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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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(yr. 1846-7) 1672 (out-door 1561), expend. 5417/.,
prop, rated 35,7717. Sup. Registry comprises the
same ; pop. 15,460 + 391. The New County Court
district corresponds with the Registry and is held
at Portmadoc.

P. FETCHAM par. (8) Second Copthorne hund.
Mid. Surrey, 1 m. SW. of Leatherhead-18, near
R. Mole. Acres 1750; pop. 373; poor r. 16U
(Epsom U.); real prop. 34907.; charities 667.

Fethanieag of the Saxons, is FELTHERNE,

P. M. FETHARD, or F.-Trp, par. (70) Mid-
dlethird bar. S. Tippery. 8 m. N. of Clonmel, 103
from Dublin, in a rich plain on R. Glashall or
Glaisaluin, a petty sessions and police town, which
sent two members to parl. till the Union, had an
austin friary before 1306, given to the Butlers,
was walled 1306 by Edw. III., and taken 1650
by Cromwell ; and is governed under charter of
Jas. I. by a nominal sovereign, vice-sovereign,
burgesses, etc. with a revenue of 787. Acres
of liberties about 1800, of par. 1530, good, with
limestone ; pop. 4410 + 45, of town 3915 + 51,
in the corn and culm trade ; houses 372, with 3
chapels, friary, dispensary, barracks, pump on site
of the old cross, and most part of the old walls
with 4 gate towers. Living, a Rect. (Ca. E. W. L.)
with 6 others, val. 11897., patr. Bishop; church,
partly in ruins. An old fort stands at Caher-
dearg or Red city near Banetstown, and further,
is Knockelly with a fine view. Grove, W. Barton,
Esq. Mkt. D. Mon. Fairs, 20 Apr. Frid. before
Trinity Sund. 7 Sept. 21 Nov. cattle, etc.

P. FETHARD par. (45, 50) Shelburne bar. &
Wexfd. 2 m. SW. of Enniscorthy, 109 from Dub-
lin, a coast.-gd. station, bathing, and fishing place,
near Bagenbun Head and Tintern ab., was a
mkt town, chartered by Jas. I., also boro' return-
ing 2 members before the Union, and was given
by Strongbow (against whom some etymologists
say the people " Fought hard ") to Raymond le
Gros, whose castle became the seat of the Bps. of
Ferns till 1648. Acres 3930 ; pop. 2178 + 3, of
town 406 + 8, fishermen, etc. Living, a Rect. (Os.
F. L.) val. 2467., patr. Bishop. Fairs, 5, 6 Aug.
F. Castle, Marq. of Ely.

Fetherstone Lodge (131) near Woodford, S.

Fetlar Isld. Yell par. N. Shetland, 2 m. E. of
that isld., was a distinct par., and is 5 m. by 3,
hilly serpentine, with ironstone, asbestus, porce-
lain, clay, and Gruting and Tresta bays. Pop. 761.

FKTTERANGUS vil. near Old Deer-137, locally
in N. Aberdeen., in that par., belongs to Banff.

zz 2




Pop. 225, linen weavers. giT FETTERAN G us par.
joined to GASK, Perth.

P. FETTERCAIRN par. 16 m. SW. of Stone-
haven, W. Kincard. 82 from Edinbro', a burgh
of barony, at a pass (J~etter) near a large cairn, and
the N. Esk, with traces, at Balbegno, of a castle
where Fenella (994) murdered Kenneth III.
(whose castle was near Fordoun), by a brass figure
which shot arrows at him. Size 14,360, improved
and planted ; pop. 1790 + 16, of vil. 280 ; real
prop. 90467. ; for poor 39 IL Living (presb. For-
doun) val. 2327., patr. Crown. F. House, Sir J. S.
Forbes, Bt.

