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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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of the Surtees fam. Acres 1340, sulphur springs I
at D. Spa, useful in skin diseases; pop. 169; poor '

r. 387. (Darling. U.) ; real prop. 1824Z. ; charities
6Z. St. John Rect. (Durh.) val. 224Z., patr. Dean
and Chap. At the old manor house, now a farm,
Place, the artist, was born. <gp D., OVER, tnshp.
( ) Sockburn par. N. R. York. 4 m. SE. of Dar-
lington-241, on R. Tees, opposite the above.
Acres 810 ; pop. 79 + 2 ; poor r. 10Z. (Darling. U.) ;
real prop. 1082Z.

Dinsh Isld. (105) Dunkerron bar. S. Kerry, 3 m.
S. of Hog's head, belongs to Earl of Cork.


DINTHILL tnshp. (60) Alkmond par. W. Salop,
4 m. W. of Shrewsbury-153, seat of J. Bather,
Esq., is joined to PRESTON.

DINTING tnshp. (81) Glossop par. NW. Derby.
9 m. NNW. of Chapel-le-Frith-167, on Manch.
and Shef. rail. Pop. 387.

P. DINTON par. (45-6) Aylesbury, Ashendon,
and Desborougli hunds. Mid. Bucks. 4 m. SW. of
Aylesbury-40, near R. Thame, contains Aston-
Mollins, Ford, Upton, Waldridge, and Moreton.
Acres 4100, chalky, with fossils; pop. 818; poor
r. 724Z. (Aylesb. U.) ; real prop. 4185Z. St. Peter
and Paul Vic. (Oxon.) val. 529Z., patr. Ld. Chan-
cellor; church, has doorway, with spiral pillars,
etc., and circular nonnan font.

P. DINTON par. (14-5) Warminster hund. S.
Wilts. 5 m. W. of Wilton-84, on R. N adder, a
meet for the S. Wilts, hounds, was the birthplace
of Clarendon (1608-74). Acres 2420 ; pop. 565
+ 3 ; poor r. 314Z. (Wilton U.) ; real prop. 35967.
St. Mary Vic. (Sal.) val. with Teffont Magne I,
patr. Magd. ColL Oxon. D. House, W. Wynd-
ham,Esq. (a descendant of the statesman), under
Wickball camp.

DINWOODIE chplry. Applegarth par. Mid. Dum-
fries. 4 m. S. of Wamphray-58.

DIPPENHALI, tythg. (8) Crondall par. NE.
Hants. 2 m. W. of Farnham-38. Pop. 330 ; real
prop. 1263Z.

DIPPLE par. joined to SPEYMOCTII, Elgin.

Dippool Water, falls into R. Clyde, Mid. Lanark.
at Carn \vath, and has trout fishing.

DIPTFORD par. (24-5) Stanborough hund. S.
Devon. 4 m. SW. of Totness-196, on R. Avon, is a
meet for the S. Devon, harriers. Acres 4150 ; pop.
755 4 2 ; poor r. 2521. (Totn. U.) ; real prop. 4959Z. ;
charities 53Z., parish lands, etc. St. Mary Beet.
(Exet.) val. 532Z., patr. Miss C. Taylor.

DIPTON vil. ( ) Collierlev tnshp. N. Durham,
8 m. S W. of Gateshead-275. "

Dirlet Castle, at Halkirk Caithness, on the
Thurso, belonged to Sutherland Ruder Derg, or
the Red Knight, and came to the Mackays and

P. DIRLETON par. N. Haddington. 7 m. N. of
Haddington, 19 from Edinbro', on Frith of Forth,
including Fenton, Gullam, Kingston, and Fidrie
isld. Size 6 m. by 6, verv fertile, with warren ;
pop. 1497 + 11, of vil. 353 ; real prop. 14,551Z. ;
for poor 3067. Living (presb. Iladdingtou) val.
294Z., patr. Mrs. Ferguson, of D. Castle, once
held by the Vauxes (when Edw. I. took it 1298),
Halyburtons (earls Z>.), Ruthvens, Maxwells,
and Nisbets, and dismantled 1650 by Gen.
Lambert; church, made collegiate 1444 by Sir
W. llalyburton.

