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the Castle, to which Chas. I. fled after the battle
of Rowton Moor, are part of a fine gateway with
i figure of the founder, ruins of a chapel 170 ft.
DV 71, left unfinished by Dudley (Elizabeth's
'avourite), and traces of another which Leland
saw, in whose time the place had but 80 house-
lolders. On the bowling-green, which has a very
ine view, an Eisteddvod was held Sept. 1828
before the Duke of Sussex. The old town walls,
with a gateway, are 1J m. in circuit; a barn
with a timbered roof is left of a carmelite
mory founded by the Salusburys of Lleweni be-
bre 1289. Gwaennyog was visited by Johnson
11 company with Mrs. Piozzi. Gives title of earl
:o the Fieldings. Mkt. D. Wed. Sat. Fairs,
Sat. before Palm Sund. 14 May, 28 June, 18 Julv,
25 Sept. 2nd Wed. Nov.

Denbigh, or Denbies (8) 1 m. NW. of Dorking,
Mid. Surrey, Lord Londesborough, on the Downs,
commanding a fine view. fiT D. Hall (46) 1 m.
N W. of Fenny Stratford, N. Bucks, near N. West,
rail. eaT D. Lodge (43) 3 m. SW. of Newnham,

. Gloucest. in Dean Forest.

P. DivXBURYpar. (22) Haytor hund. -S. Devon.
2 in. SW. of Newton Biisb.el-188, near D. Down,


was a mkt. town belonging to Tavistock abbey.
Acres 1270; pop. 470+ 1 ; poor r. 701/. (Newton
Abbot U.); real prop. 17987.; charities 247. St.
Mary Rect. (Exet.) val. 1737., pair. Duke of Bed-
ford. D. House, T. W. Taylor, Esq. Fair, 11 Sept.
DENWY par. (71) Morlcston hund. E. Derby.
3 m. ESE. of Bclper-134, on the Little Eaton
rail. Acres 2380, part common ; pop. 1338 + 6,
colliers, stocking makers, potters, etc. ; poor r.
2637. (Belp. U.) ; real prop. 64167., of which 16497.
on mines ; charities, Massie's free school 48/. St.
Mary Cur. (Lich.) val. 917., patr. Mrs. D. Lowe.
Flamsteed the astronomer was a native (1646-
1719); a house of that name stands here, ggf
DENBY tnshp. (88) Penistone par. W. R. York.
3m. NNW. of Penistone-175, contains D. DALE
and 5 other hmlts. Acres 2870 ; pop. 1690 + 40 ;
poor r. 3367. ; real prop. 48937. ; charities, Bur-
dett's for education, etc. 127. Living, a Cw. (Rip.)
val. 98/., patr. Vicar.

Denby Grange (88) 5 m. E. of Huddersfield,
W. R. York. Sir J. L. Kaye, Bt. ^" D.-WALK
ext. par. (43) Dean Forestj W. Gloucest. Pop. 1307.
Wantage and Ock hunds. NW. Berks. 2 m. NNW.
of \Vantage-60, on Gt. West. rail, and R. Ock,
was the seat of the Hvdes and Fettiplaces. Acres
1060; pop. 246 +3; "poor r. 145/. (Want. U.);
real prop. 1284/. ; charities, Gilgrasse's for school
9/. St. James Vic. (Oxon.) val. 1301., patr. Wore.
Coll. Oxon. ; church, has some old tombs.

DENDRON hmlt. ( ) Aldingham par. 2V. Lan-
cash. 2 m. SW. of Dalton-276. Living, a Cur.
(Ches.) val. 417., patr. Rector.

Dene, or Deone, of Alfred's Will, is Devon, or

DENFIELD viL Arbirlot bar. SE. Forfar. 2 m.
W. of Arbroath-62.

DESFORD par. (52) Tluxloe hund. NE. North-
amptn. 1 in. SSW. of Thrapstone-73, on R. Nen
and Peterboro' rail. Acres 1940; pop. 329 + 1;
poor r. 132/. (Thrapst. U.); real prop. 24037,
Holy Trinity Vic. (Pet.) val. with Ringstead
1907., patr. T. Burton, Esq. D. Lodge, 1m. E.
gvT Denford (12) 1 m. ENE. of Hungerford,
S W. Berks. G. H. Cherry, Esq.

