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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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fine effigies of her and her father (Chaucer's son),
and 5 brasses of priests, etc. from 1436, with a
pinnacled font. E. Park, once a seat of the Copes,
now of Earl Macclesfield, who takes hence title of
Visct. Parker of E. Roman coins have been
found at E. Warren.

EWEN tythg. (34) Kemble par. N. Wilts. 3 m.
SSW. of Cirencester-88, near the rail, and Thames
and Severn canaL Pop. 182.

3U EWENNY par.(36) Ogmore hund. S. Glamrgn.
1 in. SSE. of Bridgend-lbl, on the Via Julia, and




R. Ewenny (or y Wentvy), a small branch of R.Og-
more, containing Cortown, Wallace, and Lampha,
has thegatewayof asmall benedictine priory found,
as a cell to Gloucester abbey, 1141, by Maurice de
Londres, val. 87Z., and given to the Carnes. Pop.
211, potters; poorr. 141Z.(BridgendU.) ; real prop.
16917. ; charities 21. Living, a Don. (Llan.) val.
40Z., patr. R. T. Turberville, Esq. of E. Abbey
(a meet for the Cowbridge harriers) where is a
small camp ; church, heavy nonnan, was part of
the priory, and has tombs of the Carnes, Turber-
villes, and the founder ( ?).

EWEKBY par. (70) Aswardhurn wap. Mid.
Lincoln. 3 m. ENE. of Sleaford-115, near the
canal, contains E.THORPE hmlt. (pop. 48). Acres
2520 ; pop. 433 + 9 ; poor r. 214Z. (Sleaf. U.) ;
real prop. 4208Z. ; charities 251., of which 101. to
school. St. Andrew Vic. (Line.) val. 67Z., patr.
Ld. Chancellor.

EWES, or Ewis, par. 4 m. NE. of Langholm-73,
E. Dumfries, on R. Tan-as and E. Water, which
rises under the Wisp, and runs 10 m. S. to the
Esk at Langholm. Size 8 m. by 5i, or 22,000
acres, sheep walks ; pop. 328 ; real prop. 45657. ;
for poor 49Z. Living (presb. Langh.) val. 221Z.,
patr. Duke of Buccleugh, chief heritor. An old
camp is traced.

EWESLEY tnshp. ( ) Nether Wilton par.
chplry. Mid. Northmbrld. 5 m. S. of Rothbury
-304, near R. Pont. Pop. 20.

EWHURST par. (12) Lower Kingsclere hund.
N. Hants. 2 m. SE. of Kingsclere-54. Acres 820 ;
pop. 22 ; poor r. 51. (Kingsc. U.) ; real prop. 744/.
St. Mary Rect. (Win.) val. 104/., patr. Duke of
Wellington of Strath fieldsaye. E. House, E.
Drummond, Esq. gif EWHURST par. (8) Second
Blackheath hund. S. Surrey, 7 m. SW. of Dork-
ing-23, near Holmbury roman camp. Acres 4390,
part common ; pop. 942 + 12 ; poor r. 502Z. (Ham-
bledon U.) ; real prop. 4305Z. St. Peter and Paul
Rect. (Win.) val. 462Z., patr. Ld. Chancellor.
(T EWHURST par. (5) Staple hund. Hastings
rape, E. STISSCX, 6 m. NE. of Battle-56, near R.
Rother. Acres 5310, with hops ; pop. 1169; poor
r. 976Z. (Battle U.) ; real prop. 6904Z. St. James
Rect. (Chic.) val. 784Z., patr. King's Coll. Camb. ;
church, has brass of W. Crysford, 1520.

EWLOE-TOWN and E.-Woon tnshps. (80)
Harwarden par. Mid. Flint. 1 m. NW. of Har-
warden-189. Pop. 1049 and 355; real prop.

Ewood (8) 4 m. SSE. of Dorking, S. Surrey,
near E. Pond, a seat of Duke of Norfolk.

Ewort, or Eport, 7x>cZi, E. side of N. Uist,
Western Islds., 6 m. long E. and W.

EWSHOTT tythg. (8) Cronrlall par. NE. Hants.
3 m. ENE. of Odiham-40, near Basingstoke canal.
Pop. 646 + 2 ; real prop. 2397Z. E. House, seat of
Maxwell, Esq. (?), formerly of the Giffords
and Bathursts, with grounds laid out by Brown.

