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of Rothbury-304, on R. Coquet, containing Bar-
row, Dueshill, Linsheeles, and Harebottle the old
seat of the Umfrevilles, has at the Mill Ho. some
remains of their benedictine nunnery found, before
1254. Acres 19,900 ; pop. 443, of town 125 ; poor
r. 34/. (Rothb. U.) ; real prop. I. St. Mary Cur.


with Allenton. Near is Our Lady's Well, where
it is said Paulinus baptized some of his converts.

P. HOLYTOWN 7. s. par. in Bothwell par. N.
Lanark. 4 m. SW. of Ardrie-32, on Glasg. rail.
Pop. 7419, of vil. 900. Living (presb. Hamil-
ton) val. /., patr. Communicants.

Holyn-eU (.30) 1 m. N. of Antrim, S. Antrim.

* P. M. HOLY-A-ELL par. (79) Coleshill hund.
N. Flint. 9 m. E. of St. Asaph, 200 from Lon-
don (or 20.5 by Chester and Ilolyhead rail.),
on a hill in a fine spot by the shore of R. Dee,
containing Bagilt-Fawr cur., Brynford, Calcot,
Coleshill- Fawr, Greenfield, and \Velstone,. is a
coast-gd. station, bathing place, petty sess. town,
and under the Reform bill a contributory boro' to
Flint, called Trefynnon, or 'well town,' by the
Welsh, after St. Winifred's spring, which rises
here, and flows 1^ m. to the river, turning several
brass, copper (Parys Company's), cotton, corn,
nnd paper mills. Pop. 10,834 + 187, in the lead
and coal mines which are valuable, and limestone
and chert quarries ; lead, calamine, blende,
zinc, are also found; houses 2177, well built,
with 6 chapels, gas-works, 2 banks, savings bk.
(33,1577. from 1027 depositors), gram, school (8/.)
formerly the Well chapel ; poor r. 37007., on
27,0447.; real prop. 10,9277.; charitjes 11C/. St.
Winifred Vic. (St. As.) val. 2507., patr. Jesus Coll.
Oxon. ; church, reb. 1769, has some parts of the
old norman one, and tombs of the Mostyns of
Talacre, Pennants of Downing, Pantons of Bagillt
(one by Westmacott). The Well head close to
the old chapel is covered by a small cupola b. by
the Stanleys, and restored by Marq. of West-
minster ; sweet-scented moss and other plants are
found in it, and it throws up as much as 84 hhds.
per minute ( ?). A tram rail runs into the mines
under the hill, which produces also calamine and
blackjack. A roman bath has been found ; and at
Bryn-y-Castell was a fort of the Earls of Chester
who b. Basingwerk abbey at Greenfield, of which
a small part remains. Holyw. P. L. Union, con-
tains the pars. etc. of Caerwys, Cilccn, Flint,
Gwaenyscor, Halkin, Holywell, Llanasa (where
poor ho. is), Mold, Nannerch, Nerquis, New-
market, Northop, Whitford, Ysceifiog ; pop. 40,787,
cases relieved (yr. 184G-7) 4087 (out-door 3689),
expend. 14,138^ prop, rated 106,6027. Sup. lie-
glstry comprises the same, with Gwernafield and
Pontblyddyn; pop. 40,798 + 549; births 1168
(572 being females, 56 illegit.), deaths 958,
marriages 257, of which 318 persons signed with
marks : 69 deaths (28 at Flint) from cholera in
1849. The New County Court district includes
the Registry (except Mold and Flint sub-districts,
which go to Mold). Mht. D. Frid. Fairs, or
wakes, 22 June, 3 Nov. Races, .

Holywell (11) 2m. SE. of Bishop's Waltham,
S. Hants, 1^ HOLY WELL chplry. (64) with
Aunby, Castle Bytham par. S. Lincoln. 6 m. SW.
of Bourne-97, near- R. Glen. Acres 2350 ; pop.
98 ; real prop. 15307. Living, a Cur. with Gareby.
giT fL House, Gen. Reynardson. UiP HOLY-
WELL distr. (1) St. Leonard Shoreditch par. E.
London, had a well in H. Street, St. John Bap-
tist's benedictine nunnery. i3 HOLYWKLI,, or
HALLIWELL, tnshp. ( ) Earsdon par. SE. North-
mbrld. 4m. S. of Blyth-286, has a mineral spring.
Pop. 1164+69 ; poor r. 7*7. (Tym-mo' U.). 33
HOLYWELL par. See ST. CROSS, Oxford. %&"
Holt/well (36) near Roscommon, Mid. Roscomn.

