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with limestone; pop. 1489. Living, an impro-
priate Rect. (Meath) val. /. ; church, a ruin on
a hill, where Jas. II. stood to watch the battle.
Oldbridge, H. B. Coddington, Esq., where Will.
Ill.'s forces were stationed, ijig" Donors (23)
3m. S. of Mountrath, S. Queen's Co. on R. Nore,
W. W. Despard, Esq. Igr Donore (11) near
Moynalty, N. Meath. gg" Donore (7) 2 m. N.
of Multyfarnham, N. Wtstmeath, Sir P. Nugent,
Bt. on Lough Derravaragh. lg Donore House
(13, 18) 4 m. NW. of Naas, Mid. Kildare, on Royal
Canal, W. H. De Burgh, Esq.

Donovan's Cove ( ) near Bantry, SW. Cork,
R. O'Donovan, Esq.

Donover (16) near Moynalty, N. Meath.

DOXYATT par. (21) Abdick hund. S. Somerset.
3 m. NNE. of Chard-139, on R. Isle, near the
canal, contains Cock Street. Acres 1220; pop.
525, in the woollen mills and potteries ; poor r.
173?. (Chard U.) ; real prop. 3155/. ; charities,
Dunster's almshouse 48/. St. Mary Rcct. (Ba.
and W.) val. 197Z., patr. R. T. Combe, Esq.

DONYLAND, EAST, par. (48) Lexden hund. NE.
Essex, 3 m. SSE. of Colchester-51, where R.
Roman joins the Colne, has a meet for the Essex
and Suffolk hounds at D. Heath. Acres 1430 ;
pop. 793+10; poor r. 255/. (Lexden U.) ; real
prop. 2934J. ; charities, pauper house. St. Law-
rence Rect. (Roch.) val. 209/., patr. P. Havens,
Esq., of D. Hall. igg D., WEST, or BERECHU RCH,
2 m. WNW. of the above, in Colchester boro'.

Doo Castle (52) 9 m. NN W. of Ballaghaderreen,
E. Mayo, J. M. M'Donnell, Esq.

Dooish Mountain (43) 12 m. NW. of Letter-
kenny, Donegal, 2143 ft. high beyond L. Beagh.
Ijig- "D. Mountain (4) 3 m. S. of Drumquin,
W. Tyrone, 1119 ft. high.

Doolayh (5) near Portarlington, N. Queen's Co.

&. DOOIJVGH, or DOULOUGH, ST., vil. (15)
Coolock bar. E. Dublin, 4 m. NE. of Dublin, a
coast-gd. station, with an old unique pointed



church of 13th cent. 48 ft. by 18, having a low
tower, a high stone roof, a body divided in two
the 'chapel' being 21 by 9, the S. porch or
buttress with the saint's tomb and 'bed' (5 by 2,
and 2 high), with curious staircases, irregular
windows, etc. also near it, St. Catherine's 8-sided
well or baptistry, and a cross. Pop. 143. Living,
a Cur. (Du. G. K.) val. /., patr. Crown ; church,
lately built. St. D. House, Mrs. Shaw ; St. D.
Lodge, H. Rutherford, Esq. ; Greenwood, H.
Hamilton, Esq.

Doolan (42) near Shinrone, S. Kinq's Co.

P. Doolin (8) 6 m. NW. of Ennist'imon, NW.

Doolystown (49) near Kilrock, S. Meath.

DOON par. (38-9, 44-5) Upper Kilnamanagh
bar. W. '1'ippery. and (16, etc.) Owneybeg and
Coonagh bars. E. Limerick, 3 m. NE. of Pallas
Grean-18, under Slieve Phelim mountns. Acres
27,620, with bog and building stone ; pop. 7895,
of vil. 240 + 7. Living, a Rect. and prebend.
(Ca. E. W. L.) val. 708/., patr. Bishop. Tooma-
line House, Mrs. Marshall, on the site of a cell to
Inchenemeo abbey, of which there are remains.

