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and bog; pop. 5309 + 28. Living, a Vic. with
Keynagh. G. Priory, Sir A. Armstrong, Bt. I\l. 1'.
GALLERUS vil. (42) KilmalkecUr par. W. Kerry,
near Smerwick harbour, has ruins of a hermitage,
'ower, the Fitzgeralds' castle, etc.

Galley Green (48) 4 m. WNW. of Colchester,
NE. Essex:

Gallinns Reach (1) a bend of the 7'hames be-
1C. Ham and Plumstcad marshes, below
3 u 4




Woolwich, lying NE. and S\V. 1 m. long, with
13 to 17 ft. and a shoal with only 7 ft. opposite
Devall's House on the W. side.

GALLOON par. (39-40, etc.) Clonakelly, Coole,
and Knockninny bars. S. Fermanagh, contains
Newtown Butler-83, on L. Erne. Acres 25,286,
with lime and stone, and islds. in the lake ; pop.
11,135 + 63. Living, a Rect. (Arm. C.) val. 535/.,
patr. Bishop. Crom Castle, Earl of Erne.

Galloper Sand, at the Tliames mouth, lat.
51 45' N., long. 1 56' E., about 30 m. NE. of X.
Foreland, lies NNW. and SSE. 4J m. long and i
broad, with only 6 ft. water in one part, but 7 to
17 fath. off it. A vessel with two lights 38 ft. high,
and visible 10 m., is moored in 15 fath.

P. GALLOPING GREEN vil. (23) Kathdown bar.
S. Dublin, 2 m. NW. of Cabinteely-8. Pop. 106.

GALI.OW par. (49) Upper Deece bar. S. Meath,
3 m. NW. of Kilcoek-17, on Royal canal. Acres
2584 ; pop. 641. Living, a Rect. with Raddens-
town. G. Hill, W. Maher, Esq.

Callow Green (1) 3m. S. of Maldon, Mid.
Essex. i^af" G. HILL tnshp. ( ) Bolam par.
BE. Northmbrld. 7 m. SW. of Morpeth-289, near
Watling St. where the barons of Bolam had their
gallows. Pop. 41 ; poor r. 30/. (Castleward U.) ;
real prop. 1928/. Bolam House, Lord Decies.
iP G.-HILL hmlt. ( ) Bowes tnshp. N. JR.
York. 4 m. SW. of Barnard Castle-246.

GALLOW HUNDRED (68-9) N. Norfolk, con-
tains the pars, of Alethorpe, Bagthorpe rect,
Barmerr., East, West, and North Barsham rs.,
Dunton vie., Fakenham r., Fulmodeston r., Hel-
houghton v., Hempton, New Houghton v., Kettle-
stone r., Pudding Norton, Pensthorpe r., East and
West (j-s.) and South (.) Rainham, East and
West Rudham vs., Great (r.) and Little (r.) Ry-
burgh, Sculthorpe r., Shereford r., Little Snoring,
Stibbard r., Syderstone r., Tatterford r., Tatter-
sett r.. Testerton, and Trees Toft v. ; acres 44,480,
good land, pop. 9669, houses 1916. See BURN-

GALLOWAY, in SW. Scotland, now including
Kirkcudbt. and Wigton., was the name of the whole
corner between the Friths of Clyde and Solway,
the seat of the Selgovae and Novantes, was wasted
by the Danes 875, settled 9th and 10th cents,
by the Scoto-Irish cruithne, gaels or "strangers"
(from whom the Saxons called it Oalweia, Gall-
way, etc.), who formed a distinct chiefdom till
conquered 1160 by Mai. IV. when it came to
Baliol (who, with Bruce, was a descendant of
Fergus, lord of G., who died 1160), the Comyns,
Douglases, etc. It has good pasture for polled
black cattle and black-faced sheep ; but the small
dun Galloway horse is almost gone. G. House (30)
3 m. ESE.of Sorbie, SE. Wigton., Earl Galloway,
with a fine view over the sea, Cumbrld. etc. tji G.
SYNOD, contains the presbyteries of Stranraer,
Wigtown, Kirkcudbright. Free Church, the same.

Galloway, Mull of (36) W. side of Luce Bay, S.
Wigton., the Novantiuin Prom, of Ptolemy, and the
most S. point of Scotland, with a light, in lat. 54
38' N., long. 4 51' W, put up 1830, 325 ft. high,
seen 23 m., being visible for 2 min. then eclipsed
^ min. Mull, the same as the welsh "inoel/' a
bald head.

