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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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1783 ; catholic association 1826-9; O'Connell
tried 1844 ; O'Brien, etc. convicted of high trea-
son 1848-9. Among the natives are : Usher 1581

-1656, Ware 1594-1646, Denham, poet, 1615-88,
Duke of Ormonde 1657-1745, N. Tate, poet,
1655-92, Southerne, dramatist, 1660-1746, Swift
1667-1744 (in Hoey's court), Steele 1671-1729,
Parnell 1679-1717, T. Sheridan 1719-88, his son
R. B. Sheridan 1751-1816, Archdall, author of
'Monast. Hib.,' 1723-91, T. Leland, author of
4 Hist, of Ireland,' 1722-85 (J. Leland, who wrote
on the deistical writers, was a resident), Earl of
Charlemont 1728-99, Barrett, painter, 1732-84,
Jephson, dramatist, 1734-1803, Sir P. Francis,
'Junius,' 1740-1818, Malone 1741-1812, Ld.
Chan. Clare 1749-1802, Grattan 1750-1820,
O'Keife the dramatist 1747-1833, Mrs. Tighe
1774-1810, and Duke of Wellington (? born
1769). Out of 25 newspapers, the 'Freeman's
Journal,' and ' Sanders' Newsletter,' appear daily ;
' Dub. Evening Mail,' ' D. Evening Packet,' ' D.
Evening Post,' 4 Evening Freeman,' ' Press,' three
times a week ; ' Dub. Evening Herald,' ' D. Ga-
zette,' twice a week ; ' Advocate,' ' Commercial
Journal,' 'Gen. Advertiser,' ' Insolvent Calender,'
' Irish Farmer's Gaz.,' ' Irish Railway Gaz.,'
' Irish Jurist,' ' Irishman,' ' Medical Press," ' Mer-
cantile Advertiser,' ' Nation,' ' Tablet,' ' Warder,'
4 Weekly Freeman,' ' Weekly Register,' once a
week ; and it gave title of marcj. to Duke of Kent,

as it does that of earl to the Prince of Wales.

Steamers go to Belfast, Glasgow, Douglas, Liver-
pool, Holyhead, Wexford, Cork, Bristol, Fal-
mouth, Plymouth, London. High roads from
Dublin : 1. To Drogheda 28 m., Dundalk 50,
Newry 63 (Armagh 81, or Downpatrick 94), Bel-
fast 101, Antrim 106, Ballycastle, near Giant's
Causeway, 143. 2. Finglas 3, Slane 28, Castle-
blayney 62, Armagh 79 (Dungannon 96, and
Deny), Magherafelt 115, Coleraine 141, or by
Castleblay. to Monaghan 76, Omagh 109, Lifford
131, Derry on L. Foyle 143. 3. Navan 29 (Trim
27), Cavan 70, Enniskillen 101 (and L. Erne),
Ballyshannon 129, Donegal 143, Killybegs 161.
4. Leixlip 10, Innfield 22, Mullingar48, Longford
73, Carrick-on-Shannon 98, Sligo 132; or by
Mullingar to Roscommon 95, Castlebar 159 (Bal-
lina 159), Westport 170, Achill 210; or by Mul-
lingar to Athlone 76, Ballinasloe 91, Galway 133,
Oughterard on L. Corrib 151, Clifden in Conne-
mara 178 ; or by Innfield to Tullamore, in Bog
of Allen, 63. 5. Naas 20, Kildare 31, Maryboro'
50, Roscrea 75, Killaloe on L. Derg 110, Limerick
119, Ennis 138, Kilrush 164; or by Limerick to
Tralee 187, Dingle 220 ; or to Killarney 184, Va-
lentia 216. 6. By Naas to Carlow 49 (Athy43),
Kilkenny 72, Clonmel 104, Fermoy 137, Cork 160,
Bandon 176, Bantry 201, Skibbereen 207. 7
Blessington 18, Tullow 48, New Ross 90, Water-
ford 96, Dungarvan 124, Youghal 140. 8. Kings-
town 7, Bray 12, Wicklow 31, Gorey 61, Wexford
94. Railroads go to Kingstown 6m.; by Gt. S.
and Western to Kildare 30 (thence by S. Eastern
to Kilkenny and Thomastown), Thurles 87, Tip-
perary 110, Limerick 129, Cork 165; by Gt.
Western to Mullingar 50 ; and by Drogheda (32)
to Navan 49, Dundalk 55, Castleblayney 73. Dub.
and Belfast Junct. rail, of 56 m. from Drogheda to
Portadown (on Ulster line), has 22m. made to
Dundalk (where the Enniskillen begins) ; capital




