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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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# P. M. EYE par. (50) Hartismere hund. N.Suf-
folk, 19m. N. of Ipswich, 89 from London, near E.
Union rail., a petty sessions town, on a branch of
R. Wavency, was Eay (i. e. island) of the Saxons,
and given by the Conqueror to Robt. Malet, who b.
the castle, and found, a benedictine cell to Bernay
abbey, which was granted to the Suffolk family ;
returns one member to parl. under the Reform bill
(instead of 2 from Eliz.), the bounds including
the old boro', with Braisworth, Broome, Denham,
Hoxne, Oakley, Occold, Redlingfield, Thrandis-
ton, ThorndonJ Yaxley pars., no. of electors 325
(of 101. houses 1439), and chief interest with the
Kerrisons ; and is governed under the new act by
a mayor, 4 aid., 12 council., with the style of
" bailiff, burgesses, and commonalty of town and
burgh of E." and revenue of 3257. chiefly from
rents. Acres, of new boro' 19,350, of par. 2370 (or



42 1 1) ; pop. of boro' 7347, of par. 2493 + 18, some
lace-makers ; houses 467, many thatch'd, with 2
chapels town-hall, house of industry and gaol, 2
banks, savings bk. (28,5457. from 11 80 depositors),
gram. sch. (407.) with 2 exhibitions atCamb., Be-
dingfield's almsh. (227.), and Hartismere Union p.
house ; poor r. 1308J. on 79457. (Hartismere U.) ;
real prop. 10,655/. ; charities 451/., of which town
lands 3287. St. Peter and Paul Vie. (Norw.) val.
3317., patr. Gen. Sir E. Kerrison, Bt. of Oakley
Park, who has the manor, which belonged to
Marq. Cornwallis, who takes from it title of baron.
E. Park, seat of . Leland saw, at the priory, of
which there are traces, the Red Book, or St. Fe-
lix's copy of the Gospels in great Lombard let-
ters. Gold coins of Honorius, etc. and remains of
anchors and tackle (it is said) have been found.
For P. L. Union, see HARTISMERE. The Sup.
Registry, along with parts of Diss and Stradbroke
subdistricts, constitutes the Eye New County
Court. Mht D. Tu. Sat. Fairs, Whit. Mon. pigs ;
22 July, lambs, etc.

Eye Farm (61) 3 m. NNW. of Much Wenlock,
Mid. Salop, on R. Severn, ijip E.-Kettleby (64)
1 m. SW. of Melton Mowbray, NE. Leicester.
1^ E. Loch, above Fearn, E. Ross, is 2J m. by A,
and flows down by E. Water, 5 m. S. to Cromarty
frith, gif E. River, rises near Cockburnspath
.2V. Berwick, in Lammermuir, and runs 18 m. E.
to the sea at Eyemouth, as under. It has large
trout, and some fine scenery.

EyecUff (49) near South wold, E.Suffolk, has a
danish camp.

EYEMORE hmlt. ( ) Kidderminster Foreign,
N. Worcest. near Kidderminster-126.

P. EYEMOUTH par. 2J m. N. of Ayton-50,
NE. Berwick., a burgh of barony under the
Homes, and sub-port to Leith on the coast and
Eye river, as above, belonged to Coldingham
priory, and after the Union was a great smuggling
place. Size 1 m. square, cultivated, with
granite or puddingstone, and a whinstone coast ;
pop. 1401 + 22, in the corn trade, and a good
herring fishery, etc. ; real prop. 32097. ; for poor
4067. Living (presb. Chirnside) val. 1317., patr.
Crown. Near the small pier harb. made 1 770 by
Smeaton, are remains of a fort begun by the pro-
tector Somerset, and b. by the french engineers of
the regent Q. Mary's time. Logan of Restalrig had
a house here. "I stood on Eyemouth fort," etc.

EYERIES vil. (101) Bear bar. SW. Cork. 3m.
NW. of Bearhaven-223. Pop. 222.

EYEWORTH LODGE ext. par. (15) Fritham
hmlt. W. Hants. 5 m. E. of Fordingbridge, is a
meet for the New Forest hounds.