* P. GALLOWAY, NEW, Kells par. Mid. Kirk-
cudbt. 20 m. N. of Kirkcudbright, 98 from Edin-
bro', at the bridge on R. Ken, is a royal and parl.
burgh of little note (belonging to Visct. Kenmure
of Ken Castle), contributory to Wigtown (elect.
14), first chartered 1629 by Ch. I., and governed
under the new act by a provost and 18 council., with
a revenue of 73/. Pop. 403, decreasing, in a general
trade ; houses 103, with the church, a town house,

jail. A waterspout burst over the river, July
1849. Fairs, 1st Wed. Apr. and Aug. o. .

GALLOWLAW vil. Panbride par. S. Forfar. 5 m.
SW. of Arbroath-62. Pop. 79.

Gallows Bridge (13) 4 m. NNE. of Wantage,
NW. Berks. ^- G. Hill (7) 3 m. NNW. of
Watford, S W. Herts, on N. West. rail. <gf" G.
Hill (39) near Tyrrell's pass, S. Westmeath/oloft.

Gallstown Park (33) 2m. NE. of Rochefort
Bridge, SE. Westmeath, Lord Kilmaine, has a
larch planted by Swift.

Galltfaenan (79) 3 m. NNW. of Denbigh, where
Sir H. Myddleton was born (d. 1640).

Gallvale Castle, at Boharm, Banff, on R. Spey,
in ruins.

Gaily Head (144) 5 m. SE. of Ross Carbery, S.
Cork, between Ross and Clonakilty bays.

Gaily End (1) 2m. S. of Chelmsford, Mid.
Essex, near G. Wood House. $&G.-Gap( )6m.
SSW. of New Malton, E. R. York. ^ G. Hill,
2 m. N. of Biggleswade, E. Berksh. a roman
camp of 30 acres on Watling St., where coins,
urns, and a mirror were found ; formerly a seat of
the Cattieuchlani. igiP G. Oak, a meet for War-
wick, hounds, 13 m. from Leamington.

Galmasdalc, near Inverness., H. Mackin-
non, Esq.

GALMINGTON hmlt. (21) Wilton par. Mid. So-
merset. \ m. S. of Taunton-141. Pop. 109.

GALMOY BARONY (7-10, etc.) NW. Kilkenny,
contains the pars, of Balleen, Borrismore, Cool-
cashin, Rathlogan, Urlingford, and part of Ahar-
nev, Durrow, Erke, Fertagh, Glashare, Rath-
beagh, and Sheffin ; acres 40,237,an val. 26,861Z.,
pop. 15,614, houses 2680.

GALMFTON hmlt. (23) Churston-Ferrers par.
S. Devon. 4 m. NE.'of Dartmouth-202. Pop. 261.
igiT GALMFTON hmlt. (24) S. Huish par. S.
Devon. 4 m. SW. of Kingsbridge-208. Pop. 176.

GALPHAY hmlt. ( ) Azerley tnshp. W. R.
York. 4m. WNW. of Ripon-212.

Galsham (26) 1 m. SSW. of Hartland, NW.

P. GALSTON par. Kyle dist. N. Ayr. 5 m. N. of
Mauchline-63, on Kilrnarnock rail, at the 3-arched
bridge on R. Irvine, near R. Avon's head, includes
Old-Bridge-End, also Gait and Bruntwood lochs,
Barr and Cessnock old castles. Size 13 m. by 4, fer-
tile, with sheep-walks, coal, lime, stone, iron,
rising ft. at Cairnsaigh, ft. at Molmount, with
a druid circle and fine view ; pop. 4334 + 68, some
in the iron, cotton, muslin, paper manufacts. ;
real prop. 104,521/. ; for poor I. Living (presb.
Ayr) val. 179Z., patr. Duke of Portland, of Ful-
larton Ho., heritor through the Scotts. Loudon
Cast., Marq. of Hastings. An elm 24 ft. girth at
Barr Cast., and many cairns are seen ; and Wal-
lace hill was a retreat of that hero, who beat
Fenwick hereabouts.

GALSWORTHY hmlt. (26) Buckland Brewer
par. NW. Devon. 5 m. WNW. of Torrington-194.

