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GROSMONT. See Eaton Abbey, N. R. York, on
Yk. and N. Midld. rail.

Grosnez Point, NW. corner of Jersey, Cliannel
Islds., has a view of all the islds., and the French

GROTON par. (48) Babergh hund. 5 W. Suffolk,
4 m. W. of Hadleigh-64. Acres 1580 ; pop. 624
+ 5 ; poor r. 140/. (Cosford U.) ; real prop. 2732/.
St. Bartholomew Rect. (Norw.) val. I., patr.
J. W. Willett, Esq. and others.

GROTTON ( ) 3 m. W. of Leek, N. Stafford.

Groundislow Fields (72) 3 m. NW. of Stone, N.

Grouse Lodge (18) 1 m. SE. of Drumkeeran,

Mid. Leitrim, near Lough Allen, R. Johnson, Esq.
Jgi G. Lodge ( ) near Moate, -S W. Westmeath,
G. Lodge (12) 6 m.

W. H. Fetherston, Esq.
SW. of Bray, N. Wicklow.

GROUVILLE par. 3 m. E. of St. Helier, I. of
Jersey, contains Gorey and Mont Orgeuil castle
and barracks. Pop. 2372, in the oyster fishery,
etc. Living, a Rect. (Win.) val. 200/., patr. Go-
vernor. The sandy Bay, 2 m. long, is protected
by martello towers.

GROVE chplry. (13) Wantage par. NW. BerJis.
1 m. N. of Wantage-60, near Gt. West. rail. Pop.
435 ; poor r. 293/. (Want. U.) ; real prop. 35977.
Living, a Cur. (Oxon.) val. 100/., patr. Dean and
Chap, of Windsor. tJiP GROVE par. (46) Cot-
tesloe hund. E. Bucks. 2 m. S. of Leighton-Buz-
zard-41, on Gd. Junct. canal, near N. West. rail.
Acres 210 ; pop. 25 ; poor r. 11. (L. Buzzard U.) ;
real prop. 715Z. Living, a Rect. (Oxon.) val. 68Z.,
patr. Earl of Chesterfield.

Grove ( )2m. W. of \\~endo\er, S.Bucks. t&"
Grove (11) near Horndean, SE. Hants. Col. Con-
way. igg- GROVE (6) at Boxley, N. Kent, has a
vein of good fuller's earth, near which roman urns
and coins have been found. tp GROVE vil. (3)
6 m. NE. by E. of Canterbury, E. Kent, near G.
Ferry (on R. Stour) and Ramsg. rail, ijif" GROVE
par. (83) Bassetlaw wap. N. Notts. 2 m. SE. of E.
Retford-141, has a moated camp on Castle Hill.
Acres 1500 ; pop. 91 ; poor r. 29Z. (E. Retfd. U.) ;
real prop. 1150Z. ; charities, Levinz' almshouse 101.
St. Helen Rect. (Line.) val. 155Z., patr. G. H.
Vernon, Esq. of G. Hall; a meet for Mr. Lumbley's
hounds, and the old seat (Hen. VI1T.) of the
Hereys, who had the manor, and of whom there
are tombs. G. Moor, 1 m. NE. gif Grove (49)
near Athlone, 5". Rosemn. gg Grove (70) near
Fethard, 5. Tippery. W. Barton, Esq.

