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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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verness. 12 m. W. of Arisaig, on the S. side of
Skye, and once a separate par. has a hollow (eagg)
running through it, and belongs to Macdonald of
Clanranald. Size 4i by 2^, basalt and gneiss,
rising 1335 ft. at Scuir Eigg, with grouse, etc. ;
pop. 546. On the coast is the Cave of Devotion,
200 ft. long, with remains of an altar, and other
caves, also Eilan Chastel with a fort on it.

Eight Ash Farm (48) 3 m. WNW. of Colchester,
NE. Essex.

Eighter (39) near Virginia, S. Cavan, on Lough
Ramor, H. Sargant, Esq.

Eike Lough, near the head of the Shannon,
Leitrim, between Lough Allyn and Ree.

Eil Loch, borders of Argyll, and Inverness, at
the head of L. Linnhe, runs 10 m. NNE. to Fort
William, where the Caledonian canal joins, and
Capt. Cameron of Locheil is seated, thence it
turns 12 m. W.

Eilan (i. e. island) Clearach, 10 m. NW. of Ulla-
pool, SW. Suthrld. ^" E. Aigas, 14 m. WSW.
of Inverness, N. Inverness., a fine spot in Strath-
glass, near Beaufort Cast, belonging to Sir R. Peel.
$g E. Donan, at the head of L. Alsh, S W. Ross.
has an old cast, of the Mackenzies (Alex. II.).
g- E. More, NE. of Coll, NW. Argyll. ^" E.
na Kily, and E. Wirrey, belong to the Shiant Islds.
E. side of Lewis, Western Islds., and have some
high basalt cliffs.

EILDON vil. Melrose par. N. Roxburgh. 2 m. SE.
of Melrose-35, stands under the E. Hills, a group
of three, or Trimontium, on Watling St., of the
Romans, who left a camp 1J m. round, on the
highest (1330 ft.), with traces of others, on the
middle one, and at Caldshiels, etc. Pop. 56. JS.
Hall, Henderson, Esq. commanding a fine

EIRIAS tnshp. ( ) Llandrillo-yn-Rhos par.
NE. Carnarvon. 4 m. NE. of Conway-223, has the
Fynnon Eilian holy well. Pop. 266 ; poor r. 567,
(Conw. U.) ; real prop. 8327.

EISEY par. (34) Highworth hund. N. Wilts.
1 m. NE. of Cricklade-83, on R. Thames and
Severn canal, contains Water Eaton. Acres 1840 ;
pop. 188 + 2 ; poor r. 1607. (Crickl. U.) ; real prop.
38137. St. Mary Vic. with Latton.

Eishart Loch, S. side of Skye, W. Inverness, ia


6 m. long by 3 broad, with Dunscaich and Ord
castles upon it.

Elam Grange ( ) near Kcighlcy, W. R. York.
whore roman coins have been found.

ELAMUND par. joined to KILMONIVAIG, Inver-

Elan River (56) rises about 8 m. NW. of Rhay-
ader, W. Radnor, and runs about 15 m. SE. past
Capel Nant Gwylt, wliere it receives R. Clearwen
to R. Wye below Rhayader. It has some fine
spots, and good fishing.

ELAN-NAN-EACH and E.-NAN-MUCK (i. e. horse
and swine isld.), formed the old par. of Muck, the
' Insula Porcorum ' of Buchanan.


ELBERTON par. (35) Lower Berkeley hund.
S W. Gloucest. 2 m. SW. of Thornbury-"l24, has
remains of a roman camp of 2 acres. Acres 1420 ;
pop. 190; poor r. 847. (Thornb. U.) ; real prop.
_'**-_>/. ; charities, Hickes's 5/. St. Mary Vic.
(Gl. and Br.) val. 22G/., patr. Bishop.

ELCHIES par. now part of Knockando. Elgin,
contains E. EASTEU and E. WESTEU, 3 m. S. of
Rothes-128, J. Grant, Esq.

