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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 250 of 293)
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Easington c., Halsham r., Hollym, Holmpton r.,
Keyingham c., Kilnsea r., Ottringham c., Pat-
rington r., Paul ., Skeffling c., Sunk Island,
Welwick ., Winestead, and parts of Owthorne v. ;
acres 49,300, pop. 7330, houses 1434. * H.
DEANERY, archdy. of E. Riding, dioc. of York,
contains the benefices above, with Bilton c.,
Ulrome c., Whitgift c.

Holder's Hill (7) at Hendon, 6 m. NW. of Lon-
don, N. Middlesex, R. Jones, Esq.

HOLDFAST hmlt. (44)>Rlpple par. S. Worcest.
near Upton-on-Severn-111.' Acres 740; pop. 97
+ 1; real prop. 11897.

HOLDGATE par. (61) Lower Munslow hund.
S. Salop, 9 m. NNE. of Ludlow-143, near R.
Corve, contains Bouldon and Brookhampton.
Acres 2840; pop. 224 + 4; poor r. 817. (Ludl. U.);
real prop. 22577. ; charities 17. Holy Trinity
Rect. (Heref.) val. with Tugford 4?47., patr.
Bishop. O HOLDGATE. See HOLGATE, York.

Holdhurst Farm (8) 6 m. SE. of Godalming,
SW. Surrey.

HOLDINGIIAM hmlt. (70) New Sleaford par.
Mid. Lincoln. 1 m. NW. of SJeaford-115, near the
canal. Acres 1360; pop. 198 + 6; poor r. 917.
(Sleaf. U.) ; real prop. 17877.

stoke divis. ^V. Hants, contains the pars, of Hart-
ley Westpall rect., Silchester r., Stratfield-Tur-
gis r., N. Waltham r., Woodmancott, and parts
of Stratfield-Mortimer and Stratfield-Save r. ;
acres 12,330, pop. 2496, houses 522. H. (UPPER)
HUNDRED, Odiham divis. as above, coutaiua



Heckfield vie. and part of Eversley r. ; acres
11,190, pop. 2065, houses 476. See BASIXGSTOKE

HOLDSHOT tythg. Heckfield par. as above, 5 m.
NNW. of Odiham-40. Pop. 75 ; real prop. 885Z.

HOLDSWORTH vil. (81) Bradfield chplry. W.
R. York. 6 m. NW. of Sheffield-162. g- HOLDS-
WORTH vil. (88) Ovenden tushp. W. R. York.
near Halifax- 197.

Hole House ( ) 1 m. WSW. of Wolsingham,
Mid. Durham, on R. Wear. fgP H.-in-tlie- Wall
(43) near How Caple, S. Hereford. 5 m. NNE. of
Ross, a cave on R. Wye, close to the remains of
an old building. igT H. OF MURROKS hmlt.
Murroes par. S. Forfar. 7 m. S. of Forfar-58.
Pop. 55.

Hole, The (5) at Rolvendon, 5. Kent, Rev. J.
Hutton, was the first seat of the Gibbons, of
whom was the historian, through the Westcliffe

HOLEKETTLE-BRIDGE hmlt. Kettle par. Mid.
Fife. 4 m. E. of Falkland-25. Pop. 288.

Holestown (51) near Doagh, S. Antrim, J.
Owens, Esq.

P. HOLFORD par. (20) Whitley hund. W. So-
merset. 5m. ESE. of Watchet-156. Acres 250;
pop. 185 ; poor r. 791. (Williton U.) ; real prop.
876Z. ; charities It Living, a Rect. (Ba. and W.)
val. 202/., patr. Eton Coll.

Holford Street (80) 3 m. ENE. of Northwich
-174, N. Cheshire, on R. Weaver.

HOLGATE, or HOLDGATE, tnshp. ( ) St. Mary
Bishophill-Junior par. York Ainsty, near York
-199. Pop. 143 ; real prop. 1356/. The excellent
Lindley Murray, the grammarian, lived and died
here (1826).