DENGIE HUNDRED (1, 2) E. Essex (called
Dane-ing, or Dancing, in the Confessor's time),
contains the boro' of Maldon vie. and the pars,
(and benefices) of Althorne ., Asheldham .,
Bradwell rect., Bumham ., Cold Norton r.,
Creeksea r., Dengie r., North Fambridge r., Haze-
leighr., Latchingdon r., St. Lawrence Newlandr.,
Mayland ., Mundon c., Purleigh r., Snoreham r.,
SoiitluninstiT v., Steeple ., Stowmaries r., Til-
lingham v., Woodham- Mortimer r., and W. Wal-
ter r.; acres (exclusive of Maldon) 56,412, pop.
11,078, houses 2167. > D. DEANERY, archdy.
of Essex, dioc. of Rochester, contains the bene-
fices marked above in two rural deaneries.

DKNGIE par. (2) in the above hund. 2 in. ESE.
of M:t!d<m-37, was famous for its cheese in Cam-
den's time. Acres 1750, marshy; pop. 219; poor
r. 3077. (Maldon U.) ; real prop. 3G057. ; charities
21. St. James Reel. (Roch.) val. 7547., patr. Rev.
O. Brock, rector. D. Hall, . Either from
Dane, as above, or Dene, ' a low spot,' as Denge-
ness, now Dungeness.

P. DKNIIAM par. (7) Stoke hund. SE. Bucks.
2 m. NNE. of Uxbridge-15, on R. Coin and Gd.
Junct. canal, near Gt. West, rail., has a meet for
the Rothschild hounds at D. Hills. Acres 4850 ;
pop. 1264 + 10 ; poor r. 5757. (Eton U.) ; real prop.
8316/. ; charities 81/., of which 687. to Bowyers
school. St. Mary lint. (Oxon.) val. 782/, patr. ;

DEN 651

Rev. C. A. Hall, rector; church, has 4 brasses of
Abbess Jordan (1545), W. Duredens, etc. D.
Place, B. Wade, Esq. ; D. Court, T. Hamlet,
Esq. ; D. Mount, N. Snell, Esq. gap" DENHAM
par. (50) Hoxne hund. N. Suffolk, 2m. ENE. of
Eye-89. Acres 2300 ; pop. 313 + 4 ; poor r. 1427.
(Hoxne U.) ; real prop. 19917. St. J. Baptist
Vic. with Hoxne ; church, has a brass of a Beding-
field. D. Hall, . 1* DENHAM par. (51) Ris-
bridge hund. W. Suffolk, 6 m. WSW. of Bury St
Edmunds-71. Acres, 1990, part common ; pop.
182 ; poor r. 1367. (Thingoe U.) ; real prop. 15347, ;
charities, Townshend's 167. St. Mary Cur. (Ely)
val. 1007., patr. S. Farmer, Esq.

P. DENHOLME vil. Cavers par. Mid. Roxburgh.
5 m. NE. of Hawick-50, on R. Teviot. Pop. 696
+ 2, stocking weavers. Dr. J. Leyden, a native.
fg" DENHOLME hmlt. (88) Thornton chplry.
W. R. York. 5 m. W. of Bradford-196. D. Park,
li m. N. Pop. stocking makers. Living, a Cur.
(Rip.) val. 1507., patr. Crown and Bishop.

DEXINO par. 4 m. SE. of St. Andrew's-41, E.
Fife, includes King's Muir, which Ch. II. gave to
Col. Borthwick. Size 3 m. by 2, moory, with
stone, coal ; pop. 471 + 9 ; real prop. 29657. ; for
poor 277. Living (presb. St Andrew's) val. 1997.,
patr. St. Andrew's Coll. D. Howe, Lord W.