Elcho Castle, near Perth, SE. Perth, and the old
ruin, gives title of baron to the earls of Wemyss.

ELCOMBE tythg. (34) Wroughton par. ~NE.
Wilts. 2 in. S8W. of Swindon-SO. Pop. 348. E.
House, 1 m. NE.

EI.COT tythg. (14) Preshute par. E. Wilts.
near Marlborough-74. Pop. 56.

Elcot Green (12) 4. m. E. of Hungerford, S W.

ELD EN. See ELVEDEN, Suffolk.

Elder Street (47) 3 m. SSE. of Saffron Walden,
NW. Essex.

Eldernet (65) 6 m. WNW. of March, NW.

ELDEUSFIELD par. (43) Lower Fershore hund.
SW. Worcest. 7 m. SW. of Upton-on-Severn-111.
Acres 3400; pop. 837 + 5; poor r. 42 1/. (Upton
U.) ; real prop. 57501. ; charities 38/., of which
18/. to Pollock's school. St. J. Baptist Vic.
(Wore.) val. 250/., patr. Sir E. H. Lech mere, Bt.

Eldersley ( ) near Ockley, S. Surrey, G. Ar-
buthnot, Esq.

EI.DEKSLIE vil. Abbey par. Mid. Renfrew, near
Pai.sley-52, was the birthplace of Wallace (exe-
cuted 1305), whose oak stood here till lately.
Pop. 1086, in the cotton works, etc. E. House,
A. Spiers, Esq.

ELDON tnshp. ( ) St. Andrew Auckland par.
S. Durham, 3 m. SE. of Bishop-Auckland-248,
gives title of earl to the Scotts. Acres 1540 ; pop.
186 + 6; poor r. 577, (Auckld. U.) ; real prop.
247 1/. E. Moor House, 1 m. SE. ; E. Red House,
i m. SW. O" ELDON ext. par. ( ) Lower King's
Sombourn hund. W. Hants. 3 m, S. of Stockbridge
-06. Pop. 19. Living, a Rect. val. /., patr. J.
Hussev, Esq. ; church, in ruins. t&$ ELDON (82)
near Sheffield, W. R. York, is a Cur. (Yk.) vaL
130/., patr. Crown and Bishop.

Eldon Hole (81) 2m. SW. of Castleton, NW.
Derby, in Peak Forest, a limestone cave, 10 yds.
by 30 at top, and 6G deep, long-reported to be
unfathomable, and called a ' wonder' of the

ELDRIO vil. Roberton par. W. Roxburgh. 9 m.
WSW. of Hawick-50. ^g- ELDRIG vil. (29)
Mochrum par. 5. Wigton. 8 m. SW. of \Vigton-132,
near E. Loch. Pop. 2 1 7.

ELDROTH limit. ( ) Lawklaud tnshp. W. R.
York. 3 m. X\V. of Settle-235.

ELDWICK limit. ( ) Bingley tnshp. W. R.
York, near Bingley-202.




ELERCH tnshp. (57) Aberystwith par. N. Car-
digan, near Aberystwith-208. Pop. 187 + 1.

ELFORD tnshp. ( ) Bambrough par. NE.
Northmbrld. 5 m. ESE. of Belford-322, by the sea.
Pop. 112 ; poor r. 757. (Belfd. U.).

P. ELFORD, i. e. EEL-FORD, par. (62) S. Ofllow
hund. SE. Stafford. 4 m. ENE. of Lichfield-119,
on R. Tame, near Midld. rail, belonged to Earl
Algar before the Conquest, and came through the
Crown, Ardernes, Stanleys, and others to the
Bowes family. Acres 1840 ; pop. 434 ; poor r. 2857.
(Lichf. U.) ; real prop. 44147. ; charities 307., of
which 157. for education. St. Peter Rect. (Lich.)
val. 3007., patr. Hon. Mrs. F. G. Howard of E. Park,
who holds the manor through the above ; church,
lias stained windows, and effigies of the Ardernes,
Smiths, and Stanleys, restored 1849 by Richard-
son. In the park, in which is E. Low and another
barrow, Edw. IV. frequently hunted, and Hen.
VII. slept at the house on his way to Bosworth.

