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Mid. Cork, a ruined seat of the McCarthys.

Dundargue Castle, at Aberdour, N. Aberdeim.
has, on a rock in the sea, the gate and part of the
walls of the fortress taken from Beaumont, Earl
of Buchan, by the Regent Murray 1336.

Dundas Castle, near Queensferry, E. JAnlithgow.
J. Dundas, Esq. near the old seat -which came to
the family 1120.

* P. M. DUNDEE par. 13 m. S. of Forfar, S.
Forfar. 45 m. from Edinbro', on Ed. and North, rail.,
a sheriff and small debt court, excise collection,
seat of the linen trade, and a large bonding port at
the ferry (2 in. broad) on Frith of Tay, 12 m. from
its mouth, near the roman Ad Tavum, was called
Ailec (pleasant) by the Celts, and afterwards
Dunde, etc. ; was given by William the Lion
to his brother David of Huntingdon, who,
landing here from the Crusades in a storm, found,
a church and b. or strengthened the castle,
which was taken from the English of Edw.
I.'s day by Wallace (who was educated here),
and Bruce, who demolished it ; was burnt bv
the Duke of Lancaster 1385, taken by Somerset
(Edw. VI.), ravaged by the plague 1544, '66,
1607 and '46, pillaged by Montrose 1645, made
the residence of Chas. II. after he was crowned
at Scone 1650, stormed by Monk 1651, and so
much decayed upon the destruction of its har-
bour 1669, that money was gathered for its
support throughout the country ; and visited by
Q. Victoria 1844 ; returns one member to parl.
since the Reform bill (instead of jointly with
Forfar, etc. as before), the bounds including
Locklee, and no. of electors being 2732 ; was first
chartered by Will, the Lion, and under the new
act is governed by a provost, 21 councillors, dean
of guild, etc., with a revenue of 5056/. Size,
6 m. by 2, poor land but well cultivated, rising
525 ft. at D. Law camp, with good stone, por-
phyry, etc. ; pop. of par. 62,974 + 1762, of burgh
60,53'3, engaged in manufact. of coarse and other
linens (10,157 hands), as osnaburghs, diapers,
etc., also canvas, hemp, bagging, yarn 72 (hands),
carpets 29, rope 130, hemp 75, leather gloves 11,
stockings 25, engines 229, ship building 176, in
the deep sea and whale fisheries which employ
about 10 vessels, and in the shipping trade (as
below) ; houses, in burgh, 13,236, with many
narrow streets, including 7 churches (three much
injured by the storm of 1840), 12 chapels, town
house and gaol by Adams ( 1 734) in High St. on the
site of St. Clement's church, which had a chantry
found, by the Lindsays, trades' hall for the in-
corporated guilds, new room or exchange b. by
Smith for 9000Z., theatre, 6 banks, savings bk.
(38,5867. from 5488 depositors), insurance comp.,
20 flax spinning mills, gas-works, water-works
supplied from the Lady well, sugar and candle
factories, foundry, par. school, gram, school
(where Ferguson the poet was educated), academy
(with a bequest of 6000?.), Henderson's school,
decayed burgesses' hosp. (8657.) now down, royal
infirmary (1798), dispensary 1782, lunatic asylum
1812 also an anglo-saxon royal arch near the
harb. where the Queen landed, 82 ft. wide (in-

