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girls' blue-coat sch. (2547.), national schools,
' Crown and Sceptre ' and ' Trafalgar ' taverns
(famous for white bait), Jubilee almsh., rail, sta-
tion, landing pier made 1847, and Union p. house ;
assd. taxes (of boro') 21,3417. ; poor r. 74997. on
109,0007.; real prop. 123,2167.; charities 44647.,
of which HatcliflTs 1287. St. Alphege Vic. ( Lond. )
with St.Mary Cur. val. 10137., patr.Crown ; church
(one of Q. Anne's 50 new churches), b. 1768, of
stone, by James (architect of Sir G. Page's old
house on Blackheath), has a tower, cupola, and
small spire of very agreeable proportions, tomb to
Adams the architect, and portraits of Ch. I., Q

Anne, etc., and is on the site of one which fell
in 1710, which had a chantry, portrait on glass of
Duke Humphrey, brasses of Edw. VI. and Tallis
the musician, and a mon. (now at Sevenoaks) of
Lambarde, who lived at W. Coombe ; in ch.-yard
were buried Adml. Stainer who was at Santa
Cruz with Blake, Newcourt author of " Repert-
orium Lond.," Lord Aylmer, Sir C. Hardy, Wolfe
whose father lived at Littleton Ho. in the Park,
Lavinia duchess of Bolton, the ' Polly Peachum '
of Gay's opera. Trinity Cur., 7., Vicar ; Christ
Church, or EAST G., Cur., L, patr. ; ch. b.
1848-9, of ragstone, in pointed style. The Hos-
vital buildings consist of 4 large piles, mostly of
Portland stone : the two fronting the Thames are,
K. Charles's building or quadrangle to the W.,
Q. Anne's to the E., with a terrace 865 ft. long in
front, by the river, and an open square of 270 ft.
between, in which stands a statue of Geo. II. by
Rysbrach, from a block of stone taken from the
French by Rooke, and presented to Gov. Jennings
(the inscriptions are by Stanyan) ; behind, are K.
William's to W., and Q. Mary's to E., b. by Wren,
both having domes 120 ft. high, and doric co-
lonnades 347 ft. long (besides a ' return ' at each
end of 70 ft.), with a space between 115 ft. wide,
in which stands a gun taken at the Darda-
nelles 1812, and given by the Duke of Cumber-
land. ' K. Charles's,' b. by Webb in grecian
stj'le, after his master In. Jones's designs, and
including the Bass building, or square, added
by Wren 1696-8 (with the W. side reb. 1811-4),
contains the governor's and lieut. governor's apart-
ments, council room and officers' library (Kneller's
portraits of Will. III. and Q. Mary, Geo. II., etc.),
pensioners' lib. (bust of Dibdin the song writer,
and 16 wards for the men, K. Charles's ward
(where Byng was confined 1756) having the coat
and silk stockings worn by Nelson at Tenerifle.
' Q.Anne's,' b. 1698-1728, has 24 wards, with the
figure-head of Anson's ship the Centurion, in that
ward. ' K. William's,' b. 1698-1703 by Wren
(with the W. front, of brick, by Vanbrugh) has
11 wards, West's alto-relievo, in the square, of
the 122 actions and death of Nelson, and the
Painted Hall, or Naval Gallery, which was the
dining-hall for officers and men till 1700, is
112 ft. by 56, and 56 high (besides the vestibule
and upper room), has 53,678 sq. feet of painted
ceiling and walls, by Thornhill (1703-27, for
66857., restored 1808 by Rigaud, and again
by Stanfield 1845-6, and described by Steele
in his 'Lover'), including many royal and
allegorical figures, also a series of portraits of
eminent seamen, etc., the gift chiefly of Geo. IV.,
collected since 1823 by the late Commissioner
Locker, among which are: Raleigh, Norris or
' Foul- weather Jack,' Howard of Effingham (by
Zucchero) who defeated the Armada, Myngs (or
Mengs) by Lely, 'Hen. VIII. in the Great
Harry ' by Serres, Blake, Earl of Sandwich by
Lely, Sir C. Shovel, Boscawen, 'Geo. III. pre-
senting the Sword to Howe ' by Briggs, St. Vin-
cent, Hood, 'Duncan receiving DeWinter's sword '
by Druminond, Rodney, Benbow by Kneller,
Bridport, Rooke who took Gibraltar, Sir C. Hardy
by Romney, ' The Mary Rose beating Seven Cor-
sairs,' ' Battle off Cape Barfleur,' ' Defeat of the
Armada ' and ' Battle of 1st June ' by Louther-
berg, ' Battle of La Hogue ' after West, Berkeley
by Lely, Jordan and T. Allen by Lely, George of
Denmark by Kneller, Cook (who was a capt. of
the hosp.) by Dance, ' Death of Cook ' by Zof-
fany, Jas. II. as lord high adml., Vernon, Will.
IV. as lord high adml. (by Morton), Hyde Par-
ker, Kempeufelt who was lost in the Royal.


