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208Z. St. Cadocus Rect. (Llan.) val. with Brithdir
567Z., patr. Marquis of Bute. The Welsh beat the
Normans here 1094. Remains have been found
at a roman camp, or " Hazel fort."

GELLIGASSON tnshp. (60) Llanfair-Caereinion
par. Mid. Montgomery, near Llanfair-178. Pop. 386.

Gelligroes Colliery (36) 7 m. SW. of Pontypool,
W. Monmouth.

Gelligron ( ) near Pont-ar-Dawe, on R. Tawe,
W. Glamorgan, was a seat of the Prices of
Penllergaer, and has near it Carn Clechart druid
circle 120 ft. diam., and Myndyd-y-Gwyryd circles,
with kistvaens in both sets.


GELLIGYNNAN tnshp. (74) Llanarmon par. Mid.
Denbigh. 4 m. SE. of Kuthin-195. Pop. 52.

Gellihave Colliery (36) 8 m. SW. of Pont-y-
pool, W. Monmouth.

GKLLILOVEDY tnshp. (79) Ysceinog par. Mid,
Flint. 3 m. SSW. of Holywell-200. Pop. 302.

Gellionen Hill ( ) near Cilybebyll, W. Gla-
morgan, had an old stone wheel cross, which is
now at a chapel in the neighbourhood.

Gelliraof (41) 9 m. SW. of Lampeter-209, -S.

Gdly- Wasted (36) 3 m. NE. of Caerphilly,
S W. Monmouth.

GELLYDY hmlt. (41) Llanddarog par. Mid.
Carmarthen. 6 m. ESE. of Carmarthen-218, is
joined to LLWYNSWCH.

Gellyfyharom (41) 7 m. ENE. of Newcastle-
Emlyn, S. Cardigan.

GELLYGALLY hmlt. (41) Kenarth par. NW.
Carmarthen, near Newcastle-Emlyn-229. Pop.

Gelly-hir (37) 6 m. W. of Swansea, W. Gla-
morgan, has 9 collieries, and was a seat of the

P. Gelmpton ( ) near Torquay, Devon.

GELSTON limit. (70) Hough-on-the-Hill par.
W. Lincoln. 6 m. N. of Grantham-110. Pop. 98 ;
real prop. 970

P. GELSTON vil. Kelton par. S. Kirkcudbt. 2 m.
S. of Castle-Douglas-92, was a distinct par. Pop.

Gelt River ( ) rises in Hartside fells, NE.
Cumbrld., and passing through G. Dale and the
forest which belonged to Henham priory (now to
Earl Carlisle), falls into the Irthing, near Corby,
with some fine scenery near the railway bridge.

GEMBLING tnshp. ( ) Foston-on-the-Wolds
par. E. R. York. 5 m. E. of Gt. Driffield-196.
Acres 960; pop. 114 + 4; poor r. 12/. (Driffield
U.) ; real prop. 1639/.

digan, contains the boro' of Aberystwith, the pars,
of Llancynfelin, Llanfihangel, and part of Llan-
dabarn-fawr; pop. 14,304, houses 2790.

GENEVA, NEW, vil. ( ) Gualtiere bar. E.
Waterfd. in Waterford harbour, was settled 1781
by a body of Genevese mechanics, who soon after
left it, when it was turned into a barrack.

Gennetts House (43) 4 m. NE. of Trim, S.

GENNYS, ST., par. (29) Lesnewith hund. NE.
Cornwall, 8 m. SW. of Stratton-221, near Tre-
moutha haven. Acres 5580 (or 5350), dunstone,
with bold cliffs and fine valleys ; pop. 689, in the
slate and copper mines; poor r. 253/. (Stratton
U.); real prop. 3014/. Living, a Vic. (Exet.)
val. 146/., patr. Earl of St. Germans, of Treveeg
(an old seat of the Yeos).

Genoch, near , Wigton. J. Adair, Esq.