Galtee Mountns. ( ) W. of Cahir, S. Tipperary,
strike 15 m. WSW. across the Limerick border,
rising 3008 ft. at Galteemore, which is crowned
by a large cromlech, having Aherlow glen, the
Slieve-na-muck hills, Tipperary and Cashel in
the Golden Vale, to the N., and Clogheen, and
Knockmeaklown mountns. (2700 ft.) on the S.

GALTON hmlt. (17) Owermoigne par. S. Dor-
set. 6 in. SE. of Dorchester- 120.

Galtrees Forest ( ) Buhner wap. N. R. York.
reached from York to Craike Hill, where was St.
Cuthbert's Castle.

GAI.TIUM par. (37, 43) Lower Deece bar. S.
Meath, a police station, 4 m. SE. of Trim-27


which belonged to Trim priory. Acres 4129, with
stone quarries ; pop. 735 + 2. Living, a Vic.
(Meath) val. 115/., patr. T. Hussey, Esq. G.
House, J. Fox, Esq.


GALWAY (137 sheets), a seaside county, Con-
uaught province, W. Ireland, between the G.Bay
and Killery harb., including the ' kingdom ' of
Connemara, etc., was the seat of the Auteri,
afterwards of the O'Flaherties, Joyces, O'Dallys,
O'Kellys, O'Mallys, Birminghams, O'Shaugh-
nessies, O'Hallorans, etc. and the " 13 tribes " (as
below), was granted with the province by
Hen. III. to Rich, de Burgos, or Burke, whose
descendants called this part Clanricarde, and
was made shire ground 1585 by Ld. Deputy Syd-
ney, is traversed by L. Corrib, etc., and bor-
dered by Mayo (N.), R. Suck and Roscomn. (NE.),
R, Shannon and Tippery. (SE.), Clare (S.), At-
lantic Ocean (W.). Length from Achris pt.,
ESE. to Shannon harb. near Clonfert 97 m.,
greatest breadth 72, av. ditto 40 ; relative size
753-10,OOOths; circuit about 420, including 160
coast (or 217 taking in creeks, etc. with 2 fishery
districts at Galway and Clifden, employing 1084
boats and 7478 hands, and 12 coast -gd. stations
with 80 men), along which are several excellent
harbs. etc, as : Killery harb. (a very fine spot),
Renville pt. (off which are Ennisbofin, Innis-
hark, and other islds.), Ballinakill harb., Achris
pt. (granite, and the farthest W.), Omey har-
bour, Tarbert and other islds., Ardbear harbour,
leading to Clifden, Mannin bay, Slyne hd. and
light, Bunowen bay, Roundstone harb., Birter-
buy bay, Rossrua pt. (off which are Skirds rocks,
Mynish and other islds.), Kilkerran and Great-
man's bays (with Gulin hd., Garomna, Litter-
more, and other islds. between), Caslesh bay (off
which are Arran islds. and It. belonging to this
co.), and Galway bay (as below). It contains
2447 sq. m., or 1,566,354 acres, of which 742,805
are arable, 708,000 uncultivated bog, mountn.,
etc., 1801 in towns, 90,030 water; 440,198 + 2551
persons, of whom 16,121 are in Galwav, Tuam,
and Gort, 220,634 are females, 221,356 are under
20 yrs. of age, 427,356 county-born ; 78,368 fami-
lies, of whom 12,778, or 14 per cent., live by
manufact., trade, etc., 54,389, or 79 per cent., by
agricult, 1527 independent and professions, 58,283
by manual labour, 67,321 in 3rd and 4th or
lowest class houses ; 75,394 houses (besides 2069
empty and building) ; 18 baronies in two ridings
Atheury, Clare, Dunkellin, and Galway (Mid.),
Dunmore (N.), Ballymoe, Killian, and Tiaquin
(NE.), Conmacroon, which was the Burkes' coun-
try, and Kilconnell (E.), Leitrim and Longford
(SE.), KiltartinandLoughrea(S.), Ballynahinch
or Connemara proper, and Moycullen or lar-Con-
naught, which was the Flaherties' (W.), Ross or
Joyce's country (NW.) ; 79 parishes and parts
of 5 others, of which Kilcummin is the largest
(108,791 acres); 12 market towns, Galway (w.\
the co. town, etc. (as below), Ballinasloe (e.l,
Gort(j.), Loughrea(e-), Clifden (IP.), Tuam (w.),
Portumna e.), Eyrecourt, Headford, Athenry,
Dunmore, Kinvara, the first six with Oughter-
ard being poor law unions, the first seven with
Oughterard (o.) sessions towns, and Oughter-
ard and Galway being police head quarters, in-
cluding 15 districts, 84 stations, and 617 men
(those marked e. and w. are in the E. and W.
ridings respectively) ; returns four members to
parl., viz. 2 for county (elect. 1157) and 2 for
Galway as below (instead of 2 each for Athenry
and Tuam, disfranchised at the Union) ; is in
Connaught circuit and Limerick military dis-

