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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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cud.) val. 2487., patr. SirD. Maxwell, Bt. heritor,
of Cardoness cast, on the bay, which has a fine
prospect. The pious Saml. Rutherford, to whom
a monument has been raised on Boreland hill,
was minister. Rusco tower in ruins.

Aoreidh, or Aray, Water, rises near Loch Awe,
Mid. Argyll, and runs S. about 7 m. over several
falls through A. Glen, to Loch Fine at Inverarv.

Apedale ( ) 6 m. WNW. of Leyburn, N. R.
York, on a branch of R. Ure. igS" A. Hall (73)
3 m. NW. of Newcastle-under-Lyne, NW. Staf-

Apesdale (54) 2m. NE. of Bromsgrove, NE.


P. APETIIORPE par. (64) Willybrook hund.
NE. Northmptn. 5 m. N. of Oundle-78, on a branch
of R. Nen, contains Moorhay lodge in Rocking-
ham forest. Acres 2630 ; pop. 269 ; poor r. 1037.
(Oundle U.) ; real prop. 32837. ; charities, lady
Mildmay's for sermons, poor, etc. 667. St. Leonard



Cur. (Pet.) val. 807., patr. Preb. of Xassington ;
church, has painted windows, stalls, and tombs of
the Mildmays. A. I^xlge, Earl of Westmoreland,
has some pictures and a statue of Jas. I. who first
saw his favorite Villiers here.

APETON hmlt. (62) Gnosall par. W. Stafford.
5 m. SW. of Stafford-141.

Apewood, or Abbott's, Castle, near Seisdon, S W.
Stafford, a british camp, with a fine prospect.

Apiatorium, of the Romans, is near Carlisle,

Apley (10) near Ryde, I. of Wight, S. Hants.
XL Bennett, Esq. was" built by Boyce, a smuggler.

APLEY par. (83) W. Wraggoe wap. Mid. Lin-
coln. 3 m. SW. of Wragby-143, near R. Lang-
worth. Acres 1240 ; pop. 162 + 1 ; poor r. 24/.
(Lincoln U.); real prop. 14707, St. Andrew Cur.
(Line.) vaL 20/.,patr. T. T. Drake, Esq. of Stain-
field, whose ancestors the Tyrwhitts' old seat is
now a farm here ; no church, {gi" A. Park (61)
3 m. X. of Bridgnorth, E. Salop. T. Whitmore,
Esq. has a noble terrace by R. Severn above a
mile long, commanding a fine view. ijif" A.
Head (82) 4 m. E. of Worksop N. Notts, close to
Clumber park, igr A. Castle (61) 1 m. N. of
Wellington, E. Salop, under the Wrekin, was
" the hedde howse of the Charltons " in Leland's

Appelbischire, before the Conquest, was the name
of Westmrld. from APPLEBY.

Apperfield near Cudham, Kent, the saxon Apul-
dre, or Apletree of Lambard, an ancient manor of
that family, now of J. Christy, Esq.

Apperknowle (82) 2 m. E". of Dronfield, NE.

APPEELEY hmlt. (44) with Whitefield, Deer-
hurst par. N. Gloucester. 3 m. SW. of Tewkesbury
-103, on R. Severn. Pop. 427. A. Court, Miss
Strickland, igp APPERLEY tnshp. ( ) St.
Peter's Bywell par. S. Northmbrld. 9 m. ESE. of
Hexham-279. Pop. 34.

P. APPERLEY BRIDGE vil. ( ) Eccleswill and
Calverley tnshps. W. R. York. 8 m. WXW. of
Leeds- 189, on Liverpool canal, the Midld. rail.,
and R. Aire, commands a fine view, and has a
school for Wesleyan ministers' children.

APPERSETT hmlt ( ) Hawes chplry. N. R.
York. 4 m. SW. of Hawes-249, in Widdale, under
Cam fell, at R. Ure's head.


