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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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5 in. NW. of Bromsgrove-116, N. Worcest.

DRAYTON -BASSETT par. (62) S. Offlow hund.
SE. Stafford. 2 m. SSW. of Tamworth-115, near
Derby rail, and Fazeley canal, was the old seat of
Bassets, and the earls of Leicester. Acres 3940 ;
pop. 404, some cotton spinners ; poor r. 3317.
(Tamw. U.) ; real prop. 62077. St. Peter Rect.
(Licli.) val. 2447., patr. Ld. Chancellor. D. Manor,
Sir R. Peel, Bt. M.P.; D. House, T. S. Vernon,
Esq. ggp D.-BEAUCHAMP par. (46) Cottesloe
hund. Mid. Bucks. 5 m. ESE. of Aylesbury-40,
near Wendover canal and N. West. rail, has a
meet for the Whaddon Chase hounds at D. Cross-
road, and for the Tring harriers at D. Mead.
Acres 1920 ; pop. 231 ; poor r. 2477. (Aylesb. U.) ;
real prop. 26197. ; charities 87. St. Mary Rect.
(Oxon.) val. '11;>I., patr. W. Jenney, Esq. was
Hooker's first preferment; church, lias 2 brasses
of the Chevnes (1368) and a priest. ^ D. DRY
par. (51) Chesterton hund. <S. Cambridge. 5m.NW.
of Cambridge-50. Acres 2389 ; pop. 478 + 4 ; poor r.
3627. (Chestert. U.); real prop. 24517. ; charities
237., of which 137. to Haslop's school. St. Peter
and Paul Rect. (Ely) val. 3207., patr. Rev. Dr.
Smith, rector; church, has brass of a man in
armour (1520). g3 D., EAST, par. (83) Basset-
law wap. NE. Notts. C m. SE. of E. Retford-141,


on a branch of R. Trent. Acres 1410 ; pop. 212 ;
poor r. 347. (E. Retfd. U.); real prop. 21987. St.
Peter Vic. (Line.) val. with Askham and Stoke-
ham 1657., patr. Dean and Chap. York, gap D.,
FEN, par. (51) Papworth hund. W. Cambridge.
2 m. SE. of St. Ives-62. Acres 2000, part com-
mon ; pop. 381 + 7 ; poor r. 2157. (St. Ive's U.) ;
real prop. 35887. Living, a Rect. (Ely) val. 1007.,
patr. Christ Coll. D. House, J. C. Daintree, Esq.
gg D., FENNY, par. (63) Sparkenhoe hund. W.
l.eicest. 3 m. E. of Atherstone-107, near Watling
St. and R. Anker, was the seat of Drayton the
poet's ancestors. Acres 1280 ; pop. 127 ; poor r.
1147. (Atherst. U.) ; real prop. 18287. St. Mi-
chael Rect. (Pet.) val. 2787., Rev. S. B. Heming,
rector. G. Fox, founder of the Friends, was a
native (1624-91). f^- D. GRKEN (7) 2 m. N. of
Brentford, Mid. Middlesex, on Gt. West. rail.
^ J). House (52) 2 m. NW. of Thrapston, E.
Northmptn. W. B. Stopford, Esq. formerly the
Sackviiles, was built in Hen. VI. 's time by the
Greens. Part of a roman pavement was found

DKAYTON DIVISION (73) N. Bradford hund.
NE. Salop, contains the pars, of Adderley, Ches-
wardine, Chi Ids Ercall, Hinstock, Moreton Sea,
Norton-in-Hales, Stoke-upon-Tern, and parts of
Dray ton-in-Hales,Hoduet, and Muckleston ; acres
55,980, pop. 11,445, houses 2199.

