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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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GYFFLN par. (78) Isaf hund. NE. Carnarvon.
close to Conway- 223, on R. Conway, contains
Bodidda and 4 other tnshps., and the cistertian
abbey found, by Llewelyn ap Jorwerth, which
Edw. I. moved to Maenan. Acres 3000 ; pop. 635 ;
poor r. 2627. (Conw. U.) ; real prop. 19777. ; cha-
rities, Dean Jones's school, etc. 77. Living, a
Cur. (Bang.) val. 1157., patr. Dean; church, has
an early eng. door, with an old font, and stained
glass. The Welsh, 880, beat Earl Eadred here.

Gyffronydd (60) near Welshpool, Montgomy.

GYFFYLLIOG par. (79) Ruthin hund. Mid.
Denbigh. 5 m. W. of Ruthin-195, contains Ffri-
thoed, Trefor, Treganol, and Trepark. Pop. 633 ;


poor r. 2817. (Ruth. U.) ; real prop. I. Living.
a. Cur. with Llanymys.

GYHIRN. See'GuYHiRN, Cambridge.

Gyldeford of the Saxons, is GUILDFORD,

GYLEEN vil. (100) Imokilly bar. E. Cork, 14 m.
SE. of Cork-160, near Power head. Pop. 337.

Gylen Castle, in Kerrara Isld. W. Argyll. 5 m.
SW. of Oban-124, on site of a danish fort, in a
wild spot, belonged to the Macdougalls.

Gypsey Hall (54) 4 m. N\V. of Stratford-on-
Avon, SW. Warwick.

Gyrn (79) 6 m. NW. of Holywell, N. Flint.
J. Douglas, Esq., near the Dee's mouth, g-g" G.
Goch (75) 7.m. NE. of Nevin, SW. Carnrvn., a
range of mountns. 1723 ft. high.

Gyrvum of Bede, was JARROW ( ?), Durham.

GYSULOG tnshp. (74) Llanfihangel-GIyn-y-
Myfyr par. Mid. Denbigh. 6 m. NW. of Corwen
-194. Pop. 41.


Haa Isld. near Farout head, NW. Sutherld.

Hoar Isld. between Harris and N. Uist, West-
ern Islds.

HABBERLEY par. (61) Ford hund. W. Salop,
8m. SW. of Shrewsbury-133. Acres 1110; pop.
125 ; poor r. 217. (Atcham U.) ; real prop. 32037. ;
charities 21. St. Mary Rect. (Heref.) val. 158/. ;
patr. Mytton's heirs, tgif HABBERLEY tythg.
( ) Kidderminster foreign, W. Worcest. near
Kidderminster-126. flif HABBERLEY OFFICE
tnshp. ( ) Worthen par. W. Salop, 9 m. SW. of
Shrewsbury- 153. Pop. 313.

Hobbies Howe ( ) 12 m. S. of Edinbro', S. Edin-
bro', on the Peebles border, near Newhall and
Penycuick, a pleasant, hollow on Monk's burn,
visited as the scene of Ramsay's ' Gentle Shep-

HABERGHAM-EAVES tnshp. ( ) Whalley par.
E. Lancash. 1 m. SW. of Burnley-21 1, near Leeds
and Liverpool canal. Acres 3910, with coal, slate,
and stone ; pop. 8526 + 251, in the cotton and
woollen mills, collieries, etc. ; poor r. 8637. (Burnl.
U.) ; real prop. 28,1517., of which 54097. on mines
and quarries; charities 377. Living, a Cur.
(Manch.) val. 1807., patr. Hulme's Trustees; All
Saints and St. Paul Curs, each 1307., Crown and
Bishop. All Saints ch. b. 1849, at cost of Sir J.
K. Shuttleworth, Bt, Messrs. Dugdale, etc.

Habitancum of the Romans, is RISINGHAM,
Northmbrld. on Watling St.


