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or up the Nith to Ayr 54. (5) From Canonbie uj
Eskdale to Langholm 5, Westerkirk 10, Eskdale-
muir 17. (6) From Annan up Annandale to Hod-
dom 4, Lockerby 9, Johnston 14, Moffat 23.

* P. M. DUMFRIES par., as above, 73 m. from
Edinbro', the county, assize, and sessions town,
sheriffs' court, a bonding port on R. Nith, and
Glasg. and Carl. rail, (as above) 9 m. from the
sea at Solway Frith, and hitherto the capital of
SW. Scotland, grew out of the castle (b. 1'2 th
cent., taken by Ed. I., but retaken by Bruce,
who stabbed the Red Comyn in Greyfriars chapel
here 1305), was taken 1570 by Lord Scroope,
besieged 1715 by Visct. Kenmare, and plundered
1745 by the Pretender, who stopped at the
' Commercial Inn ; ' returns one member to parl.,
having Annan, Kirkcudbt., Lochmaben, San-
quhar, for contributory burghs (pop. 22,327, elect.
859), the new bounds by the Reform bill in-
cluding the old burgh (which contains parts of
St. Michael's and St. Mary's pars., New Church
par., Gasstown), and Maxweltown (in Kirkcudbt.')
opposite, no. of electors 732 (exclusive of
Annan) ; was made a royal burgh by Will, the
Lion about 1214, and under the new act is
governed by a provost, 3 bailies, 25 council.,
deacon of 7 trades, etc. with a revenue of 1408/.,
Size of par. 6 m. by 2 (the country part including
the rest of St. Michael's, and St. Mary's, George-
town, Locharbriggs where is a large moss, Loch-
thorn, and part of Kelton), flat and well cul-
tivated, with stone, etc.; pop. 11,409, decreas-
ing, of burgh 10,069 (parl. burgh 13,008X
engaged in the manufact. of shoes (204 hands),
cotton (147), stockings (76), nails (15), and the
shipping trade (as below) ; houses, of parl. burgh
2400, well built, with 3 churches, 7 chapels,
town hall, and gaol (rebuilding), council cham-
ber (with port, of Will. III. and Q. Mary), house
of correction, co. gaol, flesh mkt., 6 banks, gas-
works, theatre (where Kean first appeared), as-
sembly rooms, tan works, flour mills, Queensberry
pillar (put up 1778) where stood the New Wark,
gram, school, academy and other schools, royal
infirmary (1777), and lunatic asylum, poor's hos-
pital, town hosp., Dr. Crichton's lunatic insti-
tution (found, with a bequest of 100,0007.), old
7-arched bridge b. (with 14 arches) by Devorgilla,
K. BalioFs mother, and new bridge b. 1798;
real prop. 37,6877. ; for poor 2837. Livings (D.
presb.) are, St. Michael, val. 3327., patr. Crown,
church, found. 13th cent., has a large cemetery,
with a mausoleum built 1815 to Burns, who died
here 1796; New Kirk, val. 2327., Crown; St.
Mary, 7., Communicants. The harbour has
been improved since 1811, but only small vessels
get up, and anchor at Kelton. In 1846, 211 sail
of 12,398 tons (140 being under 50 t. each), be-
longed to the port, which has Annan, Barlochan,
Garliestown, Gatehouse, Kirkcudbright, Port Wil-
liam, Wigton, Whithorn, for sub-ports ; and the
tonnage Inwards and Outwards, including re-
peated voyages, was 'coastwise' 2137 of 67,423,
and 784 of 24,771 t. (besides 352 steamers of
74,649, and 229 of 43,079 t.), from and to 'colo-
nies' 19 of 4057, and 10 of 2309 t., from and to
' foreign ports ' (no return) ; total customs 11,0757.
There are a few traces of the friary found, by
Lady Devorgilla where Comyn was killed, and
of Crystal or St. Christopher's chapel found. 1324
by B'ruce to the memory of his friend Seton


