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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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cultivated, with mineral springs, freestone, trap,
and traces of manganese; pop. 1015+7; real
prop. 65927. ; for poor 1447. Living (Presb. For-
doun) val. 2257., patr. Viscount Arbuthnott, of A.
House on the River, who takes hence his title ;
church, old, with monuments of Principal Ar-
buthnott (who built the fine aisle), the witty
Doctor (the contemporary of Pope and Swift), and
others of the family. Allardice cast, belongs to

R. B. Allardice, Esq. ; Kair, J. J. Kinlock, Esq.
once the Sibbalds' seat.

Arbutus Isld. (74) in the Upper Lake of Killar-
ney, S. Kerry, so called from the trees here.

Arcadia (48) 2 m. N. of Abergaveany, NW.
Monmouth. F. Woodhouse, Esq.

Arcany, or Erkina, River (34) rises near Eirke,
SW. Queen's Co. and runs E. about 10 m. past
Rathdowney to the Nore, near Durrow and A.

Arch Cavern (1) near Portacloy NW. Mayo,
on the coast, is 30 ft. high, and wide enough for a
boat to row through, under a trap cliff which
rises 600 ft. sheer above it. ^Jp A. Hall (48)
5 m. SE. of Colchester, NE. Essex, on R. Colne.

Archaia, or Arkaig, Loch, 10 m. N. of Fort
William, S. Inverness. 10 m. long and 1 broad,
near A. Glen and Loch Lochy, in the midst of fine
scenery, is the spot where Pr. Charles was hid by
the Camerons of Achnacarry, after the battle of

ARCHDEACON-NEWTON tnshp. ( ) Darlington
par. S. Durham, 3 m. NW. of Darlington-241.
Acres 910 ; pop. 63.

ArchenhiU (55) 9 m. WSW. of Worcester, W.

Archer Lodge (12) near Sherfield, N, Hants.
Archer's Court (3) 2 m. of Dovor, E. Kent.
Archerstown (41) near Thurles, Mid. Tipperary,
seat of H. Langley, Esq. giP Archerstown (8)
near Drumcree, NE. Westmeath, S. A. Eeynell,

Archfield (19) 4 m. W. of Ready, W. Armagh.
Archhall (18) 5 m. NW. of Navan, N. Medth,
S. Garnet, Esq.

ARCIIIESTOWN vil. Knockando par. E. Elgin.

2 m. N. of Inveraven-116, near R. Spey. Pop. 174.

ARCLEDON hmlt. ( ) Plumbland par. W.

Cumbrld. 7 m. NNE. of Cockermouth-306, has


Arclet, or Arklet, Loch, between Lochs Katrine
and Lomond, NW. Stirling, under Ben Lomond.

ARCLID tnshp. (80)Sandbach par. SE. Chesh. 2
m. E. of Sandbach-162. Acres 610 ; pop. 121 + 5.
Arcot ( ) 7 m. N. of Newcastle, SE. Northm-
brld. G. Storey, Esq.

Ard Loch, 3 m. W. of Aberfoil, SW. Perth.
on R. Forth, near L. Katrine and the Trossachs,
though small is one of the most beautiful of the
scotch lakes. Under the oak from which ' Bailie
Nicol Jarvie ' hung, is an echo ; and at the head
is the fall described in 'Waverley.' 'Ard' or
" Aird," a high head or point. <gp A. Ross, a
district of NE. Ross. between Cromarty and
Dornoch Friths.