DRAYTON, par. (73) in the above div. of N. Brad-
ford hund. Salop, and N. Pirchill hund. Stafford.
18 m. NE. of Shrewsbury, 153 from London, on
R. Tern, near Birm. and Liv. canal, a petty
sessions town, containing D. MANA and D.
PARVA tnshps. (pop. 1699 and 1462), Betton,
Longslow, Button, Woodseaves, Almington, and
Bloore-in-Tyrley, where 1459 the Yorkists under
Neville defeated the Lancastrians, was Draitvne of
' Domesdy.' and belonged to Combermere Abbey.
Acres 13,080 ; pop. 4680 + 80, of town (or D.
MAGNA and PARVA) 3161, in the manufaet. of
haircloth, paper, and malt, but the trade declining ;
poor r. 9597. on 17,7387. ; real prop. 19,4567. ; cha-
rities 2717., of which Denstone's for poor, etc. 867. ;
houses 655, with 3 chapels, 2 banks, savings bk.
(28,8257. from 831 depositors), Hill's free gram,
school founded 1554 (397.), and Union p. house;
St. Mary Vic. (Lich.) val. 1737., patr. Corbet's
Trustees ; church, reb. 1787, has an old lower, and
the grave of the late Sir R. Peel ; D. Parva Cur.
657., Vicar. There was a white friary founded by
Bp. Noi thborough. D. Manor, Sir'R. Peel, Bt.
Drayton Mkt. P. L. Union, contains the pars,
etc. in the above divs. with Woore in Salop,
Ashley, Mucclestone, and Tyrley, in Staff.
and Tittenley in Ches. ; acres 61,637, pop. 13,950,
cases relieved (AT. lfc'46-7) 759 (out-door 563),
expend. 31007., prop, rated 86,3367. Sup. Re-
gistry comprises the same except Tvrley and
Tittenley; pop. 13,950+10. The New County
Court dist. corresponds with the Registry. Mkt.
D. Wed. Fairs, Wed. before Palm Sund. and
June 22, 19 Sept. 24 Oct.

P. DiiAYTON-PuRSLOw par. (46) Cottesloe
hund. N. Bucks. 4 m. E. of Winslow-49. Am s
1680, part common; pop. 526; poor r. 26'.i/.
(Wins!. U.) ; real prop. 18987. Holy Trinity Rect.
(Oxon.) val. 2487., patr. Rev. B. Spurrc-ll, rector.

P. DRAYTON, WKST, par. (7) Elthorne hund.
W. Middlesex, 2 m. S. of Uxbridge-15, a station
on Gt. West. rail, near R. Colne and Gd. Jtmct.
canal, was Drailune of ' Domesdy.' when it be-
longed to Dean and Chap, of St. Paul's, and was
given by Hen. VIII. to the Pagets, who had :m
old seat here, which came to the De Burghs.



Acres 850, in mkt. and fruit gardens ; pop. 802 I
+ 17 ; poorr. 290?. (Uxbr. U.) ; real prop. 45357. ;
charities 187. St. Martin Vic. with Harmonds-
worth ; church, has 2 brasses, tombs of the Pagets
and De Burghs, and 8-sided figured font. W.
Drayton House, H. De Burgh, Esq. igP D.,
WEST, par. (82-3) Bassetlaw wap. N. Notts. 4 m.
S. of E. Retford-141, on R. Mann. Acres 1390 ;
pop. 109 ; poor r. 177. (E. Retfd. U.) ; real prop.
7331.; charities, 487. to Walter's school, etc.
Living, a Rect. with E. Markham.

DRE hmlt. (57) Llanarth par. W. Cardigan.
4 m. SW. of Aberaeron 192. Pop. 221.

DREBACH tnshp. (79) Llanfairtalhaiarn par. N.
Denbigh. 4 m. S. of Abergele-214. Pop. 68.
flip DREBACH tnshp. (74) Gwyddelwern par.
NE. Merioneth. 2 m. N. of Corwen-194.

DREBLEY hmlt. ( ) Barden tnshp. W. R.
York, near Skipton-216.

DREGHORN par. Cunninghame dist. 2V. Ayr.