GAL 745

trict, and includes Kilmacduagh diocese, with
parts of Tuam, Clonfert, Elphin, Killaloe, in the
province of Armagh. Gross rental (1846) 614,208/.
or 8*. 4<f. per acre ; val. to poor r. 604.080/. ;
county rate ('48) 47,9647. Savings banks ('48)
1, with 4257Z. from 152 depositors; loan funds 4,
with 4675Z. capital, and circulating 3910/. Births
1 in 29 ; deaths 1 in 53 (26 in the town) the all-
j Irld. av. being 55. Schools (national) 132, at-
j tended by 17,910 child., in 1841, 78'7 per cent,
of the pop. could not read or write, and 15,331
! went to schools of all kinds ; av. no. of committals
j ('45-8) 1329, of whom 409 were convicted. Bog
overruns the whole surface, which is naturally
divided by Loughs Corrib and Mask into two
parts, the E. being pretty level on the carboni-
ferous limestone, which fills great part of Ireland,
and appears in the Arran islds., while the W. is
all mountain, lake, and bog, the quarter below a
line from Oughterard to Birterbuy bay being gra-
nite, and the remaining quarter slaty, rising into
the " hills of Connemara," where the chief points
are Benabola or the Twelve Pins (quartz, the
highest being Benbacon 2935 ft., Bencorr 2336,
Bencullagh 2084), Letterbreekaun 2193ft., Devil's
Mother 2131, Garraun 1973 ft., Maam Turc 2003 ;
in the E. half, around the SI. Boughta hills, are
Knockeven 1242, Kylebeg 1079 ft. Fine black
marble is got near Galway (whence a strip of old
red sandstone runs towards the NW.), and green
at Ballynahinch, Clifden, etc. ; iron, lead, man-
ganese have been found, but not worked. Stock-
ing knitted, coarse linen and woollens made for
home use, and dyed red with logwood. Climate
mild, but wet ; most of the products are raised by
spade husbandry, but the cultivation is very
backward. Acres in crop ('48) 213,792, of which
the chief are oats 69,850, potatoes 39,376, wheat
28,476, barley and rye 16,224, turnips 12,347,
meadow and clover 44,781, etc. and the val. of
live stock in '41 on 44,532 farms above 1 acre
was 1,064,762/., including 74,877 cattle (mostly
black, upwards of 93,000 in '48), 256,121 sheep
(small, pastured on the hills to NW. and plains
to the E.), 44,305 pigs (only 20,000 in '48, and
including the large spare Connaughts), 37,060
horses, etc., besides poultry, all valued at
1,064,702/., and the no. of farms being 44,532
(above 1 acre) ; the fences are stone, and the
cottages of the most wretched character, but the
county, even the wildest part, has great capa-
bilities. The coast abounds with kelp, cod, ling,
herring, etc., and good oysters ; salmon found in
all the lakes, which are about 150, the largest
being Corrib (30,000 acres), Mask, Turlough-
more, Nafery, Inab, Rea, Delphi, etc., and there
are mineral springs at Kiltulla, Abbert, Athenry,
Dunsandle, Kingston, Oughterard, and Rathglass.
At Clifden is a waterfall, and very fine views may
be had at the Maam hotel (near a fort), Fairhill,
Kylemore, and Kilruc passes. Cromlechs are
seen at Aughnamore (a druid town), Marble and
Monument hills, Dunsandle ; round towers at
Ardrahan, Ballygaddy, Kilbannon, Kilmacduagh,
Meelick, Murrough, Rosoam, Inniscaltra (in L.
Derg) ; a rath in Arranmore ; castles round
L. Corrib, as Hen's and Annaghmore (O'Flaher-
ties'), Castlekirk, also at Ahascragh, Bunown,
Galway, Athenry, Annaghdown, Shrule, Kilcon-
nel, Dunamore, Oranmore, etc. ; abbey at Knock-
moy (with some curious frescoes) ; church ruins
at Elanmacdara isld., Clare-Galway, Cong, etc.
Aughrim is noted for the defeat of Jas. II. 's gene-
ral St. Ruth by De Ginkell 1691, and Ballinasloe
(to which 15 m. of Gd. canal come from Shannon
here) for its great cattle fair. Chief seats are ;