Doon Castle (6) 5 m. N. of Eerbane, King's Co.
F. E. Mooney, Esq. &$D. Hill, SE. of Uunbar,
Haddington, was occupied by the Scotch before
their defeat by Cromwell 1G50. igs" D. Lodge
(18) 3 m. NE. of Crusheen, N. Clare, E Galway,
Esq. ^ D. Lough (36, 44) 2 m. W. of Broad-
ford, E. Clare, about 2 m. long. ijaf D. Pro-
montory (1 ) E. side of Rathlin isld. X. Antrim.
IgP D. River, the " bonnie Doon," rises in L.
Enoch, SE. Ayr. and passes 30 in. NW. through
L. Doon (6 m. long, with a castle of the Bruces,
the last to yield to Edw. HI.), and along the
Carrick border, by Dalmellington, Alloway Kirk,
the ' auld brig,' and Burns' monument, to the sea
2 m. S. of Ayr.

Doonass (54) 3 m. S. of O'Briensbridge, S. Clare,
Sir H. D. Massey, Bt. near Castle Connell and D.
Falls, in R. Shannon, a cataract about 300 yds.
wide and J m. long, made by huge rocks, etc.

DOOXBEG vil. (47) Ibrickan bar. W. Clare,
6 m. N. of Kilrush-164, a fishing and coast-gd.
Station on D. Rivulet and Bay, with a castle of the
O'Briens. Pop. 316 + 10. Fairs, 2 May, 26 July,
8 Oct. 16 Dec.

Doonbristy Rock ( ) near Downpatrick head,
N. Mayo.

DOOXDONXELL par. (19, 20, 28-9) Lower Con-
nello bar. W. Limerick, 2 m. W. of Rathkeale
-136, on R. Deel. Acres 1394, with limestone;
pop. 452, decreasing. Living, a Rect. with Rath-
keale. Riddlestown, G. Blennerhasset, Esq.

DOONFEENY par. (5-7, 12-4) Tyrawley bar. N.
Mayo, 8 m. NW. of Killala-166, among the hills.
Acres 31,251, with bog, limestone, building slate ;
pop. 4819 + 70. Living, a Vic. (Tu. K. A.) with
Kilbride, val. 2151., patr. Bishop. Mount Glynne,
J. Faussett, Esq.

Doongorey Castle (113) a ruin near Kinvarra,
S. Galway.

DOONHOLM vil. Dalrymple par. Mid. Ayr. 3 m.
S. of Ayr-74. D. House, A. Hunter, Ksq.

DOOXKEEHAX vil. (4) Erris bar. N1V. Mayo, a
coast-gd. station, 8 m. NE. of BeImullet-199.

DOONOONEY par. (31) Bantry bar. Mid. fVex-
ford, 5 m. NW. of Taghmon-94. " Acres 1081 ; pop.
236. Living, an appropriate Cur. with Hopetown.

DOORA par. (33-4, 42) Upper Bunratty bar.
Mid. Clare, 2 m. E. of Ennis-138. Acres "5927;
pop. 2365. Living, a Rect. with Ogashin and
Vic. with Quin.

Doorin Promontory (98) Bannagh bar. SIV.
Donegal, E. side of inver bay.

pp 2



Dooris Clonbo and Clegg bogs, 6 m. NE. of Gal-
way, Mid. Galway, of 3848 acres.

DOORNANE vil. (42) Iverk bar. 5. Kilkenny,
6 m. SE. of Piltown-108. Pop. 243.

Doory (23) near Ballymahon, & Longford, F.
T. Jessop, Esq.

Dorary Hill, 8 m. SW. of Thurso, NW. Caith-
ness, has a fine prospect, and belonged to the
bishops of Caithness.

Doraville (10) 5 m. S. of Kesh, N. Fermanagh,
H. Irvine, Esq.