George, Dilkes by Kneller, Anson, Falliser, T.
Smith or ' Tom of Ten Thousand,' Exmouth by
Owen, ' Battle of Algiers' by Chambers, 'Burning
of the Luxembourg galley,' Sir P. Parker, Sir T.
Hardy, 'Death of Nelson* by Devis, Warren,
lieut. gov. Locker, Nelson, ' B'attle of Trafalgar '
by Turner, Collingwood by Howard, ' Battle of
the Nile ' by Arnold, ' Nelson hoarding the San
Josef by Jones, Hawke, Monk and Penn by
Lely, ' Hawke's Defeat of the French ' by Serres,
Cell by Reynolds, ' Rodney's Defeat of De Grasse,'
Lawson and Ayscough by Lely, Pr. Rupert by
Lely, Rich. Earl Warwick (the parl. admiral),
' Barrington beating off D'Estaing ' by Serres,
Vasco de Gama,Capt.Clement (1st lieut. gov. 1704),
Columbus, Andrea Doria, Sir J. Jennings, Forbes
by Romney, Earl Sandwich by Gainsborough,
Barrington by Reynolds, ' Cutting out the Her-
mione ' by Pocock, J. Worley (one of the earliest
pensioners, admitted Dec. 1704, died 97 yrs. old),
Marq. Duchene by Steuben, Sir H. Wifloughby,
Van Tromp, besides Nelson's coat and -waistcoat
at Trafalgar (given by Pr. Albert), and some pic-
tures by Westall, etc., and a bronze of Sir S. Smith,
in the ' Nelson Room,' busts, of Will. IV. by
Chantrey (given by Q. Adelaide), Smith by Kirke,
Exmouth by M'Dowell, Saumarez by Steele, and
Vernon, casts from statues, of Howe, St. Vincent,
Duncan, Nelson, models of the ' Centurion ' and
other ships, Nelson's coat at the Nile, Drake's as-
trolabe (given him by Q. Eliz.), and a sketch of
Greenwich palace (1690). 'Q.Mary's,' b.1699-1752,
has 13 wards, and the chapel 111 ft. by 52, re-
stored by ' Athenian ' Stuart, in a very embellished
style, on site of one burnt 1779 having a portal
with a frieze by Bacon, some costly pillars, bust
of Gov. Keats (given by his shipmate Will. IV.),
4 St. Paul at Melita ' by West, whose designs are
carved around the pulpit and painted on the walls.
In the vaulted basement below are the men's
dining halls and smoking room. At the E. gate
is the cheque office, b. 1815, and near W. gate
(which was reb. 1850, of brick faced with stone,
and has two 6 ft. globes, with Alison's track
marked on one) are the infirmary, 193 ft. by 175
(by Stuart 1763-4), brewery, cemetery (towards
the Park), with a mausoleum, in which lieut.
Welsh (the first one appointed) Tindal trans-
lator of Rapin, once a chaplain here, and many of
the governors, are buried. The establishment
(1850) includes 3 resident commissioners, a master
or governor, lieut. gov., 3 captains, 4 commanders,
8 lieuts. 2 masters, 2 chaplains, medical and sur-
gical staff, secretary, steward, cashier, etc., and 2710
men (exclusive of out-pensioners), who receive
Is. to 2s. 6d. per week ' tobacco money,' are in 64
wards (each under the charge of a boatswain and
mates), with 97 nurses, who are seamen's widows ;
with an income of 149,731Z., chiefly made up by Gd.
per month from all seamen in the navy, 82,491i
from funded prop., grant from parl., tolls of the
market (given by Earl Romnev 1700), rents of N.
and S. Foreland lights, and of* the Derwentwater
forfeited estates (29,2 19Z.) on which are many lead
and coal mines. Among the governors were: Sir