HABROUGH, or HABURGH, par. (86) E. Yar-
boro' wap. N. Lincoln. 8 m. NNE. of Caistor-153.
Acres 1570; pop. 334 + 2; poor r. 1177. (Caistor
U.) ; real prop. 26367. Living, a Vic. with Kil-

HABTON, GREAT, tnshp. ( ) Kirkby-Mis-
perton par. N. R. York. 2 m. NNW. of New Mal-
ton-217, on R. Rye. Acres 990; pop. 156 + 3;
poor r. 307. (Malt. U.) ; real prop. 19867. ^* H.,
LITTLE, tnshp. as above, 1 m. NW. on R. Rye.
Acres 490 ; pop. 57 ; poor r. 87.

Hacanos of Bede, is HACKNESS ( ?), near Scar-
boro', 2V. R. York.

HACCOMBE par. (22) Wonford hund. SE. De-
von. 2 m. E. of Newton-Bushel- 188, nearR.Teign,
is free of taxes, etc., and a meet for Sir H. Scales'
hounds. Acres 290 ; pop. 14, in 2 houses ; poor
r> i. (Newton Abbot U.) ; real prop. 7. St.
Blaze Rect. (Exet.) val. 2537., patr. Sir W. P.
Carew, Bt. of H. House ; church, made collegiate
1841 by Sir J. d'Ercedeckne, has tombs of the
Haccombes and Carews (4 brasses from 1 109), and



iwo horse-shoes commemorating a swimming
'eat of a Carew.

HACCONBY, or HACKENBY, par. (70) Aveland
wap. S. Lincoln. 3 m. N. of Bourn-97, on Carr
Dyke, contains Stanfield. Acres 3220 ; pop. 406
+ 2 ; poor r. 1427. (Bourn U.) ; real prop. 37487. ;
charities 97., of which 37. for school. St. Andrew
Vic. with Morton ; church, early eng. and later

HACEBY par. (70) Aveland wap. 5. Lincoln.
7m. E. of Grantham-110. Acres 730; pop. 64;
poor r. 117. (Granth. U.) ; real prop. 10557.; cha-
rities 77. Living, a. Rect. (Line.) val. 2267., patr.
Sir W. E. Welby, Bt. of Denton Hall. Traces of
roman buildings found 1818.

HACHESTON par. (50) Loes hund. E. Suffolk,
3 m. SSE. of Framlingham-87, on R. Aide, con-
tains Glevering. Acres 1780; pop. 518; poor r.
3507. (Plomesgate U.) ; real prop. 31077. ; chari-
ties 447. All Saints Vic. with Parham.

Hackbeck ( ) 7 m. NE. of Longtown, NE.


Hackendon Banks (3) between N. Foreland
and Kingsgate, NE. Kent, two tumuli containing
human bones, opened 1745 and 1763.

HACKENSALL tnshp. ( ) Lancaster par. W.
Lancash. 2 m. ESE. of Fleetwood-239, is joined

P. HACKENTHORPE (82) 5 m. NE. of Dron-
field, N. Derby.

P. M. HACKETSTOWN par. (33, 38) Ballinacor,
S. Wicklow, and (4, 5, 9, 10) Rathvilly bars. NE.
Carlow, 46 m. from Dublin, a police station, on
R. Derreen, attacked without success by the
rebels 1798. Acres 11,616, with bog, granite;
pop. 5242 + 81, of vil. 1021 ; houses 165, with a
dispensary. Living, a Rect. (Os. F. L.) val. 5107.,
patr. Bishop. Mkt. D. Thursd. Fairs, 13 Jan.
6 Feb. 12 Mar. 13 Apr. 4 May, 2 June, 13 July,
21 Aug. 18 Sept. 16 Oct. 19 Nov. 21 Dec.

Hacketstown House (5) 1 m. S. of Skirries, NE.
Dublin, on the coast, Johnston, Esq.

Backfall, or "witches' valley" ( ) 7m. NW.
of Ripon, W. R. York, near Brimham Crags and
R. Ure, a fine spot commanding from Mowbray
Point a view which takes in York (30 m.) and
Roseberry Topping (45 m.).