(hung here by Ed. I.), and pulled down 1715 to
repair the walls against the rebels, but nothing
is left of the castle, or New Wark built 1583.
At Maiden-Bower crag is a druid remain ; roman
camps are at Kirkland and Trohaughton, and
a few coins have been found ; Kingholm is near
Castledykes, and at Warder's dyke the people
gathered in the border frays, with the cry of
" Alorburn " ( ?) which is the town motto. Bp.
Cairncross, Profs. G. Campbell and Wright, were
natives; Jas. VI. was here 1617; it supports the
' D. Courier,' ' D. Standard,' and ' Dumfriesh. and
Galloway Herald,' newspapers (one edited by
M'Diarmid) ; and gives title of earl to Marq. of
Bute. Terregles, seat of M. Maxwell, Esq. > D.
SYNOD, includes the presbyteries of Lochmaben,
Langholm, Annan, Dumfries*, Penpont*. Ditto
Free Church, those marked * and Lockerby.
D. PRESBYTERY includes Caerlaverock, Colvend,
Dumfries *, Dunscore*, Holywood, Kirkbean*,
Kirkgunzeon, Kirkmahoe *, Kirkpatrick-Dur-
ham *, Kirkpk.-Irongray *, Lochrutten, New
Abbey, Terregles, Tinwald, Torthorwald, Tro-
queer, Maxweltown*, Urr, Dalbeattie*. free
ch., those marked *. D. Presbytery (united As-
sociate Synod), includes Dairy, Dumfries (2 cong.),
Lochmaben, Mansriddle, Minniehive, Morl'at,
Sanquhar (2 cong.), Thornhill, Urr. Ditto, Relief
Synod, inc. Annan, Burnhead, Castle Douglas,
Dumfries, Dunscore, Gateside, Langholm, Water-
beck. Ditto, Reformed Presbyt. Church, inc.
Castle-Douglas, Dumfries, Eskdalemuir, Hightae,
Penpont, Sanquhar. Mkt. Ds. Wed. (much cattle,
pigs, etc.), Sat. Fairs, every Wed. in Jan., Feb.,
March, Dec., last Wed. Apr. Wed. before 26 May,
and 26 or Wed. after. ; Wed. after 17 June o. $.,
25 Sept. or Wed. after ; 3rd Wed. Oct. ; Wed.
before 22 Nov. and 22 or Wed. after. Races ,
on an oval 1 j in. round.

Dumgorack Hill, at Strathblane, S. Stirling, a
round topped, wooded hill, with a fine view of the
plain below.

DOMMER par. (12) Lower Bermondspit bund.
N. Hants. 5 m. SW. of Basingstoke-45. Acres
2100; pop. 412+3; poor r. 267/. (Basings. U.) ;
real prop. 2323Z. ; charities 18/., of which 4Z. to
Millingate's school. All Saints Rect. (Win.) val.
415/., patr. W. Adams, Esq. D. House, late T.
Terry, Esq. (correspondent of Scott ?).

Dumpender Law. See Traprene Law, Had-

DUMPFORD HUNDRED (9, 11) Chichester rape,

W. Sussex, contains the pars, of Chithurst, Did-

ling, Elsted, Harting, Eogate, Terwick, Treyford,

and Trotton ; acres 22,490, pop. 3693, houses 663.

Dumpford (9) 4 m. W. of Midhurst, W. Sussex

Dumphail Castle, 6 m. S. of Forres, Mid. Elgin

DUMPTON hmlt. (3) St. Lawrence and St

Peter pars. NE. Kent, 1 m. N. of Kamsgate-73

D. House, R. Crofts, Esq.

Dumrottf Bank, mouth of Solway Frith, on the
Scotch Channel side.

DUN par. 3 m. NW. of Montrose-75, E. Forfar
on S. Esk river. Size 4m. by 4, flat and fertile
With Dun's Dish loch ; pop. 581 + G, salmon fishers
etc. ; real prop. 6820/. ; for poor 105/. Living
(presb. Brechin) val. 159/., patr. Marchioness o
Ajlsa, of D. House, through the Erskines. 'Dun,
' don,' ' down,' etc. a fort.

Dun Street (6) 4 m. NE. of Maidstone, N. Kent
P. DUNADKY ( ) 4 m. E. of Antrim, S. Antrim
on Belfast rail.

DUNAGHY par. (23-4, 27, 29) Kilconway bar
Mid. Antrim, 7 m. N. of Ballymena-118, on R
Iliivd, under Cam Cormack (1431 ft. high). Acre.
13,743, hilly, with bog; pop. 3881 + 43, man}



weavers. Living, a Rect. (Dn. C. D.) val. 302/.,
atr. Bishop. Several forts are visible.
Dunain House, near Loch Ness and Inverness,
T. Invern. W. Baillie, Esq.
Dunal-Mill Hole ( ) near Over Kellet, 5 m.
<fE. by N. of Lancaster, N. Lancash. a large
imestone cavern, 200 yds. deep, from which a
rook flows under ground for 2 m. as far as Carn-
orth, whence it falls into Morecambe bay.