P. APPIN par. with Lismore, Lorn distr. N.
Argyll. 12 m. NXE. of Oban-124, containing
Duror par. q. s. and Lismore, is also the general
name of this fine mountain locality, which be-
longed to the " Stuarts of Appin," of the Ettrick
shepherd's song, extending from the Airds (seat
of the Campbells) to the Vale of Glencoe and
watered by Lochs Linnhe, Leven, and Creran.
Size along the coast 63 m. by 12, with good
slate quarries at Ballachulish, limestone, granite,
and quartz; pop. 4193, decreasing; real prop.
15,6837. Living (Presb. Lorn) vaL 213/., patr.
Duke of Argyll. A. House on Loch LLnnhe, seat
of Downie of Appin. Castle Stalkir in ruins.

Applebury Street (1) 3 m. XW. of Waltham
Abbey, SE. Herts, near A. Cottage Mrs. Fairfield.

P. APPLEBY par. (63) Sparkcnhoe hund.
W. Leicester, and Repton hund. Derby. 6 m. S\V.
of Ashby-de-la-Zou<'h-115, near the canal, at
the point where these counties meet Stajf'd. and
Warwick, is a meet for the Atherstone hounds.
Acres 2020; pop. 1075; poor r. 154/. (Ashby U.);
real prop. 6960/. ; charities 335/., of which 3267.
to Sir J. Moore's free gram, school, found. 1669.
St. Michael Rect. (Pet.) val. 7507., patr. G. Moore,
Esq. of A. Hall; church, old, with a monument

\ to an Appleby. igT APPLEBY par. (86) X.
Manley wap. N. Lincoln. 6 in. XW. of Brigg-155,
on Ermine St. near R. Ancholme, contains Ra-
venthorpe. Acres 5180; pop. 505; poor r. 2407,
(Brigg U.) ; real prop. 59167. St Bartholomew
Vic. (Line.) val. 150/., patr. C. Winn, Esq. of
A. House.

CHAEL, or BONDGATE, pars. ( ) East ward, NE.
Westmrld. 270 m. NXW. of London, and 10 m.
from Shap on Prest. and Carl. rail, the county (?)
assize, sessions, election and polling town, on R.
Eden, near a branch ofWatling St. containing 10
tnshps. was (or Ambleside?) theroman Galacum;
gave name to the shire in the Confessor's time
and later to a division called the " bottom " of
Westmrld, ; was granted by the Conqueror to Ra-
nulph de Meschines, and came thro' the Engains,
Morvills, etc. to the Viponts (K. John), and Clif-
fords; was burnt by the Scots 1175 and 1388;
ravaged by pestilence 1598, and taken by the
parl. 1648, after a defence by Anne the celebrated
Countess of Pembroke ; is a boro' by prescription
(first chartered by Hen. II.) returning two mem-
bers from Edw. I. till disfranchised by the Reform
act, and is governed by a mayor, 12" aid. 16 bur-
gesses. Acres 19,900 ; pop. 2519, of town 751, de-
creasing. Houses 176, with 2 churches, chapel,
town and shire halls and shambies (b. 1770-1),
market-house by Smirke(1811) on the site of the
cloisters, county gaol in Bondgate (1771) near the
old chapel (b" before 1480) at the old 2-arch
bridge, bank, two crosses ; Q. Elizabeth's gram,
school (2167., with 6 exhibitions at Queen's Coll.
Oxon.) where Bp. Bedell, Langhorne, and many
others were educated, and which had some ro-
man inscriptions reciting the misfortunes of the
town, found here and put up by Bainbrigg, then
master, and the friend of Camden ; the Countess
Ann's hosp. for 13 widows near the high cross
(512/.), found. 1563. Poor r. 416/. on 62557. (East-
ward U.) ; real prop. 19937. ; charities 9107. of which
for bridge, school, etc. 1227. St. Lawrence Vic.
(Carl.) val. 3067., patr. Dean and Chap. ; church,
at one end of the town, ha&the tombs of "Ann
Dorset, Pembroke, and Montgomery," of famous
memory (who rebuilt it), and other Cliffords. St.
Michael, or Bondgate, Vic. val. 1757., patr. Bishop ;
ch., has tombs of the Hiltons of Murton. A.
Castle with its portraits (of the Countess, etc.),
armour, MSS. et. as rebuilt (Hen. VI.) by the
Cliffords, represented by the late Earl of Thanet,
is on a hill, and includes Caesar's town, etc. A
white friary and priory (found. 1281 by the Clif-
fords) and laaar-house stood in Bondgate ; Colby
belonged to the Warcops ; Barwise, to the Met-
calfs ; Crackenthorpe (near which roman re-
mains have been found), to the Machels, a family
as old as the Saxons, and now to Earl of Lonsdale.
Bp. Thomas de A. (died 1395) ; Bp. Roger de A.
(d. 1404), Bp. Thomas de Viteripont, or Vipont,
(13th cent.) were natives. ; and it is the head
quarters of the co. militia. The Sup. Registry of
East Ward, constitutes Appleby New County
Court district. Mkt. D. Sat. fairs, Whitsun eve,
cattle ; Whit Monday, linens, hiring ; 10 June,
cattle ; 21 Aug. woollens, cheese, cattle.