GEORGE, ST., par. (79) Isdulas hund. N. Den-
ligh. 5 m. WNW. of St. Asaph-208, contains
Dinorben and Myford. Pop. 399, of town 227 ;
poor r. 173/. (St. As. U.) ; real prop. 1790
Living, a Rect. (St. As.) val. 136/., patr. Crown.

GEORGE, ST., par. (18) Coolock bar. and Dub-
lin city, E. DM. close to Dublin, on Royal canal
and the R. Tolka, Acres 1859 ; pop. 16,210 + 152.
Living, a Rect. (D. G. K.) val. 664/., patr. Earl
of Blessington and Dean and Chap, of Christ-
church. gST GEORGE, ST., par. (36) Dinas
Powis hund. SE. Glamorgan. 5 m. W. of Cardiff
-160, on R. Ely, containing Drope and an old
castle of the Flemings. Pop. 218; poor r. 77/.
(Card. U.) ; real prop. 1483Z. ; charities 11,
Living, & Rect. (Llan.) val. 124/., patr. L. Tra-
Jicrne, Esq. of Coedrhwglan. igp GEORGE, ST.,



par. (35) Barton-Regis hund. SW. Gloucest. 2m.
E. of Bristol-114, on R. Avon, near Glouc. rail.,
containing Lower Easton cur., was called Ber-
tune. Acres 1280, with coal; pop. 8318 + 203;
poor r. 2502J. (Clifton U.) ; real prop. 23.012/., of
which 3012Z. on mines and quarries; charities
62/., of which 361. to Elton's school and Sunday
schools. Living, a Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val 530/.,
patr. Rev. G. Salt, vicar; Two-mile Hill Cur.
160/., Crown and Bishop. iSaT GEORGE, ST.

GEORGE-HILL hmlt. (3) St. Peter par. NE.
Kent, 2 m. N. of Ramsgate-73.

GEORGE HUNDRED (17) Dorchester div. S.
Dorset, contains the pars, of Bradford-Peverell,
Broadmayne, Charminster, Stinsford, Stratton,
and Winterbourne St. Martin ; acres 15,470, pop.
2817, houses 523.

EAST, par. (1) 2 m. E. of St. Paul's, London, was
part of Stepney till 1727, lies between Commercial
Road and London Docks, is traversed by Black-
wall rail., and includes Princes Sq. and parts of
Wellclose Sq. etc. Acres 230, all built on ; pop.
41,350 ; houses 5985, with 5 churches, Swedish
ch. (in Princes Sq.) where Swedenborg is buried,
rope -walks, RatclifFe gas-works, workhouse,
Raine's hosp. and school (found. 1737), including
the upper sch., b. in elizabeth. style by G. Smith ;
poor r. 16.474/. on 143,383Z. ; real prop. 190,414/. ;
charities 838/., of which Raine's 776/. Livings, St.
George (Lend.) val. 396/., patr. Bras. Coll. Oxor..,
church, in Cannon St., one of Q. Anne's 50,
b. 1727-9 by Hawksmoor for 18,547J. of stone in
the doric style, with corner turrets, besides one on
the tower, and mon. to Ames who wrote on Typo-
graphy; Trinity Chap. Cur. Cannon St. R'oad,
/., ; Christ Ch. Cur. Watney St., /., Bras.
Coll. ; St. Matthew Cur. Pell St., /., Trustees,
ch. ( ?) has a very good spire ; St. Mary Cur.
New Road, /., . St. George-in-the-East P. L.
Union, is the par. as above ; cases relieved (1846
-7) 4474 (out-door 2975). Sup. Registry com-
prises the same ; pop. 41,350 + 285 ; births 1633
(814 being females, 62 illegit.), deaths 1188,
marriages 460, of which 206 persons signed with
marks: 128 deaths from cholera in 1849. It
belongs to Whitechapel New County Court