ITurstingstone hund. E. Hunts. 1 m. ESE. of
St. Ive's-60, on R. Ouse. Acres 3290 ; pop. 959 ;
poor r. 4937. (St. Ive's U.) ; real prop. 87477. ;
charities 257. St. J. Baptist Rect. (Ely) val. 5287.,



patr. Duke of Manchester ; church, has a holy well
near it. g^ H.-GREEN vil. (88) Stainland tnshp.
W.R. York. 3 m. S of Halifax-197. ^H.Haugh,
near Ladykirk, SE. Berwick, at the Tweed ford to
Norham Cast., where Edw. 1. 1291 met the Scots to
settle the dispute about the succession, ggr //
Hill (7) at St. Alban's, Mid. Herts. Sir W. Dom-
ville, Bt. H. House, J. Reid, Esq. gip H.-
LAKE limit. (21) Wellington par. SW. Somerset.
near Wellington-148. fl^- H. Row hmlt. (51)
Mildenhall St. Andrew par. NW. Suffolk, 2 in.
NW. of Mildenhall-70. Pop. 411.

Hohjwells (48) 1 m. SSE. of Ipswich, S. Suf-
follt, J. Cobbold, Esq.

P. HOLYWOOD par. 2 m. NW. of Dumfries-73,
S W. Dumfries, on Rs. Nith and Cluden, has re-
mains of a druid circle 80 yds. diam. (in what
was an oak grove), and traces of a premonstra-
tensian house found, about 1220, to which Archi-
bald Douglas added an hosp. Size 10 m. by 1,
level and fertile; pop. 1061, of vil. 81; real
prop. 65817. ; for poor 1337. Living (presb. Dumf.)
val. 2357.,. patr. CrichtonefSkeoch ; church, b. out
of the ' abbey ' which stood till 1779. Irvine, who
first distilled fresh from salt water, was a native.

HOME vil. (36) Glyn-Connon hmlt. NE.
Glamorgan. 6m. S. of Merthyr-Tydfil-171. |gg"
HOME hmlt. (36) Ystrad-dyfrdwg par. near the
above. Pop. 212. i^P HOME par. joined to
STICHELL, Roxburgh, gives title of earl to the
Dunbars. See HUME. |JSP HOME tnshp. (60)
Wentnor par. SW. Salop, 3 m. ENE. of Bishop's
Castle-159. Pop. 24. '

Homebush Green (6) 6 m. SE. of Tonbridge,
S W.Kent.

HOMER tnshp. (61) Much Wenlock par. Mid.
Salop, 1 m. N. of Wenlock- 148, is joined to HAR-


Homer Farm (13) 4 m. SE. of Wallingford, SE.
Oxford. ^ H. Green (7) 3 m. W. of Amersham,
S. Hacks.

HOMERSFIELD par. (50) Wangford hund. NE.
Suffolk, 4 m. SW. of Bungay-109, on R. Wa-
veney. Acres 580 ; pop. 291 + 6 ; poor r. 807.
(Wangfd. U.) ; real prop. 13607. St. Mary Sect.
(Norw.) val. with S. Elmham 3607., patr. W.
Adair,. Esq.

Homershole, 5 m. SW. of Stonehaven, E. Kin-

HOMKRTOS hmlt. (1) Hackney par. 3 m. NE. of
St. Paul's, London, contains 3 chapels, Robinson's
almshouses or retreat for 12 ministers' widows,
and the Prot Dissenters' college for 20 students
(inc. 20337.), found, soon after the revolution, and
reb. 1823. St. Barnabas Cur. val. 1507., patr.
Bishop ; Ram's proprietary chapel, 7., Trustees.

Homestall (6) at Barming, 2 m. SW. of Maid-
stone, Mid. Kent.