EWYAS-HAROI-D par. (43) Webtree hund. S W.
Hereford. 9 m. SW. of Hereford-134, near Aber-
gavenny rail, and R. Monnow, had a castle b. by
King Harold, and a black cell to Glo'ster abbey,
translated from Dulas by Rob. Tregoz about 1100.
Acres 1980 ; pop. 356 + 1 ; poor r. 55Z. (DoreU.) ;
real prop. 2189Z. ; charities 1Z. St. Michael Vic.
(St Dav.) val. 110Z., patr. J. Hopton, Esq. Ewias
was a lordship which reached to the Vale of
Honddu beyond the Black Mountns.

contains the pars, of Clodock vie., Cusop, Llan-
cillo cur., St. Margaret c., Michael-Church-Esk-
ley c., Rowlstone c., Walterstone c., and part of
Cwmyry; acres 35,010, pop. 3279, houses 701.

Exanceaster, and Exanmuth, of the Saxons,
are EXETER and EXMOUTH, Devon. Exanmyn-
ster, is AXBIOUTII, Dorset.

P. EXBOURXE par.(26) Black Torrington hund.
Mid. Devon. 4 m. NNE. of Okehampton- 195, near
R. Okement. Acres 1660 ; pop. 593 ; poor r. 219Z. ;
(Okehamp. U.) ; real prop. 23611. ; charities 2Z.
St. Mary Rect. (Exet.) val. 261Z., patr. J. Hudson,
Esq. Fair, 3rd Mon. Apr.

P. EXBURY par. (11) Beaulieu lib. S. Hants.
6 m. ENE. of Lymington-93, at the ferry on R.
Beaulieu, contains Leap fishing town. Acres
2600, with white brick clay ; pop. 406 + 8 ; poor
r. 161Z. (New Forest U.) ; real prop. 2095Z. Liv-
ing, a Cur. with Fawley ; church, has tombs of
Mitford the historian, late of E. House, now seat
of H. R. Mitford, Esq.

Exe River (20-1-2, 27) anct. Isca or Tsaca,
rises in Exmoor forest, borders of Somerset, and
Devon, and runs about 55 m. SSE. past Dulver-
ton, Brampton, Tiverton (near which the Loman,
Creed}', and Columb join), Exeter, and Topsham,
by a wide mouth to the Channel at Exmouth bar.

EXE, NETHER, par. (22) Hayridge hund. E.
Devon. 4 m. NNE. of Exeter- 164, on R. Exe.
Acres 450 ; pop. 97 ; poor r. 55Z. (St. Thomas U.) ;
real prop. 1148Z. Living, a Cur. (Exet) val. 68Z.,
patr. Eight Feoffees, igg" E., UP, tythg. Rewe
par. as above. Acres 370 ; pop. 120 ; real prop.

EXELBY tnshp. ( ) with Leeming and New-
town, Burneston par. N. R. York. 2 m. SW. of
Bedale-223. Acres 2300; pop. 682 + 5; poor r.
241Z. (Bedale U.) ; real prop. 5131Z.

* * P. M. <b EXETER city (22) county of it-
self, locally in Wonford div. and hund. SE. Devon.
a station on Gt. West. rail. 194 m. from London,
the county, assize, sessions, and (for S. Div.)
election and polling town, seat of a bishopric,
excise collection, and bonding port on R. Exe,
8 m. from the sea, was Caer-Isc, or C. Rhyd,
and capital of the Damnonian Britons, Isca
Damnoniorum of the Romans, who placed the
second Augustan legion here, Exancestre of the
Saxons (Excester of the common people, to this
day), and Exonia of ' Domesdy.' ; was taken
by the Danes 848, retaken by Alfred 877 and 94,
taken by Cornish Britons and retaken by Athel-
stan, who walled it round, made it a mint town,
and found, the abbey 932 ; reduced 1003 by Sueno
the Dane ; occupied by Harold's mother Githa ;
taken 1067, after 18 days' siege, by the Conqueror,
who reb. Rougemont cast. ; taken 1137 by Ste-
phen who partly destroyed the cathedral; be-
seiged 1498 by the pretender Perkin Warbeck,
and 1549 by the western insurgents ; garrisoned
for Ch. I. and taken 1646 after a two months
blockade by Fairfax, who razed the castle ; made
the Pr. of Orange's head qrs. Nov. 1688, and
visited by Royal Agricult. Soc. 1850 ; has
returned two members to parl. from Ed. I., the
Reform bounds including the county of the city
(which comprises 20 pars, as below, and Bedford,
Bradninch, and Close precincts), with St. Leo-
nard's, and parts of St. Thomas, Heavitree, Tops-
ham, Alphington, no. of electors being 4144
(of 10Z. houses 8013) ; was first chartered by
Hen. I., and under the new act is divided into
6 wards (instead of 4), governed by a mayor,
12 aid., 36 council., with the style of " mayor,
bailiffs, and commonalty of city of E.," and re-
venue of 8225Z. Acres, of new boro' 4600, of
city 1800; pop. 37,231, and 31,312+307, a few
engaged in the lace and coarse cloth manufacts.,
which have much declined, and in shipping trade
as below ; houses 5122 on a hill, many ancient,