EYFORD par. (44) Upper Slaughter hund. NE.
Gloucester. 3 m. SW. of Stow-on-the-Wold-82.
Acres 1380 ; pop. 83 + 3 ; poor r. 527. (Stow U.) ;
real prop. 14217. No church. E. Hall, V. Dol-
phin, Esq.

EYHORNE HUNDRED (6) Aylesford lathe, Mid.
Kent, contains the pars, of Bearstead vie., Bicknor,
Boughton - Malherb, Boughton - Monchelsea .,
Bredhurst cur., Broomfield c., Chart v., Frinstead
rect., Harrietsham r., Headcorn, Hollingbourn v.,
Hucking c., Langley r., Leeds c., Lenham .,
Otham r., Otterden, Stockbury, East Suttoh c.,
Valence-Sutton, Thornham r., Ulcomber., Witch-
ling, and Wormshillr. ; acres 52,270, pop. 14,279,
houses 2566. See SUTTON DEANERY.

P. EYKE par. (50) Loes hund. SE. Suffolk,
3 m. NE. of Woodbridge-77, near R. Deben.
Acres 2970 ; pop. 502 + 2 ; poor r. 2407. (Plomes-
gate U.) ; real prop. 25777. ; charities 447. All
Bnints Rect. (Norw.^ val. 5007., patr. Earl of
Stradbroke j church, has a brass (about 1430).




Eynart Loch, E. side (if S. Uist, Western Ishh.,
runs up 5 m. N W. from the sea, aud cuts the isld.
nearly in two.

EYNESBURY par. (52) Toseland hund. S. Hunts.
^ m. S. of St. Neot's-56, near R. Ouse, contains
Weald. Acres 1750 ; pop. 1003 + 5 ; poor r. 6307.
(St. Neot's U.) ; real prop. 54157. St. Mary Rect.
(Ely) val. 4291., patr. Earl of Sandwich, who has
the manor.

EYNESFORD par. (6) Axton hund. Sntton-at-
Hone lathe, NE. Kent, 5 m. SSW. of Dartford-15,
on R. Darent, containing Crockenhill, has the
keep, etc. of an old moated castle of the De Ains-
fords. Acres 3640; pop. 1313+4; poor r. 5947.
(Dartf. U.) ; real prop. 51557. ; charities 487. St.
Martin Vic. (Cant.) val. 410/., patr. Rector,
and a Sin. Rect. val. 1 507., Archbp. ; church, nor-
man, with a curious doorway.

EYNESFORD HUNDRED (66-68) N. Norfolk, con-
tains the pars, of Alderford rect., Bawdeswell r.,
Billingford r., Bintree r., Brandistone r., Bylaugh
cur., Elsing r., Foulsham r., Foxley r., Guest-
wick vie., Guist v., Hackford, Haveringland c.,
Hindolveston v., Kerdiston r., Lyng r., Morton c.,
Reepham r., Ringland v., Sail" r., Sparham r.,
Swannington r., Themelthorpe r., Thurning r.,
Twyford r., Weston-Longville r., Whitwell v.,
Great and Little Wilchingham r.,Wood-Dalling v.,
and Wood-Norton r.; acres 49,990, pop. 11,252,
houses 1376. See SPARHAM DEANERY.

Eynort Loch, SW. side of Skye, W. Argyll. 4 m.
long, near Cuchullin.

EYPE, HIGHER and LOWER (17) 1 m. SW. of
Bridport-135, S W.Dorset, near the harbour.

P. M. EYRECOURT vil. (108) Longford bar.
SE. Galway, 40m. E. of Galway, 101 from Dub-
lin, a sessions and police town. Pop. 1419, de-
creasing ; houses 272, with Dononaughta par.
church, court-house, gaol, dispensary. E. Castle,
J. Eyre, Esq., who has the manor. Mkt. D. .
Fairs, Mon. after Easter Mon., 9 July, 8 Sept.
20 Dec.

Eyreville (99) 4 m. NW. of Eyrecourt, SE.
Galway, T. S. Eyre, Esq.

