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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 251 of 293)
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2 m. N. of Hesket Newmarket, N. Cumbrld. on R.
Caldew, T. Salkeld, Esq. gT H. House, at Croy,
W. Nairn. Rose, Esq., near Kilravock, on R.
Nairn. tJST H. Island ( ) in Moreeambe Bay,
S. Westmrld. Pop. 6. |J3" H.-NEXT-RuNCTON
par. (65) Clackclose hund. W. Norfolk, 4 m. N.
of Downham Market-84, near Lynn rail, ami R.
Ouse. Acres 1100; pop. 288 + 6; poor r. 231/.
(Downh. U.); real prop. 1774/. ; charities 207.
St. James Rect. with S. Runcton. 1 H.-NEXT-
THE-SEA oar. (69) Smithdon hund. NW. Norfolk,
8 m. WNW. of Burnham-Westgate-118, on the



Wash. Acres 1570 ; pop. 280 + 2 ; poor r. 1487.
(Docking U.) ; real prop. 22497. ; charities 14/.
St. Mary Vic. with Thornham. gg H., NORTH,
tnshp. ( ) Gt. Edstone par. N. R. York. 3 m. S.
of Kirby Moorside-228, on R. Rye. Acres 610;
pop. 190. igg" H.-ON-THE-WOLDS par. ( ) Hart-
hill wap. E. R. York 6 m. NW. of Beverley-183.
Acres 1360; pop. 149 + 1 ; poor r. 277. (Beverley

M. P., on R. Thames.

P. HOLME PIERREPONT par. (71) S. Bingham
wap. S. Notts. 5 m. W. of Bingham-124, on R.
Trent, contains Adbolton cur. and Bassingfield.
Acres 2120; pop. 222 + 2; poor r. 137/. (Bingh.
U.) ; real prop. 4036/. ; charities 41. St. Edmund
Rect. (Line.) val. with Adbolton 7477., patr. Earl
Manvers of H. P. House, through the Pierreponts,
Dukes of Kingston, etc., of whom the church
(Hen. VII.) has brasses and effigies, gg- H.
Rook Hall ( ) 2 m. N. of Ravenglass, S W. Cum-
brld. Major Lutwidge. ^ H., SOUTH, tnshp.
( ) Hovingham par. N.R. York. 6m. NE. of
Helmsley-222. Acres 500 ; pop. 62 ; real prop.
12127. ^ H. Street (80) 5 m. E. of Chester,
W. Cfieshire. gif H.-UPON-SpALDtNG-MooR
par. ( ) Harthill wap. E. R. York. 8 m. NE. of
Howden-180, under the beacon hill which gives
name to the (H. Beacon) division of the wap.,
comes from the Constables and Langdales (of
whom was Sir Marmaduke the royalist general),
to the Stourtons. Acres 10,820, flat, with warren ;
pop. 1509 + 7 ; poorr. 669/. (Howd. U.) ; real prop.
84237. ; charities 557. All Saints Vic. (Yk.) val.
977., patr. St. John's Coll. Camb. ; church, which
had a chantry, is on the hill, with a view as far
as Howden and York. Near it is H. Hall, Hon.
P. Stourton ; and at Monk farm was a cell for two
monks to act as guides to travellers across the
morasses, whieh are now enclosed ; H. House, B.
Clarkson, Esq. ; H. Lodge, . gif H., WEST ( )
5 m. E. of Barnard Castle, S. Durham. igg H.
Wood ( ) near Henley-on-Thames, 5. Oxford.
was seat of Adml. Lord Kerr.

Holmelea of Bede, is HAMBLE, Hants.

HOLMER par. (43) Grimsworth hund. Mid.
Hereford. 2m. N. of Hereford- 134, contains Hun-
tington Cur., and Sheldwick. Acres 31 JO, with
hops; pop. 628 + 7; poor r. 255/. (Heref. U.);
real prop. 6945/. ; charities 1 11. St. Bartholomew
Vic. (Heref.) val. 220/., patr. Dean and Chap.
H. Lodge, Capt. Rogers.