Dirouilles Reef, off Bouley bay, NE. side of
Jersey, Channel Jslds., partly above water, and
very dangerous.

Dirrington Laws, two hills at Longformacus,
Berwick, with a fine view.

DISCOED chplry. (56) Presteign par. E. Radnor.
2m. W. of Presteign-151, on R. Lug and OrTa's
dyke. Pop. 116; poor r. 33Z. ; real prop. 1426Z.
(Prest. U.) ; St. Michael Cur. with Presteign.


DISCOVE, or DISIICOVE, limit. (19) Bruton and
Pitcombe pars. E. Somerset. 1 m. S. of Bruton
-109, is Dmescove in ' Domesily.' -when it belonged
to Harding the saxon. Pop. 35. A roman pave-
ment found 1711.

DISDEEU par. joined to DUKISDEEE, Dumfries.


DISEWOKTH par. (71) W. Goscote hund. N.
Leicest. 6 m. NW. of Loughboro'-109. Acres
1S80 ; pop. 739, stocking makers on 62 hosiery
frames; poor r. 282/. (Shardlow U.) ; real prop.
33837. ; charities 27/., of which 107. to Lane's
school. St. Michael Vic. (Pet.) val. 197/., patr.
Haberdashers Comp. and Christ's Hospt. Lilly
the astrologer, the ' Sidrophel ' of Butler's Hudi-
bras, was a native (1602-81).

DISGAUTH tnshp. (74) Llangwym par. SW.
Denbigh. 7 m. W. of Corwcn-194. Pop. 88.

DISHCOMB limit. (26 ) S. Tawton par. Mid.
Devon. 3m. E. of Okehampton-195.

P. DisiiFoitTH chplry. ( ) Topcliflfe par. N.
R. York. 4 m. NNW. of Boroughbridge-206, near
Lecming Lane. Acres 1600 ; pop. 363 + 3 ; poor
r. 1297. (Gt. Ouseburn Incorp.); real prop. 36967.
Living, a Cur. (Pet.) val. 107., patr. Vicar.

DISHLEY chplry. (71) Thorpacre par. N. Leicest.
2 m. NW. of Loughboro'-109, near Midld. rail,
and R. Soar and Loughboro' canal, was the birth-
place (1726-95) of Bakewell, the agricultural-
ist, who contributed so greatly to improve the
breed of stock and the system of husbandry. Pop.
33; poor r. 1167. (Loughb. U.). All Saints don.
cur. with Thorpacre. On a farm of 400 acres, of
which 110 were arable and the rest grass, Bakewell
kept CO horses, 400 sheep, 150 beasts of all sorts,
buying neither hay nor straw, and having gene-
rally about 40 acres of wheat, and 30 of turnips.

P. DISLEY-STANLEY chplry. (81) Stockport
par. NE. Cheshire, 6 m. SE. of Stockport-176, near
Peak Forest canal, in a fine spot near a lake. Acres
2700 ; pop. 2191 + 16 ; poor r. 3721. (Hayfield. U.) ;
real prop. 82077. ; charities 71. All Saints Cur.
(Ches.) val. 1 177., patr. T. Leigh, Esq. of Lyme Pk. ;
church, reb. 1558, with stained windows, etc.

Diss HUNDRED (50, 66) S. Norfolk, contains
the pars, of Bressingham rect., Burston r , Dickie-
burgh r., Diss r., Fersfield r., Frenze r., Gissing r.,
Roydon r., Scole r., Shelfanger r., Shimpling r.,
Thelveton r., Thorpe- Parva r., St. Margaret and
St. Mary Tivetshall r., and Winfarthing r. ; acres
25,450 (woody, with hard blue clay), pop. 9543,
houses 1897. See REDENHALI, DEANERY.