APPLECROSS par. in the Highlands of W. Ross.
11 m. WXW. of Jeantown-225, on A. Bay,
between Lochs Torridon and Carron, containing
Shicldag q. s. and Crolin isld. is calkd 'Comrich'
in gaelitv because it had a religious house \\iili
the priTilege of 'sanctuary.' Size 15 m. by 15,
barren mountain pasture on red sandstone, "with
lime quarries, and traces of copper at Kishorn ;
pop. 2861 (primitive and gaelic-speaking) in the

E 3



herring, salmon, and other fisheries; real prop.
25247. ; for poor 242/. Living (Presb. Lochcar-
ron) val. 158/., patr. crown. A. House, T. Macken-
zie, Esq., chief heritor.

APPLEDORE tythg. (21) Burlescombe par. NE.
Devon. 7 m. ENE. of Tiverton-165, near Gt.
West, rail., the "Western canal, and R. Culm.
Pop. 195.

APPLEDORE, or A. EAST and WEST, tnshp.
(26) Northam par. NW. Devon. 3 m. NNE. of
Bideford-201, a healthy and beautiful bathing-
place and sub-port to Bideford, on the bay, at
R. Torridge's month, where Earl Odun and the
men of Devon (878) defeated Hubba the Dane,
which is commemorated at Odun hall (the
Hogges' seat) under Hubberstone hill. Pop.
2174, in the coasting-trade, dockyards, etc. Liv-
ing a Cur. (Exet.) val. 1507., patr. Vicar. A
bank of stones, 2 m. long, called Pebble-ridge,
lines the shore.

P. APPLEDORE par. (4) Blackbourne hund.
Scray lathe, SE. Kent, 5 m. SE. of Tenterden-55,
once a mkt town, on Military canal and R.
Rother in Romney Marsh, was attacked by the
Danes in the time of Alfred 893 (who built a
castle here), and by the French 1380. Acres
2760, marshy with pasture ; pop. 561 ; poor r.
3367. (Tenterd. U.) ; real prop. 57277. St. Peter
Vic. (Cant.) val. with Ebony 1857., patr. Arch-
bishop ; church, later eng. with a recess in the
chancel, belonged to Christchurch priory, fairs,
11 Jan. 22 June, cattle, pedlery.

APPLEDRAM par. (9) Box hund. Chichester
rape, SW. Sussex, 2 m. SW. of Chichester-62,
on the harb., near S. Coast rail, and Arundel canal.
Acres 1070 ; pop. 156 + 4 ; poor r. 99/. (W. Hamp-
nettU.); real prop. 20117. St. Mary Cur. (Chic.)
val. 347., patr. Dean and Chap. ; church, early
eng. had a chantry, and stands near A. House,
an old Tudor building.