Marq. of Clanricarde (the Burkes*) Portumna
Cast., Marq. of Sligo Delphi, Earl Clancarty Ga- \
bally, Visct. Gort Loughcooter Cast, Ld. Ffrench
of Castleffrench, Ld. Dunsandle Dunsandle, Ld.
Ashtown Woodlawn, Ld. Clanbrock Clonbrock,
Ld. Wallscourt Ardfry Ho., Burke, Bt. Marble
Hill, Bellew, Bt. Castleblakeney, Blake*, Bt. Menlo j
Cast., Jos. Burke, Bt. Fairfield, Shee, Bt. Dun-
more, Brooke, Bt. (?) Glinsk, Bodkin*, M. P. :
of Quarrymount, Martin * of Ross, Athy* of Ren-
ville, Bermingham of Dalgin, Browne* of Mt.
Hazel, D'Arcy* of Clifden, Joyce* of Merview, '
Kelly of Castle Kelly, Kirwan* of Castle Hacket, \
Lj-nch* of Clydagh, Morris* of Laneboy, O'Fla- j
herty of Knockbane, Persse of Moyode Cast., St. j
George of Headfort, Gen. Thompson of Salruc, j
those marked *, along with the Ffonts and Sker-
retts, being the " 13 tribes " who settled here, j
Roads from Gal way : (1) To Oranmore 5, Craugh- i
well 16, Loughrea 23, Eyrecourt 42, Baugher 48, |
thence to Dublin 133. (2) By Oranmore to
Athenry 13, Kilconnel 29, Aughrim 33, Ballinasloe \
37, and to Athlone 53. (3) Monivea 16, Castle-
blakeny 27, Ballinamore 34, Grey Abbey 40, New
Village 47. (4) To Clare-Galway 7 (Headfort 18),
Tuam 19, Dunmore 27. (5) To Connemara along
L. Corrib, Oughterard 16, Ballynahinch 23, Clif-
den 30 ; or by Oughterard to Maam Turc inn 27,
the Killeries 35. The Gt. West. rail, via Mullingar, |
Athlone, etc. will cross the co. to Galway.

GALWAY BARONY (81-2, etc.) Mid. Galway,
constituting the rural part of the county of the
town, contains parts of the pars, of Oranmore,
Rahoon, and St. Nicholas; acres 23,504, pop.
15,236, houses 2709.

* * P. M. GALWAY (94) a county of itself as
above, 130 m. \V. of Dublin, the county, assize,
sess. town, chief police, revenue, and coast-gd. sta-
tion, and a bonding port on the G. River (which
runs from L. Corrib to G. Bay), had a castle
destroyed by Connor king of Munster 1132, and
again by Turlough O'Brien 1149; was settled
1235 by Rich, de Burgh (who walled it round),
and the " 13 tribes " or chief families ; chartered by
Rich. II., made a mint town by Hen. IV., engaged
largely in the Spanish wine trade 1615, visited by
the plague 1649, taken by Coote 1652 for parl., gar-
risoned for Jas. II., and taken by De Ginkill 1691 ;
returns two members by the Reform act (instead
of 1 from the Union, before which it sent 2), the
bounds being those of the county as above, no. of
electors 1822 (of 107. houses 480) ; and is governed
under the new act by a high sheriff, recorder, ma-
gistrates, and 21 commissioners (who supersede
the old corporation), with a revenue of about 41007.
Acres, of county 24,132, including L. Corrib and
other lakes, with black and grey marble, of town
638; pop. 32,511, and 17,275, in the productive
salmon, herring, and other fisheries (185 boats, 820
hands), and a thriving shipping trade ; houses
4755, including Old Town (which is half Spanish
with many arms of the old merchants), and the
Claddagh or fishing suburb (the people of which
are governed by their own laws under a 'king' or
admiral), with 4 chapels, 3 friaries, 5 nunneries,
co. and town court houses and prisons, co. infir-
mary, fever hosp., custom house, chamber of
commerce, Queen's college (as below), 3 banks,
savings bank (6029/. from 239 depositors), 2 loan
funds, 2 barracks for about 460 men, 2 bridges
(one b. 1320), 2 breweries, 2 distilleries, paper,
gas, and marble works, foundry, tan-yard, flour
mills, royal institution, mechanics' institute, Er.
Smith's charter-school or college (100/.), endowed
and other schools, and Union poor house ; cess
3882?.; excise of district 44,3 62/. Living, a War-


