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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Roxburgh, near Melrose, is 'Glendearg' of the
" Monastery."

HILSTON par. ( ) Mid. Holderness wap. E. R.
York. 8 m. N. of Patrington-192, on the coast.
Acres 530 : pop. 41 ; poor r. 277. (Patringt. U.) ;
real prop. 6797. St. Margaret Rect. (Yk.) val.
507., patr. Rev. C. Sykes, rector.

Hilston House (53) 5m. NW. of Monmouth,
NE. Monmouth.

HILTON par. 4m. S. of Chirnside-50, SE. Ber-
wick. is joined to Whitsome. Igl" HILTON tnshp.
(72) Marston-on-Dove par. S. Derby. 5 in. N. of
Burton-on-Trent-125, contains Hargate Manor.
Pop. 723 + 7 ; poor r. 1757. (Burton U.) ; real
prop. 40567. igf HILTON par. (18) Whiteway
hund. Mid. Dorset. 7 m. WSW. of Blandford-103,
under Bulbarrow camp, contains Aller, Anstey,
and Hartsfoot Lane. Acres 1870, with mineral
springs, fossils, etc. ; pop. 730 + 5 ; poor r. 4477.
(Blandf. U.) ; real prop. 34637. All Saints Vic.
(Sal.) val. 2737., patr. Bishop. Urns, coins, druid-
ical and other remains, have been found. igaJ"
HILTON tnshp. ( ) Staindrop par. S. Durham,
5 m. SW. of Bishop Auckland-248. Acres 1260 j
pop. 112; poor r. 667, (Teesdale U.) ; real prop.

P. Hilton. See Hylton Castle, Durham, near
R. Wear.

P. Hilton ( ) 5 m. from Christchurch, S W.
Hants. ( ?)

P. HILTON par. (52) Toseland hund. S. Hunts.
3 m. SSW. of St. Ives-60, near Ermine St. Acres
1510. part common; pop. 344 + 2; poor r. 1737.
(St. Ives U.) ; real prop. 25397. ; charities 307. St.
M. Magdalen Cur. with Fen-Stanton. gg HIL-
TON vil. near Inverness-161, N. Invem. in that
par. Pop. 64. tgST Hilton, near , Kinross.
R. Neilston, Esq. r^ HILTON tnshp. (61) Wor-
field par. E. Salop, 4 m. NE. of Bridgnorth-139,
seat of J. Smythe, Esq. gig" HILTON tnshp. (62)
Wolverhampton par. S. Stafford. 5m. NNE. of
Wolverhampton-123, had a small cistertian abbey
found. 1223, by Hen. de Audley, val. 907., and given
to the Astons'of Tixal. Pop. 57 + 1 ; poor r. 347.
(Penkridge U. ) ; real prop. 15587. H. Hall, Col.
Graham. jggHiLTON, or HELTON-BACON, tnshp.
( ) St. Michael Appleby par. NE. Westmrld.
3 m. E. ofAppleby-270, on a branch of R. Eden,
near H. Fell, belonged to the Viponts, Bacons,
and Heltons, now to the Lowthers. Pop. 271,
in the lead mines ; real prop. 16917. gaT HILTON
par. ( ) W. Langbaurgh lib. N. R. York. 4 in.
NW. of Stokesley-238, near R. Tees, contains
Leven Bridge and Newtown. Acres 1510 ; pop.
126 + 1 ; poor r. 407. (Stokes. U.) ; real prop. 12347.
Living, a Cur. (Yk.) val. 507., patr. Earl of Bur-

HI.MBLETON par. (54) Mid. Oswaklslow hund.
ZEd. Worcest. 3m. SE. of Droitwich-116, on a
branch of R. Avon, contains Shell, and is a meet
for the Worcestersh. hounds. Acres 2450 ; pop.
481 ; poor r. 1297. (Droitw. U.) ; real prop. 27287. ;
charities 37. St. M. Magdalen Vic. (Wore.) val.
1 107., patr. Dean and Chap.

HIMLEY par. (62) S. Seisdon hund. S. Stafford.
4m. WNW. of Dudley- 11 9, near Stafford and
Birmingham canal and R. Stour. Acres 1200 ;
pop. 409, blade, mill, and edge tool makers; poor
r. 837. (Seisd. U.) ; real prop. 27307. ; charities J/.