APPLEFORD chplry. (13) Sutton Courtney par.
N. Berks. 3 m. SE. of Abingdon-56, on Oxford
branch rail, and the Thames. Acres 760 ; pop. 187
+ 1 ; poor r. 1287. (Abingd. U.) ; real prop. 16797.

APPLEGARTH par. in Annandale, Mid. Dum-
fries. 2 m. NW. of Lockerby-67, on Rs. Dryfe
and Annan, contains Sibbaldie and Dinwoodie.
Acres 1 1,500, good and well cultivated (736 ft. high
at Dinwoodie hill) ; pop. 837, decreasing ; real
prop. 71797.; for poor 817. Living (Presb.
Lochmaben) val. 2507., patrs. Sir W. Jardine, Bt.
of Jardine hall, and Johnstone of Annandale.
^T Applegarth ( ) 3 m. W. of Richmond, N. R.
York, on R. Swale. giT A. FOREST hmlt. ( )
Bowes tnshp. N. R. York. 11 m. X. of Muker-252.

AppUsham (9) 1 m. Is W. of Shoreham, S. Sus-
sex, near S. Coast rail, and R. Adur, a meet for
Mr. Napper's hounds.

P. APPLESHAW par. (12) Upper Andover hund.
NW. Hants. 4 m. WNW. of Andover-63, near
the Downs, contains A. Bottom, Danse, and Tilley
Down. Acres 850 ; pop. 372 + 2 ; poor r. 1527.
(And. U.) ; real prop. 22787. ; charities 27. Liv-
ing, a Vic. with Amport. A. House, Col. Duke.
Fairs, 23 May, Frid. and Sat. before Weyhill
Fair, for sheep, of which 70,000 have been "sold
in a day. ^gf A. BOTTOM in the above and
Weyhill pars. Pop. 43.

or HABLESTHORPE, par. (83) Bassetlaw wap.
NE. Notts. 5 m. E. of E. Retford-141, contains
Coates. Acres 1040; pop. 109; poor r. 167. (E.
Retf. U.) ; real prop. 14517. ; charities 627. Liv-
ing, a Cur. (Line.) val. 817., patr. Bishop ; church,
a ruin.

APPLETHWAITE tnshp. ( ) Windermere par.

! W. Westmrld. 4 m. SE. of Ambleside-276, in
Troutbeck Vale, near A. Common. Pop. 436. St.
Catherine's Chapel, now a farmhouse near Cal-
garth Park, on Windermere. gaf" Applethwaite
( ) 2 m. N. of Keswick, Mid. Cumbrld. under
Skiddaw, has a fine distant view of Derwent

P. APPLETOX par. (13) Ock hund. NW. Berks.
4 m. NW. of Abingdon-56, on R. Thames,
contains Eaton. Acres 2300 ; pop. 496 + 5 ; poor
r. 2227. (Abing. U.); real prop. 33527.; cha-
rities 517. of which 167. to Fettiplace's school. St.
Lawrence J?e<rt.(0xon.) val. 3077., patr. Magd. Col.
Oxon. ; church, has a brass of a skeleton (1518)
and tombs of the Fettiplaces, of whose old seat
a round-headed door remains. E. Dickinson, a
chemist, etc. a native 1624-1707. |JiP APPLETOX
tnshp. (80) with Hull, Gt. Budworth par. N.
Cheshire,3 m. SE. of Warrington-184, near Bridge-
water canal, belongs to the Egerton-Warburtons
of Arley. Acres 3320 ; pop. 1753 ; poor r. 4797,
(Runcorn U.) ; real prop. 86537. A. Lodge, - .
gsT APPLETOX vil. ( ) Widness tnshp. 5 W.
Lancash. 5 m. SE. of Prescot-198, near St.
Helen's rail., Sankey canal, and R. Mersey.
gig" APPLETOX par. (69) Freebridge Lynn hund.
NW. Norfolk. 3 m. NE. of Castle Rising-100,
is joined to FJUTCHAM. Living, a Vic. (Norw.)
val. 87., patr. Sir H. Bedingfield, Bt.

