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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 238 of 293)
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HAUNTON tnshp. (62) Clifton Campville par.
SE. Stafford. 4 m. NNE. of Tamworth-Uo, on
R. Meast. Pop. 197.

Hausewater. See Hawse Water, Westmrld.

HAUSTLEY limit. (55) Wolverley par. N.
Worcest. near Kidderminster-126.

HAUTBOIS MAGNA par. (66) S. Erpingham
hund. NE. Norfolk, 6m. SE. of Aylsham-118, on
R. Bare, had a hoep. for travellers, found, about
1235 by Sir Peter de Alto Bosco (or Hautbois).
Acres 600 ; pop. 162 + 2 ; poor r. 25/. (Aylsh. U.) ;
real prop. 10647. St. Theobald Rect. (Norw.)
val. 169/., patr. S. Bignold, Esq. ; church (which

had a chantry) has a round tower and square
norman font. iSiTH. PARVA par. near the above,
is joined to LAMMAS.

HAUXLEY tnshp. ( ) Warkworth par. E.
Northmbrld. 9 m. SE. of Alnwick-308, on the
coast. Pop. 467, fishermen ; poor r. 657. (Aluw.
U.). H. House, .

HAUXTON par. (51) Thriplow hund. 5. Cam-
bridge. 4 m. SSW. of Cambridge-50, on R. Cam,
near the Mill Bridge. Acres 508; pop. 313 + 8;
poor r. 1507. (Chesterton U.) ; real prop. 13507. ;
charities 17. St. Edmund Vic. (Ely) val. with
Newton 7., patr. Dean and Chap. ; church, has
no;man door.

P. HAVANT LIBERTY and par. (11) Fareham
divis. SE. Hants, a station on S. Coast rail.
88 \ m. from London, or 66 by road, and 21 m.
SE". of AVinchester, on Langston Harbour, at the
bridge to Hayling Isld., containing Brockhamp-
ton, Leigh (seat of the Stauntons), Redhill cur.,
is a polling place, given by Ethelred to Winches-
ter abbey. Acres 2560 ; pop. 2101 + 2, fishermen ;
houses 285, in a long street, with 2 chapels, pub-
lic news-room, savings bk. (17,5217. from 551 de-
positors), bridge ; poor r. 8707. on 68097. ; real
prop. 87707. St. Faith Rect. (Win.) val. 4897.,
patr. Bishop ; church, cruciform, with traces of
norman and later styles, and a brass (1413). An
earthquake was felt here 1743. Hai: P. L. Union,
contains the pars. etc. of Bedhampton, Farlington,
Havant, Hayling (North and South), Warbling-
ton ; acres 13,758, pop. 6642, cases relieved (yr.
1846-7) 708 (out-door 605), expend. 31317., prop,
rated 29,5547. Sup. Registry comprises the same;
pop. 6643 + 25. It belongs to Portsmouth New
County Court district.

Havdegrind Rock, 3 m. ESE. of Foula, Shetland
Islds., has 4 ft. water only.

Haven (88) 8 m. NE. o"f Manchester, SE. Lan-

HAVEN-BANK ext. par. ( ) Coningsby par.
Mid. Lincoln, near Tattershall-128. Pop. 39.
IJ5T H., EAST and WEST, vils. Panbride par.
/S. Forfar. 5 m. SW. of Arbroath-62, on the coast,
export much fish. |gg H. Street (10) 4m. E.
of Newport, I. of Wight, -S. Hants, in a fine spot.
UiP H.-WITH-THE-HEADLAND tnshp. (55) Dil-
wyn par. NW. Hereford. 2 m. NNE. of Weobly
-145. Pop. 171.

HAVENGORE ISI.D. ext. par. (2) Rochford hund.
SE. Essex, 6 m. E. of Rochford-38, at the Thames
mouth. Acres 810 ; pop. 18.

Havera Isld. 5 m. N. by E. of Lerwick, SE.
Shetland Islds.