ARDAOII par. (55-6, 66-7) Imokilly bar. E.
Cork, 6m. NW. of Youghal-157, on R. Turra,
has ruins of Kilnaturra cast. Acres 7880, with
bog and limestone ; pop. 2552, decreasing. Living,
a Rect. (Ck. R. C.) val. 5357., patr. Crown, igf AR-
DAGH par. (27-8, 35-6) Glenquin and Shanid bars.
W. Limerick, 3 m. NW. of Newcastle-145. Acres
9030, good, with mountain and traces of coal, iron-
stone, and fire clay ; pop. 2223 + 3, of vil. 386.
Living, a Rect. with St. Michael's. A. Lodge, T.
Fitzgibbon, Esq. Fairs, 11 May, 14 Aug. 21 Nov.
ARDAGH BARONY (19-20, etc.) Mid. Longford,
contains Longford and Edgworthstown, the pars.
of Mostrim and Rathreagh, and parts of Ardagh
(as below), Ballymacormick, Clonbrony, Granard,
Kilglass, Street, and Templemichael ; acres
40,223, an. val. 29,2327., pop. 19,917, houses 3313.
P. ARDAGH par. (19, 20, etc.) Ardagh and
Moydow bars. SE. Longfd., 6 m. SE. of Long-
ford-70, a petty sess. and police station, under A.


Hill (403 ft), was the seat of a bishopric, and had
a franciscan friary, b. by the O'Ferralls. Acres
11,417, good, with bog; pop. 4524, of vil. 165.
Living, a Rect. (K. E. A.) val. 399/., patr. Crown.
A. House, Sir G. K. Fetherston, Bt. where Gold-
smith once passed a night and founded his play of
" She Stoops to Conquer." ij< A. DIOCESE, now
united with Elphin to Kilmore (K. E. A.) archdioc.
of Armagh and Tuam, in 1833 comprised 38 par.
(principally in Longford, Leitrim, Westmeath,
Cavan), 26 benefices, 35 churches ; extent 61 m.
by 11 ; acres 210,382; pop. 371,930; net val. of
benefices 12,213/., one exceeding 1700/. At pre-
sent the benefices are 31, all except 7, in patron-
age of the Bp. Rom. Cath. diocese, united to Clan-
macnoise, includes 41 par. Fairs, 5 Apr. 24 Aug.

ARDAGH par. (29-30, etc.) Tirawley bar. N.
Mayo, 3 m. WSW. of Ballina-159, near Lough
Conn on R. Deel. Acres 5494, boggy; pop. 2621
+ 81. Living, a Vic. (Tu. K. A.) val. with Atty-
mass and 4 others 920/., patr. Bishop ; church, in
ruins. Deel castle, G. Cuff, Esq. Fairs, 4 Aug.
1 Nov. giP AKDAGH par. (2, 3, 6) Morgallion
and Lower Slane bars. N. Meath, 4 m. NE. of
Nobber-44, near Rahan's Lough, has remains of
an old castle. Acres 3669, good, with limestone ;
pop. 2518 +11. Living, a Cur. (Meath) val. 102/.,
patr. Crown.

Ardagh Bog, Ballymoe bar. NE. Galway.

Ardahilkn Loch (28) Roscommon bar. Mid.
Roscommon, 3 m. SE. of Tulsk.

Ardalee (44) 1 m. S. of Clough, Mid. Down,
Rev. W. Annesley.

ARDAMIXE par. (12, 17) Ballaghkeen bar. NE.
Wexford, 4 m. SSE. of Gorey-61, on A. Bay, in
St. George's chan. contains River Chapel, and A.
Moat, a very perfect danish remain. Acres 4215 ;
pop. 1705 + 17, some fishermen. Living, a Rect.
(Fe. L. O.) val. with Killenagh 32{., patr. H. K. G.
Morgan, Esq. A. House, J. G. Richards, Esq.

P. AKDARA viL (73) Bannagh bar. W. Donegal,
17 m. NW. of Donegal, 161 from Dublin, where
R. Oanea runs into Loughrosmore bay, is a petty
sessions and police station. Pop. 603 + 15. Living,
a Cur. (Dy. R.) val. 327., patr. Rectors of Killybegs
and Inniskeel. Fair, 1 Nov.

Ardardan House, 2 m. WNW. of Dumbarton,
S W. Dumbrtn. on the Frith of Clyde.

ARDARGIE vil. Forgandenny par. SE. Perth.
5 m. SW. of Perth-40, near R. May, on the Ochils,
has remains of a roman camp, 90 yds. square,
with trenches, etc. and Castle Law british fort

Ardbear Harb. (35) in Clifden bay, NW. Gal-
way, has good anchorage in 5 to 7 fathoms, and
a salmon fishery. A. House, .