P. M. Diss par. (50) in the above hund., a
station on E. Union rail. 84 m. from London, or
86 by road, and 20 m. SSW. of Norwich, on R.
Waveney, was a royal manor given by Edw. I.
to the Fltzwalters. Acres 3450 ; pop. 3205 + 27,
formerly weavers of drabbets, sheeting, etc. which
now employ only 63 hands ; houses 637, with 5
chapels, 2 banks, and almshouses ; poor r. 1774/.
on 78187. (Depwade U.) ; real prop. 12,2637.;
charities 1877., of which town estate 1457. St.
Mary Rect. (Norw.) sometime held by Skelton
the poet, val. 715/., patr. Rev. W. Manning,
rector ; church, b. by the Fitzwalters, early eng.,
with clerestory or upper windows having wavy,
not arched or pointed, heads. Ralph de Diceto,
and friar Walter of D., were natives. Mht. D. Frid.
Fair, 8 Nov.

DISSERTH par. (56) Colwyn hund. SW. Rad-
nor. 5 m. NNW. of Builth-173, on R. Wye, con-
tains Trecoed and Howey, under Carneddau hills.
Pop. 627 + 29; poor r. 3467. (Builth U.); real
prop. 13497. ; charities 27. St. Cewydd Rect. (St.
Dav.) val. with Bettws-Z). 3107., patr. Bishop.




Newburn par. SE. NorthmMd. 9 m. NW. of
Newcastle-275, on R. Pont, was the seat of the
Delavels, of whom was Adml. Sir Ralph D. Pop.
67 and 76 ; poor r. 497. (Castle Ward U.). D.
Hall, E. S. Collingwood, Esq., related to the dis-
tinguished Adml. Lord Collingwood, a native

Dissour Rivulet ( ) near Youghal, E. Cork.

P. DISTIXGTON par. ( ) Allerdale above. Der-
went ward, W. Cumbrld. 4 m. NNE. of White-
haven-294, near the coast. Acres 2910 ; pop.
1108 +14, in the coal, limestone, and stone quar-
ries, in the manufact. of tools, hats, thread, etc. ;
poor r. 2017. (Whiteh. U.) ; real prop. 38497.;
charities 37. to school. Living, a Rect. (Ches.)
val. 3017., patr. Earl of Lonsdale. Hay Cast., was
an old seat of the Moresbys.

Ditcham Grove (11) 3m. S. of Petersfield, SE.

DITCHAMPTON hmlt. (14) Wilton and S. Bur-
combe pars. S. Wilts, near Wilton-84, on R,
Wiley. Pop. 556 ; real prop. 2313/. St Andrew
Vic. with Wilton ; church, pulled down.

DITCHBURN tnshp. ( ) Eglingham par. N.
Northmbrld. 5 m. N W. of Alnwick-308. Pop. 60.

DITCHEAT par. (19) Whitstone hund. E. So-
merset. 5m. S. of Shepton-Mallet-116, contains
Alhampton, Lottisham, and Wraxhall, on the
Fosseway. Acres 5220 ; pop. 1244, some in the
silk mills; poor r. 12657. (S. Mallet U.); real
prop. 61577. St. Mary Rect. (Ba. and W.) val.
7757., patr. Rev. W. Leir, rector. D. House, H.
Dawe, Esq. A farmer named Williams was born
here, 1765, without arms ; he dressed, shaved, lit
his fire, wrote his bills, cut and ricked his hay,
foddered his cattle, saddled his horse, etc. and
did almost everything, with his feet.


DITCHES tnshp. (73) Wem par. N. Salop, near
Wem-163, is joined to LOWE.

DITCHFORD hmlt. (44) Blocklev par. Worcester.
locally in Gloucest. 3m. N. of Moreton-in-the-
Marsh-81. Real prop. 24097. See ASTON MAGNA.

Ditchford Bridge (52) 2 m. E. of Wellingboro'
E. Nhamptn., on R. Nen and Peterboro' rail.
IgS D., LOWER, hmlt. Stretton-on-the-Foss par.
Warwick. 1 m. SW. of the above. Living, a Rect.
with Stretton ; church, demolished.

DITOIIINGHAM par. (66) Loddon hund. SE.
Norfolk, 4m. SSE. of Loddon-112, near R. Wa-
veney. Acres 1720; pop. 1124+16, in the silk
mills; poorr.4107. (Loddon U.) ; real prop. 52137. ;
charities 1097., of which 997. town lands. St. Mary
Rect. (Norw.) val. 4827., patr. Lord H. Howard's
Executors ; church, has 2 brasses of the Bozards
or Busardes (1411, etc.) of D. Hall, now seat of
J. J. Bedingfield, Esq.

