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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 206 of 293)
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real prop. 11,7747. ; charities 787. All Saints Vic.
(Roch.) val. 4497., patr. Bishop ; church, ancient,
with a fine view of the river, Rochester, Chat-
ham, etc.

FRINO par. (69) Smithdon hund. NW. Norfolk,

8 m. NE. of Castle- Rising-100. Acres 1690 ; pop.
162 + 4 ; poor r. 907. (Dorking U.) ; real prop.
17907. All Saints Cur. (Norw.) val. 777., patr.
Dean and Chap. F. Hall, .

FRINGFORD par. (45) Ploughley hund. NE.
Oxford. 4 m. NNE. of Bicester-54. Acres 1580 ;
pop. 390 + 4 ; poor r. 1337. (Bices. U.) ; real prop.
16397.; charities 17. St. Michael Rect. (Oxon.)
val. 7., patr. Ld. Chancellor ; church, part nor-
man. F. Heath, 3. Scott, Esq.

FRINSTED par. (6) Eyhorn hund. Aylesford
lathe, Mid. Kent, 8 m. E. of Maidstone-34. Acres
1130; pop. 202 + 1; poor r. 1207. (Hollingboura
U.) ; real prop. 12157. ; charities 107. St. Dunstan
Rect. with Milstead.

FRINTON par. (48) Tendring hund. NE. Essex,

9 m. SSW. of Harwich-71, on the North Sea.
Acres 710 ; pop. 44 + 1 ; poor r. 167. (Tendr. U.) ;
real prop. 6837. Living, a Rect. (Roch.) val.
1627., patr. S. Lushington, Esq.

FRIOCKHEIM a. s. par. in Inverkeilor par. SE.
Forfar. 5 m. N. of Arbroath-62. Pop. 1443.
Living (presh. Arbro.) val. 7., patr. Communi-

FRISBY chplry. (63) Galby par. SE. Leicester.
7 m. ESE. of Leicester-96. Pop. 15 ; real prop.

FRISBY-ON-THE-WREAK par. (63) E. Goscote
hund. N. Leicester. 4 m. WSW. of Melton-Mow-
bray-105, has the ' Stump ' and another stone
cross. Acres 1080 ; pop. 429, stocking makers ;
poor r. 1277. (M. Mowbray U.) ; real prop. 20727. ;
charities, Briggs' almsh., etc. 727. St. Thomas-a-
Becket Vic. (Pet.) val. 1817., patr. Ld. Chancellor.
F. Isodge, 1 m. S.

FRISKNEY par. (69) Candleshoe wap. E. Lin-
coln. 1 m. SE. of Spilsby-129, near the coast.
Acres 6270, once noted for wild ducks, now en-
closed and drained ; pop. 1607 + 15 ; poor r. 9747.
(Spils. U.) ; real prop. 13,4817. ; charities 787., of
which 687. to school. All Saints Vic. (Line.) val.
5787., patr. J. Booth, Esq. F. Flat, a long sand,
which dries at low water.

FRIST hmlt. (70) Bicker par. S. Lincoln. 1 m.
SW. of Swineshead-109. Pop. 23.

FRISTON hmlt. (70) Caythorpe par. W. Lincoln.
7m. NNE. ofGrantham-110. Pop. 193. ^
FRISTON par. (50) Plomesgate hund. E. Suffolk,
3 m. SE. of Saxmundham-89. Acres 1790 ; pop.
455 ; poor r. 2677. (Plomesg. U.) ; real prop. 23357. ;
charities 87. St. Mary Vic. (Norw.) val. with
Snape 1947., patr. R. fl. W. Vise, Esq. F. Hall,
. Ijip" FRISTON par. (5) Willingdon hund.
Pevensey rape, SE. Sussex, llm. SE. of Lewes
-50, near Beachy head. Acres 2080 ; pop. 91 ;
poor r. 667. (Eastbourne U.) ; real prop. 10087.
Living, a Vic. with East Dean. F. Place, .

