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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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tains Wolfpits. Pop. 149 ; real prop. 15667. H.
Court, T. F. Lewis, Esq., an old seat.

P. HARPTREE, EAST, par. (19) Winterstoke
hund. NE. Somerset. 6 m. N. of Wells-120, under
the Mendip Hills. Acres 2770, with limestone,
manganese, zinc ; pop. 772 + 8 ; poor r. 3331.
(Clutton U.) ; real prop. 38407. ; charities, Plumb-
ley's for poor 587. St. Lawrence Vic. (Ba. and
W.) val. 1067., patr. Bishop ; church, has a nor-
man door. E. H. Court, Capt. Waldegrave, was
partly b. of Richmont Cast., the old seat of the
Harptrees. igp H., WEST, par. Chewton hund.
as above, 1 m. N., has an old seat, now a farm.
Acres 2850 ; pop. 571 + 4 ; poor r. 2677. ; real prop.
45717. ; charities 767., of which 157. to Lockier'a
school. St. Mary Vie. (Ba. and W.) val. 1267.,
patr. Crown. R. Buckland, a priest, was a native.
P. HARPURHEY tnshp. (88) Manchester par.
SE. Lancash. 3 m. N. of Manchester- 183. Acres
270 ; pop. 438, cotton spinners ; poor r. 207.
(Manch. U.) ; real prop. 25227. Living, a Cur.
(Manch.) val. 1907., patr. Trustees.

HARRABY tnshp. ( ) St. Cuthbert par. N. Cum-
brld. 1 m. SE. of Carlisle-301, near Lancaster rail,
and R. Caldew. Pop. 55 ; real prop. 15737.

HARRATON tnshp. ( ) Chester-le-Street par.
NE. Durham, 7 m. N. of Durhain-258, on R.Wear.
Acres 2090, with coal ; pop. 1601, decreasing,
through the exhaustion of coal mines ; poor r.
3917. (Chester U.) ; real prop. 14,2437., of which
10,3617. on mines.

P. HARRAY par. in Pomona Isld. Mid. Orkney,
3 m. NW. of Kirkwall, and joined to Birsay, lies
between H. Loch and Stennis Loch. Size 6 m. by
3J, mossy ; pop. 772 ; real prop. 8337. ; for poor 377.
Living (presb. Cairston) with Birsay, val. 2187.,
patr. Earl of Zetland. Many picts' houses, and a
pillar stone are seen.

P. HARRIETSHAM par. (6) Evthorne hund.
Aylesford lathe, Mid. Kent, 8 m. ESE. of Maid-
stone-34. Acres 2520, partly in hop-grounds;
pop. 675; poor r. 4867. (Hollingbourn U.) : real
prop. 32917. ; charities 1047., of which 677. to
Booth's school, besides Quested's almsh. St. J.
Baptist Rect. (Cant.) val. 4527., patr. All Souls
Coll. Oxon. ; church, later eng. with tombs of the
Stedes of Stede Hill, now H. Place, seat of W.
Baldwin, Esq.

HARRINGTON par. ( ) Allerdale-above-Der-
Avent ward, W. Cumbrld. 5 m. N. of Whitehavon




-294, a place of modern date, having a small
pier harb. (Bellaport) and sub-port to Whitehaven,
with a fixed light, 44 ft. high, put up 1797, and
seen llm. on the coast. Acres 2380, with coal,
fire-clay, ironstone; pop. 1934+18, in the col-
lieries, shipbuilding, ropery, vitriol and copperas
works ; poor r. 3817. (Whiten. U.) ; real prop.
55817. Living, a Rect. (Ches.) val. 2507., patr.
H. C. Curwen, Esq. of Workington.