St. Michael Rect. (Lich.) val. 3167., patr. Lord
Ward, of //. Hall.

HINCASTER tnshp. ( ) Heversham par. ft.
Westmrld. 4 m. S. of Kendal-262, on Lancaster
canal and rail. Acres 770 ; pop. 136 ; poor r. 457.
(Kend. U.) ; real prop. 15292.

Hinchelsea Lodge (15) 5 m. NW. of Lymington,
5. Hants. Mrs. Schreiber, in New Forest.

HINCHINBKOOK ext. par. (52) Huntingdon
boro' and Hurstingstone hund. Mid. Hunts. m.
W. of Huntingdon-59, a fine spot on Alconbury
Brook, had a benedictine nunnery found, by the
Conqueror for the nuns of Eltesley, and given to
the Cromwells, of whom Sir Henry, the " golden
knight," entertained Q. Elizabeth, and his boun-
tiful son, the royalist, Sir Oliver (uncle to the
Protector) received Jas. I. 1603, and frequently
after ; from whom it came to the Montagues, to
whom it gives title of visct. Pop. 14. H. House,
Earl of Sandwich, b. by the Cromwells on the old
site, has a noble bay window in the hall, some
curious leather tapestries, and pictures of the
Montagues, the Protector and his parents, Ch. II.
and Duch. of Cleveland by Lely, Q. Henrietta
Maria, Charles V., Ninon 1'Enclos, Rochester, Ru-
pert, Ireton, etc.

Hincltuscombe Farm (8) 1 m. E. of Godalming,
SW. Surrey.

HINCKFOKD HUNDRED (48) 2V. Essex, contains
the pars, of Alphamstone rect., Ashen r., Balling-
don, Belchamp-Ottonr., B.-St. Paul's vie., B.- Wal-
ter, B.-North Wood, B. -North End, Birdbrookr.,
Bocking r., Eorley r., Braintree r., Bulmer .,
Bumpstead-Steeple v., Felstead v., Finchingfield
., Foxearth r., Gestingthorpe v., Gosfield v., Hal-
stead v., Hedingham (Castle and Sible) r., Great
and Little Hennyrs., Lamarshr., List on r., Great
(r.) and Little (c.) Maplestead, Middleton r.,
Ovington r., Panfield r., Pebmarsh r., Pentlow r.,
Rayne r., Ridgwell v., Gt. Saling v., Shalford ;-.,
Stambourne r., Stebbing v., Stisted r., Sturmere r.,
Tilbury r., Toppesfield r., Twinstead r., Wethers-
field v., Wickham St. Paul r., Great and Little
Yeldham rs., and parts of Bures St. Mary and
Kedington; acres 109,610, pop. 43,215, nouses

P. M. HINCKLEY par. (fi3) Sparkenhoe hund.
S W. Leicest. 12m. SW. of Leicester, 99 from Lon-
don, near Ashby-de-la-Zouch canal, Midld. rail.,
and Watling St, a polling (and once a boro' and
assize) town, containing II. BOND tnshp. Dadling-
ton and Stoke-Golding curs., and Wykin, was held
by Hugh de Grentemaisnel, who (Will.Rufus) b. a
castle of which there are traces, and a small priory
cell to Lira abbey, France. Acres 6200, with
mineral springs, of tnshp. 3190; pop. 7291 +11,
and 6356 + 21, stocking makers, with 3100 frames
and looms at work ; houses 1274, with 6 chapels,
2 banks, savings bk. (22,9492. from 763 depositors),
town-hall, news-room, bridewell, school (942.),
and Union p. house ; poor r. 35252. on 10,5422. ;
real prop. 16,6922. ; charities 7132. St. Mary Vic.
(1'ct.) val. with the above curs. 5457., patr. Dean
and Chap. Westminster, church (Edvv. I.), with
a new tall steeple of 120 ft. and o;ik roof; Trinity
Cur. 2., Mrs. F. Turner. Hiix-k. P. L. Union,
contains the pars. etc. of Aston Flamville, Barwell,
Burbage, Elmsthorpe, Earl-Shilton, Hinckley,
Sapcote, Shamford, Stoney-Stanton, in Leic.,
Burton Hastings, Stretton-Baskerville, in Warwk. ;
acres 20,244, pop. 15,589, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7)
8057 (out-door 2625), expend. 70702., prop, rated
40,451 /. Sup. Registry comprises the same, with
Higham-on-the-Hill, Potters Marston, Stapleton ;
pop. 15,615 + 74. The New County Court district
includes the Registry and Wolvey par. Mkt. D.