Ardblair House, 1 m. SW. of Blairgowrie, E.
Perth, near A. Moss, is an old seat of the Oliphants

ARDBRACCAN par. (25-5, 39-1) Lower Navan
bar. Mid. Meath, 3 m. W. of Navan-29, contains
Bohermeen, and had a monastery founded by St.
Braccan, which became a bishopric, now joined
to Meath. Acres 6491, good, with lime and marl ;
pop. 4596 + 30, some linen and cotton weavers.
Living, a Rect. (Meath) val. with Martry and 4
others 687/., patr. Crown 5 church, has tombs of
Bps. Pococke and Montgomery. A. Palace, seat
of the Bp. of Meath, built by Wyatt, has two
cedars of Lebanon planted by Pococke, chest-
nuts, etc.

ARDCAKDRISK par. (36-7) Shelmaliere-West
bar. X. Wexford, 4 m. WNW. of Wexford-94, on
R. Slaney. Acres 1227 arable; pop. 287 + 4.
Living, a Rect. with Wexford. A. House, G. R.
Morgan, Esq. who owns the manor.



ARDCANNY par. (3, 4, 11-2) Kenry bar. N. Li-
merick, 8 m. W. of Limerick-119, where R. Maigue
joins the Shannon. Acres 3100, good, on lime-
stone; pop. 1282, decreasing. Living a Rect.
(Lk. A. A.) val. 277/., patr. Bishop. Cartown, J.
E. Langford, Esq.

ARDCARN par. (4, 6, etc.) Boyle bar. N. Ros-
comn. 5 m. E. of Boyle-107, a petty sessions town
on Lough Key, which had an abbey, a benedictine
nunnery, and franciscan monastery, and belonged
to the MoUovs. Acres 19,963 (of which 1160 are
in the lough), good, well wooded, with lime and
building stone and traces of coal ; pop. 8304 + 159.
Living, a Rect. (K. E. A.) vaL with Killukin and
2 others 446/., patr. Bishop ; church, very old, was
part of the nunnery. Rockingham Ho. Viscount
Lorton, a great benefactor. Oakport, W. Molloy,

Ardcastle Creek (76) near Kilkerran bay, W.
Galway, is a small fishing harb.

ARDCATH par. (27, 33) Upper Duleek bar. E.
Meath, 6 m. SSW. of Drogheda-28. Acres 4380,
good, with slate quarries ; pop. 1481 (decreasing)
of vil. 103, weavers. Living, a Vic. with Du-
leek; church, near the ruins of an older one.
Fairs, 7 May, 21 June, 27 Oct

ARDCAVAN par. (32-3, 37-8) E. Shelmaliere bar.
E. Wexf., 4 m. NE. of Wexford-94, where R. Sla-
ney joins Wexfd. haven, contains Castle Bridge
and ruins of Ballytramont cast. Acres 2458, good,
with wood ; pop. 947 + 9. Living, a Cur. with
Ardcolme; church, in ruins. Ely House, R.
Hughes, Esq.

AHDCHATTAN par. Lorn distr. N. Argyll. 8 m.
ENE. of Oban-124, on Loch Etive near Connel
ferry, under Ben Cruachan (3670 ft.) has the pic-
tish Beregonium, and remains of the ivy-covered
priory, found. 1230 by the Mac Dougalls, where
Bruce held a parliament after his victory at Bun-
awe-1448, and which was burnt in the wars of
Mpntrose, by Colkitto. Size 24 m. by 20, moun-
tainous and well wooded, with plenty of game,
and watered by the Rs. Awe, Etive, and Kinloss ;
pop. 1461, decreasing ; real prop. 10,996 ; for
poor 550/. Living (Presb. Lorn) val. 283/., patr.
Campbell of Lochnell. At the loch's mouth is
Dunstaffhage cast., the old seat of the Mac Dou-
galls. A. House, S. Popham, Esq.