cluding the sides), with a mid. arch 21 ft. wide
and 32 high, mid. tower 84 ft. and side towers
54ft.; real prop. 123,5087. of which 28067. on
rail. ; for poor 88787. Livings (D. presb.) are,
St. Mary, val. 70/., St. Paul, I., St. Clement
2607., Greyfriars 260/., patr. Town Council, all
these churches stand on the site of David of Hunt-
ingdon's cruciform one, which was partlv ruined
(Edw. I. and VI.), was 215 ft. by 174, and has
the tower 156 ft. high, and other traces remain-
ing; St. John, 2757., St. David, 275/., Town Coun-
cil ; St. Andrew, 70/., Communicants. Nothing
is left of a black, grey, and red priory, or St.
Glair's nunnery ; but one of the episcopal chapels
has an old carved pulpit. The pier harb., with a
good line of quays, K. William's wet dock, etc.,
has 9 to 15ft. water, enough for 300-ton ships;
income about 10,0007. Lights on the E. and mid.
pier lead past the Beacon rock which stands out-
side in the roads, where are 3 to 9 fath. down to
the bar of Tay, which is dangerous ; a light on
Craig pier is used for the floating bridge to Ferry-
port ; steamers go to Perth, Leith, London. In
1846, 320 sail of 48,742 tons (44 being under 50 t.
each), and 7 steamers of 1439 t. (1 under 50 t.),
belonged to the port, which has Ferryport-on-
Craig, Newburgh, for sub-ports ; and the tonnage
Inwards and Outwards, including repeated voy-
ages, was 'coastwise,' 1704 of 163,087, and 1107
of 74,856 t. (besides 662 steamers of 25,686, and
690 of 26,757 t.), from and to ' colonies,' 22 of
4450, and 22 of 5647 t., from and to ' foreign
ports ' 240 of 39,684, and 203 of 31,098 t. (besides
128 foreigners of 14,325, and 48 of 6775 t.) ; total
customs 57,0297. the trade being with America,
E. and W. Indies, etc. Dudhope, now a barrack,
was the seat of the Scrymgeours, Claverhouse
(Visct. Dundee), and the Douglases ; from Cow-
gate arch Wishart preached in the plague of
1644; Anne, duchess of Monmo', was born in a
house which Monk and Charles Stuart (1715)
occupied ; Whitehall (now down) where the as-
semblies, etc. were held, was used by Ch. II., and
near it was the Lindsays' seat, where Archibald
Bell-the-Cat was married. H. Boece or Boetius
(about 1466-1536) styled ' Deidonanus,' Kinloch,
physician to Jas. VI., and Sir G. Mackenzie the
lawyer, T. Henderson the astronomer (1798-1844),
Ivory the mathematician (1765-1842), were na-
tives ; J. Halyburton, Pitellock or Patullo, first
captain of the Scottish guard in France, Marr the
friend of Napier, another Marr who surveyed the
N. Sea, the Fletchers of Saltoun, the Wedder-
burns, were resident ; Dr. Willieson, author of
the ' Afflicted Man's Companion,' and Small, had
a cure here ; and it publishes the ' D. Advertiser,'
' D.Courier,' ' D.Shipping Gazette,' and ' Northern
Warder,' newspapers. Woollen plaidings were
made here before the Union. D. and Newtyle
Rail. 10 m. long, made 1832 for 10,0007. per mile,
has branches to Gupar, Angus, and Blairgowrie,
etc. ; D. Perth and Aberdeen Rail, goes along the
coast to Arbroath (17 m. made 1840), whence a
branch goes to Forfar and Perth making 47i m.
with the Newtile line ; from Ferryport, a rail,
goes through Cupar-Fife to Edinbro', via Kirk-
aldy. Baldovie, seat of D. Farquharson, Esq. ;
Pitkerro, W. Dick, Esq. ; Blackness, D. Hunter,
Esq. ; Balgay is near a Pict's house. * D.
PRESBYTERY, synod of Angus, includes Aber-

Free Church, includes those marked *, with
ro ughty Ferry, Lochee. D. Presb. United Asso-
ate Synod, includes Alyth, Broughty Ferry,


Dundee, Ferryport, Lochee, Newtyle, Rattray.
Mkt. Ds. Tu. Frid. Fairs, Tu. after 11 July, 26
Aug. 19 Sept.

Dundelchack Loch, E. side of L. Ness, NE. In-
verness. 10 m. SW. of Inverness, is 3 m. long, and
has good trout.

Dundermot (34) 5 m. SE. of Castlereagh, W.
Roscinnmon, on R. Suck, P. O'Connor, Esq.

DUNDERMOT GRANGE par. (23, 27) Kilcon-
way bar. N. Antrim, 7m. N. of Ballymena-118,
has a danish fort. Acres 3004; pop. 1179+11.
Living with Dunaghy.

DUNDERROW par. "(85, 95, 111) Kinalea, Kin-
sale, and E. Muskerry bar. S. Cork, 3 m. NW. of
Kinsale-174, on R. Bandon. Acres 6325, with
bog and mountain ; an. val. 4167Z. ; pop. 2308,
decreasing, of vil. 74. Living, a Rect. (Ck.R.C.)
val. 4437., patr. J. C. Kearney, Esq. Lefilney
House, E. Oilman, Esq.