HACKFORD par. (66) Forehoe hund. Mid. Nor-
folk, 2 m. E. of Hingham-99, on R. Yare. Acres
820 ; pop. 264 + 4 ; poor r. 937. (Foreh. Incorp.) ;
real prop. 14987.; charities 117. St. Mary Rect.
(Norw.) val. 2257., patr. T. T. Guerdon, Esq. ; no

HACKFORD-BY-REEPHAM par. (66, 68) Eyns-
ford hund. 2V. Norfolk, 6 m. WSW. of Aylsham
-118, on a branch of R. Wensum. Acres 820;
pop. 694 ; poor r. 2187. (Aylsh. U.) ; real prop.
36327. ; charities 277. All Saints Rect. (Norw.)
val. with Whitwell 3287., patr. G. H. Holley, Esq.
H. Hall, Yen. J. B. Collyer.

HACKFORTH tnshp. ( ) Hornby par. 2V. R.
York. 4 m. NNW. of Bedale-223. Pop. 140 ; real
prop. 19037.

Hackham Bottom. See Devtf$ Punch-Bowl,

HACKINGTON, or ST. STEPHEN'S, par. (3) West-
gate hund. St. Augustine lathe, NE. Kent, % m.
N. of Canterbury-53, was Latintoneof ' Domesdy.'
Acres 1190; pop. 506 + 7; poor r. 2657. (Blean
U.) ; real prop. 48967. ; charities 417., of which
267. to Man wood's hosp. St Stephen Vic. (Cant)
val. 4127., patr. Archdeacon ; church, cruciform,
part built by Abp. Baldwin and Sir R. Manwood,
who had the manor, which came to the Cole-
pepers, and the Haleses of 1 1 ales Place.




HACKLESTONE tythg. (14) Fittleton par. E.
Wilts. 5 m. N. of Amesbury-77, on JR. Avon.
Pop. 161.

P. HACKLETON hmlt. (52) Piddington par.
Mid. Northmptn. 5 m. SE. of Northampton-G6,
seat of T. Mercer, Esq. Pop. 436 ; poor r. 209/.
(Hardingstone U.) ; real prop. 18367.

Hackley Common (56) 2 m. WSW. of Weobley,
W. Hereford.

Hackmoor Hall (56) 6 m. SW. of Weobley, W.
Hereford, on JR. Wye.

HACKMYS par. (3) Orrery and Kilmore bar.
N. Cork, and Coshma bar. S. Limerick, 1 m. E. of
CharlevilIe-146. Acres 2312; pop. 507.

HACKNESS par. (95) Whitby Strand lib. N. R.
York. 5 m. WNW. of Scarboro'-187, on R. Der-
went, containing Broxa, Harwood-Dale cur.,
Silpho, and Suffield, in a beautiful valley under
the Moors, was Hactenus or Hacanos of Bede,
whither retired Hilda, foundress of Whitby abbey,
which had a cell here b. by Abbot Serlo. Acres
12,730, of town 1940; pop. 714, and 182; poor
r. 617. (Scarb.U.); real prop. 1338/. ; charities 31.
St. Peter Cur. (Yk.) val. with Harwood-Dale
2537., patr. Sir J. V. B. Johnstone, Bt. of H. Hall;
church, ancient.