Ardchean-ochrocan Inn, 7 m. WSW. of Callan-
der, S W. Perth, on Loch Achray, between the
Trossachs and the bridge of Turk.

P. ARDCLACH par. E. Nairn. 8 m. SE. of Nairn
-126, on R. Findhorn. Acres about 6000, chiefly
heathy well wooded mountain, with game ; pop.
1177, decreasing ; real prop. 23981. ; for poor 250J.
Living (Presb. Nairn) val. 248/., patr. Brodie of
Letham, chief heritor.


ARDCLJNIS par. (24-5, etc.) Lower Glenarm bar.
NE. Antrim, 4m. NW. of Glenarm-131, on the
coast in a fine spot near Red bay, contains Carn-
lough and GlenarifF, and remains of Dunmaul, a
danish camp near Garron Point. Acres 15,692,
mountain and bog, with lime and basalt ; 1742 +
13, some fishermen. Living, a Rect. with Agher-
ton ; church, in ruins. Drumnasole, A. Turnley,

ARDCOLM par. (32-3, 37-8) E. Shelmaliere bar.
E. Wexfd. 3 m. ENE. of Wexford-94, contains
Castle Bridge and Erin Beg isld. in Wexfd. haven,
with ruins of an old church. Acres 2232, good,
with waste; pop. 804+5. Living, a Vic. (Fe.
L. O.) val. with Ardcavan and 6 others 514/., patr.
Bishop ; church, on the site of a fort, has tombs
of Col. Watson and others who were killed in the
rebellion of 1798.




ARDCRONY par. (10, 15) Lower Ormond bar.
.ZV. Tipperary, 4 m. S. of Borrisokane-91, near
Lough Derg, has remains of an old church, castle,
and fort. Acres 6429, light, with bog and lime ;
pop. 1571, decreasing. Living, a Vic. (K. K. C. K.)
val. 681., patr. Bishop. Beechwood, Col. Osborne,
formerly the Earl of Norbury's seat.

ARDDA tnshp. (78) Dol-y-Garrog tnshp. NE.
Carnarvon. 4 m. NW. of Llanrwst-217.

ARDDYNWENT tnshp. (79) Mold par. Mid. Flint.
near Mold-191. Pop. 400.

ARDEA par. (7, etc.) Portnahinch bar. N.
Queen's Co. 5 m. N. of Maryborough-50, contains
Irishtown and part of Mountmellick. Acres 7726 ;
pop. 5185. See COOLBANAGHER. igaP ARDEA
hmlt. (110) Glenarought bar. S. Kerry, 10 m. SW.
of Kenmare-202, near A. Castle.

ARDEE BARONY (13-15. etc.) W. Louth, con-
tains Castle Bellingham, the pars, of Ardee, Cap-
poge, Charlestown, Clonkeen, Dronim, Drum-
car, Gernonstown, Kildemock, Kilsaran, Mapas-
town, Mosstown, Phillipstown, Richardstown,
Shanlis, Smarmore, Stabannan, Stickellin and
Tallanstown, and part of Killanny and Louth ;
acres 53,832, an. val. 55,772/., pop. 28,704, houses

P. M. ARDEE par. (14, 17) in the above bar.
12 m. NW. of Drogheda, 43 from Dublin, on the
R. Dee, a sessions and chief police station, head of
an excise district, and a decayed borough re-
turning 2 members under the Ruxtons till the
Union, was founded 13th cent, by Roger de Pip-
part an english settler, who built a hospital,
carmelite friary, and castle, still used as a gaol ;
was burnt by Edw. Bruce, and by O'Nial 1538 ;
given by Edw. II. to Sir J. Birmingham ; taken
by Cromwell, who gave it to Williams now repre-
sented by W. Hatch, Esq. ; and was occupied by
Jas. II. before the battle of the Boyne. Acres
4885, fertile, with bog, lime, and greenstone ; pop.
6392 + 21, of town 3679 in the malt and corn
trade, a tannery, and the basket manufact. ; houses
738, with chapel, court-house, bridewell, 2 mar-
kets, savings bank, dispensary, union workhouse.
Living, a Vic. (Arm. C.) val. with Kildemock
and 3 others 807/., patr. Primate ; church, is part
of the old monastery. A. House, R. Ruxton, Esq.
Castle-Guard rath is near the town ; and it gives
title of Baron Brabazon of A. to Earl of Meath.
Ard. P. L. Union, contains 13 electoral divs. in
Louth and Meath, with 24 guardians; acres
96,159, pop. 43,348, ho. room for 600, cases relieved
(1847-8) 1685 (besides 1936 out-door), expend.
10,883/., prop, rated 93,047Z. Mkt. D. Tues.
Fairs, 1 Mar. 10 Apr. 6 June, 8 July, 20 Aug.
23 Oct. 17 Dec.