Holmes, near , Ayr. 5. Fairlie, Esq. O"
HOLMES nmlt. (82) Kimberworth tnshp. W. R.
York, near Rotherham-159."'

P. HOLMES-CHAPEL, on N. West, rail. See
CilURCH-HuLME, dies/lire, fejp H. House (53)
3 m. S. of Southam, SE. Warwick. ^ H.
Wood Hall (90) 6 m. N. of Ormskiik, W. Lan-

HOLMESCALES cliplry. ( ) Kendal par. 5. West-
mrld. 5 m. SE. of Kendal-262, was a seat of the
Prestons, and is joined to OLD HUTTOX.

HOLMESFIELD chplry. (82) Dronfield par. ^V.
Derby. 2 m. W. of Dronfield-156. Pop. 515 + 2 ;
poor r. 88/. (Chesterfield U.) ; real prop. 28267.
Living, a Cur. (Lich.) val. 97/., patr. 'trustees.
H. House, R. Pennistone, Esq.

Holmesley Lodge (15$ 5 in. SE. of Ringwood,
S W. Hants.

P. HOLMFIUTH chplry. (88) Almondbury par.
W.R. York. 6 m. S. of'lIuddersfield-189, ';i lim-
spot in a hollow, on R. Holme. Pop. in the col-
lieries, and woollen mills, which employ many
thousand hands. Living, a Cur. (Rip.) val. 150A,

3 M 2




patr. Vicar of Kirkburton. Fairs, Bats, after 27
Mar. before Old May Day, and after 28 Oct.

HOLMPATRICK par. (5) E, Balrothery bar. NE.
Dublin, containing Skerries-22, had an abbey
found, by Mac Murchard, on Innis Patrick op-
posite, which was moved here before 1228, and
given to the Fitzwilliams. Acres 2131, with
granite, greenstone, slate, limestone; pop. 3152
+ 4> Living, a Cur. (Du. G. K.) val. 72/., patr.
J. H. Hamilton, Esq., of Hacketstown, who has
the manor.

HOLMPTON par. (85) S. Holderness wap. E. R.
York. 3 m. E. of Patrington-192, near the coast.
Acres 1290 ; pop. 197 ; poor r. 112Z. (Patringt. U.) ;
real prop. 2559Z. ; charities 31. Living, a Rect.
(Yk.) val. 152/., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

Holms of Ire, 1 m. NW. of Sanda, N. Orkney
Islds. (JiT H. Water, rises in H. Nick Hill, in
W. Peebles, and runs 6 m. NE. to R. Biggar, near

Holmsdale (8) was the name of the valley or
weald S. of Dorking and Reigate,on the borders of
Surrey and Sussex, which at one time was covered
with wood (of which there are large remains),
and famous for its deer and strawberries. The
gravelly and clay soil is favourable to holly, oak,
etc., which grow here. Having beaten the Danes
once or twice, the people boasted in an old rhyme,
" The vale of Holmsdale, Was never won, and
never shall." Gives title of visct. to Earl Amherst.

HOLMSIDE tnshp. ( ) Lan Chester par. N. Dur-
ham, 6 m. NW. of Durham-258, near Stanhope
rail., belongs to the Wilkinsons. Acres 3296 ;
pop. 610 +40, colliers; real prop. 2649/., of which
1000/. on mines.

HOLMSTROW HUNDRED (5) Lewes rape, <<?.
Sussex, contains the pars, of Newhaven, Pidding-
lioe, Rodmell, Southease, and Telscombe ; acres
C720, pop. 1865. houses 038.

P. HOLMWOOD (8) 2m. S. of Dorking, S. Sur-
rey, is a Cur. (Win.) val. 120/., patr. Bishop.

HOLNE par. (25) Stanborough hund. &. Devon.

3 m. W. of Ashburton-192, on R. Dart, near Dart-
moor, belonged to Buckfastleigh abbey. Acres
2040 ; pop. 394 + 3 ; poor r. 144Z. (Totness U.) ;
real prop. 2651/. ; charities 31. Living, a Vic.
(Exet.) val. 233/., patr. Rev. S. Lane ; church,
has an old font and screen. H. Park, Sir B.
Wrey, Bt.

