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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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120L, Ld. Chan. ch. cruciform, lately restored ;
*St. Mary de Lode Vic. with *Holy Trinity Vic.
284/.,Dean and Ch. ch. part norman, with effigies
of the pretended K. Lucius ; *St Michael Reel.
with *St. Mary de Grace Cur. 231/., Ld. Chan.
ch. has brass of W. Henshaw's wives (1519);
*St. Nicholas Cur. with St. Bartholomew Cur.
116Z.,Trustees, ch. early eng. ; Christchurch, and
St. M. Mag. with St. Margaret Curs. 135/. and
/., Trustees ; St. James and St. Matthew Curs.,
1501. and 50Z., Bishop ; St. Luke Cur. I., Rev. S.
Lysons, curate of Hempstead Court. The cathedral
or minster, 426 ft. by 152, and 67 high, was begun
1089 by Abbot Serle (on the site of one burnt, of
which the crypt, part of nave, etc. remains), and
includes : the early eng. S. aisle before 1329 by Ab.
Thokey; N. transept, and the fine dec. english
choir before 1337 by Ab. Wigmore, who also b.
the Gt. Chamber and Highnam Grange (seat of
J. Walters, Esq.) ; presbytery, Gt. Hall (where
Rich. II. held his parl. 1378) by Ab. Horton, who
begun 1351 the beautiful cloisters, 148 by 144 ft.
finished 1392 by Ab. Froucester ; W. front and S.
porch, by Ab. Morewent 1421-37 ; the fine tower
225 ft. with a bell of 6500 Ibs. and a good view,
by Abs. Sebroke and Tulley 1457-1518; lady
chapel 92 ft. by 24, and 46^ high, with its chan-
tries, screen, oratory, by Abs. Hanley and Ferley
1457-98 ; abbot's house (afterwards the palace)
and chapel by the last Ab. Parker ; E. window
with 37 figures in it, 79 ft. by 35J, being the
largest in England; whispering gallery 75 ft.
long, forming 5 sides of an octagon, near E.
window of choir; 31 carved stalls, screen by
Kent ; library or chapter ho., where the Lacys,
etc. were buried ; deanery, where 1685-7 Jas. II.
touched for the king's evil ; old picture of the
'Judgment' in S. aisle; and tombs of Edw. II.
(very old), Humphrey Bohun ( ?), K. Osric
who found, a nunnery, several abbots, Rob. Curt-
hose, Judge Powell, Dr. Jenner, Bigland the
antiquary, and Mrs. Morley by Flaxman. Sy-
nods were held here 804, 1189; wittenagemotes
896,1053; and parliaments 1234 (by Hen. III.
who was crowned here 1216), 1378, 1413 and 1417,
1420 (by Hen. V.) ; the Conqueror always spent
Christmas here, as did Rufus, who met Malcolm
of Scotland here 1093 ; Hen. I. was here 1123 to
choose an archbishop; Hen. VI. 1430; Rich. III.
1483 ; Hen. VII. 1485 ; Hen. VIII. 1535 ; Geo. III.
1788, and Prince of Wales 1807. At Kingsholm,
the site of the roman station, coins, urns, coffins,
lamps, beads, a brass steel yard (the finest of the
kind) have been found ; and there are remains of a
barn and gate of Lanthony abbey, of St. Oswald's
austin friary found, as a college by Ethelfleda, of
greyfriars church, and blackfriars church (1239
by Hen. III.), of Edw. I.'s gate on site of the
Lichgate, and the Vineyard Ho. a moated country
seat b. 1351 by Ab. Staunton, and an old conduit.
A cross 69J ft. high, of Rich. III.'s time, was
taken down 1749, and there are no remains of Sir


