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and Bishop. Gives title of baron to the Osbornes,
descendants of the above.

GODREVY vil. and isld. (33) N. side of St. Ive's
Ba}% W. Cornwall, belongs to the Bassets, and has
a dangerous reef near it.

GODSFIELD ext. par. (12) Bountisborough hund.
Mid. Hants. 3 m. NNE. of New Alresford-57.
Acres 160 ; pop. 2.

GODSHILL par. (10) E. Medina lib. I. of Wight,
S. Hants. 5 m. SSE. of Newport-82, containing
Stenbury, Round, Sandford, and Rookley, be-
longed to Lyra abbey, Normandy, and came
through the Fitzosbornes to the Worsleys of Ap-
puldercombe. Acres 6400 ; pop. 1435 + 13 ; poor r.
/. (I. of Wight Incorp.) ; real prop. 9005/. ; cha-
rities, Andrew's gram, school 27/., Worsley almsh.
etc. 12/. All Saints Vic. with Niton; church,
on a hill, has tombs of the Leighs, Worsleys, etc.
l>ean Cole, a persecutor of Mary's time,was a native.

P. GODSHII.L tvthg. (15) Fordingbridge par.
S W. Hants. 1 m. W. of Fordingbridge-91. Acres
1850 ; pop. 109, decreasing ; real prop. 777/. $g?G.-
WOOD ext. par. (15) with New Grounds and
Ashley Lodge, Upper Fordingbridge hund. near
the above, was called Godmanescap, and has a
double-trenched camp. Pop. 265.

P. GODSTONE par. (8) First Tandridge hund.
K. Surrey, 8 m. E. of Reigate-21, a petty sess.
town, on Broad Mead water, near S. East, rail., is a
meet for the Surrey hounds, and contains Felbridge
andBlindley Heath curs. Acres 6600, part common,
with chalk, good sandstone, a mineral well, and two
barrows ; pop. 1397 + 50 ; poor r. 894Z. ; real prop.
824U; charities 178/. St. Nicholas Vic. (Win.)
val. 334/., patr. Ven. Archdn. Hoare, vicar ; St. J.
Evangelist Cur. with Blindley Heath, 100/., Vicar.
Morden Pk., Sir W. Clayton, Bt. ; Flower Ho.,
Hon. G. Nevill. Godst. P. L. Union, contains the
pars. etc. of Blechingley (where poor ho. is), Ca-
terham, Chelsham, Crowhurst, Farleigh, Godstone,
Home, Limpsfield, Oxted, Tandridge, Tatsfield,
Titsey, Warlingham, Woldingham, with Albury ;
acres'42,888, pop. 1 1,459, cases relieved (yr. 184"6-
7) 1872 (out-door 1376), expend. 4890*/., prop,
rated 45,5957. Sup. Registry, comprises the same,
except Albury; pop. 11,459 + 389. It belongs to
Reigate New County Court district.

GODSTOW vil. (45) Woolvercott par. Mid. Ox-
ford. 3 m. NE. of Oxford-54, a fishing station on
R. Thames, has some remains of the nunnery
found. 1138, by Editha, wife of Sir W. Launcelne,
where Rosamond Clifford first met Hen. I., and
where she was buried first near the altar, and
1191 in the chapter house (which stands), till
her bones were taken up at the Reformation.

GODWICK par. ( ) Launditch hund. N. Nor-
folk, 3 m. NNE. of Litcham-101, is joined toTrr-
TLESUAW. No church.

Godwins (47) 1 m. NW. of Hertford, E. Herts.

GOERLY, NORTH and SOUTH (15) 2 m. SSE. of
Fordingbridge-91, SW. Hants.

GOGAR vil. Corstorphine par. N. Edinbro 1 , 5 m.
SW. of Edinbro', near Caledn. rail., was a par.
near a camp where stone coffins have been found,
and on G. Burn, which rises near Kirknewton,
and runs 11 m. N. to Almond Water. Pop. 32.
G. Bank, Reid, Esq. ; G. House, .

Gogerddan, or Gogerthan ( ) 2 m. NE. of
Aberystwith, N. Cardigan. P. Pryse Loveden,
Esq., M. P., where Sept. races are held, and whose
hounds hunt round here.