Mon. Fairs, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Mons. after C Jan. Easter
Mon. Whit. Mon. and Mon. before 26 Aug. cattle,
etc. ; Mon. after 28 Oct. cheese.

Hind Head Common (8) 2 m. NW. of Hasle-
mere, W. Surrey, is covered with whortleberries,
and has Hackham Bottom, or the Devil's Punch
Bowl, near the London road.

HINDERCLAY par. (50) Blackbourn hund. N.
Suffolk, 11 m. N. of Stowmarket-76. Acres 1750 ;
pop. 387 ; poor r. 20 U. (Stow. U.) ; real prop.
23792. ; charities 252. St. Mary Rect. (Ely) val.
408/., patr. G. St. V. Wilson, Esq.

P. HINDEKWELL par. ( ) E. Langbaurgh lib.
N. R. York. 8 m. NW. of Whitby-236, on the
coast, contains Roxby cur., Runswick, and
Staithes. Acres 3960, of town 1550 ; pop. 1970
+ 9, and 1777, some fishermen; poor r. 3132.
(Whit. U.) ; real prop. 2730/. ; charities 22. St.
Hilda Rect. (Yk.) val. with Roxby 5907., patr. R.
Barry, Esq. ; in ch.-yard is a holy well.

HINDFOUD tnshp. (74) Whittington par. NW.
Salop, 3 m. NE. of Oswestry-171, on Ellesmere
canal. Pop. 91.

Hindhope Hill, near R. Ettrick, S W. Selkirk.

HINDLETHWAITE hmlt. ( ) Carlton Highdale
tnshp. W. R. York. 5 m. SW. of Middleham-232.

P. HINDLEY chplry. (89) Wigan par. S. Lan-
cash. 2 m. ESE. of Wigan-200, near Lane, and
Yorksh. rail., has or had a 'burning well' of cold
water, through which rose an inflammable gas
produced by the decomposition of sulphate of
iron. etc. Acres 2310, with coal pits; pop. 5459
+ 88 ; poor r. 7582. (Wigan U.) ; real prop. 16,1412.,
of which 20507. on mines ; charities 32/., of which
102. to school. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. 1487.,
patr. Rector. H. Hall, Rt. Hon. T. P. Leigh.

HINDOLVESTON par. (68) Eynsford hund. N.
Norfolk, 3 m. N. of Foulsham-111, on R. Bure.
Acres 2720 ; pop. 839 +4 ; poor r. 4937. (Aylsham
U.) ; real prop. 37517. ; charities 532. St. George
Vic. (Norw.) val. 762., patr. Dean and Chap.

P. M. His DON par. (15) Downton hund. SW.
Wilts. 15 ni. W. of Salisbury, 94 from London, a
polling and petty sess. town, and a boro' by pre-
scription, returning 2 members (from Hen. VI.)
till disfranchised by the Reform act, was held by
the Beauchamps, and Hydes, to whom it gave
title of baron, and much burnt 1754. Acres 270 ;
pop. 772, decreasing, some in the coarse linen, for-
merly the silk twist, manufact. ; houses 165, with
a bank ; poor r. 4867. on 10527. (Tisbury U.) ; real
prop. 11077.; charities 1047., of which 937. to free
chapel. St. J. Baptist Cur. (exempt) val. 757.,
patr. Ld. Chancellor. Near the roman way to
Saruin is Stockton-Works.british camp, and other
remains. H. House, C. Millet, Esq. ; Fonthill
Pk. J. Morrison, Esq. Mkt. D. Th. Fairs, Mon.
before Whits. 29 Oct. 6 Nov., cattle, horses, etc.