Ard-Erin Mountn. the highest of the Slieve-
bloom range, NW. Queen's Co. 1733 ft. high.

ARDEN par. (54) Barlichway hund. S W. War-
wick. 3 m. SE. of Alcester - 103, is joined to TEM-
PLE GRAFTON. Arden, i. e. ' ard-dene,' high wood,
is the british name of a forest between the Severn
and the Trent, occupied by the Cornavii, but
afterwards confined to that part of the county N.
of the Avon about Henley, Hampton, etc. called
the Woodland. Gives title of baron to Earl
Egmont ; and probably is the true original of
Shakespere's ' Forest of Arden,' of Rosalind's
wanderings, and the moralising of Jacques. The
4 black hound of Arden,' was the nickname given
by P. Gaveston to Beauchamp of Warwick. >}< A.
DEANERY, archdy. of Coventry, dioc. of Worcester,
contains the benefices marked in Hemlingford
hund. with Anstey vie., Arleyreci., Astley cur.,
Balsal Temple c., Burton Hastings c., Egbaston
v., Honiley r., Milverton c., Packwood c.

ARDEN vil. New Monkland par. N. Lanark.
near Airdrie-32. Pop. 646.

Ardenconnel House, 1 m. NW. of Helensburgh,
W. Dumbrtn. J. Colquhoun, Esq. on Gare loch,
was the Buchanans' seat.

ARDEN-WITH-ARDENSIDE tnshp. ( ) Hawnby
par. N. R. York. 7 m. NW. of Helmsley-222, on
Humbledon moor, was the site of a benedictine
nunnery, found. 1150, val. 12/. Acres 9090, moor-
land ; pop. 137 ; poor r. 43L (Helmsl. U.). A. Hall,
D'A. Tancred, Esq.

AHDEONAIG. See Loch Tayside, Perth.
ARDERRA par. (42) Iverk bar. S. Kilkenny,
4 m. SW. of Mullinavat-87, belonged to JEEPOINT
ABBEY (which see). Acres 777 ; pop. 300, de-

P. ARDERSEIR par. 10m. NE. of Inverness-161,
NE. Invern. on Moray Frith, containing Camp-
belltown and Fort George, belonged to the Bp. of
Ross and the K. Hospitallers, and has remains of
Cabbac stone cairn. Size 2J m. by 2, fertile, but
sandy near the sea; pop. 1475 + 21; real prop.
1561/. ; for poor 132/. Living (Presb. Nairn) val.
158/., patr. Earl of Cawdor, heritor.

Arderyth of the Britons, is AIRDRIE Lanark.
where Rhydderch of Strath Cluyd defeated Aldan
of Kintyre 577.

ARDESS hmlt (6) Lurg bar. N. Fermanagh,
2 m. E. of Kesh-118.

