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Ark H'ear (18) 6 m. NW. of Abingdon, JV'W r .
Eerim. on the Thames.

Arkaiy. JHH* Archniff, /HiWMfM.

AKKKNDAIJC chplry. ( ) Kmircsboroiigh ami
Farnham pars. H . Ji. } or*. ;i m. N 1. , i Knar, s-
boro'-202. Acres 1020; pop. 201; poor r. 11 U
(Gt, Ousebnrn lucent.); real prop. 3H04/. St,
Bartholomew Cur. (Kip.) value (!*</., iiatr. Vicar
of Knarosboro'. ihv- of b.uMos ami withorito
aro found here.

Arh,, lt l,n ^ .', m. \V. of Hal, lax. II . /,'. J ,.,-/-.

AI;KKXI;AHTH DAI.K par. ( ) \V. liillinu, wap.
A. /.'. )..//-. 2 m. N\V. of Keoth-242, on .K. Ark,
a hnuich of the Swale, in A. Ditit. (7 in. loiijj).
containing Arklo, lloo/o. and -I other limits.! is
noted for its load mines sineo tho time of K. John.
Aenvs M.lMt moorland; pop. 1 '.' I, 1 !, deoreasin^,
ehioll\ minors; poor r. ,'x;-J/. (Keeth I'. 1 ); real
prop. ,^,'iM/., of which o.'iO'J/. on mines , eharities.
;i7/. to llatlinrsf.ssohool,eto. St. Marv ( W. (Kip.)
val. r. 1 .'!/., pair. Sir .1. l.owthor, lit.,' of Swilling-
ton. who o\\ us the mines.

AiiM-MM-N par (17) I'ttlosford hniul. .V/T.
/'.<.<c.c. I m. S\\ . of Satt'ron \Valtlon-l '.', on a
braneh of b'. Stort. Aeres 'J.'i'JO ; pop. ll'S; poor
r. I..S/. V S. \Valdon I'.*); real prop. ;iiH'.('i/. ; ehari-
tios I/. St. Marx riV.(Uoeh.)val. is I /..pair. K. 11.
Wolfe. Ks t |. ; eltnivh, lias Lias- of a knight (\ I KM.

AiiKiioi.Mi: ohplry. ( ) with I'axxood. Moiling
]>ar. A'. /.,IH<: 10 lit. N' K. of l.anoaslor-:' 10. on
K. Lumi. Acres 2020; pop. 107 t t' ; poor r. 1JMA
(Lane, U.) ; real prop. 82587. ; charities 147. Liv-
ing, a (W. (Maneh.) value W/.. pair. Yiear.

AKKI.K limit. ( ) Arkon^arth Halo par. as

alioxe. A'. l\. } ,>r/;.

Arklchy ( ) about 3 nu E. of Alloiiby, If.
Cmnbrld. noar Alary port rail.

AiiKi.i-sinr hmli.f )('arlton Hi^hdalo tnshp.
X. It. York. C> m. S\\ . of Middleham-Stt,

AiiKunv HAKONY (35-(5, etc) SK. H'irltl,i',
contains Wicklow, the pars, of ArKlow, liallon-
toniplo, Castloiiiaeadam, Himi-.aiisiown, MIIIIO-
reilly, Kilbrido. Killahmler. Kilpoole. lu-doross
ami jiarts of Hrumkav, (ilonoaly, Inoh, and Kil-
eonnnon ; aores (;7,;i,')7, mi. val. 62,1U>7/., imp.
2i'>.2C.;i, houses 'MM.

