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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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25,320, pop. 11,499, cases relieved (yr. "1846-7)
1054 (out-door 1)31), expend. 39467., prop, rated
50,6677. Sup. Registry comprises the same ; pop.
11,498 + 158 : 13 deaths from cholera in 1849. It
belongs to St. Alban's New County Court district
(except King's Langley sub-dist. which is di-
vided between Chesham and Watford). Mkt. D.
Th. grain, straw, plat. Fairs, Holy Th. Trinity
Th. 3rd Frid. 30 June, cattle, horses, wool; 3rd
Mond. Sept. hiring. At the wool fair of 1850,
50,000 fleeces were sold at 26 to 30s. per tod.

Hemesby Gat. See HEMSBY, Norfolk.

HE.MINGBROUGII par. (87) Ouse wap. E. R.
York. 5 m. WNW. of Howden-180, on R. Ouse,
near Leeds and Selby rail., containing Barlby cur.
Brackenholme, Cliff, S. Duffield, Menthorpe, and
Osgodby, was a mkt. town, and perhaps a roman
station. Acres 9440, of town 990; pop. 1953
+ 14, and 475 + 1 ; poorr. 1127. (Howd. U.); real
prop. 2239/. ; charities 837., of which 41/. to school.
St. Mary Vic. (Yk.) val. 857., patr. Ld. Chan-
cellor ; church, of mag. limestone, cruciform, made
collegiate 1426, has a conspicuous spire rising
126 ft. above the battlements. Bapthorpe was
seat of that family.

HEMINGBY par. (83) N. Gartree wap. Mid.
Lincoln. 3m. NNW. of Horncastle-134, on R.
Bain, belongs to Duchy of Lancaster. Acres
2430 ; pop. 373 + 1 ; poor r. 2237. (Hornc. U.) ;
real prop. 27977. ; charities, Lady Dymoke's hosp.
and free school 1457. St. Margaret Rect. (Line.)
val. 3557., patr. King's Coll. Camb.

P. HEMINGFIELD vil. (87) Wombwell tnshp.
W. R. York. 4 m. SE. of Barnesley-172. Pop.

HEMINGFOIJ>- ABBOTS par. (52) Toseland hund.
E. Hunts. 2 m. W. of St. Ive's-60, on R. Ouse,
was given by Bp. vEthelric to Ramsey abbey,
and came to the Pages and Barnards. Acres
2990 ; pop. 564 + 8 ; poor r. 3707. (St. Ive's U.) ;
real prop. 44967. ; charities 18/. St. Margaret
Rect. (Ely) val. 4247., patr. Lady O. B. Sparrow ;
church, has tombs of the Dickenses.

P. HEMINGFOUD-GREY, or EAST, par. as above,
A m. E. on R. Ouse, was given by Hardicanute to
Ituinsey abbey, and by the Conqueror to Alberic
or Aubrey de Vere, from whom it came to the
Greys of Wiltons, Newmans, etc., and has St. Ive's
Union poor ho. Acres 1610 ; pop. 910 + 36 ; poor
r. 3497. (St. Ive's U.) ; real prop. 57617. ; charities
17/. St. James Vic. (Ely) val. 1777., patr. Trin.
Coll. Camb. ; church, with norman traces, stained
glass, and tomb to Sophia, sister to the " beauti-
ful Miss Gunnings," who were born here one of
whom became Duchess of Hamilton, and of Ar-


HKMIXGSTOXE par. (50) Bosmere hund. Mid.
Suffolk, 6 m. N. of Ipswich-Git, was held by the
strange tenure of performing before our Lord the
King " one sultus, one sufflutus, and one bumbulus
or pettus," every Christinas day. Acres 1320 ;
pop. 381 +4 ; poor r. 1397. (Bosm. U.) ; real prop.
>.>::/. St. Gregory Rect. (Norw.) val. 3817., patr.
Sir W. F. Middleton, Bt., of Shrublands. U.
Hall, .