HOLNEST par. (18) Sherborne hund. N. Dorset.

4 m. S. of Sherbome-117, is a meet for the Char-
boro' hounds. Acres 1970-, pop. 139; poor r.
125/. (Sherb. U.) ; real prop. 297U St. Mary Cur.
with Long Burton. H. Lodge, H. Morgan, Esq.

Holomin Isld. SW. corner of Mull, NW. Argyll.

Holsbrook Green (18) 3 m. SW. of Sturminster,
N. Dorset.

HOLSDEN-GREEN vil. (7) 6 m. WNW. of St.
Paul's, Mid. Middlesex.

HOLSET limit. (24) E. Portlcmouth par. S.
Devon. 4 m. S. of Kingsbridge-208. Pop. 41.

P. M. HOLSAVORTHY par. (26) Black Tor-
rington hund. NW. Devon. 37 m. WNW. of
Exeter, 214 from London, on R. Deer, near
Bude canal, a polling and petty sess. town,
of little importance, containing Chilsworthy,
Chasley, and Staddon. Acres 8870 ; pop. 1857
+ 23 ; nouses 346, with 2 chapels, bridge ; poor
r. 471/. ; real prop. 7462/. ; charities 41/. St. Peter
and Paul Rect. (Exet.) val. 478/., patr. Rev.
R. Kingdom, rector ; church, has a norman door.
J< II. DEANERY, archdy. of Totness, dioc. of Exe-
ter, contains the benefices marked in Bk. Torring-
ton hund. ITolsw. P. L. Union, contains the pars,
etc. of W. Bridgerule, N. Tamerton, in Cornw.,
Abbots Bickington, Ashwater, Black Torrington,

Bradford, East Bridgerule, Broadwoodwidger,
Clawton, Cookbury, St. Giles-in-the-Heath, Hal-
well, Hollacombe, Holsworthy, Luffincot, Milton
Damerell, Northcott, Pancrassweek, Pyworthy,
Sutcombe, Teteott, Thornbury, Virginstowe, in
Devon.; acres 81,900, pop. 12,333, cases relieved
(yr. 1846-7) 1471 (all out-door), expend. 348 1/.,
prop, rated 31, 1817. Sup. Registry comprises the
same ; pop. 12,353 + 116. The New County Court
district includes the Registry with that of Stratton.
Mkt. D. Wed. Fairs, 27 Apr. 10 July, 2 Oct. ;
2nd Wed. Feb. cattle.

HOLT tythg. (12) Kintbury par. SW. Berks.
5 m. WSW. of Newbury-56. Pop. 391. H. Lodge,
Gen. Butler. ' Holt,' a woody place.

* P. HOLT par. (73) Bromfield hund. E. Den-
bigh. 5m. NE. of Wrexham-179, a decayed mkt.
town, on R. Dee, opposite Farndon (CV/es.) con-
taining Dutton, Ridley, and Sutton, was Castrum
Legionis of the Romans, and Castell Lleon of the
Welsh, and has traces of the old castle of the
Warrens, which came to the Fitzalans, Beau-
champs, Stanleys, etc., was garrisoned 1643 for
Ch. I., and taken 1645, and dismantled ; is a con-
tributory boro' to Denbigh (since Hen. VIII.),
the bounds under the Reform bill being those of
the tnshp., and is governed by a may. 2 bailiff's,
etc. Acres 2726, flat (of boro'" ) ; pop. 1634+3,
of tnshp. 1058; houses 210, with a chapel, old
10-arch'd bridge (b. 1345), free, school (52/.) ; poor
r. 306/. on 5000/. (Wrexh. U.) ; real prop. 5573/. ;
charities 127/. St. Chad Cur. (Ches.) val. 10 1/.,
patr. Dean and Chap. Winchester ; church, an-
cient. Coins of Antonine, etc. have been found
at the camp.