SirC. Hardy (1771), Palliser (1780), Hood (1798),
Keats, Sir T. Hardy, Stopford ; Evelyn was first
treasurer ; Vanbrugh was appointed surveyor 1716,
and succeeded by C. Campbell, Riplej-, Stuart, Sir
R. Taylor, etc. Improvements have been effected
by the commissioners in the market and road to
the pier, and from those made by stopping up
Friar's road between the college and infirmary.

and the removal of small outbuildings and gar-
dens around, including the pavilions on the ter-
race, the excellencies of this noble pile are now
displayed to great advantage. A view of the old
palace is at the Antiq. Society's, Somerset Ho.
Across the main road are the Hospital School
buildings, which consist of Q. Henrietta's palace,
or Pelham or ' Middle ' House (finished by In.
Jones 1635), with two later wings of 315 ft.
united by open colonnades 175 ft long, and a
full-rigged model of a frigate in front; they
include a chapel, school-rooms, dining-hall, dor-
mitories (slung with hammocks), workshops
(where tailoring, shoemaking, knotting, splicing,
and sailmaking and armourers' work are taught
to the lower school), lecture room, gymnastic and
tennis grounds, swimming pond, and infirmary
146 ft. by 42, b. 1783, by Stuart, for the original
hosp. or nautical school, begun 1715 (with 10 boys,
under Mr. Weston whose portrait, with Flam-
stead's, is in the Painted hall and increased to
60, 1731), and held in the hosp. till moved here, but
in 1821 again moved to its present site, and incorp.
with the 'Naval Asylum,' which having been found.
1805, for orphan boys and girls, after Trafalgar, was
brought over from Paddington. The girls' school
was broken up altogether 1842; and the pre-
sent establishment consists of 800 boys, sons of
seamen and marines (including officers' sons in
the upper schools), maintained for 1217. 3s. 8^d. per
week, and under an improved system of instruction
and training, which makes it the best professional
nursery in the kingdom. In the nautical or senior
school, with 4 masters, the most advanced boys
are taught mathematics, navigation, naut. astro-
nomy, chart drawing, observations, marine sur-
veying ; and hence hundreds of young officers have
been sent out to the naval and merchant services,
by the present head master (Mr. Riddle), to
whose exertions its present high position is
mainly due. Boys of the upper (properly middle)
school (6 masters), are taught arithmetic, writing,
singing, etc., with the elements of science and ma-
thematics, and, when fit, draughted to the nautical
school. The lower school, with 7 masters, for
400 sons of seamen and marines, affords a good
useful education, with singing, and, for the seniors,
the first rudiments of math, and science. The
beautiful Park of 200 acres, laid out by Le Notre
1664, in Charles II.'s time, with elms, chesnuts, etc.,
contains One-Tree hill (where a naval column
230 ft. high was proposed to be built), with a fine
view of the hosp., river, etc.; the Wilderness or pre-
serve for deer ; clump of trees called Q. Elizabeth's
bower ; Park Keeper's lodge, with an oak 50 ft.
girth ; Long Walk, which 50 or 60 yrs. ago was a
select promenade on Sunday, for the governor,
officers, and gentry; Ranger's House, towards
Blackheath (lately held by Princess Sophia, now
by Earl Aberdeen) ; some barrows, in which spear
heads, knives, etc., were found 1784 ; reservoir for
the hosp. ; and the Observatory, 214 ft. (?) above
the river, found. 1675-6, by Ch. II. (on the site,
and with part, of Duke Humphrey's tower,
where Mary daughter of Edw. IV. died, Hen. VIII.
lodged a ' fayre ladye,' Elizabeth confined Leices-
ter, and Henry Earl of Northampton, founder of
Norfolk Coll., lived), for the astronomers royal,
a post filled by Flamstead (appointed 1676, and
his ' Historia Caelestis' of 3310 stars, pub. 1725),
Halley (1719), Bradley (1742 his catalogue of
3222 stars pub. by Bessel), Bliss (1762), Maske-
lyne (1765), Pond (1811 made a catalogue of
1000 stars). It has an old quadrant by Graham
(1725), equatoreal, mural circle by Jones, another
by Hardy, and a 10 ft. transit by Troughton,