ARDESTIE old par. united to Monifieth, Forfar.
P. M. a. ARDFERT par. (20-1, 28) Trughan-
acmy and Clanmaurice bars. NW. Kerry, 6 m.
NNW. of Tralee, 198 from Dublin, on Ballyheigue
bay, near the Stacks mountns, a sess. and police
station, the decayed seat of a bishopric, and a bo-
rough returning 2 members under the Crosbiesfrom
1639 till the Union ; was founded by St. Brendon in
6th cent; burnt 1089,1151 (by Cormac O'Culen),
and 1179 ; was taken by Stack 1599, by Sir C.
Wilmot 1600, and had its castle and cathedral
destroyed 1641. Acres 10,134, moorland and
sand, with traces of copper ; pop. 4334, of town
655 ; houses 123. Living, a Beet. (Lk. A. A.) val.
101/., patr. Bishop ; church, is part of the cathe-
dral, and has effigies of a bishop. It had a leper
house, a ' university,' and a round tower (till 1780) ;
and belongs to Earl of Listowel. A. Abbey, Mrs.
Crosbie, includes the fine ruins of a franciscan
monastery found. 1253, by Lord Kerry of Lisnaw,
with tombs of the Crosbies, Earls o"f Glandore ;
Tulrid, J. O'Connell, Esq; Rahanane cast, in
ruins, and once the seat of the bps., is at Barra,
the only harbour on the coast. >i< A. DIOCESE,
sometimes called Kerry, united immemorially
with Aghadoe, and since 1663 with Limerick
(Lk. A. A.), archdioc. of Dublin, comprised
(1833) 87 pars, in Kerry and part of Cork, 48
benefices, 35 churches; extent 66 m. by 61, or
about 1,160,000 acres; pop. 261,641; net val.
of benefices 13,58 1/. At present the benefices are
53, of which 18 are in patronage of Bp., 11 of
Crown. Mkt. D. Th. Fairs, Whit Mond. 9 July,
15 Aug.

ARDFIELD par. (135, 144) Ibane bar. 5. Cork,
4 m. S. of Clonakilty-188, near Gully Head in
Ross bay, has a ruined castle. Acres 2645, fertile,
with traces of copper ; pop. 2460 + 44. Living,
a Vic. (Ck. R. C.) val. 96t, patr. Bishop ; church,
in ruins.

P. ARDFINNAN par. (82, 88) Iffa and Offa bar,
S. Tipperary, 5 m. SE. of Cahir-110, a petty sess.
and police station, on R. Suir, between the Knock-
mealdown and Galtee mountns. with remains of a
monastery found, by St. Finian, and of a castle
b. 1183 by K. John, and destroyed by Cromwell.
Acres, 1813, fertile, with lime; pop. 1214 + 44,


of vil. 530. Living, a Rect. (Ca. E. W. L) val.
with Rochestown and Neddins 289/., patr. Bishop.
Fairs, 2 Feb. 17 May, 19 Nov.

Ardfry Peninsula (94) 3 m. S. of Oranmore, 8.
Galu-y. on Gahvay bay, near A. House, Lord

Ardgarten House 2 m. W. of Arroquar, E.
Argyll. Campbell, Esq. near the vale of Glencoe.

Ardgittan (5) near Balrothery, AT. Dublin, Hon.
and Rev. E. Taylor.

P. &. ARDGLASS par. (45) Lecale bar. SE.
Down. 6 m. SE. of Downpatrick, 103 from Dublin,
a coast-gd. and police station, sub-port to Newry,
fishing and bathing place, on A. Say, in the Irish
chan., under A. Ward Hill (which has a fine
prospect) belongs to Major Beauclerc through the
Fitzgeralds and Ogilvies, and has remains of Jor-
den's, Cow'd, Margaret, and King's castles, also of
the Tower and Ardtole church near Ardtole Ward
hill and cavern. Acres 1137, arable, with good
rubblestone quarries; pop. 1433, of town 1066,
in the fisheries, which employ 300 to 400 boats.
Living, an impropriate Rect. ; no church. A.
Castle, seat of Ogilvie, Esq. whose family have
been great benefactors, includes part of an old pile
called the New Works, supposed to have been oc-
cupied by the early traders, of Hen. IV.'s time.
A. Light is building on the pier, in lat. 54 15' X.
long 5 36' W., in place of one that had fallen.
Gave title of earl to the Cromwells and now of
visct. Barrington of A. to that family.