FRITH tnshp. (73) Wrenbury par. . Cheshire,


5 m. SW. of Nantwich-164, is joined to WREN-
ISVRY. IgT FRITH tnshp. ( ) Middleton-5n-
Teesdale par. W. Durham, 10 m. NW. of Mid-
dleton, is joined to FOREST. $ip Frith (55) 2 m.
S. of Tenbury, NW. Worcest. giT FRITH hmlt.
( ) Muker chplry. N. R. York, near Muker-252.
lg" Frith Hall (63) 3 m. W. of Leicester, Mid.
Leicester. giT F. Manor (7) 2 m. S. of Barnet,
N Middlesex.

FRITH-BANK hmlt. (69) Sibsey par. E. Lincoln.
5ni. XNE. ofBoston-113. Pop. 145. ^ F.,
HIGHKR and LOWER ( ) 3 m. WNW. of Cart-
mel -254, N. Lancash. on R. Leven. i^T F. VILLE
tnshp. ( ) Bolingbroke Soke, E. Lincoln, near
New Bolingbroke-122. Acres 2900 ; pop. 333 + 7 ;
poor r. 1447. (Boston U.); real prop. 53567. Liv-
ing, a Cur. (Line.) val. 827., patr. Trustees.

FRITHAM hmlt. (15) Bramshawpar. W. Hants.

6 in. E. of Fordingbridge-91. Pop. 127. ^" FRI-
TIIAM tythg. Minstead par. near the above, is
joined to CANTERTON.

FRITIIELSTOCK par. (26) Shebbear hund. NW.
Devon. 2 m. W. of Torrington-194, has, on R.
Torridge, ruins of an austin priory, found. (Hen.
III.) by Sir R. Beauchamp, as a cell to Hartland.
Acres 2380 ; pop. 705 + 1 ; poor r. 304/. (Ton-ing.
U.) ; real prop. 32877. ; charities 131. St. Marv
and Gregory Cur. (Exet.) val. 1167., patr. H. W;
Johns, Esq. A church window, gate, and part of
priory walls remain.


FRITTENDEN par. (6) Cranbrooke hund. S. Kent,

4 m. NE. of Cranbrooke-48. Acres 3640, with
hops; pop. 804; poor r. 5517. (Cranbr. U.); real
prop. 38587. ; charities, Idenden's,for poor maidens'
marriages, etc. 517, St. Mary Beet. (Cant.) val.
287/., patr. T. L. Hodges, Esq. ; church, has a
good view.

FRITTON par. (66) Depwade hund. SE. Nor-
folk, 7 m. N. of Harleston-99. Acres 710 ; pop.
301 + 6; poor r. 118/. (Depw. U.); real prop.
16027. ; charities, town and labourers' lands 347.
St. Catherine Beet. (Norw.) val. 2577., patr. Rev.
T. Howes. gSP FRITTON par. (67) Mutford hund.
NE. Suffolk, 7m. NW. of Lowestoft-114, has a
decoy near R. Waveney. Acres 2100; pop. 223
+ 5 ; poor r. 937. (Mutfd. Incorp.) ; real prop.
15737. ; charities 137. St. Edmund Beet. (Norw.)
val. 2497., patr. Rev. F. W. Cubitt, rector. F.
Hall, S. Johnson, Esq.

FRITWELT, par. (45) Ploughley hund. N. Oxfd.

5 in. N W. of Bicester-54. Acres 1230 ; pop. 524
+ 3 ; poor r. 1547. (Bicest. U.) ; real prop. 24507. ;
charities 37. St. Olave Vic. (Oxon.) val. 1037.,
patr. J. Willes, Esq. ; church, part norman.

FRIZINGHALL vil. ( ) Heaton, Shiplej-, and
Bolton tnshps. W. R. York. 2 m. N. of Bradford

FRIZINGTON tnshp. ( ) Arlecdon par. W. Cum-
brld. 3 m. W. of Whitehaven-294, has a mineral
spring. Pop. 250, in the iron-stone quarries. F.
Hall, .

FROBURY tvthg. (12) Kingsclere par. 2V. Hants.
1 m. NW. of Kingsclere-54.