P. Auuii.xx p.u. t, lit. .J.'i) in tho above lur.
!.'> m.SSNV. of \\-ieUlo\x. ..Ofrom Dublin, whoio K.
Ovoea runs into .t. Unit, in the Irish Sea. under
(Yoghan hill, a sill i- port to I 'iililm. . o.isl : .d.. pott \
sessions, polieo, and lishin;; station, belonged to
the l''il/x\allers xx ho found. (Hon. 11.1 a ( istor-
tian monastorx and eastlo; \\.-is taken lix tho
l'.n;;lish r.'.si.'lmrnt |,x ihoOTooles |;i|i;. ciU,-,,
by Lord do llirniin^ham l.i.'il.lix tho b'oxali-ls
h'.ll. l>x 'rom\xfll llil'.i, and xxaslhe fpot 'where
tho rebels xx ere defeated I . '.is, l.\ ( 'ol. Skerrott.
"d b:;ht soil, hillx, xx ith Inno and
mail; pop. t;-j;!7. - of low n L'.'i.Vl. d, ,
Iho lishorios pxhieh employ about J.-Ove - ,-! x.
and in a small eoast-trade; lion os .il't'i. \\ilh .'
ohajiols, oourt-hoii-.e. haiiaeks (pail of the old

oa.-.tlo), wivings bank, di-pni-aix, lexer hospital.




19-arch bridge. Living, a Red. (Du. G. K.)
val. with Killahurler and Kilgorman 206/., patr.
Bishop ; church, later eng. Near the old monas-
tery grains of gold have been found. Skelton
abbey, Earl of Wicklow. It is the head-quarters
of co. militia, and gives title of baron to Mar-
quis of Ormonde. A. Bank, 8 m. off, in St.
George's chan., is 10 m. long and 1J wide, with
3 ft. to 4 fath. on, and 13 to 20 fath. off it ; a beacon
buoy opposite Ballynacarrig hill is at the N. end,
and the Star floating light, at the S. (off Tara hill)
is in lat. 52 42' N., long. 6 0' W., 25 ft. high,
seen 9 m. Inside is A. Ba.\, with anchorage in
6 to 8 fath. Mkt. D. Th. "Fairs, HJan. 22 Mar.
19 Apr. 14 May, 28 June, 9 Aug. 25 Sept. 15 Nov.

ARKSEY par. ( ) N. Strafforth wap. W. R.York.
2 m. N. of Doncaster-162, on R. Don, is joined to
BENTLEY. Pop. 226. Living, a Vic. (York)
val. 113Z., patr. Sir W. B. Cooke, Bt. of Wheatley.

Arkum Street (47) 2 m. NW. of Clare, SW.

Arlaw Banks ( ) 3 m. E. of Barnard-Castle,
S. Durham, near R. Tees, Mrs. Lonsdale.

ABLE tythg. (44) Cheltenham par. Mid. Glou-
cester, near Cheltenham-95. Real prop. 2854.

ARLECDON par. ( ) Allerdale above Derwent
ward, W. Cumbrld. 5 m. ENE. of Whitehaven
-294, contains Frizington and Whillymoor. Acres
5700, with coal, lime, and ironstone ; pop. 558 + 8 ;
poor r. 98/. (Whiteh. U.); real prop. 3668Z.
Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. 100Z., patr. Bishop.

AKLESCOTE hmlt. (53) Warmington par. SE.
Warwick. 4 m. ESE. of Kington-83, near Nad-
bury camp ; pop. 43.

ARLESS vil. (32) Slievemargy bar. SE. Queen's
Co. 5 m. NW. of Carlow-49, has on the site of the
old church, the mausoleum of the Grace family.
Pop. 231 + 3, hi the yarn and linen manufacture.

ARLESTON lib. (71) Barrow-on-Trent par. S.
Derby. 3m. S. of Derby-126, is joined to SINFIN.
gg ARLESTON hmlt. (61) Wellington par. E.
Salop. 1 m. SE. of Wellington- 142. Pop. 181.

Arley (38) near Mount Nugent, S. Cavan, on
L. Sheelin, seat of Lord Farnham, a great bene-
factor to this part.

ARLEY par. (63) Knightlow hund. N. Warwick.
5 m. WSW. of Nuneaton-100, on R. Bourne, con-
tains Sloley hilL Acres 2130 ; pop. 265 ; poor r.
62Z. (Nuneat. U.); real prop. 306 1/.; charities
36Z., of which 15Z. to Avery's school, and 31. for
poor from one ' Shakespear.' St. Wilfrid Rect.
(Wore.) val. 351Z., patr. Rev. R. R. Vaughton,
rector. A. Hall, .