FETTERESSO par. on Es. Cowrie and Carron, E.
Kincardine, contains part of Stonehaven-94, with
Seatown and Muchals, on a rocky coast. Size
10 m. by 5, or 24,904 acres, with granite, moory,
but fertile by the streams ; pop. 5212 + 11 ; real
prop. 17,090/. ; for poor 10447. Living (presb.
Fordoun) val. 2547., patr. Crown. E. House, R.
Duff, Esq., formerly the Keith's seat ; Urie was the
Barclays'. Ree (or King's) Dyke, roman camp
of 21 acres, and tumuli, at Kempstane ; also re-
mains of druid circles, and of Macpendirus or Mal-
pedir, the Thane of Cowie's castle, with an old
chapel near it.

Feugh Water, rises in the Grampians, NW.
Kincardine, and runs 12 m. E. and N to R. Dye,
near Strachan, and thence to R. Dee , trout, etc.
are found.

Few Brook House (62) 5 m. SW. of Burton-on-
Trent, E. Staffd., near R. Trent.

FEWCOTT hmlt. (45) Stoke-Lyne par. N. Oxford.
4 m. NW. of Bicester-54. Pop. 220 + 2.

FEWS par. (14-5) Decies-without-Drum bar.
Mid. Waterford, 1 m. NW. of Kilmacthomas-112.
Acres 6817, mountainous, rising 1248 ft. ; pop.
1570 + 33. Living, a Vic. with Mothill.

FEWS (LOWER) BARONY (16-7, etc.) Mid. Ar-
magh, which belonged to the O'Nials, contains
part of the pars, of Kilclooney, Lisnadill, Lough-
gilly, and Mullaghbrack ; acres 29,758, an. val.
21,1857., pop. 41,607, houses 7689. F. (UPPER)
BARONY (24-5, etc.) S. Arm., contains the pars,
of Ballymire, Newtown-Hamilton, and part of
Creggan and Lisnadill ; acres 47,433, an. val.
21.346/., pop. 26,896, houses 5105.

FEWSTON par. ( ) Lower Claro wap. W. R.
York. 5 m. N. of Otley-205, on R. Washburn, in
Knaresboro' forest, contains Blubberhouses, Clif-
ton, Thurcross, Gt. Thimble, and West End cur.
Acres 16,660, of town 1760; pop. 2118 + 8, and
850 + 17, in the flax mills ; poor r. 3277. ; real
prop. 17947. ; charities 367. St. Mary Vic. (Rip.)
val. 1507., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

FFOREST hmlt. (41) Llan-y-Crwys par. .ZV.
Carmarthen. 10 m. NW. of Llandovery-191. Pop.

Ffos-y-Bleddiaid (57) near Croswood, NE.Car-
digan. on R. Ystwith, now a farm, was an old
seat of the Lloyds of Mabus.

Ffraw River (78) runs to Carnarvon bay, at
Aberffraw, S. Anghsea.

FFRITHOED tnshp. ( ) Gyffylliog par. Mid,
Denbigh. 5 m. W. of Ruthin-195. Pop. 87.

FFRYDD tnshp. (60) Berriew par. E. Montgo-
mery. 4 m. NW. of Montgomery-168. Pop. 236.

Ffynnonlle Frith (57) 8 m. SW. of Aberaeron,
W. Cardigan.

Fianstown Castle (17) 3 m. E. of Kells, N.
Meath, near the bridge on R. Owenroe, C. Bat-
tersby, Esq.

Fiddick Rivulet, rises under Coryhabbie hill,
Mid. Banff, and runs 14 m. NW. through Glen-
feddick forest to R. Spey, at the Boat of F. near

FIDDINGTON tythg. (44) with Natton, Ash-
church par. N. Gloucest. 2 m. SE. of Tewkesbury
-103, on Cheltenham and Birming. rail. Pop.
194; real prop. 17867. gif FIDUIXGTON par.
(20) Cannington hund. Mid. Somerset. 5 m.
WNW. of Bridgwater-139. Acres 1070 ; pop.
220 + 1 ; poor r. 447. (Bridg. U.) ; real prop. 9697. ;
charities 27. St. Martin Red. (Ba. and W.) val.
2007., patr. Rev. H. Rawlins, rector, i^p FID-
DINGTON tythg. (14) W. Lavington par. Mid.
Wilts. 5 m.*S. of Devizes-89. Pop. 41.