Elfordleigh (25) 2 m. N. of Plymton-Earle,
S W. Devon. W. Langmead, Esq.

Elfords (5) at Hawkhurst, S. Kent, belongs to
the Boys family.

Elgar, or Eller, Isld. Sharpinsay par. Mid.
Orkney, 1 m. S. of that isld.

Elge, or Elig, of the Saxons, is ELY, Cambridge.

ELGIN, or MORAY, a seaside county, N. Scot-
land, N. of the Grampians, between Rs. Spey and
Findhorn, the seat of the Vocomagi in the roman
Vespasiana, and now of the Grants, etc. was
settled by Picts and Danes, who have left several
forts, etc., and overrun in the civil wars by Mon-
trose, 1645, etc. is watered by the Lossie, etc.,
and bordered by the Spey and Banff. (E.), Moray
Frith and the sea (N.), Nairn. (W.), Inverness., a
detached piece of which cuts it in two parts (S.
and SW.). Length of N. part from near Cromdale
NNE. to Coulard Hill 25 m., av. breadth 13,
ditto of S. part 17 m. by 7 ; relative size
159-10,000ths ; circuit 140, 124 being coast, mostly
low and sandy, and along which are Garmouth
and Lossiemouth ports, Spey bay, Consey pt.
with Hilliman's Scar rocks off it, Burgh-head
bathing place (anct. Ptoroton, or Alata Castra,
with danish remains) Findhorn port. It contains
480 sq. m. (7 being lake), or 307,200 acres, of
which l-5th to l-4th is cultivated, and 2-5ths are
unprofitable, hill, etc. ; 35,012 + 78 persons, of
whom 6755 are in Elgin and Forres, 18,922 are
females, 1(5,031 under 20 yrs. of age, 27,826 county-
born, 3547 or lO'l per cent, live by trade, com-
merce, etc., 5080 or 14'5 per cent, by agricult.
(1843 being farmers and graziers), 342 educated
professions, 1259 are independent. 7357 labourers
and servants, besides others ; 8154 houses (reckon-
ing flats) exclusive of 411 empty and building; 1G
parishes, and parts of 8 others ; above 56 vils. limits,
etc. ; 2 royal burghs, Elgin the county town, etc.
(as below), and Forres, which with Fochabers,
Grantown, Rothes, are small debt courts ; returns
one member along with Nairn, (elect. 682) and 1
for Elgin (as below) ; is governed by a lord and
vice lient., 15 deputy lieuts. in the six subdivisions,
sheriff and substitutes, etc., and belongs to synod
of Moray, with 19 clergv, whose av. stipends are
208/. Real prop. (1815) 73,288/., ('43) 98,115/.,
of which 5439/. on fisheries, gross rental (1811)
62,3127. or 4s. Id. per acre, ('43) 84,082*. or 6s. ^d,
per acre ; valued rent (1674) 65.603/. scots. Fiar
or av. price (1842-8) of wheat 50*. 8i</., of barley
29s. 3d. per qr., of meal, 17s. 2d. per boll of
140 Ibs. Savings bks. ('49) 2, with 24,6057. from
1810 depositors. Expend, for poor ('47-8) in 20