- HOLKER, LOWER, tnshp. ( ) Cartmel par.
N. Lancash. 1 m. SW. of Cartmel-251, at R.
Leven's mouth, on Morecambe Bay. Acres 2130 ;
pop. 1070; poor r. 354Z. (Ulverstone U.); real
prop. 5469Z. H. Hall, Earl of Burlington, through
the Lowthers and Prestons, has pictures of Sir
J. Lowther or ' farthing Jemmy,' Adml. Penn,
Duch. of Cleveland by Lely, Vandyke by himself,
Ld. R. Cavendish by Reynolds, two Claudes,
landscape by Rubens, etc. g3H., UPPER, tnshp.
as above, 2 m. N. Acres C550 ; pop. 1114+9;
poor r. 3267. ; real prop. 5161/.

P. HOLKHAM par. (68) N. Greenhoe hund.
ff. Norfolk, 4 m. NW. of New Walsingham-113,
near H. Say, on the coast, where there was once
a small port, is the creation of Mr. Coke, 1st
Earl of Leicester of H. Hall, who came to the
estate 1769, when wheat was imported for con-
sumption, not a grain being sown between this
and Lynn ; whereas now more than 50,000 quar-
ters are exported, and there are 40 farms where
there were only 3 or 4. Acres 4230 ; pop. 731 ;
poor r. 364/. (Walsing. U.) ; real prop. 4027Z. ;
charities, Countess Leicester's almsh. 150Z. St.
Withburgha Vic. (Norw.) val. /., patr. Earl of
Leicester. H. Hall, b. 1734-60 by the first earl
from designs of Lord Burlington and Kent, con-
sists of a centre 345 ft. by 180, with two fronts
and wings, and in the fine collection are many
Claudes (including 'Apollo flaying Marsyas'),
many by G. Poussin, Da Vinci's ' Head of Christ,'
Guide's ' Joseph and Potiphar's Wife,' Domeni-
chino's ' Abraham offering Isaac, ' Vandyke's
' Duke d'Aremberg ;' statues of Diana, and Venus
in wet drapery ; original MSS. of Da Vinci, and
architectural drawings by Raphael ; Cosmo de
Medici's illuminated Livy, illuminated Petrarch,
Boccaccio and Dante ; and rare books from 14th
cent, downward. A pillar to the great agricul-
turalist is building in the grounds.


HOLLACOMBE par (26) Black Torrington hund.
NW. Devon. 2 m. ESE. of Holsworthy-214. on
R. Claw. Acres 1910 ; pop. 132 + 3 ; poor r. 23/.
(Holsw. D.) ; real prop. 585Z. St. Petrock Rect.
(Exet.) val. 73/., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

Hollam House (11) 2m. WSW. ofFareham, S.
Hants. J. Anderson, Esq.

HOLLAND vil. (89) Upholland tnshp. S. Lan-
cash. 4 m. W. of Wigan-200.

HOLLAND, PARTS OF (64-5, 69, 70) SE. Lin-
coln, containing the waps. of Elloe, Kirton, and
Skirbeck, and the towns of Boston, Donnington,
Crowland, Holbeach, Sutton St. Mary's, Swines-
head, is a tract (like Holland on the continent) of
fens and marshes embanked from the Wash, which
at one time covered it, and drained by the S.
Holland and numerous other canals or dvkes,
abounding with wild ducks, herons, coots, ruffs,
teal, widgeon, dottrell, and other wild-fowl, which
are caught in the decoys from 1 Oct. to 1 June,
but chiefly in winter. The reeds are harvested for
thatching. Extent about 25 m. by 15, or 256,320
acres; pop. 82,361 ; houses 14,788. ij H. DEAN-
ERY, archdy. and dioc. of Lincoln, contains the
benefices in the waps. above.

HOLLAND-FEN district ( ) Elloe wap. S. Lin-
coln. 8 m. NW. by W. of Boston, on R. Witham,
is taken out of 11 different pars. Living, a Cur.
(Line.) val. 80/., patr. R. Berridge, Esq.