2 m. E. of Irvine-69, on Rs. Irvine and Annock,
and Glas. and Ayr. rail., includes Percietown old
par. Size 9 m. by 2, well cultivated, with good
dairies, lead, coal, stone, lime ; pop. 1222 + 34 ; real
prop. 10,2117. ; for poor 1147. Living (presb.Irvine)
val. 177/., patr. Earl of Eglinton. tjjT D. Castle,

3 m. SSW. of Edinbro', Mid. Edinb. A.Trotter.Esq.

DREGOCH tnshp. (79) Aberwheeler tnshp. N.
Denbigh. 3 m. NE. of Denbigh-201. Pop. 60.

DREHIDTARSNA par. (21, 30) Coshma and
Upper Connello bars. Mid. Limerick, 2 m. S. of
Adare-129. Acres 1000, good land ; pop. 320, de-
creasing. Living, a Vic. (Lk. A. A.) val. 887.,
patr. Prebendary of St. Munchin.

Dreinich Isld., in L. Linnhe, N. Argyll, near

P. DREM vil. Athelstaneford par. N. Haddngtn.

4 m. N. of Haddington-17, on N. Brit. rail.
Drenewydda (74) 1 m. NE. of Oswestry, NW.


Dresden ( ) near Carndonagh, NE. Donegal,
Capt. T. L. Metcalf.

DREVAH vil. Stobo par. Mid. Peebles. 1 m. E.
of Broughton-28, has an old beacon tower.

DREVOR tnshp. (60) Kerry par. SE. Montgo-
mery. 2 m. ESE. of Newtown-175. Pop. 133.

DREWERN tnshp. (56) Glascomb par. S. Rad-
nor. 6 m. SW. of Radnor-159. Pop. 258 ; real
prop. 1670/.

Drewsborough (28) near Scarriff, E. Clare, F.
Drew, Esq.

Drewscourt ( ) near Charleville, N. Cork, J.
Drew, Esq.

DREWSON vil. (40) Nolton par. W. Pembroke.
ft m. W. of Haverford West-251.

DREWSTEIGNTON par. (35) Wonford hund.
Mid. Devon. 9 in. ESE. of Okehampton-195, in
the midst of fine rock scenery, near R. Teign,
containing Teignholt, was, some say, a seat of the
Druids (having a logan stone, two circles, and a
cromlech), was Taintone at- ' Domesdy.' when
it belonged to sheriff Baldwin, from whom it came
to Drogo de Teign, the. D'Abernons, and Carews.
Acres 7200; pop. 1315; poorr. 5711. (Okehamp.
U.) ; real prop. 6498/. Living, a Rect. (Exet.)
val. 7767., patr. Messrs. Ponsford.

Drewstown (23) 4 m. W. of Athboy, W. Meath,
J. M'Veigh, Esq.

DREWTON tnshp. ( ) with Everthorpe, N.
Cave par. E. R. York. 1 m. NNW. of S. Cave-182.
Acres 1390; pop. 184 + 4.

Drhuim Falls, near Beauly, N. Inverness., in a
fine spot.

DRIBY par. (84) Candleshoe wap. E. Lincoln.
5 m. N. of Spilsby-129, has a meet for the S.
Wolds hounds at D. Carr. Acres 1410 ; pop. 97 ;


poor r. 967. (Spils. TJ.) ; real prop. 14917. Living,
a Rect. with S. Ormsby.

DRIFFIELD par. (34) Crowthorne hund. E.
Gloucest. 3 m. ESE. of Cirencester-88, near
Thames and Severn canal. Acres 1310 ; pop. 148 ;
poor r. 637. (Cirenc. U.) ; real prop. 17037. ; cha-
rities, free school 127. St. Mary Fie. (Gl. andBr.)
val. 2707., patr. Rev. R. Ashe.