zenith sector, front-view reflecting telescope by
Ramage (1820) not in use, time ball on E. dome,
for ships to rate their chronometers by (in lat.
51 28' 39' N.), exactly under the meridian of
Greenwich, from which longitude is measured
in all English maps, a deep well (covered over)
where stars could be seen in the day-time, and
a magnetic and meteorolog. apparatus set up
by Prof. Airey, ast. royal (since 1835). Chro-
nometers for the navy are regulated here ; but
the chief business is to observe and register the
transits or meridional passages of the sun, moon,
stars, etc., night and day. From the Meteorolog.
Reports for 1841-7, it appears : that the mean height
of the barometer (at 32 Fahr. and 159 ft. above the
sea) is 29-761 in. ; mean temp, of air 49'2 (being
- 8 below the av. of 25 yrs., and the mean highest
being 88 - 8,mean lowest 15), of dew point 47-5,
of the river 53 (av. of 2 yrs. only, close to the
Dreadnought) ; prevailing winds SU r . to WSVV.,

the mean greatest pressure being 18'4 Ibs. to sq.
foot ; mean amount of cloud 6'8 (the maximum
being 10) ; fall of rain at the ground 24'4 in., the
highest being 33-3 in. (1841), lowest 17'6 (1847).
In 1841-5, one hour out of 6i was calm in the day,
1 out of 3 in the night ; 9 dys. on the av. per
year were cloudless (in 1843, not one), and 50 all

cloud. Hen. VIII. held tournaments here 1511,

and 1536 when Anne Boleyn was arrested, also
1513 when the first masquerade was performed
in England, and 1515 when Ch. Brandon mar-
ried his sister Mary ; Edw. VI. died 1554 ; Eliz.,
who kept court here, was entertained by the city
in the Park 1539, the Low Country deputies
offered her the crown 1585, the danish and polish
embassies were received 1586, 1597, and here
Hentzner the traveller saw her; Q. Mary (1688)
and Geo. I. landed here, and the mother of
Geo. III. in ; Nelson's body was brought here
1805-6, from Trafalgar. An old carved house near
Crawley's wharf was the seat of Sir W. Boreham
(Ch.l I. ) ; Johnson ' struck with the seat that gave
Eliza birth' lodged next to the 'Golden Hart'
in Church St. 1737, and composed his ' Irene ' in
the Park ; Lord Chesterfield lived at what is now
the Ranger's House ; Vanbrugh built Vanb. house
on Maize hill, after the model of the Bastile,
and Vanb. castle, or ' Minced Pie house,' near it.
Dr. Burney's school was in Stockwell St., and
Dr. Crombie's near Maize Hill chapel. Ducarel the
antiquary, Goddard the Gresham professor (b.
1617), and Munro the physician (b. 1715), were
natives; and Admls. Lawson and Leake residents.
It publishes the ' Kentish Mercury ' newspaper, and
gave title of duke to the great Argyll. Woodlands,
J. Angerstein, Esq. For Blaekheath see that name.
Chaucer speaks of "Greenwicbe that many a
shew is in." G. Reach, a bend of the river, lies
E. and W. 1 m. long, with I. of Dogs on N. side ;
in the stream, which has 10 to 16 ft. water, is
moored the seamen's hosp. ship the Dreadnought,
which, under Capt. Conn, took the San Juan at
Trafalgar ; steamers run constantly from the piers
to London, etc. G. Rail., made 1838, is 3Jm. on
arches all the way, cost 266,322Z. per mile, and
was leased to S. East Rail. 1845. Greenw. P. L.
Union, contains the pars, of Greenwich, Deptford,
Woolwich; acres 4800, pop. 80,811, cases relieved
(yr. 1846-7) 10,530 (out-door 9231), expend.
23,448*., prop, rated 242,88 JZ. Sup. Registry com-
prises the same; pop. 80,997+1447, births 2717
(1309 being females, 80 illegit.), deaths 2229,

marriages 546, of which 227 persons signed with
marks: 327 deaths from cholera in 1849. The
New County Court district includes the Registry
(except so much as lies W. of Croydon rail.) with

that of Lewisham. Mkt. Ds. Wed. Sat. Fairs,
Easter and Whitsuntide, attended by vast num-
bers from London, etc.