Fiddleford (18) 1 nx E. of Stunninster New-
town, N. Dorset.

Fiddler's Ferry (80) 4 m. WSW. of Warrington,
S. Lancash. on R. Mersey. giT F. Reach (1)
a bend of the Thames, 1 m. long, lying NE. and
SW., with Greenhithe and Broadness on the S.
side of Stoneness, and W. Thurrock on the N.
which is lined by the dangerous Black Shelf.

FIDDOWN par. (35, 39, 42) Knocktopher and
Iverk pars. SW. Kilkny. contains Piltown-108,
on Rs. Suir and Leccaun. Acres 11,109, fertile,
with lime and marble ; an. val. 81457. ; pop. 4519
+ 22, of vil. 280 + 9. Living, a Rect. (Os. F.
L.) with 3 others, val. 9157., patr. Bishop ; church,
on site of an old religious house, has tombs of the
Ponsonbys of Besborough. Belline, J. Blacket,
Esq. Fairs, 25 Apr. 10 June, 29 Sept. 30 Nov.

Fiddrie, or Fidra, Isld., Frith of Forth, N.
Haddington, 5 m. \V. of the Bass rock, a pretty
spot, belonging to Dirleton par. with a ruined
chapel on it.

Fidgeons (47) near Hatfield Broad Oak, W.
Essex, J. Wilson, Esq.

FIELD tnshp. (72) Leigh par. Mid. Stafford.
4m. W. of Uttoxeter-135, on R. Blithe, belonged
to the Pipes and Bagots of F. Hall. Acres 540 ;
pop. 86 ; poor r. 7. (Uttox. U.) ; real prop. 12887.
A witch -elm was felled 1680, 120ft. long, 25Jft.
girth, containing about 100 tons of solid timber,
out of which 8000 ft. of plank, etc. were sawn,
besides more than 60 loads of firewood from the

FiELD-BuRCOTE hmlt. (53) Green's Norton
par. S W. Northmptn. 1 m. N W. of Towcester-60.
Usl" F.-DALLING par. (68) N. Greenhoe hund.
.ZV. Norfolk, 4 m. ENE. of Walsingham-113, had
a priory found. (Hen. II.) by Maude de Harscoyle
as a cell to Savigny, and given to Chartreuse, near
Coventry. Acres 1620 ; pop. 403 ; poor r. 2387.
(Walsingh. U.) ; real prop. 27187. St. Andrew
Vic. (Norw.) val. 1377., patr. . F. House, 1 m.
SW. ^ F. End (7) 3 m. NE. of Uxbridge,
NW. Middlesex. g F. End (7) 4 m. NE. of
Uxbridge, NW. Middlesex. (JiT F. HEAD hmlt.
(88) Gomersall tnshp. W. R. York. 7 m. E. of
Halifax-197, seat of H. Gates, Esq. ; F. House,
H. Stansfield, Esq. gg" F. House ( ) near
Whitby, N. R. York. C. Richardson, Esq. ^P F.
House (62) near Hagley, Stafford, locally in N.
Worcest. W. Addenbrooke, Esq. tj&JT F. Place
(9) 2 m. NW. of Horsham, N. Sussex, Sir P. F.
Shelley, Bt.

FIELDS, SOUTH, lib. (63) St. Mary par. Leicester
boro'. Pop. 2566. ^" F. Place "(55) 6 m. SW.
of Leominster, Mid. Hereford.

FIELDS-TOWN vil. (11) Nethercross bar. N.
Dublin, 4 m. NW. of Swords-8. Fair, 8 June.

Fiendsfett ( ) was the name of Crowfell, West-
mrld. before the cross was put up to drive away
evil spirits.

Fif-burgas of the Saxons were the five towns in
the Danelagh, given to the Danes to settle in,
viz. Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Nottingham, Stam-
ford to which Chester and York being added
made the Seafen-burgas.