Grove Ash (45) 3 m. W. of Deddington, 2V.
Oxford. tjir G. Bridge (5) 4 m. NNE. of Hails-
ham, E. Sussex. igT G. Cottage (9) near Emo,
N. Queen's Co. Gen. Archdall. Jgg" G. Court
(44) 3 m. SE. of Gloucester, belonged to the De
Graves. IJ3F* G. East ( ) near Queenstown, S.
Cork, J. Bagwell. " G. Hall (87) 6 m. SE. of
Pontefract, W. R. York, is a meet for the Bads-
worth hounds. flip" G. Hill (75) near \Yr>t
Passage in Cork harb. SE. Cork, J. C. Irvine, Esq.
- G. Hill (31) near Falmouth, W. Cornwall,
G. Fox, Esq. $3" G. House (86) 5 m. NW. of
Kirton-on-Lindsey, NW. Lincoln. tgjT G. House
(7) near Tooting, NE. Surrey. $3F G. Jftm?,:
(6) near Tunbridge Wells, NE. Sussex, R.W. Blen-
cowe, Esq. $3T G., New ( ) 2 m. NE. of Amble-
side, W. Westmrld. &g G. Park (3) 4m. W. of

3F 3




Sandwich, NE. Kent, was a seat of the Groves and
Lynches, gip G. Park (54) 2 m. W. of Warwick,
Mid. Warwick. Lord Dormer, an ancient building.
6^ G. Place (11) 3 m. SSE. of Romsey, W. Hants.
Grove, The (7) 3 m. ENE. of Beaconsfield, S.
Sucks. Adml. Douglas. HiP Grove, The (44)
near Painswick, Mid. Gloucest. W. Capel, Esq.
Igg- Grove, The (7) 2 m. NW. of Watford, S W.
Herts. Earl Clarendon, on R. Gade and Gd. Junct.
canal. |^ Grove, The (46) 3 m. N. of Hemel-
Hempstead, W". Herts. T. Wilson, Esq. igT Grove,
The (7) 2 m. ESE. of Barnet, S. Herts. ^ Grow,
7%e (43) near Dingle, W. Kerry, J. Hickson, Esq.
giP Grow, The ( ) near Monasterevan, W. Kil-
dare, R. L. Moore, Esq. eiP Grow, 7%e (7) at
Stanmore, N. Middlesex. (gP Grove, The (8)

1 m. N. of Dorking, Mid. Surrey. Igp Grove, The
(7) near Camberwell, NE. Surrey, C. Baldwin,
Esq., formerly seat of Dr. Lettsom.

Grove Upland ( ) near Upland, NE. Suffolk,
R. Butcher, Esq. gaP G., or GKOVELY, YVooo
ext. par. (14) Cawden hund. S. Wilts. 4m. NW.
of Wilton-84, a meet for the S. Wilts, hounds, has
near, the roman way to Sarum, several earthworks,
as East Castle 214 yds. round, G. Castle of 14 acres
and single ditch'd", G. Works of 60 acres, with
ramparts, ditches, and a fine view, Hamshill
ditches, all supposed to be british towns after-
wards occupied by Romans. Pop. 30.

GROVESEND hmlt. (35) AJveston par. SIP.
Gloucest. 2 m. SE. of Thornbury, has a single and
double ditch'd camp, and a tumulus, in which
skeletons were found 1784. Lackington the book-
seller lived here.

Grubs Barn (46) 3 m. NNE. of Hatfield, Mid.

Grugag Water, runs 8 m. NE. to Dornoch Frith,
NE. Ross, above Eddertown, passing over a fall
of about 300 ft.

Gruinard Loch, N. side of Islay isld. W. Argyll.

2 m. long. gg G. Loch. See Greinord, Ross.

S W. Gloucest. contains the pars, of Acton Tur-
ville cur., Dyrham rect., Dodington r., W. Little-
ton c., Chipping Sodbury r.., Little (r.) and Old
(t>!c.) Sodbury, Tormarton r., Wapley, and part of
Iron- Acton r. ; acres 16,310, pop. "4239, houses
861. G. A. ( UPPER) HUNDRED, contains Alder-
ley r., Gt. Badminton c., Boxwellr., Charfieldr.,
Didmarton r., Hawkesburyr., Hortonu., Oldbury-
on-the-Hill, Tortworth r", and Wickwar r. ; acres
24,360, pop. 6171, houses 1260. See HAWKES-

GRUMFORD vil. (50) Snape par. E. Suffolk, 3 m.
S. of Saxmundham-89.

