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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 188 of 293)
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patr. P. T. Wykeham Esq.

Emtnoe (23) 4 m. N. of Moate, W. Westmeatft.

EMMOTLAND hmlt. ( ) N. Frodingham par.
E. R. York. 5 m. SE. of Gt. Driffield-196, near R,

Emmott Hatt ( ) near Burnley, NE. Lancash.
Emmott, Esq., with a cross and holy well
near it.

EMNETH par. (65) Freebridge - Marsh - Sand
hund. W. Norfolk, 2 m. SE. of Wjsbeach-98, near
the rail, and canal. Acres 2810, fenny ; pop. 1065
+ 7 ; poor r. 7897. (Wisb. U.) ; real prop. 81817. ;
charities, town land. St. Edmund Cur. with
Elm. E. Hungate, 1 m. E.

P. Euro vil. (8) Portnahinch bar. N. Queen's
Co. a police station, 5 m. NE. of Maryborough,
50 from Dublin. E. Park, Earl of Portarling-
ton. igf Emo ( ) near Ballymore, Westmeath.

P. EMPINGITAM par. (64) East hund. Mid.
Rutland. 6 m. E. of Oakham-95, on R. Gwash, an
ancient place, once a mkt. town, belonging to the
Normanvilles, Passeleys, and others, now to
the Heathcotes of Normanton. Acres 2780 ; pop.
914 ; poor r. SOU. (Oakh. U.) ; real prop. 4349/. ;
charities, a share in Forster's, for schools, etc.
St. Peter Vic. and Prebend. (Pet.) val. 4007.,
patr. Bishop ; church, early eng. with normaii
arches. E. House, T. Syson, Esq.

EMPOR hmlt. (10) Moygoish bar. W. Westmeath,
10 m. N W. of Mullingar-48.

EMPSHOT par. (11) Lower Selborne hund. E.
Hants. 5 m. N. of Petersfield-54. Acres 1320,
with hops ; pop. 148 ; poor r. 637. (Petersf. U.) ;
real prop. 9857. Holy Rood Vic. (Win.) val. 1037.,
patr. J. Eldridge, Esq.

EMPTON (56) 3 m. SW. of Kington-154, W.
Hereford, near R. Arrow.

Emrad (73) 6 m. SE. of Wrexham, SE.

Emral (73) at Shocklach, 5. Cheshire, Sir R.
Puleston, Bt.

P. EMSCOTE, or EDMOKSCOTT, hmlt. (53) Mil-
verton par. Mid. Warwick. 2 m. NNE. of War-

EMSTREY tnshp. (61) Atcham par. Mid. Sa-
lop, 2 m. SE. of Shrewsbury- 153, on R. Severn.

EMSWELL tnshp. ( ) with Kelleythorpe, Drif-
field par. E. R. York. 2 m. WNW. of Gt. Drif-
field-196. Acres 2610; pop. 100: poor r. 36/.
(Driff. U.).

P. EMSWORTH chplry. (11) Wartlington par.
SE. Hants. 2 m. E. of Havant-6, on S. Coast
rail, and Hayling harbour, opposite Thorney isld.,
a sub-port to Chichester, noted for its oysters.
Pop. 1165, some in the coasting trade, shipbuilders,
rope and brick makers, the bricks being mixed
with ' sludge ' to improve them. St. James Cur.
(Win.) val. I., patr. Rector. In 1739, a swan
was caught with the danish arms on its collar.
Fairs, 15 Apr. 18 July.

P. EMYVALE vil. (6) Trough bar. N. Mona-
ghan, a petty ses. and police station, 6 m. N. of
Monaghan-76. Pop. 694+12. Fairs, 2d Hon.
every month.

Enard Loch, coast of N W. Ross, near Assynt,
is 3 m. by 3.