Greenwood (29) near Crossmolina, N. Mayo.
giT Greenwood (15) 2m. SW. of Malahide, E.
Dublin, H. H. Woods, Esq. igg" Greenwood Park
(50) near Newry, W. Down.

Greenwood Hall ( ) near Norwood, NE. Surrey.
Greese Rivulet ( ) on the Wicklow border,
runs to R. Barrow, near Carlow.

GREET hmlt. (44) Winchcombe par. N. Glou-
cest. near Winchcombe-95. Real prop. 152 II. gST
GREET par. (55) Overs hund. S. Salop, 2 m. N W.
of Tenbury-133. Acres 1040 ; pop. 112 + 2 ; poor
r. 61Z. (Tenb. U.) ; real prop. 1339Z. Living, a Rect.
(Heref.) val. 200/., patr. Mrs. Hope. ^ GREET
tnshp. (55) Burford par. near the above. Pop. 28.
GUEETHAM par. (84) Hill hund. E. Lincoln.
3 m. E. of Horncastle-134. Acres 1180; pop.
177 + 2 ; poor r. 79/. (Horncas. U.) ; real prop.
1771J. All Saints Rect. (Line.) val. 275Z., patr.
Bishop, gap GREETHAM par. (64) Alstoe hund.
N. Rutland. 6 m. NE. of Oakham-95, on a branch
of R. Gwash, in a quiet rural spot. Acres 1630 }
pop. 583 + 8 ; poor r. 2697. (Oakh. U.) ; real prop.
3297Z. ; charities, Forster's school. St. Mary Vic.,
(Pet.) val. 163/., patr. G. Finch, Esq.

GREF.TLAXD tnshp. (88) Halifax par. W.R.
York. 2m. SSW. of Halifax- 197, on Leeds and
Manchester rail., where a roman altar was found,
is joined to KLLASD.

GREETNVELL par. (83) Lauress wap. Mid. Lin-
coln. 2 m. E. of Lincoln-132, on R. Witham.
Acres 1300 ; pop. 42 ; poor r. 49Z. (Line. U.) ; real
prop. 2158Z. All Saints Cur. (Line.) val. 52/.,
patr. Dean and Chap.

Greyories, now called Sutler's Court, Sucks.,
was the seat of Burke, and of Waller (who lived
also at Wells Court), but the stables only are left,
the house having been burnt 1813.

GREGORY, ST., ville, ext. par. (3) Westgate
hund. NE. Kent, near Canterbury-55. Acres 10 ;
pop. 1244.

Gregory's (St.) College. See Downside, Gloucest.
Gregory's (St.) Sound (119) between Aran and
Inishmain islds. SJF". Galway.

Gregraria of the Irish, was the country about
L. Gara, Sligo, now part of Coolavin bar.

Gregynnog (60) 4 m. NNW. of Newton, E.
Montgomery. C. Hanburv, Esq., late the Blayneys'.
Greigwith House (36) 3 m. SW. of Usk, Mid.

GREINTON, or GRENTON, par. (19) Whitley
hund. Mid. Somerset. 7m. E. of.Bridgwater-139.
Acres 1140 ; pop. 213 ; poor r. CO/. (Bridgw. U.) ;
real prop. 1683/. St. Michael Rect. (Ba. and W.)
val. 165Z., patr. S. T. Kekewich, Esq.

Gremishader Loch, 3 m. S. of Stornaway, West-
ern Islds. E. side of Lewis.

GRENAGH par. (42, 51, 62) Barrett and E. Mus-
keny bars. Mid. Cork, 5m. NVV. of Blarney.
Acres 13,558, with bog and slaty mountain ; an.
val. 5466/. ; pop. 5351 + 31. Living, a Red. with
Garrycloyne. G. House, H. Low, Esq. (JiT Cre-
nagh (65) near Killarney, Mid. Kerry, J. O'C'on-
nefi, Esq. M. P.

Grenane (35) near Durrow, S. Queen's Co.
gS" Grenane (59) 2 m. NE. of Tipperary, W.
Tipperary, R. S. Mansergh, Esq.