HINDRINGHAM par. (C8) N. Greenhoe hund.
N. Norfolk, 3 m. E. of New Walsingham-113,
near R. Stiffkey. Acres 2990 ; pop. 721 ; poor
r. 7687. (Walsing. U.) ; real prop. C0637. ; charities
617. St. Martin Vic. (Norw.) val. 1367., patr.
Dean and Chap.

Hine, i. e. deep, Lough (150) 4 m. S. of Skib-
bereen, SW. Cork, a s.ilt-water lake, in the hills,
has the O'Driscolls'castle,andSt.Bridget's church-
yard, with an old ring or pillar stone in it. $3?"
H. Rii-er ( ) Athlone bar. S. Roscomn. runs E.
to Lough Ree.

P. HINGHAM par. (G6) Forehoe hund. Mid.
Norfolk, 14 in. WSW. of Norwich, 99 from London,
a petty sess. (and once a mkt.) town, near E.
Anglian rail, and R. Yare, came from the earls of
Pembroke to the Morleys and Wodehouses. Acres
3630; pop. 1G91 + 16;" poor r. 7267. (Foreh. In-



corp.); real prop. 10,1947.; charities 2367., of
which 1657. to Parlett's free school. St. Andrew
Rect. (Norw.) val. 920/., patr. Lord VVodehouse of
Kimberley ; church, b. (Edw. III.) by Remigius,
a rector, has a side chapel, effigies of a Morley,
and a stained window 36 ft. by 18, given by Ld.
Wodehouse. Sir Ralph de H. a judge in Edw. I.'s
time, was a native. & H. DEANERY archdy. and
dioc. of Norwich, contains the benefices marked
in Forehoe and Mitford hunds.with Longham cur.,
and Wendling c., or 38 in all.

HINKSEY, NORTH, or FERRY, par. (13) Hormer
hund. N. Berks. 5 m. N. of Abingdon-56, on R.
Isis, containing Botley, was called Hengestesigge,
and given 955 to Abingdon abbey. Acres 900 ;
pop. 295 + 11 ; poor r. 907. (Abing. U.) ; real prop.
18507. St. Lawrence Cur. (Oxon.) val. 1057.,
patr. Earl of Abingdon and G. Harcourt, Esq. ;
church, has norman doorways. $iP H., SOUTH,
par. as above, 1 m. SE. has the conduit for sup-
plying Oxford. Acres 550 ; pop. 153 ; poor r.
547. ; real prop. 14727. St. John Cur. (Oxon.)
val. with Wootton 1837., patr. Earl of Abingdon.

HINLIP, or HENDLIP, par. (54) Lower Os-
waldslow hund. Mid. Worcest. 3 m. S\V. of Droit-
wich-116, near Birming. canal. Acres 1140;
pop. 139 ; poor r. 777. (Uroitw. U.) ; real prop.
17077. St. James Rect. (Wore.) val. 1507., patr.
Viscount Southwell of //. House, on the site of
the old elizabethan seat of the Abingdons or Ha-
byndons, one of whom, Thomas the antiquary,
concealed Garnet and other powder plotters here,
in the secret passages, and his wife wrote the
famous letter to her brother Lord Monteagle.

P. HINSTOCK par. (73) N. Bradford hund. NE.
Salop, 5 m. S. of Market Drayton-153, near Bir-
mingham canal. Acres 6720, with a mineral
water ; pop. 897 + 9 ; poor r. 807. (Dray ton U.) ;
real prop. 47847. St. Oswald Rect. (Lich.) val.
5047., patr. Rev. H. C. Cotton, rector. H. Villa,
1 m. NW.

HINTLESHAM par. (48) Samford hund. S. Suf-
folk, 4 m. E. of Hadleigh-64, on a branch of R.
Orwell, is a meet for the Essex and Suffolk
hounds. Acres 3850 ; pop. 583 + 1 ; poor r. 2827.
(Samfd. Incorp.) ; real prop. 42217. ; charities 107.
to school. St. Nicholas Rect. (Norw.) val. 4777.,
patr. Rev. W. H. Deane, rector; church, has a
brass (1400) and tombs of the Timperleys. H.
Hall, Misses Lloyd.

HINTON par. (35) Lower Grumbalds Ash hund.

