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duff ; church, near the ruins of a former one b.
by Queen Ada. Garleton House in ruins. Skir-
ving the portrait painter was a native.

ATHENRY BARONY (83-5, etc.) Mid. Galway,
contains parts of the pars, of Athenry, Kilconickny,
Kilcomerin, Killimordaly, Killullagh, and Licker-
rig; acres 25,782, an. val. 10,806/., pop. 8179,
houses 1407.

P. M. S3. ATHENRY par. (83-5, etc.) intheabove,
Clare and Dunkellin bars. 13m.E. of Galway, 120
from Dublin, a petty sessions and police station,
and decayed boro' (from Rich. II.), returning 2
members (till the Union) under the Blake-
neys, was founded 13th cent, by the De Bir-
minghams, to whom it gave the title of pre-
mier baron, and has remains of their castle and
dominican friary (b. 1261), and of the town-
wall; was burnt by the Clanrieades 1577, and
ruined by Hugh O'Donnell 1596. Acres 24,951.
middling, with bog and coal ; pop. 5989, of
town 1236 ; houses 254. Living, a Rect. (Tu. K.
A.) val. 903Z., patr. Crown and Bishop. A. House,
J. Lopdell, Esq. ; Castle Lambert,W. Lambert, Esq.
Mkt. D. Frid. Fairs, 5 May, 2 July, 20 Oct., cattle.
ATHERFIELU tythg. (10) Shorwell par. I. of
Wight, S. Hants'. 6 m. SSW. of Newport-82, a
coast gd. station, near A. Point and Rocks.

P. ATHERINGTON par. (26) N. Tawton hund. N.
Devon. 6 m. SSE. of Barnstaple-192, on R. Taw.
Acres 2500 ; pop. 629 + 3 ; poor r. 293/. (Barnst,
U.) ; real prop. 3243Z. St. Mary Rect. (Exet.)
val. 403/., patr. Rev. J. Arthur, rector; church,
has tombs and brasses of the Bassets, and was a
cell to Caen abbey. A. Hall, C. Chichester, Esq.
ATHERSTOXE hmlt. (18) White Lackington par.
S. Somerset. 1 m. NE. of Ilminster-136.

ATHERSTONE DIVISION (62-3) Hemlingford

hund. J\ r . Warwick, contains Atherst one*, the pars.

of Ansley*, Baxterley*, Caldecote, Chilvers-Coton,

Corley, Fillingley, Lea-Marston, Mancetter*,Max-

1 stoke, Nuneaton, Shustoke, Weddington, Nether

I and Over Whitacre, and part of Merevale* ; acres,

1 39,190, pop. 19,415, houses 4271.

P. M. ATHERSTONE chplry.Mancetter par. in the
! above hund. 20 m. N. of Warwick, 107 from London,
I or 102 by Trent Val. rail, a polling and petty ses-
! sions town, on Coventry canal, and Watling St.,
\ near R. Anker and Bosworth field, was given to
j Bee abbey at the Conquest (when it was called


Aderestone), and had an austin friary, fourd.
1376, by Ralph Basset, val. 2/., and given to the
Cartwrights. Pop. 3743, in the hat and ribbon
marmfact., and the Badsley colliery ; houses 790,
with 3 chapels, assembly-rooms and mkt. house
on pillars, ' Three Tuns ' inn (where Richmond
slept 20 Aug. 1485, before the battle), 2 banks,
savings bk. (25,651/. from 692 depositors), dispen-
sary, library and newsroom, Sir W. Devereux's
gram, school (289/.), Simmons' englishsch. (42/.),
and Union p. house; poor r. 2153Z. on 68997. ;
real prop. 12,5077. ; charities 6247. St. Mary Cur.
(Wore.) val. 1507., patr. Vicar; church, which
belonged to the priory, is early eng. and cruci-
form. Drayton, who wrote the ' Poly-olbion,'
was a native, 1563-1631. A. Hall, G. Bracebridge,
Esq. who derives from Turchill, the saxon, who
lived at Kingsbury ; the Atherstone hounds are
at Witherley. Ath. P. L. Union contains the pars.
etc. marked * in the div. above, and Fenny Dayton,
Sheepy (Magna and Parva) with Atherston, in
Leic., Baddesby Ensor, Grendon, Polesworth
with Bentley, Oldbury in Warwk. ; acres 22,735,
pop. 10,866, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 1002
(out-door 928), expend. 4S727., prop, rated 44,4607.
Sup. Registry comprises the same up to Sheepy
in Leic. and Polesworth in Warwk. with Ratcliflfe-
Culey and Witherley; pop. 10,891. The New
County Court district corresponds with the Regis-
try except Ansley which goes toNuneaton. Mkt.
D. Tues. Fairs, 7 Apr. 18 July, cattle; 19 and
21 Sept. cattle, cheese (for which it is noted) ; 4
Dec. fat cattle, etc.