Dunalley, or Kilboy ( ) near Nenagh, Tippe-
ary, gives title of baron to the Pritties.
Dunally (15) near Sligo, N. Sligo, Sir W.

P. DUNAMANAGH vil. (3) Strabane bar. N.

Tyrone, 7 m. NE. of Strathbane, 137 from Dublin,

a police station, under the Mounterloney moun-

ns. found, by the Drummonds. Pop. 176; houses

J7, with Donagheady church, school, and a chapel.

Dunamarc Fall ( ) near Glengariff, S W. Cork,

on the R. Mialloch, is about 30 ft. down.

Dunamase Rock (13) 4 m. E. of Maryborough,
SE. Queen's Co., belonging to Lord Congleton,
commands a noble view from the ruined keep, etc.
of the O'Mores' castle, which was destroyed 1650.
DUNAMON par. (7, 8, 20) Half Ballymoe bar.
N. Galway, and (38-9) Half Ballymoe'bar. SJV.
Roscomn. 5 m. W. of Roscommon-93, on R. Suck.
Acres 4655, with bog and limestone ; pop. 955,
decreasing. Living, a Vic. (K. E. A.) with 2
others, val. 171/.,patr. Bishop ; church, has tombs
of the Caulfields, of D. Castle, who own the

Dunans, llm. S. of Inverary, E. Argyll, near
Loch Eck, A. Fletcher, Esq.

DUNANY par. (16,19) Ferrard bar. E. Louth,
5 m. N E. Dunbar-38, near D. Point chief coast-
gd. station. Acres 1662 ; pop. 709 + 13. Living,
a Vic. (Arm. C.) with 3 others, val. 113/., patr.
Marquis of Drogheda. D. House, A. 0. B. Bel-
lingham, Esq.

Dunardhuil, near Inverness, NE. Invern. &
british hill fort.

Dunaverty Castle, 6 m. S. of Campbelltown, S.
Argyll, on a rock over the sea, where Brace took
refuge with the Lords of the Isles, and Col-
kitto's party were massacred by Gen. Leslie 1647.
Dunaweel Wood (30) near Carrigallen, E. Lei-
trim, property of Ld. Farnham.

Dunbar ( ) near Enniskillen, Mid. Fermanagh,
T. Nixon, Esq.

* P. M. DUNBAR par. atNE. Haddngtn. llm.
E. of Haddington, 28 from Edinbro', on N. Brit,
rail., a bonding sub-port to Leith, and coast- gd.
station, at the mouth of Frith of Forth, between
Rs. Tyne and Biel, under Lammermuir hills, is a
contributory burgh to Hadngtn. (elect. 145), con-
taining Belhaven, E. and W. Barns, and governed
under the new act by a provost, 3 bailies, 20 council.,
etc., with a revenue of 1 378Z. ; is noted for a battle
1296, in which Earl Warren defeated the Scots,
another in 1650, when Cromwell, at the " race of
Dunbar," routed Leslie, who encamped on Down
(or Dun) hill, and for its Castle (b. on the site
of one burned 856 by K. Kenneth), whioh Mal-
colm Canmore gave to Gospatrick earl of March
and D., which was taken by Edw. I., and held
when Edw. II. fled hither after Bannockburn,
razed 1333, reb. and defended 1336, in a 19 weeks'
siege, by Black Agnes (wife of Earl Patrick),
against the Earl of Salisbury, held by the English
1484, garrisoned by Regent Albanv with French
troops in Q. Mary's time, who was nere after Riz-
zio's death, and went hence 1567, when it was held
by Both well, and was demolished by the regent
Murray. Size 9 m. by 2, fertile, with lime, iron-tlint,
and a rocky basalt coast ; pop. 4471, decreasing,