DENIO par. (75) Gafflogian hund. SW. Car-
narvon, contains PwlIheli-234, and the Union p.
house. Pop. 2367 + 25; poor r. 5757. (Pwllh. U.) ;
real prop. 50367. ; charities 657., of which 407. to
Vaughan's gram, school. St. Beuno Cur. with

Denisbuma, or Denisesburn, of Bede, is R.
Erringburn, Northmbrld.

DENMARK HILL (1) 1m. S. of Camberwell,
NE. Surrey, seat of Sir J. Key, Bt. of Thornbury,
has SL Matthew Cur. (Win.) val. 7007., patr.
Trustees ; church, b. by A. Gough. The gram,
school at the bottom has some old rooms in it.

DENMEAD tythg. (11) Hambledon par. SE.
Hants. 5 m. NNW. of Havant-66, contains Barn
Green and Creech Place. Pop. 567.

DENMILL vil. Fordoun par. Mid. Kincardine.
near Fordown-86.

DENN par. (31-2, etc.) Clanmahon, Castle-
rahan, and Upper Loughter bars. Mid. Cavan, 3 m.
E. of Bellananagh-G7, under Slieve Glagh, 1050 ft.
high. Acres 11,598, good ; pop. 6696 + 78. Liv-
ing, a Vic. (K. E. A.) val. 3417., patr. Bishop.

DENNANT tnshp. (79) Llansaintfraid par. NW~.
Denbigh. 1 m. SE. of Conway-223.

Denne, or Dfan, Hill (3) 7 m. SE. of Canter-
bury, E. Kent* seat of Gen. Sir T. G. Montresor,
was held by thDennes for about 6 centuries, and
is a meet for the Horsham and Crawley hounds.

Denner Hill (7) 4 m. N. of High Wycombe, S.

DENNINGTON par. (50) Hoxne hund. NE.
Suffolk, 2 m. N. of Framlingham-87, has the seat
of the Phelips, one of whom was Lord Bardolph,
and came to the Beaumonts and Rouses, now
Earls of Stradbroke, who take title of Baron Rous
of D. Acres 2840; pop. 979; poor r. 4707.
(Hoxne U.); real prop. 59447.; charities 907.,
of which town lands 557. St. Mary Rtct. (Norw.)
val. 8417., patr. Rev. E. C. Alston ; church, had
two chantries, and contains mons. of the Rouses,
of D. Hall, and the Wingfields.

Dennis (C-2) 1 m. NW. of Stourbridge, S. Staf-
ford., Wheeley, Esq.

DENNIS, ST., par. (30-1) E. Powder hund. Mid.
CV>7vwuZ/,5m.NvV.ofM.Austell-254, contains Hen-
dra, and belongs mostly to Earl Falmouth. Acres
3370 (or 278'J), with tin and china clay ; pop. 82?





+ 10; poor r. 235Z, (St. Aust. U.); real prop.
2881Z. ; charities, Arundel's school, etc. 39Z. Liv-
ing, a Rect. with St. Michael Caerhays ; church,
on a hill.

DENNIS, ST., Ou> and NEW, (45) Honington
par. S. Warwick. 2 m. NE. of Shipton-on-Stour

Dennisness, N. end. of N. Ronaldsha, Orkney
Islds. has a stone beacon, with a ball at top, 70 ft.
high, visible 13 m., lat. 59 24' N., long. 2 30' W.

Denniton ( ) 4m. SE. by E. of Barnstaple, N.

P. DENNY par. 7 m. S. of Stirling-35, SE. Stir-
ling, on Gd. Canal and R. Carran, includes Fan-
kerton, Haggs q. s. Loanhead, and Temple D.,
which belonged to the K. Templars. Size 4 m.
by 2, or 6000 acres, with coal, stone; pop. 4916
+ 109, of vil. 1881, in the print and cotton
works, paper mills, etc. ; real prop. 5344Z. ; for
poor 5777. Living (presb. Stirlg.) val. 250/., patr.
Crown. Fairs, Wed. before 12 May o. s., Wed.
after 11 Nov. cows, etc.