FROCESTER par. (35) Lower Whitstone hund.
Mid. Gloucest. on Glouc. and Bristol rail., 105J m.
from London, 4 m. WSW. of Stroud. under a hill
whence there is a fine view, belonged to the abbots
of Gloucester. Acres 1830 ; pop. 344; poor r. 1107.
(WheatenhurstU.); real prop. 41517. ; charities 57.
St. Peter Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val. 2297., patr. Lord
Ducie. who has the manor and F. Court, where
Elizabeth visited the Huntleys 1574. Near it is
the abbey grange, 210 ft. long.

Froda Isld. W. side of Skye, W. Inverness.

FRODESLEY par. (61) Condover hund. Mid.




Salop, 6 m. NE. of Church-Stretton-158, on Wat-
ling St. Acres 2120; pop. 214+3; poor r. 417,
(Atcham U.) ; real prop. 26647. ; charities 27. St.
Mark Beet. (Lich.) val. 3707., patr. Rev. T. Glea-
dowe, rector. F. Lodge, . Major Edwardes,
who fought the battle of Mooltan, is a native.

FRODINGHAM par. (86) E. Manley wap. N W.
Lincoln. 6 m. NW. of Glanford-Brigg-155, con-
tains Bromby, Crosby, and Samthorpe. Acres
5770 ; pop. 701, of town 73 ; poor r. 117. (Brigg
U.) ; real prop. 22877. ; charities 137. St. Lau-
rence Vic. (Line.) val. 2227., patr. C. Whin, Esq.
F. Hall, .

FRODINGHAM, NORTH, par. ( ) N. Holderness
wap. E. R. York. 5 m. SE. of Driffield-196, near
R. Hull, containing Emmotland, was once a mkt.
town. Acres 2880 ; pop. 831 + 12 ; poor r. 2727.
(Driffield U.) ; real prop. 47697.; charities 27.
St. Elgin Vic. (Yk.) val. 1707., patr. Rev. F.
Drake. &r F. SOUTH, tnshp. (85) Owthorne
par. E. R. York. 2 m. NNE. of Patrington-192.
Acres 1410 ; pop. 68 ; real prop. 15307.

P. M. FRODSHAM par. (80) Second Eddisbury
hund. N W. Cheshire, 10 m. NE. of Chester, 191 from
London, near Rs. Mersey and Weaver, N. West,
rail, and Delamere forest, containing Al vanley cur.,
Helsby, Kingsley, Manly, Newton, and Norley cur.,
belonged at 'Domesdy/to the earls of Chester, who
chartered it, and had a castle given by Edw. I.
to Llewelyn's brother David (for betraying which
he was executed as a traitor), afterwards to the
Savages, and burnt 1642. Acres 14,100, of town
1950, marshy, in potatoe grounds, etc., with rock
salt, stone ; pop. 5821 + 28 and 1806 + 6, in the salt
works, cotton manufact. ; houses , with chapel,
savings bank, flour mills, 4-arched bridge on the
Weaver near the graving dock, free gram, school
(407.), under Beacon hill, which has a good view ;
poor r. 9907. on 10,5477. (Runeorn U.) ; real prop.
11,5057. ; charities 1137. St. Lawrence Fzc.(Ches.)
val. 5907., patr. Ch. Ch. Oxon. ; church, on Overton
hill, and part norman. T. Hough died here, 141
yrs. old. * F. DEANERY, archdy. and dioc. of
Chester, contains the benefices marked in Buck-
low hund., with Frodsham vie. Mkt. D. Sat.
Fairs, 15 May, 21 Aug.

FRODSHAM lordshp. in the above par. contains
Bradley, Netherton, Overton, and Woodhouses.

Frog Grove (8) 3 m. NW. of Guildford, W.

Acres 3000 ; pop. 1022.

Frog Grove (8) 3 m.

Surrey. ^T F. Hall Farm (64) 5 m. NW. of
Ramsey, N. Hunts, on Whittlesea Mere. giT F.
Hall (53) 2 m. E. of Kineton, S. Warwick. ^ F.
Hall (53) 6m. SE. of Warwick, E. Warwick, on
Dunsmoor Heath. g3" F. Hill (10) near Cal-
bourne, I. of Wight, S. Hants, seat of F. Bar-
rington, under Swainston Down.

IROGGATT tnshp. (81) Bakewell par. N. Derby.
5 m. NNE. of Bakewell-153, on R. Derwent. Pop.