APPLETOX, EAST and WEST, tnshp. ( ) Cattc-
rick par. N. R. York. 5 m. SE. of Richmond
-233. Acres 1480 ; pop. 91 + 1 ; poor r. 457.(Richm.
U.) ; real prop. 27657. A. House, . gg" A.-LE-
MOORS tnshp. ( ) Lastingham par. N. R. York.
4 m. NW. of Pickering-226, on R. Severn.
Acres 2570 ; pop. 322 + 6 ; poor r. 597. (Picker.
U.); real prop. 18877. t&~ A.-LE-STREET par.
( ) Rydale wap. N. R. York. 3 m. WNW. of
New MaIton-217, on the roman way (stratum)
to Aldboro', near R. Rye, contains Amotherby,
Broughton, Hildenley, and Swinton. Acres 4780,
of town 1 140 ; pop. 944 + 8, of town 185 + 3 ;
pporr. 1237. (Malt. U.); real prop. 17967.; cha-
rities 267. to school, etc, All Saints Vic. (York)
val. 5157., patr. Rev. J. J. Peach, vicar.

Nun ( ) 8 m. SSW. of York, W. R. York, where
R. Wharfe joins the Ouse, seat of Sir W. Mil-
ner, Bt. (formerly of Fairfax), was site of A.
Nunnery, found. (K. Steph.) by Adeliza de St.
Quintin. gg A. ROEBUCK tnshp. ( ) Bolton
Percy par. York Ainsty, 4 m. E. of Tadcaster
-192, near A. Nun as above, and N. Midld. rail.
Acres 2780; pop. 564+3; poor r. 1467. (Barwick

baurgh wap. N. R. York. 6 m. NNE. of Northal-
lerton-225, on R. Wiske, belongs to Allan of
Blackwall Grange. Acres 1800 ; pop. 559, linen-
weavers; poor r. 209/. (Northal. U.); real prop.
23547, Living, a Cur. with Gt. Smeaton.

APPLETREE HUXDRED (71-2) Mid. Derby, con-
tains Belper, the pars, of Barton Blount rect., Boyl-
stone r., Bradley, Brailsford r., Breadsall, Church
Broughton, Chaddesden, Cubley r., Dalbury r.,
Doveridge r., Duffield, Edlaston, Etwall, Kedles-
ton r., Longford r., Marston-on-Dove, Marston-
Montgomery, Mugginton r., Norbury, Osmaston,
Radbourne r., Scropton cur., Shirley c., Snelston,
Somersall-Herbert r., Spondon, Sudbury r., Sutton-
on-the-Hill inc., Trusley r., and part of Ashborne,
Barrow-on-Trent, Bradborne, Kirk-Hallam, and
Wirksworth; acres 108,170, pop. 35,967, houses

APPLETREE hmlt, (53) Aston-le-Walls par.
SW. Northmptn. 7 m. NNE. of Banbur.v-71.

Pop. 92.

A. HALL vil. Wilton par. W. Rox-


burgh, near Hawick-50. Pop. 75. 1gsT A. Ness
(70) 4 m. NE. of Sleaford, Mid, Lincoln, on the