FIFE, a seaside county, E. Scotland, sometimes
called the " Kingdom of Fife," on a peninsula be-
twivn the Forth and Tay, was part of the forest
district of Ross (which included also Kin-ross,
from ross or rlws a peninsula), and belonged to
the thanes Macduff, who had a castle at Cupar,
is watered by the Eden (anct. Tinna) and Leven,
and bordered by the Tay and Forfar. (N.), Perth.
Kinross, and Clackmn. (W.), Frith of Forth and
the Lothians (S.), the N. Sea (E.). Length from
New-mill NE. by E. to Fifeness 43 m., greatest
breadth 18, av. ditto 13 ; relative size 155-
10,000ths ; circuit about 130 m., including 85 of
coast, for the most part rugged and exposed, and
having along the Forth a great many ports which
are good only at high water, as Tony, Inver-
keithing, Aberdour bathing place (with Inchcolm
isld. opposite, and a fine view of Edinbro'), Burnt-
island and light (the best harb., but little used),
with a ferry to Leith, Kinghorn bathg. pi. (an-
other ferry, with Inchkeith isld. and It.) near
K.-ness, Ivirkcaldy (the most thriving port), Dy-
sart near Ravenscraig cast., E. and W. Wemyss,
Buckhaven, Dubbieside bathg. place, Methel,
Leven, Largo and Bay, Elie and Eliness, Aoer-
crombie, Pittenween, Anstruther with May isld.
and It., Kilrenny, Crail, Fifeness in the "Neuk o'
Fife," with Carr Rock beacon, Kinkel cast., St.
Andrew's, near Eden's mouth, and opposite the
Inchcape or Bell Rock and It. (15 m. NE. by E.),
Abertay sands at the Tay's mouth, Ferryport,
Newport opposite Dundee. It contains 470 sq. m.,
or 300,800 acres, of which more than 2-3rds are
cultivated, 38,000 unprofitable, 1920 lake ; 140,140
+ 1130 persons, of whom 24,276 are in Dunferm-
line, Kirkcaldy, Abbotshall, St. Andrew's, Cupar,
74,425 are females, 67,041 under 20 yrs. of age,
122,933 county-born, 30,691, or 21-9 per cent.,
live by trade, commerce, manufact., 10,041, or 7'2
per cent., by agricult. (1195 being farmers, gra-
ziers), 1143 educated professions, 2911 are inde-
pendent, 18,028 labourers and servants, etc. ;
29,036 houses (reckoning flats, etc.), besides 1645
empty and building ; 60 parishes and parts of 2
more, in 4 districts St. Andrew's (NE.), Cu-
par (Mid. and N.), Dunfermline (SW.), Kirk-
caldy (S.) ; 13 royal and parl. burghs, viz. E. and
W. Anstruther, Crail, Cupar (the county and ses.
town, 31 m. from Edinbro ), Kilrenny, Pittenween,
which contribute to St. Andrew's '(elect. 816),
Burntisland, Dysart, Kinghorn contributory to
Kirkcaldy (elect. 739), Dunfermline, Inverkeith-
ing, which are contributory to Stirling, also 4
decayed royal burghs, Earlsferry, Falkland, Auch-
termuchty, Newburgh (which two, with St. An-
drew's, Colingsburgh, Leven, are small debt
courts), 6 burghs of barony, Ceres, Elie, Leslie,
Leven, W. Wemyss, Strathmiglo, and Link-
town, a burgh of regality ; returns three members
to parl., viz. 1 for county (elect. 2535), 1 each for
St. Andrew's and Kirkcaldy as above ; is governed
by a lord lieut., 27 deputy lieuts., sheriff, and 2
substitutes for E. and W. districts at Cupar and
Dunfermline, constitutes a synod, containing 4
presbyteries (as below), with 65 clergy, whose
av. stipends are 2187. Real prop. (1815) 405,7701.,
('43) 508,9237., of which 27,3607. on mines and
quarries, 11597. on fisheries; gross rental (1811)
335,2917. or 22*. 5d. per acre, ('43) 381,5727. or
25s. 6d. per acre; valued rent (1674) 363,1927.
scots. Fiar or av. price (1842-8) of red wheat 46*.,
of barley 28*. bd. per qr., of meal 17*. Oic7. per
boll of 140 Ibs. Savings bks. ('49) 4, with 49,9607.
from 4239 depositors. Expend, for poor ('47-8)
in 61 pars. (37 being assessed) 22,7367., of which
17,7597. for 4123 poor on roll, 17297. for 3193