Arley Hatt (80) 4 m. NNE. of Northwiek, N.
Cheshire, R. Egerton Warburton, Esq., b. 1409,
has A. Mere in the Park, gg" A. Hall (89)
near Wigan, S. Lancash. C. Chisenhale, Esq.

ARLEY, UPPER, par. (55) S. Seisdon hund. S W.
Stafford. 5 m. NW. of Kidderminster-126, on R.
Severn. Acres 5160; pop. 667; poor r. 252Z.
(Kidderm. U.) ; real prop. 5284Z. ; charities, poor's
land, etc. 35Z. St. Peter Cur. (Lich.) val. 255Z., patr.
Earl of Mountnorris, of A. Hall, which has a
camp in the wood ; church, commands a fine view.

ARLINGHAM par. (43) Upper Berkeley hund.
W. Gloucester. 7 m. N. of Berkeley-114, on R.
Severn, near the ferry to Newnham, and Br. and
Glost. rail., in a marshy spot, with a good view
of the river, etc. Acres 2300 ; pop. 793 + 5 ; poor
r. 257Z. (Wheatenhurst U.); real prop. 5221/. ;
charities, Yate's for school, etc. 80/. St. Mary
Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val. 193Z., patr. Mrs. Hodges.
A. Court, W. Miller, Esq.

P. ARLINGTON par. (27) Sherwill hund. N.

Devon. 5 m. NE. of Barnstaple-192. Acres 1890 ;

-pop. 206; poor r. 62Z, (Barnst U.); real prop.

2924Z. ; charities 4/. St. James Rect. (Exet.) val.
272/., patr. J. P. Chichester, Esq. of A. House;
church, has tombs of a Gary, etc. giP ARLING-
TON tythg. (44) Bibury par. E. Gloucester. 5 m.
S. of "Northleach-82. Pop. 371 + 3 ; real prop.
2170/. igp" ARLINGTON. For this, which gives
title of earl to the Graftons, see HARLINGTON,
Midx. UST ARLINGTON par. (5) Longbridge
hund. Pevensey rape, SE. Sussex, 3 m. SW. of
Hailsham-59, on R. Cuckmere, near S. Coast rail,
and Burlow cast, roman camp. Acres 4790 ; pop.
686 ; poor r. 574Z. (Hailsh. U.) ; real prop. 5719/.
St. Pancras Vic. (Chic.) val. 156Z., patr. Preb. of
Woodhorne ; Trinity Cur., 60/., Bishop.

& ARLLECHWEDD DEANERY, archdy. and dioc.
of Bangor, includes the benefices marked in Isaf,
Uchaf, and Nant-Conway hunds. with Capel
Curig cur., Llandegai St. Anne c., Llandudno c.

ARLSEY par. (46) Clifton hund. SE. Beds. 4 m.
ESE. of Shefford-41, on R. Hiz, was a mkt.
town. Acres 2370 ; pop. 820 + 14 ; poor r. 289Z,
(Biggleswade U.) ; real prop. 4195Z. St. Peter
Vic. (Ely) val. with Astwick 280Z., patr. Mrs. R.
Smith, of Aspley ; church, has sculptured font.
A. House, R. Edwards, Esq.

P. Armadale, 11 m. N. of Arasaig, Skye isld.
W. Inverness, on Sleat Sound, near A. Castle,
seat of Lord Macdonald, ' Lord of the Isles,'
which has a stained window of Somerled, the
founder of the family in 12th cent, gg" ARMADALE
vil. Bathgate par. W. Linlithgow, 2 m. W. of
Bathgate-19, is a meet for the Li'thgw. hounds,
and has A. House, Sir W. Honeyman, Bt. nephew
of Lord Armadale the lawyer. Pop. 121.