HAVERAH-PAUK ext. par. ( ) Lower Claro
wap. W. R. York. 4 m. SW. of Ripley-215. Acres
1950 ; pop. 101 ; poor r. 407. ; real prop. 10877.

HAVERBRACH tnshp. ( ) Beetham par. S.
Westmrld. 1 m. SW. of Milnthorpe-253, a pretty
spot on R. Kent, which belonged to Conishead
priory, and was given to the Thornburghs, whose
old seat, Dallam Tower, was reb. 1720 by the
Wilsons. Acres 720; pop. 117; real prop. 13677.
'At Castle Banks, was another tower.

HAVERCROFT hmlt. (88) Batley tnshp. W. R.
York, near Dewsbury-187.

HAVERCROFT tushp. (87) with Cokl-Hiendley,
Felkirk par. W. R. York. 5 m. SE. of Wakefield
-182, near Barnesley canal and N. Midld. rail.,
is a meet for the Badsworth hounds. Acres 1350 ;
pop. 141 ; poor r. G87. ; real prop. 9557.

* P. M. 21. HAVERFORDYTEST (40) a county
of itself, locally in Rhos hund. 5. Pembroke., the
co., assize, sessions, and a polling town, 251 m. from
London, on a hill by R. Cleddy, at the top of
Milford Haven, is Hwllfordd of the welsh, and


was settled (Hen. I.) by the Flemings umler Gil- i
bert de Clare, who built the castle (of which the '
keep, etc. remain), which he gave to the Tan-
creds, and which was besieged without success
by Llewelyn ap Jorwerth 1220, and (Hen. IV.)
by the French in behalf of Glendwr, and taken
by the Roundheads in the civil wars ; returns one
member to parl. (from Hen. VIII.), along with
the contributory boroughs of St. David's, Fish-
guurd, Narberth, the new bounds by the Re-
form act including St. Mary's and parts of the
other two pars, (as below) with parts of Prender-
gast, Uzmaston, and Furzey ext. par., no. of
electors for all the boroughs being 667, and 107.
houses 1822 (pop. 8,582); was first chartered by
Jas. I., and under the new act is governed by a
may., 4 aid., 12 council., with the style of " may.,
sheriffs, bailiffs, and burgesses of the county of
the town," and revenue of 16197., of which the
rents are 831/. Pop. 5941, some in the coasting
trade; houses 1169, on a steep hill, many old,
with 3 churches, 6 chapels, guildhall where
assizes are held, co. gaol (at the castle), mkt.
house, custom-house (a branch of Milford), 2
banks, savings bk. (61,5307. from 1613 depositors),
lunatic asylum, institute, Lloyd's gram, school
(1417.) with an exhibition at Brasenose, Oxon.,
Tasker's school (1327.), and Union p. house;
assd. taxes of united boroughs 27037. ; poor r. 9977.
on 14,83G/. ; real prop. 16,4177. ; charities 4727.,
of which Vawer's for poor burgesses 160/. Liv-
ings, St. Mary Vic. (St. Dav.) val. 121/., patr.
Rev. T. Watts, vicar, church, restored 1844, is
large, with timber roof, stalls, and mons. of the
Phillipses of Picton ; St. Thomas Red. 3197., Ld.
Chancellor; St. Martin Cur. 801, H. W. Bowen,
Esq. There are remains of a black priory, found,
by Rob. de Hwlffordd, and granted along with a
black friary to the Barlows ; and at Prendergast
is an old seat. Living is very cheap here ; steamers
come up from Tenby and Milford by the river,
which admits craft of 150 tons; it publishes
the " Pembrokeshire Herald," is the militia
head qrs., and the Btitterhill hounds hunt round
here. Haverfd. P. L. Union, contains the pars,
etc. of Ambleston, Brawdy, Boulston, St. Bride's,
Camrose, Castlebythe, Dale, St. David's, St. Dog-
well's, St. Edrin's, St. Elvio, Fishguard, Frev-
strop, Granston, Harroldston (West and St. Is-
sclls), Hasguard, Hayscastle, Henry's Moat,
Herbrandston, Hubberston, St. Ishmael's, John-
ston, Jordanstown, Lambston, Langum, St. Law-
rence, Letterston, Llandeloy, Llanhowell, Llan
Waer, Llanryan, Llanryllan, Llanstinan, Llan-
nuda, Llanvairnantygof, Llanychaer, Manorviven,
Marloes, St. Martin, St. Mary, Mathry, Morvil,
Little Newcastle, St. Nicholas, Nolton, Pontfain,
Prendergast, Puncheston, Roch, W. Robeston,
Rudbaxton, Spittal, Steynton, Talbenny, St.
Thomas, Treft'garne, Uzmaston, Walton "(East
and West), Walwynscastle, Whiteehureh, Wis-
ton ; pop. 37,139, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 2797
(out-door 2661), expend. 96007., prop, rated
133,9597. Sup. Registry comprises the same ; pop.
37,139 + 236 ; births 1069 (526 being femaks, 122
illegit.), deaths 624, marriages 270, of which
247 persons signed with marks. The New County
Court district corresponds vrith the Registry.
Mkt. Ds. Tues. Sat. Fairs, 12 May, 12 June,
18 July, 23 Sept. 18 Oct. cattle, etc. Races, .