GEORGE (ST.) THE MARTYR par. (7) Holborn
div. of Ossulstone hund. Finsbury boro', S. Midsx,
| m. NW. of St. Paul's, between High Holborn,
Lamb's Conduit and Ormonde Sts. and South-
ampton Row, was part of St. Andrew Holborn till
1723, and includes Red Lion and Queen Squares.
Size J m. by l-6th ; pop. 7897 ; houses 752 ; poor
r. /. (Holborn U.); real prop, with Holborn;
charities, 243/. to school. Living, a Rect. (Lond.)
val. 569J., patr. Duke of Buccleugh. sometime
held by Stukeley the antiquary; church, in
Queen Sq., b. 1706, of plain brick, was taken
1723 for one of Q. Anne's 50 churches, and has a
good interior. In the burial ground behind Found-
ling Hosp. are Dr. Campbell author of ' Lives of
the Admirals,' J. Richardson the painter (both
lived in Queen Sq., so called after Anne), Z.
Macaulay, and Rob. Nelson, who with Dr. Mead
and Ld. Chan. Thurlow lived in Ormonde St.,
which has some good houses b. before 1708, when
it was all country beyond, where snipes were shot
Jonas Hanway and Sharon Turner lived in Red
Lion Sq. It belongs to Clerkenwell New County

George's ( St.") Cltannel, the anct. Oceanus Vir-
ginius, and so called since Edw. III. chose the
patron saiut, lies NNE. and SSW. between

3c 2




Wales and 8 W. Ireland, and joins the Atlantic
to the Irish Sea. Length 100 m ; breadth from
Carnsore Pt. to St. David's Hd. 51 in., Cahore
to Aberystwith 72 (the greatest), Mizen Hd.
to Bardsey 45, Dublin to Holyhead 48, av.
breadth 56, giving a surface of about 5600
sq. m., of which Cardigan Bay may be l-6th,
chiefly sand and gravel, with 40, 60, 70 fath.
in the middle, 10 to 30 inshore. On the E.
or Welsh side are : the Smalls light -; St. Annes'
pt. and It., near Milford, with Grasholm and other
islds. ; St. Bride's bay ; St. David's hd. with
Bishops and Clerks It. and Bass bank ; Strumble
hd. ; Fishguard and Newport bays ; Cardigan
harb. ; Cardigan bay, extending 40 m. to Bard-
sey isld. and It. ; Carnarvon bay, extending 30 m.
to Holyhead and Stack It. ; Skerries It. off
Carnel pt. in Anglesea. On the W. or Irish
coast, which is lined with sand banks, are:
Howth It.; Dublin bay, with Bennet's, Bur-
ford, and Kish bks., and floating It. ; Bray hd.
and bk. ; Codling and South Ridges or bks. ;
Wicklow It. and India bk. ; Glasgorman's bk. ;
Courtowii harb. ; Cahore pt. and Rusk bk. ; Black-
water bk. ; Wexfurd harb. ; Greenore pt. and bay,
with Holden's and New Grounds ; Tuskar It. and
the Bailies sand ; Carnsore pt. ; the Saltees and It.
High water at full and change IX hrs. to X
on Irish coast (going N.), and rising from 2 to

6 ft. ; VI to IX | on Welsh coast, where the tide
runs 3 to 5 m. an hour in some parts, and rises

7 to 20 ft. A constant indraught .or current sets
NE. in this channel, occasioned by W. winds, etc.,
so that vessels sailing up it are liable to be car-
ried towards the Welsh coast, and sometimes

George's (St.') Island. See Looe Isld. Cornwall.

George's Town (25) near Kell, Mid. Waterford,
J. Barren, Esq.

GEORGEHAM par. (27) Braunton hund. NW.
Devon. 7 m. NW. of Barnstaple-192, near the
coast. Acres 4950 ; pop. 923 ; poor r. 2877.(Barnst.
U.) ; real prop. 45987. ; charities 97. St. George
Rect. (Exet.) val. 5347., patr. Rev. F. Hole, rector ;
church, has effigies of a Templar, and tombs of
the Chichesters, etc.

GEORGETOWN vil. near Dumfries-73, SW.
Dumfries, in that par. Pop. 154. gif GEORGE-
TOWN vil. St. Saviour par. /. of Jersey, near
St. Helier. Pop. 252. igj" GEORGETOWN vil.
Fortingal par. NW. Perth. 15 m. N. of Killin-74,
near Loch Rannoch, was a barrack station.

