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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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terhouse, Strathmartin, to Dundee ; from Frock-
heim, 8 m. go by Farnell, to meet the line from
Brechin to Montrose, near which about 3 m. of
Aberdeen rail, turn off past Logie, towards Lau-
rencekirk ; making about 66 m. of rail, in all.

* P. M. FORFAR par., in Mid. Forfar. 13 m.
N. of Dundee, 58 from Edinbro', on the Arbroath
rail., the county town and sheriff court, including
Carseburn and Lunanhead (on that water), in
Strathmore, rose out of a castle on F. Loch, where
Mai. Canmore held a parl. 1057, and the old mkt.
cross now stands ; is a royal burgh of unknown
date, contributory to Montrose (elect. 245), first
chartered 1665, and governed by a provost and 19
council., with a revenue of 1592/. Size 6 m. by 4,
hilly, with stone, and lochs Forfar, Fittie, Res-
tenet, partly drained ; pop. 9620 + 168, of burgh
8362, chiefly linen weavers (2363 hands), with
some shoe or brogue makers ; houses 1079,
with 2 churches, 3 chapels, new county court,
town-house (has a bridle with which the poor
wretches burnt at c Witches' Howe ' were har-
nessed), prison, 3 banks, news room, par. school,
academy ; real prop. 14i,725Z. ; for poor 1340/.
Living (F. presb.) val. 268/., patr. Town Council ;
church, lately reb. and has an old bell given
by Strang, a native ; St. James, /., Seatholders.
In the loch are traces of Q. Margaret's nunnery ;
and Restenet priory, and Glammis and Finhaven
castles are near. Don the botanist, a native,1800
-40. >J< F. PRESBYTERY, synod of Angus, includes
Aberlemno, Cortachie, Dunnichen *, Forfar *,
Glammis, Inverarity, Kinnettles*, Kirriemuir*,
Oathlaw, Rescobie, Tannadice. Ditto Free Church,
contains those marked * and Mearns. Mkt. JJs.
Wed. Sat. Fairs, last Wed. Feb. 2nd Wed. Apr.
1st Wed. May o. s., day after Dun's Muir, 1st Tn.
and Wed. July, 1st Wed. and Th. Aug. last Wed.
Sept. 2nd Wed. Oct. 1st Wed. Nov. Fasts, Th.
before 1st Sun. May, last Sun. Oct.

Forfey (34) 1 m. NE. of Lisnaskea, SE. Fer-
managh, B. Leslie, Esq.

FORGAN, or ST. PHILLIAN'S, par. St. Andrew's
dist. N. Fife. 7 m. NW. of St. Andrew's-41, on R.
Tay, opposite Dundee, including Marytown, New-
port, and Woodhaven. Size 4 m. by 2, well
cultivated, with stone and a rocky coast ; pop.
1219 + 13 ; real prop. 8192/. ; for poor 214/. Living
(presb. St. And.) val. 231/., patr. Crown. Salmon
are caught.

FORGANDENNY par. 4 m. SSW. of Pertl -40, S.
Perth, under the Ochills in Strathearn, on Scot.
Cent. rail, and Rs. May and Earn (which 30-ton

8 A 3



vessels can come up), contains Ardargie, Newton,
Path of Condie. Size 5 m. by 2, or 10,000 acres,
fertile, with whinstone, lime, traces of iron and
copper, mineral springs ; pop. 796 + 28, of vil.
66; real prop. 58827, ; for poor 1047. Living
(presb. Perth) val. 2007., patr. Crown. Castlelaw
danish camp commands a fine prospect ; there is
another at Dumbruils, and two on the May,
one 270 ft. square. Rossie, J. Oliphant, Esq. ;
Freeland, Lord Ruthven.