P. M. DRIFFIELD par. ( ) Harthill wap.
E. R. York. 26 m. ENE. of York, 196 from London,
on R. Hull, and Yk. and N. Midld. rail, in a healthy
spot under theWolds, is the saxon Driffdda, and a
polling place, containing GREAT and LITTLE D. and
Emswell. Acres 7520, good arable, of town (or
Gr. D.) 4910 ; pop. 3477 + 62, 'and 3223, in the
corn trade and woollen and cotton manufactures ;
houses 646 in a long street, with 4 chapels, 4
banks, school, and Union p. house ; poor r. 12337.
on 14,7897. ; real prop. 15,6687. ; charities 17. All
Saints Vic. (Yk.) vaL with LITTLE D. Cur. 1541.,
patr. Prebendary; church, part norman. At
Dane's Dale are some tumuli. Drif. P. L.
Union, contains the pars. etc. of Bainton, Beeford,
Butterwick, Cottam, Cowlam, Dalton (North),
Driflfield (Great and Little), Eastburn, Fimber,
Foston, Foxholes, Frodingham (North), Garton,
Harpham, Helperthorpe, Hutton Cranswick, Kil-
ham, Kirkburn, Langtoft, Lowthorpe, Midilleton,
Nafferton, Ruston Parva, Skerne, Sledmere,
Watton, Weaverthorpe, Wetwang, with Bracken,
Brigham, Emswell, Fimber, Gimbling, Kelk
(Great and Little), Luttons-Ambo, Neswick,
Rotsea, Southburn, Sunderlandwick, Tibthorpe,
Towthorpe, Wansford ; acres 104,820, pop. 16,829,
cases relieved (1846-7) 2165 (out-door 1714),
expend. 66507., prop, rated 112,6397. Sup. Re-
gistry comprises the same up to Wetwang, with
Lissett and Dunnington ; pop. 16,828 + 211. The
New County Court district corresponds with the
Registry. Mkt. D. Th. grain.

DRIFFIELD, LITTLE, chplry. in the above par.
Pop. 154. St. Peter Cur. with the above ; church
has mon. to Alfred, king of Northumbria, who
died here 705. Fairs, Easter and Whit. Mond.
26 Aug. 19 Sep. horses, cattle, etc.

DRIGG par. ( ) Allerdale-above-Derwent ward,
S W. Cumbrld. 2 m. N W. of Ravcnglass-279, on
R. Irt, contains Carleton, near the coast. Acres
3610, sandy with a mineral spring ; pop. 429, of
town 286 ; poor r. 927. (Bootle IT.) ; real prop.
25467. ; charities 167. St. Peter Cur. (Ches.) val.
887., patr. S. Irton, Esq.

DRIGHLLNGTON chplry. (88) Birstall par. W.
R. York. 5 m. SE. of Bradford-196, contains Ad-
walton. Acres 1050 ; pop. 2046 + 37, in the cloth
trade ; poor r. 3657. (Bradf.U.) ; real prop. 46427. ;
charities, 607. to school founded by Abp. Marget-
son, a native. Living, a Cur. (Rip.) val. 847.,
patr. J. Hague, Esq.

Drillingour (3) 3 m. N. of Folkestone, E. Kent.

Drima Bog ( ) near Carrick-on-Shannon.
Roscomn. ; acres 952.

Drimcong (68) 8 m. NW. of Galway, Mid. Gal-
way, J. Kilkelly, Esq.

Drimineen Wood (36,44) near Broadford,!?. Clare.

Drimmie House, near Longforgan, Perth., Lord
Kin n ami.

DRIMMITORMONT vil. Dunnichen par. S. Forfar.
Pop. weavers.

DRIMNAGH chplry. (18) Upper Cross bar. S.
Dublin, 2 m. SW. of Dublin, on Gd. Canal. Acres
731 ; pop. 341. Living, united to Clondalkin ;
church, in ruins. D. Castle, Marq. of Lansdowne,
formerly the Barnewalls'.

DRIMPTON tythg. (18) Broadwinsor par. W.
Dorset. 3 m. NW. of Beaminster-137.


DKIMVARCK vil. Lorn district, N. Argyll, near
Loch Etive.