Ardglass (23) 8 m. NE. of Athlone. W. West-
tneath, A. P. Bond, Esq.

Ardgonnell, or Ardgowell, Castle (15) near Mid-
dleton, W. Armagh, a ruined stronghold of the

Ardgour House, 8 m. SW. of Fort William, N.
Argyll, seat of A. M'Lean, Esq. in A. District,
between lochs Sheel and Eil. See KILMALIE.

Ardgowan House, 1 m. NW. of Innerkip, NW.
Renfrew. Sir M. R. S. Stewart, Bt. on the Frith
of Clyde, near A. Point, comes through Sir Jno.
Stewart son of Rob. III. who bestowed it 1390.

ARDGROOM vil. (108) 14 m. SW. of Kenmare.
S. Kerry, in Kenmare River, on A. Harbour.

Ardiffery, near Ellon, E. Aberdeen. J. Gam-
inell, F.sq.

Ardigion (24) near Killyleagh, E. Down. R.
Heron, Esq.

Ardincapk, 8 m. SSW. of Oban, W. Argyll on
the coast. (j^" A. Inn, near Helensburgh, W.
Dumbrtn. on the Frith of Clyde,

P. ARDINGLEY par. (9) Buttinghill hund. Lewes
rape, Mid. Sussex, 3 m. NE. of Cuckfield-38,
near Bright, rail, contains Hapsted. Acres 4780 ;
pop. 742 + 16 ; poor r. 671/. (Cuckfi. U.) ; real
prop. 34 14/. Living, a Rect. ffihic.) val. 498/.,
patr. J. F. W. Peyton, Esq. of Wakehurst Place ;
church, has tombs of the Wakehursts and Cul-
peppers, and 2 brasses of Nic. Culpepper, his wife,
10 sons, and 8 daughters.

AnniNGTOx par. (13) Wantage hund. NW.
Berks. 2 m. E. of Wantagc-60, on a branch of the
Thames, near Gt. West. rail, and Wilts and Berks,
canal. Acres 1310; pop. 405; poor r. 230/.
(Want. U.) ; real prop. 3385/. ; charities 2L Holy
Trinity Vic. (Oxon.) vaL I., patr. Ch. Ch.
Coll. At A. House, late seat of the Clarkes
who had the manor, died 1849, R. Vernon, Esq.
who gave the " Vernon Gallery" of pictures to the
nation, and whose tomb is in the church.

Ardinode (29) near Ballymore Eustace, E. KU-

P. ARDIXTENNY hmlt. Strachur par. SE. Ar~
</////. Ill m. NW. of Greenock-66, on Loch Long,
lias a steamer to Glasgow, etc.

ARD 59

Ardintinant Castle (149) near Skull, SW. Cork,
a ruin in Roaring Water bav.

Ardintrawe, 12 m. WSW of Greenock, SE. Ar-
gyll, near the Kyles of Bute.

ARD KEEN par. (18, 25) Ards bar. E. Down.
4 m. N. of Portaferry-103, on Lough Strangford,
has remains of De Courcys' cast, which was be-
sieged by Shane O'Neill 1567. Acres 4801, in-
ferior, with rock and bog ; pop. 2238 + 6. Living,
a Rect. (Dn. C. D.) val. 26U, patr. Prebendary
of St. Andrew's ; church, has tombs of the Savage
family who had the manor.

ARDKILL par. (3, 8, 9) Carbery bar. N. Kildare,
7 m. NW, of Robertstown-29, near Bog of Allen.
Acres 5848 ; pop. 1214 + 37. Living, a Vic. with
Castle Carbery.

ArdkiUmore Hill (31) 3 m. ESE. of Bellananagh,
Mid. Cavan, 878 ft. high.

Ardkinglass, 4 m. E. of Inverary, E. Argyll, on
Loch Fine, Callander, Esq.

Ardlamont, or Lamont, Point, between the Kyles
of Bute and Loch Fine, S. Argyll.

Ardle Water. See Airdle, Perth.

Ardler, 3 m. NE. of Cupar Angus, W. Forfar.
on Scot. Cent. rail.