P. HOLT tythg. (15) Wimborne Minster par.
E. Dorset. 3 m. NE. of Wimborne-100, contains
Petersham. Acres 3910, formerly forest ; pop.
1313 + 5. ^- Holt (11) 2 m. N. of Bishops
Waltham, Mid. Hants. 1& HOLT, or NEVILL
H., chplry. (64) Medbourne par. SE. Leicest. 7 m.
NE. of Mkt. Harboro'-83, near R. Welland, has a
good mineral water, which is useful in glandular
complaints. Acres 650 ; pop. 40 ; poor r. 101.
(Uppingham U.) ; real prop. 2056/. Living, a
Cur. with Medbourne ; church, has tombs of the
fain, of C. Neville, Esq., of H. House.

HOLT HUNDRED (68) N. Norfolk, contains the
pars, of Bale (rect. with Gunthorpe), Bayfield,
Blakeney (r. with Lit. Langham), Bodham r.,
Brinington cur., Brinton (r. with Thornage),
Briston vie., Cley-next-the-Sea r., Edgefield r.,
Glandford, Gunthorp r., Hempstead v., Holt r.,
Humworth (r. with Stodey), Kelling r., Lang-
ham v., Letheringsett r., Melton-Constable r.,
Morston r., Salthouse, Saxlingham r. with Shar-
rington r., Stody r., Swanton-Novers r., Thorn-
age r., Weybourne (don. c.), and Wiveton r. ;
acres 42,290, hilly and well wooded, pop. 10,102,
houses 2242. ifc H. DEANERY, archdy. and dioc.
of Norwich, contains the benefices in the hund.
above, with Field Dalling.

P. M. HOLT par. in the above hund. a sessions
town 21 m. NNW. of Norwich, 119 from London,
(12 from Fakenham on E. Count, rail.), on a hill
in a fertile spot, belonged to the fain, of De Vaux,
and was the birthplace of Q. Elizabeth's ' mer-
chant royal,' Gresham (1519-79). Acres 2950;
pop. 1604; houses 341, with 2 chapels, sessions
house, b. since 1708, when a great fire burnt most
of the town, bank, Gresham's free gram, school
(348/.) found. 1548; poor r. 593Z. on 4916Z. (Er-
pingham U.) ; real prop. 6274/. ; charities 357/.
St. Andrew Rect. (Norw.) val. 563/., patr. St.
John's Coll. Camb. //. Lodge, .

P. Holt ( ) 6 in. from Woodstock, Mid.OrfaiJ.


^- Holt (19) 6 m. S. of Frome, E. Somerset.
O" Holt (72) 2 m. NNE. of Cheadle, N. Staffrd.
t^-Holt (62) 3 m. SSE. of Tamworth, N. JVarwk.

P. HoLTchplry. (14) Gt. Bradford par. IV. Wilts.
2m. ENE. of Bradford-100, on R. Avon, near
Kennet and Avon canal, has an excellent mineral
spring which belonged to Arnot, author of the
' Commercial Tables,' and an antiquary-. Acres
1800 ; pop. 1044 + 21, in the woollen mills. St
Catherine Our. (Sal.) val. 1057., patr. Dean and
Chap. Bristol ; church, ancient, with an empty
niche. H. House, Col. Foster. Bowen, who weighed
34 stones, 4 Ibs., died here 1763. |gg" HOLT par.
(55) Lower Oswaldslow hund. N. tVorcest. 4 m.
NNW. of Worcester-Ill, near H. Fleet bridge, OH
R. Severn, containing Little Willey cur., has re-
mains of the D'Abitots' and Beauchamps' castle.
Acres 2930, partly in hop-grounds ; pop. 557 ;
poor r. 126/. (Hartley U.); real prop. 47617. ;
charities 16/. St. Martin Rect. (Wore.) val. with
Little Witley 5797., patr. Lord Ward ; church, a
very complete specimen of norman. H. Castle,
H. "Chillingworth, Esq., close to the old one,
and b. (Eliz.) by Ld. Chan. Bromley; a roman
pavement 3 ft. by 2, was found under it 1848.

Holt, The ( ) 4 m. N. of Bishops- Waltham, 5.
Hants. Capt. Close ( ?).

HOLT-PREEN tnshp. (61) Cardington par. S.
Salop, 4m. E. of Church-Stretton-158. Pop. 111.