T. Berkeley's whitcfriary, of which Cantelupc, a
native, was abbot. Among other natives were
the monks Benedict and Robert of G., C. Osbernus,
and another Osberne a scholar; Abp. Moore
(d. 1804), Kastell the Jesuit ; Corbet, Crowley and
Wintle, divines ; Judge Powell (d. 1713) ; Harris
the physician ; Taylor the water poet ; Capell a
writer; Whitetield (1714-70) born at the ' Bell,'
which was kept by the present Bp. Philpott's
father ; Raikes (1735-1811) the founder of Sunday
schools ; Wood the banker. Among the bishops
were the pious Hooper who was burnt in St.
Mary's Square, M. Smith who wrote the preface
to the Bible, Goodman, and Warburton. A mu-
sical festival is held every 3rd year at the ca-
thedral ; and borough-english custom prevails.
It publishes the 'G. Journal ' and ' Gloucestersh.
Chronicle' newspapers, and gave title of earl, first
to Rob. son of Hen. I., and of duke to Thomas,
son of Edw. III.; and to a 'king at arms' (?)
from Rich. III. with jurisdiction over Wales.
Highnam, seat of Sir B. Guise, Bt. ; Elmore Court,
W. Guise, Esq. who has given a collection to the
city for an intended museum in Commercial St.
Laxington, Robin's Wood, and Chosen hills have
fine views. The S. Glouc. militia have their
head quarters here. A canal about 30 m. long,
was completed to Hereford 1845. By that from
BERKELEY, 500 ton ships come up to the quavs.
In 1846, 300 sail of 14,460 tons (235 being under
50 t. each), and 2 steamers of 125 t. (I under
50 t.) belonged to the port, which has Lydney
and Beachley for sub-ports; and the tonnage
Inwards and Outwards, including repeated voy-
ages, was 'coastwise' 1741 sail of 71,023, and
2962 of 112,553 t. (besides 83 steamers of 6768,
and 160 of 9347 t.) from and to ' colonies ' 47 of
14,201, and 36 of 11,782 t., from and to 'foreign
ports' 105 of 19,946, and 51 of 7720 t. (besides 58
foreigners of 9425, and 28 of 5673 t.) ; total cus-
toms 115,983/. ; exports, as above, with corn, coal,
timber, salt. Here the " break of gauge " occurs
the Birm. and Gl. rail, on the narrow gauge
(4 ft. 8J in.) meeting the Brist. and Gl. rail, on
broad gauge (7 ft.), which was made , and in-
corporated withMidld. rail. 1845, is 22 m. long,
with 8 stations, 2 tunnels (1914 yds.), and a
branch to Keynsham (5|m.) ; and passes Stroud,
Berkeley, Wotten, Wickwar, Ch. Sodbury, Ma-
gotsfield. Gl. and Forest of Dean rail. 8 m. long,
to Awre on S. Wales line, was made 1850-1 ; cap.
370,000/. reed. (June 1850) 89,835/., expend.
84,758/. G. DIOCESE, to which Bristol is joined,
WAS first formed by Hen. VIII. 1541, and extends
overGVonc. parts of Somer. and Wilts, comprising
the archdeaconries of G. and B., which contain
13 deaneries, or about 360 benefices ; Bp.'s income
3700?. with patr. of 32 livings; seats, Gl. and
Stapleton palaces. The chapter includes a dean,
archdeacon (232/.), chancellor, 5 canons, 7 hon.
canons, 3min. canons (150Z.) with patr. of 1 9 liv-
ings. G. AUCHDEACONKY, contains the deaneries
of Blockley (jurisdict.), Campden, Dursley, the
Forest, Gloucester, Stonehouse, Stowe, Winch-
combe, or 200 benefices. G. DEANEKY, contains
the benefices marked in Dudstone mid. hund.
with Arlingham vie., Ashelwoith v., Barnwood v.,
Churchdown cur., Fretherne rect., Frosterne v.,
Gloucester, Haresfield ., Hartpuryc., Lassington
r., Longncy v., Maisemore c., Morton Valence c.,
Norton c., Sandhurst v., Saul c., Standish v.,
Wheathurst c., Gt.Witcomb r. The Excise dis-
trict includes Gloucester, Winchcomb, Campden,
Shipston, Moreton, Stow, Cirencester, Cricklade,
Tetbury, Dursley, Berkeley, Thornbury, Sodbury,
AYkkwar, \Volton, Hampton, Stroud, Painswick,



Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Newent ; and in 1835
had 60 officers, and collected 95.438Z. (each col-
lector's round being 235 m.), of which 60,274/.
was on malt, 14,452J. on licences, 9692Z. on soap,
5637/. on bricks, 2802Z. on paper, 2571/. on auc-
tions, and the total no. of traders (7070) included
2922 in tobacco, 1432 in tea, 965 in wine and
spirits, 1586 brewers and maltsters, 96 makers of
bricks, 10 of soap, etc. Glouc. P. L. Union, con-
tains the city pars, as above, with Ashleworth,
Barnwood, Brockworth, Churchdown, Down Ha-
therley, Elmore, Hempstead, Lassington, Maise-
more, Matson, Norton, Quedgeley, Sandhurst,
S. Hamlet, Upton, St. Leonard, Whaddon, Barton
(St. Mary and St. Michael), Hucclecote, Little-
worth, Longford (St. Catherine and St. Mary),
N. Hamlet, Over Highnam, Tuffley, Twigworth,
Wotton, St. Mary; acres 32,818, pop. 26,838,
cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 2128 (out-door 1836),
expend. 83751., prop, rated 123,943/. Sup. Registry
comprises the same up to Whaddon ; pop. 26,815
+ 450 ; births 911 (441 being females,60 illegit.)
deaths 611, marriages 415, of which 265 persons
signed with marks : 108 deaths from cholera in
1849. The New County Court district includes
the Registry, with that of Wheatenhurst (except
Westbury par. which goes to Newnham). Mht.
Ds. Wed. Sat. Fairs, 1st Mon. every month
(cattle), 5 Apr. 5 July, 28 Sept. (cheese), 28 Nov.

Glouncetane Reeks ( ) near Lakes Coos and
Killarney, Kerry.

Glounshawn ( ) near Cork, E. Cork.

Glover's Cross (80) 4 m. SE. of Knutsford, Mid.
Cheshire, near Manchester rail.

GLUPE par. now joined to YELL, Shetland Islds.

GLUSBURN tnshp. ( ) Kildwick par. W. R.
York. 4 m. S. of Skipton-216, on R. Aire, near
Leeds and Liv. canal, contains Crossbills. Acres
1360; pop. 1052+7; poor r. 220/. (Skipt. U.);
real prop. 3436Z.

GLUVIAS, ST., par. (31) Kerrier hund SW.
Cornwall, 1 m. NW. of Falmo'-269, containing Pen-
ryn, and Penwerris cur., had a chantry before the
Conquest. Acres 2770 (or 2271), granite and fel-
spar, with oxide of iron ; pop. 4484, many tanners ;
poor r. 248/. (Falmo' U.) ; real prop. 5446Z. St. M.
Magdalene Vic. (Exet.) val. with Budock /., patr.
Bishop ; church, ancient, near which is Bohelland
barn, where the murder took place which gives
the plot of Lillo's, or Colman's, " Fatal Curiosity."
Enys, J. Enys, Esq. ; Roscrew, the Pendarveses.'

Clyde Court (14) 4 m. S. of Louth, Mid. Louth,
L. Upton Esq., on G. River, which rises near
Carrickmacross, Monaghan, and runs to Dundalk

Glyder Vawr and G. Vach, i. e. great and little
(75), two peaks of Snowdon, E. of Llanberis, Mid.
Carnvn. 3300 and 3000 ft. high, joined by Y Waen
Oer plain, m. broad.

GLYMPTON par. (45) Wootten hund. Mid. Ox-
ford. 3 m. N. of Woodsteck-62, on R. Glyme,
which rises near Heythrop, and runs past Wood-
stock to R. Evenlode in Blenheim Park. Acres
1670; pop. 119; poor r. 11U (Woods. U.); real
prop. 1339/. St. Mary Rect. (Oxon.) val. 258J.,
patr. E. Way, Esq., of G. Park.