P. EYTHORN par. (3) Eastry hund. St. Augus-
tine lathe, NE, Kent, 6m. NNW. of Dover-71,
in a pleasant spot, has some barrows. Acres 1430 ;
pop. 423 ; poor r. 174/. (Eastry U.) ; real prop.
25177.; charities 111. St. Peter and Paul Rect.
(Cant.) val. 4007., patr. Earl of Guildford, and T.
Papillon, Esq., of Acrise. E. House, Fector,

Eythorp (46) 3 m. W. of Aylesbury, Mid.
Bucks, in ruins, was the seat of the Dormers, Earls

EYTON tnshp. (73) Bangor par. E. Denbigh.

5 m. SE. of Wrexham-179. Pop. 261 ; poor r.
957. (Wrexh. U.) ; real prop. 2561/. E. Park, .
lgl EYTON par. (55) Wolphy hund. N. Hereford,
2 m. NW. of Leominster-137, near R. Lug. Acres
850, with hops ; pop. 149 ; poor r. 447. (Leomin.
U.) ; real prop. 20957. All Saints Cur. (Heref.)
val. 80Z., patr. Govs. of Lucton school, i^" EY-
TON tnshp. (60) Alberbury par. W. Salop, 7 m.
WNW. of Shrewsbury-153, near R. Severn.
63T EYTON tnshp. (73) Baschurch par. N. Salop,

6 m. SW. of Wem-163. Pop. 56. $&" EYTON
tnshp. (60) with Plowden, N. Lydbury par. S W.
Salop, 3 m. ENE. of Bishops-Castle-159. Pop.
59. iJaT EYTON tnshp. (61) Wroxeter par. Mid.
Salop, 5 m. NW. of Much-Wenlock- 148, near R.

Bradford hund. E. Salop, 2 m. N. of Wellington
-142, on Shrewsbury canal. Acres 1420 ; pop.
389 + 4 ; poor r. 75/~. (Wellingt. U.) ; real prop.


21387. All Saints Rect. with Wellington. Lord
Herbert of Chirbury was a native (1581-1648).

Eywood (56) 2 m. NE. of Kington, NW. Here-
ford, seat of Earl of Oxford.

EYWORTH par. (46) Biggleswade hund. E.
\ Beds. 4 m. E. of Biggleswade-45. Acres 1370 ;
pop. 128 ; poor r. 537. (Biggies. U.) ; real prop.
14447. ; charities, poor's land, 177. Living, a Vic.
(Ely) val. 967., patr. Lord Ongley; church, has
brass of R. Gadbury (1624).


Faccary Lodge (35) 5 m. NE. of Omagh, Mid.
Tyrone, Sir B. B. Mahon, Bt. F. House, F. Ellis,

FACCOMBE par. (12) Lower Pastrow hund.
NW. Hants. 8 m. NNE. of Andover-63, on Wans-
dyke. Acres 3170 ; pop. 276; poor r. 3277. (An-
dov. U.); real prop. 17597. St. Michael Rect.
(Win.) val. with Tangley 6957., patr. Rev.

FACEBY chplry. ( ) Whorlton par. N. R. York.

3 m. SW. of Stokesley-238. Acres 1370; pop.
145 ; poor r. 377. (Stokesley U.) ; real prop.
11527.; charities 57. Living, a Cur. (Yk.) val.
527., patr. G. W. Sutton, Esq. F. Hall, J. Favell,

FACH hmlt. (57) Llanarth par. W. Cardigan.

4 m. SSW. of Aberaeron-192. Pop. 189.
FACHWEN tnshp. (60) Llanfihangel par. N.

Montgomery. 5 m. SW. of Llanfyllin-179. Pop.

FACTORY vil. (25) Skreen bar. Mid. Meath,
near Navan-29. Pop. 271.

Fad Loch, H m. S. of Rothesay, Mid. Bute,
2 m. long, and had a seat of Kean the tragedian.

FADOILY tnshp. (73) Acton par. S. Cheshire,
4 m. W. of Nantwich-164. Acres 1100; pop.
320 + 1; poor r. 867. (Nantw. U.); real prop.
18627. Woodhey, R. Poole, Esq.

FADMOOR tnshp. ( ) Kirkby Moorside par.
-2V. R. York. 4 m. NE. of Helmsley-222. Acres
2010; pop. 176 + 2; poor r. 477. (Helms. U.);
real prop. 8567.

FAENOL tnshp. (79) St. Asaph par. NW. Flint.
near St. Asaph-208. Pop. 209 ; real prop. 50427.
igP FAENOL, or VAISOL, tnshp. (59) Towyn
par. SW. Merioneth, contains Towyn-217, on the
coast. Pop. 810; real prop. 26377."