HAVEUGATK ISLAND ext. par. (48) Orford par.
SE. Suffolk, 2 m. SSW. of Orford-90, on the
Havon. Pop. 12.

P. HAVKKIIILL par. (47) Risbridge hund.
Suffolk, and Hincktbrd hund. Essex, 25 m. N.
of Chelmsford, 59 from London, near E. Count.



rail., and till latterly a market town, had a castle
of the Greys of Codnor, and was burnt 1665.
Acres 3320 ; pop. 2451 + 43, smockfrock, drabbet,
and umbrella silk weavers, formerly in the
fustian trade ; houses 467, small, with 2 chapels,
bank, savings bk. (68727. from 332 depositors) ;
poor r. 13977. (Risbr. U.) ; real prop. 66717. St.
Mary Vic. (Ely) val. 1257., patr. Sir G. H. Beau-
mont, Bt. ; church, large and ancient. Ward, a
divine who was at the synod of Dort, was a
native ; and it has Risbridge Union poor ho.

HAVEKHOLME PRIORY ext. par. (70) Flaxwell
wap. S. Lincoln. 3m. NE. of Sleaford-115, on the
canal, seat of Earl Winchilsea, has some remains
of a priory, found. 1137 as a cell to Fountains by
Bp. Alexander (of Lincoln), but settled 1139 by
the Gilbertines, and given by Hen. VIII. to the

Essex, a crown manor from saxon times, and
chartered by Hen. IV., contains the pars, of
Havering- Atte-Bower, Hornchurch, and Rom-
ford; acres 12,550, pop. 8143, houses 1535.

P. HAVERING-ATTE-BOWER par. in the above
lib. 3m. N. of Romford-12, near Henault Forest,
has remains of a palace or bower of the Con-
fessor, to whom it is pretended, in a lame storv
carved on a screen at Westminster, St. Jno. Bap"-
tist gave a ring as a reward for his "chastitie
and good lyvinge." Acres 4290 ; pop. 427 + 9 ;
poor r. 181/. (Romf. U.); real prop. 33467. ; cha-
rities, 107. to school. St. J. Evangelist Cur. (Lon.)
val. 757., patr. C. H. Ellis, Esq. of H. Park, near
the Bower, whence there is a fine view ; church,
has tomb, by Wyatt, of Sir J. Burges, Bt.

Havering Well, 1 m. S. of Romford, S W. Essex.