UU 3




pars, (all being assessed) 79007., of which 67997.
for 1605 poor on roll, 2097. for 227 casual poor.
Schools about 90, attended by 4760 child. the
public schools sharing in Dick's bequest ; av. no.
of offenders ('36-46) 28. A strip of level land, 5
to 12 m. broad, on an old red sandstone bottom,
with a fertile soil, growing wheat of a superior
quality, lines the coast round to Moray Frith,
where the climate is so soft that it is compared to
Devon, and fruits, etc. are grown in the gardens ;
Roy's cairn ( ft.) is the highest point here-
abouts, and hence it rises into gneiss and slate
hills, ascending towards the highlands, which at
Cairngorm (over the frontier) is 4080 ft. ; granite
is found at Abernethy, Knockando (a fine spot on
the Spey), and near Dalzie on the Findhorn,
good building stone at Quarrywood, etc., with
traces of copper, lead, elsewhere. Lakes are, Lochs
Spynie (partly drained), Glenmore, Lochindorb,
etc. ; and there are some mineral springs. Salmon
is abundant in the Spey and other streams, which
are apt to overflow their banks, and in 1829
caused the great floods of Moray, when the water
rose 50 ft. and did great damage. Peat is in
great plenty, and the remains of forest on the
hills, which have been increased by large planta-
tions of fir, larch, etc. at Abernethy, Darnawny,
and other properties. There are large distilleries
at Linkwood, Knockando, etc. ; a few woollens
are made employing 50 hands in 1847; cottons
at Fochabers, and ship-building is carried on
at Kingston Port. Soil sandy, with clay to
the W. and a rich fruitfid tract by the rivers,
wheat, turnips, potatoes, oats, barley are raised ;
the native cattle, and white and brown-faced
sheep, are improved by crosses. Estates are large ;
leases run ]9 yrs. ; farm buildings are improved,
and the enclosures mostly stone. At Forres
(anct. Faroe), where Macbeth murdered Banquo,
is the 'blasted heath' on which he met the
witches, and Sueno's pillar, a figured column as
old as Mai. II. ; also many danish forts and cairns
along shore at Dun Relugas, etc., druid circle at
Lhanbryd and Urquhart; cathedral at Elgin,
once the seat of a bishoprick ; old church at
Birnie, and a cross at Dyke ; priory at Pluscardine,
and abbey at Kinloss ; and castles at Gallvale,
Duffus, Lochindorb, Rothes, Spynie (which be-
longed to the bishops). Fort Elachie and Foch-
abers have bridges of great size and strength
to resist the floods. Seats are : Earl Moray Darn-
away (old), E. Seafield Cast. Grant, Duke of
Richmond Gordon Cast., K. Fife Innes, Dunbar,
Bt. Northfield, Brander of Pitgaveny, Brown of
Dunkinty, Duff of Orion, Brodie of Brodie, M'Leod
of Dalvey, Tytler of Burdsyards, Bruce of Rose-
isle, Gordon of Revack, Grant of Birchfield, M'ln-
tosh Bt. of Moyhall; Burgle Cast., Elachies, and
Knockando, are other seats. Gives title of earl to
Bruces of Broomhall, Fife. Roads from Elgin :
(1) Alves 5 m. to Forres 12, Nairn 21, Inverness
37. (2) Fochabers 8, Keith 14. Huntley 23, to
Aberdeen 62. (3) Up the glen to Rothes 10,
Charlton 13 ; up the Spey to Inveraven 19,Grant
Town 30, Abernethy 35, Aviemore Inn 46 (Dut-
liill 52), thence to Speybridge 64, and Fort
Augustus 84 ; or through Forres to Edenkillie 1 9,
Knock of Brae Moray 24 (Dulsie 28), Aviemore

* P. M. a. ELGIN par. 11 m. E. of Forres, N.El-
gin, 138 from Edinbro', the county and sess. town,
and sheriffs' court, an excise collection, and a royal
and parl. burgh on R. Lossie, 5 m. from the sea, in
a mild and healthy spot, was called Helgyn, found,
it is said, by Helgy, a norwegian had a castle b.
at Ladyhill by Will, the Lion, and became the seat

of the diocese of Moray 1224, -when Bp. Andrew
moved from Spynie ; was chartered by Will, the
Lion, and under the new act is governed bv a pro-
vost, 4 bailies, 7 council., dean of the 6 trades, etc.
with a revenue of 7407. ; and returns one member
to parl. along with the contributory burghs of
Banff, Cullen, Inverury, Kintore, Peterhead,
no. of electors being 228 (for the whole 916,