HK.MISGTOX tnshp. (71) Lockington par. NW.
I^irenter. 1 m. NE. of Castle Donington-116.
Acres 635; pop. 381; poor r. 1927. (Shanllow



U.); real prop. 29207. Chapel in ruins. |g-
HI-..MINGTON par. (64) Polebrook hund. NE.
Northmptn. 4 m. SE. of Oundle-78. Acres 1240 ;
pop. 147 + 1 ; poor r. 1327. (Ound. U.) ; real prop.
181)17.; charities 17., and Latham's school. St.
Peter and Paul Vic. (Pet.) val. 707., patr. Lord
Montagu. ^" HEMINGTON par. (19) Kilmers-
don hund. E. Somerset. 4m. NW. of Frome-103,
contains Falkland and Rowe. Acres 1780 ; pop.
483 + 10; poor r. 2307. (Frome U.); real prop.
35597.; charities 107. St. Mary Rect. (Ba. and
W.) val. with Hardington 64 17., patr. Lord Polti-

HEMLEY par. (48) Colneis hund. SE. Suffolk,
4 m. S. of Woodbridge-77, on R. Deben. Acres
1000 ; pop. 71 ; poor r. 587. (Woodb. U.) ; real
prop. 10047. All Saints Rrct. (Norw.) val. 2007.,
patr. Ld. Chancellor.

Warwick, contains the divs. of Atherstone, Bir-
mingham, Solihull, and Tamworth ; acres 141,440,
pop. 55,764, houses 11,645. See ARDEN DEAN-

HEMIJNGTON tnshp. ( ) Stainton par. N. R.
York. 4 m. NNW. of Stokesley-238. Acres 1000 ;
pop. 71; poor r. 267. (Stokes. U.); real prop.

HEMLINGTON-ROW tnshp. ( ) Brancepeth par.
Mid. Durham, 3 m. N. of Bishop- Auckland-248,
on a branch of Clarence rail., is a meet for the
Cleveland hounds. Acres 1580 ; pop. 435 + 34,
in the collieries ; poor r. 397. (Auckld. U.).

HEMPHOLME tnshp. ( ) Leven par. E. R.
York. 5 m. SE. of Gt. Driffield-196, on R. Hull.
Acres 830; pop. 109; poor r. 277, (Skirlaugh
U.) ; real prop. 13427.

HEMPNALL, or HEMENHALL, par. (66) Dep-
wade hund. SE. Norfolk, 9m. S. of Norwich-108,
was a mkt. town. Acres 3530 ; pop. 1255 + 3 ;
poor r. 7707. (Depw. U.); real prop. 66377.;
charities 487. St, Margaret Vic. (Norw.) val.
3597., patr. T. T. Mott, Esq. Fairs, Whit. Hon.
11 Dec.

Hempriggs, 2 m. S. of Wick, E. Caithness. Lord

HEMPSHILL hmlt. (71) Bulwell par. 5 W. Notts.
3 m. N W. of Nottingham- 124. fiST HEMPSHILL
hmlt. Nuthall par. 1 m. N W. of the above.

HEMPSTEAD par. (47) Freshwell hund. N.
Essex, 6m. E. of Saffron-Walden-42, near R.
Pant Acres 3430, woody ; pop. 798 + 9 ; poor r.
6817. (S. Walden U.) ; real prop. 43157. St. An-
drew Cur. with Gt. Sampford; church, has tombs
of the fam. of Harvey, of H. Hall, the great dis-
coverer of the circulation of the blood, gap"
HKMPSTEAD par. (43) Mid. Dudstone hund. NIV.
Gloucest. 1 m. SVV. of Gloucester- 102, on Ship
canal and R. Severn, was given by Milo, earl of
Hereford, to Llanthony priory, and came to the
fams. of Atkyns, Bathurst, and Lysons. Acres
1220; pop. 224; poor r. 1157. (Glouc. U.) ; real
prop. 30077. ; charities 107. AH Saints Rect. (Gl.
and Br.) val. 4497., patr. J. Higford, Esq. ; church,
partly of 14th cent., with stained glass, old font,
and tombs of the fam. H. Court, seat of Rev. S.
Lysons, kin to the topographers and antiquaries,
authors of " Magna Britannia," etc. 77. J louse,
l.adv Somerset. igT HKMPSTKAD par. (68) Holt
hund. N. Norfolk, 2m. SE. of llolt-119. Acres
1720; pop. 296 + 1; poor r. 2477. (Erpingham
U.); real prop. 17907.; charities 27., and 9 acres
allotment. All Saints Rect. (Norw.) val. /.,
patr. Dean and Chap, gif HEMPSTEAD par.
(68) Happing hund. NE. Norfolk, 8 m. ESE. of
N. vValsham-125, on the coast. Acres 1450 ; pop.
175; poor r. 2327. (Tunstead Incorp.); real prop.