ATHERSTONE-ON-STOUR par. (54) Kington
hund. <S. Warwick. 3 m. S. of Stratford-on-Avon
-96, on Moreton rail, and R. Stour, contains Ail-
stow. Acres 1120; pop. 93+1; poor r. 39/.
(Stratf. U.); real prop. 7. Living, a Beet.
(Wore.) val. 2887., patr. Rev. Dr. Cox. Dr.
Thomas, who continued Dugdale's ' Antiquities,'
was a native. Alscot Park, J. West, Esq.

ATHEKTON chplry. (89) Leigh par. S. Lancash.
2 m. NNE. of Lcigh-197, on Bolton rail. Acres
2220 ; pop. 4475 + 29, in the cotton, iron, and nail
factories, and collieries ; poor r. 7307. (Leigh U.) ;
real prop. 15,5147. of which 2504/. on mines. St.
J. Baptist Cur. (Manch.) val. 1007., patr. Lord Lil-
ford, of A. Hall, which stands near the site of a
former seat of the Athertons.

ATHGLASSON vil. ( ) Upper Kells bar. W.
Meath, m. W. of Kells-39.

Athyoe (20) near Rathcoole, S W. Dublin, Mrs.

ATHLACCA par. (31, 38-9) Coshma bar. /S. Li-
merick, 4 in. SW. of BrnrT-134, a police station,
where R. Morning Star joins the Mague, belonged
to the De Lacys, and has remains of their old seat
Tullerbuoy (now called Castle Ivors, R. Ivers,
Esq.), of Kilbroney church, b. by the knights
Templars, and of Ilathcannon castle, and was the
scene of a skirmish in 1691. Acres 5511, fertile,
with limestone ; pop. 1372, decreasing. Living, a
Rect. with Dromore ; church, has tombs of the De
Lacys. A. House, .

P. ATHI.EAGUK par. (19-20, 32-3) Killian bar.
NE. Galway, and Athlonc bar. S. Roscomn. 4 m.
SW. of Roscommon-93, on R. Suck, contains
Clooneenbeg and Tromaum, and had a gray
frairy. Acres 13,012, with bog, lime, building
stone, and iron ; pop. 5087, decreasing. Liv-
ing, a Vic. (K. E. A.) val. with Fuerty and Kil-
beanet, 314/., patr. Bishop; church, very old, was
a chapel of the Systre family. Castle Kelly, D.
II. Kelly, Esq. ; liookwood, E. Kellv, Esq. Fairs,
11 July", 24 Sept.
ATHLONE BARONY (41, etc.) S. Roscomm. con-