Grenanstown (21) near Nenagh, N. Tippery.
Conat, E. D' Alton, Esq.

Grenawyc of the Saxons, is GREENWICH, Kent.
Grendon (25) 3m. NNE. of Tavistock, W. Devn.
GRENDON par. (52) Wvmersley huiul. Mid.
Northmptn. 5 in. SSW of Welling'boro'-67, near




Peterboro' rail. Acres' 3120; pop. 595; poor r.
419/. (Wellingb. U.) ; real prop. 33647. ; charities
221. St. Mary Vic. (Pet.) val. 91/., patr. Trin.
Coll. Camb. ; church, has 2 brasses of men in
armour, gif GRENDON par. (03) Ilemlingford
hund. 2V. Warwick. 2 m. NW. of Atherstone
-107, on R. Anker, near Trent Val. rail, and
Coventry canal, contains Whittington. Acres
1G50, with coal; pop. 529; poor r. 3187. (Athers.
U.) ; real prop. 44437. ; charities 51. All Saints
Rect. (Lich.) val. 525/., patr. Sir G. Chetwynd,
Bt. of G. Hall.

GRENDON, BISHOP'S, par. (55) Broxash hund.
E. Hereford. 4m. WNW. of Bromyard-125, has
an old camp. Acres 1800, with hops; pop. 231
+ 11 ; poor r.717. (Bromy. U.) ; real prop. 18027. ;
chanties U. St. J. Baptist Cur. (Heref.) val. 59/.,
patr. Vicar of Bromyard; church, reb. 1788.
ISST G.-UNDERWOOD par. (45) Ashendon hund.
W. Bucks. 10 m. NW. of Aylesburv-40. Acres
3G70; pop. 384 + 1; poor r." 2857.. (Aylesb. U.) ;
real prop. 215G/. ; charities 57., and a share with
Quainton. St. Leonard Rect. (Oxon.) val. 2697.,
patr. W. Pigott, Esq. giT G.-WARREN par. (55)
uroxash hund. NE. Hereford. 3 m. W. of Brom-
yard-125. Pop. 34. No church.

Grenofen (25) 2 m. SE. of Tavistock, W. Devon.


Grenvil'e (17) near Ballymoney, N.Antrim.

P. GRESFORD, i.e. Croes or Cross ford, par. (74)
Bromfield hund. Denbigh, and Mold hund. Flint.,
3m. NNE. of Wrexham-179, on Shrewsb. and
Ches. under the Rofts british camp, in a fine spot,
on R. Alen, containing Allington, Gwersyllt, Ros-
set cur., and 6 other tnshps., is a meet for the
Wynnstay hounds, and has a view of the Vale
Royal from Marford hill. Acres about 12,000, fer-
tile, with coal ; pop. 3928, of town 574 ; poor r.
1947. (Wrexh. U.); real prop. 25547.; charities
1417., of which 267. to Stroke's school. Living, a
Vic. (St. As.) val. 7147., patr. Bishop; church,
123 ft. by 60, later eng., has an old 8-sided font,
statues of Hen. VII. and the apostles (in the
tower), screen, 12 carved stalls, effigies and tombs
of a Griffith (1331), the Trevors of Trefalyn, a
Parry by Westmacott, stained glass, musical bells
(one of the ' seven wonders ' of Wales), and 1 9
large yews in ch.-yard. G. Lodge, Mrs. Egerton,
b. by Wyatville ; Erddig, Yorke, Esq. Fairs,
Easter Mon. 2nd Mon. April, last Mon. Aug. 24
June, 21 Aug. 22 Oct.

GRESHAM par. (68) N. Erpingham hund. 2V 7 ".
Norfolk, 3 m. SW. of Cromer-129, has remains of
a moated castle-house of the Bacons (Edw. II.).
Acres 1220; pop. 340; poor r. 1737. (Erpingh.
U.); real prop. 16917. All Saints Rect. (Norw.)
val. 2967., patr. Rev. J. Spargin.


Gressalloch Loch, E. coast of Harris, Western
Islds., S. of Loch Tarbert.