20537. St. Andrew Reel. (Norw.) val. with Les-
singtram 5427., patr. King's Coll. Camb.

Hempstead Bury ( ) at Hemel-Hempstead, W.
Herts, near Bury, seat of H. Grover, Esq., be-
longed to the Waterhouses, whom Hen. VIII,
visited here, then to the Hyttons, Lord March -
mont, and others. A gate, etc. remain. ^g H.
Park (5) 2 m. SE. of Cranbrook, 8. Kent, T. L.
Hodges, Esq., M.P.

Devon. ^f H., LITTLE, par. (22) Haytor hund.
S.Devon. 2m. NNE. of Totness-196, near R.
Dart, S. Devon rail., and Broad-Hempston. Acres
930; pop. 268 ; poor r. 997. (Totn. U.) ; real prop.
28767. ; charities 26/. St. J. Baptist Rect. (Exet.)
val. 2907., patr. Crown.

HEMPTON tythg. (35) with Patchway, Al-
mondsbury par. S W. Gloucest. 5 m. S. of Thorn-
bury-124. Acres 1750; pop. 356; real prop.
35957, ^p HEMPTON par. (68) Gallow bund.
N. Norfolk, 1 m. SW. of Fakenham-109, on R.
Wensum. Acres 560 ; pop. 447 + 3 ; poor r. 1277.
(Walsingham U.) ; real prop. 10597. ; charities 27.
St. Andrew Cur. (Norw.) val. 7., patr. Crown ;
no church. faT HEMPTON tnshp. (45) Dedding-
ton par. N. Oxford. 1 m. W. of Deddington-69,
near R. Snere. Acres 970 ; pop. 305 + 8.

P. HEMSBY par. (67) W. Flegg hund. E. Nor-
folk, 6 m. N. of Yannouth-124, on the coast, op-
posite H. Gat, a channel 3| m. long by Jm.
across the Barber Sand. Acres 2170 ; pop. 591,
fishermen; poor r. 3197. (Flegg Incorp.) ; real
prop. 43347. St. Mary Vic. (Xorw.) vaL 1757.,
patr. R. Copeman, Esq. H. Hall, .

P. HEMSWELL par. (83) W. Aslacoe wap. NW~.
Lincoln. 7 m. E. of Gainsboro'-148, contains
SpittaUinrthe-Street (i. e. Ermine St.), where is
an old hospital. Acres 2890 ; pop. 399 + 5 ; poor
r. 1227. (Gainsb. II); real prop. 35237. All
Saints Cur. (Line.) vaL 637., patr. Rev. J. Adcock.
Norton Place, Sir M. Cholmelev, Bt.

Hemsworth (82) 3 m. N. of Dronfield, N. Derby.

P. HEMSWORTH par. (87) Staincross wap. W.
R. York. 6 m. NE. of Barnesley-172, contains
LITTLE H. hmlt., and is a meet for the Bads-
worth hounds. Acres 4120 ; pop. 1005 + 7 ; poor
r. 2767.; real prop. 75847.; charities 23127., of
which 1707. to Abp. Holgate's free gram, school,
and 21277. to his hosp. for 20 brethren and sisters,
founded 1548. St. Helen Rect. (Yk.) val.
10647., patr. W. B. Wrightson, Esq. of H. Hall,
whose fam. tombs are in the church.

HEMYOCK HUNDRED (21) NE. Devon, con-
tains the pars, of Awliscombe we., Buckerell,
Church-Stanton reel., Clayhidon r., Culmstock,
Dunkeswell cur., and Hemyock c. ; acres 26,440,
pop. 6089, houses 1204.' See DUNKESWELL
DEANERY. |$5P HEMYOCK par. in the above
hund. 8 m. N. of Honiton-148, on R. Culme, near
Black Down, had an old moated castle of the
Hidons, Dinhams, Pophams, Leigh 1 ., and was
garrisoned against Ch. I. Acres 3300 ; pop. 1222 ;
poor r. 10107. (Wellington U.) ; real prop. 59297. ;
charities 137. St. Mary Rect. (Exet.) val. 6947.,
patr. Gen. Popham.