GRUMWELL'S PARK hmlt. ( ) Alnwick tnshp.
NE. Northmbrld. near Alnwick-308. Pop. 78.

P. GRUNDISBURGH par. (50) Carlford hund.
SE. Suffolk, 3 m. NW. of Woodbridge-77, on a
branch 'of R. Deben. Acres 1420; pop. 874 + 4;
poor r. 384Z. (Woodb. U.) ; real prop. 4793Z. ; cha-
rities 491., of which town estate 35Z. St. Mary
Rect. (Norw.) val. 472Z., patr. Trin. Coll. Camb.
G. Hall, Sir W. Anson, formerly of the Blois fam.
of Yoxford, seat also of T. Gnrclon, Esq.

Grundridge ( ) 3 m. SW. of Hexham, S.

Grunsloiv (53) 2 m. ESE. of Kineton,S7?. Warwlt.

GRUNTY FEN ext. par. (51) S. Witchford hund.
Mid. Cambridge. 4 m. SW. of Ely-67. Acres 1990 ;
pop. 4. G. House, .

GRWYNE-FAWR and G.-FECHAN hmlts. (42)
Talgarth par. E. Brecon, near Tal garth, under
Black mountns. on two branches of R. Usk. Pop.
24 and 93 ; poor r. 24Z. (Crickhowell U.).

Gryfe, or Grise, River, rises near Greenock. N.

Renfrew, and runs 15 m. E. to R. Black Cart near
Walkinshaw, not far from R. Clyde ; trout and
perch are had, and it turns several mills.

GRYOOR tythg. (78) Aberffraw par. S. Angle-
sea, near Aberffraw-246.

GuaU'mgaford of the Saxons, is WALLINGFORD,

Guanock House (65) 6 m. S. of Holbeach, SE.

P. Guardbridge, near Cupar Fife, Mid. Fife.

Gubion (205) 2 m. SW. of Morpeth, SE.

GUEI.DABLE tnshp. (96) Leake par. N. R. York.
G m. ESE. of North Allerton-235. Pop. 142 + 2.

Guerfof the Saxons, is R. Wharfe, York.

GUERNSEY ISLAND, the second of the Channel
Islds. lying off the French coast, 18 m. from
Jersey, 26 m. from Cape la Hogue, 100 SW. by S.
of Southampton, and head of a bailiwick, includ-
ing Alderney, Serq, Herm, Jethou, Caskets, Le
Marchant (or Lihou), was Sarnia or Sarmia of the
Romans, part of Normandy from 892, and through
that, of England from 1108 ; was ravaged by the
Danes and other pirates, held for a few vears
by France (Edw. III.) and Ivan, a Welshman in
league with Spain ; was taken by parl. in the
civil war, and visited by the Queen 1848, and is
called ' Little England' by the natives. Shape an
isosceles triangle, length from Pleinmont pt.
NE. to Fort Doyle 9 m., greatest breadth 5 m.,
av. ditto 3 ; circuit round the coast about 26 m.,
rocky and exposed throughout, especially the W.
and S. sides, having along the East side (6 m.
long), Fort Doyle at the N. corner with Braze
rocks off it, St. Sampson's harb., Belgrave bay,
St. Peter's port and pier harb. (off which are
Castle Cornet on a rock, and Herme, Jethou, etc.
divided by the Little Russell channel), Fort
George telegraph 300ft. high, St. Martin's point
and Doyle pillar 408ft. high at SE. corner,
along the South side (7 m.), Moulin Huet, Petit
Bot, and other bays, Pleinmont pt. at SW. corner,
along the West side (13m.), Hanois rocks,
Rocquaine bay and La Pendante, Perelle bay and
Lihou and Couchee islds., Vasou bay, Grand
Havre, L'Ancresse bay where Duke Robert's fleet
anchored 1030. The depths around are 8 to 20 fath.
the tides rising 30 ft. and running strong, and
abundance of fish are caught. It contains about
40,000 virgees or 16,000 (?) acres; 26,649 + 230
persons, chiefly norman-speaking, of whom 15,220
are in St. Peter's Port (where many half-pay
officers, etc. from England reside, on account of the
cheapness of living), 14,628 are females, 11,131
are under 20 yrs. of age, 20,132 island born, and
including 848 farmers and graziers, 309 seamen,
223 shipbuilders, 178 fishermen, 126 quarriers,
2477 labourers and servants, etc. ; 41 62 houses,
besides 241 empty and building ; 10 parishes or
rectories (with churches built between 1111 and
1322), St. Peter Port or Town, the capital, mkt.
town, etc. (E. side), St. Andrew (Mid.), Forest
(S.), St. Martin (SE.), St. Mary de Castro or
The Catel (Mid. the largest), St. Peter du Bois
(SW.), St. Sampson (NE. the oldest church), St.
Saviour (SW.), Torteval (SW.), The Vale (N.) ;
is governed by a lieut. gov., bailly, lieut. bailly,
sheriff or vicompte, deputy vicompte, etc. and a
body of 32 (or 37 since 1844) states of delibera-
tion, composed of a bailly or speaker, procureur or
attorney, 8 rectors, and 12 jurats who are chosen
by the states of election (now 222) viz. the par.
constables (10), and douzainiers (about 140 ?),
who are first chosen by the rate-payers ; is in the
jurisdiction of a bailly, procureur, and 12 jurats
(for life) of the royal court, which sits 6 weeks