FAERDREF tnshp. (74) Llandrillo par. NE. Me-
rioneth. 5 m. SSW. of Corwan-194. Pop. 217;
real prop. 9797.

FAGAN, ST., par. (36) Dinas Powis hund. SE.
Glamorgan. 4 m. W. of Cardiff-160, on R. Ely,
where Col. Horton defeated Stradling 1648. Pop.
424; poor r. 2237. (Card. U.) ; real prop. 20517. ;
charities 37. Living, a Rect. (Llan.) val. with
Llanilterne 4177., patr. Earl Amherst, who has
the manor through the Lewises, whose old seat is
a farm.

Fagher (24) near Stradbally, Mid. Waterford,
Barron, Esq.

FAH A (12) near St. Patrick's Well, N. Lime-
rick, Tu thill, Esq.

P. FAHAN, LOWER, par. (20, etc.) Innishowen
bar. N. Donegal, contains Buncrana-157, on L.
Swilly. Acres 24,782, hilly (rising 2019 ft. at
Slieve Snaght), with building stone, lime, iron,
etc. ; pop. 5823 + 21. Living, a Cur. (Dy. R.) val.
2967., patr. Incumbent of Upper Fahan. "Buncrana
Castle, D. Todd, Esq., belonged to the O'Dohertys.
IgT F. UPPER par. (29, 38) Innishowen bar.
N. Donegal, 4 m. S. Buncrana-157, near the
above, on L. Swilly, had St. Columb's abbey of


Fochanmor, where Abbot Murus wrote his Life.
Acres 10,040, with building stone, slate, grit
(rising 1589 ft. at the scalp) ; pop. 2949, decreas-
ing. Living, a JRect. (Dy. R.) val. 336/., patr.
Bishop. Glengollan, C. Nonnan, Esq. ; /'. House,
Col. Jones.

FAHEERAN hmlt. ( ) Kilcoursey bar. .A 7 .
King's Co. 3 m. NW. of Clara-61.

FAHY par. (108, 118) Longford bar. SE. Gal-
way, 2 m. SW. of Eyrecourt-101, on R. Shannon.
Acres 3823 ; pop. 998, decreasing. Living, a Vic.
with Dononaughta.

FAIFLEY vil. W. Kilpatrick par. S. Dumbarton.
3 m. ESE. of Dumbarton-58. Pop. 321, colliers.

FAILAND tvthg. (35) Portbury par. NE. So-
merset. 4 m. \V. of Bristol-114. Pop. 35. F. House,
. l^F FAILAND tythg. Wraxall par. near the
above. Pop. 293.

FAILINGS hmlt, (89) Spotland tnshp. SE. Lan-
cash., 1 m. W. of Rochdale-198.

FAILSWORTH tnshp. (89) Manchester par. SE.
iMncash., 4 m. NE. of Manchester-183, near
Rochdale canal, on Lane, and Yksh. rail. Acres
1000 ; pop. 3879 + 21 ; poor r. 7197. (Manch. U.) ;
real prop. 9680/.. Living, a Cur. (Manch.), val.
2257,, patr. Crown and Bishop.

Faintree Hall (61) 4 m. SW. of Bridgnorth
-139, SE. Salop, W. Purton, Esq. ; a meet for
the Wheatland hounds ( ?).

Fair Head, or Benmore (5) between Ballycastle
and Marlough bays, N. Antrim, opposite Rath-
lin, rises 636 ft. above the sea, the base being
coal strata 300 ft. thick, overlaid with greenstone
in vast columns 20 to 30 ft. thick, and 280 to 300
ft. high, and commanding a noble view. The
Grey Man's path leads by a dark narrow chasm to
the shore, which is strewed with enormous blocks
of the cliff. |gg F. Isld. Dunrossness par. S. Shet-
land Islds., where the Duke de Medina Cceli,
leader of the Armada, was wrecked (at Stromceiler
creek) 1588, and once a separate par., is a solitary
spot, half way between the Orkneys and Shetld.
Islds. 25 m. SSW. of Fitful Head." Size 3 in. by
2, hilly pasture, rising 708 ft. at one part, with
high rocky cliffs (480 ft. at Sheep Craig) ; pop.
232, fishermen, etc. Hand-shaped sponges, called
' trowie gloves,' and copper ores, are found, and
woollen is spun, gif F. Lawn Park (6) 4 m.
ESE. of Sevenoaks, W. Kent, E. Yates, Esq., for-
merly the Vanes' seat, gg" F. MILE (8) near
Claremont, N. Surrey, and R. Mole. igT F.
STREET hmlt. (3) St. Peter's par. NE. Kent, 2 m.
N. of Ramsgate-73.