Hen and Chickens ( ) Upper Iveagh bar. S.
Down, the W. top of Mourne mountns., near Hill-
town, 1187 ft. high.

Hen GastelL, i. e. Old Castle (38) near Tenby,
8E. Pembroke, seat of Mrs. Stokes.

Hen Holm Isld. ( ) near Bowness, in Winder-
mere, S. Weslmrld., has a fine view of the lake.

HF.N-LLYS tythg. (78) Aberffraw par. S. Angle-
sea, near Aberffraw-246. ' Hen,' or ' hean,' old,
as in manv welsh and other names following.

Hen's Castle. See Caislean na Circe, Galway.

HENBELIN vil. (57) Haminiog tnshp. NJF.
Cardigan. 6 m. NE. of Aberaeron-192, near the

Henblas (78) 3 m. SSW. of Llangefui, Mid.

HENBURY tnshp. (81) with Pexhall, Prestbury
par. NE. Cheshire, 2 m. W. of Macclesfield- 1 67".
Acres 1400; pop. 453+3; poor r. 1537. (Mac-
clesf. U.) ; real prop. 34827. Living, a Cur. (Ches.)
val. 1207., patr. Bishop. H.Hall, T. Marsland,

Esq., belongs to the Jodrells. igT Henlury (15)
3 m. WSW. of Wimborne Minster, E. Dorset.

Gloucest. contains the par. of Westbury-on-Trym
cur., and part of Henbury vie. ; acres 8700, pop.
6279, houses 1138. H. (UPPER) HUNDRED, as
above, contains Compton-Greenfield rect., Stoke
Gifford v., Yate, and parts of Henbury and Ty-
therington ; acres 10,800, pop. 2415, houses 458.

P. HENBURY (i. e. old fort) par. in the above
and Lower Berkeley hunds. 4 m. NW. of Bris-
tol-114, containing Northwick and Aust ferry
(anct. Trajectus) curs., Charlton, Compton
Stowick, Kings and Lawrence Weston, between
Rs. Severn and Avon, is the residence of many
Bristol merchants. Size 8 m. by 2, along the
Severn, or acres 10,660, of tythg. 1490 ; pop.
2439 + 8, and 442 + 4 ; poor r. 10287. (Clifton U.) ;
real prop. 45207. ; charities 8517., of which 3497.
to Edmond's free gram, school, and 235/. to Sand-
ford's school. St. Mary Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val.
with Aust and Northwick 1007., patr. Viscount
Middleton and others. H. Hill, has a fine view
from Blaize cast, near the roman double-ditched
camp, seat of E. Sampson, Esq.

HENCOATS ward ( ) Hexham par. 5. North-
mbrld. near Hexham-279.

HENCOTT tnshp. (61) St. Alkmend par. Mid.
Salop, 1 m. N. of Shrewsbury-153. Pop. 84.

Henden's House (7) 2 m. S. of Maidenhead,
E. Berks.

Henderland, 7 m. E. of Tweedsmuir, S. Peebles.
W. Murray, Esq., formerly seat of Lord Hender-
land, and Cockburn (a moss luird, whom Jas. V.
hung here), is on H. Burn, which falls into Dow

Henderside H'dl, near Edenham, NE. Roxburgh.
H. House, J. Waldie, Esq.

HENDERSKELF tnshp. ( ) Bulmer par. N. R.
York. 4 m. W. of New Malton-217, near R. Der-
went. Acres 1620 ; pop. 157 ; poor r. 537. (Mai-
ton U.) ; real prop. 18467.

HENDERSON q. s. par. in Kilmarnock par. N.
Ayr. is a living (presb. Irvine) val. 7., patr.
Communicants. Pop. 2377.

