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Will, (who found, the church before 1387), and
3 other Etehinghams, one triple-canopied.

Ethandune of the Saxons, is EDDIXGTON, Wilts.
or Bucks.

Ethelberfs (St.) Camp (43) near Stoke Edith,

5 m. E. of Hereford, Mid. Herefd. has a good

ETHERDWICK hmlt. ( ) Aldbrough tnshp. E.
R. York. 7m. NE. of Hedon-182.

ETHERLEV, HIGH ( ) 3 m. WSW. of Bishop
Auckland-248, Mid. Durham, near the rail.
Living, a Cur. (Dur.) val. 1307., patr. Bishop.

Etherow River (81, 88) rises on the borders of
W. R. York, and Derby, and runs 12 m. WSW. to
R. Gort, 4 m. E. of Stockport.

Etherside ( ) 2 m. NNE. of Allonby, W. Cum-
Vrld. near Solway Frith.

Ethie House, 5 m. S. of Montrose, E. Forfar.
Earl Northesk, on the coast, was a country seat
of the infamous Cardinal Beaton. Red castle,
and a chapel, are near.

Ethy, or Tethe (31) 3 m. SW. of Lostwithiel, E.
Cornwall, near R. Jowey, late seat of Adml. Pen-
rose, formerly of the Courtneys of Boconnoc.

Etive Loch, on the coast/ Mid. Argyll. 18 m.

nnd \ m. to 3 wide, runs up from Dunstaffnage
Cast., past Connel and Bunawe ferries, and Ben
Cruachan to Ben Slarvie, where it receives E.
Water, which comes 10 m. from Buachaille
mountn. Salmon, cod, seal, porpoises abound.
Glen E. was the seat of Usnath, who runs away
with Dartpula in ' Ossian.'

ETLOE tythg. (43) Awre par. W. Gloucest. 2 m.
SE. of Newnham-112, near R. Severn.

Etocetum of the Romans is WALL, Stafford, on
Watling St. where Rykniekl St. crosses.

P. ETOX par. (7) Stoke hund. S. Bucks. J m.
N. of Windsor-22, at the bridge, on the Thames,
contains E. COLLEGE ext. par. (pop. 83). Acres
690; pop. 3609 + 37; poor r. 10687. on 92967.;
real prop. 12,6787. ; charities 5497., of which 1537.
to Porny's school, Baldwin's for bridge, etc. 1577.,
poor's estate 1267., besides Prov. Godolphin's
almsh. St. Mary and Nicholas Rect. val. /., is
held by Provost. The College, found. 1440-3 by
Hen. VI., has a provost, vice-provost, 6 fellows,
head and lower (and 14 asst.) masters, 7 clerks, 70
king's scholars, or collegers, who proceed to scho-
larships in King's Coll. Camb., 10 choristers, and
from 400 to 600 other students, or ' oppidans,' who
are not on the foundation, to which about 15
scholarships and exhibitions are attached, be-
sides 3 Newcastle prizes, Tomline's mathema-
tical and Pr. Albert's for mod. lang., of 507. each.
The Old Buildings, b. 1441-1523, are in two brick
quadrangles with large play-grounds, and in-
clude: the founder's bronze statue (by Bacon),
the provost's apartments with portraits by Rey-
nolds, Lawrence, etc., and one of Jane Shore (on
wood) ; the Upper School, with busts of Gray,
Fox, Canning, Wellesley, Morpeth, etc., Lower
School under the old long chamber, hall or refec-
tory ; good library of classics, etc., with a German
illuminated 'Hist, of World,' the K. of Prussia's
copy (only 2 printed) of the ' Niebelungen Lied '
the Album, with his autograph, and those of Q.
Victoria, Pr. Albert, Duke of Wellington, Louis
Philippe, etc. ; and the chapel, which is of stone (on
site of the par. church), 175 ft, long, altered by
Wren, but lately restored in style of the founder's
chapel at Cambridge, and has 10 brasses (from 1424)
and mons. of Bp. Longland, the Provosts Saville,
Wotton, and Rouse (Cromwell's speaker), the
'ever-memorable Hales, etc., and some oil paint-
ings on the walls, of loth cent. New Buildings in
the tudor style, have a front of 120 ft., the collegers'
rooms, and the boys' library, with Gray's MS. of the
' Bard ' in french, Gifford's copy of his ' Juvenal',
etc. William of Waynfletc was 1st provost, and
among the scholars were, besides the above : Hall
the chronicler, Bp. Pearson, Sir R. Walpole and his
son Horace, Cole the col. antiquary, Boyle earl of
Orrery, Oughtred (a native), who died with joy
at the Restoration, Waller, Pitt earl of Chatham,
Fox, Ld. Camden, Bolingbroke, Sherlock, Porson,
Bryant, Abp. Cornwallis, Judge Hardinge, Peel,
Wellington, Hallam, etc. The Whit. Tuesday
' Montem ' at Salt Hill, held from Elizabeth's time
or before, has been given up since 1847. E. Wick,
1m. NW. Eton P. L. Union, contains the pars. etc.
of Boveney, Burnham, Datchett, Denham, Dor-
ney, Eton, Farnham Royal, Fulmer, Hedgerley,
Hedgerley Dean, Hitcham, Horton, Iver. Langley
Marish, S'tokepoges, Taplow, Upton-cum-Chalvey
(where poor ho. is), Wexham, Wyrardisbury ;
acres 41,680, pop. 20,247, cases relieved (yr. 1846
-7), 2886 (out-door 1660), expend. 87547., prop,
rated 102,9837. Sup. Registry comprises the same,
with Colnbrook, and Sear-Green; pop. 20,243
+ 214. It belongs to Windsor New Comity Court
dist., except Iver sub-dist., which goes to Ux-