FORGLEN, or ST. ENNAN, par. 6 m. S. of Banff
-156, NE. Banff, on R. Deveron, was once part of
Alvad, or back glen. Size 3 by 2, fertile, and
cultivated, with mineral springs; pop. 771, de-
creasing ; real prop. 3210/. ; for poor 1267. Living
(presb. Turriff) val. 1757., patr. Sir R. Abercromby,
Bt., of F. House, which has an old rhyme on it
(dated 1578) beginning " Do veil, and doubt
nocht, althoch thou be spyit He is lytil guid
vorth, that it nocht invyit," etc. Carnousie, J.
Harvey, Esq. Trout, salmon, etc. are caught,
and some druid stones seen, also an old chapel.

FORGNET, or CLONCALL, par. (23, 27) Shrule
bar. S. Longford, 1 m. SE. of Ballymahon-70, on
R. Inny, contains Pallas, the birthplace of Gold-
smith. " Acres 5454, with bog; pop. 2193 + 15.
Living, a Beet. (Meath) appropriated to the
Bishop. Newcastle, Hon. G. King.

P. FORGUE par. Strathbogie dist. N. Aberdeen.

4 m. NE. of Huntley-149, on Forgue and Fen-
draught bums, under Formon Hill (1000 ft.).
Size 9 m. by 4, heathy, with plantations, etc., and
limestone ; pop. 2489 + 20 ; real prop. 85497. ; for
poor 5637. Living (presb. Turriff) val. 1917.,
patr. A. Morison, Esq., of Bognie ; church, old.
Cobairdy, Gordon, Esq. ; Haddo, Earl Aber-
deen. A camp at Auchablea, and traces of others,
with several druid stones.

FORKEKTON par. joined to STOSTYKIRK, Kin-

P. FORKHILL par. (28-9, etc.) Upper and
Lower Orior bars. S. Armagh, a police station,
6 m. SW. of Newry-63, -made a par. in 1771.
Acres 12,589, with bog :and mountain, rising
1895 ft. at Slieve Gullim cairn; pop. 8121, de-
creasing, of vil. 217+6. Living, a Rect. (Arm.
C.) val. 8097., patr. Bishop. F. House, J. Foxall,
Esq. ; F. Lodge, Mrs. Dawson. Fairs, 1 May,
1 Aug. 29 Sept. 8 Dec.

FORKINPOIST vil. Arrowquhar par. Mid. Dum-
barton. 4 m. S. of Tarbet-79, on L. Lomond.

FORMARTINE, an old district of E. Aberdeen.
now Ellon, between Rs. Don and Ythan, which
gives title of viscount to Earl Aberdeen.

FORMBY chplry. (90) \Valton-on-the-Hill par.

5 W. Lancash. 7 m.W. of Ormskirk-219, on Crosby
rail., and the coast near R. Alt, which falls into the
sea near F. Point, contains Armsdale and Raven
Meots, and was a mkt. town. Acres 2450 ; pop.
1446 + 40; poor r. 1627. (Omsk. U.); real prop.
58647. ; charities 457., of which 347. to Marsh's
schools. St. Peter Cur. (Ches.) val. 124/., patr.
Rector. F. Hall, Rev. R. Formby. Near the
shore are two beacons and a red tower, 3 m.
WSW. of which is the floating light, lat. 53 31'
N., long. 3 10' W., in 3 fath., put up 1834,
seen 8 m., where the New F., or Victoria Chan., is
in a line with the Crosby or main chan. into
Liverpool. The Old F., or N. Chan., nearer
shore, is little used.

Formon Hill, in the Grampians, N. Aberdeen.
near Forgue as above, is about 1000 ft. high.

Formosa Place (7) 2 m. NXE. of Maidenhead,
E. Berks, on the Thames, Sir G. Young, Bt.

FORXCETT, ST. MARY, par. (C6) Depwade hund.
fiE. Norfolk, o in. NE. of New Buckingham- 93,


on E. Union rail., was the head of the honour
of Norfolk, where the Bigods, etc. held their
' knighten ' court. Acres 760 ; pop. 305 + 2 ; poor
r. 1467. (Depw. U.) ; real prop. 17287.; charities,
71. for school. Living, a Rect. (Norw.) val. 9797.,
patr. Earl of Effingham. Fair, 11 Sept. $g" F.,
ST. PETER, par. as above, 1 m. S. Acres 1710;
pop. 669 ; poor r. 3677. ; real prop. 40817. ; cha-
rities, town lands 107. Living, a Rect. (Norw.)
val. 5877., patr. Earl of Effingham.