GLYN hmlt. (36) Llanelly par. S. Carmarthen.
4m. NNW. of Llanelly-217, under Mynydd Sulien.
Pop. 908, colliers ; real prop. 2956/. igy GLYN
hmlt. (41) Llan-non par. 5. Carmarthen. 5m.
NNE. of Llanelly-217. Real prop. 21977. ^"
GLYN hmlt. (41) Llansawel par. NE. Carmarthen.
8 m. N. of Llandilo-fawr-202, on R. Cothi. Pop.
162. i^" Glyn (75) 3 m. NW. of Harlech, W.
Merlon. W. O. Gore, Esq. M.P. an old elizab. seat.

GLYN-CODXON hmlt. (36) Llanwanno par. E.




Glamorgan. 6m. SSW. of Merthyr-Tydvil-171,
contains Home, where the Pont Cynon aqueduct
carries Cardiff canal over R. Taf. Pop. 306 ; real
prop. 15997. gi G. FECHAN tnshp. (74) Llan-
saintfraid-Glyn-Cerriog par. SE. Denbigh. 3 m.
SSE. of Llangollen-184, on R. Ceiriog. Pop. 518.

GLYNAMAN hmlt. (41) Llandilo-fawr par. E.
Carmarthen, near Llandilo-fawr-202, on R. Aman,
in Black Mountns. Pop. 302.

GLYNBROCHAN tnshp. (56) Llangirrig par. S.
Montgomery. 5m. SW. of Llanidloes-188, con-
tains Carucoed and Glaiiynant. Pop. 375 ; real
prop. 17617.

GLYNCEIRIOG tnshp. (59) Llanwrin par. W.
Montgomery. 3 m. NE. of Machynlleth-205, where
R. Dulas joins R. Dovcy. Real prop. 15217.

Glyndbourn, near Glynde, Sussex, as below, a
seat of Sir J. H. Langham, Bt.

P. GLYNDE par. (5) Ringmcr hund. Pevensey
rape, Mid. Sussex, 2 m. ESE. of Lewes-50, near
Hastings rail. Acres 1370; pop. 270; poor r.
1697. (W. Firle U.); real prop. 18187.; charities,
Haye's for poor 2427. Living, a Vic. (Chic.) val.
1327., patr. Dean and Canons of Windsor. G.
House, J. Ellman, Esq. ^" Glynde (5) 4 m. W.
of Hastings, SE. Sussex, Gen. Hon. B. Trevor.

Glyndwrdwy, " vale of the Dee," or Llangollen,
E. Merioneth, which once belonged to O. Glyndwr,
or Glendower (who had a palace at Sychnant near
Corwen, and held a parliament at the Cwrt Plas,
Dolgelly), came through the Salusburys to Col.
Vaughan, of Rhug.

Glyndyffryn Fall (71) 5 m. \V. of Corwen, NE.

GLYNFACH hmlt. (42) Llanigon par. NE. Bre-
con. 2m. S. of Hay -154, in Black Mountns. on
Heref. and Man. border. Pop. 59 ; poor r. 717.
(Hay U.).

GLYNGYNWITII tnshp. (56) Llangirrig par. S.
Montgomery. 5 m. SW. of Llanidloes-188. Pop.

GLYNHAFREN hmlt. (60) Llanidloes par. S.
Montgomery, near Llanidloes-188.

GLYNHAFREN-Ucii-CoED tnshp. (56) Llan-
girrig par. S. Montgomery. 5 m. SW. of Llanid-
loes-188. Pop. 228.

Glynhlr (41) 4m. S. of Llandilo-fawr, SE.
Carmarthen. Mrs. Dubuison, under Black Mountn.
with some falls in the grounds.

Glynllifon Castle (75) 5m. SSW. of Carnarvon,
W.Carnarvon. Lord Newborough, lately reb., was
seat of CilminTroed clu, or "black foot," ancestor
of one of the 15 tribes of N.Wales, and theGlvnnes.

GLYNLOCGHOR hmlt. (37) Llandilo-talybont
par. NW. Glamorgan. 2 in. N. of Castell Llwchwr
-212. Pop. 509 ; real prop. 9697.