of 107. houses 2433). Size 10 m. by 6, flat
and sandy, but fertile in corn, etc. ; pop. 6083,

of burgh 3911, in the grain, and a general
trade ; houses 994, chiefly in a long street, with
5 chapels, prison, public library, news and as-
sembly rooms, literary, debating, horticultural,
and other societies, 5 banks, savings bk. (20,0157.
from 1410 depositors), 2 breweries, gas-works,
woollen factory, academy or gram, school, insti-
tution, including a free school, hospital, and school
of industry, found, by Gen. Anderson (born here a
poor boy), on the site of Bp. Andrew's Domus
Dei, found. 1225-7, hospital found, by Dr. Gray
(a native), and b. by Gillespie, pauper lunatic
asylum, besides a guildry, and other charitable
funds ; real prop. 14,5657. ; for poor 14927. Living
(E. presb.) in two charges, val. of each 2407.,
patr. Crown ; church, in the grecian style. The
walls, W. end and towers, with beautiful chapter
ho., and Bp. Hepburn's palace adjoining, remain
of the cathedral, which was first b. by Bp. Andrew,
burnt by Alex, the Wolf of Badenoch, reb. 1397-
1414 (a copy of Lichfield), when it was 260ft. by
34, and had a tower 198 ft. high, which fell 17J 1.
Some old tombs are left. At Pluscarden are ruins
of a half built priory ; and Lossiemouth pier harb.
holds a few small craft. It publishes the 'E.
Courant'and 'E. Courier' newspapers, and gives
title of earl to the Bruces of Broomhall. Bishop's
Mill vil. belongs to Earl Seafield of Grant
Lodge. iff E. PRESBYTERY, synod of Moray,
includes Alves*, St. Andrews-Llanbride, Birnie,
Drainy Duffus, Elgin*, Speymouth, New Spynie,
Urquhart* ; fast days, Thursd. before 1st Sund.
of May, Nov. Ditto Free Church, contains those
marked * and Burghead, Garmouth, Lossiemouth,
Pluscarden. Ditto United Associate Synod, con-
tains Archieston, Boghole, Burghead, Campbel-
town, Elgin (2 cong.), Forres, Grange, Inverness
(2 cong.), Keith, Lossiemouth, Meikleburn, Nairn,
Nigg, Stornoway, Tain, Wick. Mht. Ds. Tuesd.
Frid. Fairs, 3rd Frid. Feb., Mar. and Apr., 2nd
Frid. May, 1st Tuesd. June, 3rd Tuesd. July,
Aug. Sept and Oct., 3rd Wed. Dec. cattle.

P. ELIIAM par. (3) Loninboro' hund. Shepway
lathe, E. Kent, 6 m. NNE. of Hythe -65, on R. Stone
near S. East, rail., a petty sessions, and once a mkt.
town, belonged to Earl Hue at the Conquest, and
comes through the Leybournes and others to the
Oxendens of Broome. Acres 6240, woody ; pop.
1291 ; poor r. 6187. ; real prop. 69037. ; charities
687., of which Sir J. Williams's school 657. St,
Mary F?c.(Cant.) val. 3907., patr. Archbp. and Mer.
Coll. Oxon. ; church, has a timber roof. J E.
DEANERY, archdy. and dioc. of Canterbury, con-
tains the benefices marked in Hayne, Hythe,
Loninborougb, and Stouting hunds., with Brad-
bourne vie., Denton rect., Hastingleigh r., Horton
cur., Wootton r. Elh. P. L. Union, contains the
pars. etc. of Acrise, Cheriton, Elham, Elmsted,
Folkestone, Hawkinge, Hythe, Lymiage (where
poor ho. is), Lympne, Monks Horton, Newington,
Paddlesworth/Postling, Saltwood, Sellinge,Stand-
ford, Stelling, Stowting, Swingfield; acres 36,928,
pop. 14,662, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 1209 (out-
door 954), expend. 57217., prop, rated 80,3627.
Sup. Registry comprises the same except Lympne ;
pop. 14,662 + 53. It is divided between Hythe and


Folkestone New County Court dists. Fairs, Palm,
Easter, and Whit. Monds. 20 Oct. cattle.