P. Haveringham ( ) near Nottingham.

HAVERINGHAM par. (50) Blytuirig hand. NE.
Suffolk, 6 m. NE. of Framlingham-87, near R.
Blythe, comes through the Huntingfields, De
la Poles, Hunsdons, Cokes, etc. to the Vannecks.
Acres 2390; pop. 417; poor r. 1957. (Blything
U.) ; real prop. 34957. ; charities 767. St. Mar-
garet Rect. (Norw.) val. 5507., patr. Ld. Chan-
cellor. H. Hal/, Lord Huntingfield, b. 1778 by
Taylor and Wyatt, has a grecian front 200 ft.
long, and many dutch masters, with some remains
of Lord Hunsdon's old seat, which Q. Elizabeth
visited to enjoy the chase from an oak upwards of
30 ft. girth.

Eynsford hund. NE. Norfolk, 4 m. SW. of Ayl-
sham-118, had a small cell to Wyndham abbey.
Acres 2350; pop. 160; poor r. 1737. (St. Faith
U.); real prop. 19667. St. Peter Cur. (Norw.)
val. 637., patr. H. Fellowes, Esq., of H. Hall.

Havers (47) 1 m. S. of Bishop Stortford, E,

Haversay Jsld. 3m. SW. of Bracadale, S1K
Inverness, in L. Bracadale, Skye.

HAVEIISIIAM par. (46) Newport hund. JV.
Bucks. 3 m. WSW. of Newport- Pagnel-50, on R.
Ouse, near Gd. Junct. canal and N. West, rail.,
gave title of baron to the Thompsons, and came
to the Kiightleys. Acres 1430; pop. 283; poor
r. 163/. (Newport IT.); real prop. 25877. St.
Mary Rect. (Oxon.) val. 1957.. patr. Rev. H. A.
Small, rector; church, has elligies of a lady.

Haverstock Hill (7) 1 m. SK. of Hampstead,
E. Midlesx., on that road, has many new houses,
the tailors' almshouses, a small cottage where
Seilley and Steele once lodged, and the new
orphan working school for 240 (first found. 1771
in Citv Road), reb. 1847-8 in Italian style by
A. Anger, 145 ft. by 80. Holy Trin. Cur. (Lon.")
val. /., patr. ; church, b. 1849-50 bv Wyatt

3 i 3




and Brandon, is pointed, 124 ft. by CO, with a
spire of 160.

HAVERTHWAITE chplry. ( ) Colton par. N.
Lancash. 4 m. NW. of Cartmel-254, on R. Leven.
Real prop. 43927. Living, a Cur. (Cues.) val. 527.,
pair. Incumbent.

Hacerton Hill (103) 3 m. NE. of Stockton,
SE. Durham, on R. Tees, and Clarence rail.

Havery Islds. Scalloway bay, SJF. Shetland,
near the mouth of Cliff Sound.

HAVETT hmlt. (19) Glastonbury par. Mid. So-
merset, near Glastonbury-124.

Havishays, or Avishays ( ) 1 m. E. of Chard, S.
Somerset. Gen. Stevens.

H'ivod Unas ( ) near Llanfair, NW. Denbigh.
J. Sandbach, Esq., formerly a branch of the
Lloyds. See also Hafod for such names.

HAVOD-Y-PORTH hmlt. ( ) Margam par. W.
Glamorgan. 3 m. SE. of Aberafon-192, contains
Tarbacb. Pop. 2502 ; real prop. 4355/.

HAVODDRYENOG hmlt. (36) Llanwonno par.
E. Glamorgan. 5m. N. of Llantrissant-171, on
R. Rhondda, contains Newbridge, near the Pont-
y-Prydd bridge on R. Taf. Pop. 1308, colliers ;
real prop. 25927.

HAVODGYNFAWR tnshp. (74) Llangollen par.
S. Denbigh, near Llangollen-184. Pop. 25G.