ARMAGH (32 sheets), an inland county, in
Ulster, NE. Ireland, the old seat of the O'Nials,
Magenises, O'Hanlons, O'Hagans, Achesons,
Brownlows, etc., and made shire ground by Lord
Dep. Perrot 1586, is watered by the Upper Bann,
CaUan, etc., traversed by the Ulster rail., and
bordered by L. Neagh, Derry and Antrim (X.),
Newry canal and Down (E.), Louth (S.), Mo-
naghan (SWA Ulster canal, R. Blackwater,
and Tyrone (NW.). Length 32 m., greatest
breadth 22, av. ditto 16 m. ; relative size 158-
10,000ths; circuit 120 m., including 16 washed
by the lough. It contains 512 sq. m. or 328,076
acres, of which 265,243 are arable, 35,117 uncul-
tivated bog, etc. 17,942 under water (chiefly the
lough), 778 in towns ; 232,393 + 1226 persons, of
whom 17,993 are in Armagh, Lurgan, Newry
(part), 118,501 are females, 115,514 under 20
yrs. of age, 222,544 county-born; 43,175 fami-
lies, of whom 24,260 or 56 per cent, live by
trade, manufact., etc., 15,996 or 37 per cent,
by agricult., 23,467 by manual labour, 32,197
in 3rd and 4th or lowest class houses; 41,297
houses, besides 2279 empty and building ; 8 ba-
ronies, Lower Fews (Mid.), E. and W. O'Neil-
land (N.), Up. Oriel (E.), Lo. Oriel and Up.
Fews (S.), Armagh, and Turenney (W.); 23
parishes and parts of 6 others; 9 mkt. towns,
Armagh the capital, etc. as below, Lurgan, New-
town-Hamilton, Markethill (militia head- quar-
ters), Portadown, Crossmaglen, Newry, Tan-
deragee, Middleton, the first two being P. L.
unions, the first four, with Ballybot, sess. towns,

the next two, with Armagh, N. Hamilton and
Ballybot, police districts (27 stations and 162 men),

and there are 3 fever hospitals and 19 dispen-
saries; returns three members to parl. (6 before
the Union, which disfranchised Charlemont), viz.
2 for county (elect. 937), 1 for city (as below) ;
is governed by a lieut. and custos, high sheriff,
19 deputy-lieuts., and about 60 magistrates;
is in the NE. circuit, the Belfast military dis-