1,266,6667. Dub. and Drogheda, and Dub. and
Kingstown, see DROGIIEDA and KINGSTOWN. The
Grand Canal goes to Mountmellick, Tullamore,
the Shannon harb., Ballinasloe ; Koyal canal to
Mullingar. J D. ARCHDIOCESE, so made by
Card. Paparo, 1190, comprises, under the late act,
all 8. of a line from N. border of Dublin Co. to S.
of Gahvay bay, including the dioceses of Dublin,
Kildare, Ossorj', Ferns, Leighlin (1,827,250 acres),
and Cashel, Emly, Waterford, Lismore, Cork,
Cloyne, Ross, Kilfasloe, Kilfenora, Clonfert, Kil-
macduagh, Limerick, Ardfert, and Aghadoe,in the
reduced archdiocese of Cashel ; archbp.'s income
77807., and seats at the Palace, Stephen's Green,
and Redesdale. Rom. cath. ditto, includes Dub-
lin, Kildare and Leighlin, Ossory, Ferns. D. Dio-
rKSE, to which Glendalough is joined imme-
morially, and Kildare since 184G, stretches over
Dublin, Kildare, and parts of Queen's Co., Wick-
low, Wexford, including about 147 benefices, of
which 41 are unions, 64 in patr. of arclibp., 20 in
crown. Horn. cath. ditto, includes 48 pars., with
a chapter composed of a dean, precentor, chan-
cellor, treasurer, 2 archdeacons, 22 prebendaries.
The military district takes in Meath (with Drog-
hcda), Dublin, Kildare, Longfd., Mayo, Ro&comn.,
Westmeath, N. and E. King's Co. (this side of
Hs. liallynacarnv and Brosna), and pt. of Wick-
low (N. of Arklow). Dubl. North, P. L. Union,
contains 9 elect, divs. in Dublin, with 33 guar-
dians, acres 41,182, pop. 123,128, ho. room for
4100, cases relieved (1847-8) 6675 (besides 5353
out-door), expend. 38,0277., prop, rated 369,7457.
(258,8837. on 9854 premises in 6 wards). Dub.,
South, P. L. Union, contains 8 elect, divs. in Dub-
lin, with 33 guardians, acres 48,022, pop. 178,745,
ho. room for 2535, cases relieved (1847-8) 6718
(besides 11,969 out-door), expend. 49,8657., prop,
rated 509,9407. (380,0387. on 12,848 premises in 9
wards). Mkt. Ds. Mond. Thursd. cattle, sheep;
Tuesd. Sat. ha}', etc. Fairs, 25 July, and 26 Aug.
at Donnvbrook.

Dublin Day (15-6, 19, 23) one of the finest in
the kingdom, E. Dublin, is 6 m. across from Dai-
key isld. to Howth pt., and about 6 deep, with 2
to 10 fath. water, and a sweep of 16 m. of coast,
along which are : Killiney hill (472 ft. high,
commanding a noble view of the bay) near Dai-
key, with Frazer's bank off it, Kingston harb.
and liyht, Blackrock and other bathing places,
Dublin pier and Poolbeg It., between the N. and
S. Bull sands, Clontarf, etc., Hill of Howth (503 ft.,
with a fine prospect of the city, bay, etc.) and It.,
off which are Kosbeg and Burford sands, with the
floating It., which stands in the fair way (12 m.
ESE. of the city) beyond, and having Bonnet's
Ground X. and Kish bank S. of it. High water at
moon's full, and change 10^ hrs., rising 6 to 12 ft.
DUB.MILL ( ) U m. N. of A lion by, W. Cum-
Md. opposite the light ship and D. Swap, a
bank 1 in. long, in the Sol way channel.