HA\V hmlt. ( 44) Tirley par. N. Gloucest. 4 m.
SAV. ofTewkesbury-103,near R. Severn. igpHAw
hmlt. (3) Herne par. NE. Kent, G m. NE. of

P. M. HAWARDINE, or HARDX, par. (79) Mold
hund. Mid. Flint. 6 m. W. of Chester, 189 from
London, near R. Dee, containing Buckley, Bough-
ton curs., Ewloe (where Hen. II. was routed by
O. Gwynedd), Pentrobbin, and 10 other tnshps., is
a petty sess. town, called Pen-y-Llwch by the Bri-
tons, and Haordin in ' Domesdy.' and belonged to
Edwin, king of Northumbria, afterwards to Hugh
Lupus, the Montaltos of Mold, Montacutes, and
Stanleys, whose old castle was given up by Simon
de Montfort to Llewelyn 1265, who destroyed it,
and being rebuilt by the Crown, it was stormed by
his brother 1285, and dismantled by parl. 1645, on
taking it from the royalists. Acres 13,000, marshy
in part, with coal, iron, fire-clay, etc. ; pop. 6078
+ 28, of vil. 905, in the collieries, iron, glau-
ber salts, sal-ammoniac, earthenware, and other
works, potters, etc. ; houses 472, with 3 chapels,
house of correction, Ladsham's free school (187.) ;
poor r. 1978/. on 20,1127. (Gt. Broughton U.) ; real
prop. 82951., of which 32917. on mines; charities
587. St. Deiniol Reel. (Ches.) val. with St. John
Cur. Buckley and Broughton 28447., patr. Sir S. R.
Glynne, Bt., of H. Gistle, which was b. 1752, has
some old portraits and antiquities, and stands
near the remains of the keep, etc. of the old one,
which Sergeant Glynne destroyed 1678. Tru-
mans Hill, an old british post, has a fine view.
H. Hayes, W. Smalley, Esq. (?) Mkt. D. Sat.
Fairs, 28 Apr. 22 Oct. cattle.

Hawbush Green (47) 2 m. SE. of Braintree,
Mid. Essex.

HAWCOURT divis. ( ) Ireleth chplry. N. Lan-
cashire, 2 m. SW. of Dalton-276. Real prop. 46767.

HAWERBY par. (85-6) with Beesby, Bradley
Haverstoe wap. NE. Lincoln. 9 m. ESE. of Cais-
tor-153. Acres 870; pop. 87 + 2; poor r. 267.
(Caist. U.) ; real prop. 10447. St. Margaret Reel.
(Line.) val. 2807., patr. Southwell Coll. Ch. //.
House, T. Harneis, Esq.

HAWES chplry. ( ) Bassenthwaite par. Mid.
Cumbiid. on Bas. Water.

P. M. HAWKS chplry. ( ) Aysgarth par. N.R.
York. 54 m. NW. of York, 249 from London, in
the valley on R. Ure, near Hardrow Force. Acres

19,500, moorland, with coal, lead, and lime; pop,
1611 + 6, some stocking knitters ; houses 342, with
2 chapels, bank, school (ll/.); poor r. 6077. on
76447. (Bainbridge Incorp.) ; real prop. 11,4077.;
charities, 107. to school. Living, a Cur. (Rip.)
val. 1307., patr. Vicar; church, very small and
homely. Mkt. D. .

Haives Water ( ) 5 m. W. of Shap, N. West-
mrld. in Mardale, is 2m. by \ m., in two parts
joined by a strait or neck ('hause') 714 ft. above
sea level (being the highest in the lake district;,
and 50 deep, abounding with perch, trout, eel,
chub, and having Branstree, Harter, Riggendale,
Highstreet, Kidsty Pike, and other fells at the
head, well-wooded, with farm houses, etc.

P. Hawford House (54) 3 m. N. of Worcester
Mid. Worcest. Mrs. Welch, on the Severn.

HAWICK tnshp. ( ) Kirkharle par. A North-
mbrld. 7 m. E. of Bellingham-294, near R. Waus-
beck. Acres 1110; pop. 8.