DUNDERRY vil. ( ) Upper Navan bar. W.
Meath, 3 m. N. of Trim-31.

Dundhairghall, at Kilmalie, /S W. Inverness, has
remains of a vitrified fort on a hill 1200 ft. high,
near Inverlochy Castle.

Dundoan House ( ) near Coleraine, NE. Lon-
dondy. J. Boyd, Esq., M.P.

DUNDON tythg. ( ) Compton-Dundon par.
Mid. Somerset. 2 m. N. of Somerton-123, under
D. Hill, 360 ft. high. Pop. 256.

P. DUNDONALD par. 5 m. SW. of Kilmar-
nock-62, W. Ayr. including Fullarton, Irvine
harb. and Troon bathing place, came from the
monks of Paisley to the Wallaces and Coch-
ranes, who take title of earl from the old castle,
in which Rob. II. died 1390. Size 8 m. by 3,
part arable, with sand, peat, and coal ; pop. 6716
+ 114, of vil. 354, some cotton spinners; real
prop. 23,7137., of which 59727. on rail.; for poor
1346/. Living (presb. Ayr) val. 2567., patr.
Earl of Eglinton, chief heritor. Fairlie, Sir
J. Fairlie, Bt. Warley hill danish camps com-
mand a fine prospect over the islds., and near
the castle stood a chapel which Jas. IV. often

P. DUNDONALD par. (5, 10) Lower Castlereagh
bar. 2V. Down, 4 m. NW. of Comber-104. Acres
4635, well cultivated ; pop. 1560 + 11, of vil. 190.
Living, a Rect. (Dn. C. D.) val. 2237., patr. S.
Cleland, Esq., of Storemont.

DUNDONNELL vil. 6 m. SW. of Ullapool-225,
W. Ross.

Dundornadil Hill, on L. Ness, E. Inverness, has
a fort on it.

21 . Dundornghill, or Dornaditta, 15 m. SSE. oi
Durness, NW] Sutherland, a sugar-loaf shaped
fort 165 ft. round, 18 to 30 ft. thick (with a door
and 3 stories), made without cement.

DUNDRAW tnshp. ( ) with Kelsick, Bromfield
par. N W. Cumbrld. 3 m. NW. of Wigton-303, on
R. Weaver. Pop. 329 ; real prop. 13297.

P. 21. DUNDRENNAN vil. Rerwick par. S,
Kirkcudbt. 5m. SE. of Kirkcudbright-104, has
near D. House, T. Maitland, Esq., the fine remains
of the church (1 20 ft. long), cloisters (94 ft. square"
etc. of the cistertian abbey found. 1142 by Fergus
of Galloway, from which Mary Q. of Scots took
boat for England. Pop. 202.

Dundridye ( ) 2 m. SW. by S. of Totness,
Devon. 3. Parrot, Esq. iJajT DUNDRIDGE hmlt
(11) Bishop's Waltham par. Mid. Hants. 1 m
NE. of Bishop's Waltham-65.

Dundroich, or Druid's Mountn., near Eddlestone
N. Peebles, is 2100 ft. high, with a view from th<
Cheviots to the Lothians.

P. DUNDRUM vil. (22) Rathdown bar. S
Dublin, 4 m. S. of Dublin, a pretty spot, with re



mains of a small castle. Pop. 550, decreasing.
Wickham, W. Farren, Esq.

P. DUNDRUM vil. (44) Lecale bar. E. Dmcm,
m. SW. of Downpatrick-94, a bathtnjr place
and coast-gd. station on D. Bay, with remains of
a castle b. by the De Courcys for the Templars,
demolished by Cromwell, and now belonging to
Marq. of Downshire, Pop. 163, in fisheries and
xport grain trade, through the inner bar har-
>our, which dries at low water. Fairs, 12 May,
10 Oct. Bp. Smith was a native. The Bay, from
Dullisk cove, under the Mourne hills, to St.
John's point and light, is 9 m. across and 4 m,
deep ; cliffy at each side, but sandy near the har-
bour, with 7 to 12 fath. Fine fish arc caught
outside. The heavy sea caused by the meeting
of the tides, and the sudden gusts from the
mountains, render the bay dangerous to get out
of. There are four coast-gd. stations, and oft
Tyrella House lie the Cow and Calf rocks, near
the spot where the Gt. Britain steam-ship went
ashore Sept. 1846 ; she remained there through
the winter protected by a sort of breakwater
made by Capt. Claxton, who, with Messrs. Brunei
and Bremner, got her oif, Aug. 1847, little da-
maged. D. House, W. Keown, Esq.