5 W. Gloucest. 3 m. S. of Chipping Sodbury-lOC, is
joined to DYRH AM. From ' hen' or 'hean,' old. ^g
HINTON tythg. (35) Berkeley par. W. Glouc. near
Berkeley-114, near Ship canal. Pop. 539 ; poor r.
18(57. (Thornbury U.) ; real prop. 39527. $iT HIN-
TON hmlt. (53) Woodford par. S W. Norlhmptn.

6 m. SW. of Daventry-72. Pop. 299. rgT HINTON
tnshp. (61) Pontesbury par. W. Salop, 6 m. SW. of
Shrewsbury- 153. Pop. 59. g5T HINTON tnshp.
(61) Stottesden par. S. Salop, 4 m. NNW, of
Cleobury Mortimer-137. Pop. 12. ^P HINTON
tnshp. (73) Whitchurch par. N. Salop, near
AVhitchurch-163. Pop. 41. tS3 HINTON hmlt.
(18) Mudford par. SE. Somerset. 3 m. NNE. of
Yeovil-123. Real prop. 17307. gSJ" HINTON
hmlt ( ) Blythburgh par. NE. Suffolk, 4 m.
SE. of Halesworth-100. Pop. 136. air HINTON
tythg. (14) Ashton Steeple par. W. Wilts. 3 in. S.
of Melksham-96. Pop. 216.

HINTON ADMIRAL chplrv. (15) Christchurch
par. S W. Hants. 3 m. N E."of Christchurch-100.
Pop. 334; real prop. 21677. Living, a Cur.
(Win.) val. 727., patr. Trustees. H. House, .
CaT II. AMPNER par. (11) Upper Fawley hund.
Mid. Hants. 3 m. S. of Alresford-57. Acres 1C40;


pop. 360 ; poor r. 3577. (Alresf. U.) ; real prop.
25897. ; charities, Blake's school, etc. 1517. Ail
Saints Rect. (Win.) val. 4027., patr. Bishop. H.
House, R. Heysham, Esq. (?) a meet for the H.
H. hounds. <g| H. BLEWETT par. (19) Chewton
hund. NE. Somerset. 9m. S. of Bristol-114, con-
tains S. Widcombe. Acres 1070 ; pop. 336 + 1 ;
poor r. 1547. (Clutton U.) ; real prop. 21147. All
Saints Rect. (Ba. and W.) val. 2387., patr. John-
son's heirs, igip H. BROAD. See BROAD HIN-
TON, Wilts. ; and the like for other Hintons.

P. HINTON, ST. GEORGE, par. (18) Crewkerne
hund. S. Somerset. 2 m. NW. of Crewkerne-132,
with a view of both Channels, came through the
Powtnels and Denebands to the Pouletts. Acres
1480 ; pop. 832 ; poor r. 2887. (Chard U.) ; real
prop. 39557. ; charities 687. St. George Rect. (Ba.
and W.) val. 1977., patr. Earl Poulett of //. St.
G. House, who takes hence title of visct. and
of whose family the church has effigies, etc.
Igg- //. House (11) 5 m. NW. of Havant, SE.
Hants. Dr. M'Arthur. ggr H. House (55) 4 m.
SSW. of Weobly-145, W. Hereford. R. Powell,
Esq. gap" H.-IN-THE-HEDGES par. (45) King's
Sutton hund. <S W. Northmptn. 2 m. W. of Brack-
ley-63. Acres 2070 ; pop.171 ; poor r. 507. (Brack.
U.); real prop. 20107.; charities, Ld. Crewe's
almsh. etc. 397. Holy Trinity Vic. (Pet.) val.
with Stean 3437., patr. Earl Spencer. Gray, au-
thor of ' Memoria Technica,' was a native ( ?).

P. HINTON, LITTLE, par. (34) Elstub hund.
NE. Wilts. 4 m. E. of Swindon-80. Acres 2230 ;
pop. 324 + 1 ; poor r. 3157. (Highworth U.) ; real
prop. 33737. ; charities, Coker's school, etc. 147.
St. Swithin Rect. (Gl. and Br.) val. 4447., patr. Bp.
of Winchester.