Dorbar Water, a branch of R. Findhorn, Mid.
Elgin, 14 m. long.

Dorcesceastre of the Saxons is DORCHESTER,

DORCHESTER DIVISION (17-8) S. Dorset, con-
tains the hundreds of Culliford-Tree, George, Pid-
dletown, Tollerford, Uggscombe, and the liberties
of Fordington, Isle of Portland, Piddlehinton,
Sutton Poyntz, Wabyhouse, and Wyke-Regis;
acres 94,840, pop. 24,815, houses 4785.

#* P. M. DORCHESTER boro' (17) locally in
George hund. Dorchester div. & Dorset, a sta-
tion on S. West, branch railway 141 from Lon-
don, or 120 by road, the county and elec-
tion town, militia head quarters, a polling place,
and excise collection, on the Downs by R.
Frome, was Durnovaria (i. e. Dwr-varia, or Frome
water) of Antonine, and Dunium of Ptolemy, the
capital of the Durotriges, on the Via Iceniana
or Ackling St., Caer Dori of the Britons, and
Domceaster of the Saxons ; was walled round by
the Romans, made a mint town under Athelstan,
burnt 1003 by Sweyn the Dane, granted as a
crown manor to the corporation by Hen. VI M and
fortified against Ch, I. 1643, but taken by Ld.
Carnarvon and dismantled ; has returned two
members from Ed. I., the enlarged limits under
Reform bill containing the two pars, as below,
with parts of Trinity par. (including Colliton-Row,
but excluding Frome- Whitfield), and Fordington,
no. of electors being 411 (of 10/. houses 920), and
chief influence with Earl Shaftesbury, etc. ; is a
boro' by prescription, first chartered by Ed. II., and
by the new act governed by a mayor (who is re-
turng. officer), 4 aid. 12 co'uncil, with the title of
" may., bailiffs, aid., and burgesses of boro' of D."
and revenue of 3271. Acres of three pars. 1870,
chalky, with sheep walks.. of new boro' 572 (of
old 67) ; pop. of boro' 3249 + 21 (in another place
the pop. is returned at 5402), chiefly agricultural ;
houses 461, well built, with 3 churches, 4 chapels,
shire and town halls, large co. gaol and house of
correction on a site where many coins from Anto-
ninus to Gallienus were found, barracks, theatre,
gas- works, 3 banks, savings bk. (70,945Z. from 1840
depositors), good ale breweries, cloth factory, mills,
3 bridges, Hardy's gram, school (48/.) with 3 ex-
hibitions, under school (108/.), Napper's ' mite' or
almsh. (165/.), Whetstone's (61/.) and Chubb's
(32/.) almsh. on site of an old hospital ; assd. taxes
1050/. ; poorr. 1718/. on 12.519/. ; real prop. 12,837/. ;
charities 574Z. Livings are, All Saints, or All
Hallows Rect. (Sal.) val. 84/^ patr. Corporation,
church reb. 1821 ; St. Peter Rect. 164/., Ld. Chan-
cellor ; Holy Trinity with Frome Whitfield Rects.
439/., Trustees of Free School, cA. has tombs of
Williams of Herringstone, who reb. it, Denzil Ld.
Holies, Ashley, White a divine, " patriarch of Dor-
chester," and" effigies of knights supposed to be
the Chidiocks. The town was burnt 1613, when
300 houses came down, and again 1662 ; plague
here 1595 ; Goring routed a squadron of part,
horse 1645 ; Jeffreys here at his ' bloody assize,'
1685, after Monmouth's rebellion, when 13 were
bung. Before Ed. II. there was a hosp. and