ENBORNE, or ENROURNK, par. (12) Kintbury-
Eagle hund. S W. Berks. 2 m. WSW. of New-
bury-56, on Kennet canal. Acres 2550; pop.
384; poor r. 5017. (Newb.U.); real prop. 29177.
St. Michael Rect. (Oxon.) val. 4167., patr. Earl of
Craven. A custom of ' free bench,' by which the
widow had the copyhold for her dowe'r, prevailed


ENCHMARSH tnshp. (61) Acton-Scott par. Mid.
Salop, 4m. NE. of Church-Stretton-158. Pop. 94.

ENCOMBE (16) 2 m. SW. of Corfe Castle-llC,
SE. Dorset, on the coast, seat of Earl of El don
(who takes hence title of visct.), formerly of the
Pitts and Cullifords. A mushroom was found
1753, 15 in. long, 10 round, 8 deep, weighing
8 Ibs. f^ Encombe (3) near Sandgate. SE.
Kent, H. Dawkins, Esq.

END-MOOR hmlt. ( ) Preston Eichard tnshp.
S. Westmrld. 3 m. NE. of Miluthorpe-255, on li.

ENDCLIFFE vil. (81) Nether Ilallam par. W.
R. York. 2 m. W. of Sheffield-162.

ENDELLION, ST., par. (30) Trigg hund. N. Corn-
wall^ 9 m. NNW. of Bodmin-234, near Port Isaac
and Quin bays. Acres 3533 (or 3083), slaty quartz,
with antimony, copper, lead, manganese, and a
rare rock called ' mandelstone ; ' pop. 1154, in the
pilchard and export slate trade ; poor r. 6327.
(Bodm. U.); real prop. 6162/. Living, a licet.
(Exet.) val. 1967., patr. Ld. Chancellor ; church,
on a hill, is collegiate, with the three prebends
attached, of Bodmin or King's, Trehaverock, and
Mornays, val. 637., 1157., and I. Roscarrack,
was the Roscarracks' and Boscawens' seat.

Ender Water, Blair Atholl par. N. Perth, joins
R. Garry at Dalmean.

ENDERBY par. (63) Sparkenhoe hund. Midi
Leicest. 4 m. SW. of Leicester-96, near the Fosse-
way, Union canal, and R. Soar, has Blaby Union
p. iiouse. Acres 1810; pop. 1336+19, stocking
makers on 150 frames; poor r. 4067. (Blaby U.);
real prop. 46197. ; charities, R. Smith's school 15/.
St. J. Baptist Vic. (Line.) val. with Whetstone
1927., patr. C. Smith, Esq. of E. Hall, once an
estate of the Nevilles.

ENDERBY, BAG, par. (84) Hill hund. E. Lincln.
6 m. ENE. of Horncastle-134, on R. Steeping, i
Acres 860 ; pop. 102 ; poor r. 657. (Horncas. U.) ; j
real prop. 11097. ; charities I/. St. Margaret Rect.
(Line.) val. 92/., patr. W. B. Burton, Esq. gS E.
MAVIS par. E. Bolingbroke soke, as above, 3 m. S.
Acres 1510; pop. 211 + 1; poor r. 7.; real prop.
2045 ; charities, poor's land 61. St. Michael Rect.
(Line.) val. 3507., patr. Rev. W. Morley, rector.
IJiT E.WooD par. (83) Horncastle Soke, as above,
3 m. S. of Horncastle. Acres 990 ; pop. 233 + 2 ;
poor r. 847. ; real prop. 13627. St. Benedict Cur.
(Line.) val. 561., patr. Bishop of Carlisle.

ENDON chplry. (72) Leek par. N. Staffrd. 4 m.
SW. of Leek-154, on Caldon canal. Pop. 571 + 9;
poor r. 2477. (Leek U.) ; real prop. 3835Z. Living,
a Cur. (Lich.) val. 120Z., patr. Earl of Macclesfield.
E. Ashes, .

Endrick River, rises in the Gargmnrock hills,
N. Stirling, and runs 23 m. S. and W. through
" Sweet Innerdale," past Fintry, over the Loup
(90 ft. down) and two other fa'lls at Gartness, to
Killearn (where R. Blane joins), and L. Lomond.
Good trout, salmon, etc. are caught.