after 15 Jan., Easter Mond., and 29 Sept. ; and
constitutes a deanery in the diocese of Winchester
(from 15G8, formerly Salisbury and Coutances)
province of Canterbury. Schools, in every par.
and Q. Elizabeth's college at St. Peter's, where
there is a savings bank (U7,613Z. from 4116 depo-
sitors), poorhouse, etc. All of certain age are
liable to serve in the militia, which is exercised
periodically. Granite is the substratum, ap-
pearing as gneiss in the S. where the ground is
highest, and the cliffs run 250 ft. in some parts,
and falling thence to tke sieuite in the N. where
some good meadow land is found. It is quarried
in Vale and St. Sampson's, etc. and shipped
for building and paving stones ; other exports
are gypsum, vinegar, bricks, cattle, fruit, potatoes,
etc. Rivers are short, and the surface is rather
dry and barren, but some small elms are grown,
and the furze hedges and gardens are numerous.
Soil of middling quality, suited to bulbous
plants, as the G. lily (a native of Japan). The
climate is mild and equal, mean temp, being 42 ;
myrtles, melons, and oranges are grown, and
cider made ; chief crops are mangel-wurzel, pota-
toes (from which spirits are distilled), parsnips
(once the staple), wheat, but much of this, and of
barley and oats, is imported ; good butter is pro-
duced, the cattle being excellent milkers ; swine,
a large, but the horses, a poor, breed. From the
excessive division of land, most of the estates or
farms are under 12 acres, and badly cultivated,
but the cottages are neat and comfortable ;
rent is 10s, to 101. an acre. Woollen guernsey
frocks are no longer made. At Norman point
a large cromlech was opened 1812, and other
druid remains are seen at Perelle bay, and L'An-
cresse common ; also a Celtic pillar, with Cornet
and Ivy castles, and another at St. Michael's,
where was a priory. Moulin Huet and Saints
bays have tine views ; excellent macadamized
roads run to all parts ; and the coast is defended
by martello towers. It publishes the ' G. Adver-
tiser,' ' G. Comet,' ' G. Gazette,' ' G. Star ; ' and
gives title of baron to Earl of Avlesford. In 1846,
120 sail of 13,263 tons (24 being under 50 t. each)
belonged to the isld., which is a sub-port to
Southampton, and has a total revenue (1843) of
75547. chiefly from a duty on spirits. Saumurez,
seat of Rev. Lord de Saumurez, son of the admiral,
who was born here (1757-183G) ; Lihou belongs to
the Le Marchants; Le Catel, P. Carev, Esq.
Prof. Dobree, Sir J. Jeremie (1795-1841 ),"M'Cul-
loch the geologist (1773-1835), were also natives.
Steamers go to Southampton, Weymo 1 , Plymo',
Granville, St. Malo, Jersey.