P. HACKNEY, ST. JOHN, par. (1) Ossulstone
hund. Tower Hamlets boro', E. Middlesex, 3 m.
NE. of St. Paul's, on E. and W. India Docks rail.,
a rural suburb between the Regent's canal and
R. Lea, containing Clapton, Dalston, De Beau-
voir Town, Homerton, Stamford-Hill curs., Kings-
land, Shackelwell, and //. Wick, in S. and W.
Hackney, consists of ' Lord's Hold,' which be-
longed to the Bps. of London and the Went-
worths, and 'JKing's Hold,' which belonged to
the K. Templars (who had a house or pre-
ceptory in Well Street), the Herberts, Hunsdons,
Brookes, and Vyners, whose old seat 'Black
and White House' is pulled down. Acres 3300,
marshy near the Lea, with mkt. gardens, meadow,
brickfields, and Loddidge's nursery, a rare col-
lection of exotic trees from all parts of the world ;
pop. 37,771 + 673, some optical glass and colour
makers, dyers, etc. ; houses 6476, in a long street,
many being good old buildings, with 9 churches,
7 chapels, N -police stat., gas-works, gram, school
where the Hoadleys, dramatists, were educated,
2 savings bks. at Hackney and Kingsland Road
(total 32,3307. from 2308 depositors), proprietary
school, Mrs. Audley's free sen. (217.), Norris's sch.
(10/.), Bakers' Company's, Bp. Wood's (50/.), Mon-
ger's (267.), Cooke's (707.), W. Hackney (1841),
and Robinson's Retreat almshouses, and those
founded by Spurstowe (907.) sometime vicar and
joint author of ' Smectymnuzw,' female asylum,
' Eliz. Fry ' refuge, school of industry, and Union
p. house ; poor r. 10,8847. on 174,727?. ; real prop.
172,2967.; charities 29497., of which 20337. to
Homerton academy, 467. to Wells St. chapel
school. St. John Sect. (Lond.) val. 10827., patr.
D. Tyssen, Esq. who has the manor; church,
b. by Spiller 1792-7, of brick, near St. Augus-
tine's old church (which, except the tower at
the other end of the ch.-yard, containing 2
brasses from 1545, was taken down 1798), is a
St. George's cross, viz. equally cruciform, and
64ft. square inside, with a roof of very large span,
and has old mons. of Arswick (a brass 1521) chap-
lain to Hen. VII., Bps. Wood and Doulben, who
held the living, as did Abps. Sheldon and San-
croft and Bp. Sampson also brass of H. Johnson
in a pulpit (1618) ; S. and W. HACKNEY Rects.
3997. and 4647., same patr., the former church,
called St. John of Jerusalem, b. 1837-8, at the
cost of Rev. H. Morris the rector, being a good 1

copy of early eng. Dr. South was baptized,
Gen. Fairfax was married, and Strj'pe died lec-
turer, here. Gavel-kind custom prevails; Sir
R. Sadleir and Dr. Louth were natives; and
among the residents were : Earl of Oxford the
poet, Dr. Mandeville who wrote the 'Fable of
the Bees,' Sir J. Caesar a lawyer, Defoe, also the
nonconformists, Bates author of ' Spiritual Per-
fection,' P. Nye, Mat. Henry, Fleming author of
'Downfall of the Papacy,' Bytield who figures in
Hudibras, the Unitarians Priestly and Price,
also Sutton founder of the Charter Ho. who
died here. Near the church stood Barbour's
Bern, b. 1591, and Ward's Corner (pulled down
1848) where lived Ward, one of Pope's rich
misers ' To Ward, to Waters, Chartres, and
the Devil.' The Duke of Gloucester encamped
here in arms against Rich. II. H. Wick House,
near the rail., was a seat of the Christies, and
a lunatic asylum. Hackn. P. L. Union, con-
tains the pars, of Hackney and Stoke Newirig-
ton ; acres 3950, pop. 42,274, cases relieved (yr.
1846-7) 4031 (out-door 3480), expend. 12,1607.,
prop, rated 198,0077. Sup. Registry comprises the
same ; pop. 42,261 + 774 ; births 1360 (658 being
females, 30 illegit), deaths 824, marriages
596, of which 294 persons signed with marks :
'many 'deaths from cholera in 1849. It belongs
to Shoreditch New County Court district.

Hackney (82) 2 m. NE. of Matlock, Mid. Derby.

Hackstable (6) 2 m. SE. of Foot's Cray, NW.

Hucksters End (7) 2 m. E. of Berkhampstead
-26, W. Herts, on N. West. rail, and Gd. Junct.