DENNY ABBEY (51) Waterbeach par. Hfid.
Cambridge. 6 m. NNE. of Cambridge-50, on Ely
tail, has remains of a nunnery found, in Edw. III.'s
time, by Mary de Valence (foundress of Pembroke
Hall), on the site of a benedictine cell to Eh',
which had been given to the Templars. Part of
the chapel (now a barn) stands near the house,
which belongs to the Hemmingtons. i^aP D.
Isld. (35) at R. Severn's mouth, SE. Monmouth.

2 m. N. of Portishead point.

P. DENNY LOANHEAD, 1 m. S. of Denny, Stirl-
ing, as above. giT D. LODGE ext. par. (15)
Lyndhurst par. S W. Hants. 8m. WSW. ofSouth-
ampton-74. Pop. 10.

Denoon Castle, 2 m. SW. of Glammis, W. Forfar.

DENOVAN vil. Dunipace par. SE. Stirling. 1\ m.
VVNW. of Larbert-27. Pop. 104.

DENSHANGER hmlt. (46) Passenham par. S.
Northmptn. 2 m. WSW. of Stoney Stratford-52,
on Buckingham canal, seat of J. Clarke, Esq.
Pop. 606.

DENSIDE vil. St. Vigean's par. SE. Forfar.

3 m. NW. of Arbroath-62.

Densley (21) 5 m. WSW. of Dulverton, NE.


DENSTONE hmlt. (72) Rocester par. NE. Staf-
ford. 5 m. N. of Uttoxeter-135, on the canal.
'Poor r. 551. (Cheadle U.) ; real prop. 1379Z.

P. M. DENT chplry. ( ) Sedbergh par. W. R.
York. 42 m. WNW. of York, 270 from London, is
a polling place on D. River, which runs to R.
Lune, through D. Dale, a valley (shut in by moun-
tains), 10 m. long, 2 broad, in which are Deepdale
and 4 other hmlts. Acres 19,210, in small dairy
properties ; pop. 1887 + 4, stocking knitters ; houses
359, with Union p. house ; poor r. 672Z. (Sedb.
U.) ; real prop. 7092Z. ; charities 83Z., of which
36Z. to free gram, school. St. Andrew Cur. (Rip.)
val. 106/., patr. Landowners. Mitt. D. Frid.
Fairs, 1st Frid. after 13 Feb. and every fortnight
till old May day, cattle.

DENTHORpE'hmlt. ( ) Throrgarton par. Mid.
Notts. 5 m. SSW. of Southwell.

DENTON chplry. ( ) Gainford par. S. Durham,
5 m. NW. of Darlington-241. Acres 800; pop.
119; poor r. 31Z, (Darling. U.) ; real prop. 1821Z.
St. Mary Cur. (Dur.) val. 60Z., patr. Vicar.
tSP DENTON par. (64) Norman Cross hund.
NW. Hunts. 7 m. SSW. of Peterboro'-81, on
Holme Brook, belonged to the Cottons of Con-
hington, and was the birthplace of Sir Robert
(1570-1631) who founded the Cottonian Lib.
Acres 890 ; pop. 97 + 1 ; poor r. 62Z. (Pctcrb.

U.) ; real prop. 889Z. ; charities, Orem's school,
etc. 16Z. All Saints Rect. (Ely) val. ISO/., patr.
Wells' Executors, who hold the manor ; church,
b. 1665, by the Cottons, has their arms, etc.
IgT DENTON par. (3) Eastry hund. St. Augus-
tine lathe, E. Kent, 7 m. NW. of Dover-71, under
Barham Down, belonged to the fams. of Earde,
Peyton, Boys, Whorwood, Markham, and others.
Acres 1160, part in hops; pop. 208, decreasing ;
poor r. 141Z. (Dover U.) ; real prop. 1143Z. ; cha-
rities 1Z. St. M. Magdalen Rect. (Cant.) val. 169/.,
patr. Rev. G. C. Lamotte, rector. D. Court, an
elizabethan house, was seat of Sir E. Brydges, the
poet, etc., who claimed the barony of Chandos.
Gray, while staying here, admired the pleasant-
ness of the country, and the prospects. |gp DEN-
TON par. (1) Shamwell hund. Aylesford lathe,
NW. Kent, near Gravesend-22. Acres 660 ; pop.
148 ; poor r. 43Z. (N. Aylesford U.) ; real prop.
L Church, in ruins.