trict, and diocese of Armagh (as below). Gross
rental (1846) 322,6731 or 20s. 9d. per acre ; val.
to poor r. 318,365/.; county rate ('48) 29,885/.
Savings banks ('48) 2, with 50,6957. from 1775
depositors ; loan funds 3, with a capital of 3211Z.,
and circulating 8987Z. Schools (national) 97,
with 10,039 children attending; in 1841,12,553
went to schools of all kinds, and 44 per cent, of
the people could not read or write. Av. number of
committals ('45-8) 609, of whom 357 were con-
victed. Thehills in the N., as Vicar's cairn (814ft.),
and the like, are cultivated nearly to their sum-
mits ; to the S. they rise into mountains of mica
slate, the highest being the Fews (a poor country,
once the seat of the M'Henrys), where A. Breague
is 1200 ft., Newry mtn. 1385 ; further S., Slievh
Gullim, a granite peak, with its cairn (well known
in Irish song, and commanding a wide prospect) is
1893 ft., one of the highest in Ulster. Greywacke
slate occupies the centre ; red sandstone is found
near L. Neagh ; trap, about Lurgan ; limestone,
near the Blackwater ; good marble, near Armagh ;
lead was once worked at Ready ; and iron has been
traced. Lakes are Camlough, and Clay at the
head of the Callan, which, with other small
streams, has salmon, trout, etc. Linen is the
staple manufacture, to which that of cottons and
unions has been added (in '47, a bad year,
597 and 195 were engaged in the flax and
cotton mills respectively) ; bonnets, embroidered
muslins, sack, and bagging are also made. Climate
mild and genial ; soil rank and fertile, making it,
as in Camden's day, the garden of Ireland ; acres
in crop ('48), 172,150, of which the chief are oats
84,211, potatoes 28,601, meadow and clover 24,186,
wheat 14,629, turnips 6617, barley and rye 6845,
and the val. of live stock (in '41), on 23,855 farms
above 1 acre, was 382,747/., including 12,710 horses,
etc., 35,235 cattle (inferior breeds), 5042 sheep,
28,432 pigs, 150,598 poultry, etc. ; husbandry is
indifferent, but improving ; much land belongs to
the church and colleges ; grazing is little attended
to ; fields are fenced, orchard fruit is grown, and
the cottages are neat and comfortable. Chief
seats are, Earl Gosford G. cast, (near Draper's
lull, which Swift used to visit), Duke of Man-
chester Tanderagee cast., E. of Charlemont Rox-
boro' cast., Lord Caledon Cast. Hill, L. Lurgan
Brownlow Ho., Count de Salis Tanderagee, Moly-
neux, Bt. Cast. Dillon, Strong, Bt. Tynan ab.,
Verner, Bt. M.P. Churchill, Close of JDrum-
banagher, Foxall of Fork/till, Irwin of Carnagh,
O'Callaghan of Cullovllle, Wilson of Lissadian,
etc. Of antiquities, are Cairn Bann near Newry,
Vicar's cairn near Armagh, Navanrath or Eaina-
nia (the capital of the Ulster kings), Dane's Cast,
or dyke near Poyntz Pass (the scene of many
fights), and Tyrone's ditches; old castles, at
Benburb, Moyrath, Ardgonell, etc. ; and church
ruins, at Armagh. Roads : Dublin to Dundalk
by rail. 50, Newtown-hamilton among the Fews
66, Armagh (through fertile and populous coun-
try) 78 ; or, Dundalk to Newry 63, Markethill
and Gosford cast. 75, Armagh 82, thence to
Coleraine. The Dublin and Coleraine rail, through
Drogheda and Dundalk will cross the co. by
Nowry and Ann.-i^li, \\ here it intersects the Ulster
rail, completed from Belfast by Portadown (18 m.
of it are in this co.) and designed to be carried on
bv Monaghan and Clones to Enniskillen. The
Newry canal on the E. unites Carlingford bay
with L. Neagh ; and the Ulster canal on the NW .
unites the latter with L. Erne, in the direction of
the proposed rail.

>:= P. M. * AUMAOII par. (12) in the above and
W. O'Neilland bars. 81 m. NNVV. of Dublin, on