HENDFORD tythg. (18) Yeovil par. S.Somerset.
near Yeovil-123. Real prop. 98407. Living, a
Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. 1507., patr. Crown and

HENDIDLEY tnshp. (60J) Llanllwchaiarn par.
SE. Montgomery, near ^ewtown-175, contains
Penygloddfa. Pop. 2706; real prop. 70187., of
which 14537. on canal.

HENDON par. (7) Gore hund. N. Middlesex,
S m. NW. of St. Paul's, on Watling St., near R.
Brent, containing Brent Street, Golder's Green,
High wood (late seat of Wilberforce), Page Street,
Mill Hill Cur. (which has dissenters' gram, school),
was Handone (from 'hean dune' high down) of
' Domesdy.' belonging to Westminster abbey,
and given to the Herberts, from whom it came
to the Nicolls, Garrick, etc. Acres 8290, hilly ;
pop. 3327 + 21 ; houses 488, with 2 chapels, Ben-
nett's school, Daniel's almsh. (1107.), bridge,
and Union p. house ; poor r. 13877. on 23,9977. ;


real prop. 34,5497.; charities 1167. St. Mary
Vic. (Lon.)val. 12807., patr. J. Masterman, Esq.
M.P. ; church, has norman traces, an old sq.
font, brass of J. Downner (1510), and mons.
of Bp. Fowler, the Rawlinsons and Which-
cotes of Brent St. (now S. Price, Esq. ?), Col-
mores by Flaxman, Herberts, Ayloffe the anti-
quary, and Longmore a man 7\ ft. high. H.
Place, seat of Lord Henley, late of Ld. Ten-
terden, belonged to the Nicolls before they built
Copthill 1637, and stands on the site of the abbot's
summer seat, at which Wolsey rested on his way
to York, and which Q. Elizabeth made a ban-
qtietting house. A cedar here, blown down 1779,
was 70 ft. high, 16 to 20 girth, and covered a
space 100 ft. diam. Norden the antiquary was
a resident ; and by charter from the Confessor,
the people are free of toll all over the kingdom.
Hendon P. L. Union, contains the pars. etc. of
Kdgeware, Harrow, Hendon, Kingsbury, Pinner,
Stanmore (Great and Little), Willesden ; acres
33,449, pop. 15,444, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7)
1234 (out-door 983), expend. 6700/., prop, rated
106,4147. Sup. Registry comprises the same;
pop. 15,444+212: 15 and 'many more' deaths
from cholera in 1849. It belongs to St. Alban's
New County Court district except Hendon, Wil-
lesden, and Twyford Abbey, which are divided
between Barnet and Marylebone.

Hendon Grange ( ) 2 in. S. of Sunderland,
NE. Durham.

Hendra, or Hengar (30) 4 m. WSW. of Camel-
ford, NE. Cornwall. ^ Hendra (40) 3 m. SW.
of Fishguard, NIV. Pembroke.

HENDKE tnshp. (79) Nantglyn par. Mid. Den-
bigh. 4 m. SW. of Denbigh-20 1, contains Waun.
Top. 176. (gr HENDRK vil. (36) Higher Coyty
limit. -S. Glamorgan. 1 m. NE. of Bridgend-181.
63 Hendre (43) 3 m. WSW. of Ross, S. Here-
ford, a meet for the Monmouthsh. hounds.

HENDRE-FIGILT tnshp. (79) Halkin par. Mid.
Flint. 2 m. SW. of Flint- 197. Pop. 548; real
prop. 52781. Igor H.-GYDA, ISAF and UCHAF,
tnslips. (79) Abergele par. N. Denbigh, near Aber-
gele-214. Pop. 122 and 154; real prop. 13587.
JjjgT H. House ( ) near Llanrwst, W. Denbigh.
on R. Conway. ^ H.- Wailod (78) 2 m. SSE.
of Conway, NW. Denbigh, on R. Conway. ifgp"
H.-WYDD tnshp. (79) Llanganhafel par. Mid.
Denbigh. 3 m. NNE. of Ruthin-195. Pop. 229.

HENDREBIFFA tnshp. (79) Mold par. Mid.
Flint, near Mold-191. Pop. 308 ; real prop. 12167.