tains Athlonc, Mt. Talbot, the pars, of Cam, Drum,
Dysart, Fuerty, Killinvoy, Kilmeane, Kiltoom,
Sahara, St. John's, St.Peter's, Taghmaconnell, Tis-
rara, and parts of Athleague and Taghboy ; acres
146,183, an val. 61,727/., pop. 51,927, houses 9398.
* P. M. ATHLONE town (48-9, 51-2) St. Peter's
par. in the above bar. Roscomm. (Connaught),
and St. Mary's par., Brawney bar. Westmeath
(Leinster), 17 m. SE. of Roscommon, 76 from
Dublin, on both sides of the Shannon, where it
joins Lough Ree, a sess. and police station, and
head of an excise (and till lately of the W. mili-
tary), district, had a cistertian abbey, found.
1216, and a castle b. in the time of K. John,
which was taken by the Earl of Essex, by Sir J.
Dillon after a long siege 1642, burnt by the
parl. forces, held by Col. Grace for Jas. II., but
taken by De Ginkell 1691, and accidentally blown
up 1697; returns one member since the Union
(before which it sent 2, from Jas. I.), the parl.
and municipal bounds, being the same, no. of
electors 371 ; was first chartered by Jas. L, and
under the new act is governed by the town com-
missioners, with a revenue of "1957. Acres of
boro' 491 ; pop. 6393, in the manufact. of felt hats
(declining), friezes and linen, and the carrying
trade, to Dublin (by Grand and Royal canals) and
Limerick (by steam) ; houses 974, with 2 churches,
7 chapels, court house, bridewell, 2 banks, loan fund,
dispensary, barracks for 1500 (covers 15 acres),
including a large armoury, 2 magazines, ordnance
depot, etc., hospital, 2 distilleries, 2 breweries,
tanneries, new 9-arch stone bridge (1844), Union
workhouse. St. Mary Rect. (Meath) val. 3987.,
patr. Bishop ; St. Peter Cur. (K. E. A.) val. 131/.,
patr. Incorporation Soc. ; church, on site of the
abbey. It is well fortified, and part of the castle is
left ; publishes the ' A. Sentinel' and ' Westmeath
Independent' newspapers ; and gives title of earl
to the De Ginkells of Utrecht. A. Canal, 1 m.
long, carries the river navigation past the rapids
here, 71 m. higher up thro' L. Ree, etc. Ath. P.
L. Union, contains 19 elect, divs. in Roscmm. and
Westm. with 27 guardians ; acres 185,058, pop.
72,168, ho. room for 1200, cases relieved (yr. '47-8)
4483 (besides 1088 out-door), expend. 13,9897.,
prop, rated 103,078. >jt A. PRESBYTERY, in-
cludes Athlone, Ballinasloe, Corboy, Galway,
Longford, Moyvorc, Mullingar, Mountmellick,
Roundstone, Tully. Mkt. Vs. Tu. Sat. Fairs,
1st Mon. after 6 Jan. 21 Mar. Wed. before Ascen-
sion, 1st. Mon. Sept.

ATHLUMNY par. (25, 31-2) Skreen bar. Mid.
Meath, containing part of Navan-29, Factory and
Little Furze, where R. Blackwater joins the Boyne,
has remains of A. Castle, once the seat of" the
Dowdells, who destroyed it to prevent Cromwell
taking it. Acres 2454, good arable, with lime-
stone; pop. 1269+ 12, in the flax and flour mills.
Living, a Vic. (Meath) val. 55/., patr. P. P. Metge,
Esq. of A. House; church, in ruins. A. Cottage,
Dr. Hudson.

ATHNKASY par. (40, 48) Coshlea and Small
count}' bars. SE. Limerick, 3 m. NE. of Kilmal-
lock-140, has remains of St. Athanasius church
found. 7th cent. of Adaus's (?) church, and other
ruins. Acres 2837, good, arable with pasture ;
pop. 1503. Living, a Rect. with Kilmallock ; no
church. Martinstown, M. Walsh, Esq.

ATHNIH par. (35, 41) Eliogarty bar. Mid. Tip-
pvrary, on R. Suir, 3 m. NE. of Thurles-95. Acres
855, fertile; pop. 293 + 4. Living, a Vic. with
Thurles ; no church.

ATIINOWEN, or ST. MARY, par. (72-3, 85) E.
Muskerry bar. Mid. Cork, 7 m. WSVV. of Cork
-160, a petty sessions town on a branch of R. Lea,

G 3




has some curious caverns, also remains of Castle
Inch, and of Grange abbey found. 7th cent, at
Grange, seat of J. Hawkes, Esq. Acres 4838,
arable, with limestone; pop. 1925, decreasing.
Living, a Rect. (Ck. K. C.) val. with Kilnaglory
C55/., patr. Bishop.