P. HARRINGTON par. (84) Hill hund. E.Lincoln.
4 m. NW. of Spilsby-129. Acres 1070 ; pop. 107
+ 3 ; poor r. 97/. (Spils. U.) ; real prop. 15127. St.
Mary Rect, (Line.) val. 240/., patr. R. Cracroft,
Esq. ; church, has effigies of a Templar, etc. H.
Hall, R. Eden, Esq. ( ?) igiP HARRINGTON par.
(52) Rothwell hund. N. Nortlimptn. 2 m. VVSW.
of Rothwell-77. Acres 2000 ; pop. 238 +4 ; poor
r. 831. (Kettering U.) ; real prop. 40957. ; charities
51. St. Mary Rect. (Pet.) val. 4217., patr. Hon. C.
Tollemache. Gives title of earl and baron to the
Stanhopes of Elvaston.

HARRINGWORTH par. (64) Corby hund. ^V.
Northmptn. 4 m. SE. of Uppingham-89, on R.
Welland. Acres 3060; pop. 358; poor r. 219/.
(Uppingh. U.) ; real prop. 54637. ; charities 647.,
of which 35/. to school. St. J. Baptist Vic.
(Pet. ) val. 1141., patr. Christ Ch. Oxon. //. Lodge,
1 m. S.

P. HARRIS par. S. end of Lewis, Western Islds.
below lochs Seaforth and Resort, divided from
Inverness, to which it belongs, by the Minch
(30 m. wide), and from Skye by the Lit. Minch
(15 m.), includes many islds. ending in ay, as
Scalfay (and light) and 10 others in E. loch
Tarbert, with Berneray, Pabbay, etc. in H. Sound
(as below), Schillay, Tarransay, etc. in W. loch
Tarbert, Scarpa in L. Resort ; was overrun by the
northmen 10th to 13th cents., and settled by the
Macleeds, now of Dunvegan. Size 20 m. by 8, in
two parts, joined at lochs Tarbert by a neck ^ m.
broad the N. part being a deer forest (without
a tree), and the whole coast of 80 m. (on which
the sea gains) rocky and broken into bays, etc. ;
the surface is a mixture of nigged hills (2700 ft.
at Clisseval), barren sheepwalks, swamps, lake,
etc. on a substratum of gneiss and granite.
Pop. 4429, decreasing, and gaelic-speaking; real
prop. 40357. ; for poor 3557. Living, (presb. Uist)
val. 1587., patr. Earl of Dunmore, chief heritor ;
church, at Rowadill, was part of a priory, to !
which 12 or 14 chapels (in ruins) belonged. Ber-
nera and Pabbay make a q. s. par. and there are
several preaching stations. Barley and oats are
the chief crops ; the soil, which is poor and thin,
is cultivated in patches along the coast, where it
is improved by kelp; leases run 19 yrs. and up-
wards to the tacksmen, who sublet ; grouse, ptar-
migan, etc. are shot, the bays abound with fish
and sea-fowl, asbestus, and some mineral springs are
found. Druid stones are left at Borve, Nisabert,
the Clach-na-greine (sunstone) in Bernaray, and
Teampall na 1'Annait in Killigray ; besides many
danish round towers at Borve, and other parts oh
the coast. A steamer goes to Skye, etc. from
Tarbert, which is the only vil. Fairs, Frid. be-
fore N. Uist, 2nd Tu. Sept.

Harris, Sound of, between the above, and X.
Uist, Western Islds. 10 m. long, and 7 to 8 broad,
has in it Berneray , Pabbay, Killigray, Ensay,
Gilliesay, Lengay, Hermetray ( where "Ch. I. es-
tablished a fishery), with about 20 other islds.
and rocks, which are not named on the maps. A
shoal from Berneray to Ensay shuts up the mid
channel, and the fair way is along the Harris
shore, in 2 to 20 fath. through many rocks and j
strong currents.

HARRIS, HIGH and Low, hmlts. ( ) White-
haven par. W. Cumbrld. near Whitehaven-29-1.