Froghall (72) 3 m. NNE. of Cheadle, N. Staf-
ford, near Uttoxeter canal. l^ Froghall Green
(8) J m. E. of Wokingham, SE. Berks.

P. FROGMOOR hmlt. (24) Charleton par. S.
Devon. 1 m. SE. of Kingsbridge-208. Pop. 77.
Ijaf FROGMOOR hmlt. Sherford par. near the
above. Pop. 90. f&" FROGMOOR hmlt. (18)
Toller-Fratrum par. Mid. Dorset. 7 m. SE. of
Beaminster-137. Pop. 18.

Frogmore (28) near Tralee, N. Kerry.

P. Frogmore End (7) 2 m. SSE. of Hemel-
Hempstead, W. Herts, near Gd. Junct. canal and
N. West. rail. ^ F. Hall (46) 4 m. SE. of
Stevenage, Mid. Herts, on R. Beane, W. Hudson,
Esq. ^- F. House (7) J m. E. of Windsor, E.
Berks, seat of the Duchess of Kent, formerly of





Queen Charlotte, b. by Wyatt. In the grounds
are the Ruin, the Hermitage, Gothic Temple, etc.
tgg" F. House (17) near Rickmansworth, SW.

Frognal (6) 4 m. ENE. of Bromley, NW. Kent,
Visct. Sydney, (jsp" Frognal (7) at Hampstead,
Midx. now Montague Grove.

Frognall (64) near Market Deeping, S. Lincoln.

Frogshall (47) near Halstead, N. Essex.

FROME HUNDRED (19) E. Somerset, contains
the boro' of Frome-Sehvood vie., the pars, of
Beckington rect., Berkeley r., Cloford v., E. Cran-
niore, Elm r., Laverton r., Leigh, Luddingtou cur.,
Marston-Bigott r., Mells r., Nunney r., Orchard-
leigh r., Road r., Rodden c., Standerwick, Wans-
trow r., Whatle}' r., Witliam-Friarv c., and Wool-
verton r. ; acres 37,620, pop. 21,093, houses 4399.
>5< F. DEANERY, archdy. of Wells, dioc. of Bath
and W., contains the benefices marked in Frome,
Kilmersdon, and Wellow hunds., with Benagerr.,
Cameley r., Chewton Mendip v., Chilcompton c.,

E. Harptree v., Laverton r., Litton r., Midsomer
Norton v., Paulton c.

* P. M. FROME, or F. SELWOOD, par. as above,
11 m. S. of Bath, 103 from London, near Gt. West,
rail., a polling town on a hill by R. Frome (which
rises near Stourhead, E. Somerset, and runs 25 in.
N. to R. Avon at Bath, with good trout, and eel
fishing), in Sel wood or Woodlands forest, had a mo-
nastery found.705, by K. Ina's brother Bp. Aldhelm,
and came through the Fitz-Beruards, Braunches,
Leverseges, to the Thynnes and Boyles ; returns,
under the Reform act, one member to par!., no. of
electors being 416 (of 10Z. houses 2449) ; and
is governed by 2 constables, etc. Acres of par.
6960, with stone quarries, of boro' 800 (?);
pop. 11,849, and 9699, in the broadcloth and silk
trades, ale breweries, and ironworks ; houses 2460,
irregular, of stone, with 4 churches (one b. 1850),
5 chapels, 2 banks, savings bk. (35,626Z. from 1131
depositors), 5-arched bridge, fulling mills, free