P. DUNDRUM vil. (51) Lower Kilnamanagh
bar. W. Tipperary, 7 m. NE. of Tipperary-112,
on Gt. S. and West, rail, near D. House, Viscount

DUNDRY par. (19) Chew hund. NE. Somerset.
4m. SW. of Bristol-114, near Gt. West. rail, con-
tains D., EAST and WEST, tythgs. and Littleton,
under D. Beacon, 700 ft. high, with some crock-
eted work in it, and a fine view of the Malvern,
Welsh, Quantock, and Wilts, hills. Acres 2820;
pop. 536 ; poorr. 1927. (Bedminster U.) ; real prop.
67037. ; charities 267., of which 77. for school. St.
Michael Cur. with Chew-Magna ; church, on the
hill, as above. Stanton Drew druid circle is near.
Fair, 12 Sept.

Dunduramh Castle, near Lochgoilhead, SW.
Argyll, has a large tower with turrets, etc. and an
inscription dated 1596.

DUNDURCOS par. joined to BOHARM, Banff, and

DUNDYVAN vil. Old Monkland par. N. Lanark.
5 m. E. of Glasgow-44, stands near NEW D. vil., and
has some large ironworks. Pop. 1291 and 2202.
DUNEANE par. (42-3, 48-9) Upper Toome bar.
W. Antrim, 8 m. NW. of An trim -106, on Lough
Neagh and R. Bann, near Ballydonnelly camp.
Acres 11,000 ; pop. 6369, decreasing. Living, a
Vic. (Dn. C. D.) with Cranfield, val. 2687., patr.
Marquis of Donegal. Raymond Lodge, Visct.

DUNEANY par. (21-2, 26-7) W. Oflfaly bar. W.
Kildare, 4m. W. of Kildare-31. Acres 3084;
pop. 617 + 10. Living, a Vic. with Lackagh.

Dunearn Hill, near Burntislancl, Stirling. J.
Stuart, Esq. is of basalt, with a lake, and remains
of a roman station on the top.

Duneaton Water, rises under Cairntable, S
Lanark, and runs 20 m. E. past Crawford-John to
R. Clyde.

Dunestaple of the Saxons is DUNSTABLE, Bucks.
Dunevan near Cawdor, W. Nairn, has traces of
a hill fort, 70 paces by 30.

P. M. DUNFANAGHY vil. (15) Kilmacrenan
bar. N. Donegal, 15 m. NW. of Kilmacrennn, 170
from Dublin, a police, petty sessions, and chief
coast-gd. station, on D. Bay, in Sheephaven, be-
longing to Stewart of Ardes. Pop. 529 + 6 ; houses
84, with school, dispensary, and Union p. house.
Dunfan. P. L. Union, contains 10 elect, divs. in
Dongl. with 18 guardians, acres 125,119, pop.




18,571, ho. room for 300, cases relieved (1847-8)
872 (all in-door), expend. 15197., prop, rated
10,5437. Mkt. weekly. Fairs, Thurs. after Whit.
Mon. 5 Aug. 2 Oct. and 17 Nov.

Dunfdl Iron Mines ( ) near , Westmrld.

DUNFERMLINE DISTRICT, S. Fife, contains the
pars, of Aberdour, Beath, Carnock, Dalgetty,
Dunfermline, Inverkeithing, Saline, Torryburn,
and part of Hillend ; pop. 30,663, houses 6683.