HARRISEAHEADVJI. (72) \Volstanton par. NW.
Stafford. 2 m. N. of Newcastle-under-Lvne-150.
HARRISTOWN par. (27, 31) W. Oflaly'bar. W.
Kildare, 4 m. SW. of Kildare-31, on R. Finuery,
near Monavullagh Bog. Acres 4680 ; an. val.
22187.; pop. 920, decreasing. Living, a Rect.
(Du. G. K.) val. 2087., patr. Bishop. Kildangan,
D. O'Reilly, Esq. tgT Harristmm (34) near
Rathdowney, SW. Queen's Co., M. H. Drought,
Esq. (gr HARRISTOWN vil. (29) N. Naas bar.
Mid. Kildare, 3 m. E. of Kilcullen-26, a police sta-
tion on R. LifFey, belonged to the Eustaces (whose
castle was taken by parl. 1650) and returned 2
members before the Union, under charter of
Ch. II. II. House, J. Latouche, Esq. who has
the manor, gif Harristown Bog ( ) Ballintober
bar. Roscommon, 1 m. S. of Castlerea, contains
1152 acres. H. House, O. Young, Esq.

P. HARROGATE, HIGH, chplry. ( ) with Bilton
Knaresboro' par. W. R. York. 3 m. W. of Knares-
boro'-202, or 224 by Leeds and Thirsk rail.,
near R. Nidd, a fashionable watering place, in a
healthy spot, in Knaresboro' Forest, overlook-
ing that town, with a view which takes in York
Cathedral (20 m.). Pop. with Bilton 3372 + 56. It
contains 2 chapels, theatre, bank, assembly rooms,
library, hotels, Bath hospital for poor, Old Spa,
in the midst of plantations, discovered 1571, and
Tewit Spa, both chalybeate and tonic, Chel-
tenham Spa (1819) saline and purgative. St.
John's Cur. (Rip.) val. 1507., patr. Vicar. It
publishes the ' H. Advertiser ' newspaper. Co-
nyngham Ho., Dr. Harrison ; Scriven Park, Sir C.
Slingsby, Bt. ; Ripley Cast., Sir W. Ingilby, Bt.
Plumpton belongs to Lascelles of Goldsburgh.
Races, July. <JiP" H., Low, vil. Pannal par. join-
ing the above, has a chapel, promenade room, Cres-
cent Spa (1783), and two others of older date, sul-
phureous and useful in chronic and skin complaints.
Living,a Cur. (Rip.)val. 907., patr. Vicar. Races, .

P. M. HARROLD par. (52) Willey hund. NW.
Beds. 8 m. NW. of Bedford, 59 from London, at
the bridge on R. Ouse, is a petty sess. town, with
the refectory (now a barn) of an austin nunnery
found. 1150 by Sampson le Forte. Acres 3240;
pop. 1007 + 1, some lace-makers ; poor r. 5207.
(Bedf. U.); real prop. 35117.; charities, Joliffe's
almsh. etc. 357, All Saints Vic. (Ely) val. 2027.,
patr. Earl de Grey of Wrest Pk. H. House, Hon.
G. Berkeley, M. P. ; H. Hall, R. Magennis, Esq.
Mht. D. Tu. Fairs, Tu. before 13 May, 6 July,
11 Oct.

hund. Mid. Pembroke. 1 m. SE. of Haverford-
west-251, has the ruined seat of the Harrolds
and Perrots, on R. Cleddy. Pop. 337 + 3 ; poor
r. 327. (Haverfd. U.) ; real prop. 19797. St. Ish-
mael Cur. (St. Dav.) val. 567., patr. J. Higgon,
Esq. St. Caradoc's well near his hermitage ;
Fern Hill, Sir H. Matthias, Knt. ^ H., WEST,
par. as above, W. Pembroke. 5 m. W. of Haver-
ford west, on St Bride's Bay. Acres 1500; pop.
130 ; poor r. 907. ; real prop. 10557. St. Madoc
Cur. (St. Dav.) val. 1237., patr. Pemb. Coll. Oxon.

HARROP (81) Rainow chplry. W. Cheshire, 5 m.
NW. of MacclesfieM-167, belongs to Earl Derby.
(gT HARROP hmlt. ( ) Low Bowland forest
tnshp. W.R. York. 10m. XNW. of Clitheroe-217.