HOLLAND, GREAT, par. (48) Tendring hund.
NE. Essex, 9 m. SSE. of Harwich-71, near //.
Creek, a sub-port to Harwich, which runs to the
North Sea. Acres 2220 ; pop. 481 + 6 ; poor r. 303/.
(Tendr. U.) ; real prop. 3898/. All Saints Rect.
(Roch.) val. 700/., patr. C. C. Coll. Oxon. ^"H.,
LITTLE, par. as above, 2 m. SW. on the coast.
Acres 740 ; pop. 75 ; poor r. 37Z. ; real prop. 956/.
Living, a Don. with Gt. Clackton. igp H. Hill
( ) somewhere in Mid. Notts, is 487 ft. high.
IgP a. H. House (7) at Kensington, Mid. Mid-
dlesex, seat of Lord Holland, elizabethan and
half H-shaped, built 1607 by Sir W. Cope, from
whom it came to H. Rich Earl Holland, to
Addison who died here 1719, and Hen. Fox
1st Lord Holland of that branch, father of C. Fox,
who lived here. It contains portraits of Addison,
Walpole, Dryden, Canning, Fox by Reynolds,
Sir S. Fox by Lely, Ch. II., etc. ; and busts by
Nollekens of Fox, the Prince Regent, 1st Lord
Holland ; and of Buonaparte by Canova. The
dahlia was first grown here 1808, from Spanish
seeds. ^= H. House (8) 3 m. ENE. of Reigate,
E. Surrey, seat of Hon. A. Bradshaw. igp H.
NEW (86) opposite Hull, on R. Humber, N. Lin-
coln., 2 m. ENE. of Barton-166, has an iron pon-
toon or landing stage 400 ft. by 50, and rails,
to Barton, Gt. Grimsby, Louth, etc. <gT //.,
South Drain (64-5) runs 13 m. from R. Wei-
land to R. Nen, S. Lincoln, across a tract which
was forest in Rich. II.'s time, and afterwards
submerged, but since recovered and drained as
above-mentioned at HOLLAND.


HOLLANDEN hmlt. (16) Leigh par. W. Kent,
3 m. SSE. of Sevenoaks-23. Pop. 165.

HOLLA WAY ville (61) Munslow par. S. Salop,
8 m. N. of Ludlow-143. Pop. 8.

P. HOLLESLEY, or HOSELEY, par. (48) Wilford
hund. SE. Suffolk, 6 m. SE. of Woodbridge-77,
on the North Sea, near H. Say, which has 6 to
8 fath. water, and where two curious old cannons
were picked up 1804. Acres 1710 ; pop. 590 ;
poor r. 243Z. (Woodb. U.) ; real prop. 54767. ;
charities 51. All Saints Rect. (Norw.) val. 1005/.,
patr. J. Young, Esq.

HOLLETH tushp. ( ) Garstang and Cockerham


pars. JV. Lancash. 4 m. N. of Garstang-229, near
Lancast. canal and rail. Acres 330 ; pop. 35 ;
poor r. 111. (Garst. U.).

HOLLIKS (72) 6 m. W. of Stafford, W. Stafford.

HOLLIN constablewick (55) Rock par. NW.
Worcester. 6 m. S\V. of Bewdley-129.

P. HoUin Green (73) 4 m. S. of Nantwich, S.
Cheshire. 1^" H. Hall ( ) 8 m. E. of Barnard
Castle, S. Durham, near R. Tees. j&'H. Hall ( )
about 2m. S. of Ripon, W.R.York. R. Wood, Esq.

HOLLINFAN chplry. (80) 5 m. ENE. of War-
rington-184, S. Lancash. is a Cur. (Ches.) val.
13G/., patr. Rector of Warrington.

HOLLINGBOURN par. (6) Eyhorne hund. Ayles-
ford lathe, Mid. Kent, 5 m. ESE. of Maidstone-34,
was Hoilingeborde of ' Domesdy.' and held as now
by the archbps. Acres 4860, partly in hop-
grounds, with chalk ; pop. 1300 + 36 ; poor r. 6977. ;
real prop. 62097. ; charities 1227., of which Dame
Norton's for widows, etc. 100/. All Saints Vic.
(Cant.) val. with Hacking 3427., besides a sin.
Itect. 55/., patr. of both Archbp. ; church, has
tombs of the Colepepers (whose seat is now a
farm) and Duppas of H. House, now B. Duppa,
Esq. Is a meet for the Tickham hounds. Hoi. P.L.
Union, contains the pars. etc. of Bicknor,Boughton
Malherbe, Boxley, Bredhurst, Broomfield, Chart-
next-Sutton, Detling, Frinsted, Harrietsham,
Headcorn, Hollingbourn, Huckling, Langley,
Leeds, Lenham, Otterden, Stockbury, Sutton
(East and Valence), Thornham, Ulcomb, Worms-
hill, Wychling; acres 53,947, pop. 13,830, cases
relieved (yr. 1846-7) 1939 (out-door 1497), ex-
pend. 86337., prop, rated 65,8227. Sup. Registry
comprises the same ; pop. 13,819 + 45. It belongs
to Maidstone New County Court district.