GRKSSENHALI, par. (66) Mitford hund. Mid.
Norfolk, 2 m. N W. of E. Dereham-100, near Lynn
rail., has the Mitford Union poor ho., or house of
industry, b. 1776 on site of a college found. (Hen.
1.11.) by Will, de Stuteville. Acres 2520; pop.
957 + 3 ; poor r. 3387. (Mitford U.) ; real prop.
409 17. ; charities 167. St. Mary Rect. (Norw.)
val. 6877., patr. King's Coll. Camb. G. House, J.
H. Hill, Esq.

GRESSINGHAM chplry. ( ) Lancaster par. 2V.
Lancash. 8 m. NE. of Lancaster-240, on R. Lyme.
Acres 1840; pop. 185+1; poor r. 1197. (Caton
Incorp.) ; real prop. 2085; charities 27. Living,
a Cur. (.Munch.) val. 80/., patr. Vicar.

GRESTY tnshp. (73) Wybunbury par. S. Chesh.
you i.

4 m. ESE. of XantAvich-164, is joined to SIIAV-

GRETA-BRIDGE limit. ( ) Brignall, Rokebv,
and Wycliffe pars. 2V. R. York. 3 m. SE. of Bar-
nard-Castle-246, on Watling St. and R. Greta,
which runs to R. Tees. Roman coins and an altar
have been found, igif G. MII.LS ext. par. ( )
with Briery Cottages, Mid. Cumbrld. near Kes-
wick-291, on G. River, or St. John's Rock, which
rises in Scales Tarn under Saddleback, and pass-
ing Scalesfell and the druid circle, joins R. Der-
went at Keswick. Pop. 100. G. Rank, W. Cal-
vert, Esq. ; G. Hall, Dr. Southey, brother of the

Greta River ( ) runs to R. Lune, 4 m. S. of
Kirby Lonsdale, 2V. Lancash.

P. GRETNA, or GRAITNEY, par. 5 m. E. of
Annan-79, SE. Dumfries, just over the bor-
der, on Caledn. and Dumfries rails., Solway
Frith and Its. Sark and Kirtle, contains Spring-
field, where runaway marriages have been per-
formed since 1760 by Paisley a tobacconist (not a
blacksmith) and his family. Size 6 m. by 3, level
and fertile, rising 250 ft. at Great-hnowe hill ;
pop. 1761, decreasing ; real prop. 73417. ; for poor
3407. Living (presb. Annan) val. 2377., patr. Earl
Mansfield of Cromlongan. As Scottish law rules
that an acknowledgment before witnesses makes
a good marriage, all that is done is to give a cer-
tificate to that effect, the service being read only
when the lady is scrupulous. G. Hall is now an
inn ; salmon abound ; and there are remains of a
druid circle, with one stone weighing more than
20 tons.

GRETTON limit. (44) Winchcomb par. 2V. Glou-
cester. 2 m. NNW. of Winchcomb-95. Real prop.
20847. Living, a Cur. with Winchcomb.

GRETTON par. (64) Corby hund. 2V. Northmptn.
4 in. SSE. of Uppingham-89, on R. Well, and
near G. Woods. Acres 4450 ; pop. 859 + 9 ; poor
r. 4167. (Uppingh. U.) ; real prop. 52477. ; chari-
ties 157. and Hatton's school. St. James Vic.
(Pet.) val. with Duddington 2687., patr. Bishop ;
church, has tombs of the Hattons of Kirby Hall,
b. 1593 by Elizabeth's " grave lord keeper."
igT GRETTON tnshp. (61) Acton Scott and Rush-
bury pars. Mid. Salop, 4 m. ENE. of Church-
Stretton-158. Pop. 73.

P. GREWELL, orGREYWEU, par. (12) Middle
Odiham hund. NE. Hants. 1 m. W. of Odiham
-40, near Basingstoke canal tunnel. Acres 850 ;
pop. 280 ; poor r. 1337. (Hartley-Wintney U.) ;
real prop. 12327. Living, a Cur. with Odiham.
G. Hill, Hon. and Rev. R. Carleton.

GREWELTHORPE tnshp. ( ) Kirkby-Malzeard
par. W. R. York. 6 m. NW. of Ripon-212, near R.
Ure, contains Kessmoor. Acres 2900 ; pop. 582 ;
poor r. 1797. ; real prop. 44097. Living, a Cur.
(Rip.) val. 457., patr. Vicar of Masham.

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