B R 4




of burgh 3013, in the herring and other fisheries,
and coasting trade (which employs 23 sail of 1290
tons belonging to the port), with a few shipbuild-
ers, soap and rope makers ; houses 721 (besides 120
empty), with 3 chapels, court-house, gaol, custom-
house, corn and spinning mills, water-works,
foundry, bath, library, assembly rooms, 2 banks,
mechanics' institute," gram, school, mathematical
sch. where navigation is taught, savings and sick
societies ; real prop. 29.213Z. ; for poor 1334/. Liv-
ing (D. presb.) val. /., pair. Duke of Roxburgh,
of Broxmouth, which Cromwell made his quar-
ters ; church, reb. 1819 (on the site of a cruciform
one found. 1176 and made collegiate 1392, by
George earl of March), has a fine tomb to Ld.
Treasurer Home, and tombs from 1450. A trini-
tarian friary was found. 1218, and a white friary
1263 by the March family. The small rocky pier
harbour improved by Cromwell, and latterly, at a
cost of 14,000/., has a dry dock, a quay, batteries, and
outside, 7 to 12 fath. water, with the Staples rocks,
and a fine view of the Bass, May isld., Forfar. etc.
Gen. Cope 1745 landed, and Paul Jones anchored,
here; it was visited by Gd. Duke Nicholas 1814;
and gives name to the Dunbars of Mochrum, North-
field, etc., descended from Gospatrick. D. House,
Earl Lauderdale, near the few remains of the
castle ; Lochend, Sir G. Warrender, Bt. ; Nine-
war, J. Hamilton, Esq. ; Belton, Capt. Hay, R.N.
f& D. PRESBYTERY, synod of Edinbro', includes
Cockburn's Path, Dunbar, Innerwick, Oldham-
stocks, Prestonkirk, Spot, Stendon, Whitekirk,
Whittingham. Ditto Free Church, see HADDING-
TON. Mkt. D. Tu. Fairs, Tu. after 26 May, and
after 22 Nov.

DUNBARNEY par. SE. Perth. 3 m. S. of Perth
-40, a fine part of Strathearn, including Bridge of
Earn, and Kintillo, under the Ochills, and Mer-
dan hill, which has a noble prospect. Size 4 m.
by 3, well cultivated, with a spa at Pitcaithly ;
pop. 1104, decreasing; real prop. 7632Z. ; for poor
233/. Living (presb. Perth) val. 1591., patr. Sir
T. Moncrieflfe, Bt. of that ilk.
Dunbeacon ( ) near Skibbereen, SW. Cork, R.
J. E. Townsend, Esq.

P. DUNBEATH vil. Latheron par. SE. Caithness.
16 m. SW. of Wick, 261 from Edinbro', at the
mouth of D. Water, which runs 8 m. ESE. from
the interior. Pop. 40, fishermen. D. Castle, Sir
J. Sinclair, Bt. Fairs, last Tu. July, 1st Tu.
Nov. o. s.

DUNBELL par. (20, 24) Gowran bar. N. Kil-
kenny, 2 m. S\V. of Gowran-67. Acres 2578; pop.
569, of vil. 125. Living, a Rect. with Burn-

DUNBIN par. (6, 7, 12) Upper Dundalk bar. N.
Louth,2m. SW. of Dundalk-50. Acres 2169;
pop. 1115+ 14. Living, a suspended Rect. (Arm.
C.) val. 1731.

P. M. DUNBLANE par. 3 m. E. ofDown-44, S.
Perth, a sheriff substitute's court on Rs. Allan
and Ardoch, and Scot. Cent, rail., including Kin-
buck, part of Ardoch q. s. and Sheriffs Muir, where
the battle took place 1715 between the great
Duke of Argyll and the Earl of Marr, was
burnt by the Strathclyde Britons, had a culdee
house, and was made by Dav. I. the seat of a
bishopric, which took in parts of Perth, and
Stirling, and lasted till 1688. Size 9 m. by 6,
moory, with good shell marl ; pop. 3361 + 8, of
vil. or 'city,' called ' drucken Dumblane,' 1911;
houses 341, with 2 chapels, bank, savings bank,
farming society, school, and library of 1400 books,
found, by the good Archbp. Leighton, who held

the see ; real prop. 14,0077. ; for poor 625Z. Living
(D. presb.) val. 289/., patr. Crown ; church, part
of the old cathedral (found. 1142), is 216 ft. by 56,
with a separate tower 128 ft. high, old stalls, roof,
niches, etc. Pr. Charles, in 1715, staid at Balha-
hides ; there is a plane tree at Kippenross 30 ft.

girth, and a good mineral spring at the bridge,
ives title of Visct. Osborne of D. to Duke of
Leeds ; Kilbryde, Sir J. Campbell, Bt. ; Keir, W.
Stirling, Esq. ifc D. PRESBYTERY, synod of Perth,
contains the pars, of Aberfoyle, Balquhidder, Cal-
lander*, Dunblane*, Kilmadock*, Kincardine,
Kippen*, Lecropt, Logie, Port of Menteith, Tilli-
coultry*, Tulliallan. Ditto Free Church contains
those marked *, with Bridge of Allan, Bucklvvie,
Doune, Gartmore, Norrieston. Mkt. D. Th. Fairs,
1st Wed. Mar. o. s., Tu. after 26 May, 10 Aug.
o. s., 1st Tu. Nov. o. s. cattle.