HOLLINGDON hmlt. (46) Soulbury par. E.
Bucks. 4 m. S. of Fenny Stratford-44. Pop. 116.


Rothbury par. Mid. Northmbrld. 3 m. S. of Roth-
bury-304. Pop. 114 ; poor r. 377. (Rothb. U.).

P. Rollings Green (80) near Warrington-184,
S. Lancash.

Hollingsbury Castle Beacon (9) 2 m. N. of
Brighton, &. Sussex, a circular camp, where
roman coins, bones, etc. have been found.

HOLLIXGTON tnshp. (72) Longford par. S.
Derby. 5m. SE. of Ashborne-139. Pop. 289;
poor r. 727. (Ashborne U.) ; real prop. 19047.
tg| HOLLIXGTON hmlt. (72) Checkley par. N.
Stafford. 4 m. SE. of Cheadle-146, has excellent
quarries of greystone (133 Ibs. to cub. ft.) of which
Drayton Manor, etc. were built, if^" HOT-XING-
TON par. (5) Baldslow hund. Hastings rape, E.
Sussex, 3 m. SE. of Battle-56. Acres 2290, with
hops ; pop. 386 + 5 ; poor r. ISO/. (Bat. U.) ; real
prop. 24377. St. Leonard Vic. (Chic.) val. 2067.,
patr. Eversfield Executors; church, in a wood.
//. Lodge, W. Cardale, Esq.

HOLLINGWOKTH tnshp. (88) Mottram-in-
Longden-Dale par. NE. Cheshire, 4 m. E. of
Ashton-under-Lyne-186. Acres 2130 ; pop. 2021
+ 20, in cotton and other factories; poor r. 1837.
(Ashton U.) ; real prop. 52527.

Hollins (72) 3 m. N. of Cheadle, N. Stafford.
HOST HOLLINS hmlt. ( ) Upper Warley tnslip. W. j
R. York, near Halifax- 197.

IIoi.LiNsCLOUGH ttishp. (81) AllstonefieUl par. '
N. Stafford. 2m. NW. o Longnor-161, on R.
Dove. Acres 1920 ; pop. 457 ; poor r. 2317. (Leek
TJ.); real prop. 10167. ^ H. Hall (82) 4 m.
NNE. of Dronfield, N. Derby.

P. IIou.iNwoon limit. ( ) m. SW.ofOldham
-I'.'l, SE. Jstuicitsh., a petty scss. town. Pop. in
the cotton and hat manufact. Living, a Cur.
(Manch.) val. 150/., patr. Rect. of Prestwich.
VOL. i.



^Hollinwood House (6) at Chislehurst, NW.
Kent, L. Desangcs, Esq.

Hollis Croft ( ) near Sheffield, W. R. York.
Living, a Cur. (Yk.) val. 1307., patr. Crown and

HOLLOWAY hmlt. (71) Ashover par. Mid. Derby.
3 m. NE. of Wirks worth -140, nearCromford canal.
Pop. 391.

P. HOLLOWAY hmlt. (7) Islington par. 4m.
NNW. of St. Paul's, E. Middlesex, a suburb of
London, divided into Lower and Upper, in the
hollow towards Highgate hill, having 3 churches,

3 chapels, gas and water works, dispensary, and
the Whittington almshouses near the hill be-
tween which and 'Mother Red Cap Inn,' the
Pileum Rubrum of Drunken Barnaby, was the
stone (now replaced by another) where the thrice
lord mayor heard the sound of Bow bells. Liv-
ings are : Chapel of Ease Cur. (Lou.) val. 3507.,
patr. Vicar, church, a heavy brick building, b.
1811 for 30,0007. ; St. James and St. John Curs.
at Low. and Up. Hoi. respectively, val. 3517. and
4007., patr. Trustees, St. John's church, b. 18
by Barry, with a good tower, etc., St. James' reb.
and enlarged 1850. The new London Fever hosp.
is towards Highgate, and a great Female Model
Prison is building on the Camden Town road.