bridge. Fair, Ash Wed., cattle, etc. Boat race,
last Sat. July from Brocas Meadow. Regatta,
4 June (Geo. III. 'a birthday).

P. ETKURIA vil. (72) Shelton chplry. N. Staf-
ford. 2 m. NE. of Newcastle-under-Lyne-150, on
N. Stafd. rail, and Gr. Trunk canal, J. Wedgewood,
Esq., was found, by his father Josiah (d. here 1795)
in the centre of the ' Potteries,' and belongs to
duchy of Lancaster. Living, a Cur. (Lich.) val.
1507., patr. Crown and Bishop. Coal is worked.

ETTAGH par. (38-9, 42-3) Ballybrit and Clon-
lisk bars. S. King's Co. G m. SE. of Birr-81. Acres
7101, good ; an. val. 3440/. ; pop. 1934+16. Li-
ving, a Rect. (K. K. C. K.) with Kilcoleman,
val. 1747., patr. Bishop. Shinrone, Col. Lloyd.

ETTELTON in Castletown par. S. Roxburgh, on
R. Licldel, and formerly a separate par., has a
ruined church, with tombs, etc.

ETTERBY tnshp. ( ) Stanwix par. N. Cum-
brld. 1 m. NW. of Carlisle-301, on R. Eden, near
Ship canal, has at E. Scar one of the finest views
of city, and the country round. Pop. 152 + 4 ;
real prop. 11447.

P. ETTKRICK, or ETTRICK, par. 17 m. SW. of
Selkirk, SW. Selh. 46 from Edinbro', on E.
Water, which rises under E. Penn (2220 ft.) and
OldE. Hill, or Wardlaw (1860 ft.), and runs 25 m.
NE. past Yarrow to R. Tweed above Selkirk,
was a royal hunting forest, now bare sheep-walks.
Size 10 m. by J 0, or about 55,000 acres, hilly and
moist, but fertile by the streams, with trout in
them, and Lowes Loch ; pop. 525 ; real prop.
78637. ; for poor 1 767. Living (presb. Selk.) val.
2497., patr. Lord Napier of Thirlstane ; church, has
a tomb of the pious Boston, once minister, and
near it Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd poet, was born
(1772-1835). Buccleugh was the first seat of that
fam., and T ushielaw tower of Adam Scott, king
of the Border. The forest included all Selkirk, and
part of Clydesdale, and remains of oak, etc., are
found in the mosses. E. Side, .