HENDRED, EAST, or GREAT, par. (13) Wantage
hund. N W. Berks. 3 in. E. of Wantage-60, near
Gt. West. rail, and Cuckhamsley Hill, in White
Horse Vale, is a decayed mkt. town, which chiefly
belonged to Sheen, Reading, and Abingdon ab-
beys. Acres 3430 ; pop. 858 ; poor r. 563/. (Want.
IL); real prop. 51197. ; charities 87. St. Augus-
tin Rect. (Oxon.) val. 5447., patr. Bp. of Sarum ;
church, has a tomb to Abp. Chichele sometime
rector, and near it, remains of a chapel. E. H.
Jfouse, C. Eyston, Esq., held since Hen. VI.
|gj H. WEST, or LITTLE, par. as above, J m. W.
contains E. Ginge and Sparsholt Court. Acres
2030; pop. 320; poor r. 1267.; real prop. 26107.;
charities 37. Holy Trinity Vic. (Oxon.) val. G137.,
patr. Chr. Ch. Coll.

HENDRED ENNY limit (36) Eglwys-Llan par.
E. Glamorgan. 1 m. E. of Caerphilly-160. Pop.
472. H. House, .

HKNDREDRAW vil. (40) Cylch-Bychan hmlt.
W. Pembroke, near St. David's-265.

Hendrefach (56) 2m. E. of Rhayader, Mid.

HENDKEHEN tnshp. (CO) Guilsfield par. NE.



Montgomery. 2 m. N. of Welshpool-171. Pop. 28 ;
real prop. 21817.

Hends House ( ) 4 m. NW. by W. of Belford.
N. Northmbrld.

HENEGLWYS (i. e. old church) par. (78) Mall-
traeth hund. Mid. Anglesea, 3 m. W. of Llangefhi
-247, in a dreary spot. Acres 2000 ; pop. 466
+ 13 ; poor r. 1737. (Angles. U.) ; real prop. 1 6327. ;
charities 597. St Llwydian Rect. (Ban.) val. with
Trevwalchmai 3837., patr. Bishop.

HENFACHE tnshp. (74) Llanrhaiadr-yn-Moch-
nant par. S. Denbigh, 5 m. NNW. of Llanfyllin
-179, on R, Tanat. Pop. 201 ; real prop. 9057.

HENFIELD hmlt. (35) Westerleigh par. 5 W*
Gloucest. 3 m. SW. of Chipping Sodbury-108.
Pop. 101.

P. HENFIELD par. (9) Tipnoak hund. Bramber
rape, Mid. Sussex, 3 m. NE. of Steyning-50, near
R. Adur. Acres 4440; pop. 1763 + 25; poor r.
9157. (Steyn. U.) ; real prop. 10,3697. ; charities
167. St. Peter Vic. (Chic.) val. 2807., patr. Bishop.
H. House, W. Borer, Esq. ; church, has 2 brasses
from 1559.

HENFYNYW par. (57) Lower liar hund. W.
Cardigan, containing Aberayron-192, on R. Aeroa
by the coast, means ' Old Menevia,' or St. David's.
Pop. 859 + 24; poor r. 1817. (Aberay. U.); real
prop. 22867. St. David Cur. (St. Dav.) val. 1097.,
patr. Dean and Chap.

Hengaston, or Hingston, Down (25) 1 m. NE.
of Callington, E. Cornwall, is the saxon Henges-
tesdun, 1067 ft. high at Kit's hill, commanding
a fine prospect.

HENGIL hmlt. (41) Abergwilly par. Mid^Car-
marlhen. 2 m. NE. of Carmartheu-218. Pop. 279.

Hengislbury Head (16) 2 m. SE. of Christ-
church, S W. Hants., has near, a double-ditched
saxon or danish entrenchment, with a barrow,
where bones, etc. have been found.