denship, once part of Enachdune, including 10
pars. (T. K. A., but exempt from Bp.'s jurisdic-
tion) with 4 vicars, val. 12697. ( ?), patr. Bishop ;
church, cruciform, built 1320, and made collegiate
1484. Queen's College, found, by act of 1845, en-
dowed with 70007. a year (for salaries, scholar-
ships, etc.), and opened 1849, was b. by Deane on
a site of 10 acres, on Clare river, in the elizabethan
style, and is 275 ft. by 214, with a tower of 110 ft.,
examination hall 65 by 45, and 45 high, museum
and lib. 115 by 25 ; is under a president, vice-pre-
sident, 4 deans of faculty, and has professors of
greek, latin, hist, and english, mod. langs., Celtic
lang., mathemat., nat. philos., chemist., logic,
nat. hist., mineral, and geol., engineering, agri-
cult, anatomy, medicine, surgery, midwifery,
mat. med., eng. law, polit. economy ; 10 senior
scholarships of 407. are attached, and 30 junior of
247., besides 11 more of 207., and 4 of 157., and the
sessions are Oct. to Christm., Christm. to Easter,
East, to Midsummer, residence being required.
Fees (yearly) from I/, to SI. to the bursar, 11. 10s.
to 31. to each professor attended. There are no
remains of a preceptor}', 4 friaries, and a nunnery,
all of early foundation. A canal is making from
L. Corrib; and the Gt West. rail, will termi-
nate here. The port, under 63 commissioners,
has a floating dock of 5 acres, made since 1832 for
30,0007., which admits vessels drawing 14 ft.,
though obstructed by a rocky bar; in the har-
bour, lying inside of Mutton isld. and light, there
is anchorage in 2 fath. In 1846, 20 sail of 3616
tons (6 being under 50 t. each) belonged to the
port; and the tonnage Inwards and Outwards,
including repeated voyages, was 'coastwise' 131
sail of 14,557 and 87 of 8875 tons, from and to
'colonies' 20 of 4983 and 20 of 5305 t,, from
and to ' foreign ports ' 9 of 1229 and 4 of 796 t.
(besides 10 foreigners of 2520 and 1 of 212 t.) ;
total customs 41,0257,. ; exports, are wool, marble,
wheat, provisions, etc. It publishes the ' G. Vin-
dicator,' and ' G. Mercury ; ' and gives title of
visct. to the Moncktons of Serlby. At Roscom
is an old church and round tower. Dangan,
M. Blake, Esq. ; Rahoon, R. O'Connor, Esq. ;
Menlo Castle, Sir V. Blake, Bt. ; and other seats.
Gal. Rom. Cath. diocese, suffragan to Tuam, con-
tains 12 pars, corresponding to the old wardenship,
to which the 'tribes' nominated; the bp.'s seat
being here. Gal. P. L. Union, contains 12 elect,
divs. in Galway, with 23 guardians ; acres 302,859,
pop. 88,973, ho. room for 1210, cases relieved
(1847-8) 7432 (besides 42,622 out-door), expend.
34,9757., prop, rated 100,7777. Mkt. Ds. Wed. Sat.
Fairs, 31 May, 21 Sept. and Oct. Races, Aug.

Galway Bay, between Galway and Clare, and
one of the best in Ireland, is 27 m. deep, and 23 m.
from Hag's to Gulin head across the Arran Isles
(and light), which form a breakwater, whence
it narrows to 7 m. at Galway ; having 25 to 4
fath. water (except 12 ft. only at Santa Marga-
rita rock), with Blackhead and Kinvarra harbs.
on S. side, and New and Galway harbs., Casleh
and Greatmau's bays on N. side, and a liqht ;it
Mutton isld. The fishery district between Black-
head and Macehead (107 m.) has 1875 vessels
with 7958 men and boys.