ETTERSGILL hmlt. ( ) Forest and Frith tnshp.
W. Durham, near Middleton in Teesdale.

ETTIXGHAI.L vil. (62) Sedgeley par. S. Staf-
ford. 1 m. SVV. of Bilston-121. Pop. , miners.
Living, a Cur. (Lich.) val. 1507., patr. Bishop.
E. Lane, l^m. N.

ETTON par. (64) Peterboro' lib. NE. North-
mptn. 6 m. NNW. of Peterboro'-81, contains
Woodcroft. Acres 1270; pop. 118; poor r. 1397.
(Peterb. U.) ; real prop. 17897. St. Stephen Rect.
(Pet.) val. 3987., patr. Earl Fitzwilliam.

ETTON par. ( ) Harthill wap. E. R. York. 4 m.
NW. of Beverley-183. Acres 3960 ; pop. 425 + 2 ;
poor r. 1257. (Bever. U.) ; real prop. 5457/. ; chari-
ties 21/. St. Mary Rect. (Yk.) val. 8537., patr.

ETTRICK-BRIDGE vil. Yarrow par. Mid. Sel-
kirk. 6 m. SW. of Selkirk-39, on E. Water, as
above. Pop. 108.

P. ETWALD par. (71-2) Appletree hund. S.
Derby. 6 m. NNE. of Burton-on-Trent-125, con-
tains Bearwardcote and Burnaston. Acres 3680 ;
pop. 689 + 8, of town 510 ; poor r. 86/. (Burton
U.) ; real prop. 53267. ; charities 12/., besides Sir
J. Port's hospital, see REPTON. St. Helen Vic.
(Lich.) val. 3427. patr. Rev. H. K. Cockburne. E.
Hall and E. Lodge, .

EUARTH, or EYARTH, tnshp. (74) Llanfair-Dyf-
fryn-Clwyd par. Mid. Denbigh. 2 m. SSE. of
Ruthin-195. Pop. 304; real prop, 25937. E.
House, R. Wynne, Esq. belongs to Sir W. H. R.
Palmer, Bt. through the Matthewses.

Euchan Water, in Nithsdale, NW. Dumfries.
runs 7 m. E. to R. Nith, above Sanquhar.

Euchar Rivulet, rises in L. Scammodale, N.



Argyll, and runs 4 m. NW. to L. Feachin, in the
'Sound of Mull.

21. Euloe Castle (79) near Flint, Mid. Flint, and
Coed E. wood (where Hen. II. was surprised
1157), was a seat of the Howels, and includes
parts of two very ancient towers and a wall.

Euorwic, or Euertvic, of the Saxons, is YORK.

Eusemerehill ( ) at the head of Ulleswater,
NW. Westmrld. J. C. Bristow, Esq. ( ?)

EUSTON par. (50) Blackbourn hund. NW. Suf-
folk, 4 m. SE. of Thetford-80, on R. Brandon,
containing Rymer and Little Fakenham, came,
through the Eustons and Patishalls, to Benet
earl Arlington, whose daughter was 1st Duchess
Grafton. Acres 3910 ; pop. 270 + 7 ; poor r. 1007.
(Thetfd. U.); real prop. 2279Z. St. Genevieve
Rect. (Ely) val. with Fakenham and Barnham
6457., patr. Duke of Grafton, of E. Hall, which
gives title of earl, and has a temple by Kent
near it, with some waterworks by Bushel;
church, has 4 brasses from 1470.

P. EUXTON chplry. (89) Leyland par. Mid.
Lancash. 2 m. NW. of Chorley-208, on Preston
and Wigan rail, near R. Yarrow. Acres 2480;
pop. 1562 + 6 ; poor r. 187Z. (Chorl. U.) ; real prop.
63587. ; char. 437., of which 287. to school. Living
a Cur. (Manch.) val. 1507., patr. Armetriding's
heirs. E. Hall, W. Anderson, Esq., with a bust
of Jas. II. over the mantel-piece.