casual poor. Schools about 280, attended by
14,450 child. ; av. no. of offenders ('36-46) 152.
The surface is a succession of hills and cultivated
vales, the most noted of which, the " Howe of
Fife, 1 ' lies along the Eden ; the soil being in gene-
ral loamy, with some beds of good marl, but
moory on the W., where W. Lomond rises
1709ft., E. Lomond 1260ft; other points are,
Largo Law 1020, Kellie Law 800. It forms
the NE. corner of the great coal basin, the
whinstone being chiefly N. of the Eden, near
which mountain limestone appears, and S. of it
abundance of sandstone and coal, which is worked
(2608 hands employed) at Cameron, Crail, Kem-
back, and Kilconquhar (limestone at both), Pit-
tenween, Cults, Beath, Carnock, Dalgety, Dun-
fermline (from the year 1291 with limestone),
and Dysart (ironstone at both), Markinch, Bal-
lingay, etc. Building stone quarried at Cults,
Dairsie, Dunfermline, Strathmiglo, Kilconquhar,
etc. ; clay and lime are abundant. About 16,000
hands (only 3164 in 1847 a bad year) are en-
gaged in the manufacture of flax, coarse and table
linen, as diapers, damasks, which is carried on
almost everywhere, especially at Dunfermline
(where the fly shuttle was invented by Wilson),
Newburgh, Dysart, Kirkcaldy, Kinghorn, Leslie,
Abernethy, Kennoway, Abbotshall, etc. ; cottons
employ 1400 hands ; bricks and pottery are made
at Aberdour, and salt at Dysart. Game and fish
abound. Kinghorn has a mineral water, and the
lochs are, Lindores, Kilconquhar, Camilla, with
Rossie and Orr which have been reclaimed by
draining. This is extensively practised with
great benefit here as elsewhere, and though rents
are high, the farmers are in good condition with
I improved buildings, and the people industrious
I and thriving. Estates well divided, from 50 to
5000 acres, and few entailed. Oats, wheat, barley,
potatoes, beans, are the principal crops; flax,
turnips, clover, etc. are raised ; and linen, corn,
potatoes, pigs, are exported through Kirkcaldy,
j etc. Black cattle and cows are numerous, and
of a good breed. Leases run 19 yrs. and the
av. wages are 9s. There are druid remains at
Largo, a camp at Norman's Law, cairn at Col-
lessie, a round tower at Abernethy, the capital
of the pictish K. Nethan, and Macduff's and
another cross at Newburgh ; ruined abbeys at St.
Andrew's (which has Dr. Bell's Madras College,
and the oldest university in Scotland), Balmerino,
Lindores, Inchcolm, Dunfermline (where good Q.
Margaret was buried), and a priory at Pitten-
ween ; old castles, at Kellie (the Erskines'), Leu-
chars, Falkland (the Macduffs', with a palace of
Jas. VI. and many old houses), Bambriech
(Rothes 1 ), St. Andrew's, Dunfermline (Mai. Can-
more's), Aberdour (Morton's, the " gude man of
Aberdour "), Seafield, Loch Orr, Tarvet (Hopes'),
Rosyth (Stuarts'), Inverkeithing (Dav. I.), E.
Wemj'ss (Macduffs'), Ravenscraig (Sinclairs 1 ),
and "Card. Beaton's tower of Monimail ; old
churches, at St. Monance, Beath, Dalgetv, and
Kirkforthar. Alex. Selkirk was born at Largo,
Adam Smith at Kirkcaldy, Michael Scott in
Balwearie tower, Erskine author of the ' Insti-
tutes ' at Carnocks, Dr. Pitcairn at Pitcairn.Wilkie
at Cults, Chalmers andTennant the linguist at An-
struther. The lords of Congregation treated 1559
with the regent Mary at Cupar, and at Inver-
keithing Cromwell beat the Scots 1651 ; on Ma-
gus Muir, Balfour and his brother zealots, took
' James Sharp the apostate's life.' Scotstarvet was
seat of the Scotts, The Mount of Sir D. Lindsey,
Rathilet of the Hackstons. Some other seats are:
Earl Rosslyn Dysart, E. Elgin BroomhaU, E.