also a grey friary found, by the Chidiocks,
which came to Ld. Holies and the Ashleys.
The roman town covered about 80 acres ; parts
of the harring-lxme wall remain, 6 ft. thick. Law-
rence, Conquer, and other barrows are about.
By the river is Poundbury danish camp ; to the
S. is Maumburv Ring, the most perfect amphi-
theatre in England, cut in the chalk, 343^ ft.
by 339^ and 30 deep, made in Agricola's time,
and which held 10,000 persons when a woman
was burnt 1705 for poisoning. Further off on a
hill is the Maiden Castle, a british treble trench'd
work 1 J m. round, with barrows inside. The
Ridgeway went down to Monmouth, and another
on the downs to Henbury. N. Mather a divine,
and Pikes a roman cath. martyr, were natives.
Kingston House, W. M. Pitt, E'sq. It publishes
the 'Dorset County Chronicle' newspaper; and
gave title of marq. to the dukes of Kingston,
fr D. DEANERY, archdy. of Dorset, dioc. of Sarum,
contains the benefices marked in Culliford-Tree,
George, Winfrith, and Corfe Castle hunds., I. of
Portland and Wabyhouse libs., with Chaldon
Herring vie., Church Knowlerect., W. Comptonr.,
E. Compton r., Dorchester r., Fleet ., Fording-
ton v., Framptonti., Frome Vanchurchr., Langton
Matravrs r., Melcombe Regis r^ Ower Moyne r.,
Preston ., Steeple r., Studland r., Swanwick r.,
Toller Fratrum v., Worth Matravers ., Wyke
Regis r. Dorch. P. L. Union, contains the pars,
etc. of Athelhampstone, Bradford Peverell, Broad -
mayne, Burleston, Charminster, Chilfrome, Comp-
ton Abbas, Compton Vallence, Dewlish, Dorches-
ter, Fordington (where poor h. is), Frampton,
Frome Vauchurch, Kingston Russell, Knighton
(West), Littlebredy, Longbredy, Maiden Newton,
Piddlehinton, Piddletown, Stafford (West), Stins-
ford, Stratton, Tincleton, Toller Fratrum, Toller
Porcorum, Tollpuddle, Warmwell, Whitcombe,
Winterborne Abbas, Wint. Came, Wint. Herring-
stone, Wint. Monckton, Wint. St. Martin, Wint.
Steepleton, Winford Eagle; acres 70,810, pop.
16,121, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 2322 (out -door
2092), expend. 8618/., prop, rated 85,470/. Sup.
Registry comprises the same with Alton-Pancras,
Batcombe, Buckland-Newton, Cattistock, Cerne-
Abbas, Cerne-Up, Cerne- Nether, Cheselborne,
Godmansione, Hermitage, Mappowder, Melbury-
Bubb, Melcombe-Horsey, Minterne-Magna, Pid-
dletrenthide, Pulham, Sydling, and Wootton-
Glanville; pop. 23,381 + 257: 12 deaths from
cholera in 1849. The New County Court district
includes the Registry with that of Cerne. The
Excise district includes Dorchester, Bridport,
Lyme, Beaminster, Evershot, Weymouth, Cerne-
Abbey, Sturminster, Stulbridge, Milborne Port,
Wincaston, Castle Gary, Bruton, Mere, Hindon,
Shaftesbury, Cranborne, Blandford, Bere, and in
1835 had 45 officers, and collected 52,287/. (each
collector's round being 264 m.), of which 39.743Z.
was on malt, 7460/. on licenses, 1944Z. on bricks,
1217/. on auctions, 1024/. on paper, etc. and the
total no. of traders (4042) included 1745 dealers
in tobacco, 1057 in tea, 520 in wine and spirits,
599 brewers and maltsters, 62 makers of bricks.
Mkt. D. Wed. Fairs, Candlemas day, Trinity
Mon., and St. John Baptist and St. James's days,
o. s. sheep, lambs. Races, Sept.

contains the pars, of Chiselhampton, Clifton-
Hampton, Culham, Dorchester, Drayton, Stad-
hampton, South Stoke, and part of Bensington ;
acres 11,280, pop. 3571, houses 717.