Fairay. See FARA, Orkney lalds.

Fairburn ( ) near Rosstrevor, SW. Down,
W. D. Hall, Esq. ^ Fairburn, 6 m. SW. of
Dingwall, S. Ross. H. Fowler, Esq. <SiP FAIR-
BURN tnshp. (87) Ledsham par. W.R. York. 4m.
NE. of Pontefract-177, on N. Midld. rail., and R.
Aire. Acres 1440, with limeworks; pop. 523
+ 6; poor r. 1407. (Gt. Preston Incorp.); real
prop. 29827. Living, a Cur. with Ledsham.

Fairchild House (6) 5 m. SE. of Croydon, E.

Faircroft Hall (46) 4 m. NE. of Stevenage,
N. Herts.

FAIRCROSS HUNDRED (12-3) SW. Berks, con-
tains the pars, of Beedon vie., Boxford rect., Bright
Walton r., Brimpton v., Chieveley v., Frilsham r.,
Hampstead-Norris v., Newbury r., Peasemore r.,
Shaw r., Speen ., Stanford-Dingley r., Wasing r.,
Welford r., Yatterdon r., and part of Thatcham v.
Acres, exclusive of Newbury 49,070, pop. 12,405, j
houses 2607. See NEWBURY DEANERY.

FAIRDREF hmlt. (41) Llandyssil par. S. Car-
digan. 7 m. E. of Newcastle Emlyn-229. Pop. 356.



FAIREST vil. (81) Bradfield chplrv. W. R. York.
7m. NW. of Sheffield-162.

Fairfield, near Kilmarnock, N.Ayr. W.G. Camp-
bell, Esq. igJT Fairfield ( ) close to Biggleswade,
E. Beds. A. Gregory, Esq. igg" FAIRFIELD chplry.
(81) Hope par. NW. Derby. 1 m. NE. of Buxton
-160. Pop. 599 + 11 ; poor r. 627. (Chapel-le-Frith
U.) ; real prop. 43877. ; charities, Swan's school 39/.
St. Peter Don. Cur. (Lich.) val. 797., patr. Trus-
tees. I&5T FAIRFIELD (14-5) 1 m. NW. of Coo-
lock, E. Dublin, C. Roper, Esq. gif FAIKFIELD
(19) 6 m. NW. of Athleague, NE. Galway, Sir
T. J. Burke, Bt., M. P. ^" Fairfield (74) 1 m.
S. of Ahascragh, E. Galway, J. Kilby, Esq.
HiT Fairfield (87) near Aughrim, E. Galway,
Wade, Esq. g Fairfield (11) 4 m. WSW.
of Petersfield, E. Hants., W. Higgins, Esq.
Igtf FAIRFIELD par. (4) Aloesbridge hund. Shep-
way lathe, S. Kent, 6 m. WNW. of Romney-70,
near Military canal. Acres 1290 ; pop. 68 ; poor
r. 267. (Romney U.) ; real prop. 27387. St. Tho-
mas-a-Becket Cur. (Cant.) val. 571., patr. Earl of
Guildford. igf FAIRFIELD vil. (89) Droglsden
tnshp. SE. Lancash. 4 m. E. of Manchester-183,
on Mane, and Line, rail., is a Moravian settlement.
Pop. 900, cotton spinners. igp FAIRFIELD (20)
Stogursey par. Mid. Somerset. 7 m. NW. of Bridg-
water-139, seat of Sir P. P. F. P. Acland, Bt., for-
merly of the Vernais, is a meet for the W. Somerset
hounds, t^ Fairfield ( ) 4m. NNW. of Amble-
side,2V W. Westmrld, at Rydal head, is 2950 ft. high,
with a fine prospect of sea, lakes, and mountains.