HARROP EDGE hmlt. ( ) Allerton tnshp. W.
R. York. 3m. NW. of Bradford- 196. ^ H.
Tarn ( ) a marsh at the head of Thirle Mere,
S. Cumbrld. near Borrowdale.

HARROW- ON -THE-HILL par. (7) Gore huml.
JV. Middlesex, 11 m. WN W. of St. Paul's, near N.


West. rail, and Fadclington canal, containing
H. WEALD limit. Alperton, Greenhill, Kenton,
Preston, Sudbury (once a seat of the Abps. of
Cant.), Wembly cur., and celebrated for its clas-
sical School, found. 1590 by Jno. Lyon, yeo-
man, was called Herges and Hareways, and be-
longed to the archbps. from before the Conquest
down to Hen. VIII (when it was a mkt. town),
who gave it to the Norths, from whom it came
to the Pytts and Rushouts. Acres 9870, well
wooded; pop. 4627 + 76, of vil. 1031; houses
184, with savings bk. ; poor r. 22417. on 32,6157.
(HendonU.); real prop. 32,2G8/. ; charities 677.,
exclusive of surplus rent of Lyon's estate given
to his gram, school, and a new foundation for the
widows of naval pursers. St. Mary Fie. (Lon.)
once held by Will, de Bosco who founded a
chantry, Bp. Tunstall, Friar Bolton (of St. Bar-
tholomew's), now by Cunninghame, author of the
' Velvet Cushion,' val. 627/., patr. Earl North-
wick of Flambards; church, reb. 14th cent, on
the site of Abp. Laufranc's norman one, of which
a door, font, etc. remain, is, with its tall spire,
seen from a great distance round, the " only
visible church" according to Chas. II.'s saying,
and has a timber roof, 7 brasses (from 1370) of
the Flambards (one, double canopied), Lyon,
Byrked a rector, etc., with tombs of Garth, the
Gerards (formerly of Flambards), Dr. Sumner
with an inscription by Parr, Dr. Drury (by West -
macott). H. WEALD Cur. 7., Vicar. The
Queen, Nov. 1848, visited the school, which ranks
as one of the best public schools, is free for Har-
row, and has about 350 boys not on the found-
ation, besides 4, exhibitioners and 2 scholars at
the Universities ; some late tudor additions are
included in the buildings. The system is like
that of Eton; ages are 12 to 17, and fagging is
allowed to those below the fourth form. Bps.
Butler and Longley were masters, and among
the students were Baxter the antiquary, Sir W.
Jones, Shiiridan, Marq. of Hastings, Byron, Parr
(a native, 1747-1825), Peel. Archery was en-
joined by the founder as part of the school
studies, but it has ceased to be so since 1771,
when the last silver arrow was shot for. Becket
retired here 1170 when refused admittance at
court before his murder. Part of Grime's dyke
is visible at H. Weald, which is still woody.
Sudbury Grove, Mt. Pleasant, are here. //. House,
; Wembly Park, Rev. J. Grey ; Bentley Priory,
Marq. of Abercorn. Fair, 1st Mon. Aug.

HAKROWBY tnshp. (70) Grantham par. SW.
Lincoln, near Grantham-110, gives title of earl
to the Ryders of Sandon. Pop. 60 ; poor r. 321.
(Granth. U. ; real prop. 35967.

HARROWDEN limit. (52) E. Cotts tnshp. Mid.
Beds. 2 m. SE. of Bedford-50, on a branch of R.
Ouse. Pop. 213.

P. HARROWDEN, GREAT, par. (52) Orlingbury
hund. Mid. Northmptn. 2 m. N. of VVellingboro'
-67, was the seat of the Vaux and Knolles fams.
Acres 1160; pop. 168 + 2; poor r. 397. (Wellingb.
U.); real prop. 1968Z. ; charities, the Wentworth
177. All Saints Vic. (Pet.) val. 322/., patr. Earl
Fitzwilliam, who has the manor, and H. House,
an old seat ; church, has a brass of G. Seynt and
wife (1423). $j^" H., LITTLE, par. as above, 1 m.
NW. Acres 1480; pop. 673+21; poor r. 135/. ;
real prop. 30197. ; charities 837., of which 257. to
Aylworth's gram, school. St. Mary Vic. with
the above.