Holloway Down (1) 2m. NE. of Stratford-le-
Bow, S W. Essex.

HOLLOWELL hmlt. (53) Guilsboro' par. Mid.
Northmptn. 9 m. NNW. of Northampton-66, be-
longs to Ward of Guilsboro'. Pop. 273 ; poor r.
2437. (Brixworth U.) ; real prop. 22237.

Hollowwood (15) near Butlersbridge, Mid. Ca-
van, J. C Jones, Esq.

Holly Bush Hall ( ) 4 m. ENE. of Abbots-
Bromley, E. Stafford. T. Hall, Esq. ^ H.
Greave (72) 2 m. "NE. of Hanley, NW. Stafford.
^ H. Grove (7) in Windsor" Park, E. Berks.
US" H. Hedge House (6) on Blackheath, NW.
Kent, Hon. and Rev. H. Legge. g^r //. Hill (II)

4 m. NW. of Fareham. S. Hants. G. Henning,
Esq. on R. Hamble. i^- H. Hill (1) 4 m. ESE.
of Woolwich, NW. Kent, H. Parkin, Esq. itiT
H. Hill (71) about 4 m. N. of Nottingham, S W.
Notts, was a principal depot of the roman forces.
^-H. Hill (9) 5 m. SE. of Grinstead, 2V. Sussex,
Col. Young ( ?). 1&H. Hill ( ) near , 2V. R.
York. R. Strangways, Esq. (gp H. House (35)
6 m. NNW. of Bristol, S W. Gloucest. H. Sheppard,
Esq. (?) ^" H. Lodge (7) at Highgate hill,
Middlesex, Duke of St. Alban's, formerly seat of
Mrs. Coutts.

HoUybrook (141) near Skibbereen, S W.Cork,
R. H. Beecher, Esq. fl^ HoUybrook (34) near
Lisnaskea, SE. Fermanagh <g^" HoUybrook (7)
2 m. W. of Bally cumber, N. King's Co. ^ HoUy-
brook (7, 8) 2 m. SW. of Bray, NE. Wicklow, Sir
G. F. Hodson, Bt.

HoUybrook House (20) 1 m. SSW. of Myshall,
E. Cavan, near R. Barren. iST H. House" (III)
2 m. NNE. of Hollymount, S. Mayo, on R. Robe,
Major P. C. Lynch" $3F H. House (40) 2 m. N.
of Ballinafad, SE. Sligo, on Lough Arrow, J.
Ffolliott, Esq. M. P.

Hollyherry (63) 4 m. NW. of Coventry, 2V.

Holly/till (117) near Kinsale, S. Cork, on Ban-
don river. |^" HoUyhlll (5) 3 m. NE. of Stra-
bane, N. Tyrone, J. Sinclair, Esq.

Hollyhurst (72) 6 m. S. of Ashborne, S W. Derby.
Igr HOLLYHURST tnshp. (73) Whitchurch par. 2V.
Salop, near Whitchurch-163. Pop. 38.

HOLI.YM par. (85) S. Holderness wap. E. R.
York. 2 m. N E. of Patrington-1 92, near the coast,
contains Withernsea cur. and Rysome. Acres

:; M



3350, of town 2530; pop. 373 + 2, and 247;
poor r. 717. (Pairing. U.); real prop. 28957.;
charities 18/., of which 147. to Tape's school. St.
Nicholas Vic. (Yk.) vol. with Withernsea 4207.,
pair. Barker's devisees.

P. HOLLYMOUXT vil. (110) Kilmaine bar. S.
Mayo, a police and petty sess. station, 16 in. S. of
Castlebar, 159 from Dublin, on R. Robe. Pop. 454.
Fairs, 16 May and 11 Dec. H. House, T. Lind-
say, Esq. ^g~ Hollynwunt (12) near Manor Ha-
milton, N. Leitrim, S. Armstrong, Esq.