GOGGINSTOWN vil. ( ) Barrymore bar. E.
Cork, near Watergrassmill. Pop. 157.

Gogmagog Hills (51) 4 m. SE. of Cambridge, S.
Cambridge, the highest in the co., near seat of Lord
Godolphin, within a triple-trenched camp of 13
acres, on the Via Devana, and sometimes called
Vandlebury, where roman coins have been found.

Gagman Lead Mine ( ) near , Cardigan.

GOGOYAN tnshp. (57) Llan-ddewi-brefi par.
SE. Cardigan. 3 m. SSW. of Tregaron-204. Pop.
118; poor r. 507. (Trega. U.).

Goil Loch, W. side of L. Long, E. Argyll. 5 m.
long, with some fine mountain views.

Goisk River (35) Decies-within-Drum bar. >!?.
Waterford, a branch of R. Blackwater, 8 m. long.

GOITREY tnshp. (60) Kerry par. SE. Montgo-
mery. 2 m. ESE. of Newtown-175. Pop. 96.

GOKEWELL hmlt. (86) Broughton par. N. Lin-
coln. 4 m. NW. of Brigg-155.

Gala Isld. (32) Kilmacrenan bar. NW. Done-
gal, one of a group near the mouth of Gwedore bay.

GOLANT. See SAMPSON, ST., Cornwall.

GOLBORNE tnshp. (89) Winwick par. S. Lan-
cash. 2 m. NE. of Newton-193, on Wigan rail.
Acres 1340; pop. 1657 + 12; poor r. 3667. (Leigh
U.) ; real prop. 55237. ; charities 36/., of which
6/. to school. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. ISO/.,
patr. Earl of Derby. G. Park, Miss Scarisbrick.

GOLBOURN-BELLOW tnshp. (80) Tattenhall par.
S W. Cheshire, 5 m. SW. of Tarporley-178, near
Chester and Crewe rail. Acres 520 ; pop. 129
+ 3 ; poor r. 317. (Gt. Boughton U.) ; real prop.
8507. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. 7., patr. ;
church, b. 1849. IgT G. DAVID tnshp. Handley
par. near the above. Acres 550 ; pop. 84 ; poor
r. 547. ; real prop. 9267.

GOLCAR chplry. (88) Huddersfield par. W. R.
York. 2 m. W. of Huddersfield- 189, on Manchester
rail. Acres 1560 ; pop. 3598 + 45, in the woollen
manufact. ; poor r. 5967. (Huddersf. U.) ; real
prop. 55837. St. John Cur. (Rip.) val. 1507., patr.

Golch Rake (79) 1 m. NW. of Holywell, N.
Denbigh, a lead mine.

Gold Bridge (5) 6 m. NNE. of Lewes, Mid.
Sussex, rgp G. Farm (8) 8 m. SE. of Reigate,
SE. Surrey. igS" G. Hill ( ) 7 m. N. of Wol-
singham, iV. Durham.

GOLDCLIFF par. (36) Lower Caldicott hund. S.
Monmouth. 4 m. SE. of Newport- 148, on G. Pill,
which runs to Bristol Channel, near R. L 7 sk's
mouth, has, near the Gaer roman camp, remains


of a small priory found. 1113 by Rob. de Chandos,
as a cell to Bee abbey, but joined 1442 to Tewkes-
bury. Acres 2130, marshy ; pop. 282 + 1 ; poor r.
807. (Xewp. U.) ; real prop. 43407. St. M. Mag-
dalen Vic. (Llan.) val. 85/., patr. Eton Coll. G.
Cliff, a limestone rock on mica (shining like
gold), looks over Caldicott Level, which was
drained and banked by the monks.

P. M. GOLDEN vil. (60) Clanwilliam bar. S.
Tipperary, 4 m. W. of Cashel, 104 from Dublin,
a petty sessions and police station near Athassel
priory in Golden Vale, has an old bridge over R.
Suir on which Will. III. signed the Cashel char-
ter, and remains of a stone tower. Pop. 602,
decreasing. G.Hill, . Fairs, 18 May, 26 Aug.
26 Oct. 15 Dec.