DITCHLEY hmlt. (45) Spelsbury par. N. Oxford.
4 m. NW. of Woodstock-62. Pop. 47. D.Park,
Visct. Dillon, built by Gibbs, has a fine collection
of busts and portraits of the Lees and others,
chiefly of Chas. II.'s time, by Lely, Vandyke,
Johnson, with some pieces by Rubens, Guido, etc.
Wilmot Lord Rochester was a native, 1647-80.

Street hund. Lewes rape, Mid. Sussex, 6 m. N. of
Brighton-51, near the rail, and a square camp
at D. Castle or Beacon, 858 ft. high, on the roman
way to Pevensey, was a mkt. town, and has a
poor house. Acres 5270, with hop fields ; pop. 1148
+ 23 ; poor r. 4057. (Chailey U.) ; real prop. 58557. ;
charities 467., of which Sprott's 437. St. Mar-
garet Vic. (Chic.) val. 1637., patr. Chancellor of
Cath. Fairs, 5 Aug. 12 Oct.

DITCIIMARSH hmlt. (87) Thorne par. W. R.
York, near Thornc-166.



JE par. (35) Chippenham hund. NW.
Wilts. 7 m. WSW. of Chippenham-93, near Gt.
West. rail. Acres 950 ; pop. 95 + 1 ; poor r. 8/.
(Chippen. U.) ; real prop. L Living, & Rect.
(Gl. and Br.) val. 13U, patr. W. Northey, Esq.

DITTISAM par. (23) Coleridge hund. 8. Devon.
5 m. SE. of Totness-196, a fine spot on R. Dart,
containing Capton. Acres 3230 ; pop. 917 + 10,
of vil. 617; poor r. 296Z. (Totn. U.); real prop.
4794Z. ; charities 44Z. St. George Rect. (Exet.)
vaL 4441., patr. Earl Mount Edgecunibe ; church,
has a figured stone pulpit.

DITTON chplry. (7) Stoke-Poges par. S. Bucks.
2 m. NE. of Windsor-22, near D. Green. Pop.
100. D. Park, Lord Montague. ^ DITTON
par. (6) Larkfield hund. Aylesford lathe, W.
Kent, 3 m. NW. of Maidstone-34. Acres 1010,
part in hops ; pop. 244 + 3 ; poor r. 155Z. (Mailing
U.) ; real prop. 1925Z. ; charities 4.1. St. Peter
Rect. (Cant.) val. 298Z., patr. Earl of Aylesford.
gIF DITTON tnshp. (80) Prescot par. S. Lancash.
4m. SSE. of Prescot- 198, contains D. BALL limit,
and 3 others. Acres 1740 ; pop. 593 + 5 ; poor r.
1001. (Prescot U.) ; real prop. 4109/.

DITTON, or DITCH-TON, FEN par. (51) Fiendish
hund. S. Cambridge. 2 m. NE. of Cambridge-50,
on Ely rail, and R. Cam, was a mkt. town under
the Bps. of Ely. Acres 1862 ; pop. 537 + 1 ; poor
r. 365Z. (Chesterton U.); real prop. 3964Z. ;
charities Gl., with a share in Histon school.
St. Mary Rect. (Ely) val. 404Z., patr. Bishop.
Igp D. House (7) near Maidenhead, E. Berks.
gH" D., LONG, par. (8) Second Kingston hund.
N. Surrey, 2 m. SSW. of Kingston- 12, near S.
West. rail, and the Thames, contains Talworth.
Acres 2010 ; pop. 827+20 ; poor r. 405Z. (Kings.
U.) ; real prop. 2457Z, St. Mary Rect. (Win.)
val. 474Z., patr. New Coll. Oxon. igp D. PRIORS
par. (61) Wenlock boro', S. Salop, 7 m. SW. of
Bridgnorth-139, contains Ashfield and Middle-
ton-Priors, under Clee hills, belonged, with the
name of Dointun, to Wenlock abbey. Acres
5520, with lime-pits ; pop. 660 + 8 ; poor r. 212Z.
(Bridgn. U.) ; real prop. 4282Z. St. J. Baptist
Vic. (Heref.) val. 147Z., patr. R. Canning, Esq.
Sip" D., or DITCHTON, WOOD, par. (51) Cheveley
liund.-SE. Cambridge. 3 m. S. of Newmarket-Gl,
where the Devil's Ditch began on Suffolk border.
Acres 4899, woody, part common ; pop. 1016 + 13 ;
poor r. 750Z. (Newmkt. U.) ; real prop. 5250Z. ;
charities, town house 3Z, All Saints Vic. with
Newmarket. Little D. J m. SE.