P. a. DORCHESTER par. in the above hund.
4 m. NW. of Wallingford-46, on Rs. Thame and
Thames, containing Burcott and Overy, and once


a mkt. town, was Durocina of the Romans who
walled it round, Du?r-ceastre of the Britons, and
afterwards the seat of a bishopric, established 635
by St. Birinus, the apostle of the W. Saxons (who
called it Dorcesceastre), which, comprising the
kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex, lasted till 1086,
when it was divided and the see moved to Lin-
coln. Acres 2450 ; pop. 1078 + 21, of vil. (which
had a castle and 7 churches in saxon times) about
800 ; poor r. 599/. (VVallingf. U.) ; real prop. 4822*. ;
charities 40A, of which 10/. to Fettiplace's school,
near the church, where are traces of the abbey
founded 1140 by Bp. Alexander. St. Peter and
St Paul Cur. (Pec.) val. 100/., patr. Rev. H. W.
Burrows; church, 231 ft. long, norman and later
styles, belonged to abbey, and has stone stalls,
piscina, unique lead font (supposed as old as Bi-
rinus), 4 brasses from 1411, effigies of bishops,
knights, and a lady, stained windows with a ' Jesse '
or genealogy of Christ carved in N. one, curious
saxon paintings, glazed tiles, stone cross, and re-
mains of cloisters. The palace was at Bishop's
Court farm, and the old walls can be traced from
Wally to Dyke Hills, a trench m. long. A roman
way went by All Ridge danish camp to Alcester.
Coins from J. Casar to Heraclius, a ring dated
636, an altar, urns, pavements, etc. have been
found. Besides an old bridge, another 1296 ft.
long, was made 1815. Athelstan held a witten-
agemote here 958 ; and it gives title of baron to
the Carletons. Fair, Easter Tues.

DOKDON hmlt. (63) Poles worth hund. N.
Warwick. 3 m. NW. of Atherstone-107, near Co-
ventry canal Real prop. 1655/.

DOKE chplry. (82) Drontield par. N. Derby.
3 m. N W. of Dromfiefd-156, near R. Sheaf. Pop.
575 + 5 ; poor r. 125/. (Ecclesall Bierlow U.) ; real
prop. 36 13/. ; charities 45/., of which Turie and
Dewce's school 33/. Living, a Cur. (Lich.) val.
90/., patr. Earl Fitzwilliam. D. Moor Inn, 1 m.

DOKE ABBEY, or ABBEY DORE, par. (43) Web-
tree hund. S W. Hereford. 10 m. SVV. of Hereford
-134, on R. Dore (which rises 3 m. E. of Hay, and
runs SE. 12 m. through the Golden Vale to R.
Munnow, near Roilstone), has remains of a white
abbey found, in Stephen's time by Rob. de Ewyas,



to Madock's almshouses. St. Mary Rect. (Heref.)
sometime held by Gibson, who wrote a history
of the place, val. 523Z., patr. Duchess of Norfolk'"*
co-heirs, who hold the manor ; church, belonged
to the abbey, was cruciform, and has a screen,
painted windows, and some old effigies. Dore P.
L. Union, contains the pars. etc. of Bacton, Cres-
wall, St. Devereux, Dore Abbey, Dulas, Ewias
Harrold, Kenderchurch, Kentchurch, Kilpeck,
Kingstone, Llancillo, Llanveyno, Longtown, Mad-
ley, St. Margaret's, Michaelchurch, Newton, Or-
cop, Peterchurch, Roilstone, Thruxton, Tibberton,
Treville, Turnastone, Vowchurch, Watterstone,
Wormbridge, in Heref. and Grosmont, Langua, in
Monmo 1 ; acres 75,600, pop. 9138, cases relieved
(yr. 1846-7) 1038 (out-door 927), expend. 3873/.,
prop, rated 49,01 It It belongs to Hereford Sup.

Doreholm Isld. Northmaven par. Shetland Islds.
has on the W. side an arch 70 ft. high, made by
the sea.