P. GOLDEN-BALL vil. ( ) 8 m. S. by E. of
Dublin, S. Dubln. near Scalp pass, on Wicklto.
border, and Two- and Three- rock mountns., has
Kilternan church, chapel, dispensary, paper and
cotton mills, with Ballvcorus lead mines close by.
g^ G. Corner (8) 9 ill. SW. of Chertsey, NW.
Surrey, i^ G. Farm (13) 2 m. NNW. of Wat-
lington, SE. Oxford. $&- G. Flats ( ) 3 m.
SSW.ofHartleppol, SE. Durham. ^ST G. Grove
(41) near Llandilofawr, Mid. Carmarthen, on R.
Teivi, seat of Earl Cawdor through the Vaughans,
on the site of Ld. Carberry's old seat, where
Jeremy Taylor in evil times wrote his " Golden
Grove, or Manual of Prayers," and others of his
best works. The Earl of Richmond's (Hen. VII.)
drinking horn is kept here, and there is a camp
near. (J3 G. Grove (79) 4 m. NE. of Rhyddlan,
N. Flint. E. Morgan, first b. 1578 and the
manor held by the fam. before the Conquest.
1^- G. Hill House (1) 3m. SE. of Waltham
Abbey, SW. Essex, R. Barker, Esq. ^" G.
HILL vil. (72) Wolstanton par. NW. Stafford.
near Burslem-152. Living, a Cur. (Lich.) val.
807, patr. Bishop. l G.-Inn (26) 4 m. WSW.
of Hatherleigh, NW. Devon, t' G. Mile (36)
3 m. SE. by E. of Bridgend, S. Glamorgan, a
common so called from the reward paid by Jestyn
to Fitzhamon for his defeat of Rhys ap Tudor
1091, has two small camps near it on the Via
Julia, and is a meet for the Cowbridtre hounds.
IgT G. Mine (30) near Perranzabuloe, SW.
Cornwall, has phosphate and carbonate of lead,
g^" G. Pots (12) 3 m. X. of Alton, NE. Hants.
$g- G. Vale (42) or Dyffryn Dwr, a rich
spot at the head of R. Dore, SW. Hereford.
in which is a camp near Vowchwrch, and Snod-
hill castle site, gip G. Vale, a fertile plain run-
ning through Limerick, Tipperary, and Waterford,
N. of the Galtee mountns., consisting of deep
loam on limestone, from 250 to 400 ft. above
the sea.

P. GOLDENBRIDGE vil. (18) Uppercross bar.
Mid. Dublin, near Dublin, on Gd. canal. Pop. 1090 ;
houses 180, with church, chapel, Richmond bar-
racks of 22 ac. for 1600 men, rom. cath. ceme-
tery (b. 1829), Waterloo spa, mills, schools, etc.

Goldenfort (21) near Stratford, W. Wicklow,3.
S. Saunders, Esq. on R. Slaney.

Goldenffrove (42) near Roscrea, S. King's Co.
Miss Llovd.

Goldens (46) 2 m. NNW. of Hertford, SE
Herts. Lord Reay.

GOLDEK lib. (13) Pirton par. SE. Oxford. 1 m.
N. of Watlington-45.

Colder Bridge (7) 3 m. ESE. of Uxbridge, W.

GOLDER'S GREEN hmlt. (7) Hendon par. Mid.
Middlesex, 6 m. NW. of St Paul's, on R. Brent.

GOLDHANGEK par. (2) Thurstable hund. E.
Essex, 4 m. ENE. of Maldon-37, on R. Black water.



Acres 1140, with Salterns, which are mentioned in
' Domesdy. ; ' pop. 520 + 3 ; poor r. 2497. (Maid.
U.) ; rea'l prop. 33877. St. Peter Rect. (Koch.)
val. with Little Totham 4017., patr. Rev. T.

Goldicote House (54) 3 m. SE. of Stratford-on-
Avon, Worcester, locally in Warwick. G. Smith,

Goldielands Tower, 2 m. SW. of Hawick, W.
Roxburgh, on R. Teviot, belongs to Duke of Buc-
cleugh of Branxholm.