GAMBLESBY tnshp. ( ) Addingham par. E.
Cumbrld. 4 m. ESE. of Kirkoswald-292. Pop.
259 ; poor r. 397. (Penrith U.) ; real prop. 2243'.
igg" GAMBLESBY tnshp. ( ) Aikton par. A".
Cumbrld. 2 m. N. of Wigton-303, is joined to
BIGLANDS. Real prop. 12697.

Gambol Hall (34) near Athy, SJP. Kildare.

Gambola Rivulet (80) Bail try bar. W. Cork,
runs 9 m. SSW. to Ban try Bay, near Whiddy Isld.




Gameshope Loch, at the head of Tal'a Water,
S W. Peebles., under Hart Fell.

G/imesley, Upper and Lower (81) 9 in. NNW.
of Cliapel-le-Frith, NW. Derby, on R. Etherow
and Maneh. and Sheffield rail.

GAMUNOAY par. (52) Longstow hund. SW.
Cambridge. 6 m. SW. of Caxton-50, containing
Woodbury, was a mkt. town, belonging to the
Avenells and St. Georges of Hatley. Acres 4143,
woody ; pop. 1434 + 12 ; poor r. 1022/. (Caxt.
U.);*real prop. 5377Z. ; charities 71/., of which
60/. to Lane's almsh. St Mary Vic. (Ely) val.
188/., patr. Bishop ; and a Sin. Rect. 2561., Merton
Coll. Oxon. Sir G. Downing, founder of Downing
Col., had a seat here.

GAMMERSGILL hmlt. ( ) Carlton-Highdale

tnshp. N. R. York. 5 m.

of Middleham-232.

Gammons (7) 2 m. NNW. of Watford, S W.
Herts, near N. West, rail.

GAMPSTOX tnshp. (71) W. Bridgford par. S.
Notts. 2 m. SE. of Xottingham-124, on Grantham
canal, contains Bassingtield. Acres 530 ; pop.
103 ; poor r. 17/. (Basford U.).

GAMRIE par. in Buchan, NE. Banff. 6 m. E. of
Banff-156, near G. Head, on Moray Frith, be-
tween Troup hd. and R. Doveran, includes Gar-
denston, Crovie, Macduff, and has in the cliffs,
which are COO ft. high in some parts, and swarm
with sea-fowl, Hell's Lumb or chimney, 240 ft.
through to the sea, which dashes up it, and
Needle's Eye cave, 150 ft. long. Size 9 m. by 3i,
moory, with blue slate, Fairlair mineral spring,
fossil fish, plants, etc. (in lime) ; pop. 4741 + 65, in
the fisheries, etc, ; real prop. 8441Z. ; for poor 74G/.
Living (presb. Turriff) val. 225/., patr. Crown ;
church, b. 1004, under a hill by the sea, where the
Danes were beaten. Tumuli are seen about. Duff
Ho., Earl of Fife ; Troup Ho., F. Campbell, Esq.

GAMSTON par. (82-3) Bassetlaw wap. N. Notts.

3 m. S. of E. Retford-141, on R. Idle. Acres
2000; pop. 331 + 3, some candle-wick makers;
poor r. 135/. (Retf. U.); real prop. 2461/. St.
Peter Rect. (Line.) val. 248Z., patr. Ld. Chan-
cellor ; church, later eng. with traces of brasses.

GANAREW par. (43) Lower Wormelow hund.
S. Hereford. 3 m. NNE. of Monmouth-130, near
If. Wye, contains the Doward camps. Acres
950, with limestone ; pop. 123 ; poor r. 40/. (Mon-
mo' U.) ; real prop. /. St. Swithin Rect. with

GANFIELD HUNDRED (13) NW. Berks, con-
tains the pars, of Buckland, Hatford, Hinton-
Waldridge, Pusey, Shillingford, and parts of
Longworth and Stanford-in-the-Vale ; acres
17,020, pop. 3605, houses 702.

Gangeni of Ptolemy, were somewhere in W. IrlrL

Ganilly, Great and Little, and Gannick, NE.
side of the Scilly Islds. SW. Cornwall, are 18 to
20 acres each.

Ganish Islet (104) in Glengariff harbour, N.
Ban try Bay, W. Cork.

Gannachy Bridge, near Fettercairn, 5 W. Kin-
cardine, over the N. Esk, is one-arched, 52 ft.
span, on high rocks, b. 1732 by Black, a farmer.

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