ram. school (6Z.), boys' char, school (399Z.),
teven's girls' asylum and men's hosp. (762Z.),
Leversedge's almsh. (399Z.), and Union p. house ;
assd. taxes 1960Z. ; poor r. 5812Z. on 28,53/Z. ; real
prop. 22.761Z. St. Peter Vic. (Ba. and W.) val.
720Z., patr. Marq. of Bath, church, has mon. to
Bp. Kenn and some oak carvings; Christ Ch.
Cur., ISO/., Woodlands and Trinity Curs., patr.
of all, Vicar. Vallis Ho. was the seat of the Le-
verse !ges ; besides this are some traces of a mo-
nastery at Keyford, a priory in Hill Lane, and a
nunnery on Catherine Hill. At the ' Bull ' is a
cask holding 600 puncheons. F. Field, G. Shep-
pard, Esq. Frome P. L. Union, contains the pars,
in the above hund. (except E. Cranmore), with
Babington, Buckland-Denham, Farleigh-Hunger-
fond, Forscote, Hardington, Hennington, Kil-
mersdon, St. Philip Norton, Tel lisford, Writhling-
ton ; acres 49,606, pop. 25,307, cases relieved (yr.
1846-7) 4337 (out-door 3605), expend. 14.219Z.,
prop, rated 92.175Z. Sup. Registry comprises the
same ; pop. 25,817. The New County Court dis-
trict includes the Registry, and the pars, of Bat-
combe, Downhead, E. Cranmore, Stoke Lane,
Upton- Noble. Mht. Ds. Wed. Sat. Fairs, 24
Feb. 25 Nov. cattle, etc.

Hereford. ; and t^e like for other Fromes. J< F.
DEANERY, archdy. and dioc. of Hereford, con-
tains the benefices marked in Broxash and Rad-
low hunds. with Bosbury v., Edwin Ralph r.,
Marston in Pencombe c., or 40 in all. tgl F.
WHITFIELD bmlt. (17) Holy Trinity par. S. Dorset.
1m. NW.of Dorchester- 120, on R, Frome. Pop. 26.

F. House, 1 m. E. Living, a Rect. with Holy

inity. l^T F., or Froom, River (16-8) rises
ir Corscomb, NW. Dorset, and runs 35m. E.


past Dorchester to Wareham below, which was
the Fro, or Frau-muih, of the Saxons. igi F.,
ST. QUINTIX, par. (18) Tollerford hund. W. Dor-
set. 4 in. WNW. of Cerne-Abbas-127, on the above,
belonged to the St. Quintins. Acres 260 ; pop.
140; poor r. 34Z. (Cerne U.) ; real prop. 1399Z.
Living, a Rect. (Sal.) val. with Evershot 308Z,
patr. Ld. Chancellor, rjif F., VAUCHURCII, par.
as above, 7m. NW.of Dorchester-120, contains
Toller Ford, on R. Frome, which gives name to
the hund. Acres 1080 ; pop. 180 + 5 ; poor r.
105Z. Dorch. U.) real prop. 1225Z. ; charities 1Z.
Living, a Rect. (Sal.) val. with Batcombe 411Z.,
patr. Duke of Cleveland and Dow. Countess of
Sandwich. |gi" F. River. See Stroud Water,
Gloucest. which passes Frampton and Framilode.
IgiP F. River (43, 55) rises near Wolferow Park,
NE. Hereford, and runs 20 m. SSW. past Brom-
yard, to R. Lug, near Hampton-Bishop, passing
Bishops, Canon, and Castle Frome.

Fron (74) 1 m. NW. of Bala, NE. Merioneth.
T. Anwyl, Esq. ( ?)

Fronfraith ( ) near Aberystwith, N. Cardigan.
was a seat of the Bonsals.

Froscots (34) 5 m. NW. of Chippenham, NW.

FROSTENDEN par. (49) Blything hund. NE.
Suffolk, 4 m. NNW. of Southwold-105. Acres
1280; pop. 428 + 5; poor r. 119Z. (Blyth. U.) ;
real prop. 2670Z. ; charities, church and poor's
lands 28Z. All Saints Rect. (Norw.) val. 348Z.,
patr. T. Barne, Esq.

FROSTERLEY tnshp. ( ) Stanhope par. W.
Durham, 3 m. W.of Wolsingham-256, on R. Wear,
and Stocktn. and Darl. rail. Acres, with New-
land-Side and Bishopley, 9820 ; pop. 386 ; real
prop. 1742Z.

P. FROWLESWORTH par. (63) Guthlaxton
hund. S. Leicester. 5 m. NW. of Lutterworth-89,
near Midld. Count, rail, and R. Soar. Acres 1960 ;
pop. 318 + 4; poor r. 176Z. (Lutterw. U.); real
prop. 3386Z. ; charities 544Z., of which Ch. Baron
Smith's almsh. 541Z. St. Nicholas Rect. (Pet.) val.
457Z., patr. Rev. S. L. Noble, rector. F. Lodge, .
Froxfield (46) 1 m. E. of Woburn, SW. Beds.
P. FROXFIELD par. (11) Upper E. Meon hund.
E. Hants. 3 m. N W. of Petersfield-54. Acres 6480 ;
pop. 656 + 4; poor r. 441 Z. (Petersf. U.) ; real
prop. 3848Z. ; charities, Love's school 28Z. St.
Peter Cur. with E. Meon.