GUESTLIXG HUNDRED (5) Hastings rape, E.
Sussex, contains the pars, of Fairlight, Guestling,
Icklesham, and Pett; acres 11,430, pop. 2500,
houses 475. tT GUESTLIXQ par. in the above
hund. 3 m. NE. of Hastings-64, bv the coast.
Acres 3180, with hops ; pop. 803 + 4 ;" poor r. 646/.
(Hast. U.) ; real prop. 3901Z. ; charities 165/., of
which 114/. to Bradshaw's school, 19Z. to Chey-
ney's almsh. St Andrew Rect. (Chic.) val. 40 1/.,
patr. Rev. Sir J. Ashburnham, Bt. of Bromham.
G. Hill Cottage, .

GUESTWICK par. (68) Eynsford hund. 2V. Nor-
folk, 8 m. WNW. of Aylsham-118, near R. Bure.
Acres 1660; pop. 200+2; poor r. 146/. (Aylsh.
U.); real prop. 2422Z. ; charities 11. St. Peter
Vic. (Xorw.) val. 75/., patr. W. E. L. Bulwer, Esq.

GLULCAGH, or GILCO, par. (7, 8) Upperthird bar.
JV. Waterford, 5 m. SE. of Carrick-on-Suir-99.
Acres 3950 ; pop. 531. Living, a Vic. with Dunhill.

Gcir.nARLK tythg. (12) Kingsclcrc par. N.
Hants, near Kin-rsclere-5-1.


GUILDEN DOWN tnshp. (60) Clun par. SIV.
Salop, 4 m. S. of Bishop's Castle-159. Pop. 50.
lgp G. MORDEN par. (46) Armingford hund.
S1V. Cambridge. 5 m. NW. of Royston-38, on
R. Cain, contains Odsey Manor. Acres 2506 ;
pop. 808 + 13 ; poor r. 3001. (Royst. U.) ; real
prop. 38501. ; charities town land 19/. St. Mary
Vic. (Ely) val. 350/., patr. Jesus Col!. US" G.
SUTTON par. (80) Lower Broxton hund. W. Che-
shire, 3 m. ENE. of Chester- 183. Acres 1130;
pop. 180 + 5; poor r. 24/. (Gt. Boughton U.);
real prop. 1918Z. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. 50/.,
patr. Sir J. T. Stanley, Bt.