EVAL, St., par. (30) Pyder hund. Mid. Cornwall,
4 m. NW. of St. Colomb-Major-250, on the cliff,
near Bristol Channel. Acres 2970 (or 2707) ; pop.
349 ; poor r. 1547. (St. Colomb. U.) ; real prop.
26437. Living, a Vic. (Exet.) val. 1627. patr.
Bishop ; church, reb. 1727, is a sea-mark. Trethvall
was the Nanfans' seat.

Evan Water, rises under Rodger Law, S. Lanark.
and runs 10 SE. to R. Annan, below Moffat, N.

P. EVANTON vil. Kiltearn par. E. Ross, near
Cromarty Frith. Pop. 462.

EVEDON par. (70) Aswardhurn wap. Mid. Lin-
coln. 2 m. NE. of Sleaford-115, near the canal,
contains Haverholm priory. Acres 2300; pop.
91 ; poor r. 417. (Sleafd. U.) ; real prop. 20977. St.
Mary Rect. (Line.) val. 1637., patr. Earl of Win-

Evelicks River, in SE. Sutherld., runs 15 m.
SE. and S. to Dornock Frith at Meikle ferry, and
has salmon and trout.

P. Evelina (13) near Wallingford, Mid. Berks.

Evelyns (6) near Sevenoaks, W. Kent.

EVEN-SWINDON tythg. (34) Rodborne-Cheney
par. N. Wilts. 2 m. NW. of Swindon-80, on
Cheltenham rail and Wilts, canal. Pop. 35.

EVENDINE (43) 4 m. NE. of Ledbury-120, E.
Hereford., under the Malvern Hills, has large lime
quarries with barytes, and many spars and shells.

EVENJOBB, or ENJOBB, tnshp. (56) with New-
castle, Barland, and Burfa, Old Radnor par.
E. Radnor. 4 m. N W. of Kington-154, belongs to
Mynors of E. House and Treago. Pop. 345 ; real
prop. 11167.

EVENLOAD par. (43) Upper Oswaldslow hund.
Worcester, locally in Gloucester. 3 m. NE. of Stow-
on-the-Wold-82, on E. River, which (rising near
Fourshire stone, runs about 35 m. SE. to R.
Isis, above Oxford), was Evnilade or Evmlade of
' Domesdy.' belonging to Worcester church. Acres
1560 ; pop. 325 + 1 ; poor r. 1597. (Stow U.) ; real
prop. 27437. ; charities, Greenwood's 107. St. Ed-
ward Rect. (Wore.) val. 3967., patr. Mrs. A.

EVENLY par. (45) King's Sntton hnnd. SW.
Northmptn. 1 m. S. of Brackley-63, near R. Ouse.
Acres 2760, part common ; pop. 487 ; poor r. 34C7.



(Brack. U.) ; real prop. 398G7. St. George Vic.
(Pet.) val. 1827., patr. MagdL Coll. Oxon. E.
Hall, Hon. P. Pierrepont.

EVKXWOOD tnshp. ( ) St. Andrew Auckland
par. S. Durham, 5 m. WSW. of Bishop Auckland
-248, near the rail, and R. Gaunless, has a castle
on the site of a farm. Acres 1630 ; pop. with
barony 1729; poor r. 432 (Auckld. U.); real
prop. 96297., of which 2900Z. on mines.

P. EVERCREECH par. (19) Wells-Forum hund.
E. Somerset. 3 m. SSE. of Shepton-Mallet-116,
contains Bagbury, Cliesterblade, Southwood, and
Stoney-Stratton,*near the Fosseway. Acres 3130 ;

Sop. 1449, some silk weavers; poor r. 10307. (S.
lallet U.) ; real prop. 70807. ; charities 437. St.
Peter Vic. (Ba. and W.) val. with Chesterblade
-2267., patr. Hon. J. Talbot.