with 23 churches, chapels, guildhall on site of
an old church with portraits of Ch. I., his queen
Henrietta, and Monk (by Lely), sessions house
in the castle, co. gaol by Blackburn, co. house of
correction, city prison, theatre and circus on site
of Bedford ho.^ custom ho., 6 banks, W. of Engld.
insurance office, district bankruptcy court (for
Devon., Cornw., W. Somers., and all Dorset, ex-
cept Poole, Wimborne, Blandford, Sturminstcr,
Shat'tosbury, and other places within 100 in. of
Gen. Post-Ofnce), savings bank (986,035/. from
3 J,!H'.2 depositors), baths, literary and mechanics'
institutes, gas and water works, cavalry and
artil. barracks, iron bridge to St. David's hill, new
br. in Fore St., bishop's palace b. byBp. Courte-
nay, Devon, and Ex. hospital found, by Dean
Clark, dispensary, eye, deaf and dumb, and other
infirmaries, penitentiary, lunatic asylum, proprie-
tory school, St. John's hosp. (822/.) found. 1239
as an austin friary, and including the free gram,
school (of which Lempriere was master) with 15
exhibitions attached, and Crossing's boys' blue coat
school, lepers' now Magdalene hosp. older than
1150, Maynard's blue maids' hosp. (10GZ.),
many almshouses, as Wynard's hosp. or God's
house belonging to the Kennaways, Atwill's
(334/.), Flaye's (103/.), Hurst's (93/.), Grendon's
or Ten Cefls (53/.), Davye's (33Z.), Palmer's,
Steven's or St. Catherine's, St. Anne's, Lant's,
Lethbridge's, Spearman's, Bp. Blackall's epis-
copal school (394/.), other schools, and the poor
house b. 1701 ; assd. taxes 22,497/. ; poor r. 8275/.
on 119.109/. ; real prop. 182,377/. of which 9075/.
on canal ; charities 4376/., of which various parish
lands 378/., workhouse lands 20 11. Livings (the
first 14 being within the walls, the next 2 partly
so, and all Rects.) are: Allhallows Goldsmith
(Ex.) val. 66/., Allhallows on the Walls 18/.,
ch. lately built, St. Kerrian with St. Petrock
138?., St. Martin's 77/., St. Pancras GO/., St.
Mary Major 150/., St. Paul 172/., patr. of all
Dean and Chap. ; St. John with St. George 212/.,
St. Lawrence 135/., St. Olave 81/., patr. of
all Ld. Chancellor; St. Mary Arches 1G2/.,
St. Stephen 85/., patr. Bishop ; St. Mary Steps
(church, with an old font) 179/., Rev. W. Car-
withen. Holy Trinity 111/., Dean and Chap. ;
without the walls, are : St. Edmund Red. 187/.,
G. Hyde, Esq. ; St. David, St. Sidwell, and St.
James, Curs., 130/., 252/., and /., Vicar of Hea-
vitree ; Bedford Chapel (on site of a friary) Cur.
136/., Trustees; St. Leonard Reel. 2GO/., S. Wills,
Esq. ; St. Thomas Vic. and Oldridge Cur. 2371.
and 60/., J. W. Buller, Esq. St. Peter's cathedral
now 408 ft. by 76, and 69 high, was first b. on
site of the old saxon church or abbey, in norman
style by Bp. Warlewast, who finished the choir
and a transept tower (145 ft.) ; the other (or N.)
tower, of the same style but different design, being
Bp. Grandison's, who placed the Peter bell here
of 12,500108. weight. After Stephen's siege Bp.
(Juivil 1281-6 began to rebuild the whole, except
the towers, in eng. style, the choir being finished
1318 by Bp. Stapledon ; part of nave 1327 by
Bp. Graiulison, who put up the fine screen on W.
front (lately restored) with its many niched
figures of evangelists, kings, etc. ; rest of the nave
by Bp. Lacey 1420. It is of Devon and Purbeck
stone, including 10 chapels, many stained win-
dows, every opposite pair having different
tracery from the rest, and the W. window (37 ft.
by 27) being full of figures, arms, etc., Bp.'s
throne of carved wood 52 ft. high (1470), stalls,
screen, minstrel's gallery in the nave, a fine old
organ, good stone roof, mons. of Hump. Bohun,
the Courtenays (one a canopied brass 1455),