Endsleigh (25) 6 m. NW. of Tavistock, S W.
Devon, on R. Tamar, Duke of Bedford.

ENER-GLYN, or GENEU'R GLYN hmlt. (36)
Eglwys-Llan par. SE. Glamorgan, contains Caer-
philly-160, near R. Rumney. Real prop. 3791Z. ;
pop. " 898 + 1, in the ironworks. E. House, J.
J. Goodrich, Esq.


P. ENFIELD, or INNFIELD vil. ( ) Low. Moy-
fenrath bar. W. Meath, a police station, 5 m.
N. of Kilcock, on Royal canal, and Mullingar rail.

P. M. ENFIELD par. (47) Edmonton hund. NE.
Middlesex, 2 m. NN W. of Edmonton-7, on E.Count.
branch rail, and Ermine St. and the New River,
near R. Lea, a polling, petty sessions, and revived


mkt. town, belonging to duchy of Lancaster,
and containing Trent cur., E.CHASE, E. HIGHWAY,
Botany Bay, Ball's Cross, Ponder's End, limits,
was Enefe'lde at ' Domesdy.' and held with its
forest and park Mandeville, from whom
it came to the Bohuns who had a castle at Old-
bury, and the Crown. Acres 12,460, including
part of the Chase, which was 8349 acres and 21m.
round, extending to the Lea, but since 1777
enclosed and cultivated ; pop. 9367 + 55 ; houses
1700, with 4 churches, 4 chapels, I-police stat,
government musket and sword factory, savings
bk. (1973Z. from 208 depositors), literary in-
stitution, Blossom's grammar school (375Z.)
found, as a chantry 1418, Crowe's (15Z.), and
David's (41Z.) almshouses, tannery, corn mills
of old date, stone cross (1826), Edmonton Union
and Shoreditch children's workhouses; poor r.
2708Z. on 37,1767. (Edmon. U.) ; real prop. 48,1967. ;
charities 9757., of which Wilson's for 6 men
163Z., K. James's 100Z. St. Andrew Vic. (Lon.)
val. 1174Z., patr. Trin. Coll. Camb., church of
14th cent., belonged to Saf. Walden abbey,
and has a chantry (now vestry), with brass of
W. Smith (1592), and mons. of Earl Tiptoft's
mother (a triple canopied brass, 1446), Lord Roos,
Ld. Mayor Raynton of Fortees, and the Stringers
of Durants ; St. James and Jesus Chapel Curs.,
150Z. and 100Z., Vicar. At E. House (now a
school) near the church, are remains of Q. Eliza-
beth's palace, to which she came to shoot bucks
in the park, afterwards occupied by Uvedale
the botanist, who planted a cedar which is about
16 ft. girth. Close to Fortees, or Forty Hall, built
by I. Jones, and a seat of the Wolsten'holmes, now
of C. Meyer, Esq. was Elsynge Hall, or Worcesters,
which belonged to the Tiptofts and Lovells, where
Ed. VI. kept his court for awhile on his accession,
and also visited by Elizabeth, who gave it' to the
Cecils. Trent Place, R. Bevan, Esq., was built
by Jebb, the physician ; Beech Hill, A. Paris,
Esq. ( ?) by Russell, the E. I. historian ; at Pon-
der's End, is the old seat of the earls of Lincoln.
In the chase, which is held by the Duke of Buck-
ingham, whose seat is at Southgate, are three
lodges, viz. : S. Lodge, which was willed to the great
Earl of Chatham ; E. Lodge, once a royal hunting
seat, and a seat of Lord Loughborough ; and W.
Lodge, which Secretary Coventry had in Ch. II.'s
time. Gough the antiquary lived and died (1809)
in Baker st. ; E. Calamy was a resident ; Bp. Wick-
ham a native ; and it gives title of visct. to Earl
Strafford. At Durants Jeffreys lived ; White
Webbs House was a resort of the Gunpowder
plotters, and Camlet Moats of Turpin. Eliz. Can-
ning, a servant, who was tried for perjury 1753,
and on whose case about 36 pamphlets were
written, lived at E. Wash, a small spring rising
in the chase. Roman coins, tiles, urns, have been
found. The branch rail, of 3 m. from Water Lane
thro' Edmonton, was opened Mar. 1849. Mkt. D.
Sat. cattle. Fairs, 23 Sept. 30 Nov. horses, etc.