Golding (61) 5 m. NW.of Much-Wenlock-148,
Mid. Salop.

Goldingham Hall (47) 2 m. W. of Sudbury, N.

Goldingly House (8) 8 m. SW. of Chertsev,
NW. Surrey.


GOLDINGTON par. (52) Barford hund. N. Beds.
2 m. NE. of Bedford-50, near R. Ouse, had a fort
at Castle hill, and the Beauchamps' priory at
Newenham. Acres 3940, part common ; pop. 509
+ 1 ; poor r. 2707. (Bedf. U.) ; real prop. 4834/. ;
charities 147. St. Mary Vic. (Ely) val. 186/.,
patr. Duke of Bedford ; church, has brasses of R.
Fysher (1507), and R. Hatley in armour (1585).
G. Lodge, Musgrave, Esq.

Goldmer's Gat, off the Naze, NE. Essex, the
passage into the Wallet or Channel to Colchester,
with 4 to 6 fath.

Goldmine River (39) Arklow bar. S. Wicklow, a
branch of R. Ovoca, at the source of which gold
dust has been found.

Goldrill Beck ( ) runs from Angle Tarn, NW.
Westmrld. into the head of Ullesmere. igP" G.
Crag, near Sea and Bow fells, S W. Cumbrld. at
the head of Seathwaite and Eskdales.

GOLDSBOROUGH par. ( ) Upper Claro wap.
W. R. York. 2 m. SE. of Knaresboro'-202, near R.
Nidd, contains Coneythorpe and Flaxby. Acres
3230, of town 1850; pop. 459 + 10, and 239
+ 7; poor r. 487. (Gt. Ouseburn Incorp.); real
prop. 211 II. ; charities 547. St Mary Rect. (Rip.)
val. 2917., patr. Earl of Harewood of G. Hall.

GOLDSBROUGH hmlt ( ) Lythe tnshp. N. R.
York. 5 m. N W. of Whitby-236, on the coast.

Goldscope ( ) near Newlands, Cumbrld.

GOLDSHAW- BOOTH tnshp. ( ) Whalley par.
Mid. Lancash. 4 m. NW. of Burnley-211. Acres
980 ; pop. 748, yarn spinners ; poor r. 1877. (Burn.
U.) ; real prop." 22297.

GOLDSONCOTT hmlt. (20) Old-Cleeve par. NW.
Somerset. 4 m. SW. of Watchet-156.

GOLDSPDR HUNDRED (5) Hastings rape, E.
Sussex, contains the pars, of Beckley, Guildford,
Iden, Peasmarsh, Playden, and part of Broomhill ;
acres 15,790, pop. 3385, houses 646.

Goldstone ( ) near Farn Islds. NE. Northmbrld.
a dangerous rock, only 4 ft. deep at low water.

GOLDSTONE tnshp. (73) Cheswardine par. NE.
Salop, 4 m. SSE. of Mkt Drayton-153. Pop. 75,

Goldstones (47) 4 m. NE. of Saffron-Walden,
NW. Essex.

GOLDSWORTH, or GOLDINGS, tythg. (8) Wo-
king par. NW. Surrey, 6 m. N. of Guildford-29,
on Basingstoke canal, near S. West rail.

GOLDTHORPE hmlt (82) Hodsock lordshp.
NW. Notts. 2 m. WNW. of Blyth-152, on R.
Ryton. Pop. 45. <y GOLDTHORPE hmlt. (87)
Bolton-on-Dearne par. W. R. York. 6 m. NNE.
of Rotherham-159.

Goldwell House (12) near Speen, SW. Berks.
Col. Page.

GOLDWORTHY hmlt (26) Parkham par. NW.
Devon. 6 m. SW. of Bideford-201.

GOLFTYH tnsbp. (79) Northop par. Mid. Flint.



3 m. NW. of Hawarden-189, on R. Dee. Pop.
402 + 18, some fishermen and miners.

GOLLON tnshp. (56) Abbey-cwm-hir par. N.
Radnor. 6 m. NE. of Rhayader-181. Real prop.