ARM 60

R. Callan and Ulster rail, and canal, the seat of
the primacy, the county, assize, and sessions
town, a chief police station, in a fine spot on a
hill Q Ard magh ' or high place) near Eamania
(at Navanrath), was founded by St. Patrick
435, when its ' college ' became the first in
Europe ; was burnt 670, '87, and 770, by
the Danes 830, '36, '52, and repeatedly after;
taken by Brian Boru (who was buried here) 1004,
by Edw. Bruce 1315, by Lord Sussex 1557, by
Lord Mountjoy 1601, by Sir Phelim O'Nial 1641,
and by Lord Blayney at the Revolution, but re-
taken for Jas. II. who found shelter here after
the siege of Derry ; returns one member since
Jas. L, the Reform bill bounds agreeing with
the municipal, no. of electors 689 (and 107. houses
520) ; was first chartered by Jas. I. and governed
till lately by a sovereign, 12 burgesses, and re-
corder. Acres 4606, good, with marble quarries,
of boro' 269 (old boro' 1147) ; pop. 12,654 + 214,
of city 10,245, chiefly linen weavers. Houses 1493,
many of marble, with 2 churches, 7 chapels (one of
of which marks the place where Wesley often
preached), mkt. house (b. by Abp. Stuart), county
court, gaol, 5 banks (the Provincial being the site
of St. Columb's monastery), savings bk. (48,499/.
from 1625 depositors), loan fund, co. lunatic asy-
lum, linen and yarn halls (where 16,0007. worth of
goods have been sold weekly), tanneries, cornmills,
gas and water works, Tontine buildings' reading-
room (founded by the munificent primate Robin-
son, who also erected the palace, royal school or
college, an observatory, public library of 14,000
vols., infirmary, obelisk, bridges, barracks for
200), 3 schools, and Union p. house. Boro' rates
588/. Living, a Rect. (Arm. C. ) val. with Armagh
Breague Cur. and Killyleagh 1458/.,patr. Primate ;
the church or cathedral reb. 1675, on the old site
on Druimsailech hill, is 183 ft. by 119 (thro'
the transepts), has been improved and restored
by Cottingham, at the cost of Abps. Robinson and
Beresford (who subscribed 30,000/.), and has a
tower of 110 ft. and mons. to Robinson (bv Bacon),
Drelincourt (by Rysbrach), Stuart (by Chantry),
Sir T. Molineux (by Roubiliac), and others. St.
Mark Cur. val. /., patr. . Among the pri-
mates were Bramhall and Usher, and the palace
has a chapel, with the old abbey ruins, and an
obelisk to Duke of Northumberland, etc. in the
fine grounds. The mall or promenade is close to
the deanery ; and Dobbin's valley has some plea-
sant views. The observatory to the N., in lat. 54
21' 13" N., long. 6 38' 52" W., as completed by
Primate Beresford, has a transit, zenith-sector,
mural circle, telescope, and other rooms, and
stands on a hill of 100 ft. Crieve Roe near Na-
vanrath, and other forts, were seats of the " Men
of the Red Branch;" at Nial's Grave, on the
river, a king of Ulster was drowned 846 ; and
Vicar's cairn remains. A rom. cath. cathedral
is building ; it supports the ' A. Guardian,' and
Ulster Gazette' newspapers; and gives title of
earl to the King of Hanover. Arm. P. L. Union
contains 25 electoral divs. in Armagh and Tyrom;
with 37 guardians; acres 153,792, pop. 110,408,
room for 1000, cases relieved (yr. '47-8) 3841
(besides 2729 out-door), expend. 11,8991., prop,
rated 174,572/. * A. AKCHDIOCESE, to -which
Tuam is now joined, includes the dioceses of
Armagh, Clogher (joined to Armagh 1850), Tuam,
Ardagh, Killala, and Achonry ; Derry and Raphoe 5
Down and Connor, and Dromore 5 Kihnore and
Elphin; Meath and CloninacnoJse ; extending
over all Ulster, the greater part of Connaught,
and a large portion of Leinster, to a line drawn
from the N. of Dublin to the S, of Galwav





bay. Before 1834, it comprised 966 pars. 602
benefices, 642 churches, with an area of 9,177,582
acres, pop. 4,177,537, net revenue of benefices
253.531/. (8 exceeding 2000/.). The DIOCESE in-
cludes 135 benefices (Clogher 67 more), 11 being
unions, 47 in patr. of Primate, whose income is
fixed at 12,087?. Rom. cath. archdiocese, extending
over Ulster, includes dioceses of Armagh (51 pars.),
Deny, Clogher, Raphoe, Down and Connor, Kil-
more, Ardagh, Heath, Dromore. A, Presbytery, in-
cludes Armagh, Ahorey, Benburb, Caledon, Clare,
Cladymore, Drumminis, Keady, Knappah, Lough-
gall, Markethill, Portadown, Redrock, Richhill,
Tartaraghan, Tassagh, Vinerock. Ditto Ulster
Remonstrant Synod, includes Banbridge, Carling-
ford, Corboy, Dromore, Kilmore, Narrow-water,
Newry. Mkt. Ds. Tu. Wed. Sat. Fairs, 21 May,
10 June, 12 Aug. Tu. before 10 Oct. 20 Nov.

ARMAGH BRAGUE vil. ( ) Lisnadill and Keady
pars. W. Armagh, 3 m. SE. of Keady-71, under
A. B. Hill 1200 ft. high. Living, a Cur. (Arm. C.)
val. 55/., patr. Rectors of Arm. and Keady.

Armagill ( ) 5 m. SW. of Masham, N.R. York.
at R. Ouse's head.

Armandane or Ardnandane, W. side of L. Lub-
naig. S W. Perth.