Dubris Portus of the Romans, is DOVER, Kent,
on D. Fluv. or R. Dour.

Duchal Water, at Kilmalcolm, NW. Renfrew.
a branch of R. Cart.

Duchrae House, near , Kirkcudbright, J. Cun-
inghame, Esq.

Duchray River, rises in Buchanan par. N. Stir-
ling, near Ben Lomond, and runs 12 in. SE. to R.
Forth, at Aberfoyle, near which is D. Castle, Duke
of Montrose.

Duck End (52) 4 m. N W. of Bedford, NW.
Bfds. tF D. End (46) 1 m. ESE. of Ampthill,
Mid. Bedford. i*g D. End ( ) 4 m. S. of Bed-
ford, Mid. Bedford. ^ D. Met ( ) Upper lake
of Killarney, i'. Kerry.

Duckend Green (47) 2 m. Is W. of Braintree,
N. Essex.

Ducket's Grove (3) 5 m. NE. of Carlow, N.
Carlow, J. D. Ducket, Esq.

DUCKINGTON tnshp. (73) Malpas par. SW.
Cheshire, 3 m. N. of Malpas-168. Acres 510 ; pop.
85 ; poor r. 687. (Gt. Boughton U.) ; real prop.

DUCKLIXGTON par. (45) Brampton hund. W.
Oxford. 1 in. S. of Witney-65, on R. Windrush,
contains Hardwick. Acres 2640 ; pop. 541 + 14 ;
poor r. 1177. (Witn. U.) ; real prop. 30877. ; chari-
ties, 187., of which 107. by rector for " benefit of
rich and poor." St. Bartholomew Reel. (Oxon.)
val. 5357., patr. Magd. Coll. ; church, later eng.,
with norman font.

DUCKMANTON par. (82) Scarsdale hund. NE.
Derby. 3 m. E. of Chesterfield-150, has some iron-
works, and is joined to SUTTON. D. Far, 1 m.
NE. No church.

Ducks Place (1) 1 m. NE. of Billericay, 5.

Duckspool (31) near Dungarvan, S. Waterford,
P. C. Rowley, Esq.

Dudbridge ( ) near Stroud, Mid. Gloucest.

Moreton hund. N. Berks. 5 m. W. of Wallingford
-46, a station on Gt. West. rail. 53 m. from Lon-
don, 5 m. W. of Wallingford, where the branch
rail, turns off to Oxford and Rugby. Acres 1150 ;
pop. 203+2; poor r. 1127. (Wallmgf. U.) ; real
prop. 16637. ; charities 17. All Saints Reel. (Oxon.)
val. 3977., patr. Brazen. Coll.

DUDDEN tnshp. (80) Tarvin par. W. Cheshire,
3m. NW. of Tarporley-178. Acres 630; pop.
200 ; poor r. 727. (Gt. Boughton U.) ; real prop.

par. NW. Warwick, close to Birmingham-110,
has a lunatic asyl., and the rail, workshops, etc.
Pop. 20,079. St." Matthew Cur. (Wore.) val. 7.,
patr. Trustees ; church, was the seat of the Ash
fain. D. House, S. T. Gallon, Esq.

DUDDINGSTON par. 3 m. E. of Edinbro', N.
Edinb., on Leith rail., near Arthur's seat, con-
taining D. EASTER and WESTER vils. (pop. 156
and 200) D. MILL limit, part of Portohello q. s.,
and Cauvin's hosp. belonged to Dodin (Dar. I.)
Holyrood abbey, the Thomsons, Lauderdales,
Campbells. Size 4 m. by 2, once forest and marsh,
now well cultivated, with coal, stone, iron, lime,
basalt, many fossils and plants, and a loch ; pop.
4366 + 50; "real prop. 22,8987.; for poor 7227.
Living (presb. Edinbro') val. 2497., once held by
Monteath " de Salmonet," Malcolm a hebrew
scholar, and prof. Pollock, patr. Marq. Abercorn,
of D. Castle, b. 1703-8 by Chambers; church,
part norman, commanding a fine view. Charles
Stuart reviewed his men, and Cromwell had a
conference with the Scots, before Dunbar, here ;
and a curling club, found. 1795, meets for play.