DOEES par. See DURRIS, Aberdeen, ^y DORES
par. 8m. W. by S. of Inverness-lei,^!?. Inter-
nes*, in Strathnairn, E. of L. Ness. Size 20 m.
by 3J, hilly pasture, with lakes ; pop. 1745 + 1,
of vil. 100 ; real prop. 3177/. ; for poor 373 Liv-

; ing (presb. Invern.) val. 14R, patr. Earl of
Cawdor. Remains of a fort at Castell Dunriachan,
and of Drumashi cairn, where Ashi the norse-
man was killed by Fingal ; and Drumdardell had
a beacon on it.

Dorfold Hall (73) near Nantwich, 8. Cheshire,

, 3. Tomlinson, Esq., was occupied by Lord Byron,

when he surrendered to Fairfax, in the civil war.

Dorinch Rock (87) in Clew bay, W. Mayo, 3 m.
W. of Westport.

P. M. DORKING par. (8) Second Wotton hund.
Mid. Surrey, llm. E. of Guildford, 23 from Lon-
don (29 thro' Reigate on rail, to Guildfd.) a
polling place for W. Sur. and petty (formerly
a qr.) sessions town, on Stane St. and the Pip-
brook, which joins R. Mole under Boxhill, con-
taining East, Chipping, Holmwood cur., Milton
and VVestgate ' boroughs*' was a crown manor,
given by the Conqueror to Earl Fitzwarren,
and came to the Fitzalans and Howards. Acres
10,150, sandy, with pyrites, good chalk, and lime-
stone ; pop. 5638 + 92, many poultry breeders,
the fowls being a five-clawed kind, white and par-
tridge coloured, brought over, they say, by the
Romans ; houses 1010, with old town hall, 3
chapels, 2 banks, savings bk. (24,5131. from 802
depositors)waterworks, Mrs. Smith's Cotmandeane
alinsh. (41/.), and Union p. house; poor r. 2600/.
on 18,865/.; real prop. 27,003*. ; charities 346/.,
of which H. Smith's 144/. St. Martin Fie. (Win.)
val. 41 1/., patr. Duke of Norfolk ; church, of flint
and cruciform, has tombs of the Howards, Tucker
of Betchworth, who wrote the Light of Nature,'
Markland the critic, of Milton Court, and Hoole
translator of Tasso. Borough-english custom pre-
vails; and a hog was bred here weighing 104
stone (of 8 Ibs.). Among other seats in this in-
viting spot are Betchworth, Rt Hon. H. Goulburn,
M.P. ; Chert, Sir G. Talbot, Bt. ; Bury Hill, C. bar-
clay, Esq. ; Denbies, Lord Londesborough ; Deep-
dene, H. Hope, Esq. ; Sondes Place, Earl of Veru-
lam ; Shrub Hill, Earl of Rothes. Malthus was
born at the Rookery; near Anstiebury camp
700 saxon coins were found 1817. Traces of
barrows called castles are seen. Dork. P. L.
Union, contains the pars. etc. of Abinger, Capel,
Dorking, Effingham, Mickleham, Newdigate,
Ockley, Wotton ; acres 37,470, pop. 10,968. cases
relieved (yr. 1846-7) 1440 (out-door 1244), ex-
pend, 5489A, prop, rated 38.886Z. Sup. Registry
comprises the same, with Holmwood and Oak-
wood ; pop. 10,978 + 143. The New County Court
district corresponds with the Registry. Mkt. D.
Th. Fairs, 1st Th. every month, cattle.

DORMINGTON par. (43) Greytree hund. Mid,
Hereford. 4m. E, of Hereford- 134, on R. Frome,
contains Bartestree. Acres 1150, part in hops;
pop. 164 + 8; poor r. 551. (Heref. U.); real prop.
1858/. ; charities 51. St Peter Vic. (Heref.) val.
with Bartestree 284J., patr. E. F. Foley, Esq. D.
House, W. Vevers, Esq.