Elibank, 6 m. NW. of Selkirk, N. Selkirk. Lord
Elibank, near an old beacon tower.

P. ELIE par. St. Andrew's (list. SA\ Fife. 5 m.
SE. of Largo-27, near E. Ness, on Frith of Forth,
where it is 7 m. across, is a burgh of barony, coast-
gd. station, and bathing place in a healthy spot,
and was part of Kilconquhar up to 1640. Size2m.
by , cultivated, with coal ; pop. 907, decreas-
ing," of vil. 829, some in the coasting trade ; real
prop. 37537. ; for poor 1167. Living (presb. St.
Andrew) val. 1497., patr. Sir W. E. Anstruther,
Bt, of E. House, chief heritor. There are some
other old houses. The good tide harb. includes
Wadeshaven ; and at Kincraig is Macduff's cave,
where he hid himself from Macbeth, before cross-
ing at Earlsferry.

ELING par. (11) Redbridge and Lower Thorn-
gate hunds. S W. Hants. 3 m. WN W. of South-
ampton-74, on Southampton water, near R. An-
ton's mouth, containing NORTH and SOUTH E.
tythgs. (pop. 1052 and 343), Bauldoxfee, March-
wood cur. and 11 others, is Edlinges of 'Domesdy.'
when it was .of some consequence. Acres 14,950 ;
pop. 5410 + 79, in a good corn trade, shipbuilding,
etc. ; poor r. 27127. on 26,7217. (New Forest U.) ;
real prop. 33217. ; charities, almsh. for 4, with a
share in Nowes's school, has New Forest Union
p. house. St. Mary Vic. (Win.) val. 9047., patr.
Rev. W. Phillips, vicar; church, of mixed styles.
N. Eling Vic. same patron. Mottisfont, or Bury
Farm, seat of Rev. Sir J. B. Mill, Bt. who holds
the manor.

ELIOGARTY BARONY (40-2, etc.) Mid. Tip-
perary, contains the pars, of Athnid, Ballymur-
recn, Drom, Fertiana, Galbooly, Inch, Kilclo-
nagh, Kilfithmone, E. and W. Loughmoe, Moy-
carky, Moyne, Rahelty, Shyane, Thurles, Two-
mileborris, and parts of Ballycahill, Holycross,
Kilcooly, Templemore, and Templetouhy; acres
90,681, pop. 42,308, houses 6764.

Eliseg Pillar (74) 2 m. NNW. of Llangollen,
SE. Denbigh, near Vale Crucis ab., a cross of 7th
cent., 8 ft. liigh.

Elishaw Bridge ( ) 7 m. NNE. of Bellingham,
Mid. Northmbrld. where Walling St. crossed R.
Reed, has some remains of an old hospital.

ELITH par. joined to ALYTH, Perth.

Elizabeth Castle, in front of St. Helier's, Jersey,
Cliannel Islds. was projected by Edw. VI. and b.
by Raleigh, in time of Q. Elizabeth, on a spot
of land which is covered at high tide.

ELKIXGTON par. ( ) Guildsboro' hund. NW.
Northmptn. 9m. ENE. of Rugby-83, on Union
canal. Acres 1720; pop. 46; poor r. 357. (Rugby
U.) ; real prop. 26327. ; church, which is de-
molished, belonged to Daventry priory. ^ ELK-
INGTON, NORTH, par. (84) Louth-Eske hund. NE.
Lincoln. 3 m. NW. of Louth-143. Acres 1290 ;
pop. 91 ; poor r. 567. (Louth U.) ; real prop. 12267.
St. Helen Vic. (Line.) sometime held by Echard
the historian, val. 1647., patr. W. Smyth, Esq.
At Burgh Hill are tumuli, ^g" E.-SouTH par.
as above, 1 m. S. contains Ackthorpe and Coach
Grange. Acres 2660; pop. 273; poor r. 1207.;
real prop. 42347. All Saints Fie. (Line.) val.
20(17., patr. W. Smvth, Esq.