Homewood Hall ( ) near , Kent, seat of the


HOMINGTON par. (11) Cawden hund. S. Wilts.
3m. SSW. of Salisbury-81, on a branch of R.
Avon. Acres 1840 ; pop. 171 ; poor r. 837. (Alder-
bury U.) ; real prop. 14607. St. Mary Cur. (Sal.)
val. 57/., patr. Dean and Chap. ; church, has a
mon. to G. Stanley, who d. 1719, 151 yrs. old.


HOMLKT tnshp. (74) Llanrhaiadr-yn-Mochnant
par. S. Denbigh. 4m. N.of Llanfyllin-179. Pop. 46.

Homme, The (43) 1 m. NE. of Weobley, W.
Hereford. Miss Peploe. ^ H. House (43) 5 m.
SW. of Ledbury, SE. Hereford. Col. Money.

lltnitldii River (42) rises ill Mynydd Epynt, NW.
Tirecon. and runs 10 m. SSE. "to'R. Usk, at Abev
Ilhondu or Brecknock.

SM 4



(38) Llandstadwell par. S. Pembroke. 3 m. E. of
Milford-258, near the haven.



HONEYCHURCH par. (26) Black Torrington
hand. Mid. Devon. 5 m. NE. of Okehampton-195,
near R. Taw. Acres 710; pop. 69; poor r. 197.
(Okehampt. U.) ; real prop. 4421. St. Mary
liect. (Exet.) val. 937., patr. 3. Allison, Esq.

Honeydon (52) 4 m. W. of St. Neot's, NE. Beds.

HONEYPARK vil. ( ) Rathdown bar. SE. Dub-
lin, d m. SE. of Dublin, near Kingstown. Pop. 351.

HONILY par. (54) Barlichway hund. Mid.
Warwick. 5 m. NW. of Warwick-90, near //.
Boot. Acres 660 ; pop. 50 ; poor r. 421. (Warw.
U.) ; real prop. 7537. ; charities 61. Living, a
Sect. (Wore.) val. ISO/., patr. C. Granville, Esq.
. HONING par. (68) Tunstead hund. NE. Nor-
folk, 3 m. SE. of North Walsham-125. Acres
3310 ; pop. 344 + 4 ; poor r. 183?. (Tunst. U.) ; real
prop. 22227. ; charities 407., of which 127. to school.
St. Peter and Paul Vic. with Delhara. H. Hall, E.
Cubitt, Esq. ; church, has brass of R.Parker (1490).

HoNiXGHAM par. (66) Forehoe hund. Mid.
Norfolk, 6 in. X. of Wymondham-100, on a branch
of R, Wensum. Acres 2780 ; pop. 358 ; poor r.
2427. (St. Faith U.) ; real prop. 33727. ; charities
21., and cottages for poor. St. Andrew Vic.
(Norw.) val. with E. Tuddenham 5021., patr.
Lord Bayning, of H. Hall, whose fine collection
of Vandycks is kept at the parsonage.

P. Honington ( ) 7 m. from NORTHAMPTON.

HONINGTON par. (70) Winnibriggs wap. SW.
Lincoln. 5 m. NNE. of Grantham-110, near Er-
mine St., has a tumulus, and a double-ditched
roman camp, where man}' coins were found 1691.
Acres 1250 ; pop. 149 ; poor r. 53/. (Granth.
U.) ; real prop. 23807. ; charities 347. St. Wilfrid
Vic. (Line.) val. 2147., patr. Sir T. G. Apreece.
gif HONINGTON par. (50) Blackbourn hund.
NIV. Suffolk, 7 m. NE. of Bury St. Edmund's
-71, on a branch of R. Waveney, was the birth-
place of Bloomfield the poet. Acres 1450; pop.
273 + 3; poor r. 2167. (Thetford U.); real prop.
19047.; charities 647. All Saints Rect. (Ely)
val. 332/., patr. Ld. Chancellor; church, has
brass of G. Duke (1594). igp HONINGTON par.
(44) Kington hund. S. Warwick. 1 m. N. of Ships-
ton-83, on R. Stour, contains St. Dennis. Acres
2600 ; pop. 335 ; poor r. 2297. (Shipst. U.) ; real
prop. 32337. All Saints Vic. (Wore.) val. 1307.,
patr. Rev. H. Townsend of H. Hall

Honistar Crag ( ) in ft\itteimere,SW.Cumbrld.
is 1600 ft. high, with slate quarries at the top.