Dunboden Rock (33) near Rochfortbridge, SE.
Westmeath, R. Cooper, Esq.

DUNBOE par. (2, 3, 6, 7) Coleraine bar. N.
Londonderry, 4 m. W. of CoIeraine-141, on R.
Bann by the sea. Acres 14,811, with basalt;
pop. 4627, decreasing. Living, a Rect. (Dy. R.)
val. 641Z., patr. Bishop. Downhill, seat of Sir H.
Bruce, Bt. formerly of the Earl of Bristol, who b.
it, commands a fine view of the sea, and stands
near Duncruthin abbey ruins.

DUNBOG par. 5 m. NW. of Cupar-32, N. Fife.
near R. Tay. Size 3 m. by 2, or 1900 acres, arable,
but boggy; pop. 219 + 2; real prop. 2944Z. ; for
poor 37Z. Living (presb. Cupar) val. 204Z., patr.

Dunboy Castle (128) near Castlet own, S W. Cork,
J. L. Puxley, Esq. on Bear Haven, opposite Bear
isld., was the O'Sullivans', taken by Carew 1601.
DUNBOYNE BARONY (50-1, etc") SE. Meath,
contains the pars, of Dunboyne and Kilbride;
acres 16,782, an. val. 17.340/., pop. 2723, houses

P. DUNBOYNE par. in the above bar. 11 m.
WNW. of Dublin, containing Cloneen, and once a
boro', was burnt 1798. Acres 13,686, meadow ;
pop. 2349, decreasing, of vil. 571+10, straw
platters. Living, a Vic. (Meath) with Kilbride,
val. 251/., patr. Crown. Courthill, H. Green, Esq.
Gives title of baron to the Butlers of D. Castle,
now a ruin. Fair, 9 July.

Dunlridge (11) 3 m. NW. of Romsey, W.Hants.
on S. West, branch rail

&. DuNBRODYpar.(44)Shelburnebar. S. Wex-
ford, 2 m. N. of Arthurstown at the ferry on
Waterford harbour, has the fine church and other
remains of a mitred cistertian abbey found. 1182
by Hervey de Montmorency, and is joined to St.
JAMES. D. Castle, Lord Templemore, on site of
the old castle.

DUNBULLOGE par. (51-2, etc.) Barrymore and
Cork bars. E. Cork, 7 m. N. of Cork- 160. Acres
16,783, hillv, with bog, limestone, and slate; an.
val. 7262Z. ;" pop. 5269 + 63. Living, a Rect. (Ck.
C. R.) held by the archdeacon of Cork, val. 462/.
( ?), patr. . Carrignavar, R. M'Carthy, Esq.

Dunbuy Rock, in NE. Aberdeen, with a large
arch made by the sea, stands near Slains castle,
and the Bullars of Buchan.

Duncairn House ( ) near Belfast, N. Down.
Sir W. G. Johnson, Bt.

P. DUNCANNON vil. (44) Shelburne bar. &
Wexford, 4 m. NW. of Fethard-109, has, on a
rock of 130 ft., near two martello towers, a castle
b. by the Talbots, which Ireton besieged 1649,
and Jas. II. took refuge in after the battle of
Boyne, now a fort commanding the harbour.
Pop. 521, decreasing, some in the coasting trade
and fisheries. Gives title of visct. to Earl of Bes-


lx>rough. D. Lights, two fixed, laL 52 13' N.,
long. (J 56' W., in one tower, 40 ft. high, visible
10 m. put up 1803, and one in another tower 115 ft.
high, put up 1838, which in a line with the
first leads over the bar.

DUXCANSBAY vil. 3 m. E. of Canisbay-298, N.
Caithness, in that par. is near John O'Groat's
House, and Duncansln/, or Dungsby, Head (the
Virvedrum Prom, of Ptolemy), at JN E. corner of
Scotland, which is a bold cliff nearly cut off from
the land, with the two Stalk rocks close to it
swarming with birds. Pop. 302.