P. Forneth, on L. Cluine, E. Perth. T. Baird,
Esq., near R. Lunan.

P. FORNHAM, ALL SAINTS, par. (51) Thingoe
hund. W. Suffolk, 2 m. NNW. of Bury-St.-Ed-
munds-71, on R. Lark, belonging to the Gages,
has remains of a franciscan cell to Bury. Acres
2200; pop. 336 + 2; poor r. 1127. (Thingoe U.);
real prop. 29627. ; charities 327. Living, a Rect.
(Ely) val. with Westley 7387., patr. Clare Hall,
Camb. ; church, has a brass of T. Barwicke
(1599). $& F., ST. GEXEVIEVE, par. Thed-
westry hund. as above, 1 m. N., seat of Duke of
Norfolk, near which (1173) Rob. de Lucy for
Hen. II. defeated the Earl of Leicester. Acres
790 ; pop. 70 ; poor r. 677. (Thingoe U.) ; real
prop. 8797. ; charities 57. Living, a Rect. with
Risby ; church, burnt 1 782. F. House, . ^~ F.,
ST. MARTIN, par. as above. 1 m. N. of Bury- St. -
Edmunds, on R. Lark, has some tumuli. Acres
1230 ; pop. 294 + 2 ; poor r. 817. ; real prop. 25827. ;
charities 57. Living, a Rect. (Ely) val. 3057.,
patr. Duke of Norfolk. F. House, Lord Manners.

FORRAPDRY, or FoTHERBURY, par. (20) Les-
newth hund. NE. Cornwall, 5 m. N. of Camelford
-228, on Bristol Channel, contains Boscastle.
Acres 430 (or 432), dark shale, with manganese,
and slaty anthracite in F. Cliff; pop. 354 ; poor r.
487. (Camelf. U.) ; real prop. 39507. ; charities 51.
St. Simphoriam Rect. (Exet.) val. 707., patr. W.
Kirkness, Esq. ; church, has an old cross, and
commands a view of the coast and Lundv isld.

# P. M. &. FORRES par. 11 m. W. oif Elgin,
N. Elgin. 123 from Edinbro', 3 m. from the sea
at Moray Frith, in a dry healthy spot on F. Sum,
near R. Findhorn and" Hard moor (the ' blasted
heath ' where Macbeth met the weird sisters,
marked by a clump of trees), is the roman Varee
or Farts on the way to Burgh hd., and a small
debt court, with remains of a castle reb. 17th
cent, on the site of one where K. Duffus was
killed by Donwald ; is a royal and parl. burgh
contributory to Inverness (elect. 160), chartered
by Will, the Lion, and governed under the new
act by a provost and 17 council., with a revenue
of 10037. Size 4 m. by 2J, very fertile, but heathy
in part, with limestone; pop. 3711, decreasing,
of burgh 2844, in a general trade and the fisheries ;
houses 665, with church, 2 chapels, townhouse,
3 banks, savings bk. (45907. from 400 depositors),
news-room, library, par. school, Anderson's insti-
tution or academy (1307.) found. 1824, boys' and
girls' schools, bridge on Findhorn in place of one
earned away by the floods of 1829; real prop.
82027.; for poor 11147. Living (F. presb.) val.
2747., patr. Earl of Moray, of Darnaway. Roman
coins have been found ; a british camp of 8 acres
stands on Clunie Hills, along with the public walks,
and the Nelson column or pharos to which all
the townspeople contributed ; near it is the Stand-
ing Stone, or Sueono's pillar, 20 ft. high and
figured, put up llth cent, by Mai. II. after a
' treaty with the Danes. It publishes the ' F. Ga-
zette ' newspaper. Burdsyanis, W. Tytler, Esq. ;
Altyre, Gumming, Esq. ; Drumdruan, Stra-
han, Esq. >[ F. PRESBYTKRY, synod of Moray,
includes Dalias, Dyke, Edinkillic, Forres, Kiuloss,




Rufford. Ditto Free Church, contains the above.
Mkt. Ds. Tu. Frid. Fairs, 1st Wed. Jan. and
July, 3rd Wed. Feb. and Apr. 3rd Wed. and Sat.
before 22 May and Nov. 4th Wed. Aug. and Sept.