Geraldine (35) near Attry, W. Kildare.

Gerards, or Gerrards, Cross (7) 4 m. NW. of
Uxbridge, S. Bucks.

GERARDSTOWN vil. (38) Skreen bar. Meath,
near Ratoath, and G. House.

Germains, St., 6 m. W. of Haddington, W.
Hadngtn. near Frith of Forth, D. Anderson, Esq.

GERMAN par. See KIRK-GERMAN, I. of Man.

GERMANS, ST., par. (24-5) East hund. (South
divis.) E. Cornwall, 18 m. S. of Launceston, 226
from London, a sub-port to Plymo', on Lynher
creek, containing Hessenford and Tideford curs.,
was called Abbytone at ' Domesdy.' and a boro' re-
turning 2 members from 1562 till disfranchised by
the Reform act, and has remains of a priory found,
by K. Athelstan, made the seat of a bishopric, be-
tween 931 (when moved from Bodmin) and 1049
(when united to Crediton), val. 2437., and given to
theChampernownes. Acres 10,050 (or 9029) being
one of the largest in co., and well cultivated, with
clay, slate, and limestone ; pop. 2843 + 26, of town
about 200, fishermen; poor r. 15347. on 11,2727.;
real prop. 13,5847. ; charities 147. to Hong's school,
Moyle's almsh., etc. St. Germans Cur. (Exet.)

val. 1437,, patr. Dean and Chap. Windsor ; church,
chiefly norman and 104^ ft. by 67J, belonged to
priory, and has a W. front with two originally
8-sided towers, and a pure norman doorway 20 ft.
wide with 7 mouldings, also an old font, and
mons. of the Glanvills (of Catchfrench), Scawens
(of Melinick), and the Eliots (especially one by
Rysbrach) of Port Eliot, to whom it gives title
of earl. Bake or Beke, Sir J. Copley, Bt. through
the Moyles. Germans, St., P. L. Union, contains
the pars. etc. of Antony (where poor ho. is),
Botusfleming, St. German's, St. John's, Landrake
with St. Erney, Landulph, Maker, St. Mellion,
Pillaton, Quethiock, Ranve, Saltash, Sheviock,
St. Stephen's; acres 41,320, pop. 16,120, cases
relieved (1846-7) 1766 (out-door 1520), expend.
65997., prop, rated 61,3517. Sup. Registry com-
prises the same, with Torpoint ; pop. 16,120 + 6 :
107 deaths from cholera in 1849 at Cawsand, etc.

German's, St. See ST. ALBAN'S, Herts.

(25) Lifton hund. W. Devon. 10 m. WSW. of
Okehampton-195. Acres 1570; pop. 414 + 4;
poor r. 1327. (Okeham. U.) ; real prop. 11057.
Living, a Cur. with Broadwood-wigger.

P. GERMOE par. (33) Kerrier hund. S W. Corn-
wall, 5 m. WNW. of Helstone-276. Acres 1360
(or 1062) ; pop. 1336 + 16, in the Godolphin tin
mines ; poor r. 1607. (Heist. U.) ; real prop. 21697. ;
charities, 37. for widows. St. Germoe Cur. with
Breage ; church, has the saint's stone chair. W.
Lemon, who first worked the Gwennap and other
mines, was born at Bojil (1696-1760).

GERNONSTOWN par. (15) Ardee bar. Mid. Louth,
contains Castle Bellingham-43, on R.Glyde. Acres
1302 ; pop. 1220. Living, a Rect. with Kilsaran.
$aP GERNONSTOWN par. (12, 18-9) Upper Slane
bar. NE. Meath, 3 m. W. of Slane-28. Acres 2838,
good ; pop. 963 + 4. Living, a Rect. with Stackallan.