P. HINTON-MARTELL par. (15) Badbury hund.
E. Dorset. 3 m. N. of Wimborne-100. Acres
1860 ; pop. 290 + 3 ; poor r. 737. (Wimb. U.) ; real
prop. 19247. St. John Rect. (Sal.) val. 331/., patr.
Earl of Shaftesbury. (J3 H., ST. MARY, par.
(18) Sturminster - Newtown - Castle hund. N.
Dorset. 1 m. N. of Sturminster-109. Acres 1170 ;
pop. 361 + 6; poor r. 1687. (Sturmins. U.); real
prop. 17987.; charities 97. St. Peter Cur. with
Iwerne Minster. Igf H.-ON-THE-GREEN par.
(44) Tibaldstone hund. N. Gloucest. 2 m. SSW.
of Evesham-96, on R. Isbonie, was granted as
Hynetuneto Gloucest. abbey 981, and was a mkt.
town. Acres 2030 ; pop. 1787. ; poorr. 857. (Evesh.
U.); real prop. 17617. St. Peter Rect. (Gl. and
Br.) val. 2007., patr. C. Baker, Esq., of H. House;
church, b. 1315 by the abbots, igp H. PARVA,
or STANBRIDGE, par. as above, 1 m. SVr Acres
430 ; pop. 47 + 1 ; poor r. 77. ; real prop. 5337.
St. Kenelm Rect. (Sal.) val. 807., patr. Sir R. P.
Glyn, Bt. of Gaunts; church, has norman traces.
set, ijaf H.-WALDRIDGE, or WALDRIST, par.
(13) Ganfield hund. NW. Berks. 6 m. ENE. of
Farringdon-68, near R. Isis, containing Duxford,
was a mkt. town under the St. Valeris. Ac*s
2180 ; pop. 353 + 1 ; poor r. 2097. (Farring. U.) }
real prop. 29027. St. Margaret Rect. (Oxon.) val.
3707., patr. J. L. Symonds, Esq. Near Windmill
hill is an old camp.

HINTS par. (62) S. Offlow hund. SE. Stafford.
4m. WSW. of Tamworth-115, was Hendon, L e.
old town, of Saxons, on Watling St. Acres
1570; pop. 213; poor r. 1877. (Tamworth U.);
real prop. 32067. Living, a Cur. (Lich.) val. 807.,
patr. Bishop ; church, on site of the old one, has
mons. of the Floyers of H. Hall (now W. Floyer,
Esq.) and Lawleys of Canwell, where was an old
priory. A roman pig of lead weighing 150 Ib.
was found 1792, near a. large tumulus.


HIXWICK hnilt. (.52) Puddington par. NW.
Beds. 3 m. NXW. of Harrold-59. Pop. 204. H.
Jfall, R. Orlebar, Esq., b. about 1710 by (Jen.
Livesay, is 97 ft. long, and has a portrait by Van-
dyck, with some other pictures.

"HIXXHILT, par. (3) Chart hund. Scray lat'ie,
E. Kent, 2 m. E. of Ashford-53, near Canterbury
rail., where a subterranean fire broke out 1727
over 3 acres of land. Acres 650, partly in hop-
grounds ; pop. 171 + 1 ; poor r. 1017. (E. Ashfd.
U.); real prop. 1307/. ,- charities 21. St. Mary
Rect. (Cant.) val. 1877., patr. Honeywood's heirs.

P. HIXXTON par. (47) Whittlesford hund. S.
Cambridge. 4 m. WSW. of Linton-48, on Cam-
bridge rail. Acres 1503; pop. 382 + 5; poor r.
2G9/. (Linton U.) ; real prop. 23937. ; charities 167.
St. Mary Vic. (Ely) val. 1507., patr. Jesus Coll.
H. House, C. Raikes, Esq. ; church, has brass of
Sir T. Skelton, etc. (1416).

HINXWORTH par. (47) Odsev hund. N. Herts.

4 m. N. of Baldock-37. Acres 1440 ; pop. 328
+ 3 ; poor r. 921. (Royston U.) ; real prop. 20077. ;
charities 11. St. Nicholas Rect. (Roch.) val. 3007.,
patr. W. Hale, Esq. Urns and other remains
found 1724. H. Place, % m. S.