Stapledon s, Bp. Stafford in Magdalen chapel
(1419), Bp. Bronescombe or Brownscombe in
Gabriel ch. (1280), Gen. Simcoe by Flaxman,
Northcote by Chantrey, etc., brass of a priest
(1413), flying buttresses with pinnacles, etc.,
chapter-house or library (part early eng.), with the
original Exon Domesd'ay book, also K. Stephen's
norman charter (1136) of 19 lines, on a parch-
ment 10J in. by 4A, with part of the seal attached,
bp.'s palace, and the deanery on site of a nunnery.
Bald. <le Rivers founded before 1146 a small priory
cell to St. Peter de Fulgeriis ; St. Burden's her-
mitage was here 1164, a grey friary 1240, black
1244-57. Parts of the walls which were \ m. by
still remain, with very fine views from them,
and from the castle (the norman gate is left)
which was a seat of the W. Saxon kings and
had a small chapel founded by Eliz. de Fortibus.
Roman household gods, urns, coins, etc., were
found 1778 ; traces of camps are visible, and ways
went to Totness, Stratton, Molland, and Collump-
ton (the Port- way). On St. Nicholas's day the
Boy Bishop was elected. Ed. I. was here" 1285
and '97 ; Black Prince 1371, Hen. VI. 1451 ;
Rich. III. 1483 ; Princess Catherine on her way
to be married to Hen. VIII. 1501 ; Ch. II. 1670 ;
Geo. III. 1789. Col. Penruddock was beheaded by
Cromwell at the castle ; and 1588 a jail fever car
ried off the judge, 8 justices, 11 jurors, and others.
Among the natives are : Card. Langton (d. 1228) ;
Abps. Iscanus (13th cent.), and Baldwin (d. 1190
in Palestine) ; Bps. Iscanus (a scholar, d. 1185),
Blondy, Bridgeman (d. 1649), Brownscombe;
J. Hooker (uncle to Richard, who was born at
Heavitree), and Barkham, antiquaries ; Sir W.
Petre (b. 1505), Sir T. Bodley (1544-1612) founder
of the library, Ld. Chan. King (1669-1734),
and Ld. Gifford (1779-1829) ; Merivale the scholar
(1779-1844) ; Acland, Foster, Hakewell, Hallet,
Dr.Hawker (b.1753), Manduit, Z.Mudge (d.1769),
Tapper, Trope, and S.Walker, divines ; Sir S. Bas-
kerville, physician ; Lock (Ch. H.), and Jackson,
(b. 1730), musicians ; Cardmaker, a martyr (1555) ;
D'Urfey the wit (d. 1723) ; Hopkins and Yalden
(1671-1736) poets; Billiard, Q.Elizabeth's lim-
ner, and Hudson who was Reynolds' master;
G. Walker, defender of Londonderry (killed 1690
at the Boyne), and R. Walker who wrote ' Suf-
ferings of Clergv ;' Ch. baron Peryam and Shower
a lawyer, Ockley a scholar, and Brice a topo-
grapher ; Secretary Morice, and Joanna South-
cote (d. 1 8 1 4). It publishes the ' Ex. Flying Post,'
' E. and Plymouth Gazette,' ' Western Luminary,*
' Western Times,' and ' Devonsh. Chronicle,' news-
papers ; has fine views from Northernhay, Friar's
Walk, Pensylvania hill, etc. ; and gives title of
marq. to the Cecils. A canal 5 m. long begun
1544 and finished 1827, is cut to Topsham quay,
and 400-ton ships can now come up. In 1846,
178 sail of 16,895 tons (52 being under 50 1. each,
and 16 built abroad), and 1 steamer of 17 t. be-
longed to the port, which extends to Passage way,
Exmo', and has Seaton, Teignmo', Topsham, for
sub-ports; and the tonnage Inwards and Out-
wards, including repeated voyages, was ' coastwise'
988 sail of 74,567, and 686 of 41,465 t. (besides
43 steamers of 4638, and 41 of 4223 t.), to and
from 'colonies' 61 of 5310 and 34 of 4091 t.,
from and to ' foreign ports ' 74 of 7245 and 18 of
2158 t. (besides 8 foreigners of 1024 and 5 of
685 t.) ; total customs 97,71 6/., the trade being
in woollens, wine, hemp, tallow, manganese, etc.
Ex. and Crediton rail, of 5$ m. on broad gauge
in a line with the Taw vale, joins the Brist. and
Ex. at Cowley meadows, but is not used ; capital
93,333/., expend. 70.000/. Ex. and Exmouth of