APPLKTREEWICK tnshp. ( ) Burnsall par. W.
It. York. 6 m. NE. of Skipton-216, on R.
Wharfe, near Bardon Fell, contains Skireholme
and Greenhowhill. Acres 7740 ; pop. 467 + 4 ;
poor r. 104/. (Skipt. U.) ; real prop. 28277, Lord
mayor Craven, founder of that family, was born
here (1610), a poor boy. Fair, 26 Oct. Manor (10) Godshill par. I. of
Wight, S. Hants. 6 m. SE. of Newport-82, seat
of Earl Yarborough, through the Worsleys and
Leighs, near site of a priory cell to Mountsburgh
ab. Normandy, founded (Hen. III.) by Isabel de
Fortibus, was b. 1710, and has a corinthian
front and wings, with a collection of paintings,
drawings, and antique marbles, made 1785-7 by
Sir Rich. Worsley, and described in the " Museum
Worsleyanum," also a portrait of Hen. VIII. on
panel, by Holbein (given by the king on a visit),
with others; in the fine grounds are a deerpark,
a vineyard, Cook's Castle hill, and the Worsley
pillar 70 ft. high ; and some spars are found.

Apse, Apps', or Abbs' Court (8) 4 m. WSW. of
Kingston, N. Surrey, near R. Thames, an ancient
seat of the Hills ; lately, of ' Conversation ' Sharp,
author of ' Letters.'

Apsel (15) 4 m. ESE. of Hindon, S W. Wilts.

Apsley (46) 3 m. W. of Wendover, Mid. Ducks.
^ APSLEY hmlt (54) with Fordhall, Ullenhall
chplry. W. Warwick. 5 m. NW. of Henley-in-
Arden-102. Pop. 126. ^ A. Tower (6)*2 m.
N. of E. Grinstead, SE. Surrey, gives title of
baron to Earl Bathurst.

Apsleybury End (46) 5 m. SSW. of Shefford,
SE. Beds, near A. House.

Aquae Soils of the Romans, is BATH ; and Aquas,
Ad, is WELLS, Somerset.

Aqualate Meer (73) 2 m. ENE. of Newport,
W. Stafford, is the largest in the county, 1848
yds. long by 672 broad, and stands near A. Hall,
Sir T. F. Boughey, Bt. Roman coins have been
found. ' Aqua lata,' broad pool.

Aradh Cliach now part of Arra bar. W. Tippe-
rary, was the O'Briens' country.

Arte Finium of the Romans, is Tarbatness, Cro-

Araglin River, rises in the Knockmeledown
hills, W. Waterford, and runs W. about 8 m.
through A. Glen,to the Blackwater, near Fermoy,
E. Cork, past the ruins of A. castle; formerly,
ironworks were carried on near it,

Aramstone (43) 4 m. N W. of Ross, S. Hereford.
on R. Wye, Mrs. Bryant.

ARAN BARONY (110-1, 119, 120) composed of
Aran islands, SW. Galway, contains the pars, of
Inisheer, Inishmaan and Inishmore, belonging for
the most part totheDigbys; acres 11,288, an.
val. 12577., pop. 3521, houses 621.

ARANMOKE, or INISHMORE, island and par. in
the above bar. S W. Galway, containing Killany
and Kilronan, is the " loved Arranmore " of the
poet, whence, in a clear day Hy Brysail, the
paradise of the old Irish, is seen. Acres 7635,
good, but hill}', with marble quarries ; pop. 2592
+ 28 many fishermen. Living, a Vic. (Tu. K. A.)
val. with'Ballinakill 2637. Killany bay near the
vil. has the only good harbour ; and a fishing pier,
to cost 24007. is making. Vast numbers of puffins
swarm on the coast which is rocky and much
eaten by the sea, especially at the Puffin holes,
where in bad weather it rushes up to the surface ;
and many remains of antiquity are found. At the
top, iii hit. 53 7' N., long. 9 42' W., is a revolving
"-inin. light, set up 1817, 498 ft. high, seen 28 m.



tfST Aranmore Isld. (40, 48) the largest of the
Rosses group, W. Donegal. Acres 4355, bog and
mountain ; pop. 1000, employed in fishing. Iron-
stone and manganese are found here.