EVERDOX par. (53) Fawsley hund. W, North-
rnptn. 4m. SSE. of Daventry-72, on a branch of R.
IS en, contains Snorscomb. Acres 1900; pop. 777
+ 3 ; poor r. 4477. (Daven. U.) ; real prop. 52177. ;
charities 71/., of which Folwell's for school, etc.
34/. St. Mary Rect. (Pet.) val. 4657., patr. Eton
Coll. ; church, dec. english in part. E. Hall,
Mrs. Philpot.

EVEUINGHAM par. ( ) Harthill wap. E.R.
York. 4 m. S. of Pocklington-212, near the canal.
Acres 3080, flat; pop. 318 + 4; poor r. 627. (Pock-
ling. U.); real prop. 24097.; charities 17. St.
Emelde Sect. (Yk.) val. 2377., patr. Mrs. Martin.
E. Park, seat of W. Constable-Maxwell, Esq.,
through the Southells, has a fine " Ch. I." by
Vandyke, and in the grounds an old saxon font.

Everington (13) 6 m. NE. of Newbury, Mid.

E VERLEY, or E VERLEIGH, par. ( 1 4) El stub hund.
E. Wilts. 5 m. NW. of Ludgershall-71, near
Godbury and other camps, was a seat of the W.
Saxon kings, and came to the Plantagenets,
Sadlers, Evelvns, and Barkers, and is a meet for
Mr. T. A. Smith's hounds, a polling (for S. Wilts.),
petty sessions, and once a mkt. town. Acres
3370 ; pop. 354 ; poor r. 2537. (Pewsey U.) ; real
prop. 38097. St. Peter Sect. (Sal.) val. 6757., patr.
Sir F. D. Astley, Bt. of E. House, which has the
Astley room, with some old pictures in it.

Ecerley Lodge (7) near E. Barnet, -S. Herts.

EVERI,EY tnshp. ( ) Hackness par. N. It.
York. 5 m. \V. of Scarborough-187, is joined to


EVERSDEN, GREAT, par. (51) Longstow hund.
SW. Cambridge. 4m. SE. of Caxton-50, near
Bourn Brook, and Nare Way. Acres 1200 ; pop.
300 ; poor r. 1997. (Caxton U.) ; real prop. 16367. ;
charities 37. St. Mary Vic. (Ely) val. 597., patr.
Ld. Chancellor. E. Wood Farm, 1 m. W. 03" E.
LITTLE par. as above, 1 m. E. Acres 670 ; pop.
225 + 3 ; poor r. 1367. ; real prop. 1089 ; charities
567. St. Helen Eect. (Ely) val. 1887., patr. Queen's

EversJied Farm (8) 7 m. SSE. of Dorking, S.

P. EVERSHOL.T par. (46) Manshead hund.
SW. Beds. 2 m. ESE. of Woburn-41. Acres
2040; pop. 899; poor r. 5287. (Wob. U.) ; real
prop. 36127.; charities, town estate 1427., of which
107. to school. St. J. Baptist Rect. (Ely) val. 4347.
patr. Duke of Bedford.

P. EVERSHOT par. (18) Tollerford hund. NW.
Dorset. 6 m. NE. of Beaminster-137, near S. West,
rail., was a mkt. town. Acres 1030; pop. 566;
poor r. 2847. (Beamins. U.) ; real prop. 30307. ;
charities 937. of which 707. to free gram, school.
St. Osmond Car. with Frome-St. Quintin. Fair,
12 May, cattle.

P. EVERSI.EY par. (8) Upper Holdsliolt and


Lower Odihain huncls. N. Hants. 6 m. NXE. of
Odiham-40, near R. Blackwater, contains Great
and Little Bramshill. Acres 5400 ; pop. 770 + 2 ;
poor r. 2747. (Hartney-Wintney U.) ; real prop.
28487. ; charities 37. and 4 houses. St. Mary Rect.
(Wine.) val. 4757., patr. Sir J. Cope, Bt. of Brams-
hill Pk. E. Blackwater, i m. N. oa the Black

EVERTHORPE tnshp. ( ) N. Cave par. E. R,
York. 1 m. NW. of S. Cave-182, is joined to
DREWTOX. Real prop. 29287.