ENFORD par. (14) Elstub hund. Mid. Wills.
8 m. WNW. of Ludgershall-71, on Salisbury
Plain and R. Avon, containing Chisenbury and
camp, Compton, Combe, Fifield, Littlecott, Long-
street, and Newtown, has a meet for Mr. T. A.
Smith's hounds at E. Gorse. Acres 7880 ; pop.
797, decreasing, of tythg. 187; poor r. 545Z.
(Pewsey U.) ; real prop. 6716Z. ; charities 47. All
Saints Vic. (Sal.) val. 351Z., patr. Christ's Hospl.
London ; church, has a tall spire, struck down by
lightning 1817, and since rebuilt. Many barrows
are found.

ENGINK, OLD and NEW, vils. Newton par. N.
Edinbro', 5 m. SE. of Edinb. Pop. 47.


ENGLAND. See Preface.

ENGLAND, NEW ISLD. (2) Little Wakcring par.

SE. Essex, between Foulness and Haven Gore islds.


( ) Harberton par. S. Devon, near Totness-196.

Pop. 8 and 41.

ENGLEFIELD par. (13) Thealehund. Mid. Berks.
5 m. WSW. of Heading- 38, a fine spot, near Gt.
West. rail, and K. Kennet, is the saxon Engla-
fc/da, where Ethelwulf beat the Danes 871.
Acres 1510 ; pop. 373 ; poor r. 341/. (Bradtield U.) ;
real prop. 2489/. ; charities 27/. Living, a Rect.
(Oxon.) val. 450/., patr. R. B. De Beanvoir, Esq.
of E. House, which was b. by the Paulets, of
whom and the Englefields the church has tombs,
including an epitaph on the valiant defender of
Basing House by Dryden ' Ark of this age's faith
and loyalty.' Ashmolc the antiquary lived here.

P. Engiefield Green (7) 3 in. \V. of Staines-16,
NW. Surrey.


Em/Ush Channel. See Channel.

English Grounds, S. side of Bristol Channel, 3 m.
W. of Clevedon, N. Somerset, a sand with a float-
ing light outside, in the fair way (the Welsh
Grounds being opposite), in Lit. 51 2G' X., long.
2 58' W., set up in 1838. ^ E. HALL (47)
near Ware, E. Herts, is a Our. (Koch.) val. L,
patr. .

Enhallow Isld. 1 m. S. of Ronsay, Mid. Orkney
Islds., in E. Sound. Pop. 26.

ENHAM, KING'S, hmlt. Andover par. near En-
ham, Knight's, as below. Pop. 92 ; real prop.
269C/. ^p E. KNIGHT'S par. (12) Lower An-
dover hund. NW. Hants. 2 m. NX W. of Andover
-63. Acres 2490 ; pop. 92 ; poor r. 47/. (Andov.
U.); real prop. 1319/. ; charities 52/., of which
27/. to Dewar's school. St. Michael Rect. (Win.)
val. 208/., patr. Queen's Coll. Oxon. E. Place,
1 m. X.

Enjobb. See EvenjoLb, Radnor.

P. ENMORE par. (20) Andersfield hund. Mid.
Somerset. 4 m. WSW. of Bridgwater-139, near
Brist. and Ex. rail., at the Conquest belonged to
the Courcelles, and came to the 11 allots, Bayntuns,
etc. Acres 930, well cultivated ; pop. 302 + 1 ;
poor r. 120/. (Bridgw. U.) ; real prop. 2319Z. ; cha-
rities 13/. St. Michael Rect. (Ba. and W.) val.
183/., patr. Sir E. Tierney, Bt. ; church, has an old
cross and a yew 18 ft. girth. E. Castle, seat of
Earl Egmont, who has the manor. igp" 3 E.
( IUEF.N (18) near Wincanton, N. Dorset, is a Cur.
with Gillingham.