* * P. M. HONITON par. (21) Axminster hund.
E. Devon. 16 m. ENE. of Exeter, 148 from Lon-
don, a petty sess. and polling town (. Devon.*), in
a fine valley near R. Otter, was held by Drogo the
Saxon, and at ' Domesdy.' by Rob. earl of Mor-
taigne, from whom it came at length through the
Riverses to the Courtenays of Powderham ; has re-
turned two members from Ch. I. (once in Edw. I.
and H.), the new bounds under the Reform bill
being those of the par., no. of electors 353 (of
107. houses 724) ; and is governed by a portreve,
etc., with a revenue of 6277. Acres 2800, fertile,
with whetstone quarries, of old boro' 300 ; pop.
3859 + 35, formerly in the manufact of serge
(which was first made here), now in that of fine
lace (which at one time sold for 5 gs. a yard),
some earthenware, whetstone, and shoe, makers ;
houses 767, mostly reb. since the fires of 1745 and
'65, in a long street, with a stream running down
it, and dipping places opposite the houses, with
4 chapels, 2 banks, Fley's gram, school (87.), to


! which Allhallows chap, (oh site of an old chantry)
belongs, St. Margaret's hosp. (857.) found. 1589,
by Abbot Chard of Ford, and Union p. house ;
assd. taxes 1125/. ; poor r. 16717. on 99257. ; real
prop. 16,1687. ; charities 281/., of which Allhallows'
are 1107., though valued at 3257. St. Michael
Rect. (Exet.) val. 866/., patr. Earl of Devon ;
churcli, on a hill, was a friary chapel, b. 1484, by
Bp. Courtenay, with a fine screen, and tomb of
Marwood (Q. Elizabeth's physician), at whose
house, which is still here, Ch. I. stopped 1644.
Another ( ?) ch. was b. 1839 in norman style by
G: Fowler, 132 ft. long, with tower of 144 ft.
Wolford Lodge, Mrs. Simcoe, near Hembury camp.
O. Humphrey, the miniature painter, was a native.
Honit. P. L. Union, contains the pars. etc. of
Awliscombe, Branscombe, Broadhembury, Buck-
erell, Combrawleigh, Cotleigh, Dunkeswell, Far-
way, Feniton, Gittisham, Harpford, Honiton,
Luppitt, Monkton, Northleigh, Offwell, Ottery-
St. Mary, Payhembury, Plymtree, Salcombe Re-
gis, Sheldon, Sidbury, Sidmouth, Southleigh, Ta-
laton, Upottery, Venotterv, Widworthy ; acres
83,950, pop. 23,891, cases" relieved (yr. 1846-7)
4051 (out -door 3548), expend. 11,4947., prop, rated
99,5317. Sup. Registry comprises tlie same ; pop.
23,892 + 156. The New County Court district cor-
responds with the Registry. Mht. D. Sat. butter,
cheese. Fairs, 2nd Sat. Apr. Wed. Th. after 19
July, Sat. before 18 Oct. cattle, horses, etc. Races,
at St. Gyre's.

P. Honiton Clyst ( ) 4 m. from Exeter, SE.

P. HONLEY chplry. (88) Almondbury par. W.
R. York. 3 m. SSW. of Huddersfield-189, on R.
Colne, contains Shady Row and 7 other hmlts.
Acres 2790 ; pop. 5383 + 86, in the woollen trade ;
poor r. 8227. (Huddersf. U.) ; real prop. 17,1857.,
of which 51427. on mines. Living, a Cur. (Rip.)
val. 1807., patr. Vicar.

HONOR tythg. (35) Portbury par, NE. Somer-
set. 5 m. \VN W. of Bristol-1 14. Pop. 37.

Honywood, at Newhills par. SE. Aberdeen, near
Aberdeen-110, has a large paper factory.