Duddingston House, near Queensferry, N. Lin-
lithgow, Marq. Abercorn.

P. DUDDINGTON par. (64) Willybrook hund.
NE. Northmptn. 5 m. SW. of Stamford-89, on R.
Welland. Acres 1400 ; pop. 413 + 5 ; poor r. 2017.
(Stamf. U.) ; real prop. 25977. ; charities 187., of
which 107. to Jackson's free school. St. Mary
Cur. with Gretton.

DUDDLE limit. (17) Piddletown par. S.Dorset.
2 m. E. of Dorchester-120.

DUDDLESTONE tythg. (21) Pitminster par. &
Somerset. 3m. S. of Taunton-141.

DUDDO tnshp. ( ) Norham par. Durham, lo-
cally in Northmbrld. 7 m. SW. of Berwick-337,
under Grindon Rigg, where Bothwell defeated


Percy 1558. Acres 1580 ; pop. 276, decreasing.
A small druid circle, and barrow here, IfO* DUDDO
tnshp. ( ) with Saltwick Stannington par. SE.
Xorthmbrld. 4 m. S. of Morpeth-289.

Uuddock ( ) 5m. NE. of Keswick, Mid.Cumbrld.

DiidJon Grove ( ) 8 m, SE. of Ravenglass, S.
Cumhrld. R. Towers, Esq. flgf D., or Dudden,
River ( ) " silver bright," rises near the County
Stones, borders of Cumbrld. and Lancash. and runs
through some fine scenery about 17 m. past D.
Bridge to the sea, by a broad mouth, near Dalton.
Salmon, trout, cod, etc. are caught.

Dudgeon Shoal, 9 leagues NW. of Foulness,
N. Norfolk, lat. 53 15' N., long. 13/ E., in the
fair way from the Huraber, is 4 m. long N W. and
SE., and 1 broad, with 2 to 6 fath. (only 10 ft. in
one part), and an overfall of 3 fath. to the NW.
1). Light Ship near it, in 8 fath. was placed there
1736, has a fixed light, 38ft. high, seen 10 m.

Dudhope Castle, near , Forfar. R. Gardner,
Esq. D. House, D. Rankine, Esq.

Dudlees, East and West ( ) 10 m. NNE. of
Bellingham, Mid. Northmbrld,

DUDLESTON chplry. (74) Ellesmere par. NW.
Salop, 3 m. WNW. of Ellesmere-169, contains
Coedyralth, and Pentrecoed. Pop. 1030; real
prop. 5416/. St. Mary Cur. (Lich.) val. 238/.,
patr. Vicar.