Divach Falls, in Glen Urquhart, Mid. Inverness.
3 m. N W. of Loch Ness.

Divemagh ( ) near Newry, SE. Armagh, J.
White, Esq.

Divie Water, rises in Loch-m-Dorb, Mid.
Elgin, and runs to R. Findhorn.

Divis Mountain (60) near Belfast, !?. Antrim,
1567 ft. high.

DIXTON hmlt. (44) Alderton par. 2V. Gloucest.
3 m. N W. of Winchcomb-95. Pop. 23 ; real prop.
965Z. D. Hmise, seat of S. G. Gist, Esq., once of
the Dicklestons, with remains of a chapel.

DIXTON-HADNOCK hmlt. Dixton Newton par.
as below. Acres 1250; pop. 82; real prop. 413GZ.
gaT D.-NEWTON par. (43) Lower Skenfreth
hund. NE. Monmouth. 1 m. NE. of Monmouth
-129, on R. Wye, contains D. HADNOCK, as above,
and Wyesham. Acres 4280, of limit. 3030;
pop. 751 + 8, and 239 ; poor r. 221Z. (Monmo 1 U.) ;
real prop. 1809/. St Peter Vic. (Heref.) val. 223/.,
patr. E. Machen, Esq.

P. DOAGH grange (45, 51) Upper Antrim bar.
Mid. Antrim, contains Ballyclare-112, near Six-
mile water and Belfast rail. Acres 2304, good ;


pop. 1871, of vil. 213 + 2. Fisherwick Lodge,
Marq. of Donegal.

DOAGIIBEG vil. (7) Kilmacrenan bar. N. Done-
gal, 5 m. NW. of Carrickart-164, in Sheephaven
harbour. Pop. 344

Dob Hall (64) 2 m. NNW.of Roth well, N. Nthptn.

DOBBIN HILL hmlt (81) Ecclesall-Bierlow
tnshp. W. R. York. 4 m. SW. of Sheffield-162.

P. DOBCROSS chplry. (88) Saddleworth chplry.
W. R. York. 6 m. NE. of Ashton-under-Lyne
-186, on Hiuldersfield canal and Lane, and Yksh.
rail. Pop. stocking-makers. Living, a Cur. (Ches.)
val. 151Z., patr. Vicar of Rochdale.

Dobuni, or Boduni, were the people of Gloucest.
and Oxford, in Flavia Caesariensis, with Co-
rinium, or Cirencester, for their capital.

Dochart River, rises in Killin, S W. Perth., at
D. Loch, and runs llm. NE. to L. Tay, past an
old castle of the Campbells.

Dochfour Loch, near Loch Ness, N. Inverness.
5 m. SW. of Inverness. D. House, E. Baillie, Esq.

DOCKENFIELD ext. par. (8) Lower Alton hund.
NE. Hants. 6 m. E. of Alton-47. Acres 610, with
hop fields. Pop. 171.

DOCKER ( ) 4 m. SSW. of Kirkby Lonsdale
-252, N. Lancash^

DOCKER tnshp. ( ) Kendal par. Mid. West-
mrld. 3 in. ENK of Kendal-262, near R. Mint,
and Carlisle rail., belonged to St. Leonard's, York,
and the Ducketts. Pop. 82 ; real prop. 861/.