Ennell I^ugh (25-6, 34-5) Fartullagh and other
bars. S. Westmeath, about 5 m. by 2, and 276 ft.
above the sea.

EMNKKDALE chplry. ( ) St. Bees par. SW.
Cmnbrld. 6 m. ESE. of Whitehaven-294, on R.
Elien, near E. Water, which is in the mountains,
and ij in. long by broad, with trout and char.
Pop. 183; poor r/126i (Whiteh. U.); real prop.
1158/. ; charities I/. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val.
/., patr. H. Curwen, Esq. Fair, 2nd Tues. Sep.

F.NNKHKII.LY, or ENORELY, par. (35-6, 41) Ark-
low bar. SE. Wichlow, 4 m. NE. of Arklow-50,
by the coast. Acres 3213; pop. 600, decreasing.
Living, a Vic. with Kilbride. Kilpatrick, J. Byrne,

Enneric River rises in L. Cluny, Mid. Inverness.
and runs 18 m. NE. to L. Ness, through Glen

# P. M. ENNIS (33) Dromcliffe par. Islands
bar. Mid. Clare, 8 m. SE. of Corrofin, 138 from
Dublin on K. Fergus, tho county, assize, and ses-
sions town, and a chief police "station, described




j (in 183C 'Boundary Reports') as having "little
| trade, no manufacture?, no police or charities, no
lamps, no scavengers," was, under the name of
Inniscluan ruadha (now Clonroad), the seat
of the O'Briens who 1240 found, a franciscan
abbey, and of the Macnamaras, and was burnt
1306 ; returns one member to parl. (two before
the Union), no. of electors being 114 (of 10/.
houses 200) ; and is governed by a body of
21 commissioners who have superseded the pro-
vost, burgesses, etc. of old corporation first
chartered by Jas. I. Acres of boro' 484; pop.
j 9318, in the grain and butter trade by the river
j which is navigable to Clare; houses 1319, with
I church (which was part of the abbey), 2 chapels,
rom. cath. cathedral (to Killaloe) and college,
county court house, co. gaol, club-house, town
hall, mkt. house, linen mkt., police barracks, dis-
tillery, 2 banks, ale breweries, savings bank
(17,813/. from 625 depositors), nunnery, fever
hosp., infirmary, 4 bridges, corn mills, Er. Smith's
gram, school or college, with an exhibition at
Trin. Col., other schools, and Union p. house ; rates
ICO/. There are remains of the E. window of the
abbey (reb. 1305) which has some old tombs. It
publishes the ' Clare Journal ' newspaper, and has
a race-course. Stamer Pk., M. Finucane, Esq.
Enms P. L. Union, contains 18 elect, divs. in
Clare, with 28 guardians; acres 212,736; pop.
77,840, ho. room for 1200, cases relieved (1847-8)
6267 (besides 29,620 out-door), expend. 29,963/.,
prop, rated 101,222/. Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, 9 Apr.
9 May, 1 Aug. 3 Sept. 14 Oct. 3 Dec.

Ennis (31) 5 m. NXE. of Truro, Mid. Corn-
wall. ' Ennis,' ' inis,' etc. an island.

Enniscoe, or Inishcoe (38) 2 m. S. of Cross-
molina, N. Mayo, on Lough Conn, M. Pratt, Esq.

ENNISCOFFEY par. (26-7, 33) Fartullagh bar.
S. Westmeath, 4 m. SE. of Mullingar-48. Acres
4466, with bog; pop. 872 + 6. Living, a Vic.
(Meath) with Kilbride-Pilate, val. 9U, patr.
Bishop. E. House, M. Levinge, Esq. ; Gaybrook,
R. Smith, Esq., where a skirmish took pface be-
tween the forces of Will. III. and Jas. II.