GLYNN par. (40-1, 46-7) Lower Belfast bar.
SE. Antrim, 3 m. SE. of Larne-121, a pretty spot
on L. Larne, had a nunnery found, by St. Patrick's
sister, and given to the Chichesters. Acres 4484,
with excellent lime, of which 17,000 tons are ex-
ported yearly; pop. 1892 + 17, of vil. 395 + 2,
spinners, and in the limeworks. Living, a Vic.
(Dn. C. D.) val. 227., patr. Marquis of Donegal.
There is a landslip on the coast. igg GLYNN
hmlt. (42) Devynnock par. W. Brecon. 8 m. W.
of Brecknock-171, on R. Tarrill, contains Illtid.
Pop. 245 ; poor r. 1347. (Breckn. U.) ; real prop.
8867. ijg GLYNN hmlt. (41) Llanfihangel-Aber-
bythy ch. par. Mid, Carmarthen. 3 m. WSW. of
Llandilo-fawr-202, is joined to CATIIARGOED.
IJSP GLYNN hmlt. (41) Llangendeirne par. Mid.
Carmarthen. 4 m. SE. of Carmarthen-218, on R.
Gwenlraeth Vach. Pop. 634. G. Abbey, . ^*
GLYNN tnshp. (78) Llangelynin par. NE. Car-
narvon. 2 m. SSW. of Conway-223. gg" Glynn

(30) 3 m. SE. of Bodmin, Mid. Cornwall, Lord
Vivian, gaf Glynn ( ) coast-gd. station, near
Cahore Point, E. Wcxford.

Glynn Amnel (40) near Fishguard, N. Pem-
broke. J. Fenton, Esq., son of the county his-
torian, gg" G.-COLLWN hmlt. (42) Llanvi-
gan par. Mid. Brecon. 4m. SE. of Brecknock
-171. Pop. 287; real prop. 11977. Living, a
Cur. with Llanvigan. " Hazel Glen." tgif G.-
CORRWG par. (36) Neath hund. Mid. Glamorgan.
8 m. ENE. of Neath-198, in a hollow, on R. Atbn,
contains Blaengwrach cur. Acres about 12,000,
mountain, with coal, iron ; pop. 634 + 9 ; poor r.
297. (Neath U.) ; real prop. 11737. St. J. Baptist
Cur. (Llan.) val. with Blaengwrach 897., patr.
Earl Jersey. Carn Moesen, the highest point
in co. gif" G. Hills ( ) Shelmaliere and Bantry
bars. Mid. Wexford, a broken, woody tract, for-
merly hunting ground.

P. GLYNNEATH ( ) above Aberpergwm, in Vale
of Neath, N. Glamorgan, near the Hepste, Melte,
and other falls, of which there are eight original
views by P. Williams to be seen, at the ' Lamb
and Flag ' inn.

Glynnes, The, were a broken hilly division of
Antrim, round GLYNN, etc. as above.

Glyn-rhonwy, on I^ke Llanberris, Mid. Carnar-
von, slate quarry belonging to Ld. Newborough,
employing 150 men.

GLYN-RUJINEY hmlt. (36) Llanfabon par. E.
Glamorgan. 5 m. NN W. of Caerphilly-160, on R.
Rumnev, is a meet for the Ty-isha harriers. Pop.
240; re"alprop. 11577.

GLYNTAF hmlt. (36) Eglwsilan par. E. Gla-
morgan. 4m. NNE. of Llantrissant, near Pont-y-
prvdde bridge, on R. Taf, includes part of New-
bridge. Pop. 998 + 36. Living, a Cur. (Llan.)
val. 7., patr. Bishop.

GLYNTAWE hmlt. (42) Devynock par. W.
Brecon. 7 m. W. of Brecknock-171, contains Call-
wen. Pop. 118. Living, a Cur. (St. Dav.) val.
8007., patr. Vicar.

GLYNTAY hmlt. (41) Llandebie par. SE. Car-
marthen. 4 m. S. of Llandilo-fawr-202. Pop. with
Blayne 1061.