Atholl District, under the Grampians, N. Perth,
watered by the Garry, Tummel, Bruar and Tilt,
and by Lochs Ericht, and Rannoch, belongs
chiefly to the Duke of Atholl, of A. House, who
takes hence his title, and which the Queen visited
1844. Size 450 sq. m. chiefly mountain (3690 ft.
high at Cairn Gower, 3390 at Scarsoch), wood
and lake, including 100,000 acres in A. Forest,
which is well stocked with red deer and game,
and planted with millions of larch, fir, etc. from
the timber of which H. M. S. Atholl was built.
At Killiecrankie pass, Claverhouse was killed 1689.
A. Sow Hill, one of the Grampians at the head
of Loch Ericht. See BLAIR ATHOLL.

Athur Mountain (9) the highest of the Dun-
kerron group, S. Kerry, 2186 ft. high.

P. M. ATHY (35) St. Michael, St. John, and
Church town pars. E. Xarragh bar. S W. Kildare,
12 in. S. of Kildare, 52 from Dublin, or 45 by
Carlow branch rail, where the Gd. canal joins
E. Barrow, the county (?) assize, and sessions
town, a chief police station, and decayed boro'
(under a sovereign, bailiffs, etc.) returning 2
members till the Union, grew out of a crutched
friary found. 1253 by Lord Rheban and a domi-
niean friary of the Boyles, etc. ; was burnt by the
Irish 1308," taken by Edw. Bruce 1315, and had a
castle b. bv Lord Kjldare 1506, which was cap-
tured by 6'Xeil 1648, and by parl. 1650. Pop.
4698 + 20, in a good grain and carrying trade, by
canal ; houses 844 with church, 2 chapels, court-
house, gaol, 2 banks, fever hosp. dispensary, bar-
racks (part of the old white castle), Union work-
house, 5-arched bridge. Living, a Union of 5 pars.
(Du. G. K.) val. 4737., patr. Crown and Archbp.
Woodstock and Rheban castles on the river, in
ruins. Athy P. L. Union contains 14 elect, divs.
in Kildare, King's, and Queen's Cos. with 24 guar-
dians ; acres 163,377, pop. 47,912, ho. room for 600,
cases relieved (yr. '47-8) 2800 (besides 4509 out-
door), expend. 10,4757., prop, rated 102,8817.
June, Ds. Tues. Sat. Fairs, 17 March, 25 Apr. 9
M kt. 25 July, 10 Oct. 11 Dec. cattle, etc.

Atkins's Rock, in the Atlantic, is a doubtful
' vigia' or look-out, about lat. 55 J N., long. 10 to
11 W., which Capt. Vidal in his survey of 1841
searched for without success.

ATLOW chplry. (72) Bradborne par. Slid. Derby.
4 m. XE. of Ashbourne-139, on a branch of R.
Dove, has a fine view from Magger's bush. Acres
1580; pop. 156, decreasing; poor r. 18/. (Ashby
U.) ; real prop. 19927. ; charities II. Living, a
Cur. (Lich.) val. 148/., patr. C. H. Oakover, Esq.

Atmarsh (55) 4 m. XXE. of Hereford, Mid.
Hereford, near R. Lug.

ATPAR. See ADPAR, Cardigan.

Attacotti of the Romans, were the people of
Argyll, about L. Fyne.

ATTANAGH par. (1, 4, 5) Fassadinin bar. N. Kil-
kenny and Clarmallagh bar. S. Queen's Co. 2 m.
SE. of Durrow-65, on R. Xore. Acres 2561, fertile ;
pop. 919 + 16. Living, a Vic. with Aharney.

ATTENBOROUGH par. (71) S. Broxtow wap.
SW. Notts. 5 m. SW. of Nottingham- 124, on
Midld. rail, where R. Erwash joins the Trent at
the weir, contains Chilwell and Toton. Acres
1930; pop. 1036, some stockingers (27 frames);
poor r. 1. (Shardlow U.) ; real prop. 7. ; cha-
rities 197. and Dairy's 2 almshs. St. Mary Vic.
(.Line.) val. with Bramcote 2507., patr. G. S. Fol-


jambe, Esq. Chilweli hall, Dr. Davison. Ireton,
Cromwell's son-in-law, was a native. 1611-51.