Hipley (11) 4 m. NE. of Fareham, SE. Hants.

HIPPEXSCOMBE ext. par. (11) Kinwardstone
hund. E. Wilts. 4 m. NE. of Ludgershall-7i.
Acres 280 ; pop. 59.

Halifax par. W. R. York. 2 m. E. of Halifax-197,
contains Lightcliffe cur. andColeys. Acres 2550 ;
pop. 5421 + 45, some in the stone quarries ; poor
r. 11597. (Halif. U.) ; real prop. 22,980/. ; chari-
ties 1557., of which 1197. to Broadley's gram. sen.
Living, a Cur. (Rip.) val. 1507., patr. Vicar.

Hipping Hall ( ) 4 m. SE. of Kirby Lonsdale,
.2V. Lancash. E. Tatham, Esq.

Hipsburn ( ) 3 m. SE. of Alnwick, E. North-
mltrld. at R. Aln's mouth.

HIPSWELI, chplry. ( ) Catterick par. N. R.
York. 2 m. SE. of Richmond-233, near R. Swale.
Acres 2290 ; pop. 313 + 1 ; poor r. 118?. (Richm.
U.); real prop. 2G31/. ; charities 287. Living, a
Cur. (Rip.) val. 1001., patr. Vicar. H. Lodge,
Countess of Ormotid ( ?).

HIR, i. e. long, limit. (57) Llanarth par. S W.
Cardigan. 4m. SSW. of Aberaeron-192. Pop. 270.

HIRAKL vil. (78) Bangor par. N. Carnarvon.
near Bangor-236. Pop. 1140.

Hiracth ( ) near Newcastle-Emlyn, NW.

Hiraethog Hills (74, 78-9) a barren range, W.
Denbigh. 25 m. long from Darwen to the R. Con-
way's mouth, and 5 to 15 broad.

HIRCOTT hnilt. (54) Kidderminster Foreign,
N. Worcest. 1 m. EXE. of Kidderminster-126.
H. House, G. Hallen, Esq. ( ?)

Hir faen-gwydtloq, a druid stone 16 ft. high at
Cellan, borders of Cardigan, and Carmarth.

HIRXANT, i. e. long pass, par. (74) Llanfvllin
hund. N. Montgomery. 6m. WNW. of Llaufyllin
-179, contains Cwmmwr, Fedw, and Llan. Acres
3000; pop. 301+1; poor r. 77/. (Llanfyl. U.);
real prop. 14 167.; charities 41. Living, a, Rect.
(St. As.) val. 1357., patr. Bishop. Some earth-
works are seen.

Hirsel, near Coldstream, SE. Berwick., Earl

Hirst, or Hurst, Priory (86) 2 m. S. by E. of
Crowle, NW. Lincoln. C. Stovin, Esq. ^
HIRST vil. ( ) Ecclesfield tnshp. W. R. York.

5 m. N. of Sheffield-162. ff HIHST hmlt. (88)
Longwood chplrv. W. R. York, near Hudders-

Hirst Hill, 1 in. E. 'of Shotts, Lanark., whence



streams run off E. and W. to Rs. Forth and

P. HIRWAIX ( ) near Merthyr-Tydfil, NE.
' Glamorgan.

Hiskcre. See Heisker, Western Islds.

HISIAXD tnshp. (74) Oswestry par. NW. Sa-
lop, 2m. SE. of Oswestry-171. Pop. 66. H.
House, .

P. HISTOS par. (51) Chesterton hund. Mid.
Cambridge. 3 m. N. of Cambridge-50, near E.
Count, rail. Acres 2300 ; pop. 859 + 7 ; poor r. 3897.
(Chesterton U.) ; real prop. 4380/. ; charities 807.,
of which 387. to March's free school. St. Andrew
Vic. (Ely) val. 400/., patr. Michell's heirs.

Hitch Wood Shrubs (46) 3 m. VV. of Stevenage,
N. Herts.