z z 3



Hollies Leslie, E. Moray Dunnibristle (old), E.
Mansfield, Balvaird, E. Leven Melville and Bal-
gonie (old), E. Dunclas Dunboig, Lord Douglas
Denino, Lady Crawford C. Priory, Anstruther, Bt.
Balcaskie, Halket, Bt. Pitfirrane, Gladstone, Bt.
Cask, Erskine, Bt. of Cambo, Bethune, Bt. of
KUconquhar, Malcolm, Bt. of Balheadie, We-
myss of Wemyss (old), Lindsay of Balcarras,
Bruce of Falkland, F. Balfour of Firnie, J.
Balfour of Balbirnie, Fergus, M. P. of Strathore,
Bethune of Blebo, Cheape of Push, Christie of
Durie, Crichton of Rankeilor, Ferguson of Raith,
Hunt of Pitlencrieff, Kinnear of Kinnear, Money-
penny of Pitmilly, Moubray of Cockairney, Stuart
of Dunearn, Wallace of Newton Collesie, Skene of
Pitlour, Aytoun of Inchdairnie, Clephane of Cars-
Jogie; besides Strathenry, Balfour Cast, (old),
Elie Ho., Rossie, etc. It gives title of earl to the
Duffs of Innes, Elgin. Roads from Cupar : 1. To
Kennoway 8, Dysart 16 (Dunfermline 29), Kirk-
caldy 18, Kinghorn ferry 22 (Inverkeithing 33),
thence to Edinbro' 32. 2. Pitlessie New Inn 8,
Loch Leven 16, Dunfermline 24. 3. Auchter-
muchty 8 (Kinross 17, Stirling 33), Abernethy 13,
thence to Perth 20. 4. Osnaburgh 3, Leuchars 6,
Newport ferry 11, Dundee 12. 5. St. Andrew's 8,
King's Barns 14, Crail 9, near Fifeness. 6.
Ceres 3, Collinsburgh 7, Elie 9. About 50 m. of
Ed. and North, rail, go from Burntisland (at
ferry to Leith) past Kirkcaldy, Markinch (branch
to Dunfermline), Kettle (branch to Newburgh,
towards Perth), Cupar, Ferryport on Craig.
ifc F. SYNOD includes the presbyteries of Dun-
fermline, Kirkcaldy, Cupar, St. Andrew's, or about
66 pars. Ditto Free Church, the last three with

FIFE, Bow OF, vil. near Monimail, Mid, Fife.

FIFE-KEITH vil. Keith par. Mid. Banff, near
Keith-136. Pop. 578.


FIFEHEAD-MAGDALEN par. (18) Redlanehund.
N. Dorset. 5 m. N. of Sturminster-109, on R. Stour,
belonged to St. Augustine's, Bristol. Acres 1070 ;
pop. 229 ; poor r. 1717 (Sturmins. U.) ; real prop.
26367. St. M. Magdalen Vic. (Sal.) val. 250/.,
patr. Bp. of Gl. and Br., who has the manor 5
church, has mons. of the Newmans. F. House,
Rev. F. Baker. f^ F. NEVILLE par. (18) Pim-
peme hund. as above, 2 m. SW. of Sturminster.
Acres 2310 ; pop. 83 ; poor r. 45/. ; real prop. 15667. ;
charities 15/. All Saints Beet. (Sal.) val. with
Bellchalwell 360/., patr. Lord Rivers.