ARMATHWAITE chplry. ( ) Hesket-le-Forest
par. Mid. Cumbrld. 10 m. N. of Penrith-283, on
R. Eden at the 3-arch bridge, near Cooms, Baron
Wood, etc. is a Cur. (Carl.) val. 50/., patr. Trus-
tees of Milbourne, Esq. late of A. Castle, now
seat of Major Colomb, formerly of John Skel-
ton, the early satirical poet, best known by his
' Why come ye not to Court,' an attack on Wol-
sey. Cast. Hewin on Tarn Wadling commands a
very fine view.

Armathwaite Hall ( ) 5 m. ENE. of Cocker-
mouth, W. Cumbrld. at the bottom of Bassen-
thwaite water, under Skiddaw, Sir H. R. Vane, Bt.

Armbeth House ( ) 5 m. SE. of Keswick, S.
Cumbrld. on Thirlmere, under Helvellyn, has a
good view.

ARMIDALE, 2 m. W. of Strathy, NE. Sutherld.
a fishing-place near A. Head, with a good harb.

AHMIN chplry. ( ) Snaith par. W. R. York.
6 m. NE. of Snaith-173, where R. Aire joins the
Ouse. Acres 3660; pop. 593 + 3; poor r. 212/.
(Goole U.); real prop. 5375/. St. David Cur.
(York) val. 74Z., patr. Earl of Beverley and N. E.
Yarburgh, Esq. ; church, had a chantry.

ARMINGFORD HUNDRED (46-7. 51-2) S W.Cam-
bridge, contains the pars, of Abingdon-in-the-Clay
rect., Bassingbourn vie., Croydon-cum-Clapton v.,
Guilden-Morden v., E. Hatleye., Littlington v.,
Melbourne v., Meldreth v., Shingay v. (with Wen-
dy), Steeple-Morden v., Tadlow v., Wendy, Whad-
don v., and part of Royston ; acres 28,771, pop.
8698, houses 1694. See SHENGAY DEANERY.

ARMING HALL par (66) Henstead hund. E.
Norfolk, 3 m. SSE. of Norwich-108, near E. Count,
rail, and a branch of R. Yare, belonged to Nor-
wich priory. Acres 900 ; pop. 79 ; poor r. 72/.
(Henst. U.); real prop. 1275/. ; charities 67.
Living, a Cur. (Norw.) val. 80/., patr. Dean and
Chap. The old hall has a fine porch brought
from Carrow abbey.

ARMITAGE par. (62) with Handsacre, S. OfHow
hund. Mid. Stafford. 5 m. NW. of Lichfield-119,
on Gd. Trunk canal and R. Trent, near Trent
Valley rail, contains Brereton. Acres 1950; pop.
987 +"l ; poor r. 2537. (Lichf. U.) ; charities M. St.
John Cur. (Lich.) val. 100Z., patr. Bishop ; church,
has a norman door and arch, with Handsacre
ruined church near it, and commands a fine view.

A. Park, J. Lister, Esq.

) Almondbury par. W.

R. York, near Huddersfield-189, is a Cur. (Rip )
val. 150/., patr. Vicar. Pop. 2578.

ARMLEY chplry. ( ) Leeds, St. Peter par. W.
R. York. 3 m. W. of Leeds- 189, on Bradford rail.
Liverpool canal, and R. Aire, has a lunatic asylum.
Acres 1040; pop. 5676 + 48, cloth-weavers and
fullers ; poor r. 729/. (Carlton Incorp.) ; real prop.
16894Z. St. Bartholomew Cur. (Rip.) val. 204/.,
patr. Vicar. Giant's hill danish camp, was cut
through by the canal. A. House, B. Gott, Esq.
! Armour (20) 5 m. NE. of Dalverton, (V. So-
merset, igp Armour (13) 3 m. W. of Reading,
Mid. Berks.

\ Armours (47) 6 m. NW. of Chelmsford, Mid.