P. DOCKING par. (69) Smithdon hund. NW.
Norfolk, 5 m. SW. of Burnham-Westgate-118,
with a good view, was a cell to Ivry abbey.
Acres 4030 ; pop. 1537 + 13 ; houses , with
chapel, and Union p. house ; poor r. 998Z. ; real
prop. 6874Z. St. Mary Vic. (Norw.) val. 459/.,
patr. Eton Coll. and Bishop. D. Hall, .
Summertield, on the site of Suthmere of ' Domcs-
dy.' Dock. P. L. Union, contains the pars, etc.
of Anmer, Bagthorpe, Banmer, Barwick, Bircham-
Magna, Birch.-Newton, Birch. -Tofts, Brancaster,
Broomsthorpe, Burnham-Deepdale, Burnh. -Nor-
ton, Burnh.-Overy, Burnh.-Sutton, Burnh. -
Thorpe, Burnh.-Westgate, Creake (North and
South), *Dersingham, Docking, Fring, *Heacham,
Holme - by - the - Sea, Houghton - in - the - Break,
Hunstanton, "Ingoldisthorpe, Ringstead, Rud-
ham (East and West), *Sedgeford, *Sbernebourne,
*Snettisham, Stanhoe, Syderstone, Thornham,
Titchwell, Waterden ; acre's 85,350, pop. 16,930,
cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 2238 (out-door 1957),
expend. 9817Z., prop, rated 89,1327. Sup. Registry
comprises the same ; pop. 16,927 + 155 ; 17 deaths
from cholera in 1849. It belongs to Walsingham
New County Court district, except those marked *,
which go to King's Lynn.

Docking Sand, 10 m. off the coast, N. of Burn-
ham Flats, extends 8 m. E. and W. with a branch
to the N., having 3 fath. on and 5 to 10 off it,
and a part nearly dry at low water.

DOCKLOW par. (55) Wolphy hund. NE. Here-
ford. 5 m. ESE. of Leominster-137, on a branch
of R. Wye, contains D.-GATE ext. par. (pop. 7)
and Hampton-Wafer, and a camp. Acres 1420,
with hop-fields; pop. 215+2; poor r. 40Z. (Leo-
min. U.) ; real prop. 1890/. St. Bartholomew
Cur. with Stoke Prior.

DOCKRAY constablewick ( ) Penrith par.
Mid. Cambrld. near Penritb-283, was a seat of the
Docwras of D. Hall. Pop. 728.

DOCKROYD hmlt. ( ) Keighley par. W. R.
York, near Keighlev-206.

DOCKWRAY ( ) 8 m. E. of Keswick-291, Mid.
Cumbrld. on the Airey Force water, lias a fine
view of Ulleswatcr. giT D. Hall, at Kendal.
Westmrhl. was an old seat of the Docwras.


DOD HILL, 6 m. SW. of Dunbar, Mid. Had-
dinpton. tJF D. LKE hmlt. (88) Longwood
chplry. W.R. York. 2 m. W. of Huddersfield-189.

M. DODBROOKE par. (24) Coleridge bund. S.
Di'i-on. m. E. of Kingsbridge-208, on Salcombe
Crock, belonged to Sheriff Brictric in the Con-
fessor's time, and is noted for its white or whit-
pot ale, upon which tithe is paid. Acres 420 ;
pop. 1229 + 19; poor r. 306?. (Kingsb. U.); real
prop. 35G6?. ; charities, parish lands, etc. 15?.,
though part only is worth 731, St. Thomas ;\
Becket Rect. (Exet.) val. 183?., patr. Rev. C. G.
Owen ; cliurch, has an old font and screen. Dr.
Wolcot,or Peter Pindar, was a native (1738-1819).
Mkt. D. 3rd Wed. monthly. Fair, Wed. before
Palm Sund. cattle.

DoDCOT-cuM-WiucEsi,EY tnshp. (73) Audlem
and Wrenbury pars. S. Cheshire, 7 m. SSW. of
Nantwich-H>4, near Birming. canal, gives title of
baron to Visct. Combermere of Combermere
abbey here. Acres 51GO ; pop. 589 ; poor r. 254?.
( U.) ; real prop. 7549?. ; church, at BUR-

Doncorr (73) 1 m. WNW. of Xantwich-lG4,
S. Cheshire.

DODDENHAM par. (55) Lower Doddingtree
hund. W. Worcest. 6 m. W. of Worcester-Ill, on
R. Teme. Acres 830, part in hops ; pop. 260 ;
poor r. 73?. (Martley U.) ; real prop. 146GZ. St.
Andrew Cur. with Knightwick.