HACKTHOKN par. (83) E. Aslacoe wap. W.
Lincoln. 7 m. N. of Lincoln-132, is a meet for the
Burton hounds. Acres 2890 ; pop. 246 ; poor r.
1337. (Line. U.) ; real prop. 29467. St. Michael
Vic. (Line.) val. with Cold Hanworth 2G07.,
patr. R. Cracroft, Esq. of H. House. H. Hull,
Capt. Nixon.

HACKTHORPE tnshp. ( ) Lowther par. N.
Westmrld. 5 m. S. of Penrith-283, on Lancaster
rail., has an old seat of the Hakethorpes, Strick-
lands, and Lowthers. Pop. 102 ; real prop. 15447.

Hackton Hill (1) 3m. SE. of Romford, SW.
Essex, B. Bromfield, Esq.

Hackwood Hall (12) 1 m. SSE. of Basingstoke,
NE. Hants. Lord Bolton, b. 1C88, has family
portraits of the Pauletts, and in the park which
contains some fine beeches, etc., the music-room
by Vanbrugh, where Polly Peachum, 3rd duchess
of Bolton, used to sing.

P. HADDENHAM par. (45) Aylesbury hund.
Mid. Bucks. 6 m. SW. of Aylesbury-40, "near R.
Thame, was once a mkt. town. Acres 3150, with
mineral water ; pop. 1545 + 7 ; poor r. 12567.
(Aylesb. U.); real prop. 67917.; charities 467.
St."Mary Vic. (Oxon.) val. with Cuddington 3707.,
patr. Dean and Chap. Rochester, who had the
manor, which is held by the Wykehams ; church,
has 3 brasses of priests, etc. (from 1420).

P. HADDENIIAM par. (51) S. Witchford hund.
Mid. Cambridge, 6 m. SW. of Ely-67. Acres
9530, common; pop. 2103 + 18; poor r. 9287.
(Ely U.) ; real prop. 16,5427. ; charities 3007., of
which 747. to Arkenstall's, and 387. to March's
schools. Holy Trinity Cur. (Ely) val. 2357., patr.
Archdeacon; church, norman, with canopied
brass of W. Noion (1405), and another.

county, SE. Scotland, on the Forth, compared for
appearance, etc. to Northmptn., was the seat of the
Ottadeni in the roman Valentia, and part of
Bernicia in the saxon Northumbria up to 1020,


when Mai. II. joined it to Scotland, and was
made shire ground by Dav. !.(?), is watered
by the Tyne, traversed by N. British rail., and
bordered bv Lammerniuir hills and Bench. (S.
and SE.), Edmlro 1 (VV.), the Sea and K. Forth
(N.). Length from beyond Tranent, E. to Cock-
burnspath 28 m., greatest breadth 16, av. ditto
10; relative size l)0-10,000ths; circuit 78, in-
cluding 35 of coast, mostly rocky, along which
are Dunbar port (with herring fisheries, etc.),
Belhaven at the Tyne's mouth, Tantallon Cast.,
Bass rock (solan geese), N. Berwick harb., the
Scougall, S. Carr, and Craig reefs, Lambisle,
Fidra, and Ibris rocks, Aberlady, Cockenzie and
Port Letro ( ?), and Preston Pans, where salt Avas
made, and the battle of 1715 fought, Tranent
harb. It contains 272 sq. m., or 174,080 acres, of
which 6000 are plantation and about 35,000 un-
cultivated, moor, etc. ; 35,886 persons (260 less
than 1831), of whom 7458 are in Dunbar, Had-
diiiuton, Preston Pans, 18,607 are females,
16,930 under 20 yrs. of age, 27,890 county born,