* P. M. a. D0DLEY par. (62) Lower Halfshire
hund. N. Worcester, locally Offlow hund. S. Staf-
ford. 8 m. WNW. of Birmingham, 1 1 9 from London,
near N. West. rail, and the canal, a polling and petty
sess. town, and seat of the iron trade, has the fine
ruins of a castle found. 760 by Dudo the Saxon,
which was the head of an honour of 25 manors
given by the Conqueror to Will. Fitz-Ausculph,
was held for Queen Maud by Gervase Paganel, who
1155 found, the cluniac priory, was demolished
by Hen. II. 1175, when the honour came to the
Somerys, who reb. the castle, thence through
the Suttons, lords Dudley, and Dudley duke of
Northumberland, to the Wards, was held 1644
for Ch. I., given up to Sir W. Brereton 1646, and
burnt 1750 ; returns one member to parl. under
the Reform act (having sent two 23-4 Ed. I. and
not since), the limits being co-extensive with
the par. which includes Netherton and Darby
End, no. of electors 912 (of 101. houses 5978);
and being unincorporated is governed by a no-
minal mayor, etc. with no authority. Acres 3930
(or 3632) with coal (10 yds. thick in one bed), iron-
stone, limestone, basalt, sand for metal casting ;
pop. of par. 31,232 + 819, of town 17,077, in the
mines (employing 1611 hands), quarries (323),
glass factories (241), hardware manufact. as chains,
fenders, nails (1788), etc. ; houses 3217, well built,
with 4 churches, 10 chapels, gas-works, foundries,
malt-houses, 2 banks, free gram, school (482/.)
found. 1562, of which Baxter was a master, boys'
blue coat sch. (482/.), girls' sch. of industry, Bay-
lies' sch. (455/.), Parsons' dissenters' sch. (400/.),
Cartwright's school and Union p. house; assd.
taxes 2536J. ; poor r. 5519/. on 87,295/. ; real prop.
9760/., of which 18,965/. on mines, and 3.527Z. on
ironworks; charities 2001/., of which Parsons's
498/. St.Thomas Vic. (Wore.) val. 1000/.,patr. Lord
Ward, of D. Castle, church, reb. 1819; St. Ed-
mund, St. James, St. John Curs. '2001. each, patr.
Vicar. The ruined Castle, on a hill commanding
a fine view, consists of a large keep, chapel,
kitchen, with one fire-place 4 to 7 yds. wide, and
other buildings, within a wall defended by towers
ami gateway, and surrounded by the grounds;
the lime caves beneath were visited by the Brit.
Associatn. 1849. There are remains of the priory,
and at Lady Wood is a good spa. Fossils abound




| in the limestone which bears polishing. Smith, a
writer, and T. Phillips the painter (1770-1845),
were natives. D. House, T. Fletcher, Esq. D.
Canal, 13m. long, cut 1776-93, begins nearSelby
Oak, in Birm. and Wore, canal, passes Lappal
tun. 3776 yds. by Hales Owen, another tun. 623
yds., a third tun. near Dudley 2926 yds. to Tip-
ton Green, thence to Birm. canal, rising 31 ft.,
falling 13 ft. ; a branch of it 2 m. long from D.
Woodside, falling 85 ft. with 9 locks, cut 1796,
joins the Stourbridge canal near that place.
Dudl. P. L. Union, contains the pars, of Dud-
ley in Wore, and Rowley-Regis, Sedgley (a work-
house), Tipton (a workh.) in Staff.; acres 16,655,
pop. 86,028, cases relieved (vr. 1846-7) 3864 (out-
door 3534), expend. 13,49 if., prop, rated 228,0357.
Sup. Registry comprises the same ; pop. 86,053
+ 2005 ; births (1845) 4031 (1979 being females,
220 illegit.), deaths 2559, marriages 1171, of
which 1738 signed with marks: 341 and 'many
more ' deaths from cholera in 1849. The New
County Court district corresponds with the Re-
gistry. Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, 8 May, 2 Oct., cattle,
cheese, etc. ; 5 Aug. lambs. Races , on an oval,
mostly flat, 1J m. round.

DUDLEY-PORT vil. (62) Tipton par. S. Stafford.
near Dudley as above, g^" D. HILL vil. (88)
Bowling tnshp. W. R. York, near Bradford- 196.

DUDLJCK tnshp. (61) Stottesden par. SE.
Salop, 5m. NNW. of Cleobury Mortimer-137.
Pop. 36.

Dudman. See Deadman Point, Cornwall.

Dudmaston Hall ( ) 4 m. from Bridgenorth,
E. Salop, W. Whitmore, Esq., thro' the Wolryches
and Dudmastons, who held it before 1167.

DUDSTON tnshp. (60) Chirbury par. W. Salop,
3 m. NE. of Montgomery-168. Pop. 70.