Hollypark (22) near Rathfarnham, S. Dublin.
I^ Hollypark (17) 4 m..NW. of Killyleagh, E.
Down, H. T. Johnston, Esq. giP Hollypark (96)
G m. NW. of Loughrea, Mid, Galway, P. Blake,

P. Hottytrods ( ) 1 m. from Accrington, W. R.

HOLLYWELL vil. (25) Clanawley bar. SIP".
Fermanagh, 10 m. SW. of Enniskillen-101, near
Upper Lough Macnean.

HoUywick, near , Sussex, Gen. Maitland.

P. HOLLYWOOD par. (1, 4, 5) Low. Castlereagh
bar. N. Down, 5 m. NE. of Belfast, on the Lough,
(which has a fixed light at H. Bank, lat. 50 3^ N.,
long. 5 53' W.), a police and coast-gd. station, a
bathing place, and seatof Bps. of Down, contain ing
Ballyhackmore, Newbridge, Strandtown, had a
franciscan priory, found. 1200 by T. Whyte, and
given by Jas. I. to the Hamiltons. Acres 8064,
good, with stone, coal ; pop. 5045 + 35, of town
1532 + 25 ; houses 263, with 2 chapels. Living, a j
Cur. (Dn. C. D.) val. 1077., patr. Rev. J. Davis;
church, ancient, on site of prior}'. Cultra, H.
Kenned}', Esq. In 1644 the irish presbyterians
signed the league and covenant here. The
rail, from Belfast, 4 m. long, and made 1848,
is to go on to Newtownards. H. House, R.
Thompson, Esq. Fairs, every 3 months. <gy
HOLLYWOOD par. (4, 7) W. Balrothery bar. N.
Dublin, 2 m. S. of Naul-18. Acres 3997, with
limestone, slate ; pop. 1022. Living, a Vic. (Du.
G. K.) with 2 others, val. 897., patr. Marq. of
Drogheda. Malahow, . igf HOLLYWOOD par.
(15-6, etc.) Lower Talbotstown bar. W. Wicklow,
6m. SVV. of Blessington-18, on Rs. Liffy and
King's, near Poul a Phuca fall. Acres 18,383,
waste, mountain, and bog ; pop. 2770, decreasing.
Living, a Rect. (Du. G. K.) val. 1997., patr. Bishop.
Grove House, . Fairs, 1 Feb. 3 May, 1 Aug.
1 Nov. UiT Hollywood (30) 3m. NE.'of Rath-
drum, E. Wicklow, A. S. Broomfield, Esq. |^~
Hollywood (100) 1 in. SE. of Sneem, S.Kerry,
near R. Kenmare, F. Hyde, Esq.

Hollywood House (28) 7 m. NE. of Portarling-
ton, E. King's Co. J. R. Joly, Esq.

HoUywoodrath (13) 4m. N\V. of Finglass, W.
Dublin, Major Thompson.

Holm, a shoal off Lowestoft, outside the Gor-
leston Chan. NE. Suffolk, which, joined to the
Gorton, is 6 m. long, buoyed.

HOLM and PAPLAY par. in SE. Pomona, SE.
Orkney Islds. 5 m. SE. of Kirkwall-325, between
Howquoy Hd. and Roseness, includes St. Mary's j
and Lambholme in H. Sound. Size 5 m. by 2, I
bare, but fertile ; pop. 866 + 12, in the herring ;
fisher}', etc. ; real prop. 10247. ; for poor 167. Living 1
(presb. Kirkw.) val. 1577., patr. Earl of Zetland.
Graeme Hall, Capt. Graham, R.N. ( ?) chief heritor.
' Holm,' a river isld. or round-topped hill.