Fifeness Point, 2 m. NE. of Crail, at the corner
or Neuk of E. Fife., with Carr Rock close to it,
and Bell Rock and May Isld. lights in view.

FIFIELD par. (44) Chadlington hund. NW.
Oxford. 7 m. SW. of Chipping Norton-73. Acres
810; pop. 213 + 5; poor r. 511. (C. Norton U.);
real prop. 13467.; charities 497. St. J. Baptist
Cur. (Oxon.) val. 497., patr. Bp. of Carlisle;
church, has 8-sided tower and old tombs. F. War-
ren, 1 m. SW. S3P FIFIELD hmlt. (13) Bensing-
ton par. SE. Oxford. 2 m. NNE. of Wallingford
-46, near R. Thames. F. House, W. Stone, Esq.
^P FIFIELD tythg. (14) Enford par. Mid. Wilts.
8 m. W. of Ludgershall-71, on R. Avon. Pop. 98.

FIFIELD-BAVENT par. (15) Chalk hund. /S.
Wilts. 6 m. SW. of Wilton-84. Acres 860 ; pop.
45 ; poor r. 57. (Wilton U.) ; real prop. 8077,
Living, a Rect. (Sal.) val. 170/., patr. Marquis of
Bath. F. Ashes, 1 m. NW.

Figget Burn, runs to Frith of Forth, N. Edinb.
at Portobello (where is a small harb.) through
the Lands of F., a tract of furze, now reclaimed
and highly cultivated.

FIGHELDEAN, or FiTTLEDEAN, par. (14) Ames-

bury hund. E. Wilts. 4 m. N. of Amesbary-77,
on R.Avon, contains Ablington. Acres 5150;
pop. 510 ; poor r. 4547. (Amesb. U.) ; real prop.
48747. Living, Vic. (Sal.) val. 1607., patr. Bishop.

Figile, or Feagile, River (19, 20, 27-8) rises on
Kildare borders, E. King's Co., and runs S. 10 m.
past Clonbulloge to R. Cushina, 4 m. NW. of

P. FII.BY par. (67) E. Flegg hund. E. Norfolk,
5 m. NW. of Yarmouth- 124, near F. Broad.
Acres 1450 ; pop. 553 + 9 ; poor r. 245/. (Flegg
Incorp.}; real prop. 33627, All Saints Rect.
(Norw.) val. 5057., patr. C. Lucas, Esq. of F. House.

Filden (27) 5 m. NNE. of S. Molton. N. Devon.

P. FILEY par. ( ) Dickering wap. E. R. York.
and Pickering Lythe wap. N. R. York. 7 m. SE.
of Scarboro'-187, on Yk. and Berwk. branch
rail., a pretty watering-place on the Bay, near
F. Head, containing Gribsthorpe and Libber-
ston. Acres 3090, with a mineral spring,
of town 700; pop. 1590 + 40, and 1231, in the
lobster and other fisheries; poor r. 3157. (Scarb.
U.) ; real prop. 23757. ; charities 37. St. Oswald
Cur. (Yk.) val. 95/., patr. H. Osbaldeston, Esq. ;
church, cruciform, norman and early eng. Am-
ber, cornelian, and other pebbles are found on the
sands. Races, Sept.

FILGRAVE par. (46) Newport par. N. Bucks.
2 m. N. of Newport- Pagnell-50, is joined to TYR-
RINGHAM. Pop. 175.

FILKINS hmlt. (44) Broadwell par. W. Oxford.
9 m. WSW. of Witney-65. Acres 3430 ; pop.
556 + 8; poor r. 2947. (Witney U.); real prop.
25867. F.' Hall, E. Colston, Esq. with some good

Fillan Water, rises on border of W. Perth., and
runs 8 m. E. past Tyndrum Inn to L. Doc-hart at
the head of R. Tay, through Strathfillan, which
has a chapel near St. Fillan's well, on the site
of a priory found, by Bruce, and given to the

P. FILLAN'S, St., vil. Comrie par. S. Perth.
20 m. W. of Perth, 60 from Edinbro', in a fine
spot, at E. end of L. Earne, was reb. by Ld. Wil-
loughby d'Eresby of Drummond Castle, and has
St. Fillan's chair at Dun Fillan, and his holy well.
The St. Fillan's Society meet yearly for national
sports, etc. Pop. 172.