P. DENTON chplry. (88) Manchester par. SE.
Lancash. 2 m. S. of Ashton-under-Lyne-186, near
Manch. and Shef. rail, and R. Tame. Acres
1630, with coal ; pop. 3440 + 65, hat-makers ; poor
r. 426Z. (Ashton U.) ; real prop. 9061Z. St. James
Cur. (Manch.) val. 135Z., patr. Marq. of West-
minster; Christ Church Cur. 130Z., Crown and
Bishop. D. Hall, the Hollands' old seat, now a
farm. HiT DENTON par. (70) Grantham Soke
SW. Lincoln. 3jn. SW. of Grantham-110, on
Salter's Road romau way. Acres 2730, with a
good mineral spring ; pop. 626 + 7 ; poor r. 123Z.
(Granth. U.) ; real prop. 4634Z. ; charities 101Z.,
of which 19Z. to Welby's almshouse. St. Andrew
Rect. (Line.) val. 756/., patr. Preb. of N. Gran-
tham ; church, has tombs of the Williamses,
Welbys, formerly of Godney, and Chomleys. D.
Hall, Sir W. E. Welby, Bt. A fine roman pave-
ment was found 1727.

P. DENTON par. (66) Earsham hund. SE.
Norfolk, 3 m. SW. of Bungay-106, under a hill on
R. Waveney. Acres 2370 ; pop. 625 + 4 ; poor r.
347Z. (Depwade U.); real prop. 45L1Z. ; charities
29Z., of which 8Z. for education. St. .Mars' Rect.
(Norw.) val. 813Z., patr. Archbp. of Canterbury.
D. House, . igiF DENTON par. (52) Wymersley
hund. llfid. Northmptn. 5 m. ESE. of Northamp-
ton-66. Acres 1970; pop, 557 + 3; poor r. 335Z.
(Hardingstone U.); real prop. 1744Z. ; charities,
church lands 17Z. St. Margaret Rect. with Whis-
ton. D. Lodge, 1 m. S. rgT DENTON chplry.
(13) Cuddesden par. Mid. Oxford, om. SE. of
Oxford-54, near R. Tame. Acres 730 ; pop. 163
+ 3; poor r. 151Z. (Hcadington U.) ; real prop.
1032Z. ; charities, Saunders' 3Z. gip DENTON
par. (5) Bishopstone hund. Pevensey rape, S.
Sussex, 5 m. SSE. of Lewes-50, near K". Ouse, be-
longs to duchy of Lancaster. Acres 890 ; pop.
120 ; poor r. 91/. (Newhaven U.) ; real prop.
1179Z. St. Leonard Rect. (Chic.) val. 240Z., patr.
H. W. Bates, Esq. igT DENTON chplry. ( )
Otley par. W. R. York. 4 m. N W. of Otley-205,
near R. Wharfe. Acres 3170 ; pop. 185 + l"; poor
r. 63Z. (Barwick Incorp.) ; real prop. 2472Z. Liv-
ing, a Don. (Rip.) val. 44Z., patr. Sir C. H. Ibbet-
son, Bt. of D. Park, which hasafine collection,
and was the birthplace of Fairfax the translator
of Tasso (d. 1632), and the parliament General
Fairfax (1611-71).