in the above dist. 8m. S. of Kinross, 16 from
Edinbro', on Ed. and North, branch rail, (in-
cluding Charlestown, Limekilns, and N. Queens-
ferry ports, Crossford, part of Crossgates, Hal-
beath, Mastertown, Patiemuir), a sheriff and
small debt court, on the slant of a hill which
overlooks the Forth, Edinbro', etc., was found, by
Malcolm Canmore, who b. a castle or palace, and a
culdee house, which was made an abbey by Dav. I.,
burnt 1303-4 by Edw. I., but reb. and finally ruined
1560 ; is a royal and parl. burgh contributory to
Stirling (no. of elect. 457), first chartered by
Jas.VI. 1588, and governed under the new act by
a provost, 22 council, etc., with a revenue of 12417.
Size 8 m. by 5, hilly, watered by small lakes and
R. Lyne, well cultivated, with abundance of coal
(worked before 1291), anthracite, lime, ironstone,
freestone, trap; pop. of burgh 7865, of par.
20,217 + 315, engaged since 1760 in the manufact.
of diapers, damasks, and other fine linens (1818
hands, besides 294 hand-loom weavers), cotton
(374), yarn (294), flax (170), nails (31), thread
(23), besides 604 miners ; houses in burgh 1 747,
with 3 churches, 7 chapels (including one b. 1740
for Erskine, the founder of the United Associate
Synod, and a large one in Q. Anne St.), town-
house (which has a shirt without seam woven bv
one Ingles), prison, guildry or hotel (1808) with
a spire 132 ft. high, mechanics' institute, school
of design, libraries, 4 banks, savings bank (21,4837.
from 1764 depositors), flesh mkt. 6 mills, breweries,
soap, tobacco, and candle factories, gas-works,
bridge over a glen (by Chalmers of Pittencrief ),
high school (older than Jas. I.), Priory Lane or
guildry school, St. Leonard's hosp. for 8, Pitreavie
hosp. for 4 ; real prop. 54,4707., of which 76987. on
mines, and 31317, on quarries; for poor 31487.
Living (D. presb.) 1st and 2nd charge val. 2827.
each, patr. Crown ; church, reb. 1820 (with a view
over 14 counties, from Ben Lomond to Soutra
Hill, etc.) on site of M. Canmore's old norman
one, of which the nave, etc, are seen, and in
which were buried he and his good queen
Margaret (whose shrine partly remains), Edgar,
Alex. I., Dav. I., MaL IV., Alex. III., Rob. I.,
Edmd. II., and their queens, many earls of
Fife, and the Bruce, whose bones were reburied
1818 under the pulpit; St. Andrew 1207., Seat-
holders ; N. Church 7., Kirk session and Com-
municants. A window and the abbot's house (at
Maygate) remain of the abbey ; its lands were
given by Jas. I. to his queen, who b. a palace
(where "Chas. I. was born and signed the cove-
nant), of which a wall is left, and whose bed is
at Broomhall. Earl Elgin, and her cupboard at
Pittencrief, J. Hunt, Esq. Pitfirran, Sir J. Hal-
ket,Bt. ; Loggie, ; Cavil, ; Pitliver, . The
stump of the mkt. cross is kept in a house ; there
are several friendly societies ; on Craiglascar hill
is a pietish fort ; and the place gave title of earl
to the Setons, as it does of baron to speaker
Abercromby, son of Sir Ralph ; and it publishes
the 'Journal' newspaper. The rail, which turns
off from the main line at Markinch will go
on to Stirling. ij< D. PRESBYTERY, synod
of Fife, includes Aberdour*, Beath, Carnock*,

Cleish, Culross, Dalgetty, Dunfermline*, Inver-
keithing, Kinross, Orwell, Saline*, Torryburn*.
Ditto FreeChurch, synod of Stirling, includ'es those
marked *, and Tulliallan. Ditto Unit. Assoc. Synod
includes Balgedie, Cairneyhill, Crossgates, Dun-
fermline, Inverkeithing, Kinross, Limekilns, Mil-
nathort, Muckart. Mkt. D. Tu. Fairs, 3rd Tu. Jan.
March, Apr. June, July, Sept. Oct. and Nov.

DONFIELD hmlt. (34) Kempsford par. E. Glou-
cester. 2m. S. of Fairford-79. Pop. 134.

DUNFIERTH par. (3, 4, 9) Carbury bar. N. Kil-
dare, 6 m. W. of Kilcock, near Bog of Allen.
Acres 5548 ; pop. 938. Living, a Vic. with Castle
Carbury. D. House, Sir F. M'Donnell, Bt.

Dunfittian Hill, near St. Fillan's, Mid. Perth.,
where the St. Fillan soc. meet for sports, etc.

DUNFIN vil. Luss par. Mid. Dumbarton. 3 m.
NE. of Helensburgh-66, near D. Hill, or Dunfion,
i. e. the Hill of Fingal.