ELKSLEY par. (82) Bassctlaw wap. N. Notts.
4m. SSW. of E. Retford-141, on R. Poulter.
Acres 2500 ; pop. 414 + 4 ; poor r. 1187. (E. Retfd.
U.); real prop. 22477.; charities 17. St. Giles
Vic. (Line.) val. 1257., patr. Duke of Newcastle.

ELKSTONE par. (44) Rapsgate hund. Mid.
Gloncest. 7m. NNW. of Cirencester-88, near Er-
mine St. Acres 2100, with stone quarries ; pop.



335 + 4 ; poor r. 1277. (Cirencest. U.) ; real prop.
19407. St. J. Evangelist Reel. (Gl. and Br.) val.
3607., patr. Hon. R. K. Craven ; church, part early
eng., with a fine norman S. door and old chancel.

ELKSTONE, UPPER and LOWER, chplry (81 >
Alst oilfield par. N. Stafford. 5 m. ENE. of Leelc
-145, near R. Manifold. Acres 1150 ; pop. 253, de-
creasing ; poor r. 3757. (Leek U.) ; real prop
16217, St. J. Baptist Cur. (Lien.) val. 727., patr.

ELLA, KIRK, par.(86) Kingston -on-IIull county
of town, E. R. York. 5 m. WNW. of Hull-171,
containing E. WEST tnshp. (pop. 133) Anlaby
and Willerby, in a pleasant spot, belonged to
Ralph de Mortimer at ' Domesdy.' and came to
the Wakes. Acres 4390, of town 980; pop. 1061
+ 91, and 291 + 1 ; poor r. 1907. (Sculcoates U.) ;
real prop. 37517. St. Andrew Vic. (Yk.) val.
2357., patr. R. Sykes, Esq., of West E., of whose
fam. the ancient church has tombs.

ELLAGH hmlt. (8, 9) Kilmacrenan bar. N.
Donegal, 9m. NE. of Carrickhart-164.

P. ELLAND tnshp. (88) with Greetland, Hali-
fax par. W. R. York. 3m. SSE. of Halifax- 197,
on Manch. rail, and R. Calder, near E. Edge,
was a mkt. town, and seat of the Ealands, whose
feuds in Edw. III.'s time are the subject of an old
ballad. Acres 3360, with coal, stone ; pop. 6479
+ 97, in the woollen mills and quarries ; poor r.
10997. on 19,2037. (Halif. U.); real prop. 15627.,
of which 12157. on quarries. St. Mary Cur. (Rip.)
val. 1507., patr. Vicar. A school or college for
Church missionary students is here.

E/landune, of the Saxons, is WILTON, Wilts.

P. ELLASTONE par. (72) S. Todmonslow hund.
NE. Stafford. 6 m. NNE. of Uttoxeter-135, near
R. Dove, a petty sessions town containing Col-
wick, Prestwood, Ramshorn, Stanton, and Woot-
ton. Acres 7970, with lead and copper; pop.
1308; poor r. 797. (Ashbourne U.); real prop.
55297. ; charities 57. St. Peter Vic. (Lich.) val.
1547., patr. D. Davenport, Esq. ; church, has mons.
of the Fleetwoods. Abp. Sheldon was a native
(1598-1677) ; at Weaver Hill camp, coins have
been found.

ELLEL chplry. ( ) Cockerham par. N. Lancash.
4 m. SSE. of Lancaster-240, near Preston canal
and rail. Acres 5560 ; pop. 2223 + 1, in the silk
factories ; poor r. 4497. (Lancast. U.) ; real prop.
84347. ; charities 57. to school. Living, a Cur.
(Manch.) val. 1507., patr. Vicar. E. Grange, near
Cockersand Abbey, G. Gillow ; E. Hall, A. Ford,

Ellemore Hall ( ) 5 m. ENE. of Durham,
NE. Durham, G. Baker, Esq., through the Con-
yers fam.