Harrowgate ( ) 3 m. NE. of Darlington, SE.

IlARRowsLEY-BoRouon vil. (8) Home par.
SE. Surrey, 5m. SSE. of Reigatc-21. Pop. 59.



Harry brook (13) 2m. SW. of Tanderagee, E.
Armagh, J. Harden, Esq.

Harrymount (27) near Newtown Hamilton, 5.
Armagh, H. Barker, Esq.

HARRYVILLE vil. ( ) Lower Antrim bar. Mid.
Antrim, near Ballvmena-118. Pop. 397 + 14.

Harstoff (82) 6 m. SE. of Chesterfield, NE,

HARSTON par. (51) Thriplow hund. S. Cam-
bridge. 5 m. SSW. of Cambridge-50, on R. Cam.
Acres 1480; pop. 662 + 10; poor r. 3551. (Ches-
terton U.) ; real prop. 3413/. ; charities 87. All
Saints Vic. (Ely) val. 244/., patr. Bishop, f^-
HARSTON par. "(70) Framland hund. NE. Lei-
cester. 10 m. NE. of Melton-Mowbray-105. Acres
631 ; pop. 181 ; poor r. 227. (Grantham U.) ; real
prop. 1469/. Living, a Sect . (Pet) val. 2827.,
patr. Lord Chancellor.

HARSWELL par. ( ) Harthill wap. E. R. York.
5 m. S. of Pocklington-212. Acres 720 ; pop.
67 ; poor r. 377. (Pockling. U.) ; real prop. 7437,
St. Peter Rect. (Yk.) val. 2007., patr. Sir C.
Slingsby, Bt.

HART par. ( ) S. Easington and N. E. Stock-
ton wards, E. Durham, 3 m. NW. of Hartlepool
-253, near the rail., contains Dalton Piercy, El-
wick, Nesbitt, Throston, Thorp-Balmer, and be-
longs to the Pocockes. Acres 8280, moory, with
limestone, of town 3300 ; pop. 728 + 10, and
278 + 3; poor r. 917. (Stockt, U.) ; real prop.
24927. ; charities 1577. St. Mary Vic. (Dur.) val.
2227., patr. Ld. Chancellor ; church, part norman,
with an old font.

Hart Fell, 5 m. N. of Moffat, 2V. Dumfries, at
R. Tweed's head, 2790 ft. high, has a view of
both seas, the Highlands, etc., and Moffat spa at
the bottom. <gg II. LAW vil. ( ) Hazon tnshp.
E. Northmbrld.

HARTBURN, or H., EAST, tnshp. ( ) Stockton-
on-Tees par. SE. Durham, 1 m. SW. of Stockton
-242, belongs to the Suttons. Acres 940 ; pop.
135; poorr. 277. (Stockt. U.); real prop. 15197.

HARTBURN par. ( 1 05) W. Morpeth and N E.
Tindalc wards. Mid. Northmbrld. 7 m. W. of Mor-
peth-289, on Hart Burn, running to R. Wans-
beck, near Morpeth, contains H. GRANGE tnshp.
(pop. 50), Cambo and Nether Witton curs, and
22 other tnshps. Acres 23,830, with limestone,
coal, lead ; pop. 1322, of town 30 + 1 ; poor r. 217.
(Morn. U.) ; real prop. 17,0307. ; charities 47. to
school. Living, a Vic. (Dur.) val. with Nether
Witton 4697., patr. Bishop; church, ancient.

Hartburn, in Bridlington Bay, E. R. York, was
washed away by the sea.

(19, 35) NE. Somerset, contains the pars, of Long
Ashton, Backwell, Barrow-Gurney, BedminMrr,
Butcombe, Chelvey, and Winford; acres 19,440,
pop. 22,414, houses 3855.