3564 or 9'9 per cent, live by trade, manufact.
etc., 6168 or 17-2 per cent, by agricult. (321 being
farmers and graziers), 284 educated professions,
810 independent, 8596 labourers and servants,
etc, ; 3010 houses (out-buildings being reckoned),
besides 771 empty and building ; 24 parishes, and
part of another ; 3 royal and parl. burghs, Had-
dington, the co. town, etc. as below, Dunbar, N.
Berwick, which with Tranent are small debt
courts ; returns one member to parl. for the county
(elect. 628) and 1 for the burghs above, along
with Jedburgh, Lauder (el. 714) ; is governed
by a lord and vice lieut., 35 deputy lieuts., sheriff
and sheriff substitute, belongs to Haddington
and Dunbar presbyteries in synod of Lothian,
with 25 clergy, whose av. stipends are 2757. Keal
prop. (1811)250,1267., ('43) 258,743?., of which
49087. on mines; gross rental (1811) 180,654/. or
20s. 9d. per acre, ('43) 221,714/. or 25s. b\d. (be-
ing the highest in Scotld.) ; valued rent (1674)
168,8737. scots; fiar or av. price of 1st quality
wheat (1842-8) 57s. 3d. per qr. (3rd quality 49s.
6A7.). Savings bks. ('49) none ; expend, for poor
(1847-8) in 24 pars. (20 being assessed) 9017/., of
which 71037. for 1329 poor on roll, 5777. for 1049
casual poor. Schools (1837) about 80 with 4300
child, attending ; av. number of offenders (1836-46)
39, but 93 in '48. Near the sea the substra-
tum is mountain limestone and basalt (to the NE.

and at Dunbar, where it shows itself like the
Giant's Causeway), with coal on the W. ; thence the
land ascends to the slate hills in Lammermuir
(once well wooded), which rises at Spartleton Hill
1620 ft, Soutra Hill 1100, Sayr's Law , Trap-
rane Law 700 ; other points are N. Berwick Law
800 ft., Down or Dun Hill (where Leslie was
encamped) 500. The coal which belongs to
the great central field is dug (by 398 hands)
at Tranent, Ormiston, Gladsmuir, Inveresk, New-
town, and Prestons, where it was worked 1200 ;
good stone, with limestone, and some granite, are
also quarried, and traces of iron found at Hum-
bie, Keith, Oldhamstocks. At Presmennan an
artificial lake 2m. long, and mineral springs at
Humbie, Pencaitland, Salton, Spott. A little pot-
tery is made at Preston Pans. Soil along the
coast a red loam, very fertile and well cultivated,

great improvements having been made since
1700 ; the chief crops are turnips, potatoes, wheat,

cattle are fatted for in kt ., and sheep fed on the
moor ; farms are mostly from 200 to 500 acres, on
19 to 21 yrs. lease, and high rented; orchards
were planted by the monks as early as 13th
cent. Camps are seen at Garrald, Bolton (called



Chestcrs), Carfrae, Innerwick (with tumuli),
Inveresk, Ormiston, Whittingham, Humbie (tu-
muli) ; priory at N. Berwick, nunnery, etc. at
Garrald ; castles at Dirleton (the Halyburtons'),
Dunbar (earls of March, defended by 'Black
Agnes ' against the English), Innerwick (Hamil-
tons'), Dolphington, Elphington, Wintoun (Se-
tous'), Dunglass (Homes'), Tester (Giffards'), the
Bass, Tantallon (Douglases'). Alex. II. was born
at Haddington, Rennie the engineer at Preston
Kirk, G. Heriot at Gladsmuir, A. Fletcher at Salton
or Saltoun, Secretary Maitland at Lethington. The
Scots were beaten at Dunbar by Edw. I. and by
Cromwell 1650 ; Charles Stuart defeated Cope at
Preston Pans 1745 ; and at Lennox Love is a por-
trait of Frances duch. of Lennox, the original of
Britannia on the current coin. Seats are : Marq.
of Tweeddale Yester Ho., Marq. Dalhousie Couls-
ton, Earl Haddington Tyringham, E. Lauderdale
Dunbar Ho., E. Wemyss Gosford, Lord Elcho ,
Ld. Sinclair Hermanston, Hepburn, Bt. Smeaton,
Baird, Bt. Newbyth, Hew Dalrymple, Bt. N.
Berwk. Ho., Kinloch, Bt. Kilmorton, Lauder, Bt.
Fountain Ha., 3. G. Sinclair, Bt. Stevenson, Trow-
bridge, Bt. , Warrender, Bt. Lochend, Hall, Bt.
Dunglass (where Basil Hall was born), Houston,
Knt. Clerkington, Mrs. Nisbet Bid, Balfour of
Whittinghame, Callander of Prestonhall, Fletcher
of Salton, Hay of Belton, Sprot of Spott, Blantyre
of Lethington ; also Winton Ha., Dummore, North-
field, etc. Roads from Tranent (whence they
branch), 10 m. from Edinbro', are : (1) To Glads-
muir 5, Haddington 8, Lin ton 12, Dunbar 19,
Cockburnespath 26, thence along coast to Berwick
49. (2) To Preston Pans 2, along the Forth to
Aberlady 8, Dirleton 12, N. Berwick 15, Dunbar
25. (3) Pencaitland 3, Gifford 9, over Sayr's
Law in Lammermuir to Dunse 29, and Berwick
43. About 25 m. of N. British rail, go by Tra-
nent, Long Niddry, Haddington (a branch of 5),
Linton, Dunbar, etc. towards Berwick.