locally in First Woking hund. W. Surrey, 29 m.
from London by G. Rail, and by road, the county,
assize, sessions, and a polling town, in a charming
spot, on R. Hog's Back chalk downs, by R. Wey,
is Guldford or Gyldeford of Alfred, who gave it
to his nephew Ethelwald, and near which Earl
Goodwin 1036 seized Alfred, son of Etheldred II. ;
was a royal manor and seat, partly held by the
Testards, and given by Ch. I. to the earls of
Annandale, from whom it came to the Onslows
of Clandon, having remains of a castle of old
date, taken 1216 by Lewis the dauphin; has
returned two members from Edw. I., the bounds
by the Reform bill including the old boro' (com-
prising 2 pars, and part of St. Nicholas as below),
the rest of St. Nicholas, and Stoke par., no. of
electors 475 (of 101. houses 1119); is a boro'
by prescription, first chartered by Hen. III.,
and governed under the new act by a may.
4 aid. 12 council., with the style of 'may. and
approved men of town of G.' and revenue of
1853/. Acres of new boro' 482, of old boro' or
town 210, hilly, with chalk and good lime; pop.
5925 and 4074 + 26, in the corn (of noted quality),
timber, malt trade ; houses 665, well built, on a
hill, with 3 churches, 4 chapels, old timbered
guildhall b. 1683, with low tower and projecting
clock, portraits of Jas. I. Chs. II. Jas. II. by Lety,
Will. III. Queen Mary, and Adml. Sir R. Onslow
by Russell (a native), and old mantel-piece,
co. house of correction, corn mkt., gaol (com-
manding a fine prospect), theatre, cattle mkt.
2 banks, savings bk. (70,3771. from 2089 depo-
sitors), gas and water works, bath, 5-arched
bridge, barracks on site of Q. Eleanor's dominican
friary (Hen. III.), which Hen. VIII. turned into
a palace, carriage-factory, foundry, corn-mills,
Booker's tower, Trinity hosp.(664/.) for 20, found.
1619 by Abp. Abbot (a native), a brick tudor
quadrangle 66 ft. by 73, with a chapel, library,
hall, abp's. portrait and chair, portraits of Wyck-
liffe, Fox, Calvin, and the room where Monmouth
was confined 1685, Beckingham's (1509) or
royal gram, school (123/. with one exhibition), a
tudor building, where the Abp. and his brother the
Bp., also Bp. Parkhurst (a native, b. 1511), 15ps.
W. and H. Cotton were educated, and having an
old library, Baker's blue-coat school, alms-
houses, spital house (once a small friary), Wor-
plesdon semaphore, and Union p. house; assd.
taxes 1630/. ; poor r. 2158Z. on 14,701/. ; real prop.
19.773/., of which 33527. on canal ; charities 18J7A,
of which Smith's for poor 845/. Livings mv,
Holy Trill, with St. Mary.ffec<s. (Win.) val. 1 :,.}/.,
patr. Ld. Chancellor, Trin. church had 2 chan-
tries, was reb. 1749-63, and has tombs of Abp.
Abbot, Speaker Onslow, and Ld. Mayor Park-
hurst (old), also a native, St. Mary's, now re-
stored, was b. by the Testards, with two round
apses or chapels, and has some norman archos
and wall paintings in the vestry; St. Nicholas

SF 4



Reel. (5007., Bishop, ch. reb. 183G, has a brass
of a priest (1395), and tombs of the Mores
(from 1549) and Molyneuxes of Loseley in the
side chapel. On Castle hill, which has caverns be-
low, are remains of the keep 47 ft. by 45, 70 high,
15 thick, with roman tiles, herringbone- wise, in
it, and a chapel 15 ft. by 6, the gate, and the
crypt under Angel Inn ; the ruined walls of St.
Catherine's chap, built by Hen. II., overlook the
Portsmouth road, 45 ft by 20 , with a turret;
both it and St. Martha's (to the E.) have very
beautiful views, as have South hill, the Hog's
Back, etc. Hen. II. in 1186, John 1199-1200,
Edw. III. in 1336, 1340, 1347, kept Christmas
here; and 1265, Prince Edw. brought Gordon
the outlaw prisoner to his father Hen. III.
Abp. Abbot (1562-1633), and his brothers the
bp. (1560-1618) and the Id. mayor (d. 1640), were
sons of a weaver at a wooden house near
Crooke's brewery; it is the militia head qrs.,
and gives title "of earl to the Norths. Stoke
Place, Col. Delap ; Clandon, Earl Onslow ;
Shalford Ho. Sir W. Austen ; Sutton (old),
Weston, Esq. G. Hail. 6 m. long, made 1849,
with one station, is a branch from the S. West.
rail, at Woking, to be continued to Godalming,
and perhaps to Portsmouth. Guildf. P. L. Union,
contains the pars, of Clandon (East and West),
Compton, Godalming, Guildford, Horsley (East
and West), Merrow, Ockham, Pirbright, Send
and Ripley, Shere, Stoke (where poor ho. is),
Wanborough, Wisley, Woking, Worplesdon ;
acres 64,461, pop. 23,085, cases relieved (yr.
1846-7) 4738 (out-door 4356), expend. 13,8407.,
prop, rated 86,7497. Sup. Registry comprises the
same (except Wanboro') with Albury; pop.
23,081 + 204. The New County Court district
includes the Registry, and the pars, of Shalford,
St. Mary-on-the-Hill, Wonersh. Mkt. D. Wed.
Sat. poultry, corn. Fairs, 4 May, 22 Nov. horses,
on Catherine's hill; Easter Tuesd. to Whitsun.
Tuesd. lambs.