DUXCHIDIOCK par. (22) Exminster hund. Mid.
Devon. 4 m. SW. of Exeter-164, and Haldon
Down. Acres 790; pop. 208 + 2; poor r. 39*.
(St. Thomas U.) ; real prop. 12657. ; charities 21.
Living, a Rect. (Exet.) val. with Shillingford
12 1/., patr. Sir L. V. Palk, Bt of Haldon House.
D. House, T. Pitman, Esq.

P. DUNCHURCH par. (53) Knightlow hund. E.
Warwick. 3 m. SSW. of Rugby-83, near Dunsmoor
and N. West. rail, a polling place, containing
Thurlaston, Toft, Cawston, and a meet for N.
Warwk. hounds. Acres 5010 ; pop. 1390 + 8 ; poor
r. 2587. (Rugby U.) ; real prop. 67807. ; charities
3407., of which Boughton's school 817., New-
combe's almsh. 741. St. Peter Vic. (Wore.) val.
3207., patr. Bishop of Lichfield ; church, early eng.
and later styles, with norman porch and fine
tower, belonged to Pipewell abbey,

DUNCLEXT hmlt. ( ) Kidderminster Foreign,
N. Worcester, near Kidderminster- 126.

Duncombe House ( ) 1 m. SW. of Helmsley,
N. R. York, on R. Rye, seat of Lord Feversham,
with some fine woods, was b. by Vanbrugh, and
contains among other antiques the rare ' Disco-
bolus ' and ' Dog of Alcibiades,' Rubens' ' Candle
Light group,' Da Vinci's ' Head of St. Paul,' Ti-
tian's ' Venus and Adonis,' Guide's ' St. Catherine '
(on silk), ' St. Peter,' ' Adoration of Shepherds,'
and ' Bacchus and Ariadne,' two Claude Lor-
raines, Hogarth's ' Garrick as Rich. III.' etc,

DUNCORMICK par. (46) Dargy bar. S. Wexford,
a petty sessions station, 4 m. W. of Bridgetown
-104, near D. Lough. Acres 5710, with limestone ;
pop. 1796+20, of vil. Ill, decreasing. Living,
a Vic. (Os. F. L.) with Ambrosetown, val. 3097.,
patr. Bishop. D. Castle, an old norman remain.
DUNCOTE hmlt. (53) Greens-Norton par. <S W.
Northmptn. 2 m. NW. of Towcester-60. $iP Dun-
cote (61) 5 m. W. of Wellington, Mid. Salop.

DUNCOW vil. Kirkmahoe par. W. Dumfries.
5 m. N. of Dumfries-73. Pop. 121.

DUXCRAGGAN hmlt. Callander par. SW. Perth.
near Callander and Loch Vennacher. ' Dun-
craggan's huts appear at last.'

DUNCRIVIE vil. Arngask par. N. Kinross. 3 m.
N. of Kinross-27. Pop. 106.

Duncroft House (7) m. NW. of Staines, W.
Middlesex, J. Carmichael, Esq.

Duncruib Castle, at Dunning, SE. Perth. Lord
Rollo, has been in the family since 1380.
Duncruthin Abbey. See DuNBOE above.
P. DUXCTON par. (9) Rotherbridge hund.
Arundel rape, W. Sussex, 3 m. SSW. of Petworth
-49. Acres 1330, part common; pop. 308 + 3;
poor r. 937. (Button Incorp.); real prop. 11561.
Living, a Rect. (Chic.) val. 387/., patr. Col.
Wyndham. Remains of a roman bath found

Dundaff linn, a little fall of R, Clyde, near New

Dundalar, or Duntular, Castle, in Badenoch,
SE. Inverness, a ruined seat of the Macdoualds.

Louth, contains the pars, of Ballyboys, Carting -



ford, and parts of Ballymascanlan and Castletown ;
acres 37,869, an. val. 20,1417., pop. 20,196, houses
3719. D. BARONY, UPPER (6, 7, etc.) N. Louth,
contains the pars, of Ballybarrack, Barronstown,
Dunbin, Dundalk, Faughart, Haggardstown,
Haynestown, Kane, Philipstown, Roche, and parts
of Ballymascanlan, Castletown, Creggan, Inish-
keen, and Louth ; acres 30,751, an. vaL 41,3977.,
pop. 25,325, houses 4761.