HOLTBY par. ( ) Bulmer wap. N. R. York. 5 m.
ENE. of York- 199. Acres 850; pop. 146; poor
r. 487. (Yk. U.) ; real prop. 14737. ; charities 247.
Holy Trinity Rect. (Yk.) val. 2487., patr. Lord
Faversham. " O"" HOLTBY tnshp. ( ) Hornby
par. N. R. York. 2 m. N. of Bedale-223, is joined
to AINDERBY MYERS. H. House, T. Robson, Esq.

HOLTERWORTH (11) near Rornsey, W. Hants.
on Salisbury rail.

Holton (16) 3m. NE. of Wareham, SE. Dor-
set, on Wareham harb., T. Phippard, Esq. itiT
HOLTON par. (13) Ballingdon hund. Mid. Oxford,
5 m. E. of Oxford-54, near R. Thame. Acres
1680; pop. 289+1; poor r. 2057. (Headington
U.) ; real prop. 2176/. ; eharities 137. to school.
St. Bartholomew Rect. (Oxon.) val. 3907., patr.
. H. House, E. Biscoe, Esq., reb. since 1804 ;
church, cruciform. |^ HOLTON par. (18) Whit-
ley hund. SE. Somerset. 2 m. SW. of Wincanton
-109. Acres 1520; pop. 224 + 2; poor r. 917.
(Wincant. U.) ; real prop. 17827. St. Nicholas
Rect. (Ba. and W.) val. 100/., patr. Rev. C. Pluck-
nett, rector, igp HOLTON par. (50) Blything
hund. NE. Suffolk, m. E. of Halesworth-100.
Acres 1130; pop. 541 + 11; poor r. 1297. (Blyth.
U.) ; real prop. 28237. St. Peter Rect. (Norw.)
val. 3107., patr. Ld. Chancellor. H.Hall,.

HOLTON-BKCKERIXG par. (83) E. Wraggoe
wap. Mid. Lincoln. 2m. NW. of Wragby-143.
Acres 1700 ; pop. 191 + 3 ; poor r. 517. (Line. U.) ;
real prop. 25837. ; charities 57. All Saints Rect.
(Line.) val. 3347., patr. C. Turnor, Esq. H. Hall,
W. R. Burton, Esq. ; //. Lodge, W. Caldicott, Esq.
g3 H. Green (48) 6m. S. of Ipswich, S. Suffolk.
gig" H.-LE-CLAY par. (85) Bradley Haverstoe
wap. NE. Lincoh. 9 m. NNW. of Louth-143, on
Gt. North, rail. Acres 1530 ; pop. 263 + 6 ; poor r.
657. (Louth U.) ; real prop. 18717. St. Peter Vic.
(Line.) val. 927., patr. Ld. Chancellor, ggr H.-
LE-MooR chplry. (86) Caistor par. N. Lincoln.
3 m. SW. of Caistor- 153, on Manch. and Line. rail.
Acres 1750 ; pop. 660 + 1 ; poor r. 47. (Caist. U.) ;
real prop. 14887. ; charities, 17. to Dixon's Sunday
school. Living, a Cur. with Caistor. (^ H.-
SQUARE vil. Alloa par. 5. Clackmn. near Clack-
mannan-32. Pop. 295. ^ H., ST. MARY, par.
(48) Samfordhund. S. Suffolk, 4 m. SSE. of Had-



leigh-64. Acres 1340; pop. 187; poor r. 757.
(Samfd. Incorp.) ; real prop. 13617. ; charities 547.,
| of which 307. to White's school. St. Mary Rect.
1 (Norw.) val. 2577., patr. Sir J. Rowley, Bt.

Holtsmoor End (46) 3 m. NE. of Hemel- Hemp-
stead, NJV. Herts.

HOLVERSTONE, or HOLA'ESTON, par. (66) Hen-
stead hund. SE. Norfolk, 6 m. SE. of Xorwich-
108. Acres 480 ; pop. 37 ; poor r. 277. (Henst.
U.) ; real prop. 5177. ; charities 37. Living, a
Rect. with Burgh Apton ; no church.