EVERTON par. (52) Biggleswade hund. NE.
Beds. 4 m. NNE. of Biggleswade-45. Acres 975,
heathy ; pop. 233 + 1 ; poor r. 1167. (Biggies. U.) ;
real prop. 12207. ; charities 67. St. Mary Vic.
(Ely) val. with Tetworth 2007., patr. Clare Hall,
Camb. ; church in Hunts. E. Hall, W. Astell,
Esq. (?)

P. EVERTOS ( ) near Lymington, *? W.Hants.

EVERTOX chplry. (79) Walton-on-the-Hill par.

5 W. Lancash. 2 m. N. of Liverpool-206, on a red
sandstone hill, with a fine sea view, has W. Derby
Union p. house. Acres 600 ; pop. 9221 + 471 ;
houses 1680, with 2 churches, Liverpool collegiate
institution, etc. ; poor r. 7497. on 72,5077. (W.
Derby U.) ; real prop. 61,9267. St. George and St.
Augustine Curs. (Ches.) val. 2007. each, patr.
Trustees ; Christ Church Cur. 7. T. Horsfall, Esq.
Ranulph de Blunderville's beacon b. 1220, was
blown down 1803.

P. EVERTON par. (82) Bassetlaw wap. N. Notts.

6 m. N. of E. Retford-141, near Chesterfield canal,
and R. Idle, contains Drakeholes, Scaftworth, and
Harwell. Acres 4630; pop. 1094 + 31; poor r.
2157. (E. Retford U.) ; real prop. 63257. ; charities
87. Holy Rood Vic. (Line.) val. 2097., patr. Rev.
W. Metcalfe, vicar. Roman remains have been

Everton House (37) 1 m. W. of Carlow, SE.
King's Co., W. Fitzmaurice, Esq. on R. Fushoge.

EVESBATCH par. (55) Radlow hund. E. Here-
ford. 4m. SSE. of Bromyard-125. Acres 830;
pop. 98 + 1 ; poor r. 677. (Bromy. U.) ; real prop.
17947. ; charities 97. St. Andrew Rect. (Heref.)
val. 1507., patr. Countess of Berkeley's heirs.

Evesden (7) 4 m. N. of Uxbridge, NW. Mid-

** P. M. &. EVESHAM (44, 54) locally Lower
Blackenhurst hund. SE. Worcester. 14 m. SE. of
Worcester, 95 from London, near Midld. rail, on a
bend of R. Avon, in the rich vale of E., a polling,
sessions, and once an assize town, was Hetheholme
or Emesham of the Saxons, where St. Egwin 709
found, a mitred abbey, of which the tower remains,
was the scene of Simon Montfort's defeat at
Battlewell by Prince Edw. (Ed. I.), and was taken
by Massey 1643 ; has returned two members since
Jas. I., who chartered it, the limits (unaltered by
the Reform bill) including the two pars, as below,
and Bengeworth opposite, no. of electors 352
(of 107. houses 968) ; and is governed under the
new act by a mayor, 4 aid., 18 council., with the
style of "may., aid., and burgesses ofboro'of E.'"
and revenue of 3447. Acres 2150, in gardens and
orchards, letting 57. to 127. per acre ; pop. 4245
+ 25, agricultural, with a few stocking and riband
weavers; houses 885, many timbered, with 3
churches, 4 chapels, 2 banks, savings bk. (14,2567.
from 640 depositors), old town hall, 4-arched
bridge, partly as old as 1374, Abbot Lychfield's
(1546) gram, school (137.), Bengeworth school,
corn and other mills ; assd. taxes 12977. ; poor r.
11087. on 12,7987. ; real prop. 14,2737.; charities
1837., exclusive of BENGEWORTH, which see.
Livings, All Saints Vic. with St. Lawrence Cur.
(Wore.) val. 2087., pa(r. Ld. Chancellor,


