, to the memory
of his queen Eleanor, ft. high, 8-sided, in three
stories, on 8 steps, with arms, pinnacles, 4 canopied
figures, etc., restored in bad taste 1714 and '62.
P. DELGANY par. (8, 12-3) Rathdown bar. N.
Wicklow, 4 m. S. of Bray-12, in a fine spot, had a
small monastery, near which, 1022, Ugain, king
of Leinster, defeated the danish king Litric. Acres
3977, good ; pop. 2268, of vil. 201 + 2. Living,
a Rect. with 2 others (Du. G. K.) val 532Z., patr.
Bishop. Bellview, Mrs. Latouche. Remains of
two castles, etc. are seen.
Delgovitia, of Antonine, is LOXDESBROUGH on


the Wolds, E. R. York, whence roman ways went
to Stamford and Brough.

DKLNIES, SKATOWN OF, vil. Nairn par. N.
Nairn. 3 m. W. of Nairn-126. Pop. 80.

DELOKAINE, Yarrow par. Mid. Selkirk. 10 m.
SW. of Selkirk-39, near D. Hill and R. Catrail,
on R. Ettrick, belonged to the Scotts of Buccleugh,
who took hence title of earl. " I'd give the lands
of Deloraine."

P. DELPHI vil. ( ) Saddleworth par. W. JR.
York. 6m. NE. of Ashton-18G, near Lane, and
Yksh. rail.

Delphi (115) 9 m. SSE. of Louisburgh, S.Mayo,
on R. Bundarra, Marquis of Sligo, a fine spot.

Ddroto (7) 2 m. ENE. of Watford, SW. Herts.
Gen. Sir H. Dalrymple, Bt.

DELTING par. on mainland, Shetland Islds. llm.
NNW. of Lerwick, between Deal Voe and Yell
Sound, includes Mickle and Little Roe Islands.
Size , flat and broken into inlets or voes ; pop.
2019 ; real prop. 20207. ; for poor 731. Living (presb.
Shetld.) val. loll., patr. earl of Zetland, chief
heritor. Three Picts' houses are seen.

Delves Hall (62) 1 m. S. of Walsall, S.Stafford.
near N. West. rail.

Delville (18) near Glasnevin, Mid. Dublin, S.
Gordon, Esq., once seat of Delany, where Swift
printed some of his satires.

DELVIN BARONY (13-4, etc.) NE. Westmeaili,
contains the pars, of Castletowndelvin, Clonarney,
Kilcumney, Killough, Killna, Killiveilaght, and
part of Killucan ; acres 39,062, an. val. 27,7397.,
pop. 9943, houses 1671.

Delvin House, 5 m. ESE. of Dunkeld, E. Perth.
Sir J. M'Kenzie, Bt, on R. Tay.

DEMBLEBY par. (70) Aveland wap. S. Lincoln.
5m. SSW. of Sleaford-115. Acres 1000; pop.
58 ; poor r. 877. (Sleafd. U.) ; real prop. 12637.
St. Lucia Red. (Line.) val. 2 127., patr. T. R. Buck-
worth, Esq.

Demctae, or Demetia (Dyfed of the british),
comprised Pembroke. Caerniarthen. Cardigan, and
perhaps part of Brecon. but was at length re-
stricted to Pembroke.

Demyat, or Damyat, Hill, at Logic, S. Perth.
in the Ochills, is 1345 ft. high, with a noble view
of Stirling, the Forth, etc.

Den Place (9) 1 m. S. of Horsham, N. Sussex,
C. G. Eversfield, Esq.

DEN, THE, or OLD- WICK, ext. par. (45) Shal-
stone par. N W. Bucks. 4 m. NW. of Buckingham
-55. Pop. 7.


DENARDISTON, or DENSTON par. (51) Risbridge
luincl. S W. Suffolk, 5 m. N. of CIare-56, on a
branch of R. Stour. Acres 1230; pop. 339; poor
r. 274/. (Risbr. U.); real prop. 1667/. ; charities II.
St. Nicholas Cur. (Ely) val. 517., patr. AV. Pigott,
Esq. ; church, has 2 brasses (from 1480).