Atter Long (7) Hillingdon par. W. Middlesex,
1 m. SE. of Uxbridge-15.

ATTERBY tnshp. (83) Bishop's Xorton par. N.
Lincoln. 8 m. WXW. of Market Raisen-144, near
Ermine St. Acres 1190; pop. 142 + 3; poor r.
117. (Caistor U.) ; real prop. 13307. ; charities 87.

Sheffield par. W. R. York. 2 m. EXE. of Sheffield
-162, on Rotherham rail. Tinsey canal, and R.
Don, under the cliff, containing Carbrook, belongs
to the Duke of Xorfolk. Acres 1270, with cannel
coal ; pop. 4156 + 41, cutlers, etc. (cast steel was
first made here); poor r. 1186/. (Shef. U.) ; real
prop. 9027/. ; charities 36/., of which 13/. to Sunday
school, and some almsho. Living, a Cur. (York.")
val. 1807., patr. Vicar. A. Hall, J. Milner, Esq.

ATTERLEY tnshp. (61) Much Wenlock par. E.
Salop, 2 m. SE. of Much Wenlock- 148. Pop. 52.

ATTERTON- hmlt. (63) Witherley par. W. Lei-
cester, b m. SW. of Market Bosworth-106. Pop.
84; real prop. 11587.

Attery River (25, 31) rises in Wilsey down, near
Trenegloss, NE. Cornwall, and nms'ESE. about
12 m. to R. Tamar, near Launceston.

Attingham House (61) 4 m. SE. of Shrewsbury,
Mid. Salop, where R. Tern joins the Severn, seat
of Lord Berwick, with a picture gallery, etc.

ATTINGTON ext. par. (13) Thame" hund. E.
Oxford. 3 m. S. of Thame-44. Acres 560 ; pop. 8.

66) Shropham hund. S. Norfolk, a stat. on E.
)ount. rail. 1 10 m. from London, or 94 by road,
and 14m. SW. of Xonvich-108, now decayed, was
once the capital of East Anglia, and had a college
found, by the Mortimers, val. 22/., and given bv
Hen. VIII. to the Ratcliffes. Acres 5800; pop.
1959 + 2 ; houses 400 with 3 chapels, bank, Xer-
ford's gram, school (17/.) ; poor r. 1376/. on 92527.
(Wayland U.); real prop. 11,0837. ; charities 767.,
and 57 acres of poor's allotment. St. Mary Rect.
(Xorw.) val. 12267., patr. Rev. Sir E. B. Smyth,
Bt. of A. Hall; church, norman and early eng.
with tombs of the Mortimers, Ratcliffes, and
Blickleys. Mkt. D. Th. Fairs, Th. before Easter,
Holy Th. 15 Aug.

ATTLEBOROCGH limit (63) Xuneaton par. NE.
Warwick. 1 m. SE. of Xuneaton-100, on Trent
Valley rail, and R. Anker, near Coventry canal.
Pop. 1095; real prop. 45867. Living, "a Cur.
(Wore.) val. 170/., patr. Vicar.

P. ATTLEBRIDGE par. (66) Taverham hund.
Mid. Norfolk, 9 m. XW. of Xorwich-108, on R.
Wensum. Acres 810; pop. 94; poor r. 1287. (St.
Faith's U.) ; real prop. 10707. St. Andrew Vic.
with Alderford ; church, has a brass.

Attrebatii of the Romans, a people in Berks, who
came over from the banks of R. Seine.

Attwater, near Bodenham, S W. Wilts. G. Att-
water, Esq. who has a remarkable cross filly (found
in the Xew Forest) between a mare and a deer,
with a deer's tail, hoofs, face, throat, and coat.

Attyflin (21) near St. Patrick's well, N. Lime-
rick, J. Westropp, Esq.