HENGOED (i. e. old wood) hmlt. (37) Llanelly
par. 5. Carmarthen, near Llanelly-217, on the
rail, to Myndd Mawr mount u. Pop. 1513 + 43,
coal miners. <gT HENGOED hmlt. (36) Gelli-gaer
par. E.Glamorgan. 6 m. N. of Caerphilly-160, on
R. Rumney. Pop. 519 + 24 ; real prop. 49737., of
which 32617. on mines, igg" HENGOED tnshp.
(56) Gladestry par. SE. Radnor. 5 m. S. of Rad-

21. HENGRAVE par. (51) Thingoe hund. NW.
Suffolk, 3 m. NW. of Bury St. Edmunds-71, on R.
Lark, came from the Hengraves, Greys of Cod-
nor, the Crown, Kitsons, Darcies, to the Gages.
Acres 1000 ; pop. 228 ; poor r. 1467. (Thing. U.) ;
real prop. 16977. ; charities, Lady Kitson's alma-
house, etc. 307. Living, a Rect. with Flenipton.
H. Hall, b. 1538 by Sir T. Kitson, is an excellent
specimen of the style of the day, being of brick
faced with stone, with a fine gateway and beauti-
ful 3-faced bay window, with its tracery, arms,
etc. ; near it is an old chapel with a round tower
and tombs of the Kitsons, Gages, Bourchier earl
of Bath, and others.

Hengrove (35) 2 m. S. of Bristol, NE. Somerset.

Hmgwrt ( ) 5m. NE. of Dolgelly, Mid. Me-
rioneth, under Arran Fowddv, Sir R. Vaughan, Bt.,
has a large number of welsh MSS. collected by
R. Vaughan the antiquary.

HENGYNWITHFACH tnshp. ( ) Llanidloes par.
S. Montgomery, near Llanidloes-188.

HENGYNWYDD tnshp. (60) Llandinam par.
5. Montgomery. 5 m. NE. of Llanidloes-188. Pop.
225 ; real prop. 17297.

P. HENHAM par. (47) Uttlestone and Claver-
ing hunds. N W. Essex, 6 m. NE. of Bishop-Stort-
ford-30, near Cambridge rail, contains Pledgdon.
Acres 2990 ; poj . 855 ; poor r. 6267. (Stortfd. U.) ;





real prop. 3598Z. ; charities 487. Living, a Vic.
(Roch.) val. 350Z., patr. J. S. Feake, Esq. and
others. ^ HENHAM hmlt. (40) Wangford par.
NE. Suffolk, 4 m. E. of Halesworth-100. Pop.
128 ; real prop. 22791. H. Hall, Earl Stradbroke,
on the site of the old one, burnt 1773, which came
from the Hoptons.

HENHEADS ext. par. (89) Whalley par. Mid.
Lancash. 2 m. N. of Haslingden-204. Acres 360 ;
pop. 176 ; poor r. 251. (Haslingd. U.).

HENHULL tnshp. (73) Acton par. S. Cheshire,
1 m. N\V. of Nantwich-164, near Liverpool and
Birmingham canals. Acres 80; pop. 114+5;
poor r. 38Z. (Nantw. U.) ; real prop. 1379Z.

HENHURST HUNDRED (5) Hastings rape, NE.
Sussex, contains the pars, of Etchingham, Sale-
hurst, and parts of Burwash, and Hawkhurst;
acres 10,180, pop. 3077, houses 586.

HENIARTH tnshp. (60) Llanfair-Caereinion par.
E.Montgomery, near Llanfair-178. Pop. 66.

HENLADK limit. (21) Ruishton par. S. Somerset.
"1 m. SE. of Taunton-141. Pop. 116. H. House,
Mrs. Anderdon ( ?).

Henleaze ( ) near Bristol, S. Gloucest. J.
Savage, Esq.

HENLEY tnshp. (55) Bitterley and Stanton
Lacy pars. S. Salop, 2m. NE. of Ludlow-143, on
a branch of R. Teme. Pop. 58. H. Court, .
' Hen lev,' i. e. old place. iliT HENLEY tythg.
(19) High Ham par. Mid. Somerset. 4 m. NW.
of Somerton-123, on R. Gary. Pop. 93. i^
HENLEY par. (50) Bosmere hund. S. Suffolk,
4 m. N. of Ipswich-69, on a branch of R. Deben.
Acres 1990 ; pop. 329 + 2 ; poor r. 182/. (Bosm.
U.); real prop. 2220Z. ; charities 6Z. St. Peter
Vic. (Norw.) val. 95/., patr. Dean and Chap.
H. Hall, . ^-Henley (8) 4 m. N W. of Guild-
ford, W. Surrey, H. Halsey, Esq.