Dunford Bridge (88) 6 m. W. of Penistone, W.
R. York., on Manch. and Shef. rail.

DUNGANNOJ? BARONY (37, 40, etc.) E. Tyrone,
contains the pars, of Aghaloo, Ballyclog, Carnteel,
Clonoe, Desertcreat, Donaghenry, Douaghmore,
Drumglass, Kildress, Killeeshill, Pomeroy, Tully-
niskan, and parts of Arboe, Artrea, Ballinderry,
Clonfeacle, Derryloran, Killyman, Lissan, and
Tamlaght ; acres 243,561, an. val. 115,8857., pop.
127,051, houses 23,726.

* P. M. DUNGANNON (54) Drumglass par. in
the above bar. 5 m. SW. of Stewartstown, 96 from
Dublin, near Lough Neagh, a sessions and chief
police town, was the old seat of the O'Nials, kings
of Ulster and Earls of Tyrone, whose fortunes it
shared till 1610, when it was given by Jas. I. to
Sir A. Chichester, who b. a castle here ; returns
one member to parl. (two before the Union,
from 1612), the no. of electors being 129 (of
107. houses 234) ; and is governed by a body
of 20 commissioners who have superseded the
old corporation. Acres of old boro' 836,
of new boro' 230; pop. of new boro' 3801, in
the grain and linen trade, the earthenware,
fire-brick, and tile works, and neighbouring
lime quarries and collieries ; houses 589, on a hill
side, well built, meeting in a square, with par.
church (reb. 1699), 4 chapels, courthouse and
bridewell, mkt. house, 2 banks, Dmigannon in-
stitute, savings bk. (16,2477. from 617 depositors),
police barrack, fever hosp., royal school or col-
lege founded by Ch. I. with 3900 acres of land,
5 exhibitions of 507., and 5 of 307. at Trinity
Col., E. Smith's and the Ranfurly schools,
gas-works, distillery, corn mills, and Union p.
house. Of a monastery founded 1489 by Con
O'Nial, and of the old castle, there are no remains.
Gives title of visct. to the Trevors. D. Park,
Earl Ranfurley, who has the manor. D. Pres-
bytery includes Ballymagrane, Ballyreagh, Car-
Ian, Castlecaulfield, Clenanees, Dungannon, Eg-
lish, Minterburn, Pomeroy. Dungan. P. L.
Union, contains 19 elect, divs. in Tyrone, with
26 guardians, acres 102,402, pop. 70,000, ho.
room for 1040, cases relieved (1847-8) 1753
(besides 2521 out-door), expend. 64507., prop,
rated 90,3307. Mkt. D. Mon. grain, Thurs. linen,
cattle, provisions. Fairs, 1st Th. every month.

DUNGANSTOWN par. (30-1, 36) Arklow bar.
SE. Wicklotc, 3 m. SW. of Wicklow-31, by the
sea. Acres 14,287, well cultivated, with bog and
slate; pop. 3434, decreasing. Living, a Rect.
(Du. G. K.), val. 6977., patr. Bishop. D. House,
seat of the Hoeys ; West Aston, Col. Acton.

Ditngar Park (43) near Eoscrea, S. King's Co.
D. House, . D. Castle, in ruins.
DUNGARVAN par. (24-5, 28-9) Gowran bar. E.


Kilkeny. a police station, 3 m. S. of Gowran-67.
Acres 5881 ; pop. 1806, decreasing. Living, a Flic.
(Os. F. L.) vol. 156/., patr. Crown.