P. ARDLEIGH par. (48) Tendring hund. NE.
Essex, 5 m. NE. of Colchester-51, on E. Union
rail. Acres 5100; pop. 1605 + 6; poor r. 709/.
(Tendring U.) ; real prop. 8409/. ; charities 31. St.
Mary Vic. (Roch.) val. 258/., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

ARDLEY par. (45) Ploughley hund. N. Oxford,
4 m, NW. of Bicester-54, has traces of a castle b.
in Stephen's time, on site of OfFa's camp, near
the boundary ditch of Mercia and Wessex, which
may be traced here. Acres 1440 ; pop. 168 ; poor
r. 797. (Bicest. U.) ; real prop. 1656/. St. Mary
Rect. (Oxon.) val. 307/., patr. Duke of Marl-
borough, of Blenheim.

P. Ardlocher (14) 3 m. N. of Killashandra, N.
Cavan, P. Thornton, Esq.

Ardlonan (11) near Moynalty, A 7 . Meath.

Ardmachnish Bay, 5 m. N. of Oban, N. Argyll.
opposite Lismore isld.

Ardmaddy 10 m. S. of Oban, W. Argyll, oppo-
site Seil isld. has a marble quarry near A. House.

Ardmanagh (139) near Skull, S. Cork.

ARDMAYLE par. (52-3, 60) Middlethird bar.
Mid. Tipperary, 3 m. NW. of Cashel-100, a police
station on R. Suir, with remains of Sinone cast,
where some of Strongbow's followers were slain, and
of another at Castlemoyle, a stronghold of the
Butlers taken by Cromwell. Acres 4941, good,
with limestone quarries; pop. 1757, decreasing.
Living, an impropriate Cur. (Ca. E. W. L.) val.
1081. ; church, with an old tower. A. House, T.
Price, Esq.

Ardmeanach, or the Black Isle, between Cro-
marty and Murray Friths, E. Ross.

Ardmillan, near Girvan, N. Ayr. Crawford,
Esq. gif ARDMILLAJJ hmlt. (17) Lower Castle-
rea bar. NE. Down. 5 m. SE. of Comber-112, on
Lough Strangford. Pop. 108.

^4rdraore(2)nearCharleville, N.Cork. O" Ard-
more 6 m. WNW. of Dumbarton, SW. Dumbrtn.
on Frith of Clyde. (3P Ardmore (20) near Lon-
donderry, W. Londy. J. A. Smyth, Esq.

P. 21. ARDMORE par. (35-6, etc.) Decies-within-
Drum bar. S. Waterford, 4 m. SW. of Dungarvan
-124, a coast-gd. and police station, and bathing-
place on A. Bay, in St. George's chan., near A.
Head, and the Parlour cavern, was the seat of
a bishopric founded by St. Declan, from 448 till
about 1170 when it was united to Lismore, and
has remains of a round tower 90 ft. high, in the
churchyard. Acres 24,215, fertile, with mountain
pasture and bog and traces of copper, lead, and



iron ; pop. 8737 + 142, of vil. 716 + 30. Living, a
Vic. (Ca. E. W. L.) val. with Baiiymacart 2541.,
pair. Bishop; church, near the ruins of a very
old one, and St. Declan's dormitory, well, and
stone. A. House, S. Bagge, Esq.

Ardmore Harbour, inside of Dornoch Frith, NE.

Ardmore Point, in Islay, S W. Argyll, near the
ruins of Kildalton church.

AKDMULCHAN par. (25-6) Skreen bar. N. Heath,
2 m. ENE. of Navan-29, on R. Boyne. Acres
3583, good, with lime and building stone; pop.
1038, decreasing. Living, a Rect. with Painstown.
A. House, R. Taafe, Esq.

ARDNACRCSHA hmlt. (63) Lower Bunratty bar.
SE. Clare, 2 m. N. of Limerick-119. Pop. 136.

Ardnagashill (105) 3 m. NW. of Bantry, W.
Cork, near Bantry bay, S. Hutchins, Esq.

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