DENTON, EAST and WEST, tnshps. ( ) New-
burn par. SE. Northmlrld. 3 m. WNW. of New-
I castle-275, near the Wall, on R. Tyne, containing
Scotswood, belonged to Tynemouth Priory. Pop.
543 and 420, coal miners and paper makers ; poor
r. 31 1Z. (Castleward U.). D. Hall, seat of R.
Hoyle, Esq., formerly of the Erringtous and


Eogerses. Remains of Hadrian's Wall and a castle
are seen. gap D., NETHER, par. ( ) Eskdale
ward, NE.Cumbrld. 5 m. ME. of Brampton-311,on
Carlisle rail, and R. Irthing, has an old seat of the
Dentons. Acres 4530, good, with lime and build-
ing stone ; pop. 280 ; poor r. 93/. (Brampt. U.) ;
real prop. 2628Z. St. Cuthbert Rect. (Carl.) val.
196/., patr. Bishop, igg D., UPPER, par. as
above, I m. NE. Acres 8(!0 ; pop. 127 + 2 ; poor r.
12/. ; real prop. 983/. Living, a Cur. (Carl.) val.
46/., patr. Earl of Carlisle.

P. DENVER par. (65) Clackclose hund. W.
Norfolk, 1 m. S. of Downham-84, near Lynn rail.
Acres 2610 ; pop. 910 + 6 ; poor r. 306/. (Downh.
U.) ; real prop. 6946Z. ; charities 63/., of which
571 church lands. St. Mary Rect. (Norw.) val.
8!8/., patr. Cains Coll. Canib. of which Dr. R.
Brady, a native, was master; church, of stone,
with a thatc/ted roof. Ryston Pk., E. Pratt, Esq. ;
Crow Hall, J. Deering, Esq.

DENWICK tnshp. ( ) Alnwick par. NE. North-
mbrld. 1 in. EXE. of Almvick-308. Pop. 210.

Deomed, of the Saxons, is Demetia, in SW.
Wales ; Deoraby, is DERBY ; Dcorham, is DERE-
II AM, Norfolk ; Deorhurst,isI)EKRHVKST, Gloucest.

DEOPHAM par. (66) Forehoe hund. Mid. Nor-
folk, 2 m. SE. of Hingham-99. Acres 1520 ; pop.
525 + 2 ; poor r. 1857. (Foreh. Incorp.) ; real prop.
3159/. ; charities 21/., of which 21. for education.
St. Andrew Vic. (Norw.) val. 2041., patr. Dean
and Chap, of Canterbury. At D. High Tree, near
a petrifying spring, grew a broad leaf lime, noticed
by Evelyn, 90 ft. high, 48 girth at the roots, 36
at half a yd. above, and 25 at two yds.

DEPDEN par. (51) Eisbridge hund. W. Suffolk,
7 m. NNE. of Clare-56. Acres 2000 ; pop. 345
+ 2 ; poorr. 201/. (Thingoe U.) ; real prop. 20857.
St. Mary Rect. (Ely) val. 425/., patr. Ld. Chan-
cellor; church, has brass of Lady Jermynandtwo

DEPTFORD ( ) near Bishop's Wearmouth, NE.
Durham, has St. Andrew Cur. (Dur.) val. 350/.,
patr. Bishop.

P. DEPTFORD town (1) Greenwich boro',
Bku-kheath hund. Sutton-at-Hone lathe, NW.
Kent (containing Hatcham in E. Brixton hund.
Surrey), a station on Greenw. rail. 3 m. SE.
of London or 4 by road, a petty sessions place,
royal victualling depot and dock-yard on the
Thames (and thence styled/). Strand, or Strand)
between Kotherhithe ami Greenwich (for which
it was called W. Greenwich), is Depeford, or ' deep
ford ' (on the Ravensbourne, which forms D.
Creek) of Chan er, whose pilgrims went this way,
was given by the Conqueror to Gilbert de
Magnimot, who had a castle here, from whom it
came to the Says who b. Saves Court, the Mor-
timers, De la Poles, St. Johns, and the Crown.
Acres 1060, flat, and much in mkt. gardens; pop.
23,165 +218, in the dock-yard, shipping trade, and
earthenware manufact. ;" houses 4007, with 2
churches, 8 chapels, barracks, gas and waterworks,
two ship yards, chemical factory, Kent dispen-
sary, savings bank (30,031/. from 1316 deposi-
tors), 2 bridges, Trinity hosp. for shipmasters and
their widows, found, by Hen. VIII. and reb.
1788 when Trinity ho. was moved to Tower
Hill, Addey's school (415/.), Dean Stanhope's,
or Gransden's school (212/.); poor r. 9135/. on
84,852/. (Greenwich U.) ; real prop. 94,182;
charities 887/., of which Sir J. Evelyn's 85/. Liv-
ings are, St. Nicholas Vic. (Lon.) val. 557/., patr.
T. and W. Drake, Esqrs., church, reb. 1697,
has an older flint, tower and tombs of Fenton, who
saildl with Frobisher to the N., Sholvock the
circumnavigator, Pett who b. the first frigate (son