P. FROXFIELD par. (12) Rinwardstone hund.
E. Wilts. 3 m. W. of Hungerford-64, near Kennet
and Avon canal, contains Hughditch, Oakhill, and
Rudge. Acres 1150; pop. 625 + 4; poor r. 302Z.
(Hungerf. U. ) ; real prop. 2499Z. ; charities,
Duchess of Somerset's (1686) hospital for 50
clergy and other widow's 2370Z. All Saints Vic.
(Sal.) val. 122Z., patr. Dean and Chap, of Windsor.
P. FROYLE par. (12) Upper Alton hund. NE.
Hants. 3 m. NE. of Alton-47, near R. Wey. Acres
3920, with hops; pop. 849 + 7; poor r. 396Z.
(Alton U.); real prop. 5364Z. St. Mary Vic.
(Win.) val. 254Z., patr. Rev. Sir T. C. Miller, Bt,
of F. Place, vicar.

P. FRUCHIE vil. 2 m. E. of Falkland-25, Mid.
Fife, in that par. with a chapel. Pop. 713 + 20,

Fruid Water, rises under Hart Fell, S. Peebles.
and runs 6 m. N. to the Tweed in Tweedmuir.

Fruil Hill (10) near Newtown Litnavady, N.
Londondy. M. M'Causland, Esq.

Fruin Water, runs through Glen Fruin to W.
side of L. Lomond, W, Dumbarton, opposite Inch
Murren Isld.



tains the pars, of Landford and Whiteparish ;
acres 8200, pop. 1532, houses 310.

Frwdgrech (42) near Brecknock, Mid. Brecon.
W. I'earce, Esq., formerly seat of the Havards
and Williamses.

Fry Cross (8) 6m. SSE. of Godalming, SW.

Frybrook ( ) near Boyle, N. Eoscomn.

FRYER MAYNE hmlt. (17) W. Knighton par.
5. Dorset. 3 m. SE. of Dorchester-120.

Fryerage, The, near Yarm, N. R. York, seat of
Meynell, of Kilvington.


Fryern Farm (7) 4m. WNW. of Hampstead,
Mid. Middlesex.

FRYERNING par. (1) Chelmsford hund. Mid.
Essex, 6 m. SW. of Chelmsford-29, near E. Count,
rail. Acres 3830; pop. 807 + 13; poor r. 3717.
(Chelmsf. U.); real prop. 31407.; charities 13/.
St. Mary Sect. (Roch.) val. 2887., patr. Wadh.
Coll. Oxon.

FRYSTOSE, FERRY, par. (87) Upper Osgold-
cross wap. W. R. York. 2 m. NE. of Pontefract
-177, contains F. WATER hnilt. and Ferrybridge,
on R. Aire. Acres 2850 ; pop. 951 + 12 ; poor r.
182/. (Barwick Incorp.) ; real prop. 68467. ; chari-
ties 1727., of which 101. to Clarkson's almsh. St
Andrew Vic. (Yk.) val. 240/., patr. Sub-Chanter
and Vicars Choral. F. Hall, R. M. Milnes, Esq.
M. P., where the stone coffin of Thorn, of Lan-
caster, beheaded at Pomfret, was found 1822.
l$ir F., MONK, par. (87) Lower Barkstone
Ash wap. 3 in. NE. of the above, on York rail.,
contains Bur ton- Salmon and Hillam. Acres
3770, of town 1470; pop. 937 + 7, and 429;
poor r. 86/. (Gt. Preston Incorp.); real prop.
27927. ; charities 347., of which 107. to school.
Living, a Cur. (Yk.) val. 1241., patr. Preb. of

FRYTON tnshp. ( ) Hovingham par. N. R.
York. 6 m. WNW. of New MaIton-217. Acres
970; pop. 77+1; poor r. 331. (Malt. U.); real
prop. 12647.