Dodder Rivulet (2.5) Rathdown bar. S. Dublin,
runs about 12 m. NE. past Rathfarnham, Donny-
brook, to Dublin bay on SE. side of the city.

DODDEUIIILL par. (54) Lower Halfshire hund.
and Droitwich boro', Mid. Worcest. near Droit-
wich-116, containing Elmbridge, and Union p.
house, had a hospital found. (Ed. I.) by Will, de
Dovcre, and was called St. Augustine de Wich.
Acres 5150; pop. 2130+34, some in the paper
mills and salt works; poor r. 331?. (Droitw. U.);
real prop. 11,143?.; charities 38/. St. Austin Vic,
(Wore.) val. with Elmbridge 500/., patr. Jack-
son, Esq. ; church, part norman.

DODDERSHALL hmlt. (45) Quainton par. Mid.
Sucks. 6 m. SW. of Winslow-49 ; pop. 37 ; real
prop. 1927?. D. Park, G. W. Pigott, Esq.

DODDINGHURST par. (1) Barstable hund. SW".
Essex, 4 m. N. of Brentwood-18, near E. Count,
rail. Acres 3460; pop. 419 + 4; poor r. 165?.
(OngarU.); real prop. 4561?. ; charities 15?. All
Saints Rect. (Roch.) val. 539/., patr. W. Manbey,

P. DODDTNGTON par. (65) N. Witchford hund.
N. Cambridge. 4 m. SSW. of March -85, near Pe-
terboro' rail., containing March, a mkt. town,
Benwick, and Wimblington, was a scat of the
Bps. of Ely, and has the Union p. house. Acres
38,240, fenny, being the largest par. in the
county ; pop. 8648 +112; poor r. 462?. (N. Witchf.
U.) ; real prop. 14,500?. ; charities 903?., of which
Walden's school 55?., town lands 146?. St. Mary
Rect. (Ely), sometime held by Nalson, the his-
torian, val. with March 7306?. (the richest be-
nefice in the kingdom, to be divided at the
next incumbency), patr. Sir II. Peyton, Bt., who
has the manor and a seat here, tSf DODDING-
TON tnshp. (73) Wybunbury par. S. Cheshire,
5 m. SE. of Nantwich-164, comes through the
Praers (Ed. II.), Brescies, and Delves, to the
Brotightons. Acres 870; pop. 41; poor r. 17?.
(Nantw. U.) ; real prop. 950?. Living, a Cur.
(Ches.) val. ?., patr. Kev. Sir II. D. Broughton,
Bt., of D. Hall, which is in the grecian st vie,
replacing the one taken by Ld. Byron 1643-4,
and given up soon after. Near are remains of the
castle b. 13G4, with statues of Ld. Audley and his



fonr Cheshire squires who fought at Poictiers.
(gT DODDINGTON par. (3) Teynham hund. Scray
lathe, N. Kent, 5 in. SW. of Faversham-47. Acre's
2000 ; pop_. 473 + 1 ; poor r. 363?. (Faversli. U.) : real
prop. 3355?. ; charities 5?. St. J. Baptist Vic. (Cant.)
val. 138?., patr. Archdeacon, gig" DODDIXGTON
par. (83) Lower Boothby-Graffo wap. W. Lincoln.
5 m. WSW. of Lincoln-132, near Notts, rail, con-
tains Whisby. Acres 4330 ; pop. 220 ; poor. r. 71i
(Line. U.); real prop. 1809?.; charities 1?. St.
Peter Rect. (Line.) val. 180?., patr. Col. Jarvis of
D. Hall, in elizabethan style. D. Grange, 1 m. S.
(JiT DODDINGTON par. ( ) E. Glendale ward,
N. Northmbrld. 3 m. N. of Wooler-320, near It.
Till, containing Earl, Ewart, Humbleton, and
Nesbit, is a meet for Lord Elcho's hounds. Acres
9110 ; pop. 941 + 4, of vil. 441+2, coal miners;
poor r. 134?. (Glendale U.) ; real prop. 9008?.
Living, a Cur. (Dur.) val. 180?., patr. Duke of