P. M. ENNISCORTHY vil. (20) Scarewalsh and
Ballaghkeen bars. Mid. Wexford, 7 m. SW. of
Ferns, 80 from Dublin, on R. Slaney, under Vine-
gar Hill, a sessions and chief police town, which
returned two members before the Union, has re-
mains of a norman cast, by Strongbow's relation
Raymond le Gros, of an austin friary found.
123*3-48 by the Prendergasts as a cell to St.
Thomas's Dublin, and given to Spenser, and
of a franciscan house (1260) of the Kavanaghs,
given to the Carews and Wallops. Pop. 7016
+ 6, in a good trade; houses 844, with court-
house, mkt. house by Lord Portsmouth who owns
the town, church, 4 chapels, nunnery, 2 banks,
savings bank, 2 quays for barges, 6-arched
bridge, Bp. Vigor's almsh., fever hosp., and Union
p. house. The place was sacked and 478 houses
burnt by the rebels 1798, who occupied Vinegar
Hill, till they were defeated by Gen. Lake. Four
gold plates were found 1795. Edermine House,
J. Power, Esq. ; Wilton, H. Alcock, Esq. Ermisc.
P. L. Union, contains 14 elect, divs. in Wexfd. and
Carlw. with 29 guardians; acres 199,148, pop.
61,652, ho. room for 1039, cases relieved (1847-8)
4766 (besides 8938 out-door), expend. 15.494/.,
prop, rated 126,92U Mkt. Ds. Th. Sat. Fairs,
20 Jan. 21 Feb. 21 Mar. 25 Apl. 10 May, 7 June,
5 July, 26 Aug. 19 Sept. 10 Oct. 15 Nov. 21 Dec.

ENNISCRONE, or INISHCRONE vil. (16)Tireragh
bar. W. Sligo, a coast-gd. station, 7 m. SW. of
Easky, E. side of Killala Bay. E. House, R.
Orme, Esq.




ENNISKEEN par. (28-9, 34-5) Clonkee bar. E.
Cavan, and (2, 3, 5) Morgallion and Lower Kells
bars. Meath, containing Kingscourt-47, was called
Dunaree, a chief seat of the Danes with many
forts. Acres 20,808 (rising 1116 ft. at Loughan-
leagh hill), with building stone ; pop. 11,548 + 118.
Living, a Cur. (Meath) val. 120?., patr. Bishop.
Northland, Dean Adams ; Cabra Cast., J. Pratt,
Esq., in that glen, with remains of an old castle.

P. ENNISKEEN vil. (109) E. West-Carbery bar.
S. Cork, 7 m. W. of Bandon-176, on R. Bandon.
Pop. 417.

P. ENXISKERRTT vil. (7) Rathdown bar. N.
Wicklow, 3 m. SW. of Bray, 12 from Dublin, a
police and petty ses. station among the mountns.
Pop. 448, decreasing. Dargle, R. Sandys, Esq. ;
Powerscourt Cast., Ld. Powerscourt. gg Ennis-
kerry, or Mutton Isld. ( ) Ibrickan bar. W. Clare,
4 m. NW. of Dunbeg, on Malbay, has remains of
an old abbey. Acres 210, pasture.