Hoo HUNDRED (1, 6) Aylesford lathe, N. Kent,
contains the pars, of Allhallows, Isle of Grain,
High Halston, Hoo, Hoo St Mary, and Stoke ;
acres 17,760, pop. 2650, houses 483.

Hoo, or H. ST. WERBURGH par. in the above
hund. 3 m. NE. of Chatham-30, on R. Medway,
which was held by Earl Godwin and the Bps. of
Baieux, belongs to Earl Jersey, who takes hence
title of baron. Acres 4460 ; pop, 930 + 2 ; poor r.
4307. ; real prop. 76257. ; charities 57. St. Wer-
burgh Vic. (Roch.) val. 3957., patr. Dean and
Chap. ; church, has 7 brasses from 1412, of priests,
the Charlises, Plumleys, a Cobham, etc. Hoo P.
L. Union, contains the pars, of Allhallows, Cool-
ing, High Halstow, Hoo, St. James (Grain), St.
Mary, Stoke ; acres 20,862, pop. 2794, cases re-
lieve'd (yr. 1846-7) 309 (out-door 220), expend.
14267., prop, rated 27,6727. Sup. Registry com-
prises the same; pop. 2794+17. It belongs to
Rochester New County Court district.

Hoo, ST. MARY, par. as above, 3 m. NNE.
Acres 1920; pop. 297; poor r. 1927. (HooU.);
real prop. 37707. ; charities 27. Living, a Rect.
(Roch.) val. 5027., patr. Rev. R. G. Burt, rector.

Hoo par. (50) Loes hund. E. Suffolk, 3 m. SSW.
of Framlingham-87, on R. Deben. Acres 540 ;
pop. 211 +3 ; poor r. 1617. (Plomesgate U.) ; real
prop. 16597. St. Andrew and Eustachius Cur.
(Norw.) val. with Letheringham 110/., patr.
Trustees. ' Hoo,' ' hoe,' ' how,' etc., a hill.

&" H. END vil. (46) 4 m. SW. of Stevenage,




N. Herts, near The Hoo, seat of Lord Dacre,
through the Brands, formerly of the Keates.
Races, Apr. tjgT H.-Mavey ( ) near , Devon.
1'. Fedler. Esq.

P. Hoo GREEN ( ) near Warrington, N. Chesh.
^ H. Hall (47) 2 m. NE. of VVitham, E. Essex,
W. Blackbourn, Esq.

HOOBER hmlt. (87) Brampton Bierlow tnshp.
W. R. York. 4 m. N. of Rotherham-159.

HOOD-GRANGE hmlt. ( ) Kilburn tnshp. N.
R. York. 5 m. ESE. of Thirsk-217. Pop. 25.
iJaT H.-GREEN vil. Stainbrough tnshp. W. R.
York. 2 m. SW. of Barnesley-172. ^ H.-HiLL
limit. (87) Wentworth chplry. W. R. York. 5 m.
N W. of Rotherham-159. igT H. House ( ) 2 m.
NW. of Totness, S. Devon. 3. Mapowder, Esq.
t^~ //. House ( ) near Burnley, E. Lancash.
L. Halstead, Esq.

Hoods-Green (12) 7 m. SSW. of Reading, S.

P. HOOE par. (5) Ninfield hund. Hastings
rape, SE. Sussex, 5 m. E. of Hailsham-59, had a
priory cell to Bee abbey, France, found, before
1130, and given to Eton and Ashford colleges.
Acres 2290, partly in hops; pop. 519; poor r.
4G9/. (Hailsh. U.) ; real prop. 3384Z. St. James
Vic. (Chic.) val. 235/., patr. Sir G. Webster, Bt.,
of Battle.

HOOK par. (18) Eggerton hund. W. Dorset.

4 m. E. of Beaminster-137, on R. Froom. Acres
1190; pop. 268; poor r. 160/. (Beamiu. U.) ; real
prop. 20257. St. Giles Rect. (Sal.) val. 100/., patr.
Dow. Countess and Earl of Sandwich. H. Castle,
. gg HOOK. hmlt. (11) Titchfield par. S. Hants.

5 m. \V. of Fareham-73, on Southampton Water.
//. House, J. Hornby, Esq.