P. GOISPIB par. 7 m. N. of Dornock, SE.
Sutherland. 229 from Edinbro', including Bachies
under Benbhragie, and once called Gulmalie, is
on the coast, and G. Burn, near Little Ferry,
where a Stuart party was beaten 1746. Size 10 m.
by 2, cultivated, with slate, stone, granite ; pop.
1214 + 7, gaelic-speaking, of vil. 491 ; real prop.
9190Z., of which 1189Z. on fisheries; for poor 214Z.
Living (presb. Dornoch) val. 205Z., patr. Duke of
Sutherland of Dunrobin, who has much improved
this part. A pictish fort is seen. Fairs, Th.
after 4th Wed. Oct.

GOLTHO par. (83) W. Wraggoe wap. Mid. Lin-
coln, near Wragby-143, contains Bullingdon.
Acres 2540 ; pop. 159 ; poor r. 18Z. (Line. U.) ;
real prop. 841Z. Living, a Don. (Line.) val. /.,
patr. C. Mainwaring, Esq. of G. House, near the
old seat of the Granthams.

Golynos and Pentwyn ( ) near , W. Monmo 1 ,
are ironworks with 1360 hands.

GOMELDON tythg. (14) Idmiston par. SE.
Wilts. 4 in. SE. of Amesbury-77. Pop. 42 ; real
prop. 963/.

P. GOMERSALL tnshp. (88) Birstall par. W. R.
York. 4 m. NNW. of Dewsbury-187, contains
GREAT and LITTLE G. and 10 other hmlts. Acres
3000 ; pop. 8030 + 185, in the woollen manufact.
and coal pits ; poor r. 1280Z. (Dewsb. U.) ; real
prop. 21,944Z., of which 1G99Z. on mines. Living,
a Cur. (Rip.) val. 130Z., patr. Crown and Bishop.

GOMERSHAY tythg. (18) Stalbridge par. N.
Dorset, near Stalbridge-112. Pop. 65 ; real prop.

Gometra Isld. Killninian par. W. Argyll, be-
tween Mull and Staffa, is basalt 2 m. by 1.

GOMSHALL (8) 5 m. W. of Dorking, Mid.

GONALSTON par. (71) S. Thurgaton wap. S.
Notts. 4 m. SSW. of Southwell- 132, near R. Trent,
has at Bradebusk a ruined hospital b. (Hen. III.)
by Will. Heriz, in which every new incumbent
preaches. Acres 950 ; pop. 113 ; poor r. 20Z.
(Southw. TJ.) ; real prop. 1748Z. ; charities It. St.
Lawrence Rect. (Line.) val. 324Z., patr. R. Frank-
lin, Esq., of G. House.

Goner River, rises above Tyrie, NE. Aberdeen.,
and runs to the sea, near Fraserburgh.

GOUERBY hmlt. (86) Hatcliffe par. N. Lincoln.
7 m. ESE. of Caistor-153. Pop. 27.

GONERBY, GREAT, par. (70) Grantham Soke
boro', SW. Lincoln. 2 m. NW. of Grantham-110.
Acres 2230 ; pop. 1049 + 13 ; poor r. 248Z. (Granth.
U.) ; real prop. 6089Z. ; charities 22Z., of which
Kelham's school 12Z. St. Sebastian Vic. (Win.)
val. 100Z., patr. Vicar of Grantham ; church, with
a turret called Tom Thumb's castle, ^a?" G.,
LITTLE, tnshp. Grantham par. near the above, is
joined to MANTHORPE.

Conner Water, rises near Leadhills, S. Lanark.
and runs 8 m. NE. under the Lowthers, to R.
Clyde at Abingdon.

P. GOXOCHAN vil. near Fintry-45, Mid. Stir-
ling, in that par. on G. Burn, which falls into
Endrick Water. Pop. 44.

GOODERSTONE par. (65) S. Greenhoe hund. W.
Norfolk, 6 m. SW. of Swaff ham-93. Acres 2870 ;
pop. 500 + 3; poor r. 289Z. (Swaffh. U.); real
prop. 3814/. ; charities, fuel allotment 30Z. St.
George Vic. (Nor.) val. 119Z., patr. H. R. Mickle-
field, Esq. ; church, had a chantry and 6 stalls.
G. Lodge, 1 m. E.