* P. M.'EKNISKILLEN par. (22) Magheraboy
and Tirkennedy bars. Mid. Fermanagh, 101 m.
from Dublin, the county, assize, sessions and
chief police town, and head qrs. of co. militia,
in a fine spot on an island between Upper
and Lower lough Erne, was a seat of the Mac-
guires granted 1612 to the Coles, and is famous
for the successful defence made in behalf of
Will. III. by the ' Enniskilleners ' 1688, under
Hamilton, when they defeated Ld. Galmoy, the
Duke of Berwick, and Sarsfield ; returns one
member to parl. under Reform act (instead of 2
from Jas. I.), the new bounds including the old
boro' or island, and parts of Enniskillen and
Rossory bars, on the main, no. of electors 315
(of 10Z." houses 360) ; and is governed by 21 com-
missioners, who have superseded the extinct cor-
poration, with a revenue of 4777. Acres 26,441,
of boro' 210, pop. 14,678 + 11, and 5686, decreasing,
in a corn and general trade; houses 7/1, with 3
chapels, co. court house, co. prison, and co. in-
firmary, town-hall, where the banners taken at
the battle of the Boyne hang, linen hall (now a
school), cav. and artil. barracks, dispensary, 2
bridges, brewery, 2 tanneries, Hurle's cutlery fac-
tory, 2 banks, savings bank (40,0277. from 1030 de-
positors), Ch. I.'s royal school (10007.), with 5 ex-
hibitions of 507., and 5 of 30/., at Trin. Coll. Dullin,
deaf and dumb institute., 3 national schools, and
Union p. house. Living, a Rect. (Arm. C.) held
by Precentor, val. 5087., patr. Trin. Coll. Dublin.
It publishes the ' Fermanagh Mail ' and ' Ferm.
Reporter ' newspapers, and gives title of earl to
the Coles of Florence Court. Ely Lodge, Marq.
of Ely, near Tully Castle ; Belleisle, J. Porter,
Esq. ; and other seats. Rails, are projected to
Dundalk, Londonderry, Newry. Mkt. D. Th.
Fairs, 10th of every month, except March, May,
and Aug. Ennisk. P. L. Union, contains 20
elect, divs. in Fermanagh, Cavan, Tyrone, with
30 guardians; acres 229,184, pop. 81.534, ho.
room for 1270, cases relieved (1847-8) 2501 (be-
sides 5883 out-door), expend. 11,161/., prop, rated

Ennismore (10) 4 m. SW. of Listowel, N. Kerry,
J. Hewson, Esq., gives title of visct. and baron to
Earl Listowell.

ENNISNAQ par. (23, 27) Shillelogher bar. Mid.
Kilkenny, 6 m. S. of Ealkenny-72, on King's
River. Acres 1502; pop. 594 + 4. Living, a
Rect. (Os. F. L.) val. 152/., patr. Bishop.

Ennistrahul Isld. ( ) Innishowen bar. 2V. Do-
negal, 7 m. NE. of Malin head, in lat. 55 26', long.
7 14*, has a two-min. revolving light, put up
1812, 167 ft. high, visible 18 m. Nearit is Tarmore

P. M. ENNISTYMON vil. (15) Coreomroe bar.
W. Clare, 15 m. NW. of Ennis, 154 from Dublin,
a sessions and chief police town, on E. River, near
the sea. Pop. 2089 + 65 ; houses 346, with court
house and bridewell, Kilmanaheen par. church,
chapel, school, dispensary, and Union p. house.
E. House, seat of A. Finucane, Esq., formerly of
the O'Briens. Ennist. P. L. Union, contains 13
elect, divs. in Clare, with 21 guardians; acres
174,839, pop. 49,935, ho. room for 700, cases
relieved (1847-8) 2403 (besides 23,262 out-door),
expend. 20,9907., prop, rated 67,486/. Mkt. D. .
Fairs, 23 Mar. 15 May, 2 July, 22 Aug. 29 Sept.
19 Nov. and 12 Dec.

Ennom Bank ( ) near Hutton, 6 m. NE. of
Penrith, Mid. Cumbrld.

ENOCH vil. Eaglesham par. SE. Renfrew, near

Enoch Loch, 14 m. N W. byW. of New Gallowav,
NW. Kirkcudbt. at R. Doon's head.

EXODER, ST., par. (31) Pyder hund. Mid.
Cornwall, 4 m. SSW. of St. Colomb Major-250,
contains Mitchell disfranchised boro', Somer-
court, Penhale, Fraddon. Acres 4050 (or 6140),
flattish, on granite and porphvry, with tin and
copper; pop. 1127; poor r.286/." (St. Colomb U.) ;
real prop. 63 12/. Living, a Vic. (Exet.) val.
2787., patr. Bishop ; church, has norman font.
Gomronson was the Flammocks' seat ; Boswallow,
J. Stephens, Esq. Fairs, 28 July, 25 Sept. horses,

ESODOCK, ST. (30) 5 m. NW. of Wadebridge
-239, N. Cornwall, at the mouth of R. Alan, is a
Cur. with St. Minver.