GLYNTREFNANT tnshp. (60) Tref-Eglwys par.
5. Montgomery. 4 m. N. of Llauidloes-188, on R.
Trefnant, or three streams. Real prop. 26517.

Glynwood (29) 4m. ESE. of Athlone, SW.
Westmeath, 3. Longworth, Esq.

GXEEVES vil. (32) Duhallow bar. N. Cork, 4m.
SE. of Kanturk-158. Pop. 213.

Gno77 Castle (37) near Neath, Mid. Glamorgan.
seat of Grant, Esq., formerly of the Mackworths.

GNOSALL par. (73) W. Cuttlestone hund. W.
Stafford. 6 m. WSW. of Stafford-141, on R. Row-
ley, near Liverpool canal, contains Knightley,
Moreton curs., Cowley, and 8 hmlts. Acres 7820 ;
pop. 2424 ; poor r. 8337. (Newport U.) ; real prop.
99987.; charities 1737. St. Lawrence Cur. (Lich.)
val. 1757., patr. Bishop ; church, once collegiate,
in norman and later styles, with effigies of a
knight. The Newport Union poor ho. is here.

GOADBY chplry. (64) Billesdon par. SE. Lei-
cest. 7 m. NNE. of Mkt. Harboro'-83. Acres 870 ;
pop. 122 + 3 ; poor r. 707. (Billesd. U.) ; real
prop. 14897. Living, a Cur. with Billesdon.

GOADBY-MARWOOD par. (70) Framland hund.
NE. Leicest. 5 m. NNE. of Melton-Mowbray-105,
has at G. Park, a meet for the Belvoir hounds.
Acres 2540 ; pop. 202 ; poor r. 447. (M.-Mowbray
U.) ; real prop. 27537. ; charities, poors' land 247.
Living, a Kcct. (Pet.) val. 4197., patr. Rev. E.
Manners, rector, of G. Hall ; church, good, with
an old font and tomb of Peck, the antiquary, and
sometime rector. Roman coins, etc. found ( ?).



GOAT hmlt. ( ) Papcastle tnslip. W. Cumlrll.
near Cockermo'-306, at the bridge on II. Dorwent.
1'op. 172.

Goat Acre (34) 4 m. NNE. of Colne, N. Wilts.
IgP G. Fell, in Arran, S. Bute, a granite heap
28(35 ft. high, commanding a noble prospect
(which takes in the Clyde, Ireland, etc.) and
producing Arran or Cafrngorm stones, brown
and yellow. tgT G. House (8) 2 m. NE. of Croy-
Aon'NE. Surrey. |^ G. Isld. (148) near Long
Isld. S. Cork, and Little G. Isld. and Goatisland

GOATHILL, par. (18) Horethorne hund. SE.
Somerset. 3m. ESE. of Sherborne-117. Acres
230 ; pop. 37 ; poor r. 91. (Sherb. U.) ; real prop.
3757. St. Peter Rect. (Ba. and W.) vaL 907., patr.
Earl Digby.

GOATHLAND, or GOATLAND, chplrv. ( ) Pick-
ering par. N. R. York. 8 m. SW. of Whitby-236,
in Pickering Forest Acres 11,030, moorland;
pop. 381 ; poor r. 847. (Whitby U.) ; real prop.
131 SI. Living, a Cur. (Yk.) val. 587., patr. Dean.

GOATHURST par. (20) Andersfield hund. Mid.
Somerset. 3 m. SW. of Bridgwater-139, in a fine
spot, which comes through the Gathersts,Pouletts,
Halsewells, to the Tyntes. Acres 1370 ; pop.
341 ; poor r. 1657. (Bridgw. U.) ; real prop. 26957. ;
charities 47/. St. Edward Rect. (Ba. and W.)
val. 3787., patr. Rev. J. Parsons ; church, ancient.
Halsewell, C. K. K. Tynte, Esq.

Goatka Crag ( ) 6 m. ENE. of Ambleside, Mid.