Goodie Water, rises in L. Menteith, S. Perth.
and runs 6 m. SE. to R. Forth, at Fords of Trew.

GOODLEIGH par. (27) Braunton hund. N. De-
von. 2 m. ENE. of Barnstaple-192, on R. Yeo.
Acres 1180, with cherry gardens ; pop. 335 ; poor
r. 184Z. (Barnst. U.); real prop. 1729Z. ; charities
21. St. Gregory Rect. (Exet) val. 252Z., patr.
Rev. J. Harding, rector.

GOODMANHAM par. ( ) Harthill wap. E. li.
York. 6m. SE. of Pocklington-212, near Delgo-
vitia, under the Wolds, is Godmingaham of Bede,
where Coifi the high priest, on the conversion of
himself and K. Edwin, destroyed the great idol
grove or temple which stood here. Acres 2930 ;
pop. 313 + 5; poorr. 126Z. (Pocklingt. U.) ; real
prop. 3305Z. AJ1 Saints Rect. (Yk.) val. 447Z.,
patr. J. Clark, Esq. ; church, chiefly norman.

GOODXESTONE par. (3) Faversham hund. Scray
lathe, .ZV. Kent, 2 m. E. of Faversham-47, near R.
Swale. Acres 140 ; pop. 60 ; poor r. 27Z. (Favers.
U.) ; real prop. 891Z. ; charities, Richards' almsh.
45Z. St. Bartholomew Vic. (Cant.) val. with
Graveney 400Z., patr. Archbp. and J. H. Lade,

P. GOODNESTONE par. (3) Wingham hund.
St. Augustine lathe, NE. Kent, 5 m. WSW. of
Sandwich-68. Acres 1990; pop. 424; poor r.
157Z. (Eastry U.) ; real prop. 3392Z. Living, a
Our. (Cant.) val. 201Z., patr. Sir B. W. Bridges of
G. Park ; church, b. by the Boys' fam. of Bon-
nington, of whom there are mons.

P. S3. GOODRICH par. (43) Lower Wormelow
hund. S. Hereford. 4 m. SSW. of Ross-120, at
the bridge on R. Wye, contains Glewstone and
Huntisham, and the tine ruined castle of the Pem-
brokes, Talbots (who b. Flanesford priory), and
Greys, from whom it was taken by Birch 1646,
after a six weeks' siege. Acres 2460 ; pop. 738,
of town 490 ; poor r. 3207. (Ross U.) ; real prop.
5324Z. ; charities 347. St. Giles Vic. (Heref.) val.
354Z., patr. Bishop ; church, has an old tomb, and
chalice bequeathed by Swift, whose grandfather
was ejected in the civil wars. The castle, a
complete norman specimen, is 176 ft. by 152, and
includes remains of the vaulted gate, the Ladies'
and other corner towers, the saxon keep 29 ft.
square, chapel and watch-tower, great hall 65 ft,
by 28 (Edw. I.) and another hall. G. Court, L.
Meyrick, Esq. was b. by his father the antiquary,
after Blore's designs (style of Edw. II.), and has" a
rare collection of armour and antiquities, with
portraits by Holbein, and Nell Gwynne by Lely.
Gives title of visct. to Earl Ripon.

GOODSHAW chplry. ( ) Whalley par. E. Lan-
cash. 2 m. NE. of Haslingden-204, contains Higher
Booth. Living, a Cur. (Manch.) val. 150Z., patr.
Hulme's Trustees.

GOODWICK vil. (40) Llanunda par. N. Pem-
broke. 3 m. N W. of Fishguard-257, where a party
of 2000 rabble Frenchmen landed 1797, and were
captured by Earl Cawdor.

Goodwick Farm (52) 3 m. SW. of St. Neot's,
NE. Beds.