P. HOOK (12) 2 m. NW. of Odiham-40, NE.
Hants, on S. West, rail., near Basingstoke canal.
gJT HOOK bmlt. (8) Kingston-on-Thames par.
N. Surrey, 3m. S. of Kingston-12. Pop. 222 ;
poor r. 161. (Kings. U.) ; real prop. 902/. St.
Paul Cur. (Win.) val. 80/., patr. Bishop. i^
HOOK par. (49, 54) Shelburne bar. S. Wexford,
3 m. SW. of Fethard-109, on a peninsula near
//. Head and Waterford harb., containing Church-
town and Slade, has Hay's Castle and an old
tower, b. it is said by Rose Macruine, foundress
of Xew Ross. Acres 1065, with limestone ; pop.
523 + 4. Living, a Vic. (Os. F. L.) with Temple-
town, val. 10/., patr. Marquis of Ely of Loftus
Hall, the old seat of the Redmonds, where Strong-
bow's two-headed sword is kept. The tower has
a fixed light 110ft. high, put up 1791, visible
li) m., in lat. 52 7', long. 6 56' W. igT HOOK
chplry. (87) Snaith par. W.R. York. 2m. S. of
Howden-180, on R. Ouse, has Goole Union poor
ho. and at //. Moor a meet for the Bramham Moor
hunt. Acres 1620; pop. 1221+57; poor r. 223Z.
(Goole U.) ; real prop. 5339A. ; charities, feoffee
lands, etc. 67/. St. John Cur. (Yk.) val. 59/.,
patr. Lord Petre.

Hook End (13) 6 m. W. of Henley, SE. Oxford.
5T H.-GATE hmlt. (73) Ashley and Drayton-in-
Hales pars. NW. Stafford. 7m. NW. of Eccles-
field-148. t&" H. GREEN hmlt. (6) Southfleet
par. NW. Kent, 4m. S. of Gravesend-22. Pop.
CO. igT H. Place (5) 6 m. N. of Lewes, Mid.
Sussex, seat of Gen. Hepburn, formerly of the
Pooles. gg- H. Stile (G) 7 m. ESE. of Reigate,
SE. Surrey. ^ H. Wood (8) 2 m. W. of Guild-
ford, W. Surrey.

HOOKIIIIX hmlt. (20) Old Clccve par. NW.
Somerset. 2 m. SW. of Watchet-156.

Hooking Green (7) 1m. N. of Harrow, N. Mid-

HOOLK tnshp. (80) Plemonstall par. W. Chesft.

2m. NE. of Chester-183, near H. Heath, which
was allotted to the welsh chiefs and others who
came to Hugh Lupus's standard. Acres 860 ;
pop. 294 + 5 ; poor r. 45/. (Gt. Boughton U.) ;
real prop. 3060/. //. Hall, Lady Broughton ; H.
Sank, R. Brittain, Esq.

P. HOOLE par. (89) Leyland hund. Mid. Lancash.
6m. SW. of Preston-217, on R. Douglas, contains
H. MUCH and LITTLE tnshps. (pop. 785 and 204).
Acres 2500 ; pop. 989 + 5 ; poor r. 29G/. (Prest. U.) ;
real prop. 4466/. ; charities 29/. Holy Trinity Rect.
(dies.) val. 280/., patr. J. G. Burton, Esq.

Hooley House (8) 5 m. SSW. of Croydon, E.
Surrey, on Brighton rail., G. Jolliffe, Esq. ^S"H.
House (8) 2 in. E. of Reigate, E. Surrey, on
Brighton rail.

HOOLEYHILL vil. (88) Audenshaw distr. SE.
Lancash. near Ashton-under-Lyne-186. Pop.

Hoolich Glen ( ) Kilmacrenan bar. N. Donegal,
near Gweedore.

HOON tnshp. (72) Marston-on-Dove par. S.
Derby. 5m. NNW. of Burton-on-Trent-125. Pop.
39 ; real prop. 127U

Hoopers (6) 4m. NE. of E. Grinstead, SE.