church b. 1350, is later cng. with the Lychficld
chapel, and a separate bell tower, St. Law-
rence, with a chapel attached, is good later
eng., but in ruins. Of the abbey, which had 15
altars, 161 marble pillars, and 22 towns for its
possessions, nothing is left but Ab. Lychfield's
line tower, 1 10 ft. high, and a gateway. Cardinal
Hugh de E., Hopkins the antiquary, lip. J.
Watson, Bernard! the Jacobite, were natives ; Mrs.
Elstob the saxon scholar kept school, and de-
menti the pianist died, here ; and it gives title of
baron to Earl Seiners. Abbey Manor, R. Rudge,
Esq. The Vale, SE. side of Worcest. extends from
Evesham to Tewkesbury, and from the Gloucest.
border to the vale of Avon inclusive, with a
rich loamy soil, producing heavy crops of
wheat. Evsh. P. L. Union, contains the pars.
etc. of Ashton Underbill, Aston Somerville,
Aston Subedge, Childswickham, Cow Honey-
bourne, Hinton, Pebworth, Saintbury, Weston
Subedge, Willersey in Glouc., Abbot's Lench,
Aldington, Badsey, Bretfortoh, Broadway, Church
Lench, Ch. Honeybourne, Cleeve Prior, Evesham,
Hampton (where poor-ho. is), Harvington, Lit-
tleton (N. and S.), Norton, Offenham, Rouse
Lench, Sedgeberrow, Wickhamford in Worcest. ;
acres 43,050, pop. 13,892, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7)
1489 (out-door 1345), expend. 53867., prop, rated
84,898/. Sup. Registry comprises the same except
Aldington and Abbots Lench; pop. 13,889 + 121.
The New County Court dist. corresponds with the
Registry. Mkt. D. Mon. Fairs, 2 Feb. Hon.
after Easter, Whit. Mon. 21 Sept.

P. EVIE and RENDALL par., mainland of Ork-
ney Islds. 9 m. N. of Kirk wall, beyond Damsay
Sound. Size G m. by 4, hilly ; pop. 1518 ; real
prop. 7677. ; for poor 337. Living (presb. Kirkw.)
val. 1547., patr. Earl Zetland. Much kelp is

divis. N. Hants, contains the pars, of St. Mary
Bourne cur., Freefolk Manor c., Hurstbourne
Priors vie., Tufton c., and Whitchurch v. ; acres
20,000, pop. 3622, houses 793. E. (LOWER) HUN-
DRED, contains the pars, of Ashmansworth c.,
Banghurst, Highclere red., Itchingswell, New-
town c., East Woodhay r., and part of Burgh-
clere r. ; acres 17,460, pop. 4154, houses 902. See

EVINGTON hmlt. (44) Leigh par. 2V. Gloucest.
6m. NVV. of Cheltenham-95. Pop. 266; real
prop. 37677. ggT EVINGTON par. (63) Gartree
hund. Mid. Leicest. 3 m. ESE. of Leicester-96.
Acres 1360 ; pop. 285 + 2 ; poor r. 105/. (Billes-
don U.) ; real prop. 41 051. St. Dennis Vic. (Pet.)
val. 80/., patr. Bishop of Lincoln. E. Hall, H. F.
Colman, Esq.

Evington Lodge (2) 2 m. N. of Carlow, N. Car-
low, near R. Barrow. gaP E. Place (3) at Elm-
stead, 6 m. ENE. of Ashford, E. Kent, Sir C.
Honeywood, Bt.

EVIONYDD HUNDRED (75) <S. Carnarvon, con-
tains the pars, and benefices of Beddgelert cur.,
Criccieth reel., Dol-ben-maen c. with Penmorfa,
Llanarmon r. with Llangybi, Llanfilangel-y-Pen-
nant r., Llangybi r., Llan-ystyn-dwy r., Pen-
morfa r., Tref-llys and Ynys-cynhaiarn curs, with
Criccieth ; pop. 7988, houses 1636. * E. DEAN-
ERY, archdy. of Merioneth, dioc. of Bangor, con-
tains the benefices marked in the hund. above.

EWAKRIGG tnshp. ( ) Dearham par. W.Cum-
brld. 1 m. SE. of Maryport-311, is joined to EL-


EWART tnshp. ( ) Doldington par. N. North-
umlrld. 3 m. NVV. of Wooler-320, near R. Till.
Pop. 176. E. Park, Sir H. St. Paul, Bt.