Goodwin Sands, off Deal and Ramsgate, E.
Kent, outside the Gull Stream and Downs, to
which they serve as a breakwater, are called after
Earl Godwin (whose lands lay in this quarter),
and probably appeared in K. Rufus's time, when
the sea having overwhelmed the Dutch coast, re-
tired the more from this coast. They are in two
parts, having Trinity bay and G. Swash or pas-
sage (with 2 to 9 fath.) between, and extend 8 m.
by about 3, with 1 to 4 fath., but are dry in many
parts at low water, the N. sand including the
Bunt Head (near Gull Stream light") and Fork,
the S. sand comprising the Callipers, on which


Bullock's safety beacon (a mast 50 ft. high with a
gallery for 20 shipwrecked persons), was set up
1840, and also Bush's 'Light of all Nations'
sunk into the chalk beneath 1844. The N.
Sand head liaht ship, put up 1793, lat. 51
19' N., long. I" 5 35' E., moored in 9 fath. near G.
Knoll, which grows larger, has 3 lanterns, the
highest being 42 ft. visible 10 m. ; S. Sand light
ship, put up 1832, lat. 51 10' N., long. 1 28> E.,
in 13 fath. 38 ft. high, is visible 10 m. A gun 8 ft.
long, and cast about 1370, was fished up 1775.

Goodwood (9) 3 m. NE. of Chichester, If. Sussex,
seat of Duke of Richmond, formerly of the Percys,
was b. by Wyatt,with large stables and dog ken-
nels, and has among other portraits, one of Fran-
ces Stuart, Duchess of Richmond, as Minerva,
the original of Britannia on our copper money.
The grounds of 2000 acres, have a fine view from
Cairney, which was made of the ruins of Hoove
church. The figure-head of Anson's ship, the
Centurion, which was at the inn, is now in Green-
wich Hosp. ; and Gen. Wyndham's hounds meet
here. Races, July : new cup course 2J m., two-
year old co. J m., Maidstone co. 2 m. 44 yds. ;
Queen's plate run is 3| m. 97 yds.

GOODWORTH tythg. (12) Clatford Goodworth
par. NW. Hants. 1 m. S. of Andover-63. Pop. 66.

Goolamore Rivulet (26) 3 m. S. of Lough Car-
rowmore, NW. Mayo, near G. Lodge.

P. M. GOOLE tnshp. (86) Snarth par. W. R.
Turk. 3 m. S. of Howden-180, at the end of Pom-
fret rail., a new bonding port and mkt. town,
on R. Ouse, where it is joined by R. Don. Acres
3020, moorland ; pop. 2850 + 118, in a good trade ;
houses 413, with chapel, bank, savings bk.
(48237. from 188 depositors), custom-house, ware-
houses, bridge over Ouse, free school (21/.), and
Union p. house ; poor r. 3367. on 10,7417. ; real
prop. 15,131/. Living, a Cur. (Yk.) val. 947.,
patr. Archbp. From the harb., 250 ft. by 200,
and docks, which are 600 ft. by 200, and 900 ft.
by 150, with 8 to 17 ft. water, admitting vessels
of 300 tons, a Canal runs to Pomfret near the
rail. In 1846, 463 sail of 28,585 tons (221 being
under 50 t. each), and 5 steamers of 295 t.
( I under 50 1.), belonged to the port, which has
Selbj' for sub-port ; and the tonnage Inwards and
Outwards, including repeated voyages, was 'coast-
wise' 3087 sail of 162,301, and 3035 of 155,439 t.,
to ' colonies ' 1 foreigner of 276 t., and to
' foreign ports ' 36 of 3037, and 48 of 3527 t. (be-
sides 49 foreigners of 6323, and 48 of 5818 1.) ; total
customs 44,9207. ; trade in corn, coal, woollens from
Leeds, etc. Goole P. L. Union, contains the pars,
etc. of Garthorpe, Luddington*, in Lincoln., and
Adlingfleet*, Armin, Cowick, Eastoft, Fockerby,
Goole*, Gowdall, Haldenby. Hook* (where poor
ho. is), Ousefleet, Pollington, Rawcliffe*, Reed-
ness, Snaith*, Swinefleet*, Whitgift*, in W. R.
York. ; acres 36,874, pop. 12,535, cases relieved
(yr. 1846-7) 1414 (out-door 895), expend. 36927.,
prop, rated 56,3347. Sup. Registry comprises those
marked * with Balne, Heck, Hensall ; pop. 12,529
+ 198 : 28 deaths from cholera in 1849. The New
County Court district corresponds with the Re-
gistry. Mht.D..