HAWICK DISTRICT, in W. Roxburgh, includes
Cavers, Hawick, Kirktown, Wilton, and parts of
Askirk, Roberton, Selkirk; pop. 11,131, houses

P. M. HAWICK par. in the above dist. 10 m.
SW. of Jedburgh, 50 from Edinbro', or 53 by N.
British branch rail., a thriving border town, in a
fine spot on R. Teviot, where joined by R. Slit-
rig, is a justice of peace court and free burgh of
regality, governed under charter of 1545 (granted
for services at Flodden) by 2 bmlies, 15 councils.,
and 14 deacons of the seven trades; was held bv
R. Level 1347, by Earl Maurice of Stratheam
(Dav. II.), and came to the Douglases 15th cent.,
burnt 1418, 1544, and 1570 by the English (ex-
cept the present 'Tower' inn), and became the
seat of a prosperous woollen trade 1771, begun bv
Bailie Hardie. Size 15 m. by 4, or 19,000 acres,
of hilly pasture for black cattle, etc., but culti-
vated by the river; pop. 6573 + 16, of town
(partly in Wilton par.) 5770, in the manufact. of
lambswool and cotton hose (which is the staple),
gloves, blankets, cloth (begun 1787), carpets
(1752); houses 1190, some old, and mostly in a
long street, with 3 churches, 7 chapels, townhall
or court ho., assembly rooms (b. 1821), 2 banks,
gas and water works, 11 carding mills, tan-yards,
public lib. of 4000 vols. (1762), trades' lib. of
1500 vols., school of arts and mechanics' insti-
tution, farmers' club (oldest in Scotld. 1770),
Dickson's nursery (moved from Hassendean
1767), a bridge over the Teviot and 2 on the
Slitrig (one being a ribbed arch as old as 1214),
which the floods raised 22 ft. higher than usual
1767, benefit societies grammar and other
schools (one of the first sund. schools in Scotld.
was established here); real prop. 15,3127. ; for
poor 15997. Living (presb. Jedb.) val. 2787.,
patr. Duke of Buccleugh, sole heritor; church,
reb. on the site of that in which Will. Douglas
carried off Sheriff Ramsay 1342, has the books of
Orrocks, who held the charge, as did W. Fowler,
secretary to James VI.'s queen ; Gavin Douglas
was rector about 1500, and S. Charters, author of
Sermons, etc. was at Wilton. Most of the old
peel houses built for security in border forays are
gone ; the mote where the Beltane fire was lit
and justice administered is 30ft. high, 312 round
at the base ; T. Somerville, who wrote a Hist, of
Q.Anne's reign, etc. was a native; remains of
Catrail dyke are visible, and of roman and bri-
tish camps on the hills, which command tine
prospects, while good views are had along the
Teviot, towards Goldielands' and Branxholm's
towers, and other spots. Cavers, J. Douglas, Esq.
where Dr. Leydsn was born ; Stobbs, Sir W. Elliot,




Br., birthplace of Lord Heathfield ; Briaryards, T.
Turnbull, Esq. ; Burngrar, W. Watson, Esq. ;
Midshields, A. P. Douglas, Esq. ; Todrig, G. Pott,
Esq. ; Siriton, J. Scott, Esq. ; Woll, Col. Scott ;
Honcot, J. Stuart, Esq. ; Chisholm, W. Chisholm,
Esq. The song says, " Weel she lo'd a Hawick
gill," which by custom is two gills. A branch
rail. 46 m. long, made 1849, and incorporated
with N. British, goes through Galashiels, etc. to
Stow, Dalkeith, and Edinbro', and another nearly
finished to Berwick, will open easy ways to what
was the most landlocked place on the Border.
To show the increase of trade, it may be added
that, in 1838, 1209 frames w r ere in use and
1,049,676 pairs of stockings made (4 frames made
2000 pairs in 1771). In 1850, 106 machines in
the mills consumed 2,016,000 Ibs. of wool, val.
142,100/., and spun 1,209,600 Ibs. of yarn ; 120,000
articles of under clothing were made, 268 hand
and power looms at work, and 3465 operatives
employed (only 65 in 1791) ; total wages 81,650/.
(in 1838, 48,726/.), val. of property employed
185,616/. (in '38, 101,86U), of manufactured
goods 280, 1 J04Z. (in '38, 140,0007.). See ' Annals
of Hawick.' Kirk Fast, Wed. before last Sund.
June. Mkt. D. Th. Fairs, 17 May, 1st. Th. after
St. Boswell's, 20-1 Sept. 3rd Tu. Oct. 8 Nov.
[Substance of a communication from J.Wilson,
Esq. town clerk.]