DRED (43-4) Mid. Gloiicest. contains the pars, of
Hartbury, Lassington, Maisemore, Preston, and
parts of Churcham and Rudford ; acres 9630, pop.
1897, houses 367. D. (MIDDLE) HUND. con-
tains the pars, of Brockthrop me., Elmore cur.,
Harescomb rect., Hempstead, Littleworth, Mat-
son r., Pitchcomb, Prinknash Park, Upton St.
Leonard's c., Whaddon c., and parts of St. Cathe-
rine, St. Mary-de-Lode, St. Michael, and Quedge-
ley r. ; acres 12,100, pop. 6665, houses 1299.
D. (UPPER) HUND. contains the pars, of Badge-
worth ., Barnwood v., Brockworth c., Church-
down, Hatherley Up and Down c., Norton, Sand-
hurst, Gt. Shurdington, Witcombe, and parts
of St. Catherine, and St. Mary-de-Lode ; acres
20,360, pop. 6180, houses 1195. "See GLOUCESTER

Dudswell (46) 2 m. NW. of Berkhempstead, W.
Herts, on Gd. Junct. canal, and N. West. rail.

DUDWELL (55) 2 m. SW. of Cleobury Mortimer
-137, 8. Salop.

DUESHILL tnshp. ( ) Holystone par. chplrv.
Mid. Northmbrld. 6 m. W. of Rothbury-304, on
R. Coynet. Pop. 36.

Duff House, near Banff, N. Banff. Earl Fife,
on R. Doveran, was built by Adams, after Vi-
truvius, and has portraits of Ch. I. and Queen,
duch. of Richmond, etc. by Vandyke, others by
Reynolds; and the park, 14m. round, is planted
with millions of trees. $3T D. TOWN vil. Mort-
lach par. Mid. Banff. 4 m. E. of Aberlour-124, on
R. Dullan. Pop. 7,0.

DUFFERIN BARONY (23-4, etc.) Mid. Doum,
contains part of the pars, of Killinchy and Killy-
leagh ; acres 17,208, an. val. 14,641?., pop. 9410,
houses 1694. Gives title of baron to the Black-
woods of Clandeboy.

P. DUFFIELD par. (71) Appletree hund. Mid.





Derby. 3m. S. of Belper-134, on R.Derwent and
MdlcL Count, rail., containing Belper, Bridge Hill,
Milford, Hazlewood, Heage, Holbrook, Turn-
ditch curs., Shottle, and Windley, was Dunelle of
' Domesdy.' and afterwards forest, with a castle,
b. about 1090 by Hen. de Ferrars, which Hen. II.
demolished 1325. Acres 17,390, with sandstone
at D. Bank, seat of Rev. J. Harrison ; pop. 17,664
+ 298, of town, with Milford, 3108; cotton spin-
ners, lace, and stocking makers, miners, etc. ;
houses 605, with 3 chapels, Gilbert's free school
(124/.), Potterell's almsh. ; poor r. 3377. (Belp.
U.) ; real prop. 10,9637, ; charities 3777., of which
Webster's 1027. St. Alkmund Vic. (Lich.) val.
1417., patr. Bishop. D. Hail, C. Colvile, Esq. ;

D. House, J. Balguy, Esq. Fairs, Th. after 1 Jan.
1 Mar. cattle.

DUFFIELD, NORTH, tnshp. ( ) Skipwith par.
E.R. York. 5m. NE. of Selby-181, near R. Der-
went, had a castle of which nothing is known.
Acres 3220 ; pop. 350 ; poor r. 1637. (Selby U.) ;
real prop. 40867. D. Outsides, 2 m. N. ^iT D.,
SOUTH, tnshp. Hemingbrough par. as above, 2 m.
S. Acres 1281 ; pop. 224 + 2 ; poor r. 54i. ; real
prop. 18947.

DUFFRYN parcel (42) Llangunider par. SE.
Brecon. 7 m. WSW. of Crickhowel-157, at the
head of R. Romney. Pop. 123, some in coal and
ironworks; real prop. 12557. i^ DUFFRYN
hmlt. (36) Bassaleg par. -S W. Monmouth. 3 m.
S\V. of Newport-158. Pop. 193. ^ D.
House (36) 5 m. SW. of Llandaff, SE. Glamorgan.
B. Pryce, Esq., near the great cromlech (at ST.
NICHOLAS), and a smaller one.

