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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 253 of 293)
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Hopebeck (101) 5 m. SSE. of Cockermouth, W.

HOPEBENDRID tnshp. ( ) Clun par. S W. Salop,

4 m. SSW. of Bishop's Castle-159. Pop. 138.

P. HOPEMAN vil. Duffus par. N. Elgin. 5 m.
NW. of Elgin-138, has a small barb, on Moray

Hopes, 3 m. SE. of GilTord, S. Haddington. on
Hope Water, W. Hay, Esq.

HOPESAY par. (61) Purslow hund. SW. Salop,

5 in. SE. of Bishop's Castle-159, near R. Clun, con-
tains Aston, Barlow, Little Brampton, Broom, and
Corwood. Acres 3010 ; pop. 660 + 9 ; poor r. 3247.
(Clun U.) ; real prop. 79687. ; charities 157., of
which 37. to Perk's school. St. Mary Rect. (Heref.)
vaj. 6037., patr. Mrs. Adams.

Hopetoun House, 6m. NE. of Linlithgow, N.
Linltliffw. seat of Earl Hopetoun, overlooking the
Forth, whence Geo. IV. embarked 1822, was begun
1696, by Bruce of Kinross, and finished by Adam ;
it includes a library, picture gallery, etc., with a
cedar grove, deer park, etc., and is a meet for the
Linlithgow and Stirlingsh. hounds.

Hopcwell ( ) 6 m. NW. of Darlington, 5.

Hophurst (6) 2 m. WNW. of E. Grinstead, N.

Hopland Hall (67) 3 m. SSW. of Yarmo', NE.
Suffolk, a seat of the Penrices of Yarmouth.

HOPLEYS GREEN tnshp. (56) Almeleypar. W.
Hereford. 3 m. SE. of Kington-154.

HOPPEN tnshp. ( ) Bambrough par. NE.
Northmbrld. 3 m. SE. of Belford-322, belongs to
the Pawsons. Pop. 36.

HOPPERTON tnshp. ( ) W. R. York. 5 m. E. of
Knaresborough-202, is joined to Allerton Maule-

Hoppiland, or Happyland, Hall ( ) 3 m. SSE.
of Wolsingham, Mid. Durham, G. H. Blenkin-
sopp, Esq.

HOPSFORD hnilt. (63) Withybrook par. NE.
Warwick. 6m. NE. of Coventry-91, near Oxford
canal. Pop. 48.

HOPSTONE tnshp. (61) Claverley par. SE.
Salop, 4 m. E. of Bridgnorth-139. Pop. 188.

HOPTON tnshp. ( ) Wirksworth par. Ulld.
Derby, near Wirksworth-140. Pop. 83, lead mines,
etc. ; poor r. 227. (Ashbourne U.) ; real prop.
13927. H. Hall, seat of P. Cell, Esq., formerly of
Gell the parliamentary commander. A roman
inscription, urn, etc., were found; black brown is
quarried, and good limestone, of which Chats-
worth and Belvoir Cast, were built. tgif Hop-
ton (55) 4 m. SSW. of Bromyard, NE. Hereford.
gap" HOPTON tnshp. (55) Stanton-Lacy pa'r. S.
Salop, 3 in. N. of Ludlow-143. Pop. 50. giP HOP-
TON tnshp. (73) Great Ness par. NW. Salop, 8 m.
NW. of Shrewsbury- 153. Pop. 179. ig^" HOP-
TON tnshp. (73) Hoclnet par. N. Salop, 5 m. ESE.
of Wem-163. Pop. 77. i^p HOPTON tnshp.
(72) with Coton, St. Mary and St. Chad, par.
Mid. Stafford. 2 m. NE. of Stafford- 141, near In-
gestrie Park and H. Heath, on which the action
took place 1643, wherein the royalist commander,
Northampton, was killed. Acres 1770 ; pop. 464, '
decreasing ; poor r. 827. (Staff. U.) ; real prop.

P. HOPTON par. (50) Blackbourn hund. N.
SiiffiM, 8 m. ESE. of Thetford-80, on R. Ou=e.




Acres 1440 ; pop. 623 + 4 ; poor r. 2307. (Thetf.
U.) ; real prop. 2843Z. ; charities, town lands 25/.
All Saints Meet. (Ely) val. 284/., patr. Ld. Chan-
cellor. i^p HOITON par. (67) Mutford bund.
NE. Suffolk, 4m. N. of Lowest oft- 11 4, on the
coast. Acres 1250 ; pop. 254 ; poor r. 149/. (Mutfd.
U.) ; real prop. 2613/. St. Mary Cur. (Norw.)
val. 102/., patr. Dean and Chap. |gP HOPTON
vil. (88) Mirfield par. W. R. York. 3 m. NE.
of Huddersfield-189, on Leeds and Manchester
rail, and canal, and R. Collie. Living, a Cur.
(Kip.) val. 50/., patr. Vicar.