* P. M. DUNGARVAN par. (30-1,35-6) Decies-
without-Drum bar. S. Waterford, including Ab-
beyside, on R. Colligan and D. Bay, 26 m. SW.
of Waterford, 124 from Dublin, a watering place,
sess. town, sub-port to Waterfd. coast-gd. and chief
police station, which had an austin abbey found. 7th
cent, by St. Garvan, was given up to Hen. II.
by king Roderic, walled round by John, who b.
the castle, granted to the Talbots, Desmonds,
Thorntons, Boyles (from whom it comes to the
Duke of Devonshire), and taken by Cromwell
1 649 ; returns one member to parl. (two be-
fore the Union), no. of electors being 391 (of
10J. houses 266) ; and by charter of Jas. I.
was governed by a sovereign, 12 burgesses, etc.,
who are extinct. Acres of old boro' or manor
about 10,000, of par. 9413, with limestone,
of new boro' 8499, of town 392 ; pop. of par.
13,321, of new boro' 12,382, of town 8625 + 24,
in the export grain, butter, cattle trade, to amount
of 69,486/. employing 35 coasters, and in the
hake and herring fisheries employing 80 boats ;
houses 1729, with 4 chapels, sessions house and
bridewell, mkt. house, 2 banks, convent, fever
hosp., dispensary, schools, bridge and causeway
to Abbeyside, barracks (in the castle), and Union
poor house. Living, a Vic. (Ca. E. W. L.) val.
481/., patr. Duke of Devonshire. Cromwell's
mount lies to the W., and at Abbeyside are
M'Grath's castle, and remains of an abbey found.
13th cent, by them, with traces of a round tower,
where a patron is held 28 Aug. The bay inside
of Helwick head is 3 m. across with 1 to 5 fath.,
and the Gainers and Carrickapane reefs; the
harbour, which admits craft of 150 tons, has only
!) ft. at the quay. Duckspool, E. Galwey, Esq. ;
Hermitage, W. Barren, Esq. Gives title of visct.
to Earl of Cork. Dungarv. P. L. Union, contains
15 elect, divs. in Waterfd. with 30 guardians,

acres 151,832, pop. 63',642, ho. room for 1790,
cases relieved (1847-8) 7145 (besides 12,592 out-
door), expend. 11,2497., prop, rated 94,591/. Mkt.
Ds. Wed. Sat Fairs, 7 Feb. 22 June, 27 Aug.
8 Nov.

Dungavel Hill, 2 m. SW. of Wiston, S.Lanark
on which a water spout broke 1768.

DUNGE-MARSH (4) near Dungeness, Lang-
port hund. Shepway lathe, S. Kent, contains
Lydd, a member of Romney cinque port. At the
corner, near the martello tower coast-gd. station,
is Dungeness, a low shingly point in the Channel,
of the post-tertiary formation, with a light in
lat. 50 55', long. 57 48' E., fixed, put up 1792,
92 ft. high, seen 14 m. From the accumulation
of the shingle seaward, the light, at first 100 yds.
from the water, was in 1839, 218 yds. away.

Dungeon Gitt ( ) a stream falling from Lang-
dale Pike, NW. Westmrld. ^ D. Loch, 8 m.
NW. of New Galloway, N. Kirkcudbt.

Dungillick House (3) 3 m. NW. of Glaslough,
N. Mbnaghan, near Lmyvale, T. Anketell, Esq.

Duntjisby, or Dungsby, Head. See Duncansby
Head, Caithness.

P.M. DUNGIVEN par. (30-1, etc.) Keenaght
bar. Mid. Londondy. 16 m. SE. of Londonderry,
132 from Dublin, a petty sessions and police
station, on R. Roe, with remains of an austin
abbey found. 1100 by the O'Cahans, afterwards
given to the Skinners' comp. who b. a castle here.
Acres 29,327, with building stone and mountn.
rising 1530ft. at Benbradagh; pop. 5169 + 160

of vil. 1016; houses 196, with 2 chapels, mkt.
house, dispensary, bridge. Living, a Vic. with



Banagher. Pellipar, R. Ogilby, Esq. The foun-
dations of a round tower are visible. Mkt. Z>.
Mon. Fairs, 2nd Tu. every month.

P. DUNGLASS hmlt. Old Kilpatrick par. S.
Dumbarton. 3 m. ESE. of Dumbarton-58, on R.
Clyde, was a roman station or post at the end of
Antonine's Wall, and has near Dumbrick hill
remains of a castle which came from the Col-
quhouns, etc. to the Edmonstones and Buchanans.
A pillar stands here to H. Bell, who tried the first
steamer on the river, 1813.

Dunglass House, 7 m. SE. of Dunbar, E. Had-
dington. Sir J. Hall, Bt. (brother to Capt. Basil
Hall, born here) by D. Sum, on the site of the
Homes' castle (who take hence title of baron),
where Jas. I. lodged 1603 and 17, and which
was blown up 1640. Near it is an old chapel.

DUNGLEDDY HUNDRED (40) Mid. Pembroke.

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