DOKMSTON par. (54) Upper Pershore hund. E.
Worcest. 8 m. NNE. of Pershore- 102, near D. HilL
Acres 830; pop. 115; poor r. 27/. (Persh. U.);
real prop. 798J. Living, a Cur. (Wore.) val. 53/.,
patr. T. T. Vernon, Esq;.

Dormstown ( ) near NavaH, Mid. Meath, T. L.
Roberts, Esq.

DORNE hmlt (44) Blockley par. Worcest. lo-
cally in Gloucest. 3 m. S. of Chipping-Campden
-90, on the Fosseway, where coins, foundations,
etc. have been found. Real prop. 71R See ASTON

DORNEY par. (7) Burnham hund. S. Buckt.
3 m. NW. of Windsor-22, on the Thames. Acres
1190; pop. 324 + 6; poor r. 99/. (Eton U.); real

FF 8




prop. 1639 ; charities, Sedding's 181. St. James j
Vic. (Oxon.) val. 68/., patr. J. Palmer, Esq., of
D. Court.

Dornford, or Dunsford (64) at the ferry on R. ;
Ken, N. Hunts. 5 m. WSW. of Peterborough, near
the roman Durobrivae, on Ermine St.

DOKNIE Til. with Bundaloch, Kintail par. N.
Ross. 13 m. N. of Ullapool-225. Pop. 510.

# P. M. DORXOCH par. S. Suthrld. 12 m. SSW.
of Brora, 218 from Edinburgh, on D. Frith (as
below), & small decayed place, the seat of a dio-
cese from before 1150 to 1688, is the county town,
sheriffs' court, a royal and parl. burgh contri-
butory to Wick (no. of electors 38), first chartered
by Ch. I. 1628, and governed under the late act
by a provost, 4 bailies, 14 council, etc., with a re-
venue of 3/. Size 15 m. by 9, with stone, moss,
coal, small lakes ; pop. 2714 (decreasing) gaelic-
speaking, of burgh 451 ; houses 113, mere cot-
tages, with county court and gaol (part of the
bishop's castle, whence the Hurrays were driven,
1567), bank, par. school, Lady Glenorchy's school ;
real prop. 3339Z. ; for poor 446/. Living (D. presb.)
val. 267/., patr. Duke of Sutherland ; church, part
of the old cathedral, b. about 1230 by lip. G.
Murray, and has tombs of Will. 17th earl, and his
countess, who died young 1766, within 10 days of
each other. At Croiske Warwarre stood a cross
where earl William 1259 killed the danish leader,
with a horse's leg whence the name, Dorn-eich
or " horse hoof." Sir P. Murray found. 1271,
a trinitarian friary here. D. Frith, the anct.
Abona Acstuar., at the mouth of R. Rule, is 10m.
across from Tarbet light to Little ferry, which has
a bar harb. for 500-ton ships at high tide. >}< D.
PRESBYTERY, synod of Suthld. contains Assynt*,
Clvne*, Criech*. Dornoch*, Golspie*, Kildonan,
La"ir*, Loth, Rogart*, Stoer*. Ditto Free Church,
contains those marked * and Helmsdale and Rose-
hall. Mkt. D. Frid. Fairs, 1st Wed. Feb. 3rd
Wed. Mar. 1st Wed. and 22 July o.s. or 1st Wed.
after, 1st Wed. Nov. and Dec.

DORNOCK par. 3 m. E. of Annan-79, S. Dum-
fries., on Dumf. and Glasg. rail., between R. Kirtle
and Sol way Frith, contains Lowtherstone, where
cotton weaving is carried on. Size 2i m. by 2^,
level and fertile, with red stone ; pop. 847 + 9, -
of vil. 203, in the salmon fisheries, etc. ; real prop.
2745/. ; for poor 132/. Living (presb. Annan)
val. 208/., patr. Duke of Buccleugh ; church, has
tombs of Sir M. Langdale and Lord Crosb3 r , who
fell in a border foray. There are some druid re-
mains, and a peel tower at Stapleton.