P. DUFFUS par. 4 m. NW. of Elgin-138, N.
Elgin, on Moray frith, includes NEW D. (pop.
159), Burghead (which the Danes fortified), Cum-
mingston, Hopeman (a port), Roseisle, College of
Roseisle, and Old Roseisle. Size 5 m. by 2, flat
and fertile, with stone, lime; pop. 2529-1-20,
farmers and fishermen ; real prop. 80007. ; for
poor 5147. Living (presb. Elgin) val. 2327., patr.
Sir A. Dunbar, Bt. of D. House ; church, stands
in a square laid out by Cromwell's soldiers. At
Kaim is a danish pillar ; and D. Castle (in ruins)
gives title of baron to the Dunbars of Hempriggs

DUFTON par. ( ) East ward) NE. Westmrld*
3 m. N. of Appleby-270, on a branch of R. Eden,
contains Keisley and Birkdale, between Watling
St. and D. Fells. Acres 20,560, with good lead
mines ; pop. 466, decreasing, smelters ; poor r.
967. (East Ward U.) ; real prop. 32497. ; charities
287. St. Cuthbert Rect. (Carl.) val. 172/., patr.
Mr. Tufton ( ?), who has the manor through the
Milwards and others. At D. Pike is a barrow.

DUGDALE hmlt. (72) Bramshall par. NE. Staf-
ford. 2 m. W. of Uttoxeter-135.

Dugdale Hill (7) 3 m. N. of Barnet, N. Middles*.

DUGGLEBY tnshp. ( ) Kirby-Grindalyth par.

E. R. York. 6 m. SE. of Malton-217. Acres 1820 ;
pop. 226+4; poor r. 817. (Malton U.) ; real prop.

DUGOED tnshp. (60) Mallwyd par. SE. Me-
rioneth. 2 m. S. of Dinas Mowddwy-200. Pop. 185.

P. DUGORTH vil. (42) Burrishoole bar. W.
Mayo, 22 m. NW. of Newport-176, near the
Achill settlement, and under Slievemore.

Duhaertach Rocks, 18 m. ESE. of Skerryvore,
or 15 ENE. of Colonsay, W. Argyll.

DUHALLOW BARONY (12-6, etc.) .2V. Cork,
contains the pars, of Castlemagner, Clonfert,
Clonmeen, Cullen, DromtarrifF, Kilbrin, Kilcor-
coran, Kilmeen, Kilroe, Kilshannig, Knocktemple,
Eoskeen, Subulter, and parts of Ballyclogh,
Churchtown. Drishane, Mallow, Nohavaldaly,

and Tullyease ; acres 232,329, pop. 78,364, houses

Duich Loch, the SE. head of L. Alsh, S W.
Ross, is 5 m. long up to Kin tail.

Duillish, in Kildonan par. E. Sutherhl.

Duincoich Hill, near Inverary, Mid. Argyll.
700 ft. high, and wooded to the top.

Duke End (62) 2 m. ESE. of Coleshill, N.

DUKERS-HAGG tnshp. ( ) Ovingham par. S.
Northmbrld. 9m. E. of Hexham-279. Pop. 7,
and 1 house.

DUKESWELL hmlt. (36) Knocktopher bar. 5.
Kilkenny, 2 m. N. of Mullinavat-87.

P. DUKINFIELD chplry. (88) Stockport par.
NE. Cheshire, close to Ashton-under-Line-186, on
R. Tame, Peak Forest canal, and Manch. and
Shef. rail., was Doekenveldt of the Saxons, on the
boundary of Mercia and Northumbria. Acres
1690, with iron, coal, etc. ; pop. 22,394 + 771, col-
j liers, cotton spinners, fire-brick makers ; houses
3992, with 3 churches, 6 chapels (the presbyterian,
J 94 ft. long, by R. Tattershall, 1840), factories, etc. ;
poor r. 14627. on 42,6707. (Ashton U.) ; real prop.
59,9997., of which 47737. on mines and ironworks.
Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. ISO/., patr. Rector ;
St. Mark and St. Matthew Curs, each 130/., Crown
and Bishop ; Castle Hill Cur. 130/., Trustees. D.
Lodge, in a fine spot, J. D. Astley, Esq., on the
site of the old seat of the Dukinfields, who were
here from the Conquest, has some old pictures.