DODDINGTON, DRY, par. (70) Loveden wap.
W. Lincoln. 5 m. SE. of Newark-124. Acres
2160 ; pop. 215 ; poor r. 44?. (Newark U.) ; real
prop. 2G27?. St. James Vic. with Westborough.
IS3T D., GREAT, par. (52) Hamfordshoe hund.
Mid. Northmptn. 2 m. SSW. of Wellingboro'-67,
near R. Nen, and Northmptn. rail. Acres 1310 ;
pop. 474 ; poor r. 385?. (Wellingb. U.) ; real prop.
2895?.; charities 5?. St. Nicholas Vic. (Pet.)
val. 151?., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

Worcest., contains the boro' of Bewdley, the pars,
of Abberley rect., Astley, Bayton vie., D'oddenhnm,
Mamble v., Ribbesford r., Rock r., Shrawley,
Stockton r., Gt Witley, and part of Shelslev
Beauchamp ; acres 29,920, pop. 8808, houses 1920.
D. (UPPER) HUNDRED, contains the pars, of
Acton Beauchamp, King's Areley, Clifton-on-
Teame v., Cotheridge, Eastham r., Edvin-Loach.
r., Hanley William cur., Gt. Kyre r., Martley,
Pritchard Sapey r., Walsh Shelslev r., Stanford -
on-Teame r., Suckley, Tenbury v., and parts of
Bockleton c., Shelsley Beauchamp, and Stoke
Bliss ; acres 38,040, pop. 7820, houses 1G58. See

P. DODDISCOMBSLEIGH par. (22) Exminster
hund. E. Devon. 5 m. SW. of Exeter-lC4, near
R. Teign, is noted for its cider. Acres 2390, with
manganese mines and jasper ; pop. 378 ; poor r.
124?. (St. Thomas U.) ; real prop. 2208?. ; chari-
ties 3?. St. Michael Rect. (Exet.) val. 312?., patr.
Rev. J. Buckingham, rector.

DODDLESTON par. (79) Lower Broxton hund.
Cheshire, and Maylor hund. Flint. 4 m. SW. of
Chester-183, containing Higher and Lower Kin-
nerton, had a seat of the Egertons, which Brercton
the parl. leader made his head quarters at the
siege of Chester 1645-6. Acres 2420, of town
1840 ; pop. 826 + 2, of town, with Gorstella
298 + 4; poor r. 73?. (Gt. Bonghton U.) ; real
prop. 1 934?. ; charities 15?. St. Mary Rect. (Ches.)
val. 593A, patr. Dean and Chap.; church, with
tomb to Ld. Keeper Egcrton.

DODFOKD par. (53) Fawsley hund. W. North-
amptn. 3 m. SE. of Daventry-72, near N. West.
rail. Acres 1180; pop. 228; poor r. 123?. (Da-
vent. U.) ; real prop. 2916?. ; charities Cook's
school, etc. 30?. Living, a Vic. (Pet.) val. 223?.,
patr. T. R. Thornton, Esq. ; church* lias efiigies
of a crusader, and another with two brasses from

DODFORD (54) 2 m. NW. of Bromsprove-ll<>,
N. Worcest. has at a farm, remains of a small
priory found, in John's time.

DOPINGTON par. (35) Lower Grnmbalds Ash
hund. <5>'/F. (jlouccst. 3 m. SE. of Chipping Sod-




bury -108, at the head of R. Fromc, is a meet for
the Beaufort hounds. Acres 1670 ; pop. 143 + 3,
poor r. 887. (C. Sodbury U.) ; real prop. 22847.
St. Mary Meet. (Gl. and Br.) val. 1997., patr. Sir
W. R. Codrington, Bt. of D. Park. Roman coins,
urns, etc., have been found. ^ DODINGTON
tnshp. (73)Whitchurch par. N. Salop, near Whit-
church-163. Pop. 1010. 1g~f DODIXGTON par.
(20) Williton hund. Mid. Somerset. 8 m. WNW.
of Bridgwater-139. Acres 600 ; pop. 114 + 2;
poor r. 28/. (Williton U.) ; real prop. 8187. Liv-
ing, a Rect. (Ba. and W.) val. 120/., patr. Duke
of Buckingham.

Dodmire ( ) near , Durham, belongs to Allan
of Blackwall Grange.

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