DENBIGHSHIRE (73-5, 78-9) a seaside, and, in
old times, a marches or border county, N. Wales,
between the Conway and Clwyd, called Sir Din-
bec.h by the Welsh, was the seat of the Ordovices
in the roman Britannia Sectinda, afterwards di-
vided between Gwynedd and Powysland, was
overrun by Egbert 828, and other Mercian kings,
settled by the N. Britons under Hobart, with
the nameof regeingle,orYstradC/wyd,orEnylefield,
and by the Normans from Hen. II., and made
shire ground by Hen. VIII., is traversed by
Otfa's and Wat's Dykes from Chirk to Caergwrle,
and by Holyhead rail. and bordered by Flint.
(H.), 'Chcsh., Flint, again, the Dee, and Salop
(SE.), Montgmry., the R. Tanat, and Merioneth
(S.), Carnrvn. (W.), and the Irish Sea (N.)
Extent from Lhmgwigstonnyn SE. to Erbis-



ock 42 m., greatest breadth 27 m., av. ditto
7; relative size 109-10,000ths ; circuit about
163 m. including 8 m. of coast, along which is
Abergele watering place, and the Constable sand,
and exclusive of 4 m. past Llandulas belonging
to Carnrvn. It contains 633 sq. m., or 405,120
acres, of which about one-half is hill and sheep-
walks ; 88,866 + 570 persons, of whom 18,322 are
n Wrexham, Denbigh, Christionydd, Ruthin,
44,438 are females, 41,688 under 20 yrs. of age,
74,651 county -born, 8334, or 9 - 4 per cent., live
by commerce, trade, manufact., 11,441, or 12-9
per cent., by agricult. (3467 being farmers andgra-
sciers), 568 educated professions, 1968 are inde-
pendent, 22,880 labourers, servants, etc. ; 18,437
houses, besides 1167 empty and building; 6 hun-
dreds (formerly 4 cantrefs and 9 cwmwds),
Ruthin (in middle, given to the Greys of Wilton),
Yale and Bromfield (E. to the Warrens), Chirk
(SE. the Mortimers), Isaled (S. and SW.),
Isdulas (NW.); 49 parishes, besides parts of .15
others, and 1 extr. par. place ; above 290 vils.
limits, etc. ; 5 market towns, Ruthin theco. assize
and sessions town, Wrexham sess. town, Llanrwst,
Denbigh sess. town, Llangollen, the first three
being poor law unions, and, with St. Asaph, sup.
registries the first four with Ruabon, new county
courts ; returns three members to parl., viz. 2 for
county (instead of 1 as formerly, elect. 3939),
Denbigh being the election town, and the last
four mkt. towns above, polling places, 1 for
Denbigh (see below) and the contributory bo-
roughs of Ruthin, Wrexham (a new one) and Holt ;
is governed by a lord lieut. and 36 magistrates ;
is in N. military district, N. Wales circuit, diocese
of St. Asaph, and province of Canterbury. Real
prop. (1815) 221,7837., ('43) 371,3497., of which
43657. on mines ; ditto rentals 202,2107. or 10s. per
acre (when wheat was 77s.) and 284,3467. or 14s.
(wheat 55s.). County income ('48) 95797., of
which 46887. from co. rate (on a val. of 282,7037.
made 1833), 23747. from police r., 15607. from
Treasury. Poor r. (1846-7) for 3 unions, 30,0447.
on 334,9817. or Is. lOd. in the . (wheat being
59s.) cases relieved 6261 (out-door 5700) in
estimated pop. of 71,058. Total charities 43617.,
of which 12637. for schools and education ; savings
bks. ('49) 3, with 59,0697. from 2464 depositors ;
in '38-9, 1394 m. of road (212 m. being turnpike)
were maintained for 42037. In '46-7, out of 75
pars. 62 had 85 church schools, supported by
24817. with 5726 children attending, and 81 paid
teachers, whose salaries were 20737., and who
had 39 teachers' houses : out of these 26 were
free schools, and 11 smnd. sch. (exclusively, -
with 221 teachers and 2294 child.) ; and 50 in
union with the National Soc. had 4113 child,
and total grants of 20737. Offenders in '48
115 (or 82 av. of 5 yrs.), of whom 78 were con-
victed, 24 were females, 2 under 15 yrs. of age,
45 could not read or write. Births, etc., see
N. WALES. The prevailing rocks are the clay and
grauwacke slates of the Silurian system, and the
surface is generally hilly, especially on the W.,
where a barren range called Hiraethrog mountns.,
covered with small sheep, black cattle and grouse,
rises 1660ft. at Modwl Eithan, near which are llyns,
or lakes, Aled and Alwen, where those streams
rise ; N. is Moel Ucha 1234 ft. ; SW. is Carnedd-
y-Filiast 2127 ft. ; S. is M. Bronbanog 1572, and
(at the head of the Clwyd) M. Enlli and M.
Morvydd, both 1767 ft., thence round to Flint.
border, Cyrn-y-Brain 1857, Moel Fainmau 1845,
M. Arthur 1491, near Bwlch Agricle or Agricola's
Pass. In the trough of these hills is the fruitful
and healthy Vale of (or Ystrad) Clwyd 20 m. by