GERRANS, or GERRANCE, par. (31) W. Powder
hund. S. Cornwall, 7 m. SSE. of Truro-255, has
Porthskatho between G. Bay and St. Mawe's harb.
in the Channel, and belonged to the Bps. of Exeter.
Acres 2470 (or 2460), slaty ; pop. 816 + 5 ; poor r.
2257. (Truro U.) ; real prop. 42547. ; charities, Har-
ris's 97. for poor. St. Guron Rect. (Exet.) val. 2587.,
patr. Bishop ; church, has a tomb of a Hobbes,
and commands a fine prospect. At Trewithan,
seat of M. Cregoe, Esq., thro' the Kempes, is
Dun-gerein, or K. Gerennius's fort ; Roseteague,
W. Hartley, Esq. ; Treligan was the Trevanions'.

Gerron Promontory (20) between Glenarm and
Red Bays, E. Antrim.

GESTINGTHORPE par. (47) Hinckford hund.
JV. Essex, 4 m. WSW. of Sudbury-54. Acres
2630 ; pop. 834 + 3 ; poor r. 3787. (Sudb. U.) ; real
prop. 44457. ; charities, 167. for school, etc. St.
Mary Vic. (Roch.) val. 1507., and a Sin. Rect.
4547., patr. P. Elwes, Esq.

Ghan House ( ) near Carlingford, NE. Louth,
R. Mac Neile, Esq.

Gheeslan, or Gweeslin, River (57-8) about 12m.
long, S. Kerry, runs to R. Laine thro' G. Bog of
2760 acres.

Ghoul Mountn. ( ) in W. Cork, near the Kerry

Giant's Bed ( ) 3 m. SSE. of Bray Head, NE.
Wicklow, has Moulditch shoal off it.

Giant's Causeway (3) Gary bar. N. Antrim, are
three natural piers of above 40,000 basalt columns
piled together and running from Aird's Snout into
the sea, the Great for 300, the Middle and Little
for 150, yards. The columns, 40 to 55 ft. long, are
mostly 6-sided, some 5, 7, and 8-sided, one 3-sided,
and three 9-sided ; each is jointed, sometimes
in nearly 40 pieces, which fit carefully together.


They are frequently bedded in strata of black
or red stone of different thicknesses, and are
magnetic. To the W. are the Ladies' Chair, Lord
Antrim's Parlour, and the Steucans; E, are the
Giant's Gateway and Loom, the Organ, Chimney
Tops, and other remarkable cliffs on a great scale.
The mirage has been noticed here.

Giant's Cut (23) near Vale of Glendalough,
Mid. Wicklaw. T G. Grave ( ) Upper Mas-
sarene bar. S. Antrim, a spot where immense
bones have been found. fiT G. Grave. See
PKXKITH, Ctimbrld. O G. Quoiting Stones ( )
near Kirk-Rushen and Fairy Hill barrow, are two
blocks of clay-slate, 10 ft. by 3, and 2 thick. -^f
G. Ring (9) 4 m. S. of Belfast, N. Down, a mound
580 ft. diam. with a cromlech in the centre.
49T G. Stairs Rocks ( ) in R. Lee, SE. Cork,
between Passage and Afonkstown.

Gib House (55) 4m. WSW. of Bewdley, KW.

Gibbet Hall ( ) 7 m. from Leamington, a meet
for the N. Warwick, hounds, gif" G. HILLS ext.
par. (70) Swincshead par. S. Lincoln, near Swines-
head-109. Pop. 8.

GIBBIESTOWN vil. Methven par. Mid. Perth.
4 m. NW. of Perth-40.

Gibbon's Grove (2) 5 m. W. of Charleville, N.
Cork. ^*G.Groce(8) 1 m. S.-of Leatherhead,
Mid. Surrey.

Giblision, near , Fife. R. G. Smyth, Esq.

Gibraltar (52) 5 m. S. of St. Neot's, S. Hunts.
^* Gibraltar (69) 4 m. E. of Wainfleet, E. Lin-
coln. $p Gibraltar (53) 3 m, NE. of Southam,
E. Warwick. $& Gibraltar, 2 m. S\V. of Coven-
try, Mid. Warwick.