# P. M. DUNDALK par. (7, 12) in the above
bar. 50 m. N. by W. from Dublin, or 55 by Dub.
and Belfast rail., the county, assize, and sessions
town, a chief police and coast-gd. station, excise
collection and bonding port, on R, Castletown and

D. Bay ; was granted to the Verdons, who found,
a priory or hosp. and a franciscan friary of which
there are remains; was taken 1315 by Edw.
Bruce, who crowned himself here, and was killed
in battle close by ; walled round by Hen. IV.,
besieged by O'Nial 1558, taken by the Irish 1641,
and by Cromwell 1649 ; garrisoned for Jas. II. 1689,
when Schomberg encamped near it ; returns one
member toparl. (2 before the Union from 1374), the
limits being within the par. no. of electors 426
(of 107. houses 234) ; and is nominally governed
under charter of Ch. II. by a bailiff, recorder, 16
burgesses, etc. Acres 6201, fertile and marshy in
part, of town 450, including the ' town parks ; '
pop. 13,204, decreasing, of boro' 10,782, increas-
ing, in a pin factory, breweries, flour-mills, tan-
yards, the fisheries, and the export grain, cattle,
and provision trade, to Liverpool ; houses 1798,
with 6 chapels, county court house, co. gaol
(building), Louth or co. infirmary and dispensary,
guildhall, in which is an assembly and new room
and savings bk. (1 1,2687. from 407 depositors), mkt.
house, 3 banks, custom-house, linen hall, foundry,
gas-works, distillery, sick society, a gram, school,

E. Smith's, and another endowed school, cavalry
barracks, bridge, and Union p. house ; lighting
and other rates 6667. Living, a Vic. (Arm. C.)
with Castletown, val. 2241., patr. Earl Roden of
D. House, who has the manor ; church, cruciform.
Large sands and a bar (having a screw-pile
light on it) with 8 ft. water, obstruct the harbour,
which is, since 1837, in course of improvement, and
admits vessels drawing 16 ft. by a channel which
is to be made 150 ft. wide at the quays ; income
20177. In 1846, 23 sail of 2004 tons (7 being
under 50 1. each), and 2 steamers of 545 1. belonged
to the port ; and the tonnage Inwards and Outwards,
including repeated voyages, was ' coastwise ' 591
of 36,821 and 194 of 11,415 1. (besides 100 steamers
of 35,939 and 102 of 36,909 t.), from and to ' colo-
nies ' 17 of 3954 and 6 of 1481 t,, from and to
4 foreign ports ' 2 of 191 and 1 of 572 t (besides 8
foreigners of 1504 and 4 of 828 t.) ; total customs
40,6677. (in 1834, only 44607.), the trade being in
provisions, live stock, linen, indian corn, flour, etc.
Lisnawilly, seat of Mrs. Tipping. It publishes the
' D. Democrat ' and ' Newry Examiner ' news-
papers; and gave title of baron to the Genges
family. The D. and Ennishillen rail, of 41 m.
(to be incorp. with Dub. and Drogheda and
Dub. and Belfast, which is completed to here,
and will go on to Newry, etc.) had 18 m. made
(1849) to Inniskean, Colloville, and Castle-
blayney (towards Armagh) ; capital 600,0007.
The Bay, as above, is 8 m. wide between Duany
and Cooley points, and about 7 m. deep, is shal-
low throughout, with 4 to 6 fath. in centre, has
a lighthouse (building) ; and coast-gd. stations
at Soldier's point (the principal one, near the
town), Giles's quay, and the two points above.
Dund. P. L. Union, contains 19 elect, divs. in
Louth, Armagh, Monaghan, with 30 guardians ;




acres 104,226, pop. 65,509, ho. room for 948, cases
relieved (1847-8) 1812 (besides 5328 out-door),
expend. 81037., prop, rated 106,6807. Mht. Ds.
Mon. Fairs, 3rd Wed. every month, except 17

Dundanere, or Downdaniel, Castle ( ) near
Innishannon, S. Cork, a ruin, in a fine spot on the
Bandon, where R. Brinny joins.

Dundanion Castle (74) 2 m. E. of Cork, SE.
Cork, Sir T. Deane, in Cork harbour.

Dundareek Castle (7) 3 m. SW. of Macroom,

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