HOOSE, or HOYLAKE, chplry. (79) W. Kirby
par. NW. Cheshire, 7m. W. of Birkenhead-199,
at R. Dee's mouth, has off it the Hoyle sands,
and passage to Liverpool, with two lights visible
9 m. round. Acres 230 ; pop. 444 + 5 ; poor r. 14/.
(Wirrall U.) ; real prop. 769/. Living, a Cur.
(Ches.) val. 100/., patr. Bishop.

HOOTON tnshp. (79) Eastham par. NW. Chesh.
7 m. N. of Chester-183, on R. Mersey, near Birk-
enhead rail. Acres 1020 ; pop. 120 + 2 ; poor r.
50/. (Wirrall U.) ; real prop. 2238Z. //. Hall, J.
Naylor, Esq., bought of Sir T. M. Stanley, Bt.,
was reb. on the site of the old timbered house, and
has a fine view of the river, etc.

HOOTON-LEVETT tnshp. (82) Maltby par. W.
R. York. 6 m. ESE. of Rotherham-lo'9. Acres
470; pop. 74; poor r. 36Z. (Rotherh. U.) ; real
prop. 850/.

P. HOOTON-PAGNELL par. (87) N. Straffbrth
wap. W. R. York. 6 m. NW. of Doncaster-162,
contains Bilham and Moorhouse. Acres 2740 ;
pop. 423, of town 348; poor r. 155/. (Doncas.
U.) ; real prop. 2364/. ; charities 19Z. All Saints
Vic. (Yk.) val. 247/., patr. Govs. of Wakefield
Charity. H. P. Hall, S. Warde, Esq. ( ?)

ROBERTS par. ( ) S. Stranbrth wap. W. R. York.
4 m. NE. of Rotherham-159. Acres 1050 ; pop.
175 ; poor r. 96/. (Rother. U.) ; real prop. 1336/.
St. J. Baptist Rect. (Yk.) val. 340/., patr. Earl
Fitzwilliam. II. R. House, Hon. W. Duncombe.

Hopcarton Burn, runs to R. Tweed, S W. Peebles.
near Drummelzeir.

HOPE par. (81) High Peak hund. NW. Derby.
1 m. E. of Castleton-164, on R. Noe, containing
Bradwell, Brough (a roman station), Fail-field
cur., and 15 other tnshps., had a church in the
Confessor's time, and was a mkt. town under the
Fitz- Warrens, who had a castle here. Acres
36,160, moory ; pop. 4434 + 51, of town 430 + 1,
in the cotton, rope, hat, and lace manufact. ; poor
r. 40Z. (Chapel-le-Frith U.) ; real prop. 3048/. ;
charities 73/., of which 71. to school. St. Peier
Vic. (Lich.) val. 132Z., patr. Dean and Chap.
Two bodies, buried in the moors 1674, were found
to be undecayed 20 yrs. after, with the skin soft
and like tanned leather. (gT HOPE hmlt. (24)
Marlboro' par. S. Devon. 3 in. SSW. of Kings-
bridge- 208.

* HOPE, or QUEEN'S HOPE, or ESTYN, par.
(79) Maylor hund. Miff. Flint., a small place on




R. Alen, near Ofta's and Wat's dykes, 1 m. N. of
Caergwrle-184, which it contains with Llan-
fynydd cur., H. OWEN (pop. 408), and 6 other
tnshps., was held by Gislebert at ' Domesdy.'
afterwards as Hopedale by the earls of Chester, the
Stanleys, etc. ; is a joint contributory boro' with
Caergwrle to Flint (since Hen. VIII), the bounds
including the 2 tnshps. with part of Rhamber-
vedd ; and under charter from the Black Prince is
governed by a mayor, who is constable of the old
castle, where Eleanor queen of Eclw. I. rested on
her way to Carnarvon. Pop. 2916 + 17, of boro'
755, of tnshp. 266, some in the lime-works;
poor r. 833/. (\VrexhainlL); real prop. 10587. ;
charities 167. St. Cynfarch Vic. (St. As.) val.
2147,, patr. Bishop ;" church, has a tomb to a
Trevor of Plas Teg, no\v seat of C, Trevor, Esq.
Bryn Yorkyn, E. Yonge, Esq. Roman coins, etc.
have been found ; and there are some good mine-
ral springs in the limestone. F/iirs, Shrove Tti.
10 May, 12 Aug. 27 Oct. $& HOPE tnshp. (60)
Buttington par. NE. Montcpmery, 2 m. NE. of
Welshpool-171. Pop. 179. tfJT HOPE tnshp. (60)
Wortben par. W. Salop, 8 m. NNE. of Bishops
Castle-159. Pop. 340. Living, a Cur. with
Worthen. ijaf HOPE ( ) near Stoke-on- Trent,
NW. Stafford., is a Cur. (Lich.) val. 1507., patr.
Crown arid Bishop. i?ir HOPE tnshp. ( ) Barn-
ingham par. N. R. York. 6 m. N. of Keeth-242
Acres 2430, moorland; pop. 41.