Henley Grove and H. House ( ) near Bristol,
seats of . 183 H. House (5) 5 m. SW. of Tun-
bridge Wells, NE. Sussex.

HENLEY DIVISION (54) Barlichway hund. W.
Warwick, contains the town of Henley-in-Arden,
the pars, of Beaudesert red., Claverdon vie., Pres-
ton-Baggott r., Rowington v., and Wootton-
Wawen v. ; acres 18,830, pop. 4503, houses 970.

P. M. HENLEY-IN-ARDEN chplry. (54) Woot-
ton-Wawen par. as above, 8 m. W. of War-
wick, 102 from London, n R. Alne, near
Birmingh. canal, a polling (for S. Warwk.) and
petty sess. town, containing Whitley, belonged
to the Montforts of Beaudesert (now in ruins)
and the Botelers, who found. (Hen. VI.) a hos-
pital or guild. Pop. 1223 + 1, some needle, nail,
and fish-hook makers; houses 279, many old,
with 2 chapels, bank, 2 lunatic asylums, mkt.
house near the base of an old cross, Whateley's
school (20Z.) ; poor r. 1. (Stratford U.) ; real
prop. 4C50Z. ; charities 113Z. St. J. Baptist Cur.
(Wore.) val. 104Z., patr. Inhabitants; church,
(Edw. III.), a good specimen, with a timber roof.
Ban-ell's Ho., R. Knight, Esq. Mkt. D. Mon.
Fairs, 25 Mar. cattle, Whit. Tu. 29 Oct. hops.

P. M. HENLEY-UPON-THAMES par. (7, 13)
Binfield hund. SE. Oxford. 22 m. SE. of Oxford,
35 from London, on the Thames, near Gt. West,
rail, under the Chilterns,where the parl. forces were
quartered 1642-6, belonged to the Molines, Hun-
gerfords, Hastings, now to Earl Malmesbury ; and
is governed under charter of Eliz. (which calls it
Hfudegang or Hanniburg) by a mayor, high stew-
ard, 10 aid., 16 burgesses, etc. with separate juris-
diction. Acres 1920 ; pop. 3622 + 1, in a good corn
trade; houses741,with3chapels, town-hall on pil-
lars, and gaol, theatre, savings bank (34,281/. from

1150 depositors), gram, and Lady Periam's blue
coat (or united) schools (363/.), green coat school
(54Z.), Newbury's (140Z.), Bp. Longland's (a na-
tive), and Messenger's (32Z.) almshouses, Union
p. house, and 5-arched bridge by Taylor in place
of the old wooden one, with sculptures on the key-
stone by Hon. Mrs. Darner of Park-place (now
E. Maitland, Esq.) ; poor r. 1691Z. on 9874Z ; real
prop. 9954Z. ; charities 1203Z., of which a large
part for bridge repairs, and 50Z. from Abp. Laud
for marriage portions, etc. St. Mary Rect. (Oxon.)
val. 427Z., patr. Bp. of Rochester, church, has a
fine decorated tower, a chapel with tombs of the
Elmes of Bolney Court (now Col. Mayne), in
which is Dean Aldrich's library, left for the use
of all rate-payers, nions. of Lady Periam found-
ress of Baliol, and Jennings of Badgmoor (now
G. Grote, Esq.) master builder of St. Paul's;
Trinity Cur. 120Z., Bishop. Roman coins and urns
have been found. H. Park, H. Strickland, Esq. ;
Greenland Ho., Lady E. Talbot ; Fawley Court, W.
Freeman. Esq. ; Harpsdeu Ho. , an old seat.
Speaker Lenthall was a native (1591-1663). >J< H.
DEANERY, archdy. and dioc. of Oxford, contains
the benefices marked in Binfield and Langtree
hunds. with Nuifield rect., Stoke Rowcwr., S. Stoke
vie., Swincombe r., or 18 in all. Henley P. L.
Union, contains the pars. etc. of Fawley, Hamble-
don, Me4menham, in Bucks., Remenham, in
Berks., Brightwell, Bix, Britwell Prior, Brit-
well Salome, Caversham, Cherkendon, Cuxham,
Eye and Dunsden, Harpsden, Henley, Ipsden,

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