FOKRIE, at R. Ythan's mouth, N. Aberdeen, op-
posite Newburgh, has been swallowed by the

Forsa Isld. Kilbrandon par. W. Argyll, near
Luing Isld. and L. Melford, abounds with slate.

P. FORSBROOK tnshp. (72) Dilhorne par. N.
Stafford. 3 m. WSW. of Cheadle-146. Pop. 843 ;
real prop. 3222/. Living, a Cur. (Lich.) val. 55/.,
patr. Bishop.

FORSCOTE par. (19) Wellow hund. NE. Somer-
set. G m. NW. of Frome-103, near Bath canal.
Acres 580 ; pop. 84 ; poor r. 11. (Frome U.) ; real
prop. 7011. St. James Rect. (Ba. and W.) val.
150/., patr. Sir J. Smyth, Bt.

FOUSE vil. 5 m. WSW. of Lybster-269, SE.
Caithness, on a creek made by F. Water, which
runs 3 m. S. past F. Castle, J.Sinclair, Esq.

Forsfiaw Park (54) 6 m. NW. of Henley-in-
Arden, W. Warwick, a meet for N. Warwk.

FORSTON hmlt. (18) Charminster par. Mid.
Dorset. 3 m. NNW. of Dorchester-120. Real
prop. 1181/. F. House, J. Peach, Esq.

Forston Green (6) 3 m. NW. of Tenterden, 5.

P. FORT AUGUSTUS vil. Boleskin par. Mid.
Inverness. 29 m. SW. of Inverness. 131 from Edin-
bro', on Gt. canal, at the head of L. Ness, between
Rs. Tarff and Oich, among the hills, was built to
guard the highlands, taken by the Stuart party
1745, and soon after made the head quarters of
Duke of Cumberland. Pop. 213. Coins of Dio-
cletian were found here 1767. Fairs, Mon. be-
fore 2nd Wed. June, 2nd Th. Aug 20 or Mon. be-
fore 29 Sept. IgT F. Charlotte, at Lerwick, Shet-
land Islds. built by Cromwell, and repaired 1781.
IJgT F. del Ore (33) near Sibyl head, W. Kerry, was
b. 1580, by the Spaniards, before their defeat by the
Earl of Ormond and Raleigh, and is now a ruin.
1^" F. Etna (12) near St. Patrickswell, N. Li-
merick, J. W. O'Grady, Esq. t?S~ F. Farm ( )
near E. Grinstead, N. Sussex, Col. Malcolm.
l^ F. Fergus (50) near Ballynacally, S. Clare,
on R. Fergus, Major W. H. Ball. 1^ F. Field
(22) near Milltown, S. Dublin. ^ F. Frede-
rick (39) near Virginia, SE. Cavan, R. Scott, Esq.,
on Lough Ramor. gip F. George, Rev. J. Rowley.

P. FORT GEORGE, bottom of Moray Frith,
NE. Inverness, opposite Fortrose, was built 1746
on a regular plan, covers 10 acres, holds a small
garrison, and is a sub-port to Inverness, iSJif F.
Granite (27) 3 m. SE. of Baltinglass, W. Wick-
low, near the bridge on R. Slaney, T. S. Den-
nis, Esq. gg- F. Henry (25) near Killaloe, W.
Tippery. White, Esq. giT F. Hill (123) near
Gort, /S. Galway. (J=g F. Land (11) near Easky,
E. Sligo, R. Jones, Esq. ijir /'. Lough ( ) Ra-
phoe, bar. NE. Donegal, near St. Johnstown, is
1 m. long and \ wide, with remains of a castle at
the bottom of it. $aF F. Robert (108) 10 m. W.
of Bandon, S. Cork, F. O'Connor, Esq. ^ F.
Royal (37) near Rathmullan, N. Donegal. 1-f F.
Singleton (3) near Emyvale, N. Monaghan, T.
Singleton, Esq. tJaT F. Stewart (46) i near Rath-
melton, N.Donegal, on Lough Swilly, Sir J.Stewart,
Bt. /'. Ville (40) 5 m. SW. of Ennis, Mid.
Clare. iJaT F. William (1C.) 5 m. NE. of Kan -
turk, N. Cork. g^ F. William (61} near Bel-
fast, S. Antrim. 1^3" Fortwilliam ( ) near Tob-
bermore, SE. Londonderry, J. Stevenson, Esq.