HITCHAM par.(7) Burnham hund. S. Bucks. 2 m.
NE. of Maidenhead-26, on the Thames, near Gt.
West. rail. Acres 1370 ; pop. 267 + 3 ; poor r. 144/.
(Eton U.) ; real prop.19517. St. Mary .Rec<.(0xon.)
val. 3617., patr. Eton Coll. ; church, has stained
windows, 2 brasses from 1560, and mon. of Friend,
author of a ' Hist, of Physic.' H. House, was the
seat of the Clerkes, whom Q.Elizabeth visited 1602.
giP HITCHAM par. (r,0) Cosford hund. Mid.Suffk.
6 m. NXW. of Hadleigh-64, on R. Bret. Acres
4040; pop. 1065 + 4; poor r. 4067. (Cosfd. U.);
real prop. 65477. ; charities 557. All Saints Rect.
.(Ely) val. 8657., patr. Crown. The excellent W.
Burkitt the commentator, a native, 1650-1703.


HITCHEXDEX, or HuGHENDOx par. (7) Des-
borough hund. S. Bucks. 1 m. N. of High Wy-
combe-29, contains Prestwood cur. and Brandsfee.
Acres 5970 ; pop. 1481 + 3, some lacemakers ( ?) ;
poor r. 1088/. (Wyco. U.) ; real prop. 33421. ; cha-
rities, Countess Conyngham's for poor clergy,
their widows, etc. 1657. St. Michael Vic. (Oxon.)
val. 280/., patr. B. Disraeli, Esq. M.P., of Braden-
ham ; church, part norman, with an old font and
mons. of the Montforts, who retired here after the
battle of Evesham. H. House, an ancient seat.
Coins of Hadrian, Trajan, etc. found 1795.

Herts, contains the pars, of Hitchin, Ickleford
(on Icknield St.), Ippollitts, Kimpton, King's
Walden, Lilley, Offley, and Pirton ; acres 27,280,
pop. 11,972, houses" 2290. J< H. DEANERY,
archdy. of St. Alban's, dioc. of Rochester, con-
tains the benefices above, with Graveley rect.,
Hexton v;c., Stevenage r., King's Walden don.,
Willien p., Gt. Wymondley r., Lit. Wymondley
don., or 14 in all.

P. M. HITCHIX par. in the above hund.lo m. N W.
of Hertford, 32 from London by Gt. North, rail,
near R. Hiz, a polling and petty sess. town, contain-
ing Langley, Missenden, and Preston, was held as
Hiche of the mercian kings by Earl Harold, was
Hiz of ' Domesdy.' and given by Will. Rufus to
the Baliols (who founded a preceptory at Temple
Dinsley), from whom it came through the Kendales
and Edind. de Langley back to the Crown. Acres
6150, fertile; pop. 6125 + 91, in the corn and malt
(formerly the woollen) trade, some straw plat-
ters; houses 1072, with 4 chapels, bank, savings
bk. (1!>,0477. from 620 depositors), bridewell, silk
mill, breweries, Mattock's free school (1287.),
Wilshere's sch. (847.), girls' sen. (807.), R, Skyn-
ner's (927.), J. ^kynner's (82/.), Warner's (44/.),
and Simpson's dissenters' (247.) almshouses, and
Union p. house; poor r. 22661. on 21,0007.; real
prop. 21,6577. ; charities 8257., of which Kempe's
for poor, apprenticing, etc. 1057., partly arising
from the small gilbertine priory of Biggfn, which
came to him. St. Mary and St. Andrew Vic.




(Koch.) once held by Bp. Hildesler, val. 6507.,
patr. Trin. Coll. Camb , who have the rect. manor,
which was given to Elston nunnery by Hen. I. ;
church (Hen. VI.) is 150ft. by 67, with a good'
porch, altar-piece by Rubens, old font, 6 brasses
from 1440, and mons. of the Baliols ( ?), Kendales,
Abbots, Skynners, and Radcliffes, now ofH.Priory,
seat of E. D. Radcliffe, Esq. which has traces of the
carmelite priory found. Edw.II. Some barrows are
seen, and there is a roman camp at Wilbury Hill
on Icknield St. A branch rail, of 17J m. goes off
to Baldock and Royston (towards Cambridge).
Ifitchin P. L. Union, contains the pars, in the above
hund. with Baldock, Bygrave, Caldecote, Clothall,

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