EWDNESS tnshp. (61) Worfield par. E. Salon,
3 m. NNE. of Bridgnorth-139.

EWDON-BURNELL (61) 3 m. SW. of Bridg-
north-139, SE. Salop.

Ewe, or Eu Loch, NW. coast of Boss. 9 m. by 3,
contains E. Isld., and has at the bottom Pol E.
Inn, to which E. Water (with plenty of salmon)
comes down 3 m. from L. Maree, on the S. side
of which is Kinloch E. Boats sail hence to Stor-
noway, 45 m. across the Minch.

EWE, ST., par. (31) E. Powder hand., Mid.Corn-
wall, 4 m. S W. of St. Austle-254, contains Heligan
Mill, and Pengrugla. Acres 6100 (or 5085) slaty ;
pop.1468 + 29, in the copper and tin mines ; poor r.
5637. (St. Aust. U.) ; real prop. 59237. ; charities
51. Living, a Rect. (Exet.) val. 4407., patr. Sir
J. Sawle, Bt. and E. Carlyon, Esq. of Tregehan.
Heligan, J. H. Treymayne, Esq. ; Tregonan was
the Tredinghams' seat.

P. EWELL, or TEMPLE EWELL, par. (3) Bews-
borough hund., St. Augustine lathe, E. Kent, 3 m.
NW. of Dover-71, at the head of R. Dour, had at
Court Place a preceptory of K. Templars. Acres
1440 ; pop. 392 ; poor r. 159/. (Dover U.) ; real
prop. 21377. ; charities 47. St. Mary and Peter
Rect. and Vic. (Cant.) val. 707., patr. Ld. Chan-

P. EWELL par. (8) First Copthorne and Rei-
gate hunds. N. Surrey, 13 m. SW. of London,
near Nonsuch, and Epsom rail., on R. Hogs Mill,
and formerly a mkt. town, contains Kingswood
Cur. Acres 4170 ; pop. 1867 + 1 ; poor r. 8467.
(Epsom U.); real prop. 11,8187. ; charities 1727.,
of which 217. for education. St. Mary Vic. (Win.)
val. 2777., patr. Rev. Sir G. L. P. Glyn, Bt., of
E. House; church, reb. 1848 by Clutton for 50007.
in dec. eng. style, has mons! of the Bulkeleys,
Lewens, Glyns, and 3 brasses from 1519 (lady D.
Taylor and family, etc.). E. Grove, Sir J. R.
Reid, Bt. ; E. Castle, T. Calverley, Esq. * E.
DEANERY, archdy. of Surrey, dioc. of Winchester,
contains the benefices marked in Copthorne, Elm-
bridge, Kingston, Reigate, Tandridge and Wal-
lington hunds. with Ashstead rect., Banstead vie.
Fairs, 12 Mav, cattle ; 29 Oct. sheep.

EWELME HUNDRED (13) SE. Oxford, con-
tains the pars, of Berrick-Salome, Brightwell,
Baldern, Cuxham,Easington,Ewelme, Gt.Haseley,
Nettlebed, Newington, Nuffield, Swincombe, War-
borough, Warpsgrove, parts of Bensington, and
Ickford ; acres 25,190, pop. 6643, houses 1319.

EWELME par. as above, 3 m. NE. of Walling-
ford-46, under the Chilterns, on Icknield St, with
fine views, was Lawelme at ' Domesday,' when it
belonged to the Gands, then to the Chaucers and
De la Poles, of whose " fair and goodly palace," b.
1424, there are slight remains, and is a meet for
the YVormsley harriers. Acres 2170, good land, with
a mineral spring, and the King's Pond ; pop. 663
+ 5 ; poor r. 3567.(Wallingf. U.) ; real prop. 3498/. ;
charities, God's House for hosp. and gram, school
4727. St. Mary Rect. (Oxon.) val. 5567., held by
Reg. Prof, of Div. sometime by Prideaux, and
Bp. Hampden ; church, built by Will, de la Pole
and his duchess, who founded the hosp. above, has

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