DKIXAGH par. (120-1, 133) W. East-Carbery,
and E. West-Carbery bars. S. Cork, 5 m. S. of
Dunmanway-198. Acres 12,869, with bog, moun-
tain, D. Lough, and other lakes ; an. val. 49262. ;
pop. 4589 + 33. Living, a Vie. (Ck. R. C.) val. 1897.,
patr. Bishop. ^T DRINAGH par. (42-3) Forth
bar. -S. Wexfard, 2 m. SE. of Wexford-94, by the
harbour. Acres 1171, with limestone; pop. 436,
decreasing. Living, a Vic. with St. Patrick's,
Wexford. Summerseat, G. Walker, Esq.

Driney (24) 3 m. E. of Drumshanbo, S. Leitrim,
G. H. C. Peyton, Esq.

DRINGHOE tnshp. ( ) with Upton and Brough,
Skipsea par. E. R. York. 8 m. SSW. of Bridling-
ton-206, is a meet for the Holderness hounds.
Acres 1700; pop. 190+4; poor r. 1327. (Brid-
ling. U.); real prop. 1 9322.

DRINGHOUSKS tnshp. ( ) St. Mary-Bishophill-
Senior, Holy-Trinity-Micklegate, and Acomb
pars. York Ainstey, 1 m. SVV. of York-199, on
the rail., is a meet for the York and Ainstey
hounds. Acres 610; pop. 304 ; poor r. 327. (York
U.); real prop. 1877/. Living, a don. Cur. (Yk.)
val. 40/., patr. Mrs. T. Leigh.

DRINKSTONE par. (50) Thedwestry bund. Mid.
Suffolk, 6 m. WNW. of Stowmarket-76. Acres
1750, part common; pop. 505 + 4; poor r. 2607.
(Stow. U.) ; real prop. 3332/. ; charities 1107., of
which Moseley's for education 337. All Saints
Rect. (Xorw.) val. I., patr. J. E. Rust, Esq.
D. House, R. Lee, Esq.

Drip Bridge, on R. Forth, -S. Perth, where R.
Teith joins, above Stirling.

DRIPSEY, UPPER and LOWER, vils. (72) E.
Muskerry bar. Mid. Cork, 5 m. S. of Stuarke-159,
near D. Rivulet. Pop. 438.

Dripsill (44) 1 m. S. of Upton, S. Worcest. F.
Charlton, Esq.

BRISBANE par. (38-9, 47-8) Duhallow and W.
Muskerry bars. W. Cork, contains Millstreet-170,
has the ruins of Kilmeady Castie, which belonged
to the M'Cartys. Acres 33,085, chiefly mountain
and bog, with limestone and slate ; an. val.12,636/. ;
pop. 8868 + 183. Living, a Vic. (Lk. A. A.) with
Nohoval-Dalv, val. 497/., patr. Bishop. Mount
Leader, H. Leader, Esq. ; D. Castle, H. Wallis,
Esq., b. by the M'Cartys.

Drisliane House (142) 5 m. ESE. of Skibbereen,
5 W. Cork, T. Somerville, Esq.

Drochill Castle, at Newlands, N. Peebles, where
R. Tarth joins R. Lyne, was b. 1580 by the
Regent Morton.

# P. M. DROGHKOA, county of itself, locally
in (20) NE. Meath, but chiefly (21, 24) SE. Louth,
on R. Boyne, 4 m. from the sea, 31 J from Dublin
by rail., an assize and sessions town, bonding
port, and excise collection, found, by De Lacy,
became a royal town under Hen. III., who char-
tered its two boroughs on opposite sides of the
river, which were united 1412 by Hen. IV.; had
a staple and the privilege of coining, and was the
seat of several parliaments, of which Poyning's in
Hen. VII. 's time was the most important ; was
defended against the Irish, by Tichborne 1641, and
stormed by Cromwell 1649, when the whole gar-
rison under Aston were put to the sword and
was given up to Will. 111. after the battle of the
Boyne, 30 June 1690, which was fought under
its "walls near the obelisk ; returns one member
to parl. (two before the Union), the limits being
those of the county, which includes parts of
llallvinakenny par. and the two below, no.
of electors 529 (of 10/. houses 920); and by the
new act is divided (i. e. the town part) into