Harter Fell ( ) near Hawes Water, W. West-

Harterbeck ( ) 9 m. ENE. of Lancaster, N.

P. HARTESTpar. (51)Babergh hund. W. Suf-
folk, 7 m. NNW. of Sudbury-54. Acres 1900;
pop. 812 + 5; poor r. 5467. (Sudb. U.); real prop.
32447.; charities 637., of which 417. to Sparke's
school. All Saints Rect. (Ely) val. with Boxted
6527., patr. Crown.

Hartfirld, 5 m. SE. of Castletown, N. Caithness.
it-'ff- li,n-(fi, 'Id, 3 m. S. of Johnstone, 8. Renfrew.
R. Fulton, Esq., near H. Moor.

HARTFIELD HUNDRED (6) Pevensoy rape, N.
Sussex, contains the pars, of Harthill and Withy-
ham ; acres 17,500, pop. 3210, houses 583.





the above hund. 5 m. ESE. of E. Grinstead-28, on
R. Medway, near Ashdown Forest. Acres 8420,
partly in hops ; pop. 1603 + 5 ; poor r. 9657. (E.
Grinst. U.) ; real prop. 66637. ; charities 1287., of
which 37L to Earl of Thanet's free school besides
almshouses. St. Mary Sect, and Vic. (Chic.)
val. with St. Peter Cur. 4521., patr. Earl Delawarr,
of Buckhurst.

HARTFORD chplry. (80) Great Budworth par.
JV. Cheshire, on Grand Junction rail. 178J m.
from Lond. 2 m. S\V. of Xorthwich-174, on R.
Weaver, belonged to the Twemlows. Acres 1030 ;
pop. 994+16; poor r. 2537. ( North w. U.) ; real
prop. 40577. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. 117/.,
patr. Trustees, igp HARTFORD par. (52)Hurst-
ingstone hund. Mid. Hunts. 1 in. NE. of Hunt-
ingdon-59, on R. Ouse, containing Sapley Lord-
ship, belonged to the Middletons, etc. Acres
1720 ; pop. 388 ; poor r. 2897. (Hunt, U.) ; real
prop. 29277. ; charities 267. All Saints Vic. (Ely)
val. 1237., patr. Ld. Chancellor; church, part

P. Hartford ( ) 1 m. from Norwich, E. Norfk.

P. HARTFORD-BRIDGE hmlt. (8) Hartley-
Wintney par. NE. Hants. 4 m. NNE. of Odiham
-40, had a cistertian or benedictine nunnery,
found, at the Conquest, and given bv Hen. V11I.
to the Hills, |^ H. Bridge ( ) 5 m. SSW. of
Scarborough, N. R. York, on R. Hartford, a
branch of R. Denvent. iSTH., EAST and WEST,
tnshps. ( ) Horton par. chplry. SE. Northmbrld.
4 m. W. by S. of Blyth-288, on R. Blithe. Pop.
26 and 39 ; poor r. 307. (Tynemo' U.). H. House,
W. Burdon, Esq.

HARTFORTH hmlt. ( ) Gilling tnshp. N. R.
York. 3 m. N. of Richmond-233, seat of S. Cra-
dock, Esq.

HARTGROVE tythg. (15) Fontmell-Magna par.
N. Dorset. 3 m. SSW. of Shaftesbury-101. Pop.
218 + 3; real prop. 20777. St. Peter Cur. with
Iwerne minster.

Hartham Park (34) 1 m. NW. of Corsham,
NW. Wilts. H. Joy, Esq., formerly seat of the
Goddards and Rancliffes.