Goatsmount ( ) near Xewton Ards, N. Down.

GOATSTOWN vil. (7) Lower Ormond bar. N.
Tippery. 1 m. N. of Borrisokane-71. Pop. 148.

Gobannium of Antonine, is ABERGAVENNY,
Monmo 1 , on the Via Julia way.

Gobbians Green (1) 3 m. S. of Billericay, S.

Gobbins Cliffs (47) Lower Belfast bar. E. An-
trim, a precipice 2 m. long, partly basaltic, on the
E. coast of Island Magee.

Gabions (7) 3 m. SSE. of Hatfield, S. Hertford.
seat of T. Kemble, Esq., formerly of the Gobions
and Mores, including the great Chancellor, on
whose death it was for a time occupied by the
Princess Elizabeth.

Gobowen (74) 3 m. N. of Oswestry, NW. Salop,
on Shrewsb. and Ches. rail.

Gobrane (59) near Crumlin, S. Antrim, J.
Whitla, Esq.

Surrey, contains the pars, of Compton, Godal-
ming, Hambledon, Peper-Harow, Puttenham,
and part of St. Nicholas. G. (SECOND) HUN-
DRED, contains Chiddingfold, Haslemere, Thurs-
ley, and Witley. Total acres 37,200, pop. 10,795,
houses 2141.

P. M. GODALMING par. (8) in the above
hund. 4 m. SSW. of Guildford, 33 from Lon-
don, near S. West, rail., in a hollow, on R.
W'-y, a polling place, containing Crownpits,
Eashing (Aesching of Alfred's Will), Ferncombe
cur., and 7 other tythgs., was a royal manor,
given, with the hund., by Alfred (who calls it
Godelming in his Will) to his nephew, and by
lien. II. to the Bps. of Salisbury, from whom it
came to the Pastons and Mores of Loseley ; was
chartered by Eliz , and under the new act is go-
verned by a may., 4 aid., 12 council., with the style
of ' warden and inhabitants of town of G.' and
revenue of 247/. Acres 8470, with meadow ; pop.
4328, decreasing, of town 2183, some stocking,
parchment, paper, leather makers ; houses , in
one street, with townhall, 4 chapels, bank, savings
bk. (20,4017. from 471 depositors), bridge, and

Wyatt's almsh. (148/.) ; poor r. 31257. on 19,0317.
(Guildf. TJ.); real prop. 91267.; charities 4111.,
of which Smith's for poor 2597. St. Peter and
Paul Vic. (Win.) val. 4017., patr. Bishop; church
has, with some old tombs, and 2 brasses ( 1509),
one to Manning, sometime vicar, and author
of the county history. Mary Tofts, who (1726)
pretended to be delivered of ' live rabbits,' lived
here, Hogarth's ' Cunicularii' refers to the im-
posture ; and it is a meet for the Surrey Union
hounds. Busbridge Pk., H. Munro, Esq., near
which at Minsterfield, was a church at ' Domes-
d}'.' The New County Court corresponds with
Hambledon Sup. Registry, except 3 pars, which
go to Guildford. Mkt. Ds. Wed. Sat. Fairs, 13
Feb. 10 July.

Godbehere's Founder ( ) near Cromford, Mid.
Derby, a mine remarkable for the escape of Job
Boden, 1797, who survived, after being buried 8
days under the earth, which fell in upon him.


divis. S W.Dorset, contains the pars, of Allington,
Skipton-George, and Walditch ; acres 3260, pop.
2142, houses 423.

Goddington (31) 2 m. WNW. of Ashford, Mid.
Kent, seat of N. Toke, Esq., through the Goldwells
and Champneys, has portraits by Jansen and
others, and some ancient andirons. |gg GOD-
DIXGTON par. (45) Ploughley hund. NE. Oxford.
5 m. NE. of Bicester-54. Acres 1030; pop. 117;
poor r. 467. (Bicest. U.) ; real prop. 13487. Holy
Trinity Rect. (Oxon.) val. 3347., patr. Crp. Chr.
Coll. G. Hall, 1 m. SW.