P. Fairfield Hall (80) near Warrington, S.
Lancash., Mrs. Watt. fiT F. HEAD tnshp. (72)
Allstonefield par. NE. Stafford. 8 m. ESE. of
Leek- 154. Acres 4380 ; pop. 991 ; poor r. 4787.
( Leek U.) ; real prop. 40791. gig" F. MANOR
(54) Belbroughton par. N. Worcest. 3 m. N. of
Bromsgrove- 116.

P. M. FAIRFORD par. (34) Brightwells-Barrow
hund. E. Gloucest. 23 m. ESE. of Gloucester, 79
from London, at a ford on R. Colne, near Gt. West,
rail., belonged to Earl Bithric, was a crown manor
at 'Domesdy.' and came through the Clares,
Beauchamps, Nevilles, Tames and others, to the
Barkers. Acres 4220 ; pop. 1672 + 10, in the
cloth mills; houses 326, in one street, with 2
chapels, lunatic asylum, 2 bridges, Fanner's free
school (1267.); poor r. 615/. (Cirencester U.) ;
real prop. 8000/. ; charities 323/., of which Lady
Mice's for apprentices 69/. St. Mary Vic. (Gl.
and Br.) val. 4321., patr. Dean and Chap. ;
church, a good specimen of later eng. (b. by Jno.
Tame 1423-1500, etc.), has his brass, and a re-
markably fine series of painted windows, filled
with scripture subjects, figures of prophets, evan-
gelists, apostles, early fathers and roman empe-
rors, pronounced by Vandyke to be equal to
the best pencil, and ranking with those at
King's Col. Chap. Camb. Roman coins and urns
were found at F. fork, J. R. Barker, Esq., near
the old seat of Beauchamps. Gives title of visct.
to Marq. of Downshire. * F. DEANERY, archdy.
of Bristol, dioc. of Gloucest. and Brist, contains
the benefices marked in Brightwells Barrow
hund. with Down Ampney vie., Marston Meysey
cur., M. Hampton v., Sherborne v.

Fairgirth, 8 m. SE. of Castledouglas, SE. Kirk-
cudbt. near Solway Frith, Rev. J. Maitland.

FAIRHAUGH tnshp. ( ) Allenton par. N. Norih-
mbrld. 12 m. NW. of Roth bury -304, near Shill
Moor. Pop. 5.

FAIRIIILL vil. (27) Ross. bar. N. Galway, 8 m.
N. of Oughterard-151, between Loughs Corrib
and Mask, of which it has a fine view, (gf Fair-
hill (6) 4 m. SE. of Sevenoaks, W.Kent, T

TY 2




Jervis, Esq. rgST Fairhill (7) near Dundalk, N.
Louih, Mrs. Foster.

Fairholm, 3 m. SE. of Hamilton, Mid. Lanark.
on R. Avon, J. Hamilton, Esq. gST Fairholm
(94) 5 m. ESE. of Beverley, E. R. York.

Fairlee House (10) i m. NNE. of Newport, I. of
Wight, S. Hants, on R. Medina, R. Oglander, Esq.

FAIRLEY tnshp. (61) Pontesburv par. W. Sa-
lop, 1 m. SW. of Shrewsbury-153. "Pop. 19.

P. FAIRLIE q. s. par. in Largs par. NW. Ayr.

3 m. S. of Largs-78, on F. Hoods, opposite Cum-
brae Island, in Frith of Clyde. Pop. 521 + 10.
Living (presb. Greenock) val. /., patr. Man-
agers, etc. F. Hovse, Sir J. C. Fairlie, Bt., near
the old ruined castle, b. 1521 ; Kilburne Ho.,
Earl of Glasgow. F. Head, 4 m. SSW., has
Portincross cast, on it.

FAIRLIGHT par. (5) Guestling hund. Hastings
rape, E. Sussex, 2 m. ENE. of Hastings-64, a
coast-gd. station, on the coast under F. Down,
599 ft. high. Acres 2230 ; pop. 631 + 10 ; poor r.
3987. (Hast. U.); real prop. 3001Z. ; charities,
Bradshaw's, for medical advice for poor 10Z. St.
Andrew Vic. (Chic.) val. 502/., patr. B. Pearse,Esq.
F. Lodge, Dr. Batty; F. Place, J. Planta, Esq.