P. FORT WII.IJAM vil. Kilmallie par. S. In-
verness. 58 m. SW. of Inverness, 135 from Edinbro',

a sub-port to Inverness, on the Gt. canal, at the
E. elbow of Locheil, near Ben Nevis, arose out of
the fort built by Cromwell, besieged without suc-
cess 1746, and now half in ruins. Pop. 1026,
houses 187, with 2 banks. Fairs, 2nd Wed. June
and Nov. Tu. after 2nd Th. July.

Fort William House (53) 1 m. SE. of Ballinasloe,
S. Roscommon, T. Lancaster, Esq.

Fortannemore (27) 3 in. ENE. of Tulla, E. Clare,
J. Westropp, Esq. Fortanebeg, .

FORTEVIOT par. in Strathearn, S.Perth. 5 m. SW.
of Perth-40, under the Ochills, on Scot. Cent. rail.
and Rs. Earne and May (fall of 30 ft. at Muckairsey
linn), was given to Cambuskenneth abbey, had, at
Halyhill, traces of a royal seat, which the Scots
under Aodhfin besieged 769, where Kenneth the
last pictish king, and Ken. II. died, and which was
a summer palace of Mai. Canmore, etc. Size 8 m.
by 2, fertile, and wooded in part ; pop. 638 + 1, of
vil. 69 ; real prop. 6504Z. ; for poor 78/. Living
(presb. Perth) val. 244/., patr. University of St.
Andrew's and A. Belshes, Esq. of Invermay, whose
" bonnie birks" still flourish. A large cairn, two
ruined churches, an old mill spoken of by Wyn-
town, and Banhead and Dronochy pillar crosses
are seen, and urns, etc. have been found. Dupplin
Cast., Earl Kinnoull ; Freeland, Lord Ruthven.

Fortfield House (36) 4 m. SE. of Templemore,
E. Tipperary, W. Butler, Esq.

FORTH vil. Carnwath par. NE. Lanark, near
Carnwath-25. Pop. 357.

FORTH BARONY (17-8, etc.) E. Carlow, con-
tains the pars, of Aghade, Ballon, Gilbertstown,
Teuiplepeter, and parts of Ardoyne, Ballyellin,
Barragh, Fennagh, Kellistown, Myshall, Nurney,
and Tullowmagimma ; acres 39,510, pop. 11,427,
houses 1948. F. BARONY (47-8, etc.) S. Wex-

ford, is, along with Bargy, remarkable as the seat
of an Anglo-Saxon colony from very early times,
who are distinguished by language and manner of
living, from the natives, and contains the pars, of
Ballybrennan, Ballymore, Cam, Drinagh, Ishart-
mon, Kerloge, Kildavin, Killiane, Killinick, Kil-
macree, Kilrane, Kilscoran, Ladysisland, Maud-
lintown, Mayglass, Rathaspick, Rathmachnee,
Rosslare, St. Helen's, St. Iberius, St. Margaret's,
St Michael's, St. Peters, Tacumshin, and parts
of Wexford, including St. Bridget's, St. Doologe,
St. Iberius, St. John's, St. Mary's, St. Michael's
of Feagh, St. Patrick's, and St. Selskar's ; acres
38,849, well cultivated (with many remains of
castle, churches, etc., built by the settlers), pop.
24,537, industrious and thriving, houses 4204.