N N 3




7, on a bed of new red sandstone, bordered by a
strip of mountain limestone on the E. and on the
W. where it runs NW. to Gt. and Lit. Orme's
Heads (both in Carnrvn.~), past Denbigh and Aber-
gele, with occasional veins of lead, and is waterec
by the Aled, Elwv, and other branches of the
Clwyd. S. of the Dee are Cader Ferwyn 2563 ft
Moel Ferna 2108 ft., in the Berwyn range. On
the E. is the Wrexham and Chirk coal-fielc
(some seams 9 to 15 ft. thick), on a bed 01
millstone grit, with iron, at Euabon, Brymbo,
etc. ; slate is quarried at Llangollen and near
Chirk ; limestone and building stone in the hills,
where good peat is also cut ; lead at Minera,
etc. Agriculture is in a middling state, oats,
barley, wheat, the chief crops ; and lean cattle,
with some butter and cheese, are sent to market.
Woollen web, or small cloths, are made in the
Glyn (S. of Chirk), and stockings about Llanrwst
the seat for native harps ; gloves and cotton
at Denbigh, paper at Chirk ; in '47 (a bad year)
305 persons were in the woollen mills. Salmon
are caught in the rivers, which with the above
are Aled, Alen, Alwen, Elwy, Clettwr, Clewydog,
Ceiriog, Tanat, and Rhaidr, which has a fall of
200 ft. ; LJandegla and Llan St. Sior have mineral
waters. Some of the native plants are : cardamine
bellidifolia ladies' smock, inula helenium elecam-
pane, near Denbigh ; myrica, or dutch myrtle ;
sorbus auctiparia mountain ash, and s. hybrida
bastard service, on Dinas Bran ; ruliis chcemce-
morus or cloudberry, on the Berwyn hills. Among
the antiquities are Cerig-y-Druidion druid stones,
Llanarmon barrows, Llansallan round table (so
called), Capel Voelas pillar and Eliseg pillar,
one of the most ancient in Wales ; British castles
at Dinas Bran, Sychaint (O.Glyndwr's), Garthen
Coppa-yr-Wylfa, Tommon-y-Rhodwydd, and
Gresford, norman at Denbigh and Ituthin ; and
Llan Egwest or Vale Crucis abbey, a fine ruin.
Wrexham church is called one of the 7 wonders of
Wales, and thatof Llanrhaiadr has a fine stained
window; at Yspytty Jevan the knights of St.
John (Jevan) had a hospital ; Gwytherin was the
birthplace of St. Winifred, Llanferres of Davies
the welsh lexicographer, Ruabou of Dr. Powell
the antiquary ; near Cefn Oyo cave Rich. II. was
betrayed to Bolingbroke by the Percy. The
principal seats are : Visct. Dungannon Brynltinalt,
Jx>rd Bagot Pool Ph., Ld. Dinorben Kinmel,
Wynne, Bt. Wynnstay (where the hounds are
kennelled), Cunliffe, Bt, Acton, Hon. F. \Vest
Rulhin Cast., Mrs. Allenson Llanerch, P. York
of Dyffryn Aled, Finch of Capel Voelas, Down-
ward of Bathafern, Wilding of Llanrhiadr, Jones
of Llandysilio, Biddulphof Chirk CW.(an old seat),
S. Yorke of Erddig, Sirs. Egerton of Gresford,
J.Williams of Cwersylt, Salusburyof Gallt Faenon
(where Sir H. MyddJeton was born), J. Haddocks
of Glanywern, Ablett of Llanbedr. Plas Newydd
was the retreat of the two friends Lady E. Butler
and Miss Ponsonby, near Llangollcn on the Dee,
which with Newbridge, not far from it, and
Llanrwst on the Conway, affords some finescenery.
Roads from Ruthin : (1) To Mold 7, thence to
Hawardenl2, and Chester 18. (2) To LlandegleG,
Wrexham 15, Bangor Iscoed 20, \Vhitchurch 30.
(3) To Llandegla 6, Vale Crucis and Llangollen 13,
down the Dee to Wynnstay 18, Chirk Cast. 21,
Oswestry 26, thence to Shrewsbury 44. (4) To
Corwenll.uptheDee toBala 21. (5) ToCarrig-
y-Druidion 13 (or 20 from Llangollen through
Corwen), Waterloo Bridge on the Conway 22
(thence down the river to Llanrwst 26, Conway
36), Capel Curig 28, under Snowdon to Bangor 43.
(6) Down Vale of Clwyd to Denbigh 7 (thence to