ATTYMASS par. (39, 40, 48-9) Gallen bar. NE.
Mayo, 4 m. X. of Foxford-166, on R. Moy, under
the Ox mountains, has a ruined convent on ona
of its many lakes. Acres 11,154, middling, with
freestone, waste, and water; pop. 3435 + 16.
Living, a Vic. with Ardagh. Fairs, 24 May, 7
July, 15 Xov. 15 Dec.

ATWICK par. ( ) N. Holderness wap. E. R.
York. 2 m. X. of Hornsea-190, on the X. Sea,
which is gaining on it, contains LITTLE A. hmlt.
(pop. 9.) Arram and Skirlington. Acres 2100 ;


pop. 300 + 2 ; poor r. 1251. (Skirlaugh U.) ; real
prop. 3069Z. ; charities 59/. of which about 46/. to
Fen wick's school. St. Lawrence Beet. (York.)
Viil. 149/,, patr. Ld. Chancellor.

ATVVORTH, or AIJTORD, chplry. (14) Gt. Brad-
ford par. W. Wilts. 3 m. NW. of Melksham-96.
Acres 1170; pop. 824; charities 171. to Brown's
school, etc. Living, a Cur. (Sal.) val. with S.
Wraxall 2251., patr. Dean and Chap, of Bristol.

A nl "in it (19) near Killashandra, W. Cavan.

Auberries (47^ 2 m. SW. of Sudbury, N. Essex,
J. Greenwood, Esq.

M. AUBIN (Sx.) town, St. Brelade par. Jersey,
Channel Islds. 3 in. W. of St. Helier, on W. side
of a beautiful bay, under Noirmont, is the second
town in the isld. with church, 2 chapels, etc. Pop.
about 800. Living, a Cur (Wine.) val. GO/., patr.
Proprietors. A pier protects the harbour, and
the Bay defended by Elizabeth's and St. Aubin's
castles, is a good roadstead ; but there are several
shoals in it, as La Rouardiere, Frougines, Hin-

fuette, Denue, Sillaire, Brasiere, etc. Mkt. D.

Auborough (55) 5 m. X. of Hereford, Mid. Here-

AUBOURN par. (83) Lower Boothby Graffo wap.
W. Lincoln. 6 m. SSW. of Lincoln- 132, on R.
Witham and Notts rail, near the Fcss road, con-
tains Haddington and Marlboro'. Acres 3090 ;
pop. 374 + 2 ; poor r. 62Z. (Lincoln U.) ; real prop.
2104/. ; charities, Nevile's, etc. 19/. St. Peter
Vic. (Line.) val. 54/., patr. Rev. H. Neville.

Auburn (12) near Malahide, N. Dublin.

AUBUHN or LISSOY (16) 8 m. ME. of Athlone
-76, N. Westmeath, near Lough Ree, the " Sweet
Auburn " of Goldsmith's ' Deserted Village,' has
the ruined parsonage, where he spent seme of his
early days. A. House, J. Hogan, Esq. gig Au-
ui'RX, or O\VBURN, limit. (94) Fraisthorpe par.
Dickering wap. E. R. York. 3 m. S. of Bridlington
-206, on that bay, is in a great measure washed
away by the sea. Pop. 12. Living, a Cur. with

Auck, 3 m. N. of Tyndrum, NE. Argyll. This
gaelic term, which in this and the following
names signifies h igh, is related toAch, Agh, Augh,
in many other Scotch and Irish names.

Auchaber, near Forgue, N. Aberdeen.

Auchalader Castle, 3 m. N. of Tyndrum, NE.

Auchall Loch near Loch Broom, W. Ross. 2 m.
E. of Allapool.

Auclianacy 2 m. SW. of Keith- 136, Mid. Banff.

AUCHAXDOYNE vil. Braemar and Craithie par.
S W. Aberdeen, near Castletown-95. Pop. 174.

Auchans House, 3 m. SE. of Irvine, W. Ayr. seat
of the Eglintouns, formerly of the Dundonalds., near Braemar, SW. Aberdeen.

Auchen, or Auchancass, Castle, 2 m. SW. of
Moflat, N. Dumfries, on R. Evan, a ruined seat of
the Unices, lords of Annandale.