of Pett at CHATHAM), the Brownes of Sayes
Court, Benbow, a son of the admiral ; St. Paul Rect.
400/., same patron, church, one of Q. Anne's 50
new churches, with tomb of Adml. Sayer, who
took Tobago. The Dock-yard, of 31 acres, and now
chiefly a victualling yard, contains 2 wet docks,
3 slips, a bason, 2 mast ponds, mast houses, model
loft and storehouses, blacksmith's shop, timber
sheds, old store house dated 1513, R-police stat.,
victualling office built since a fire in 1749, with
large apparatus for biscuit baking, brewing, curing
meat, etc. -Here Elizabeth visited Drake on his
return, 1581, in the Pelican, which was kept till
broken up, and an arm chair made out of her
given to Oxford Univ. The poor house, now
down, was the site (?) of Sayes Court, once the
seat of Evelyn (through the Brownes), which he
lent to the Czar Peter, while learning ship-build-
ing in this country, and where, in his fine gar-
den, which was " an exemplar of his Sylvia," stood
an 'impregnable holly hedge,' 400 ft. long, 9 high,

5 thick. At the Old Gun tavern lived the Earl
of Winchelsea, who commanded at the Armada ;
and Sir T. Smith, once ambassador to Russia, and
Cowley the poet, were residents. It was visited
by a bad fire 1652, Wyatt and his rabble 1653, the
plague 1665, and a high tide which rose 10 ft. in
the lower parts of the town 1671. The Thames
convict ship is moored in the river, and in D. Creek,
below the iron swing bridge, the Gen. Steam
Packet Company have their principal depot for
repairs. Fair, Trinity Mon. to Wed.

P. DEPTFORD tvthg. (14) Wylye par. S. Wilts.

6 m. SE. of Heytesbury-90. Pop. 87.

Deputy Rock (3) off Ards bar. .2V. Down, near
the Copeland islds.

S. Norfolk, which belonged to the Crown till
1327, and then to the Claverings, contains the
pars, (and benefices) of Ashwelthorpe rect., As-
lacton cur., Bunwell r., Carlton-Rode r., Forncett
St. Mary and St. Peter rs., Fritton r., Fundenhall
don., Hapton c., Hardwick (r. with Shelton),
Hempnall vie., Morningthorpe r., Gt. Moulton r.,
Shekon r., Stratton St. Mary and St. Michael rs.,
Tacolneston r., Jasburgh, Tharston v., Tibbenham
v., and Wacton Magna and Parva rs. ; acres
30,950 (fertile and wooded), pop. 10,444, houses
2085. >3E< D. DEANERY, archdy. of Norfolk, dioc. of
Norwich, contains the benefices marked in hund.
as above. Depw. P. L. Union, contains the pars.
in the above hund., with Alburgh, Billingford,
Brockdish, Burston, Denton, Dickleburgh, Diss,
Earsham, Gissing, Needham, Pulham (St. Mary
the Virgin\ Pulham, St. Mary Magdalen (where
poor ho. is^, Redenhall-with-Harleston, Rushall,
Scole-with-Thorp, Shimpling, Starston, Thel-
veton, Thorpe Abbots, Tivetshall (St. Margaret
and St. Mary), acres 70,330, pop. 25,590, cases
relieved (yr. 1846-7) 3978 (out-door 3322), ex-
pend. 13,91 31., prop, rated 108,093. Sup. Registry
comprises the same, with Frenze ; pop. 25,589
+ 82. It belongs to Harleston New County Court
district (except Forncett sub-district, and Diss,
Scole, Thorpe, Frenze, and Thelverton in Diss