HOLWAY-EXTRA-PORTAM tythg. (21)Taunton
boro', Mid. Somerset. Pop. 125 ; real prop. 99627.

HOLWELL par. (46) Clifton hund. SE. Reds.
4 m. SSE. of Shefford-41, near R. Hiz. Acres
650; pop. 182 + 2; poor r. 747. (Hitchin U.);
real prop. 8087. ; charities, Rand's for poor boys
and girls, etc. 1057. Living, a Rect. (Ely) val.
1207., patr. F. D. Radcliff, Esq. ; church, has a
brass (1515). H. Bury, 1 m. N. igj"' Holwell
(26) 6 m. SW. of Bideford, N W. Devon. $3" H.
House (25) 1 m. ESE. ef Tavistock, W. Devon.
J. Scoble, Esq. 1" HOLWELL tythg. (15) Cran-
borne par. NE. Dorset. 1 m. SW. of Cranborne
-93. Pop. 407 ; real prop. 10647. ^ HOLWELL
chplry. (70) Ab-Kettleby par. NE. Leicest. 3 m.
NNW. of Melton-Mewbray-105. Acres 1400,
with a mineral spring; pop. 156 + 2; poor r. 327.
(M. Mowbray U.) ; real prop. 17267. ; charities
47. SiP HOLWELL chplry. (44) Broadwell par.
W. Oxford. 2 ra. SW. of Burford-73. Acres
1160; pop, 115+2; poor r. 97. (Witney U.);
real prop. 13527. Living, a Cur. with Broadwell.
lg" HOLWELL par. (18) Horethorne hund. Somer-
set, locally in Dorset. 5 m. SE. of Sherborne-117,
containing Buckshaw, was part of Blackmore
forest. Acres 2330; pop. 397; poor r. 2547.
(Sherb. U.); real prop. 31867. St. Lawrence
Rect. (Sal.) val. 4567., patr. Queen's Coll. Oxon.

HOLWICK tnshp. ( ) Ronald -Kirk par. N.R.
York. 11 m. NE. of Brough-271, on R. Tees, near
High Force Fall, contains Lonton and Unthank.
Acres 5910 ; pop. 205 ; poor r. 547. (Teesdale U.) ;
real prop. 16877.

Holwood (25) 4 m. S. of Callington, E. Corn-
wall, J. Rogers, Esq.

Holwood Hill (6) 4 m. SSE. of Bromley, NJV.
Kent, is the roman Noviomagus, on the way to
Pevensey, having a treble-dltch'd roman camp,
about 2 m. round, where tiles, coins, etc. have
been found ; near it is H. House, J. Ward, Esq.,
once the favourite seat of Pitt (who died here
1806), with grounds laid out by Repton.

HOLWORTH hmlt. ( ) $Ulton-Abbas par. Mid.
Dorset. 5 m. SW. of Blandford-103.

Holy Island (77-8) lying NW. and SE. onW.
side ofAngksea, from which it is divided by a strait
or traeth, which is crossed by the coach and rail,
roads, and partly dries at low water, is Ynys Gybi
(or Kubby) of the Welsh, after St. Kybi, who re-
treated here 6th cent. ; contains Holy head and
Rhoscolyn pars, and is 7 m. long, and 2 to 4 broad,
narrowing at the middle. Variegated marble is
found; and Rhoscolyn ch. commands a line view.

landshire, Durham, locally in Northmbrld. 10m. SE.
of Berwick-on-Tweed-337, sub-port to Berwick,
off the coast, including Fenham and Goswick-on-
the-Main, which are separated by Fenham Flats
(IJm. over, and passable at low water), was //.<
Medicanle of the Britons, made a bishop's seat 635
by K. Oswald (who found, the monastery, which
Will, de Carilepho afterwards turned into a bene-
dictinecell to Durham abbey), ravaged by the
Danes 793 and 875 (when the bonesof St.Cutbbert.
I its famous 6lh bishop, were moved with the see to