101 m . w ;n go by Topsham ; cap. 160,0007., reed.
17,1677., expend. 9132/. Ex. Yeovil and Dorches-
ter, is to go to Salisbury, and will be 69^ m. long,
including branches. The Brist. and Ex. rail, of
86 m., including branches, supplies Somerset, and
Devon., was made 1836-44 on broad gauge by
Brunei, and goes from Bristol, to Nailsea 8 m.
(i.e. from Bristol, 126 from London), Yatton 11^
(branch to Clevedon 4), Banwell 15 (branch to
Weston Super Mare 4^), Highbridge 26^, Bridg-
water 33, Taunton 44, Wellington 51J, Beam Br.
53J (near White Ball tunnel, 3300 ft.), Tiverton
road 60 (branch to town 5), Cullompton 62J,
Hele 66J, Cowley meadows, Exeter 75i ; cost of
main line, which has 81 embankments and cut-
tings, and 127 bridges, 23,6767. per mile ; total
cap. 3,879,600/., expend. 2,930,0007. E. DIOCESE,
composed of the old sees of Crediton and St. Ger-
mains, united under Leofric 1049, extends over
Devon and Cornwall, including the archdeaconries
of Exeter, Barnstaple, Totness, and Cornwall, or
23 deaneries and 588 benefices; Bp.'s income
27007., with pair, of 42 livings. Among the pre-
lates were M. Coverdale, Hall, S. Yv'ard, Trelaw-
ney (one of the Seven), Blackburn. The chap-
ter includes a dean, chancellor, 4 archdeacons,
subdean, precentor, 7 canons, 17 prebendaries,
4 priest vicars, with patr. of 54 livings. Exet.
P. L. Union, contains the city as above. Sup.
Registry comprises the same ; pop. 31,312 + 302,
births (1845) 801 (367 being females and 42
illegit.), deaths 736, marriages 541, of which
237 persons signed with marks : 35 deaths from
cholera in 1849. The New County Court dist.
includes the Registry with that of St. Thomas.
The Excise district takes in Exeter, Bradninch,
Bampton, Tiverton, Silverton, Honiton, Axmin-
ster, Colyton, Ottery, Crediton, Bow, Okehamp-
ton, Chagford, Moreton, Chudleigh, Topsham ;
and in 1835 had 59 officers, and collected 79,6147,
(each collector's round being 170 m.), of which
34,9657. was on malt, 30,0927. on paper, 954 U. on
licences, 24327. on auctions, 17517. on bricks,
and the total no. of traders (4154) included 1629
in tobacco, 830 in wine and spirits, 772 in tea,
813 brewers and maltsters, 16 paper makers.
Mkt. D. Tuesd. Frid. Fairs, 3rd Wed. Feb. and
May, last Wed. July, 2nd Wed. Dec. Races, on
Hafdon Hill, July, old course being an oval of
2 m., new co. a circle of 1 m.

EXFORD par. (20) Carhampton hund. W. So-
merset. 7 m. N W. of Dulverton-165, on R. Exe.
Acres 6310, part waste ; pop. 473 + 3 ; poor r. 2177.
(Dulver. U.) ; real prop./.; charities 217. St.
M. Magdalen Re.ct. (Ba. and W.) val. 2807., patr.
Peterhouse, Camb. Barrows and remains of old
ironworks are seen.