"Gibside ( ) 5 m. WSW. of Gateshead, N. Dur-
ham, seat of W. Hutt, Esq., M. P.. through Coun-
tess Strathmore, on R. Derwent, has 'Rubens'
Wife,' and other pictures.

GIBSMERE hmlt. ( ) Bleasby par. S. Notts.
3 m. S. of Southwell-132. Pop. 87.

Gibstown (18) 4m. NW. of Navan, N. Meath.
J. Gerranl, Esq.

GIDDING, GREAT, par. (52, 64) Leightonstone
hund. NW. Hunts. 11 m. NW. of Huntingdon-59,
on Alconbury brook, belonged to the Engaines and
the earls of Rockingham. Acres 2050 ; pop. 529
+ 7 ; poor r. 1991. (Oundle U.) ; real prop. 1577/. ;
charities, almshouses, etc. 41. St. Michael Vic.
(Ely) val. 10U., patr. Earl Fitzwilliam. G. Lodge,
1 m. E. ilSPG., LITTLE, par.(52) as above, 1 m. SSE.
was the seat of a ' protestant nunnery ' established
by the pious Nic. Ferrars 1625, visited 1633 and
'46 by Ch. I., and broken up soon after. Acres
640 ; pop. 45 ; poor r. 6/. ; real prop. 5707. St.
John Rect. (Ely) val. 126/., patr. Ld. Chancellor ;
church, has a tomb of Ferrars' nephew, who wrote
a New Testament harmony in 26 languages, ggf
G., STEEPLE, par. as above, m. E. belonged to the
Cottons. Acres 1080; pop. 110+5; poor r. 69/.
(Hunts. U.) ; real prop. 960/. St Andrew Rect.
(Ely) val. 199t, patr. J. Heathcote, Esq.

GIDDY HALL (34) 4 m. WN W. of Chippenham
-93, NW. Wilts.

Gidea Hall (1) 1 m. NE. of Romford, S W.
Essex, near E. Union rail., A. Blake, Esq., formerly
seat of the Cookes, who, in the old house, received
Q. Elizabeth 1568, and Mary de Medici 1638.

GIDLEIGH par. (25) Wonford hund. Mid. De-
von. 6 m. SE. of Okehampton-195, on R. Teign
near Dartmoor, was Gifle of Alfred's Will, and
came to the Prouzes, Gidleys, etc. Acres 2060,
rocky by the river; pop. 182 + 3; poor r. 48/.
(Okehamp.U.) ; real prop. 865/. ; charities, church
lands 18/. Holy Trinity Rect. (Exet.) val. 72/.,
patr. Rev. T. Whipham. G. Park, .



GIEDD vil. ( ) Garth parcel. S W. B,-econ.
8 m. N. of Neath-198. Pop. 37.

Gtffen Castle, near Beith, N. Ayr. in ruins, was
a seat of the Eglintouns.

Giffneuch, near Glasgow, NW. Lanark, has a
quarry of pale grey stone, 144 Ib. to the cubic foot.

P. GiFFORDvil. Tester par. /S. Haddingtn. 4m.

S. of Haddington-17, on G. River (which runs

8 m. N. to R. Tyne below Bolton), in a fine spot,

belonged to the Giffords of Tester, who are now

Marqs. of Tweeddale and Earls G. Pop. 525,

decreasing, some weavers; real prop. 6075/.

I Fairs, last Tu. Mar. 3rd Tu. June, 14 July, 1st

I Tu. Oct.

Gifford's Hall (48) 3m. NE. of Nayland, SW.
Suffolk, on R. Bret, P. Mannocks, Esq. (a fam. as
old as Hen. VI.), was b. in Hen. VIII.'s time, and
has remains of an old chapel.

GIFFORDTON vil. Collessie par. N. Fife. 3 m.
NE. of Falkland-25. Pop. 71.

Gifle, of Alfred's Will, was GIDLEIGH, Devon.