HOPE, ALL SAIXTS, par. (4) Lnngport hund.
Shepway lathe, SE. Kent, 1 m. NW. of Ronmey
-70, in Romney Marsh. Acres 1550; pop. 21 ;
poor r. 25?. (Romney U. 1 ; real prop. 37907. Liv-
ing, a. Rect. (Cant.)" val." 1737., patr. Ld. Chancel-
lor ; no church. t5T H. BAGGOT par. (55) Stot-
tesden hund. S. Safop, 5 m. E. of Ludlow-143.
Acres 650 ; pop. 75 + 1 ; poor r. 157. (Ludl. U.) ;
real prop. 5237. St. J. Baptist Rect. (Heref.) val.
1117., patr. Duke of Cleveland. ^H. BOWDLEK
par. (61) Upper Munslow hund. S. Salop, 2m.
SE. of Church-Stretton-158, contains Chelmick
and Ragton. Acres 2470, limestone hills ; pop.
184 ; poor r. 587. (C. Stretton U.) ; real prop.
16057. ; charities 17. St. Andrew Rect. (Heref.)
val. 2287., patr. Trustees. H. House, . (*g H.
Burn, rises under Lammcrmuir in S. Haddnc/tii.
and runs to a branch of Tvne Water, passing
Hopes, W. Hay, Esq. gg= H. COVE limit. (24)
S. Huish par. S. Devon. 4 m. SW. of Kingsbridge
-208, in Bigbury Bay. e=jT H.-End (43) 2 m.
N. by E. of Ledbury-120, E. Hereford, seat of E.
Barrett, Esq. ^'H. Housz ( )' 8 m. NNW. of
Barnard Castle, W. Durham. g5T H. House (55)
6 m. SE. of Bromyard, E. Hereford, belongs to the
Tempests of Broughton. fgr H. House ( ) near
Halifax, W. R. York. C. llawsou, Esq.

HOPE MAXSELL par. (43) Grevtree hund.
SE. Hereford. 3 m. SE. of Ross-120", in a pretty
spot near Dean Forest. Acres 1190; pop. 187
+ 4; poor r. 557. (Ross U.); real prop. 17377.
St. Michael Rect. (Heref.) val. 1977., patr. Ld.
Chancellor. {gg H. Reach, or The Hope, a bend
of the Thames, below Gravesend, 3 m. long, lying
NNE. and SSW, with Cliff on one side, Stanford-
le-Hopc on the other, and 5 fath. water, gip" //.
River, rises in Strathmore, W. Suthrld. and runs
15 m. N. through //. Loch (8 m. by 1), past
Ben Hope (3060 ft.), to E. side of L. Eribol at
Inner-hope, igg" IT.-TowN vil. ( ) a new place
between Wands worth Road and Battersea, NE.
Surrey. Another H.-To\vN is near Bethnal
Green, E. London. igg" H.-uNDER-Dux.Mor.r-:
par. (55) Wolphy hund. N. Hereford. 4 m. SSE.
of Leominster- 137, near R. Lug, had a preceptory
of the Templars on Dunmorc Hill, Which com-

mands a fine prospect. Acres 3GCO, partly in
hop-grounds ; pop. 586 + 3 ; poor r. 1577. (Leo-
minst. U.) ; real prop. 35757. ; charities 27. St.
Mary Cur. (Heref.) val. 1007., patr. Bishop;
church, has tombs of the Coningsbys of Hampton
Court, ancestors of Earl of Essex.

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