Goldspur hund. Hastings rape, E. Sussex, 1 m.
NE. of Rye-63, on R. Rother, belongs partly to
Curteis of Windmill Hill. Acres 2430 ; pop. 127 ;
poor r. 1037. (Rye U.) ; real prop. 68297. Living,
a Rect. (Chic.) val. with Pleyden 4507., patr. Rev.
G. A. Lamb, rector.

GUILDIE and GOILDIEMUIR vils. Monikie par. S.
Forfar. m. NE. of Dundee-45. Pop. 83, and 75.

Guildstead (6) 5 m. SE. of Chatham, N. Kent.

GUILDTOWN vil. St. Martin's par. E. Perth.
5 m. NE. of Perth-40. Pop. 178.

Guile Lough ( ) Upper Dunluce bar. N.Antrim,

7 m. E. of Ballymoney, near R. Bush.
0) 5 m. N. of Pembrok
uilford (33) near Rochefort-bridge,

Guilford (40) 5 m. N. of Pembroke, S. Pem-


S. Westmeath.

Guillerthwaite, or GiUerthwaite ( ) 8 m. ENE.
of Egremont, S W. Cumbrld.

ampin. Giskburgh hund. and a luzlfof ' Domesdy.'
contains the pars, of Cold Ashby vie., Long Buck-
ley c., Clay Coton reel., Cottesbrook r., Great
Creaton r., Crick r., Elkington, Guilsboro' ., W.
Haddon v., Lilbourne v., Naseby v., Stanford v.,
Thornby r., Watford v., Welford t>., Winwick r.,
Yelvertoft r., and part of Ravensthorpe v. ; acres
43,260, pasture, pop. 10,294, houses 2297. See
in the above hund, 9 m. NNVV. of Northampton
-66, at the heads of the Avon and Nene near
Borough Hill oamp, contains Hollowell (cur.)
and Nortoft. Acres 3080 ; pop. 939 ; poor r. 4077.
(Brixworth TJ.) ; real prop. 20587. ; charities,

Langham's free gram, school 807., Gilbert's writ-
ing sch. 607. St. Etheldred Vic. (Pet) val. 2587.,
patr. Rev. T. Sikes. G. Hall, W. Z. L. Ward,
Esq., who has the manor, formerly seat of the
Belchiers ; G. Grange, 3. W. B. Legh, Esq.

P. GUII.SFIELD par. (60) Pool hund. and boro',
E.Montgomery. 3m. N. of Welshpool-171, near
Montgomery canal and R. Severn, contains Bur-
gedin, Bromarth, Garth seat of the Myttons, and
10 other tnshps., with the site of Strata Marcella
abbey. Acres 13,684 ; pop. 2577 + 25, in the flan-
nel trade ; poor r. 7. ; real prop. 7. ; charities
567., of which 157. to school. All Saints Vie.
(St. As.) val. 3607., patr. Bishop ; church, has an
old font. Remains of a roman way and Garva
camp are seen.