HOPTON CASTLE par. (56)Purslow bund, SW.
Salop, 7 m. SSE. of Bishop's Castle-159, on a
branch of R. Clun, has traces of the Cliffords'
castle, which was taken by storm 1C45. Acres
22GO ; pop. 164 + 2 ; poor r. 55/. (Clun U.) ; real
prop. /. St. Mary Rcct. (Heref. U.) val. 238/.,
patr. T. Beale, Esq., of Heath Ho. //. Court
(55) 6 m. WSW. of Worcester, W. Worcester.
on Cradley Brook. ^ H.-IN-THE-HOLE, or
H. CONGEFORD, par. (55) Lower Munslow bund.
S. Salop, 4 m. NNE. of Ludlow-143. Acres 320 ;

Ejp. 30 ; poor r. 28/. (Ludl. U. ) ; real prop. I.
iving, a Cur. (Herefd.) val. 471., patr. Sir W.
E. Boughton, Bt. (gp" H. MONK par. (61) Wen-
lock boro', S. Salop, 4 m. S. of Much Wenlock
-148. Acres 3190 ; pop. 189 ; poor r. 42/. (Bridg-
north U.); real prop. J653/. St. Peter Cur.
(Heref.) val. 56/., patr. Sir F. Lawley, Bt. igp
H., UPPER AND LOWER, tnshps. (60) Church
Stoke par. SE. Montgomery. 3 m. SE. of Mont-
gomery-lC8. Pop. 65, and 39. tap H.- WAFERS
par. (55) Stottesden hund. S. Salop, 3m. WNW.
of Cleobury Mortimer-137, contains Woodhouse.
Acres 1890 ; pop. 481 + 1 ; poor r. 111/. (C. Mor-
timer U.) ; real prop. 11,838/., of which 8538/. on
mines. St. Mary Red. (Heref.) val. 248/., patr.
B. Botfield, Esq., of H. Court.

HOPWAS-HAYES ext. par. (62) Tamworth par.
SE. Stafford. 2m. W. of Tarn worth- 11 5, near
Coventry canal. Acres 900 ; pop. 4. ijsg" HOP-
WAS hmlt. near the above. Pop. 267. St. John
Cur. with Tamworth.

HOPWELL hmlt. (71) Wilne par. SE. Derby.
5m. E. of Derby-126. Pop. 25; poor r. 26/.
(Shardlow U.) ; real prop. 1120J. H. Hall, T.
Pares, Esq.

HOPWOOD tnshp. (89) Middleton par. SE.
Lancash. 4m. ESE. of Bury-195, on Rochdale
canal. Acres 2180 ; pop. 1545 + 13 ; poor r. 414/.
(Bury U.); real prop. 6467/., of which 1800Z. on
mines. H. Hall, R. Hopwood, Esq. (JiP HOP-
WOOD distr. (54) Alvechurch par. NE. Worcest.
5 m. NE. of Bromesgrove-116, on Birmingham
canal. Pop. 204.

P. HURDLING par. (70) Aveland wap. S. Lin-
coln. 3m. ESE. of Folkingham-106, near Can-
Dyke, contains Bridge-End. Acres 2620 ; pop.
571 + 21; poor r. 154/. (Bourn U.) ; real prop.
5148/. ; charities 36/., of which 31Z. to Brown's
school. St. Andrew Vic. (Line.) val. 271/., patr.
Bishop ; church, part norman, with an old font.

P. HORBURY chplrv. (88) Wakeficld par. W.
R. York. 1m. SW. of Wakefield-182, on Man-
chester rail, and canal. Acres 1130; pop. 2683
+ 28, in the cloth trade; poor r. 1130/. (VVakef.
U.) ; real prop. 47771. St.' Peter Cur. (Rip.) vaL
225/., patr. Vicar.

HOUCUTT hmlt. (34) Kempsford par. SE.
Gloucest. 2 m. S. of Fairford-79. Pop. 132.

Hordn Isld. in Pentland Frith, S. Orkney, be-
tween S. Ronaldsay and Swinnay Islds.

Harden, West ( )2 m. NNE. of Castle Eden,
E. Durham. H. Hall, G. Rippon, Esq. ( ?) near
//. Point, on the coast.

HORDERLEY tnshp. (55) Edgton par.
Salop, 5m. SW. of Church Stretton-158, on R.
Onny, near H. HALL ext. par. (pop. 5), is joined

HORDLE, or HORDWEI.L, par. (16) Upper Christ-
church hund. S W. Hants. 4 m. SW. of Lymington
-93, on the coast, containing Arnwood,"had salt-
works at ' Domesdy.' and commands a fine sea view
from H. Cliff, where fossils are found. Acres
1930 ; pop. 845 + 15 ; poor r. 273Z. (Lyming. U.) ;
real prop. 1065/. All Saints Cur. with Milford ;
church, has part as old as the Confessor.