Gigay Isld. between Barra and S. Uist, Western

GIGGLESWICK par. ( ) Staincliff wap. W. R.
York. 1 m. NW. of Settle-235, on R. Ribble, con-
taining Rathmell, Settle, Stainforth curs., and
Langcliffe, has, under the Scar (a limestone
rock), a spring, which rises and falls sometimes
18 inches and 3 or 4 times an hour. Acres 17,090,
of town with Close House, Rome, and Stack-
houses 4280, with good stone and slate, and G.
Tarn, or lake ; pop. 4134+112, and 875 + 9, in the
quarries: poor r. 252 (Settle U.); real prop.
8456J.; charities 1269/.,of which 1140/. to Edw.
VI. 's gram, school (in which Paley was educated),
with 6 exhibitions at Christ's Coll. Camb. St.
Alkald Vic. (Rip.) val. 550/., patr. J. M. Coult-
hurst and J. Hartley, Esqrs. Roman coins have
been found. Settle Union poor ho. is here.

GIGHA isld. and par., in Kintyrc, 5 W. Argyll.,
near West L. Tarbat, includes Cara isld. and has
sea views. Size 5 m. by 1, gneiss, with a rocky
coast, having some funnel and other caves, and
good sand for glass ; pop. 550, fishermen, etc., and
gaelic-speaking ; real prop. 2105/. ; for poor 4bL
Living (presb. Kintire) val. 266/., patr. Duke of
Argj-ll. G. House, late seat of M'Neill, Esq. At
Gigulum is a harb. with 5 to 7 lath., and a holy
well at Tarbat; and remains are left of Dun
Cliefi fort, Cam Ban, and 2 other cairns, 3 pillar
stones, and an old chapel. Off the N. end are the
Dnskere rocks, a dangerous group.

Gight, Bog of, now drained, was the site of
Gordon Castle, NW. Banff, near Fochabers. (JiT
G. Water, joins R. Tthan, N. Aberdeen , below

GILBERDIKE tnshp. (86) Eastrington par. E.
R. York. 5 m. ENE. of Howden-180, on Hull rail.,
contains Sandholme, Hive, and Owsthorpe. Acres
570 ; pop. 815 + 18 ; poor r. 163i (Howden U.) ;
real prop. 22 15/.

Gilbert's Lea (78) 3 m. WSW. of Eccleshall,
W. Staffd.

GILBERTSTOWN par. (8, 13) Forth bar. N. Car-
low, 2m. SW. of Tullow-48. Acres 3169, good,
with stone, bog ; pop. 698 + 13. Living, a Rect.
(Os. F. L.) val. 23U, patr. Bishop.

Gilbury (11) 7 m. S. of Southampton, S. Hants.

GILCHRIST par. joined to URRAY, Ross.

GILCOMSTON q. s. par. in Old Mat-bar par. .s'/.'.
Aberd. near Aberdeeu-110. Pop. 5194. Living
(presb. Aberd.) val. /., patr. Subscribers.

GILCRCX par. ( ) Allerdale-below-Dcrwent
ward, W. Cumlnrld. 5 m. N. of Cockermo'-300, near
Maryport rail, and R. Ellen. Acres 1750, with
coal, lime, and atone ; pop. 464 + 8 ; poor r. 48i

3c 3



(Cockerm. U.) ; real prop. 27581. ; charities, Tor-
diflf's school 24Z. St. Mary Vic. (Carl.) val. 100Z.,
patr. Bishop.

Gildable* (6) 9 m. E. of Reigate, SE. Surrey.

Gildenburh of the Saxons, is PETERBOKO',
Northmptn., and so called from the gilding bestowed
on the cathedral by Abp. Leofric.

GILDERBUS (6) 10 m. E. of Reigate, SE. Surrey.

GILDERSOME chplry. (88) Batley par. W. R.
York. 5 m. SVV. of Leeds-189. Acres 1120 ; pop.
1917+26, in the cloth trade, and coal pits; poor
r. 405/. ; real prop. 5969/., of which 11902. on
mines; charities, Hargrave's school, etc. 111.
Living, a Cur. (Rip.) val. 120Z., patr. Vicar.
giT G.-STREET limit. Batley par. near the above.