EXHALL par. (54) Barlich way hund. S W. War-
wick. 2 m. SE. of Alcester-103, containing Little
Britain and Grafton, is Shakspeare's " Dudging
Exhall." Acres 780 ; pop. 207 ; poor r. 377. (Al-
cest. U.) ; real prop. 13597. ; charities 207., of
which 77. to Bentley's school. St. Giles Rect.
(Wore.) val. with Wixford 4097., patr. Ld.
Chancellor. &T EXHALL par. (63) County of
Coventry city, ff. Warwick. 4 m. N. of Coventry
-91, on Beach B"rook, near the canal, has a work-
house. Acres 1750 ; pop. 936 + 9, weavers ; poor
r. 3367. (Foleshill U.) ; real prop. 47577. St. Giles
Vic. (Wore.) val. 1437., patr. Mrs. Knightley.
E. Hall, J m. NE.

EXLEY-GATE hmlt. (88) Denby tnshp. W. R.
York. 3 m. NNW. of Peniston-175. gg" E. HEAD
hmlt. ( ) Keighley par. W. R. York, near Keigh-

EXMINSTER HUNDRED (22) E. Devon, contains


the pars, of Ashcombe rect., Ashton, Bishops-
teignton vie., Chudleigh p., Dawlish v., Doddis-
combsleigh, Dunchideock r., Exminster ., ]de
cur., Kenn r., Kenton v., Mamhead r., Powder-
ham r., St. George Shillingford r., East and West
Teignmouth cs., and Trusliam r. ; acres 43,740,
pop. 18,412, houses 3609. See KEXXE DEANERY.

P. EXMIXSTER par. in the above hund. 1m.
W. of Topsham-170, a pleasant spot, on R. Exe
and S. Devon, rail., was a seat of the Courtenays
of Powderham, where the abp. was born (d. 1396").
Acres 4040; pop. 1177 + 6; poor r. 6087. (St.
Thomas U.) ; real prop. 10,0327. ; charities 427.,
of which 157. to school. St. Martin Vic. (Exet.)
val. 2537., patr. Govs. of Crediton Ch. Corp. Trust.

EXMOOR FOREST ext par. (20, 27) Williton
hund. borders of Somerset, and. Duron. 12m. NW.
of Dulverton-165, on Rs. Exe and Barle, was a
seat of the Druids. Acres 19,270, old red sand-
stone, wild and uncultivated, but partly enclosed,
with many plants, and remains of barrows and
earthworks ; pop. 163 ; real prop. 30747. Hardy
horses and sheep are bred, and the red deer found.
Dunkerry beacon, near it, is 1770 ft high.

P. EXMOUTH town (22) Littleham and Withy-
combe-Rawleigh Devon. 4m. SSE. of Tops-
ham-170, at the mouth of R. Exe, near S. Devon,
rail., a coast -gd. station, sub-port to Exeter, and
bathing place under the cliffs (where Sueno the
Dane landed 1003), sent members to parl. of 14-5
Edw. III., and 10 ships to siege of Calais 1347, and
was taken from the royalists 1646. Pop. 4356
+ 117, fishermen, some lace-makers ; houses 892,
with Louisa and Trefusis terraces (commanding
fine views) at New Town, chapels, new mkt. ho.,
baths, libraries, assemblj' rooms, sea wall and pro-
menade of 1800 ft., Beacon hill grounds ; real prop.
7.; charities (see LITTLEHAM). St. Margaret
Cur. with Littleham ; church, b. 1825 by Lady
Rolle, who has the manor. Chapel Hill, Star Cross,
have fine prospects of Powderham Castle, the sea,
etc. E. House, W. Notion, Esq. The pole, or bar,
with only 6 to 8 ft. water on it and a narrow en-
trance, and the warren, choke the river, outside
which is anchorage in 6 fath., inside in the bight
only 10 to 12 ft. Gives title of visct. to the Pel-
lews. Fairs, 25 Apr. 28 Oct.

P. EXNIXG, or IXNIXG, par. (51) Lackford
hund. Suffolk, locally in Cambridge. 2 m. NW. of
Newmarket-61, near Icknield St., was the birth-
place of St. Etheldred (founder of Ely abbey),
and the seat of the Shepherds, and has Newmkt.
Union p. house. Acres 5710; pop. 1259 + 34,
poor r. 6357. (Newmkt. U.) ; real prop. 79267. ;
charities 1577., of which Shepherd's for poor 847.,
church lands 667. St. Martin Vic. (Ely) val. with
Land wade 31 17., patr. Dean and Chap" of Canter-
bury; church, has arms and traces of brasses.
E. "Lodge, E. Martin, Esq.