AUCIIENBARD, vil. Livingston par. S. Linlith-
gow, 2 in. SSE. of Blackburn, near Briach Water.

Auchenltathy, 4 m. SSW. of Jol.nstone, W.

Auchenbeaty Burn, Kirkmahoe par. <S. Kirkcud-
bright, tails into 1;. Nith, 3 m. above Dumfries.

Auchenbowie, 2 m. SSW. of Bannockburn, E.
Stirling, has a colliery.

Aucliencaim, E. side of Arran, Butesh. 4 m.
SW. of Lamlash.

Auchencarrocks, 5 m. NNE. of Dumbarton, Mid.

Arc HENCLOICH, vil. 3 m. NE. of Mauchline
Mid. Ayr.

Auchendarroch, 5 m. NE. of Largs, NE. Ayr.



AUCHENDINNY vil. Glencross par. Mid. Edin-
I bro\ 8 m. S. of Ediub. has a paper factory, and A.
\ House, seat of Mackenzie, who wrote the " Man
I of Feeling."

Auchendoars, 3 m. ESE. of Port Glasgow, W.

AUCHENDORY vil. near Kierriemuir, W. Forfar.

Auchendown, 7 m. SSW. of Nairn, Mid. Nairn.

Auchendraine, near Maybole, W. Ayr. E. Cath-
cart, Esq. gives name to a tragedy by Scott.

Auchendrich, 3 m. N. of Bervie, SE. Kincardine.

AUCHENFAD vil. near Auchincairn, as below, $.
Kirkcudbt. @1" Auchenfad, 5 m. SSW. of Dum-
fries-73, E. Kirkcudbt.

Auchengray, 9 m. SSW. of Dumfries, E. Kirk-
cudbt. on Caled. rail.

Auchengruith Hill, 5 m. ENE. of Sanquhar,
NW. Dumfries.

AUCHENHANE vil. near Lochwiunoch, W. Ren-

Auchenleck, 1 m. SE. of Port Glasgow-63, W.

Auchenmaly (24) 4 m. SE. of Glenluce, W.
Wigton, on A. Bay.

AUCHENRIE vil. (15) 2 m. NNE. of Port Patrick,
W. Wigton.

Auchenroth, near Rothes, E. Elgin.

Auchensale, 2 m. W. of Kilbarchan, W. Ren~

Auchentiber, 2 m. S. by W. of Port Glasgow,
W. Renfrew.

Auchentor, on Loch Eil, S W. Inverness, near
Fort William.

Auchentorlie Hill, 3 m. E. of Dumbarton, S.

Auchentorly, near Paisley, Mid. Renfrew.

Auchentroig, 3 m. NNW. of Balfron, W. Stirlg.

Auchenvennel, 5 m. SW. of Luss, NW. Duinbrtn.

Aucher's Hall, or Bourne Place, 3 m. SE. of Can-
terbury-55, E. Kent, seat of the Beckenhams, for-
merly of the Auchers, where Lady Bowyer the
' Star of the East,' of Walpole's time, was born.

Auchinames, near Johnstone, Mid. Renfrew.
was the Craufords' old seat.

Auchinarrow, 4 m. NNE. of Tomantoul, 5.

P. AUCHINBIAE vil. Fordoun par. Mid. Kin-
\ card. 4 m. N. of Laurencekirk-82. Pop. 643 + 16,
| in the flax mill. Fairs, weekly from Michaelm.
to Christm. horses, cattle.

P. AUCHIXCAIRN vil. Rerwick par. -S. Kirkrdbt.
7 m. E. of Kirkcudbright-104, on A. Bay, in
Solway Frith, opposite He.-tan isld. Pop. 104.

AUCHINCAR vil. in Gleniorsa, W. side of Arran,
Butesh. near Mauchry bay.

AUCHINCRAIVE vil. Methlick par. NE. Aber-
deen. 7 m. NW. of Ellon, on R. Ythan.

AUCHISCRAW vil. Coldingham par. NE. Ber-
wick. 7 m. NE. of Dunse-44. Pop. 203.