Fuday, or Fudia, Isld. between Barra and S.
Uist, Western Islds. Pop. 5.

FUERTY par. (35,39,41)Athlonebar. W. Ros-
comn. 2 m. W. of Roscommon-93, on R. Suck, has
some danish raths. Acres 13,475, with lime and
grit stone ; pop. 5818 + 20, of vil. 99. Living,
a Vic. with Athleague. Fairs, 19 May, 4 Aug.
21 Nov. Castlestrange, E. Mitchell, Esq.

Fuge Houst (23) 3 m. SW. of Dartmouth, S.
Devon. C. Hayne, Esq.

(15) Branch and Dole hund. S. Wilts, close to
Wilton-84, on R. Wiley, containing Bemerton
cur. and Quidhampton, had a lepers' hosp. found,
by Adelicia, wife of Hen. I., on the site of a
monastery in which K. Ethelbert was buried 827.
Acres 2480 ; pop. 521 ; poor r. 3887. (Wilton U.) ;
real prop. 9G8/. ; charities, 2101. to St. Giles' and
St. Marv Magdalene's hospitals. Living, a Rect.
(Sal.) val. with Bemerton 4827., patr. Earl of

Fuidge House (26) 7 m. E. of Okehampton,
Mid. Devon.

P. FULBECK par. (70) Loveden wap. W. Lin-
coln. 8m. NW. of Sleaford-115, contains Maiden
Ho , and has a fine view of R. Trent. Acres 3900 ;
pop. 694 + 4 ; poor r. 199/. (Newark U.) ; real prop.
64047. ; charities 137. St. Nicholas Rect. (Line.)
val. 518/., patr. E. Fane, Esq., of F. House; church,
iiorman and later styles, with a circular font.

P. FULBOURN All Saints and St. Vigor's par.

(51) Fiendish hund. S. Cambridge. 4m. ESE. of
Cambridge-50. Acres 5221, part common; pop.
1405 + 20; poor r. 9907. (Chesterton U.); real
prop. 7181 ; charities 308/., of which about 357. to
school. All Saints Vic. (Ely) val. 2537., patr.
Bishop ; St. Vigor Rect. 4427., St. John's Coll. ;
church, has 5 brasses from 1370 (Will, de F. a
priest, canopied, etc.). F. House, R. Townlev,
Esq., M. P.

FULBROOK hmlt. ( ) Hogshaw par. Mid. Bucks.
4m. SSW. of Winslow-49. igT FULBROOK par.
(44) Chadlington hund. W. Oxford, close to Bur-
ford-73. Acres 1670; pop. 368; poor r. 2717.
(WitneyU.); real prop. 28257. ; charities 21. St.
James Cur. with Burford. ijif FULBROOK par.
(54) Barlichway hund. Mid. Warwick. 4m. NNE.
of Stratford-on-Avon-96, contains Hampton-on-
the-hill, and Lower Norton, was a seat of the
Beauchamps, of Duke of Bedford (son of Hen.
IV.), the Comptons (who took the castle down),
and Lucys of Charlecote. Acres 650 ; pop. 70 ;
poor r. 637. (Stratf. U.) ; real prop. 7. Living,
a Rect. with Sherborne ; no church.

FULFIN ext par. (62) Streethay tnshp. SE.
Stafford, near Lichfield-119. Pop."l5.

FULFORD hmlt. (28) S. Tawton par. Mid. Devon.
4 m. NNE. of Moreton-Hampstead-185. F. House,
B. Fulford, Esq. was garrisoned for Ch. 1., taken
by Fairfax 1645, and is an ancient quadrangle
with a large hall, some family portraits by Rey-
nolds, etc., Vandyck's 'Charles I.', 'Battle of
Gravelines ' (1558), etc. igp FULFORD tythg.
(21) Pitminster par. S. Somerset. 3 m. S. of Taun-
ton-141. ^ FULFORD lib. (72) Stone par. N.
Stafford. 5 m. NNE. of Stone-141. Pop. 363, in
the stone quarries ; real prop. 22541. St. Nicholas
Cur. (Lich.) val. 1297., patr. T. Allen, Esq.