Fairlop Oak (1) in Hainault Forest, S W. Essex,

4 m. WNW. of Romford, blown down 1820, and
turned into the pulpit of St. Pancras, London, was
manv centuries old, 36 ft. girth, and covered a cir-
cuit of 300 ft. The Fair, held on first Frid. in July,
was established by Day, a blockmaker of Wapping,
who used to dine here annually with his friends
on beans and bacon, and is buried at Barking.

Fairmaid Lodge ( ) near ,J?ssex,W. Sotheby,

Fairnie Tower, at Monimail, Mid. Fife, was one
of Macduff's, with thick walls, etc.

Fairnieke, near Galashiels, N. Selkirk, in ruins,
near Yair, A. Pringle, Esq.


Fairoak Lodge (11) 4 m.W. of Bishop'sWaltham,
S. Hants.

FAIRSEAT hmlt. (6) Stanstead par. NW. Kent,
7 m. NE. of Sevenoaks-23.

FAIRSTED par. (47) Witham hund. Mid.Essex,
4 m. NW. of Witham-37. Acres 1590 ; pop. 306
+ 5, poor r.46Z. (Witham U.) ; real prop. 2592Z. St
Mary Rect. (Roch.) val. 424Z., patr. Bp. of London.

FAIRTHORN (11) 3 m. SSW. of Bishop's Walt-
ham, S. Hants, near S. West. rail.

P. Fairview ( ) near Dublin, E. Dublin.
giT Fairview (25) near Navan, Mid. Meath.

FAIRWATER hmlt. (36) Llandaff par. SE. Gla-
morgan, near Llandaff- 162. Pop. 53; real prop.
1005Z. (gP Fairwater (21 ) 1 m. NW. of Taunton,
Mid. Somerset.

FAIRWEATHER-GREEN hmlt. ( ) Allerton
tnshp. W. R. York. 3 m. NW. of Bradford-196.

FAIRWOOD. See VERWOOD, Dorset. ^"Fair-
wood (27) near Enniskillen, Mid. Fermanagh.

Fairy Banks, 40 m. E. of N. Foreland, or 6 m.
N. of Dunkirk, in the N. Sea, two shoals with 4
to 7 fath. on, and 15 to 20 off, first laid down by
Capt Hewitt, in HMS. Fairy. ^ F. Hill ( )
near Swansea, W. Glamorgan, i^p F. Hill (33)
near Mallow, N.Cork, under the Galtee Mountns.
^- F. Hill (10) 2 m. ESE. of Ryde, I. of Wight,
S. Hants. Mrs. Glynn. ^ F. Hill ( ) 2 m. W.
of Castletown, I. of Man, a cone-shaped barrow,
40 ft. high, 450 in circuit, with a ditch and traces
of a fort ; the Giant's Quoits are about 1 m. off.
^ F. Hill (8) 1 m. WNW. of Reigate, Mid.
Surrey, Mrs. Newton.

FAIRYCROSS hmlt. (26) Alwington par. NW.
Devon. 3 m. SW. of Bideford-201, near the Bay.

Fairyfield (48) near Kilmallock, S. Limerick.

FAIRYHALL vil. Kilpatrick Homing par. S.
Dumfries. 4 m. E. of Ecclesfechan-73. Pop. 114.

Fairyland (70) 2 m. W. of Macroom, W. Cork,
on R. Sullene, R. Warren, Esq.

FAITH, ST., par. (11) Upper Buddlesgate hund.
and Winchester city, Mid. Hants, near Winchester
-62, contains Bishop and W. Sparkford, and the
Hosp. of ST. CROSS, which see. Pop. 434 + 4;
poor r. 88Z. (New Winch. U.) ; real prop. I.
Living, see WINCHESTER.

FAITH, Norfolk.

FAITHLEG par. (10, 18) Gualtiere bar. E. Wa-
terfd. 4 m. E. of Waterford-96, near Cheek Pt.
(old) packet station, has a fine view from F. Hill,
of Rs. Suir and Barrow, and the mountns. Acres
1494, with stone and slate ; pop. 786 + 6. Living,
a Rect. with Kill, St. Nicholas ; church, a pretty
ruin. F. House, N. Power, Esq. M.P. near the
old seat of the Aylwards and Boltons. Fairs, 20
May, 20 June, 14 Aug. 10 Oct.