Auchincruive, 4 m. ENE. of Ayr, W. Ayr. on
Ayr Water, J. Oswald, Esq. M.P.

P. AUCHINDOIR par. with Kearn, Alford distr.
W. Aberdeen. 1 m. NW. of Alford-134, on K.
Bogie, under the Grampians, contains Leith-Lums-
den. Size 6 m. by 5, chiefly mountain pasture
(2286 ft. high at the Buck of Cabrach), with good
stone quarries and traces of asbestos and serpentine.
Pop. 1188+15; real prop. 3G25/. ; for poor 11 01.
Living (Presb. Alford) val. 1,'iXl., patr. Earl of
Fife. A. House, H. Lumsden, Esq. ; Craig, J.
Gordon, Esq.

Auchindown Castle. See Acliendown, Banff.

Auchinditnan, 6 m. NW. of Inverary, E. Argyll.
at the head of Loch Fine.

AUCHINK'ARN, OLD and NEW, vil. Caddcr par
N. Lanark. 4 in. N. of Glasgow-44. Pop. 561-

u 4



Auchingallan, nearAuchincar, as above, Butesh. \

AUCHINGILL, tnshp. Cannisbury par. NE. Caith-
ness. 2 m. NE. of Keiss-289. Pop. 209.

AUCIIINLECK, or AFFLECK, par. Kyle distr.
Mid. Ayr. 2 m. NW. of Cumnock-62, on Rs. Ayr i
and Lugar and Glasg. and Ayr rail., near Aird's
was Moss, given by James IV. to the Boswells,
and has remains of their old castle. Size 18 m.
by 2, rocky and mossy, with coal, lime, and stone
quarries, and traces of lead and silver ; pop. 1 659,
some muslin embroiderers ; real prop. 75047. ; for
poor 2167. Living (Pres. Ayr) val. 1617., patr.
Sir J. Boswell, Bt., of A. House. Dr. Johnson
was here in 1773. Kyle cast, in ruins. The
pious M'Gavin was a native. Fair, last Tues.
Aug. lambs.

Auchinleck Hill, 3 m. NE. of Thornhill, N. Dum-
fries, near Queensberry hill, is 1500 ft. high.

AUCHINLOCK hmlt. Gadder par. N. Lanark. 4m.
N. of Glasgow-44, near A. Loch, now drained.
Pop. 138.

AUCHIN.MULLY vil. Kilsyth par. S. Stirling, near
Kilsyth-36. Pop. 212.

Auchinnaunach, 1 m. SE. of Auchencloich as
above, Mid. Ayr.

Auchinaun, 12m. SW. of Edinbro'. Mid. Edinb.

AUCHINRAITH vil. Blantyre par. NW. Lanark.
3 m. NW. of Hamilton-38. Pop. 77.

Auchinreach, S. end of Arran, Butesh. 4 m. SW.
of Lamlash.

Auchinstuart, Camnethan par. Mid. Lanark. 4
m. SW. of Hamilton-38.

AUCHINTIBER vil. Blantyre par. NW. Lanark.
3 m. NW. of Hamilton-38. Pop. 73.

Aiichintoul, near Aberchirder-159, NE. Banff.
Earl of Fife.

Auchinvdly, 1 m. NE. of Kilsyth, 5. Stirling.

Auchlaney, near Tomantoul, &. Banff.

Auchlaun (19) 2 m. NNW. of Wigton, E. Wigton.

Auchlecks. See Achlechs, Perth.

AUCHLEVEN vil. Premnay par. Mid. Aberdeen,
5 m. S. of Culsalmond-139. Pop. 137.

Auchline House, near Killin, W. Perth. Duke of

Auchlochan, 5 m. W. of Lanark, W. Lanark, on
R. Nethan.

Auchlosseti Loch, 2 m. S. of Kincardine O'Neil,
S. Aberdeen. 1 m. long, has pike and eels.

Auchluncart, 5 m. SW. of Keith, Mid. Banff.
A. Stewart, Esq.

Auchmacoy, near Ellon, E. Aberdeen. J. Buchan,

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