ELLEN parcel (41) Ystradgynlais par. SW.
Brecon. 9m. NNE. of Neath-198. Pop. 197.

Ellen, or Alne, River ( ) riaes in Caldbcck
Fells, Mid. Cumbrld. and runs 15 m. W. past Ireby
to the sea at Maryport, near Ellenboro'.

ELLENABAICH vil. Kilbrandon par. W. Argyll.
m. S. of Oban-124. Pop. 311.

ELLENBOROUGH tnshp. ( ) with Ewanrigg,
Dearham par. W. Cumbrld. 1 m. SE. of Maryport
-311, near R. Ellen, is Virosidum of Horsley, and
Volantium, Olenacum, Glanatcnta of others. Pop.
7GG + 5, colliers; poor r. 1887. (Cockermo* U.) ;
real prop. 26097. Altars, mirrors, inscriptions,
remains of buildings, tumuli, have been found,
and a way went to Carlisle. Gives title of earl to
the Laws, who married a Senhouse of Alneburgh
or Nether Hall, now H. Senhouse, Esq.

ELLENBROOK (89) 4m. NE. of Leigh-197, S.
Lancash. is a Cur. (Manch.) val. 1377., patr. Earl
of Ellesmere,

u u 4.



) Gm. SSW. of St. Columb, W. \
Cornwall, J. Hosken, Esq., o:

Ellenglaze (
Cornwall, 3. Hosken, Esq., of Carines.

EIXENHALL par. (72) S. Pirehill hund. W.
Stafford. 5 m. NW. of Stafford-141, the old seat
of the Noels. Acres 1800 ; pop. 280 ; poor r. 977.
(Staff. U.): real prop. 23637. St. Mary Cur.
(Lich.) val. 917., patr. Earl of Lichfield. A large
oak here.

ELLENTHORPE tnshp. ( ) Aldborough par.
N. R. York, near Boroughbridge-206. Pop. 49.

Ellenvak (46) near Newry, SE. Down.

Ellenville (8) near Johnstown, N. Kilkenny.

Elleray ( ) 4 m. SSE. of Ambleside, W. West- I
mrld., on Windermere, Prof. Wilson, the ' Chris- ;
topher North ' of Blackwood's Mag.

Ellerbeck (89) 7 m. NNE. of Wigan, S. Lan-
cash., T. Cardwell, Esq. (?) ^ Ellerbeck ( )
near , Westmrld., T. Sisson, Esq. giT ELLER- ;
BECK tnshp. ( ) Osmotherley par. N. R. York, j

5 m. ENK. of Northallerton-225. Acres 880;
pop. 81 ; poor r. 457. (Northal. U.) ; real prop.
1 1097.

ELLERBURN par. ( ) Pickering-Lythe wap.
N. R. York. 3 m. E. of Pickering-226, nearWhitby
rail., contains Farmanton and Wilton curs. Acres
4590 ; pop. 686 ; poor r. 7. ; real prop. 8597. ;
charities 27. St. Hilda Vic. (Yk.) val. with Wil-
ton 1317., patr. Dean.

ELLERBY tnshp. ( ) Swine par. E. R. York.

6 m. N. of Hedon-182, contains Dowthorpe, Long-
thorpe, Oubrough, and Woodall. Acres 3470 ;
pop. 275 + 2 ; poor r. 857. (Skirlaugh U.) ; real
prop. 28757. i?iP ELLERBY tnshp. ( ) Lythe
par. N. R. York. 7 m. WN W. of Whitby-238, near
the coast. Acres 630 ; pop. 78+ 1.

ELLEKDINE tnshp. (73) Ercall-Magna par.
NE. Salop, 6m. NW. of Wellington-142. Pop.

ELLERGILL limit. ( ) Orton par. Mid. West-

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