HARTHILL par. (73) Higher Broxton hund.
SW. Cheshire, 5 m. N. of Malpas-168. Acres
500, with sandstone ; pop. 158 ; poor r. 287. (Gt,
Boughton U.) ; real prop. 5347. ; charities 227.
All Saints Cur. (Ches.) val. 1147,, patr. T. T.
Drake, Esq. igp HARTHILL, or HARTLE, tnshp.
(81) Bakewell par. Mid. Derby. 3 m. SSE. of
Bakewell-153, near H. Hall. Pop. 67. ^
HARTHIL.L vil. Shotts par. N. Lanark, near Shotts
-27. Pop. 176.

contains the divs. of Bainton-Beacon, Holme-
Beacon, Hunsley-Beacon, and Wilton-Beacon ;
acres 229,570, p'op. 54,629, houses 11,006. See

HARTHILL par. (82) with Woodall, Strafforth
wap. W.R. York. 10m. SE. of Sheffield-162, near
Chesterfield canal. Acres 2940 ; pop. 709 + 7 ;
poor r. 2427. (Worksop U.) ; real prop. 47507. ;
charities, Hirst's school, etc. All Saints Rect.
(Yk.) val. 6897., patr. Duke of Leeds.

P. HARTING par. ( ) Dumpford hund. Chi-
chester rape, W. Sussex, 6 m. W. of Midhurst-50,
had a lepers' hosp. found. (Hen. I.) by Hen. de
Hoese, and is a meet for Gen. Wyndham's hounds.
Acres 7830 ; pop. 1267 ; poor r."850/. (Midh. U.) ;
real prop. 73087. ; charities, 397. for poor. St. Mary
Vic. (Chic.) once held by Card. Pole, val. 2337.,
patr. Rector ; and a Sin. Rect. /., Sir H. Fea-
therstonhaugh, Bt. of Up Park (once the seat of
the Tankervilles), and of Ladyholt which belonged
to the Carylls.

HARTINGTON par. (81) Wirksworth hund. W.
Derby. 7 m. SW. of Bakewell- 153, near R. Dove,
containing Town, Middle, Nether, Upper Quarters,
and Biggin, and Earl-Sterndale cur., was a mkt.
town under the Ferrers (who had a castle), and
belonged to Villiers in Ch. l.'s time. Acres 24,160,
rocky; pop. 2197 + 9, in the lead mines; poor r.
2727. (Bakew. and Ashbourne U.); real prop.
15,7577. ; charities 387., of which 97. to Brand Top
school. St. Giles Vic. (Lich.) val. 1497., patr. Duke
of Devonshire, who has the manor and takes
hence title of marquis ; church, an old cruciform.
H. Hall, R. T. Bateman, Esq. At Wolf's Cote
hill is a barrow. Fairs, 2nd Tu. Sept. 30 Oct.
gap" HARTINGTON and H. HALL tnshps. ( )
Hartburn par. Mid. Northmbrld. 8 in. W. of Mor-
peth-289. Pop. 72 and 36 ; poor r. 307. (Roth-
bury U.).

UARTISMERE HUNDRED (50) N. Suffolk, con-
tains the pars, (and benefices) of Aspall cur., Bac-
ton rect., Braiseworth r., Brome r., Burgate r.,
Cotton r., Eye vie. (a poor ho.), Finningham r.,
Gislingham r., Mellis r., Mendlesham v., Oakley
(r. with Brome), Occold r., Palgrave r., Red-
grave r., Redlingfield c., Rickinghall Superior r.,
Rishangles r., Stoke Ash r., Stuston r., Thorn-
don r., Thornham Magna and Parva rs., Thran-
deston r., Thwaite r., Westhorpe r., Wethering-
sett r., Wickham-Skeith c., Wortham r. (a poor
ho.), Wvverstone r., and Yaxley c. ; acres 55,240,
pop. 18~,530, houses 3607. * H. DEANERY,
archdy. of Suifolk, dioc. of Norwich, contains the
benefices in the hund. as above. Hartism. P. L.
Union, contains the pars, in the above hund. ;
acres 54,880, pop. 18,529, cases relieved (yr. 1846
-7) 3246 (out-door 2734), expend. 10,8367., prop,
rated 77,3617. Sup. Registry comprises the same ;
pop. 18,530 + 66. It belongs to Eye Xew County
Court district.