* P. M. HADDINGTON par. 17m. E. of Edinbro',
Mid. Hadngtn. the co. town and sheriff's court,
and excise collection, on R. Tyne and Edinb. and
Berwk. rail., was given by Dav. I. to his daughter-
in-law Ada who 1178 found, acistertian nunnery
in which her grandchild, Alex. II., son of Will,
the Lion, was born 1198 ; was burnt 1216 by John,
and again by accident 1244, nearly swept away
by floods 1358 (and 1775), was scene of Earl of
AtholPs murder 1242, was a fortified town taken
1547 by English after battle of Pinkie, and re-
taken at siege 1548 when a parl. under Arran
was held here ; returns one member to parl. along
with Jedburgh, Dunbar, N. Berwick, Lauder,
no. of electors 178 (total 714), and 107. houses
1712 ; was first chartered by Dav. I., and under
the late act is governed by a provost, 3 bailies,
dean of guild, 25 councillors (including deacons
of the 9 trades), with a revenue of 10017. Size
6 m. by 5, or 15,000 acres, well cultivated, with
part of Gladsmuir ; pop. 5452, decreasing, of
burgh 2786, in the grain and a general trade,
with 19 nailers, and 11 fellmongers; houses 629,
well built, with 2 churches, 5 chapels, county
hall with spire 150 ft. high, town house by
Adams, and prison, 3 banks, market, savings
bank, school of arts (1820) with a museum and
library, Gray's public lib., brewery, tanneries,
corn mills, 4-arched bridge to Nungate, academy
or gram, school, par. school, dispensary, E.
Lothian agricult. and horticult, friendly, and
other societies ; real prop. 35,0687. ; for poor 16547.
Livings, a collegiate charge, val. 3437. and 3667.,
patr. Earl Hopetoun of Ormiston, church (which
belonged to Greyfriary before Edw. I.) is 210 ft.