Forth Hill (42) Forth and Bargy bars. Wex-
fnrd, 4 m. SW. of Wexford, 774 ft. high, and
chiefly quartz, where 15,000 rebels defeated
Capt. Adams and his party 1798. ^P F.
River, rises above Aberfoil, NW. Stirling. (90 m.
from May Isld. in the Firth), in two heads,
viz. the Duchray under Ben Lomond, the other
out of L. Chon (near L. Katrine), and up to
Gartmore is called Avondhu, whence it flows by
a very winding course along Perth, border, receiv-
ing Rs. Goodie, Teith, Allan, etc. past Stirling
4 links ' and bridge (60 m. to which small craft
come), to Alloa (55 m.) where it is navigable, and
widens 1 to 3 m. down to Grangemouth (the
Clyde canal joins) and Queensferry (35 m.) where
the Firth or Frith begins ; this is 3 to 18 m. broad,
with 7 to 30 fath. water, and has, on the S. side,
Edinbro', Granton pier, Leith roads (inside Inch
Keith light), off which are Craig, Gunnet, Pallas
rocks, etc., Aberlady bay, Fidra isld., Craig- Leith,
N. Berwick, and Bass n >di. and on N. or Fife
side, Incholm isld. with' Cramond isld. Carcraig,
Havstack, Oxscars, Mickry rocks near it, King-

3 A 4

728 FOR

hornness, and the small rocky tide harbs. of Pet-
tycur, Burntisland, Kirkaldy bay (with Seafield
cast.), Dysart, Wemyss, Methel, Leven, Elieness,
Crail, Monance, Pittemveen, Anstruther, and Car
Rock at Fifeness, 5 m. S. by E. of which, is May
isld. and It. ^ F. and Clyde Canal, cut 1768-90
for 200,0007., 35 m. long, rising 156 ft. with 39
locks and 10 ft. deep, passes in the direction of
the Antonine Wall and Edinb. and Glasg. rail.,
from Grangemonth in the Forth, by Falkirk,
Camelon (where Union canal from Edinbro' joins),
Kilsyth, Kirkintilloch, Kilpatrick (where Monk-
land" can. goes to Glasgow, etc.), to Bowling bay,
in the Clyde. P. Miller tried his first steamer
on it 1785, and Symington his in 1801-2, which
Fulton copied in America 1807.

FORTHAMPTON par. (44) Lower Tewkesbury
hund. N. Gloucest. 2 m. W. of Tewkesbury- 103,
near R. Severn. Acres 2390 ; pop. 460 ; poor r.
246/, (Tewkesb. U.); real prop. 8750/.5 charities
2/. St. Mary Cur. (Gl. and Br.) val. 138/., patr.
J. Yorke, Esq. of F. Court, which belonged to the
Tewkesbu^ abbots.

Forthryfe, was a district of Fife., which in-
cluded Kinross., and is watered by Lochs Rannoch,
Ericht, Lydoch, and Rs. Lyon, Ericht, Rannoch,
Gwair, etc.

Forthside ( ) near Wexford, SE. Wexfd. J.
C. Moore, Esq.

Fortin River (21) runs into R. Credy, near Cre-
diton, Mid. Devon.

P. FORTINGALL, par. 6 m. W. of Weem-67,
NW. Perth. inBreadalbane among the Grampians,
containing Kilchonan old par. Foss, Glenlyon and
Rannoch q. s. pars. Size 37 m. by 17, or "450,000
acres ( ?), sheep walks, etc. rising 3533 ft. at
Schihallien, ft. at Ben Chualach, with veins of
lead; pop. 2740 (decreasing), gaelic-epeaking ;
real prop. 13,300Z. ; for poor 373Z. Living (presb.
Weem) val. 255Z., patr. Crown; near the church,
is a yew 52 ft. girth. A roman camp of 80 acres
in Glenlyon, and urns and coins have been found ;
many pict houses 5 ft. high, 30 to 50 diam. are
seen ; and at Dalchoisnie in Bunrannoch, Bruce
beat the English. Fairs, 28 Apr. 9 Aug. o. s., 6

FORTIS-GREEN hmlt. (7) Hornsey par. E.
Middlesex, 5 m. N. of London.