GUII/T-CROSS HUNDRED (50, 66) S. Norfolk,
was called Gydecross, and contains the pars, of
Banham rect., Bio' Norton r., Garboldisham r.,
Gasthorpe r., E. and W. Harling rs., Kenning-
hall vie. (where the Union p. house is), N. and S.
Lopham r., Quiddenham r., Riddlesworth r., and
part of Rushford; acres 29,900, sand, loam, pop.
6914. houses 1409. See ROCKLAND DEANERY.
Guilt-c. P. L. Union, contains the pars., etc. in
the above hund. (except Rushford), with Bres-
singham, Bridgham, Buckenham (New and Old),
Eccles, Firsfield, Roydon, Shelfanger, Wilby,
Winfarthing; acres 43,235, pop. 11,965, cases re-
lieved (yr. 1846-7) 2223 (out-door 1750), expend.
82177., prop, rated 51,5007. Sup. Registry com-
prises the same; pop. 11,964 + 9. It belongs to
Attleboro' New County Court district.

GUILTHWAITE hmlt. (82) Whiston par. W. R.
York. 2 m. SE. of Rotherham-159.

Guirm, or Gurim, Loch, W. side of Islav Isld.,
W. Argyll.

Gulsachan House, in Strath Glass, .2V. Inverness.
m. SW. of Beauly, W. Frazer, Esq.

P. M. GUISBROUGH, or GUISBORO', par. ( )
E. Langbaurgh lib. N. R. York. 44 m. N. of York,
245 from London, a polling place, containing
Commondale, Hutton-Lowcross, Pinchingthorpe,
Tocketts, and 6 hmlts., in a fertile spot in Cleveland
near the coast, was Ghigesburgh of ' Domesdy.'
and came to Rob. de Brus (ancestor of the Braces),
who 1129 found, the cistertian priory of whicli
the E. window and gate remain and which was
given by Eliz. to Sir T. Chaloner, the traveller,
who established the first alum works here, now
moved to Whitby. Acres 12,000, partly moor-
land, with alum rock, and a mineral spring, of
town 6120 ; pop. 2015 and 1776, decreasing ; houses
437, in one street, with 4 chapels, 2 banks, sav-
ings bk. (13,7157. from 409 depositors), town-hall
and mkt. house, Pursglove's school and hosp.
(3507.), Providence school (1147.), and Union p.
house ; poor r. 7527. ; real prop. 92027. ; charities
5937., of which Lumley's for minister 1267. St
Nicholas Car. (Yk.) val. 1767., patr. Archbp.
Eston Nap camp has a fine view of this country.
Upleatham Hall, Hon. T. Dundas ; Kirkleatham,
H. Vansittart, Esq. ; Skelton Cast, J. Wharton,
formerly the Braces'. Guisb. P. L. Union, con-
tains the pars. etc. of Brotton, Danby, Easington,
Eston, Guisbrough, Kilton*, Kirkleatham, Liver-
ton, Lofthouse, Marske, Moorsholm *, Morton *,
Newton, Normanby *, Ormesby, Redcar, Skelton,
Skinningrove *, Stanghow *, Upleatham, Upsall*,
Westerdale, Wilton ; acres 80,090, pop. 10,543,
cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 804 (out-door 745),
expend. 36347, prop, rated 63,4877. Sup. Registry
comprises the same, except those marked * ; pop.
10,535, decreasing. It belongs to Stokesley New
County Court district. Mkt. D. Tues. Fairs,
last Tues. Mar. Apr. wool, June and July; Tues.


before Whit. Sun., 3d Tues. Aug. Sep., 2nd Tucs.
Nov. wool.

P. GUISELEY par. ( ) Upper Skyrack wap.
W. R. York. 2 m. S. of Otley-205, contains Hors-
forth, Rawden, Ycadon, and Woodside curs, and
Carlton. Acres 8890, of town 1580 ; pop. 12,274
+ 225, and 1971 +37, in the cloth trade; poor r.
2487. ; real prop. 54977.; charities 111/., of which
Moore's free school 59/. St. Oswald Rect. (Rip.)

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