P. FULFORD-AMBO par. ( ) as below, Ouse and
Derwent wap. E. R. York. 2 m. S. of York-199, con-
tains F. GATE and F. WATER as below, on R. Ouse.
Acres 1940; pop. 1305 + 37; poor r. 328/. (York
U.) ; real prop. 8608/. ; charities 327., of which
101. to free school. Living, a Cur. (Yk.) val. 967.,
patr. T. Key, Esq. York barracks, and the Re-
treat, or Friends' lunatic asylum, are here, g^f F.
GATE and F. WATER tnshps. in the above par.
Acres 1630 and 310 ; pop. 1268 and 37. gST F.,
Little (22) 1 m. E. of Crediton, Mid. Devon., R.
Tuckfield, Esq.

P. FULHAM par. (7) Ossulstone hund. S. Mid-
dlesex, 6 m. SW. of St. Paul's, at the bridge on
the Thames, opposite Putney, containing Walham
Green, North End curs., Parson's Green (and
Hammersmith till 1834), the seat of the bishops
of London, was given to them 691 by Bp. Erken-
wald, son of K. OfFa, as Fullanham, and was oc-
cupied by the Danes 879, and by the parliament
forces 1642 and 1647. Acres 1820, partly in mkt.
gardens, etc. ; pop. 9319, some stoneware makers ;
houses 1471, with 3 lunatic asylums, workhouse, 2
chapels, wooden bridge designed by Cheselden the
surgeon, 789 ft. by 24, cost 23,0757. ; poor r. 4021 7.
on 40,5007. ; real prop. 48,8077. ; charities 6257.,
of which 1227. from Bp. King the poet, and some-
time rector, besides Powell's (517.), Williams's
( 187.), Bishop Porteus's (237.), theCholmondonley
(147.), and the new (827.) almshouses. All Saints
Vic. (Lon.) val. 8357., patr. Bishop ; church, has
a tower of 14th cent., with tombs of Bps. Lowth,
Gibson, Sherlock, Compton, Henchman, Porteus,
and of Lad}' Legh, Smitli who was K. James's
latin secretary, Butts physician to Hen. VIII.,
Lady Clarke by Gibbons, Ld. Mordaunt father of
the great Peterboro', Cadogan the physician, and
j Fiddes who wrote the life of Wolsey, with a
I brass of Marg. Saunders (1529). The>o7ace, of

3 B 2




brick, with 2 courts, chapel, and many portraits,
was begun by Bp. Fitzjames (Hen. VII.), and has
Bonner's chair, and some exotics in the grounds
(37 acres), where the tamarisk and cedar were first
planted. Munster Ho., formerly the Powells', and a
hunting seat of Chas. II., is Dr. Elliot's lunatic
asyl. ; Lisle's Place belonged to the De Lisles and
Warwicks ; Stourton or F.House to the Stourtons,
afterwards to the fam. of the excellent G. Sharp,
who died here 1813; Claybrook Ho., the Clay-
brookes ; Colehill Ho., to Kent the landscape gar-
dener. The ' Golden Lion,' as old as Hen. VII., was
reb. about 1835. Barbel, eel, roach, dace, flounders,
etc. are caught in the river; and at Stanley
bridge the Metropolitan Sewage Comp. have their
head qrs. with 9 m. of pipe laid down, for supply-
ing 30,000 acres with manure. Fulham P. L.
Union, contains the pars, of Fulham and Ham-
mersmith ; acres ; pop. 22,772, cases relieved
(yr. 184(5-7) 3507, (outdoor 3025), expend. 8597/.,
prop, rated 96.854Z.

FULKING hmlt. (91) Edbarton par. S.Sussex,
3 m. E. of Steyning-50. Acres 1330 ; pop. 176
+ 1 ; real prop. 1486/.

FuLL-SuiTON par. ( ) Harthiil wap. E. R.
York. 5 m. N W. of Pocklington-212. Acres 950 ;
pop. 146 ; poor r. 141. (Pockling. U.), real prop.
870/. Living, a Rect. (Yk.) val. 150Z., patr. Lord

FCLLARTON q. s. par. in Dundonald par. W.
Ayr. includes lrvine-69. Pop. 3108. Living

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