P. FORTON vil, (11) Alverstoke par. SE. Hants.
near Gosport-77, on F. Lake, on Portsmouth har-
bour and S. West. rail, where the french prisoners
were kept, contains the new marine barracks, the
powder magazine close to K. Stephen's ' borough '
or castle, and a military prison. St. John Cur.
(Win.) val. 200/., patr." Rector. gg FORTON
tythg. (12) Longparish par. NW. Hants. 3 m. SE.
of Andover-63. Pop. 281 ; real prop. 898/. igp"
FORTOX tnshp. ( ) Garstang par. Mid. Lancash.
4 m. N. of Garstang-229, near Preston canal and
rail. Acres 1280 ; pop. 679 -I- 1 ; poor r. 182Z.
(Garst. U.); real prop. 2471Z. F. Lodge, .
I^T FORTON tythg. (21) Chard par. S. Somerset.
1 m. SE. of Chard-139. Pop. 209 ; real prop
1603/. i^ FORTON (61) 5 m. NW. of Shrews-
bury-153, W. Salop, on R. Severn. $g" FORTON
par." (73) W. Cuttlestone hund. W. Stafford. 1 m.
NE. of Newport- 142, on the canal, contains Sutton

(Lich.) vaL 4741., patr. Sir T. F. Boughey, Bt. of

P. * FORTP.OSE, or FORT-ROSS, Rosemarkie par.
E. Ross. 7 m. SSW. of ftromarty-185, a sub-port to
Inverness, on Moray Frith, at the ferry to Fort
Georgp, was, by the name of Channonry, a seat of


the Bps. of Ross, is a royal and parl. burgh (in-
cluding Rosewarkie) chartered 1455, contributory
to Inverness (elect. 52), and governed under the
new act by a provost and 15 council, with a re-
venue of 139/. Pop. 1082, shoemakers and weavers,
some in the coasting trade and fisheries ; houses
271, with a chapel, townhouse (part of the old
cathedral), and school, where Sir J. Mackintosh
was educated. The harb. is a good one, and
actynolite is found. Mkt. D. Frid. Fairs, 1st
Wed. Apr. and Nov. 3rd Wed. June.

FORTUNESWELL vil. (17) Portland par. S.
Dorset. 3 m. S. of Weymouth-128.

Fortwlliam House (20) 2 m. W. of Lismore, W.
Waterford, on R. Blackwater, J. B. Gumbleton,

FORTY-FOOT-BRIDGE ext. par. (70) Swines-
head par. S. Lincoln, near Swineshead-109, on
South Forty- Foot-Eau. ^| F.-F.-Drain (64-5)
3 m. NE. of Ramsey, NE. Hunts. ggT Forty-
Farm (7) 3 m. SSW. of Edgeware, Mid. Mid-
dlesex. fiT F.-Green (7) 2 m. NW. of Beacons-
field, S. Bucks. |^ F.-Hall (1) 3 m. WSW.
of Waltham Abbey, NE. Middlesex, seat of E.
Meyer, Esq., formerly of the Fortees (for whom
I. Jones reb. it) and Wolstenholmes.

Forum Dianae of the Romans, the chief city of
the Cassii, is DUNSTABLE, Beds, on Icknield St.

FORWOOD hmlt. (34) Hampton town, Mid.
Gloucester, near Minchinhampton-98.

Fosbury Earthworks ( ) 3 m. NE. of Ludgers-
hall, E. Wilts, near the roman way to Speen. F.
House, S. Be van, Esq. (?)

FOSOOTE hmlt. (53) Abthorpe par. S W. North-
mptn. 2 m. WSW. of Towcester- 60. Pop. 62.

FOSCOTT hmlt. (44) Idbury par. NW. Oxford.
5 m. SW. of Chipping-Sodbury-73, near R. Even-
load. Pop. 49.