P. ARASAIG vil. Ardnamurchan par. S W. In-
verness. 27 m. WNW. of Fort William, 163 from
Edinburgh, in A. District, on Slate Sound at the
ferry to Skye, between Loch Morar and Loch-na-

A ray Water. See Aoreidh, Argyll.

ARBEADIE vil. Banchory-Ternan par. N. Kin-
cardine, near Banchory-128. Pop. 301.

Arbeia, an unknown Roman station.

ARBELA viL (39) Trughanacmy bar. Mid. Kerry,
5 m. SE. of Tralee-187, near A. House.

Arbigland, 13 m. S. of Dumfries, SE. Kirkcud-
bright, at the mouth of R. Nith, under Crifiel,
seat of J. Craik, Esq.

ARBIRLOT, or ABER-ELLIOT, par. 2 m. W. of
Arbroath-62, SE. Forfar. on Dundee rail, where
R. Elliot runs to the N. Sea, has Wormy Hills
mineral spring and remains of Kelly castle, a seat
of the Panmures to whom the par. belongs. Acres
5000, well cultivated ; pop. 1045 + 2, of vil. 77 ;
real prop. 63957. ; for poor 2057. Living (Presb.
Arbr.) val. 184/., patr. Crown.

P. ARBOE par.(30-l. 39, 40) Dungannon bar.
NE. Tyrone, and Loughinsholin bar. Londondy.
3 m. SE. of Coagh-110, on L. Neagh, has ruins
of St. Col man's ab., and a cross in good condi-
tion. Acres 33,504 (of which 21,000 are in the
lough), fertile, with bog ; pop. 8005, decreasing.
Living, a Rect. (Arm. C.) vaL 676/., patr. Trin.
Coll. Dublin,

Arbon Grove (8) near Chertsey, NW. Surrey.

Arbor Low Hill (81) near Youlgreave, NW.
Derby, has a fine view from a druid circle (of 30
stones, and 150 ft. diam.), near which are a barrow
and a barytes mine.

P. ARBORFIELD par. (12) Sonning hund. SE.
Berks. 4 m. W. of Wokingham-31, on R.
Loddon, was the seat of the Standens, of whom
Edward, the last heir male, is the lover in the
ballad of ' Molly Mogg.' Acres 1430 ; pop. 300
+ 4 ; poor r. 2447. (Wokingh. U.) ; real prop.
35077. St. Bartholomew Sect. (Oxon.) val. 3457.,
patr. Lord Braybrooke. A. Cross, 1 m. SE.


par. SE. Forfar. 13 m. SE. of Forfar, by the rail.
64 from Edinbro' by rail, through Dundee; a
royal and parl. burgh and bonding port, at the
R. Brothock's mouth on the N. Sea (with the
famous Bell rock 10 m. SE.) containing Abbey
and Lady Loan 7. *. pars, was part of St. Vi-
gean's till the Reformation, and has remains of a
rich tyronensian abbey found. 1178 by Will, the
Lion (who was buried here) in which the
Scottish nobles met (1320) to resist Edw. II.'s
claims, val. 30007. with the patronage of 34
livings, given to the Hamiltons with the title
of baron, and belonged to Lord Panmure ; con-
tributes to return one member with Montrose
no. of electors 402 ; was first chartered by Wil-
liam, and under the new act is governed by a
provost, bailie, and 17 councillors, with a revenue
of 19277. Acres 1820, fertile, with moorland, and
a mineral spring ; pop. 8707 + 176, of burgh,
7218, in the shipping trade, the linen manu-
facture (1325 hands), bleach-works, tanneries;
houses 1648, with 3 churches, 7 chapels, town,
hall, prison, guildhall for the 7 trades, 3 banks,
gasworks, 17 spinning-mills, academy, librarv of
7000 vols., signal tower to the Bell or Inch (5ape
rock of Southey's poem ; real prop. 22,0597. ; of
which 20427. on rail. ; for poor 20537. Living (A,