;; M :',




Chester-le-street), and by Malcolm I. in 941,
garrisoned by parl. 1646, and seized for the Pre-
tender 1715. Acres 3320, extent of isld. lj m.
by 1, good soil, with traces of iron, slate, and a
long sandy spit to the W. ; pop. 809, of town
497, fishermen, pilots; poor r. 214Z. (Benv. U.) ;
real prop. 5495Z. St. J. Evangelist Cur. (Dur.)
val. 183/., pair. Dean and Chap. ; near -the church,
which is modern, are remains of the old one
(138 ft. by 18), a "solemn, huge, and dark red
pile," with old saxon arches and pillars, also
traces of the priory, and the stump of the cross,
or the "pelting stone," which all brides try to
stride the length of. Close to the town, which is
a watering place, is St. Cuthbert's Isle (or Hob
Thrush), and a small bar harb. The old castle, or
block house, stands on a cliff 108 ft. high, ad-
joining Heugh hill, which has a beacon to guide
past the Goldstone, St. Nicholas, Wingate, and
other dangerous shoals arouni See Scott's
'Marmion,' 2nd canto.

Holy Isld. (136) in Lough Derg, S. Galway.
ijap" H. Isld. ( ) between Upper and Lower
Killamey loughs, S. Kerry. 1g3~ II. Isle, SE.
side of Arran, opposite Ayr. off Lamlash harb., is
1 m. long, and rises 1008 ft. in one part ; and had
a church, b bv St. Molios, whose cave is here, (gp
H. iMch, W.'side of Frith of Clyde, SE. Argyll.
opposite Gourock, is a sub-port to Greenock,
2A m. by 1, and had Kilmun collegiate ch. at the
head, l^" H. OAKES lib. (63) L>ry-Stoke par.
SE. Leicester. 3 m. XX W. of Rockingham-84, near
E. Eye. Acres 700 ; pop. 2 ; real prop. 982/.

P. HOLYBOURNE par. (11) Upper Alton hund.
NE. Hants. 2 m. XE. of Alton-47. Acres 1150;
pop. 522 + 4 ; poor r. 274/. (Alton U.) ; real prop.
2782/. Holy Rood Cur. with Alton. H. Lodge, .

Holybush Hill ( ) 3 m. SE. of Ledbury, E.
Herefd. (?) has gneiss, sandstone, hornblende,
soapstone, etc. in it.

HOLYCONDANE hmlt. (3) St. Lawrence par.
NE. Kent, near Ramsgate-73.

taT HOLYCROSS hmlt. ( ) Clent par. S. Staf-
ford. 3 m. SSE. of Stourbridge-122. Fairs, 11
Apr. 12 Sept. cattle, cheese.

P. a. HOLYCROSS par. (40-1, 46-7) Eliogarty
and Middlethinl bars. Mid. Tlppery. 2 m. SW. of
Thurles-95, on R. Suir, has the fine ruins of a
cistertian mitred abbey, found. 1182 by Donald
O'Brien king of Limerick (in honour of a piece of
the ' true cross ' sent over by Pope Pascal), and
granted to the Ormonds. Acres 8137 ; pop. 3446
+ 51, of vil. 126. Living, a Cur. (Ca. E. W. L.)
with 2 others, val. 203/., patr. Bishop. Fairs, 11
May, 24 Sept. 18 Oct. H. House, . The abbey,
belonging to Dr. Wall, is cruciform, and in good
preservation, and has 2 chapels, between which is
a double row of twisted columns where the monks
were ' waked,' a tower, a beautiful tomb among
others to the Butlers or Desmonds, with remains
of cloisters, etc. The pretended piece of the cross
still exists.

Holydean, or Halydean, at Bowden, N. Rox-
burgh, has remains of a chapel and the walls,
vaults, etc. of a grange to Kelso abbey, given to
the Kers, who were seated here before 1530.

HOLYFIELD hmlt. (l)Waltham Abbey par. W.
Essex, 2 m. X. of Waltham Abbey. Pop. 382 ;
real prop. 5206Z.