! P. ARMOY par. (8, 9, 13-4) Carey and Upper
Danluce bars. N. Antrim. 4 m. S. of Ballycastle
-143, on R. Bush, has part of a round tower
36 ft. high in churchyd. Acres 7665 fertile
hills, with bog, lime, basalt, gneiss, porphyry,
mica-slate, and ' Irish diamonds ' in Knocklayd
hill ; pop. 2766 + 14, of vil. 315. Living, a
Rect. (Dn. C. D.) val. 232Z., patr. Bishop. Fairs,
5 Jan. 25 Feb. May, and Dec. 29 Mar. and 12 Nov.
i ARMSCOTT hmlt. (44-54) Tredington par. Wor-
cester, locally in Warwick. 2 m. NNW. of Ship-
ston-on-Stour-83, near Moreton rail, and R. Stour.
Pop. 139.

Armside ( ) 3 m. SE. of Cockermouth, W.
Cumbrld. near R. Cocker.

ARMSTON limit. (64) Polebrook par. NE.
Northmptn. 3 m. SE. of Oundle-78, near Peter-
boro' rail, and R. Nen. Pop. 26.

Armsworth House (12) 6 m. WSW. of Alton,
Mid Hants.

ARMTHORPE par. ( ) S. Strafforth wap. W. R.
York. 3 m. ENE. of Doncaster-162, contains Nut-
well. Acres 2810; pop. 449 + 8; poor r. 98/.
(Doncast. U.) ; real prop. 3224Z. ; charities 19/.,
of which 6Z. to Holme's school. St. Mary Rect.
(York) val. 366Z., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

Armtree (70) 5 m. NW. of Boston, SE. Lin-
coln, on R. Witham.

ARNCLIFFE par. ( ) E. and W. Staincliffe
waps. W. R. York. 9 m. NE. of Settle-235, on R.
Wharfe, in a pleasant spot, contains Halton Gill,
and Hubberholme Curs. Backden, Hawkeswick,
and Litton. Acres 35,860, of town 5790, moor-
land ; pop. 834 and 182, decreasing, some cotton
spinners ; poor r. I. (Settle U.) ; real prop. 1788/. ;
charities 62/., of which 28Z. to school. St. Oswald
Vic. (Rip.) val. 36/., patr. Univers. Coll. Oxon.

.ZV. R. York. Arncliffe Hall, near it, was the seat
of the Mauleverers, lately extinct.

ARNCOTT chplry. (45) Ambrosden par. E. Ox-
ford. 3 m. SE. of Bicester-54, on R. Ray, near
Muswell Hill, has a good view from A". Wood.
Acres 2010 ; pop. 331 + 2 ; poor r. 1681. (Bicest.
U.) ; real prop. 1676/.

ArndiUy, 9 m. WSW. of Keith, NW. Banff.
W. Grant, Esq.

ARNE par. (16) Hasilor hund. SE. Dorset. 3
m. E. of Wareham-115, between Wareham and
Pool harbours, has a beacon. Acres 2450 ; pop.
168; poorr. 118/. (Wareh. U.) ; real prop. 275/.
St. Nicholas Cur. with Wareham.

ARNESBY par. (63) Guthlaxton hund. S. Leic.
8 in. SSE. of Leicester-96. Acres 1510; pop.
505 + 6, stockingers (100 frames); poor r. 268Z.
(Lutterworth U.) ; real prop. 3017Z. ; charities
57/., of which 71. to Sunday school. St. Peter Vic.
(Pet.) val. 119/., patr., J. S. Sherwin, Esq., of
Brarncote. Rob. Hall, a native, 1764-1831.

Arnestown (34) near New Ross-90, W. Wex-




Arney River (26-7) runs 7 m. E. from Lough
Macnean, to Upper L. Erne, Mid. Fermanagh.

AKNGASK par. Cupar distr. IV. Fife, and partly
in Perth, and Kinross. ,5 m. N. of KJnross-27, on
Fargo Water, contains Damhead and Duncrivie.
Size 4 m. by 4, good, with pasture ; pop. 750 + 4 ;
real prop. 1914Z. ; for poor 367. Living (Presb.
Perth) val. 179/., patr. Mrs. Wardlow and the
Laird of Fordells ; church, built by the Balvairds

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