HARTLAND HUNDRED (26) NW. Devon, con-
tains the pars, of Clovelly rect., Hartland cur.,
Wellcombe c., Wolfardisworthy c., and Yarns-
combe ; acres 30,360, pop. 4966, houses 955. See

P. M. HARTLAND par. in the above hund.
46 m. WNW. of Exeter, 214 from London, a
bleak spot near H. Point, or Hercules Prom, of
the Phoenicians (350 ft. high), and Barnstaple
Bay in the Bristol Chan., was a market town, and
had an abbey found, by Githa, Earl Godwin's
wife, refoundl about 1184 by Geof. Dinant, and
given by Hen. VIII. to Serjeant Abbot. Acres
11,030; pop. 2223 + 8, fishermen, some in the
malt and lime trade, and governed by a portreve ;
houses 424, with chapel, old mkt. house, Mill's
almsh. ; poor r. 9887. on 92707. (Bidefd. U.) ; real
prop. 10,0467. ; charities 757. St. Nectan Cur.
(Exet.) val. 977., patr. Govs. of Charter-House,
London ; church, on a hill, and has a screen and
2 brasses. There is a landing quay under the
cliffs, much exposed to the sea, H. Abbey, seat
of Mrs. Orchard through the Luttrells, has re-
mains of the old cloisters, etc. Fairs, 2nd Sat
March, Easter Wed. 25 Sept.

Hartland (25) 9 m. SW. of Moreton Hamp-
stead, Mid. Devon.

Hartlaw ( ) near , York, belongs to the


HARTLE vil. (24) Belbroughton par. N. Wor-
cest. 4 m. NNW. of Bromsgrove-116.

P. HARTLEBURY par. (54-5) Lower Oswaldslow
and Halfshire hunds. N. Worcest. 2 m. E. of
Stourport-126, near Wore, and Stafford canal and
R. Severn, containing Upper Mitton, was given
to Bps. of Worcest. by K. Buhred, and has their


seat, //. Castle, on a hill, first b. by Bp. Gifford
(Hen. III.), with a gate by Bp. Carpenter,
sold and reduced in the commonwealth time, and
reb. of brick by Bp. Hough. Acres 5500 ; pop.
2051 +11, in the ironworks ; poor r. 6477. (Droit-
wich U.) ; real prop. 14,0507. ; charities 194/., of
which I'll I. (but valued at 4677.) to gram, school
found. 1400. St. James Rect. (Wore.) once held
by Bentley, val. 2048/., patr. Bishop; church,
ancient, with a mon. to Bp. 1 liml. whose library
is at the castle, with some of Warburton's and
Pope's books.

P. M. HARTLEPOOL par. (!03) NE. Stockton
ward, E. Durham, 17 m. SE. of Durham, 253 from
London, or 289 by Yk. and Berwk. branch rail., a
bathing place, bonding port, and coast-gd. station,
N. of R. Tees, on a point which was part of Hart
par. outside the Slake mere or pool (whence the
name ' Hart at the pool '), was found, under the
name of Heortu, or Heortnesse, by Bp. Ecgreg, and
burnt 800 by the Danes, along with St. Bagas, or
Herutu nunnery (found. 640), and came to the
Bruces who strongly fortified it, the Bps. of Dur-
ham, Cliffords, Lumleys, and Pocockes ; was first
chartered by John, and is governed by a may. re-
corder, 12 burgesses, etc. Acres 840, with 2 mineral
springs ; pop. 5236 + 390, fishermen and pilots,
and a few in coasting trade ; houses 841, in one
street, with a chapel, guildhall, 3 banks, savings
bk., custom ho., Cooke's free school (347.) ; poor
r. 4877. on 13,2337. (Stockton U.) ; real prop.
35,7897., of which 21,2827. on rail. ; charities 15G/.,
of which Smith's for poor etc. 1207. St. Hilda Cur.
(Dur.) val. 2307., patr. Vicar of Hart ; church,
early and later eng., with a norman door, several
chantries, and some old tombs. There are traces
of a priory b. before 1275 by Rob. de Brus, the
founder of Gisburn abbey ; and the Black Hall

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