E 4



Presb.) val. 2207., patr. Crown ; church, has a new
spire of 150 ft. by Henderson, and stands near the
site of the abbey, which was cruciform 270 ft. by 160,
and of which parts of the walls, cloisters, the fine E.
window (with a circular light above, called by
sailors the " round O of Arbroath") remain, while
the portcullis has been adopted for the town arms.
Abbey ch. 1007., Pew proprietors ; Lady Loan ch.
1., Heads of families. The tide harb. at some
distance from the old one at Old Shorehead, is
safe, and a third harb. has been made at great
cost, for large craft ; a fixed red light on the N.
pier in lat. 56 33' N., long. 2 35' W., was
put up 1826, is 24 ft. high, seen 8 m. In 1846, 86
sail of 7810 tons belonged to the port (20 being
under 50 t. each) ; and the tonnage Inwards and
Outwards, including repeated voyages, was ' coast-
wise' 624 sail of 33,546, and 246 of 12332 tons,
outw. to 'colonies' 1 of 197 t., from and to
' foreign ports ' 43 of 5999 and 28 of 3655 t. (be-
sides 6 foreigners of 825 and 3 of 529 t.). Imports
(val. I.) flax, vitriol, manganese, coals, etc. ;
exports (val. 7.) paving-stone, barley, potatoes,
fish, etc. ; total customs 67527. In the roadstead
outside are 9 to 10 fath. with Carrew reef, 2 m.
SW. ; on the shore grows agropyrum cristatum.
A. and Forfar rail., 15 m. long, begins at the
harb. and rises 30 ft. per mile, past Collision,
Frockheim (on Aberd. rail.), Guthrie and 5 other
stations, to the Scotch Midld. without tunnel or
viaduct, cost 92137. per mile, and was opened Jan.
1839 ; another 16| m. long runs along the coast
by Arbirlot, etc. to Dundee, and thence towards
E'dinbro'. >J< A. PRESBYTERY, synod of Angus
and Mearns, contains Arbroath, Lady Loan,
Arbirlot, Barry, Carmylie, Camoustie, Inverkeillor,
Friockheim, Panbride, Inverbrothock, Guthrie,
Kinnell, Kirkden, Lunan, and St. Vigean's. Ditto
Free Church, the first 10 of the above. Ditto
United Assoc. Synod, Arbroath, Brechin, Car-
noustie, Forfar, Johnshaven, Letham, Montrose,
Muirtown,and Newbigging. Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs,
31 Jan. 3rd Wed. June, 18 July.

Arbury or Harboro' (51) 2 m. N. of Cam-
bridge, S. Cambridge, a camp near Gogmagog
hills, where on a hill roman remains have
been found. From ' ard ' high, and 'burg,'
or bury, a fort. Igp Arbury (46) 5 m. NNE
of Baldock, N. Herts, is part of a roman camp,
on Icknield St. giP ARBURY tnshp. (80) Win-
wick par. S. Lancash. 3 m. N. of Warrington
-184, near Liverpool rail, is joined to HOUGH-
TON, and stands on the roman way. $aP Arbury,
(53) 3 m. SW. of Daventry, W. Nortkmptn. abritish
remain, on the way to Alcester ; and A. Hill near
Thenford, S W. Northmptn. is on the same road.
(gp A. Banks (53) 1 m. W. of Chipping Warden,
jS W. Northmptn. a roman camp on Watling St.
^iP A. Park (63) Chilvers Coton par. N. War-
wick. 3 m. SW. of Nuneaton-100, seat of C. N.
Newdigate, Esq. M.P. was reb. by Sir Roger (who
found, the Newdigate prize poem, and died
1806), on site of an old priory, and has some of
G. Gibbons' carvings, the rare Astley picture
(time of Hen. VI.), etc.

ARBUTHNOTT par. 3 m. NW. of Bervie-88,
SE. Kincardine, on R. Bervie. Acres 9890 well

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