3 ward-, governed by a mayor, Gald., 18 council,
with the style of " mayor, sheriffs, burgesses,
and commonalty of the "town of D." and a re-
venue of 29182. from estates of 2032 acres. Acres
of boro' 5780, of town 472, the country part
now forming two baronies in Louth and Meath ;
pop. of boro' 19,260 + 190, of town 16,621 + 149,
in the cotton and linen yarn manufact., Cairnes'
ale breweries, 8 tanneries, distilleries, soap and
Grendon's iron-works, and a prosperous export
live stock and flour trade ; houses in town 2955,
chiefly on the Louth side and well built, with
3 churches, 3 chapels, rom. cath. cathedral for
Armagh, 3 friaries, 2 nunneries, the Tholsel where
assizes are held, mansion house and news room,
gaol, linen hall, custom house, 3 banks, corn mkt.,
foot barracks for 400, another at Millmount or
Cromwell's fort, gas and water works, infirmary,
6 corn mills, 5 salt works, 3 flax mills, ship-yard,
savings bk. (28,1577. from 1023 depositors), loan
fund, 3-arched bridge, Erasmus Smith's gram,
school (280/.), other schools, mechanics' institute,
clergy widows' houses found, by Abp. Boulter, cor-
poration almsh., and Union p. house ; gd. jurv pre-
sentments 2766/. ; an. val. 8323Z. Livings are: St.
Peter Vic. (Arm. C.) val. 512/., patr. Marquis of
Drogheda, church, reb. 1753, has tombs of the
Moores, Leighs, and others ; St. Mary Vic. 1041.,
same patr. ; St. Mark Cur. 1157., Archbp. D.
Bay has 2 to 12 fath. The harbour, which is ob-
structed by a bar at the river's mouth, where 3
timber lights are placed, having been improved
by dredging, admits vessels of 300 tons to the
quays below bridge, where there is 16 ft. water;
thence barges can go to Navan 19 m. higher;
harbour and light dues 42787. In 1846, 51 sail of
6293 tons (8 being under 50 t. each), and 7
steamers of 2039 t. belonged to the port, which
has Queenboro' for sub-port ; and the tonnage
Inwards and Outwards, including repeated voy-
ages, was ' coastwise ' 733 of 56,055, and 295 of
21,754 tons (besides 206 steamers of 6579, and
398 of 114,541 t), from and to ' colonies ' 9 of
2022, and 6 of 1428 t., from and to 'foreign
ports ' 3 of 402 outw. (besides 3 foreigners of 642,
and 2 of 428 t.); total customs 16,7937., the
trade being in provisions, live stock, linen, coal, etc.
Remains exist of an augustine abbey found, by St.
Patrick, and rebuilt 1226 ; of a dominican abbey,
which was meant to be the seat of an intended
university 1465 ; and a gate on the old city walls.
Other foundations were, a hospital, 2 priories, and
5 or 6 friaries. The Rail, from Dublin, through
Malahide and Balbriggan, 35 m. long with a
branch to Howth, and 18 stations, was made 1844,
at cost of 16,5337. per mile, on a 5 ft. 3 in. gauge ;
it has a branch of 17 m. to Xavan, and is carried on
by a viad. of 250 ft. to Dundalk (55 m.) towards Bel-
fast, and to Castleblayney (73) towards Armagh.
William of D. a civil law writer, and Miles who
wrote on Music, etc., were natives ; it publishes
the ' D. Argus ' and ' D. Conservative ' news-
papers ; and gives title of marquis to the Moores,
who were first seated at Mellifont. Drag. P. L.
Union, contains 12 elect, divs. in Louth and
Meath, with 25 guardians; acres 98,848, pop.
52,251, ho. room for 940, cases relieved (1847-8)
2564 (besides 9192 out-door), expend. 91907.,
prop, rated 136,6047. Mkt. Ds. Thurs. Sat. Fairs,
12 May, 22 June, 26 Aug. 29 Oct. cattle, horses;
10 Mar. 11 Apr. 21 Nov. 19 Dec. wool, etc.

DROINTON tnshp. (72) Stowe and Colwich pars.
Mid. Stafford. 5 m. N W. of Abbots Bromley-129.
Pop. 162.