Ensay Isld. Harris par. and sound, W. Inver-
ness, in the Western Islds., is 2 m. by 1, and fer-
tile, with rocks round it. Pop. 16.

Ensbury HIM (15) 5 m. NE. of Poole, SE.

ENSDON tnshp. (61) Montford par. W. Salop,
6 m. NW. of Shrewsbury- 153. Pop. 56.

P. ENSHAM par. (45) Wootton hund. Mid.
Oxford. 5 m. E. of Witney-65, on R. Isis, a plea-
sant spot (once a mkt. town), containing Freeland,
was Egonesham of the Saxons, who took it (614)
from the Britons and made it a royal town, where
(1009) Etheldred the Unready held a wittenage-
mot, and has traces at the vicarage of the bene-
dictine abbey found. 1005 by Ethelmaror Aylmar,
earl of Cornwall, and given to the Stanleys.
Acres 5060 ; pop. 1893 + 4, some in a paper mill ;
poor r. 8177. (Witn. U.) ; real prop. 97597.; cha
rities 1737., of which 367. to Bartholomew's school.
St. Leonard Vic. (Oxon.) val. 176/., patr. Mrs.
W. S. Bricknell ; church, has tomb of Dr. Rogers,
and near it. an old cross. E. Hall, Lord Parker,
a meet for the Heythrop hounds.

Enslow Bridge (45) 2 m. NE. of Woodstock,
Mid. Oxford.

ENSON tnshp. (72) St. Mary and St. Chad par.
Mid. Stafford. 4 m. NNE. of Stafford-141, on R.
Trent, is joined to SALT.

Ensor (62) 4 m. WNW. of Atherstone, 2V.
Warwick, near Baddesley Ensor.

P. ENSTONE par. (45) Chadlington hund. 2V.
Oxford. 4 m. ESE. of Chipping Norton-73, con-
tains E. CHURCH, E. NEAT (pop. 237, and 378),
and 4 other hamlets. Acres 4850; pop. 1121;
poor r. 4657. (C. Norton U.) ; real prop. 76637. ;
charities, church lands, etc. 687. St. Leonard
Rect. (Oxon.) val. 3577., patr. Lord Dillon of
Ditchley ; church, has norman traces.

Enter- Common limit. ( ) Gt. Smeaton tnshp.
2V. R. York. 7 m. N. of Northallerton-225.

Enton Farm (8) 2 m. SSW. of Godalming,
S W. Surrey.


ENTWISTLE tnshp. (89) Bolton-le-Moors par.
S. Lancash. 6 m. N. of Bolton-197, on Blackburn
rail. Acres 1450 ; pop. 555, decreasing ; poor r.
1371. (Bolton U.); real prop. 2193/.

P. ENVILLE par. (61) S. Seisdon hund. SW.
Stafford. 5 m. WNW. of Stourbridge-122, con-
tains Lutley, and is a meet for the Albrighton
hounds. Acres 4930; pop. 814 + 5; poor r. 196/.
(Seisdon U.); real prop. 7G58/. ; charities 1567.,
of which 101/. to Gravenor's boys' school, and 13/.
to girls' school. St. Mary Reef. ( Lich.) val. 979/.,
patr. Earl of Stamford ; church, has stained win-
dows, with arms and effigies. E. House, Earl of
Stamford, with fine grounds round it laid out by
Shenstone the poet.

Enys (31) 1 m. N. of Penryn, SW. Cornwall,
J. S. Enys, Esq.

P. ENZIE q. s. par. in Bellie par. N. Banff. 22
m. W. of Banff-156, so called after an old district.
Pop. 2103. Living (presb. Fordyce) val. I.,
patr. Koyal Bounty Committee.

Eorsa, i. e. Horse Isld., between SW. Mull and
Icolmkill, W. Argyll, in Lochrankeall sound.

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