P. Holm Brook ( ) 14 m. from Whitehaven,
W. Cumbrtd. ^- H. Isld. 1 m. E. of Papa
Westray, N. Orkney Islds. ^" H., or HOM- i
LACY par. (43) Webtree hund. S. Hereford. 5 m. '
SE. of Hereford-134, on R. Wye, had a small I
prernoustratentian abbey found. (Hen. III.) by


Will. Fitz-Warine, and came from the Lacks
to the Scudamores. Acres 3310 ; pop. 3G9 ; poor
r. 3397. (Heref. U.) ; real prop. 45727. ; charities
1337., besides a bull worth 207. divided annually
among the poor. St. Cuthbert Vic. (Heref.) val.
with Boulstone 5437., patr. Sir E. F. Stanhope,
Bt., who, through the above and the Duch. of
Norfolk, is of H. /,. House, an old-fashioned
seat reb. by Yisct. Scudamore, the friend of Pope,
who wrote his ' Man of Ross' here. It has carv-
ings by Gibbons, Hamilton's ' Solomon and Q. of
Sheba,' Le Brun's ' Louis XIII.,' Pope's copy of the
Earl of Strafford, and among other fam. portraits
by Holbein, Jansen, Vandyke, one of Sir Jas. of
Elizabeth's time, the ' Sir Scudamore ' of Spen-
ser. The red-streak apple was first cultivated
here, and there is a pear-tree which covers a qr.
of an acre, and yields 12 to 16 hhds. of perrv.
IgiT H. of Grimbuster Isld. 3 m. NW. of Kirk-
wail, M'id. Orkney Islds. $&H. of Howton Isld.
between Hoy and Pomona, S. Orkney Islds. igjg"
H. of Huip 'isld. 1 m. N. of Stronsay, NE. Ork-
ney Islds. ^p H. of Midgarth Isld. 4 m. E. of
Eday, NE. Orkney Islds. Pop. 6. g^" H. Sand
(86) a pit 4J m. long off Paul-town light, in the
Humber, E. R. York, opposite Killingholme light.

Holmains, near Dalton, <S. Dumfries. J. C.
M'Crae, Esq.

Holmbury Hill (8) near Leith Hill, and Stane
St., S. Surrey, has an irregular double-ditched
camp of nearly 9 acres, overlooking the great
wood of Holmsdale.

P. HOLMCOTE hmlt, (20) Selworthy par. NW.
Somerset. 4 m. W. of Minehead-163. "Pop. 34.

HOLME hmlt. (46) Biggleswade par. E. Beds.
1 m. S. of Biggleswade-45. Pop. 82 ; real prop.
12497, igp Holme ( ) near , Cambridge. W.
Wills, Esq. $g- HOLME chplry. (81) Bakewell
par. N. Derby, near Bakewell-153, is joined to
GT. LONGSTONE. H. Hall, R. Birch, Esq. g
HOLME chplry. (64) Glatton par. N. Hunts. 6 m.
S. of Peterboro'-81, on H. Brook, was held by the
Cottons, Castells, etc. Acres 4300, fenny ; pop.
408; poor r. 977. (Peterb. U.); real prop.' 32917. ;
charities 897., of which 607. to school. St. Giles
Cur. with Glatton. H. Wood, Capt. Wells (?).
1^1 HOLME par. chplry. (88) Cliviger tnshp.
E. lAtncash. 3 m. SE. of Burnley-211. Living, a
Cur. (Manch.) val. 1017., patr/T. H. Whitaker,
Esq., of Holme, formerly the seat of Dr. W., the
historian of 'Whalley,' etc., and his ancestor
William W., a polemical divine ; church, on the
site of a chantry founded by the family, gig"
HOLME, or COWHOLME, limit. (66) Horning
par. NE. Norfolk, 6 m. N. by W. of Acle, has
the gate and traces of the walls of St. Benet's
mitred abbey, reb. (on site of a hermitage found.
800, which "the Danes burnt) by Canute 1020,
valued at 6777., not. dissolved, but given to Bp.
Rugge and his successors by act of parl., whence
the bishop sits by right as holder of the barony.
HOLME tnshp. (86) Bottesford par. NW. Lin-
coln. 6 m. W. of Brigg-155. Pop. 49. H. Hall,
. igiT HOLME par. (83) N. Thurgaton wap.
E. Notts. 3 m. N. of Newark-124, on R. Trent,
belonged to Barton, Knt., who made a fortune by
the woollen trade, and put this rhyme on his
window "I thank God, and ever shall, It was
the sheep that paid for all." Acres 1330; pop.
127 ; poor r. 247. (Southwell U.) ; real prop. 19007.
St. Giles Vic. with N, Muskham ; church, ancient,
with effigies of a person in a decline, and ' Nan
Scott's ' chamber, to which she fled from the last
plague. gg Holme (72) 2 m. NNE. of La no
End, N. Stafford, igp Holme of the Saxons, is
HOLM WOOD, Sussex.