Dornsaetas, Dnrcaetas, or Dormcaester, of the

Dorovil/e ( ) near Robertstown, N. KUdare,
W. Ireland, Esq.

Dorret, at Linthrathen, W. For far. a ruined
seat of the Dorrets.

DORHHA par. (1, 2, 4, 5) Lower Ormond bar.
N. Tipperary, 9 m. NE. of Borrisokane-91, on Rs.
Shannon and Brosna. Acres 15,798, with bog and
limestone ; pop. 4267 + 87. Living, a Vic. with
Lorrha. Straduff, F. Antisell, Esq. ; Walshpark,
J. Walshj Esq.

P. DORRINGTON par. (70) Flaxwell wap. Mid,
Lincoln. 4m. N. of Sleaford-115. Acres 680;
pop. 379 ; poor r. 72?. (Sleaf. U.) ; real prop. 24677. ;
charities 46/. St. James Vic. (Line.) val. 120/.,
patr. Sir G. Heathcote, Bt.

' P. DORRIXGTON tnshp. (61) Condover par.
Mid, Salop, 6 m. S. of Shrewsbury- 153, on a
branch of R. Severn. Pop. 328. D. Grove, 1 m.
SE. $gT DORRINGTOU tnshp. (73) Muckleston
par. NE. Salop, 6 hi. NE. of Mkt. Drayton-153,
1iear D. O. HaU. Pop. 188.

Dorrington House. See Durrington House, Es~-

DORSET, or DORSETSHIRE (15-8, 21-2) a sea-
side county, S. England, once the seat of the
Dwrotriges (water people, from 'dwr'), or Mnrini
(sea people, from ' mor '), whom the Britons called
Dwr-gwyr, was part of Britannia Prima. under
the Romans, and of Wessex under the Saxons,
who called it Dor- or Dorn- saetas (water-settlers),

is traversed by the Via Iceiiiana and the S.
West, branch rail., watered by the Frome
(45 m. long, not navigable) and Stour (for about
45 m. and nav. from Stourminster), and bordered
by Hants. (E.), Wilts. (NE.), Somerset. (N\V.),
Devon. (W.), and Channel (S.). Length, from
Lyme Regis to Alderholt, 52 m., greatest breadth
37, av. ditto 21 ; relative size 174-10,000ths ; cir-
cuit about 200, including 75 of coast, along
which are, Poole harb. and oyster beds, where tide
flows twice in 24hrs., Studland bay (whence it is
cliffy to Ham near Weymouth), llandfast point,
Swanage bay, Durlestone pt., St. Alban's head
(344 ft. high) and race, where the Halsewell was
wrecked, Lulworth cove with caverns and arch'd
rock, Weymouth watering place, whence steamers
go to Channel islds., Portland road (where the
breakwater is constructing), Portland bill, light,
and race, off which is the Shambles with only
12 ft. water, Chessil pebble bank, inside which
the narrow Fleet water runs up from Portland
road, Burton (whence there is cliff to the W.
with many fossils), Bridport and Lyme Regis
harbs. It contains 1006 sq. m. or 643,840 acres
(627,220 by addition of pars.), of which about
200,000 are arable (10,000 being orchards for
cider), 400,000 meadow and grass, the rest heath,

or, as to soil, l-3rd is chalk, l-5th clay, l-6th
sand, and l-9th waste, the rest loam, gravel, etc. ;
175,043 + 1579 persons, of whom 36,924 are in
Poole, Weymouth with Melcombe, Bridport, Sher-
borne, Shaftesburv, Blandford, Beaminster, Dor-
chester, 91,489 are females, 82,142 under 20 yrs.
of age, 155,995 county born, 19,459, or ll'l per
cent., live by trade, commerce, manufact., 19,192,

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