P. M. FAKENHAM-LAXCASTERpar. (68) Callow
hund. N. Norfolk, 24 m. NW. of Norwich, 109
from London (139 by E. Count, branch rail, which
ends here), on R. Wensum, a polling (for W.
Norfk.) and once a sessions town, belonging to
duchy of Lancaster. Acres 2360 ; pop. 2158 + 7 ;
houses 426, with 4 chapels, 2 banks, savings bk.
(29,106/. from 815 depositors), court house, and
Harrison's school (20/.); poor r. 1104/. on 8050/.
(Walsingham U.) ; real prop. 9796Z. ; charities 70Z.
St. Peter Rect. (Norw.) val. 862Z.. patr. Trinity
Coll. Camb. ; church, has a fine later eng. W.
doorway, brass of a priest, and 8-sided font. Mkt.
D. Th. Fairs, Whit. Tu. 22 Nov. cattle, etc.

FAKENHAM, LITTLE, hmlt. Euston par. near
Fakenham-Magna as below. St. Andrew Rect.
with Euston, no church. igT F. MAGNA par.
(50) Blackbourn hund. NW. Suffolk, 5 m. SSE.
of Thetford-80, on R. Brandon. Acres 1660,
woody ; pop. 213 + 1 ; poor r. 120Z. (ThetfordU.) ;
real prop. 1749Z. St. Peter Rect. (Ely) val. 280Z.,
patr. Duke of Grafton of Euston Hall, who has
the manor. Bloomfield's mother kept school here,
and the scenery is frequently painted in his
' Farmer's Boy.'

Fal River (31) runs into Falmouth bay, at
Falmouth, S W. Cornwall, the anct. Cenionis Ostia.

P. FALA par. 15 m. SE. of Edinbro', E. Edinb.,
including part of Faladam, under Lammermuir
Hills, is joined to Soutra and has at Soutra
Hill (1000 ft.) a ruined hospital, found. 1164,
with a fine view over the Forth, etc. Size 4 m.
by 3, flat, with hilly pasture, and peat at F.Muir ;
pop. 393, decreasing, of vil. 112; real prop.
2885Z. ; for poor 72Z. Living (presb. Dalkeith)
val. 169Z., patr. Town Council of Edinbro' and
Earl Stair, of Cousland. F. House, . The
Pringles, for centuries, held a grant of 4 acres for
sheltering Jas. V. on one occasion.

FALA HILL INN hmlt. vil. Heriot par. E. Edin-
bro', 4 m. SW. of the above, seat of Miss Tait ( ?).

FALADAM vil. Crichton and Fala pars. E.Edin-
bro 1 , 1 m. W. of Fala-15. Pop. 64.

P. FALCARRAGH vil. (24) Kilmacrenan bar. N.
Donegal, 7m. SW. of Dunfanaghy-170, on Bally-
ness Bay.

Falcon Lodge (62) 1 m. E. of Sutton Coldfield,
NW. Warwick.

Falconer's End (46) 5 m. NNW. of St. Alban's,
NW. Herts. ^ F. Hall (46) 2 m. E. of Luton,
S. Beds.

FALCUTT hmlt. (45) Wappenham par. SW.
Northmptn. 5 m. NNE. of Brackley-63. Pop. 82.

FALDIXGWORTH par. (83) Lawress wap. Mid.
Lincoln. 9 m. NE. of Lincoln-132. Acres 1820 ;


pop. 350 + G ; poor r. /. (Line. U.) ; real prop.
2o'J3/. ; charities, Lady Warwick's school, etc. G/.
All Saints Meet. (Line.) val. 33QL, patr. Earl

FALFIELD chplry. (35) Thornbury par. W.
Gloucest. 3 m. NE. of Thornbury-124. Pop. 424;
real prop. 2314/.

FALKEXHAM par. (48) Coiner's bund. SE.
Suffolk, 6 in. S. of Woodbridge-77, nearR. Deben.
Acres 1550 ; pop. 290 ; poor r. 328/. (Woodb. U.) ;

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