P. HOLME tnshp. ( ) Burton-in-Kendal par. S.
Westmrld. 2 m. N. of Burton, on Lancas. canal, and
Whiteh. rail., near //. Fell, under Farleton knot.
Pop. 952+31, in the flax mills; poor r. 1587.
(Kendal U.) ; real prop. 25207. Living, a Cur.
(Ches.) val. 1207., patr. Vicar. (jaTHoLME tnshp.
( ) Pickhill par. N. R. York. 4 m. W. ofThirsk
-217. Acres 350; pop. 79; poor r. 30/. (Thirsk

P. HOLME tnshp. (88) Almondbury par. W. R.
York. 7 m. SSW. of Huddersfield-189, on R.
Holme (which joins R. Colne below Hapton),
under H. Edge, 1859 ft. high. Acres 3990 ; pop.
713 4 8, in the woollen trade ; poor r. 86/. (Hud-
dersf. U.); real prop. 1954/. Living, a Gar.
(Rip.) val. 1507., patr. Vicar. ifS" HOLME limit.
(87) Owston par. W. R. York. 5 m. N. of Don-

E. R. York, so called from the mark which stood
on Spalding moor to guide travellers, contains the
pars, of Aughton vie., Brindley, Bubwith ., El-
lerton-Priory cur., Everingham rect., Harswell r.,
Hayton v., Holme-on-Spalding-Moor v., Seaton-
Ross c., Market Weighton r., \V)-essell v., and
parts of Nun-Burnholme r. and Thornton v. ;
acres 61,330, pop. 9118, houses 1839. See HERT-

Holme Bush (9) 2 m. WSW. of Cuckfield, Mid.
Sussex. |Jg" H. B. Lodge ( ) 4 m. NE. of
Horsham, N. Sussex, T. Broadwood, Esq. i^g"
//. Castle, at Richmond, N. Surrey, W. Pearce,

&. HOLME CULTRAM, or ABBEY H., par. ( )
Allerdale-below-Derwent ward, NW. Cumbrld.
5 m. VVNW. of Wigton-303, on R. Waver, near
the sea, containing H. ABBEY tnshp. (pop. 868),
H. EAST WAVER (pop. 470), H. Low (pop. 933),
and H. ST. CUTHBERT (pop. 766), was once a
mkt. town, and has some remains of the cistertian
mitred abbey found. 1150 by Prince Henry of
Scotland (or Hen. I.), and reb. after being burnt
by Bruce. Acres 24,920 ; pop. 3037 ; poor r. 5117.
(Wigt. U.); real prop. 23,51)3/. St. Mary Cur.
(Carl.) val. 1407., patr. Oxon. University ; church,
includes part of the abbey ch. Wulstey, a moated
seat of the abbots, was the retreat of M. Scott the
astrologer. $$" H. EAST, par. (16) Hasilor hund.
SE. Dorset. 2 m. WSW. of Wareham-115, on R.
Froom, had a small prior}' cell to Montacute abbey.
Acres 1560 ; pop. 59 ; poor r. 31. ( Wareh. U.) ; real
prop. 5667. E. H. House, N. Bond, Esq. giT H.
WEST tythg. E. Stoke par. close to the above.
I^T H. End (81)4 m. SSE. of Longnor, NE.
Stafford. ^ H. Fell ( ) near Dent, W. R.
York. ^- H. HALL par. (66) S. Greenhoe hund.
Mid. Norfolk, 4 m. SE. of Swaffham-93, on R.
Blackwater. Acres 2690 ; pop. 488 + 4 ; poor r.
4477. (Swaffh. U.) ; real prop. 44057. ; charities
49/., of which 2/. is 'pightle' for poor widows. St
Andrew Rect. (Norw.) val. 715/., patr. Rev. H.
Milne, rector ; church, has ( ?) an epitaph dated
1404, in very old english. t^H. Hall( ) 4 m. W.
of Glandford Brigg, N. Lincoln. t&* If. Hill ( )

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