P. EXTOX par. (11) Upper Meon-Stoke hund.
Mid. Hants. 4m. NE. of Bishops Waltham-65.
Acres 22 10; pop. 282; poor r. 2347. (Droxford
U.) ; real prop. 22557. Living, a Rect. (Win.)
val. 3317., patr. Bishop.

P, EXTON par. (64) Alstoe hund. N. Rutland.
5 m. ENE. of Oakham-95, on a branch of R.
Gwash, -wasExentune of the Confessor's time, and
came to David earl of Huntingdon, and the
Braces, then through the Culpepers and Har-
ringtons to the Noels. Acres with Horn 4860 ;
pop. 881 + 13; poor r. 3757. (Oakh. U.) ; real
prop. 58427. ; charities 427., besides a share of
Foster's for school. St. Peter and Paul Vic. (Pet.)
val. 3257., patr. Earl of Gainsboro' of E. Park ;
church, pointed style, with many effigies, ban-
ners, arms, and tombs of the Harringtons and


Noels, some by Nollekens and Gibbons. The
elizabethan Hall, partly burnt 1810, has many
paintings, portraits, etc. iji?" EXTON par. (20)
Williton hund. W. Somerset. 4 m. NNE. of Dul-
verton-165, on R. Exe. Acres 3870 ; pop. 380,
decreasing; poor r. 1097. (Dulver.U.) ; real prop.
24367. ; charities 17. St Peter Rect. (Ba. and W.)
val. 291/., patr. J. Evered, Esq.

EXTVVISTLK tnshp. ( ) Whalley par. E. Lan-
cash. 3m. ENE. of Bumley-211, under Bouls-
worth Hill, is joined to BRIKRCLIFFE.

P. EYAM par. (81) High Peakehund. N. Derby.
5 m. N. of Bakewell-153, at the top of E. Dale, near
II. Denvent, containing WOODLAXD-E. tnshp.
(pop. 226) and Foolow in the Moors, is memorable
for the devoted conduct of its rector Monpesson in
the plague of 1666, which, being brought from
London in a box of clothes, carried off 259 persons,
including his wife, and which his exertions pre-
vented going further N. Acres 5030, with lead
mines, in which the earthquake of Lisbon was
felt 1755, also barytes, calamine, spars; pop.
1426 + 5, of town 951 + 4 ; poor r. 262/. (Bakew.
U.) ; real prop. 3837/. ; charities 137. St. Helen
Rect. (Lich.) val. 226/., patr. Dukes of Devonshire
and Buckingham and Earl of Thanet; church,
has an old saxon cross, and was shut up in the
plague by Monpesson, who preached at ' Cucklett
church ' rock. Six out of eight in one family are
buried at Riley gravestone. Miss Seward was
born at the rectory (1747-1809). Near it, is
an old mill which belonged to Highlow Hall, a seat
of the Eyres, who came in at the Conquest.

EYARTH. See EUARTH, Denbigh.

Eybury in St. George's Hanover Sq. London, was
Eta of ' Domesdv.' belonging to Geof. de Mande-
ville now to Marq. of Westminster.

P. EYDON par. (53) Chipping Warden hund.
SW. Northmptn. 9 m. NNW. of Brackley-63.
Acres 1620 ; pop. 647 + 1 ; poor r. 2927. (Brack.
U.) ; real prop. 37341. St. Nicholas Rect. (Pet.)
val. 4777., patr. Lord Chancellor. E. Lodge, Rev.
F. Annesley.

EYE par. (56) Wolphy hund. N. Hereford. 4 m.
N. of Leominster-137, near the canal, contains
Luston and Moreton. Acres 4530, with hops;
pop. 739 + 2 ; poor r. 787. (Leomin. U.) ; real prop.
3095/. ; charities 197. St. Peter Vic. (Heref.) val.
317/., patr. Lord Chancellor. (gT EYE par. (64)
Peterboro' hund. NE. Northmptn. 3 m. NE. of
Peterboro'-81, near Cats Water. Acres 2670, part
common ; pop. 1359 + 22 ; poor r. 403/. (Peterb.
U.); real prop. 609 U. St. Matthew Cur. (Pet.)
val. 1617., patr. Bishop. Eyelury, 1 m. S. igT EYE
lib. (13) with Dunston, Sonning par. S E.Oxford.
4 m. S. of Henley-on-Thames-35, on R. Thames.
Acres 2550 ; pop. 868 ; poor r. 5627. (Henley U.) ;
real prop. 50757.

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