FOSDYKE par. (C9) Kirton wap. SE. Lincoln.
6m. SSW. of Boston-113, on F. Wash at R. Wei-
land's mouth. Acres 1260, fenny ; pop. 601 + 20 ;
poor r. 196Z, (Boston U.) ; real prop. 5748Z. ; cha-
rities 221/., of which Middlecott's almshouses
171/. All Saints Cur. with Algarkirk; church,
has a good pinnacled font.

FOSHAM hmlt. ( ) Aldborough par. E. R.
York. 5 m. S. of Hornsea-190, is joined to CARL-

Foss q. s. par., in Dull and Fortingall pars. N.
Perth, near Fortingall, as above, and R. Tum-
nell. Pop. 450. Living (presb. Weem) val. L,
patr. Crown.

Foss-Dyke River (83) joins R. Trent at Tork-
sey, W. Lincoln, to the Witham near Lincoln.
Igr F. Farm ( ) 3 m. EXE. of Leamington, on
the Fosseway, a meet for the Warwick, hounds.
IgP F. River. See Leven, Lancash. |gg F. River
( ) rises near Yeardsley, N. R. York, and runs
about 15 m. S. to R. Ouse, near York.

FOSSA WAY and TULLIEBOLE par. 3 m. SW. of
Kinross-27, SE. Perth, and W. Kinross, made
1614, is under the Ochills, on Rs. Gairney and
Devon (with Caldron Linn falls of 34 and 44 ft.),
belonged to the Murrays of Tullibardine, and
includes E. and W. Gartwhinean, Blairingone
q. s. par., Carnboe, and Crook of Devon. Size
about 15 m. by 3, or 30,000 acres, hilly pasture,
with plantations, stone, coal, lime; pop. 1724
+ 15 ; real prop. 4766Z. ; for poor 13 71. Living
(presb. Aughterarder) val. 164/., patr. Graham of
Kinross. Tulliebole Cast. Sir J. W. Moncrieff,
Bt, b. 1608 ; Aldie Cast. G. Mercer, Esq. b. about
1500, near which is Carleith round tower, 24 ft.
diam. ; Coldrain Mont was a seat of the Murrays ;
Pitvair with Monk's grave, belonged to Culross
abbey ; the Rumbling bridge and Devil's mill are


on the Devon. At the manse they keep the
reformation clog, of which a comical story is told.

FOSSCHAPLE par. joined to DULL, Perth,

FOSSDALE hmlt. ( ) Hardrow chplry. N. R.
York. 1 m. N. of Hawes-149.

Fosse Way, a british and roman road, which
went from Moridunum (near Seaton and Ax-
mouth, Devon.) through Ilchester, Stratton-
on-Foss, Bath, Cirencester (where Ermine St.
crossed), Claychester or High Cross (Watling St.),
Leicester (on Via Devana), Verometum (nearWil-
loughby, AdPontem (near Thorpe on Ermine St.),
Newark, Lincoln (to which it can be traced nearly
all the way from Bath), Ludford, to near Gt.
Grimsby on coast. At Owthorpe, etc. Notts, it
is seen like a wide ditch cut many feet below the

FOSSY, or FIMANOE, par. (18-9, 24-5) Cul-
lenagh, E. Maryborough and Stradbally bars.
Mid. Queen's Co. 4 in. SW. of Stradbally-50.
Acres 10,653; pop. 2142 + 33. Living, a Vic.
(Os. F. L.) val. 1217., patr. Bishop. Fairs, 5 Apr.
2 July, 18 Oct.

Foster Home (8 ) 2 m. NNW. of Chertsey, NW.
Surrey. (jgT F. PLACE hmlt. (88) Hepworth
tnshp. W. R. York. G m. S. of Huddersfield-189.
^= F. Street (1) 5 m. NNE. of Epping, W. Esx.

FOSTERHOUSES vil. (87) Fishlake tnshp. W. R.
York. 3 m. NW. of Thorne-166.

P. FOSTERS-BOOTH hmlt. (53) Cold Higham
and Pattishall pars. SW. Northmptn. 3 m. NNW.
of Towcester-CO, a meet for Ld. Southampton's

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