* P. M. HOLYHEAD par. (77) Llyfon and j
Tal-y-Bolion hunds. W. Anglesey 24 m. WNW. |
of Beaumaris or Bangor, 260 from London, by I
road thro' Shrewsbury, or 263 by rail, thro' j
Chester, a polling place, sub-port to Beaumaris, I
and the chief mail packet station for Ireland since j

Will. III., on Holy Isld. (as above) near //. Day,
is Cner Gybi of the Welsh, occupied for a time by
some Irish pirates 5th cent., and under the Re-
form act is a contributory boro' to Beaumaris.
Acres 6000, hilly and barren, with some verd-
antique and soapstone ; pop. 3869, decreasing, in
the coasting and shipping trade ; houses 957,
with 4 chapels, custom-house, 2 banks, baths,
hotels, landing pier, graving docks, Wynne's
school (8/.), almshouse, arch to commemorate the
landing of Geo. IV. on his way to Ireland 1821,
obelisk to Capt. Skinner; poor r. 1483/. on 6750/.
(Angles. U.) ; real prop. 4573Z. ; charities 75/. St.
CybiCW. (Bang.)val.l<>7/., patr. Jesus Coll.Oxon. ;
church, made collegiate by Hwfa ab Cynddelw
about 1140, is cruciform, with some old sculptures,
and stands in a camp or fort 221 ft. by 130, with
remains of walls, etc. Traces of old chapels,
camp at Caer Twr hill, mound at Towyn y Capel,
with two cromlechs, are seen in the neighbour-
hood ; and coins of Constantine, etc. have been
found. The Harb. by Rennie (cost 142.000/.)
formed of two piers (with a light 50 ft. high),
one of which, 360 yds. long, runs out from
Salt Isld. off the town, is large enough for 150
sail, but dries at low water; at the mouth are the
Platters, Peibio, Stag and Ximrod rocks, yet it is
safe, and though exposed to the XW. about 1000
sail take shelter yearly. Mail steamers go every
day to Kingstown, which lies 50 in. W. Outside
is H. Hay, with a good anchorage in some winds
in 3 to 4 fath. having the Skerries light on the X.
The gov. packet station and dockyard have been
made over to the Dublin steam packet comp.,
who are to run the mails across. A harbour of
refuge begun 1846 by Rendall, to cost 700.000/.,
lies within a great breakwater from Soldier's
Point to Platters buoy, and a pier of 7500 ft. from
Ynys Gybi to the outer Platter, enclosing 316 acres,
with a width of ^ m. and not less than 6 fath.
water. A ship telegraph here communicates with
Liverpool in 3 minutes, by others at Gareglwyd,
Llanelian, Priestholm, Gt. Orme's Hd., Lysfaen,
Voryd Pt., Voel Xant, Gt. Helbre Isld., and
Bidston Hill. The great H. Road, laid out by
Telford, 1815, etc. as durably as a roman way, passes
Dunstable-33 m., Daventry-72, Birmingham-109,
Shiffnall-135, Shrewsbury- 153, Oswestry-171,
Chirk, Llangollen-189, Corwen-194, Bettws-y-
Coed, Bangor-237, Menai Suspension Bridge,
Xew-Inn-248, Holyhead-260, to which it runs in
on a causeway; the Chester rail, from Bangor,
which runs near it, brings the place within 8 lirs.
of London, and Dublin within 12 hrs. The first
steamer ' Talbot,' of 120 tons, with Xapier's en-
gines, went to Dublin 1818. Under the Head,
which is 709 ft. high with a camp, is the S. Stack
rock and light, joined to the mainland by a sus-
pension bridge of 1 10 ft. and hollowed into caves
which swarm with wild birds. Hamlet copper
mine was known to the Romans. Mr. Panton's
hounds hunt round here. Mkt. D. Sat.

Holyland (38) near Pembroke, S. Pembroke. J.
Adams, Esq. is a meet for the Cressely hounds.

Holylee Hill, near Elibank, Peebles, lias a beacon
tower. H. House, 3. Ballantyne, Esq.

Holyrood Abbey. See EDIXBRO', where it was
a separate par. before joined to Canongate.

HOLYSTONE, or HOLLYSTONE, par. chplry. ( )
W. Coquetdale ward, Mid. Northmbrld. 6 m. W.

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