FILLEIGH par. (26) Braunton hund. N. Devon.
4 m. WNW. of S. Molton-178, a fine spot, near
R. Bray. Acres 2260, with blue limestone ; pop.
395 + 7 ; poor r. 1297. (Molt. U.) ; real prop. 19957. ;
charities 17., and poor-house. St. Paul Rect. with

E. Buckland 5 chtirch, has brass of G. Fortescue.

F. House (?), G. Burrington, Esq.; Castle Hill,
Earl Fortescue,


P. FILLINGHAM par. (83) W. Aslacoe wap.
NW. Lincoln. 8 m. ESE. of Gainsboro'-148, near
Ermine St. Acres 3980; pop. 312 + 1; poor r.
517. (Gainsb. U.) ; real prop. 35157. St. Andrew
Rect. (Line.) val. 4377., patr. Balliol Coll. Oxon.
Summer Cast. Lady Wray (?), has a roman camp
where coins, etc. have been found. F, Grange,
1 m. W. Fairs, Easter Thurs. 22 Nov.

P. FILIXXNGLEY par. (63) Hemlingford hund.
N. Warwick. 6 m. NNW. of Coventry-91, con-
tains OLD F. Acres 4310 ; pop. 1030 + 5 ; poor
r. 5697. (Meriden U.) ; real prop. 85777. ; charities
3797., of which Avery's 2317., and Green's school
1127. All Saints Vic. (Wore.) val. 2497., patr.
Ld. Chancellor; church, ancient, near site of a
castle. F. Hall, .

FILLY-CLOSE tnshp. ( ) Whalley par. W.
Lancash. 2 m. N. of Burnley-211, on R. Henburn,
is joined to HALLOWS REEDLEY.




Filsham (5) near Hastings, SE. Sussex.

P. FILTON par. (35) Lower Berkeley hund.
SIV. Cloucest. 4 m. N. of Bristol-114, belonged
to the Fyltons. Acres 1040 ; pop. 276 + 6 ; poor
r. 521. (Clifton U.) ; real prop. 2609/. ; charities,
Silcox's for sermon, etc. 5 St. Peter Rect. (Gl.
and Br.) val. 242/., patr. R. Poulden, Esq.

FIMBER chplry. ( )Wetwang par. E.R.York.
8 m. WNW. of Gt. Driffield-196. Acres 1840;
pop. 170 + 3; poor r. 19/. (Driffield U.).

FINAVARRA vil. (3) Burren bar. N. Clare, near
Barren- 132, and F. Head, in Ballyvaghan bay,
has anchorage in 2 fath. inside the Lobster rock.
Pop. 393. F. House, W. Skerrit, Esq.

FINBAR, ST., par. (74-5, 86-7) Cork and E.
Muskerry bars., and Cork city, Mid. Cork, 2 m.
S. of Cork- 160, contains Blackrock and Ballin-
temple. Acres 9305 ; pop. 14,606.

Finbar's (St.) Hermitage (80) in GouganeBarra
lake, W. Cork, 6 m. N. of Kilmacomogue, at R.
Lee's head, is a lonely spot, reckoned one of the
holiest in Ireland, with ruins of a chapel, etc.

FINBOROUGH, GREAT, par. (50) Stow hund.
Mid. Suffolk, 3 m. WNW. of Stowmarket-76, on
R.Orwell. Acres 1960; pop. 467+4; poor r.
194/. (Stow U.) ; real prop. 2833/. ; charities 531.
St. Andrew Vic. (Norw.) val. 130/., patr. Bishop
of Ely. F. Hall, R. Pettiward, Esq., who has
the manor which belonged to the Wollastons, of
whom was the author of the ' Religion of Nature,'

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