GILDINGWELLS tnshp. (82) St. John Throap-
ham par. W. R. York. 5 in. SSW. of Tickhill-157.
Acres 540; pop. 91 + 1; poor r. 14Z. (Work-
sop U.).

Gikad House (79) 2 m. E. of Liverpool, at
Kensington, S W. Lancash. now taken down, was
built by Solomons, the inventor of the " Balm of

GILES, ST., IN-THE-FIELDS par. (7) Holborn
div. of Ossulstone hund. Finsbury boro', S. Midlsx.
1 m. W. of St. Paul's, grew out of a lepers' hosp.
found. 1101 by Q. Matilda (given to the Dud-
leys), and includes Bedford Sq. (where Ld. Chan.
Eldon lived), Gower St., Lincoln's-inn-fields, Gt.
Queen St., and part of New Oxford St., near the
' Rookery,' or ' Jacob's Island,' one of the most
wretched parts of London, the resort of poor Irish,
etc. Acres 250 (with St. George, BLOOMSBURY) ;
pop. 37,311; houses 2876, with 4 churches,
chapels, college of surgeons, lying-in hosp., par.
school (65Z.), Skelton's sch. (167Z.), Earl South-
ampton's almsh. (38 1Z.), and Union p. house;
poor r. 1. ; real prop. 306.439Z. ; charities 848/.
Livings are : St. Giles Rect. (Lond.) val. 968Z.,
patr. Ld. Chancellor; church, reb. 1730-4, of
stone, by H. Flitcroft for 10,000/. (on site of hosp.
chapel b. 1623, which had a pound, stocks, etc.
near it), has a steeple of 165 ft., a lich gate (with
a carving of the ' Resurrection ' from the old
chapel), Effigy of Duch. Dudley, and graves of
A. Marvel, Chapman translator of ' Homer,' R.
L' Estrange, Lord Herbert of Cherbury, Pendrell
who helped Chas. II. to escape, etc., and Flax-
man and Soane are in the burial-ground at St.
Pancras; Holy Trin. Cur. 338Z., Rector, ch. in
Lit. Queen St. b. 1830-1 for 8600Z. by F. Bedford
in pointed style; Christ Ch. Endell St. Cur.
Z., Rector ; West St. Chapel Cur. I, . In
Lincoln's-inn-fields (equal to base of the great
pyramid which is 64,753 sq. yds., or 13^
acres) begun 1615 by In. Jones, and railed in
1735, Lord Russell and Alg. Sydney were be-
headed 1683 ; Lady Fanshawe lived here, also
Lord Somers and Duke of Newcastle (at Powis
Ho. b. 1686), Lords Kenyon and Erskine, Spen.
Perceval (at Lindsey Ho., the Berties' seat, b. by
I. Jones) ; and here also are : Soane's museum,
b. 1812, and left by him 1833, with his li-
brary, marbles, Belzoni's sarcophagus (cost
2000Z.), Hogarth's ' Rake's Progress,' ' Election,'
and other paintings ; college of surgeons, b. 1835
by Barry, with 23,000 specimens, including J.
Hunter's ; medico-chirurg. soc., found. 1805, with
a good library. The Insolvent Debtors' Court in
Portugal St. was b. 1814 by Soane, and Cope-
land's china house was the site of Davenport's
Tennis Court theatre ; Serg. Maynard and Wil-
mot Lord Rochester lived in Portugal Row.
At the Welds' home in Wild St. lived Ron-
quillo the Spanish ambassador of Jas. II.'s time.
Lord Herbert of Cherbury, Sir T. Fairfax, Ld.


Chan. Finch, Kneller, Strange the engraver,
lived in Queen St. (called after Chas. I.'s queen),
which has Freemasons' Hall, b. 1775-6 by T.
Sandby, a beautiful room 92 ft. by 43 and GO high,
with portraits of grand masters, etc. M. Folkes

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