# P. M. DROITAVICH (54) locally in Upper
tfalfshire hund. Mid. Worcest. 6 m. NE. by N. of

<JQ 2



Worcester, 116 from London, an election town and
polling place (for W. Wore.), on R. Salwarp,
near Birm. and Glouc. rail, and Worcest. canal,
was Salinas on the Ryknield or Salt way of the
Romans, and Wich (from wiche, a salt spring)
of the Saxons; was a crown manor given by
John with a charter to the corporation, and the
head quarters of Ch. I. in 1645 ; returns one mem-
ber to parl. under the Reform act (instead of two
from 1554, and occasionally from Ed. I.), the
bounds comprising the old boro' (which includes
3 pars, as below, parts of Dodderhill and Salwarp,
and Marlboro' ext. par.) with the other parts of
Dodderhill and Salwarpe, Doverdale, Elmbridge,
Hadsor, Himbleton, Hindlip, Martin Hussingtree,
Oddingley, Moorway End, and Broughton diva,
of Hanbury, parts of Claines, Inkbarrow, Warn-
don, and Crutch, and Westwood Park ext. par.,
no. of electors being 357 (of 107. houses 1412) ;
and by the new act is governed, with rather re-
duced limits, by a mayor, 4 aid. 12 council., with
the style of " bailiffs and burgesses of boro' of
Wych," otherwise Droitwich," and revenue of 132/.
Acres of new boro' 22,656, of old boro' 1660
(or 1843), on a substratum of rock salt and brine
springs alternating with marl and gypsum ; pop.
6588 and 2832+35, in the salt works, which pro-
duce 7 to 800,000 bushels yearly, the brine
yielding J common, besides Epsom and Glauber's,
salt; houses of boro' 531, straggling, with 2
churches, 1 chapel, court house on site of exche-
quer with mkt. underneath instead of the old
timber house, two bridges one of which had a
chapel which the road passed through, savings
bk. (13,056/. from 379 depositors,) lunatic asylum,
salt baths ( ?), Coventry's hosp. and school (1009Z.),
Peter's (34/.) and Barker's (20/.) schools, and
Union p. house; assd. taxes 519/. ; poor r. 6647..
on 14,128/. ; real prop. 11,2977., of which 17567.
on canal; charities 11777. Livings are, St. An-
drew with St. Mary and St. Nicholas Sects.
(Wore.) val. 230/., patr. Ld. Chancellor, church,
reb. 1293 ; St. Peter Vic. 1601., Earl Somers. The
Beatichamps founded an austin friary here, and
Dodderhill had a hosp. belonging to Worcester
abbey. An old house here was the residence of
Steynor, who, 1690, broke through the corporation
monopoly of the salt pits. Bp. Richard de Burford,
or de la Wich, and Ch. baron Wilde ( ?) of Crom-
well's day, were natives. Hanbury, T. T.Vernon,
Esq. ; Westwood Ho. Sir J. S. Packington, Bt.,
M. P. D. Cunal, o m. long, was cut 1768 by
Brindley to the Severn at Salwarp's mouth,
falling 56J ft. with 8 locks. Droitw. P. L. Union,
contains the pars. etc. of Claines, Crowle, Dodder-
hill, Doverdale, Droitwich, Elmbridge, Elmley
Lovett, Hadsor, Hampton Lovett, Hanbury,
Hartlebury, Himbleton, Hinlip, Huddington,
Martin Hussingtree, Mitton (Upper), Oddingley,
Ombersley, Salwarpe, Stock and Bradley, Tib-
berton, Upton Warren, Warndon ; acres 53,089,
pop. 17,465, cases relieved (1846-7) 1462 (out-
door 1011), expend. 6501'., prop, rated 111,2827.
S\ip. Registry comprises the same, with Whistones ;
pop. 17,468 + 152. The New County Court dis-
trict corresponds with the Registry, except Har-
tlebury and Upper Mitton, which go to Kidder-
minster. Mkt. D. Frid. Fairs, Mon. before
20 June, Wed. before 21 Dec.

ifc DROKINSFORD DEANERY, archdy. and dioc.
of Winton, includes the benefices marked in the
divisions of Droxford, as below (9 benefices),
Fareham (17 ben.), and Petersfield (5 ben.), or
31 in 11 hunds. or libs, in all.