GODLEY tnshp. (88) Mottram-in-Longden-Dale
par. NE. Cheshire, 3 m. SE. of Ashton-under-Lyne
-186, on Manch. and Sheffield rail. Acres 600 ;
pop. 1399 + 76 ; poor r. 477. (Ashton U.) ; real
prop. 46017. G. House, J. Turner, Esq.

GODLEY (i. e. God's land) HUNDRED (8) First
div. NJy. Surrey, and so called because given to
Chertsey abbey, contains the pars, of Bisley, By-
fleet, Chobham, Horsell, Pyrford, and part of Ash.
G. HUNDRED, Second div. contains Chertsey,
Egham, and Thorpe; acres 43,730, pop. 15,943,
houses 3072.

P. GODMANCHESTER par. (52) Toseland hund.
Mid. Hunts. 1 m. SE. of Huntingdon-59, within
the boro', at the bridge on R. Ouse, near the
roman Duroliponte, was given by Alfred to Guth-
rum or Gormond, the Dane (whence perhaps the
saxon name Gumecestre), and was held of the
king by meeting him with 9 score of ploughs ; was
chartered by Jas. I., and under the new act is
governed by a may., 4 aid., 12 council., with the
style of " bailiff, assistants, and commonalty of
boro' of Cirencester, alias G.," and revenue of
5247. Acres of par. and boro' 5590 (4667),
part common; pop. 2152 + 1, makers of noted
soft cream cheeses, etc. ; poor r. 12107. (Hunts.
U.) ; real prop. 12,0697. ; charities 747., of which
217. to Q. Elizabeth's free gram, school, be-
sides Dry den's almsh. St. Mary Vic. (Ely)
val. 3287.", patr. Dean and Chap. Westminster.
Roman coins have been found ; borough-english
custom prevails; and S. Marshall, one of the
puritan authors of Smectymnuus, was a native.
Hitchinbrook, Earl of Sandwich. Fair, Easter
Mon. horses, etc. See Fox's ' Hist, of Godinan-

GODMANSTONE par. ( ) Cerne hund. Mid. Dor-
set. 2m. S. of Cerne-Abbas-127, on R. Cerne.
Acres 1240; pop. 153; poor r. 217. (Cerne U.);
real prop. 12417.; charities 27. to Sunday school.
Holy Trinity Rect. (Sal.) val. 2407., patr. J. Good-
cnough, Esq.

P. GOUMERSHAM par. (3) Fdborotigh hund.




Scray lathe, Mid. Kent, G m. NE. of Ashford-53,
on S. East, rail., was a mkt. town on R. Stour,
given (822) by K. Bernulph to the priors of Christ
Ch. Cant., whose old seat, still here, was b. (Rich.
II.) by prior Chillenden. Acres 3440; pop. 450
+ 1 ; poor r. 158/. (E. Ashfd. U.) ; real prop.
3127/. ; charities 417. Living, a Vic. (Cant.) vol.
with Challock 234Z., patr. Archbp. ; church, has
8 stalls, and had a chantry. Ford, or G. Park,
R. Knight, Esq., through the Valoigns, Astyns
(ancestors of Miss Austen the novelist), and

Godminster ( ) near , Somerset. Col. Strang-

Godmond Hall ( ) near Burnshead, Westmrld.
an old fortified house of the Godmonds.

Godmondingaham of the Saxons and I3ede, is

GODNEY hmlt. (19) Meare par. Mid. Somerset.
3 m. NNW. of Glastonbury-124, on R. Brue. Pop.
280. Living, a Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. 55Z., patr.
Davies' heirs.

GODOLPHIN hmlt. (33) Breaze par. SW. Corn-
wall, 5 m. N W. of Helston, with a fine view from
Godolcan or ' White Eagle ' hill, belonged to the
Godolphins from the Conquest, whose old seat is
a farm. Pop. in the rich G. and Wheal Vor tin
and copper mines in G. Hills, one 110 fath. deep.
Living, a Cur. (Exet.) val. 130Z., patr. Crown

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