DERBYSHIRE (62-3, 71-2, 81-2) a midland
county, N. England, beyond the Trent, once the
seat of the Coretani in the roman flavin Ccesari-
cnsis, afterwards reckoned with Notts, as part of
N. Mercia, is traversed by Ryknield St., the
Rs. Derwent (for 60 m.) and Trent, and the N.
Midld. rail., and bordered by W. R. York.
(N.), the Erewash and Notts. (E.), Leicest. (which
contains five small detached parts, on SE.), War-
wick. (S.), the Trent and Dove, and Stafford.



(SW. and W.), the Goyt, and Etherow and Che-
shire (NW.). Length from the Etherow near
Glossop SE. to Calke 52 m., greatest breadth 30,
av. ditto 20 ; relative size 178-10,000ths ; circuit
170. It contains 1028 sq. m., or 657,920 acres
(663,180 by addition of pars.), of which about
500,000 are arable, meadow, and pasture ; 272,217
+ 3504 persons, of whom 52,068 are in Derby,
Belper, Chesterfield, llkeston, Wirksworth, Mat-
lock, 136,597 are females, 128,875 under 20 yrs.
of age, 228,156 county-born, 51,675 or 18-9"per
cent, live by commerce, etc., 19,333 or 7-1 per
cent, by agricult. (6991 being farmers, gra-
ziers), 2220 educated professions, 5193 are inde-
pendent, 42,488 labourers and servants, etc.;
53,020 houses, besides 2933 empty and building ;
6 hundreds in 2 divisions (5 wapentakes and the
Peak at ' Domesdy.'), N. Div. containing High
Peak (or Honour of Tutbury), and small part
of Wirksworth (N W.), Scarsdale (NE.), S. Div.
containing greater part of Wirksworth (called
the Low Peak wap. and, with the High Peak,
held of the duchy of Lancaster, on W.), Apple-
tree (SW.), Morleston with Litchurch (Mid. and
E.), Eepton with Gresley (S.) ; 132 parishes
(Glossop and Bakewell being the largest), besides
parts of 6 others, and 6 ext. par. places ; about
440 vils. limits, etc. ; 14 mkt. towns, Derby the
co. town, etc. as below, Bakewell (n.), Belper (s.\
Chapel-le-Frith (n.), Chesterfield sess. town (.),
Alfreton (n.), Ashborne (s.), Wirksworth (s.),
Buxton (n.), Tideswell (ra.), Winster, Cromford
(?), Dronfield (?), llkeston, the first five, with
Glossop (n.), Hayfield, and Shardlow, being poor
law unions (and, with Ashborne, Hayfield and
Sharlow, sup. registries), and the first eight,
with Glossop, being new count}' courts ; returns six
members to parl., viz. 2 for N. div. (pop. 118,583,
elect. 5540),with Bakewell for election town,andthe
above marked (n.) with Eckington, for pol. places,
2 for S. div. (pop. 143,619, elect. 7167), with
Derby (which returns 2) for election town, and
those marked (s.), besides Heanor, Melbourne,
Swadlincote, for pol. places ; is governed by a
lord lieut. and custos, high sheriff, and about 90
deputy lieuts. and 200 magistrates; is in the
Midland military district and circuit, the as-
sizes being at Derby ; and constitutes an arch-
deaconry in diocese of Lichfield, province of
Canterbury. Real prop. (1815) 883,3707., ('43)
1,379,0257., of which 40,6387. on mines, 1,024,204/.
on rails., 21,4547. on canals, 60057. on ironworks ;
ditto rentals 636,5257., or 19s. 4d. per acre (when
wheat was 77s.), and 845,6817., or 25s. Sd. (wheat
55s.). County income ('48) 18,489/., of which
85547. from co. rate (on a val. of 912,3747. made
1836), 37177. from Treasury. Poor r. (1846-7)

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