DROM, or DROMSPERANE, par. (34-5, etc.) Elio-
garty bar. Mid. Tippery. a police station, 2 m.


SW. of Templemore-86. Acres 4480 ; pop. 2025
+ 76. Living, a Vic. with Borrisleagh. ' Drom,'
'drum,' or ' druim,' a ridge.

Dromada Hill (35) 5 m. NE. of Abbeyfeale, W.
Limerick, 854 ft. high.

Dromadda (77) near Castlemartyr, E. Cork,
Courtney, Esq.

JDromagh Castle (30) 4 m. SW. of Kanturk, JV.
Cork, seat of N. Leader, Esq. formerly of the
O'Keefes, near the collieries.

Dromana (29) 3 m. S. of Cappoquin, S. Water-
ford, H. Stuart, Esq. was the birth-place of the
Countess of Desmond, who, after a journey to
London, died by a fall from a cherry tree, at" the
age of 140.

J)ROMANBY, GREAT and LITTLE, limits. ( )
Kirkby-in-Cleveland tnshp. N. R. York. 2 m.
SSW. of Stokesley-238.

9, etc.) Kinelarty, Upper and Lower Iveagh bars.
Mid. Down, 7 m. SE. of Dromore-84, under Slieve
Croob (1715 ft. high), was granted by Elizabeth
to the Magennises. Acres 21,193; pop. 10,070,
decreasing, vil. 226. Living, aRect. and prebend.
(Dn. C. D.) val. 121/., patr. Bishop. Woodford,
H. Black. Esq.; D. House, Rev. H.E. Boyd. Mkt.
D. Frid. Fairs, 1st Frid. in Feb. May, Aug.

Dromard ( ) near Kesh, N. Fermanagh, W. H.
Archdale, Esq. gg~ Dromard (24) 5 m. NE.
of Templemore, If. Tippery. F. Lidwell, Esq.
l^ DROMARD par. (13, 19) Tireragh bar. NIV.
Sligo, 2 m. NW. of Coolaney-129. Acres 9422,
with granite and limestone ; pop. 2445, decreasing.
Living, a .Kerf. (Tu. K. A.) val. 286/., patr. Bishop.
Longford, Sir J. Crofton, Bt., the head of that
fam. ; Tanragoe, Col. Irwin, near the old bawn
which was burnt by Cromwell. Remains of an
old church stand near St. Patrick's well.

P. DROMCOLLIHER par. (45, 54) Upper Connello
bar. S. Limerick, 10 m. SE. of Newcastle-143,
a police station among the mountains. Acres
4846, with limestone ; pop. 2780, of vil. 714 + 6.
Living, a Vic. with Corcomohide ; church, in
ruins. Fairs, 15 Mar. 2 May, 17 June, 24 Aug.
5 Nov. 3 Dec.

DROMDALEAGUE par. (106-7, etc.) E. Carbery-
West bar. S. Cork, 5 m. E. of Bantry-201, on R.
Hen, has remains of Castle Donovan. Acres
18,708, hilly with slate; an. val. 5150/. ; pop.
5501 + 63. " Living, a Rect. and prebend. (Ck.
R. C.) val. 38 1/., patr. Bishop. D. House, Rev. T.


DROMDOWNEY par. (24) Orrery bar. N. Cork,
3 m. NW. of Mallow-147. Acres 659, with lime-
stone and woodland ; an. val. 490/. ; pop. 186 + 2.
Living, a Vic. with Ballyclough.

DROMGOOLESTOWN vil. ( ) Ardee bar. Mid.
Louth, 3 m. WSW. of Castle Bellingham-43.
Pop. 107, decreasing.

Dromilt ( ) near Markethill, Mid. Armagh,

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