Hawk Head, near Paisley, Mid. Renfrew. Earl
of Glasgow. ^ H. Street (14) 3 m. NW. of
Devizes, W. Wilts.

HAWKCHUKCH par. (21) Cerne and Uggscombe
hunds. W. Dorset. 3 m. ENE. of Axminster-147,
on K. Axe, contains Wylde court and Phillyholme
near Lambert's Castle camp. Acres 3900 ; pop.
820, thread spinners ; poorr. 505Z. (Axminst. U.) ;
real prop. /. ; charities, Domett's school, etc.
121. St. J. Baptist Rect. (Sal.) val. 535Z., pair.
Messrs. Newnham ; church, with norrnan traces.
Westhay, seat of .

Hawke, The (85) off Kilnsea, E. R. York., an
anchorage inside Spurn Head, at R. Humber's
mouth, with 5 to 6 fath. water.

HAWKEDON par. (51) Risbridge hund. W. Suf-
folk, 5 m. NNE. of Clare-56. Acres 1200; pop.
339 + 1 ; poor r. 220/. (Sudbury U.) ; real prop.
2212Z. Living, a Rect. (Ely) val. 400/., patr. H.
J. Oakes, Esq.

Hawkeridge (14) 1 m. NW. of Westbury, W.

Colyton-I!a\vleigh par. E. Devon. 2 m. W. of Sid-

Hawkersland (55) 5 m. N. of Hereford, Mid.

rape, E. Sussex, contains the pars, of Heathfield,
Warbleton, and part of Burwash ; acres 21,230,
pop. 5111, houses 955.

HAWKESBUKY par. (35) Upper Grumbald's
Ash hund. S W. Gloucest. 4 m. NE. of Chipping
Sodbury-108, contains Little Badminton, Ililles-
lev, Killcott, and Upton. Acres 9840 ; pop. 2231
+', of tythg._484 + 5; poor r. 891/. (Sodb. U.);
real prop. 302 </. ; charities 44/., of which 6Z. for
school. St. Mary Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val. with
Trcsham 300/., patr. Earl of Liverpool, who takes
hence title of baron, and of whose family the
church has mons. >J< H. DEANERY, archdy. of
Bristol, dioc. of Gloucest. and Bristol, contains the
benefices marked in Grumbald's Ash hund. with
Bitten vie., Coalpit-Heath cur., Croomhall rect.,
Deynton r., Dodington r., Dyrham r., Frampton
Cotterellr., Marshfieldv., Pucklechurch v., Siston
r., Tytherington v., Wapley ., Wcston Birt r.

Hawkesbury Hull (63) 4 m. NE. by N. of
Coventry, NE. Warwk. F. Parrot, Es'q., near
Nuneaton rail, and Oxford canal.

HAWKESDALE tnshp. ( ) Dalston par. Mid.
Cumbrld. 6 m. SSW. of Carlisle-301, near R. Col-
dew. Pop. 411 ; real prop. 5804Z. H. HaU, J.
Watts, Esq. a descendant of the Plantagenets,
through Abp. Nicholson the antiquarian, and kin
to most Cumbrld. families.

Hawkesley House ( ) near Worcester, Mid.
Worcest. was besieged by Ch. I. 1645.
HAWKESWICK tnshp. ( ) Arncliffe par. W. R.
York. 9 m. NE. of Settle-235, on R. Wharfe.
Acres 1780; pop. 68; poor r. 21Z. (Settle U.);
real prop. 1333/.