Llanrwst 24), St. Asaph 12, Rh3'ddlan 14, Aber-
gele 20, along the coast under the mountains to
Conway 30, and Bangor 42. About 15 m. of
Chest, and Shrewsb. rail, goes by Pulford and
Wrexham to Chirk ; and a branch canal of 16 m.
from Llandisilio passes along the Dee to Trevor,
then over the river by the great Pont-y-Cyssyllte
aqueduct, and by another over the Ceiriog to the
Ellesmere canal at Hordley.

#P. M. a. DENBIGH par. (79) Isaled hund.
N. Denbigh. 201 in. from London, 30 W. of Chester,
a sessions (alternately with Wrexham) and elec-
tion town, a polling place and crown manor, in
the vale of Clwyd, on a hill in Rhos district,
whence its old name Castell-cakd-fryn-yn-Rhos,
or Dinbech, i. e. little castle, was a lordship given
by Edw. I. to Hen. Lacy earl of Lincoln, who
found, the place and castle, which, being held by
Edw. IV. against the Lancastrians, and in 1645
for Ch. I. against Gen. Mytton, who took it after
a 4 months' siege, was blown up at the Restora-
tion ; has returned one member to parl. from
Hen. VIII., the limits, which are unaltered,
containing the par. with parts of Llanrheidr-yn-
Kimmerch and Henllan, no. of electors (in-
cluding Holt, Ruthin, Wrexham, contributary
boroughs) 862, of 101. houses 3595 ; was chartered
by Edw. I., and under the new act is governed
by a mayor, 6 aid., 12 council., with the style of
" aid., bailiffs, burgesses of boro' of D.," and re-
venue of 200/. Size of boro' H m. every way
round the mkt. cross, well cultivated, with lime-
stone; pop. of united boroughs 15,388, of boro'
5238, of par. 3405, in a general trade, with
some tanneries, formerly shoe and glove making ;
houses 757, with 4 chapels, town hall (b. 1572 by
Dudley earl of Leicester), co. infirmary, N. Wales
lunatic asyl. (cost 27,000/.), 2 banks, savings bk.,
reading room, 2 cotton mills, free gram, school
(56/.), Oldfield's boys' blue coat sch. (119Z.), Dr.
Williams's sch. (25/.) ; assd. taxes of boroughs
2668/. ; poor r. 1379/. on 9018/. (St. Asaph's U.) ;
real prop. 8292/.; charities 21 bl. St. Marcellus
Rect. (St. As.) val. 445/., patr. Bishop ; church,
at Eglwys-wen, or Whitchurch, and partly ruine I,
has brasses, etc. ofGov. Myddleton of Gallt (father
of Sir Hugh) and family, with tombs of H. Llwyd,
of Foxhill the antiquary, a Salusbury, and Ed-
wards the 'Cambrian Shakspeare;' the service
is at St. Hilary's or castle chapel ; St. David Cur.
I., Rector; church, b. 1838, in the park. At

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