DULANE par. (10-1, 16) Up. Kells bar. N.
Meath, 2 m. N W. of Kells-39. Acres 4242, with bog,
lime, and building stone ; pop. 1217, decreasing.
Living, a Rect. with Kells. Willmount, J. Rad-
cliffe, Esq. ; Williamstown, G. Garnet, Esq.

DULAS par. (42) Webtree hund. S W. Hereford.
llm. SW. of Hereford-134, on a branch of R.
Mounow. Acres 1320; pop. 60; poor r. 147.
Dore U.) ; real prop. 5847. St. Michael Cur. (St.
Da.) val. 757., patr. J. Hopton, Esq. eg" DULAS
hmlt. (78) Llanwellwyfo par. N. Anglesea, 4 m.
NE. of Llanerchymedd-253, on R. Dulas, which
runs into the Irish Sea opposite Ynys Gadarn, or
D. Rock, a dangerous reef with a beacon 42 ft.
high on it. Pop. fishermen and miners.

Dulas, or Dulais, River (42) joins R. Wye at
Hay, dividing Brecon, and Hereford. gap-D. River
(60) runs into R. Severn, near Llanedloes, S.
Montgomery, gg" D. River (59, 60) runs into
R. Dovey, near Machynllgth, W. Montgomery.
lgP D. River ( ) joins" R. Neath, W. Glamorgan.
3 m. NE. of Neath.

Dulate Loch, Ardgour par. N. Argyll. 10 m.
SW. of Fassfearn.

Dulaw, 3 m. NW. of Coldingham, NW. Ber-
wick, was birthplace of Dr. Bogue (1750-1825),
founder of the London missionary soc., Relig.
tract soc., ' Evangelical Mag.' etc.

DULCOTT tythg. (19) Wells city, E. Somerset.
1 m. SE. of Wells-120. Pop. 129 ; real prop. 46497.

DULEEK (LOWER) BARONY (26-8, etc.) E.
Meath, contains the pars, of Ballymagarvey, Colp,
Donore, Fennor, Kentstown, Knockcommon,
Painestown, and parts of Danestown, Duleek,
Julianstown, Kilsharvan, and Piercetown ; acres
36,983, an. val. 37,8407., pop. 11,055, houses 2016.
D. (UPPER) BARONY (27-8,33-1) E. Meath, con-
tains the pars, of Ardcath, Ballygarth, Clonalvy,
Duleek Abbey, Moorechurch, Stamullin, and parts
of Duleek, Julianstown, Kilsharvan, and Pierce-
town ; acres 28,502, an. val. 27,6887., pop. 7096,
houses 1272.

P. DULEEK par. (26-7, etc.) in the above
bars. 5 m. SW. of Drogheda, 22 from Dublin, on
R. Nannywater, a chief police and petty sessions


station, and formerly a mkt. town, and a boro'
chartered by Jas. II., which sent 2 members to
parl. till the Union, was frequently plundered by
the Danes, in whose time it had a priory found,
by the Kellys, which, with the abbey mentioned
below, was granted to the Moores of Mellifont.
Acres 16,554, with limestone; pop. 4594 + 12,
of vil. 1158, decreasing; houses 248, with chapel,
dispensary, corn mills. Living, a Cur. (Heath)
with 4 others, val. 245/., pair. Marq. of Drogheda,
who has the manor ; church, stands near a fine
stone cross. D. House, Marq. of Thorn ond ; So-
merville, Rt, Hon. Sir W. Somerville, Bt., M. P. ;
Athcarne belonged to the De Bathes, and Flatten
to the D'Arcys. Several crosses are standing.
Fairs, 25 Mar. 3 May, 24 June, 18 Oct.

DULEEK ABBEY par. (27, 33) Upper Duleek

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