Hawhhead, near Paisley, E. Renfrew. Earl

HAWKHILL tnshp. ( ) Lesbury par. E. North-
mbr/d. 2 m. ESE. of Alnwick-308, on R. Alne,
where 5 stone coffins, urns, etc. were found, Dec.
1850. Pop. 75.

HAWKHOUSE-GREEN hmlt. (87) Kirk-Bram-
with par. W. R. York. 4 m. W. of Thorne-166.

P. HAWKHURST par. (5) E. Barnfield hund.
Scray lathe, Kent, and Henhurst hund. Hastings
rape, Sussex, 4 m. SSW. of Cranbrook-48, near
R. Rother, was a mkt. town under Battle abbey,
and contains Highgate. Acres 8590, partly in
hop-grounds; pop. 2656 + 23, formerly weavers;
poor r. 1796/. (Cranb. U.) ; real prop. 10,330Z. ;
charities 22 11., of which Dunk's school and almsh.
180/. St. Lawrence Cur. (Cant.) val. 137Z., patr.
Christ Ch. Oxon. ; church, b. (Edw. III.) by the
abbots of Battle, has brass of J Roberts and a
mon. to Kilbume of Fowlers, author of ' Survey
of Kent.' Elfords, W. Bonne, Esq. formerly the
Boyses' ; Tongs, H. Curteis, Esq. formerly the
Dunks'. N. Lardner, the divine, was a native.

HAWKINGE par. (3) Folkestone hund. Shep-
way lathe, E. Kent, 2 m. N. of Folkestone-70,
near S. East. rail. Acres 1490; pop. 146+1;
poor r. 59Z. (Eltham U.) ; real prop. 556/. St.
Michael Rect. (Cant.) val. 140/., patr. Archbp.

HAWKLEY par. (11) Lower Selborne hund. E.
Hants. 3 m. N. of Petersfield-54. Acres 1710,
with hop-grounds; pop. 323 + 5; poor r. 246Z.
(Petersf. U.) ; real prop. 1789Z. St. Peter and
Paul Cur., with Newton-Valence.

HAWKKIDGE tythg. (13) Bucklebury par.
Berks. 6 m. NE. of Newbury-56. Pop. 146.
g^ HAWKKIDGE par. (21) Williton hund. W.
Somerset. 4 m. NW. of Dulverton-165, contains
//. Castle roman camp, and is a meet for the
Devon and Somerset hounds, and the Dulverton
harriers. Acres 3265; pop. 79 + 1 ; poorr. 1 11.
(Dulvert. U.) ; real prop. 888Z. ; charities 21Z.
Living, a Reet. (Ba. and W.) vaL with Withy-
pool 405Z., patr. Rev. G. Jekyll.

P. M. HAWKSHEAD par. ( ) N. Lonsdale
hund. N. Lancash. 24 m. N. of Lancaster, 267
from London, among the fells, near Kendal rail.,
Esthwaite Water, and Windermere, a polling town
and capital of Furness, containing Satterthwaite,
Brathay curs., Claife, Monk-Coniston. Acres
2220, of town 6700, hilly pasture, with wood,
slate, copper, and iron ; pop. 2323 + 26, and 692
+ 10 ; houses 167, many ancient, with mkt. house,
free gram. sch. (217Z.) found. 1585 by Abp. Sandys
(a native, 1519-88) where many scholars have
been pupils; poor r. 281/., on 42~54/. (Ulverstone
U.) ; real prop. 3247Z. ; charities 2567. Living, a
Vic. (dies.) val. 150/., patr. Duchy of Lancas. ;
church, reb. by the Arehbp. whose descendant
M. Sandys, F.sq. is at Graythwaite Hall. An old
hall of the abbots of Furness still stands. Mkt,

3 i 4



Z>. Mon. Fairs, Easter Hon. Mon. before Ascen-

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