Goole's Cross ( ) near Clonoulty, Mid. Tippe-
rury, on Gt. S. and West. rail.

GoosE-BiiADON (18) Curry Rival par. & So-
merset. 1 m. SW. of Langport-128, formerly a par.
but now depopulated. Living, a Sin. Rect. (13a.
and W.) vol. 257., patr. T. B. Ullermare, Esq. ; no

P. Goose Green ( ) near Dublin, E. Dub. i!KP
G. Green (48) 4 m. SSE. of Manningtree, NE.
Essex. <gT G. GREEN hmlt. (1) 4 m. SE. by S.

GOR 783

of St. Paul's. London, NE. Surrey, near Peckham
Rye. ^- G. Green (34) 3 m. S. of Malmes-
bury, NW. Wilts. ^P G.-MooR hmlt. (62)
Church Eaton par. W. Stafford. 5m. SW. of

GOOSEFORD, WEEK, or WICK, hmlt. (26) S.
Tawton par. Mid. Devon. 2 m. E. of Okehampton

Gooseham (26) 6 m. N. of Stratton, NE. Corn-

GOOSEY chplry. (13) Stanford-in-the-Vale par.
NW. Berks. 3 in. NW. of Wantage-60, on R.
Ock, near Gt. West. rail. Acres 850 ; pop. 179 ;
poor r. 867. (Want. U.) ; real prop. 22997. All
Saints Cur. with Stanford.

GOOSNARGH chplry. ( ) Kirkham par. Mid.
Lancash. 6 m. N. of Preston-217, contains New-
sham. Acres 9290; pop. 1621; poor r. 4947.
(Prest. U.) ; real prop. 10,0717. ; charities 10737.,
of which 8557. to Bushell's hospital for decayed
gentiy, 657. to grammar, and 421. to Whitechapel
schools. Living, a Cur. (^Manch.) val. 150/.,
patr. Christ Ch. Oxon. Fairs, Rogation Tu. 25
Apr. 5 Oct. cattle.

GOOSTREE - CUM - BURNSHAW chplry. (80)
Sandbach par. Mid. Cheshire, 5 m. NE." of Mid-
dlewich-167, near Manch. rail. Acres 1230 ; pop.
325+3; poor r. 761. (Northwich U.); real prop.
25127. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. 175/., patr.

GOP tnshp. (79) Newmarket par. 2V. Flint. 4 m.
ENE. of Rhyddlan-208. Pop. 208.

GOPSALL-HALX, ext. par. (63) Sparkenhoe
bund. W. Liecester. 4 m. NW. of Mkt. Boswortli
-106, near Ashby canal, had a cell to Merevale
abbey, and is a meet for the Atherstone hounds.
Acres 600 ; pop. 7 ; real prop. 10727. G. Hall,
Earl Howe, was built by Jennins the friend of Han-
del, who wrote his oratorios here, and has por-
traits of several Stuarts, of Handel by Hudson, and
many dutch masters, also a statue by Roubiliac
in the Holdsworth temple in the grounds.

GORBALS par. Glasgow city and boro', NW.
Lanark, and E. Renfrew, in the S. suburbs, on
R. Clyde, a burgh of barony, including Hutche-
sonstown, Kingston, Kirktield, Tradeston, go-
verned by 4 bailies under the provost, was called
Bridgend till cut off from Go van 1771, was a
country seat of the bishops, who granted it 1571
to the Elphinstones of Blythsword, and was
bought by the city 1647. Size 340 acres, clayey,
with coal; pop. 48,122+1293, in the Glasgow
trade ; houses 9162, with 6 churches, chapels,
police court, barracks, bridge, Mrs. Waddell's and
other schools; real prop. 149,9837.., of which
22,0947. on rail., 10007. on mines; for poor 20337.
Livings (presb. Glasg.) Gorbals, val. I., patr.

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