long, and has a ruined choir (which being lit up
at night was called " lucerna Laudoniae," the
Lothian lamp), and tombs of Rev. Jno. Brown,
and the Maitlands of Lethington (now seat of the
Blantyres), to whom the nunnery, valued at 3087.,
was granted ; St. John's, 7., Male Communi-
cants. Knox was born (1505-72), in Gifford St. ;
And. Maitland, married 1657, had 9 children who
counted 738 yrs. between them ; on account of a
fire which happened, the bellman goes round
every night with some rhymes beginning " A'
gnid men's servants whae e'er ye be, keep coal
and can'el for charitie "; and it gives title
of earl to the Hamiltons of Byres and Tyning-
ham. Colstoun, Earl Dalhousie ; Amisfield, Earl
Weinyss, on site of a woollen factory of Cromwell's
time ; Clerkington, Sir R. Houston, Bt. ; Steven-
son, Sir J. Sinclair, Bt. >5< H. PRESBYTERY,
synod of Lothian, includes Aberlady, Athelstane-
ford, N. Berwick *, Bolton, Dirleton *, Gawald *,
Gladsmuir, Haddington *, Humbie *, Morham,
1'encaitland *, Preston Pans, Salton *, Tranent *,
Tester*. Ditto (including Dunbar) Free Church,
includes those marked *, with Cockburnspath,
Belhaven, Innerwick, Prestonkirk. Kirk Fasts,
Wed. before 1st Sun. Mar., and last Sun. June.
Mht.D. Frid. grain, etc. Fairs, Frid. after Ruther-
glen, 2nd Tu. and 15 July, Frii before Edinbro'
Hallow Fair.

HADDINGTON tnshp. (83) Aubourn and S.
Hyckham pars. W. Lincoln. 7 m. SW. of Lincoln
-132, on R. Witham. Acres 910 ; pop. 128 ; poor
r. 187. (Line. U.); real prop. 11297.

HADDISCOE par. (66) Clavering hund. SJS.
Norfolk, 5 m. ESE. of Loddon-112, on a hill near
Lowestoft rail, and St. Olave's bridge on R. Wa-
veney, had a Templars' preceptory. Acres 2180,
marshy ; pop. 424 + 4 ; poor r. 2167. (Loddon U.) ;
real prop. 36877. ; charities 30/. St. Mary Sect.
(Norw.) val. with Monks Toft 7547., patr. King's
Coll. Camb. ; church, has a fine norman S. door
and round tower.

HADDLESEY CHAPEL tnshp. (87) Birkin par.
W. R. York. 4 m. SSW. of Selby-181, on R. Aire.
Acres 1140 ; pop. 216 + 2 ; poor r. 657. (Selb. U.) ;
real prop. 1882/. St. J. Baptist Cur. with Birkin.
iJiP H. WEST, tnshp. as above, 1 m. W. of Selby
canal. Acres 1160; pop. 288; poor r. 1677. (Gt.
Preston Incorp.) ; real prop. 18827.

HADDO vil. Methlick par. E. Aberdeen. 10 m.
NNE. of Inverury-126, seat of Earl Aberdeen,
\vho takes hence title of baron.

Haddo, near , Banff. T. A. Duff, Esq.

Haddock Bank, about 36 m. NNE. of Cromer,
N. Sea, is 6 m. long NW. and SE., H broad,
with 5 to 7 fath. on it and 14 off. i|iP H. Bank,
about 70 m. \VSW. of Scilly, English Chan., in
lat. 49 25', a sand in the midst of oaze, with
60 fath. on it.

HADDON par. (64) Xorman-Cross hund. NW.
Hunts. 6 m. SW. of Peterboro'-81, between Bil-
ling Brook and Ermine St. Acres 1240 ; pop.
121 ; poor r. 1347. (Peterb. U.) ; real prop. 13327.
St. Mary Rect. (Ely) val. 3657., patr. Marquis of

HADDON, EAST, par. (53) Nobottle-Grove hund.
W. Northmptn. 7 m. NE. of Daventry-72. Acres
2990 ; pop. 616 ; poor r. 5357. (Brixworth U.) ;
real prop. 48757. ; charities 97. for poor and school.
St. Mary Vic. (Pet.) val. 1497., patr. Rev. E.
Smyth, vicar, AV. Sawbridge, of H. Hall, and
others. ^ H. Hall (79) 2 m. SE. of Gt. Neston,
NW. Cheshire.

&. HADDON, OVER and NETHER, tnshp. (81)
Bakewell par. N. Derby. 2 m. SE. of Bakewell
-153, on R. Wye. Pop. 238 ; poor r. 917. (Bakew.

U.); real prop. 41G17. H. Hall, a well pre-
served ruin, on a limestone rock, the old ba-

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