HORDLEY par. (74) Punhillhund. NW. Salop,
3m. SW. of Ellesmere-169, on Llanymynech
canal. Acres 1980; pop. 308; poor r. 119/. (El-
lesm. U.); real prop. 9340/. All Saints Rect.
(Lich.) val. 330/., patr. Sir J. R. Kynaston, Bt.
of Harclwick.

HOREABBEY par. (60-1) Middlethird bar.
Mid, Tipperary, near Cashel-100, has, under
The Rock, the church ruins of a cistertian abbey,
found. 1272 by Abp. Mac Carvill, and given to
the Radcliffes, Butlers, etc. Acres 1520 ; pop.
536 + 8. Living, a Rect. (Ca. E. W. L.) val. 158/.,
patr. Bishop.

Horeham (5) 4 m. N. of Hailsham, E. Sussex.

Horeham Hall (47) 2 m. SW. of Thaxted, NW.

Horestii, were a people between the Forth and
Tay, in Fife., Kinross., Clackmannan.

contains the pars, of Abbas red., Charlton-Hore-
thorne vie., N. Cheriton r., Corton-Denham r.,
Goathillr., Henstriclge v , Holwell, Horsington r.,
Marston Magna v., Milborne-Port v., Pointing-
ton r., Sandford-Orcas r., Stowel r., and Trent r. ;
acres 26,370, pop. 7576, houses 1624. See MARS-

HORETOWN par. (35-6, 40-1) Shelmaliere bar.
S. Wexford, 3 m. W. of Taghmon-94, where Gen.
Moore 1798 defeated the rebels, had a small abbey
found, by the Furlongs, and given to Sir J. Davies.
Acres 3991 ; pop. 1262 + 12. Living, a Rect. (Os.
F. L.) with 5 others, val. 409/., patr. Bishop. H.
House, S. D. Goff, Esq., through the Talbots and
Sir J. Davies.

P. HORFIELD par. (35) Lower Berkeley hund.
SW. Gloucest. 2m. N. of Bristol-114. Acres
1190, with stone, and mineral springs; pop. 620
+ 30 ; poor r. 139/. (Clifton U.) ; real prop. 4664/.
Living, a Cur. (Gl. and Br.) val. 91/., patr. Bishop,
sometime held bv Bp. Seyer.

HORHAM par. (50) Hoxne hund. N. Suffolk,
4 m. SE. of Eye-89. Acres 1660 ; pop. 442 ; poor
r. 248/. (Hoxne U.) ; real prop. 2822/. ; charities
10Z. St. Mary Rect. (Norw.) val. 445/., patr.
Rev. W. B. Mack, rector. H. Thorpe Hall, T.
Donovan, Esq., through the Vannecks.

Horisdale Jsld. in Gairloch, W. Ross, on the
coast. Pop. 27.

P. HORKSLEY, GREAT, par. (48) Leaden hund.
NE. Essex, 1 m. S. of Neyland-57, on R. Stour.
Acres 2880, part common ; pop. 730 + 4 ; poor r.
385/. (Lexd U.); real prop. 6322/. ; charities 36/.
All Saints Rect. (Roch.) val. 60S)/., patr. Countess
De Grey. ^| H., LITTLE, par. as above, 1 m.
E. has a cluniac priory cell to Thetford, found.
(Hen. I.) by Rob. Fitzgodebold and his wife, and
suppressed "by Wolsey. Acres 1060 ; pop. 206 ;
poor r. 159/. ; real prop. 2290/. ; charities 31. St.
Peter and Paul Cur. (Roch.) val. 69/., patr. Mrs.
Warren and Miss Blair; church, has 4 brasses of
two Swynbornes (1391-1412, triple canopied, in
armour), Lady Marney, and 2 husbands, etc.

HORKSTOW par. (86*) N. Yarboro' wap. A*. Lin-
coln. 7m. N. of Brigg-155. Acres 1890; pop.



228; poor r. 140/. (Glandford U.); real prop.
25787, St. Maurice Vic. (Line.) val. 2017., patr.
Earl of Yarborough. H. Hall, Col. Tufiiell, near
which roman pavements, coins, etc. were found

HORLEY par. (45) Bloxham hund. N. Oxford.
3 m. N W. of Banbury-71. Acres 970 ; pop. 425 ;
poor r. 1587. (Banbury U.) ; real prop. 52497. ;
charities 627., of which 49/. to Harding's school.
St. Ethelreda Vic. (Oxon.) val. with Hornton
3887., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

P. HORLEY par. (8) First Reigate hund. SE.
Surrey, 25A m. from London, 5 m. SSE. of Rei-
gate, on Brighton rail, and R. Mole, in the
Weald. Acres 7640 ; pop. 1583 + 42 ; poor r. 5727.
(Reig. U.) ; real prop. 72357. St. Bartholomew
Vic. (Win.) val. 325/., patr. Christ Hosp. London ;
church, has some brasses ( ?), effigies of a knight,
and old yews in ch.-yard. H. Lodge, R. Raikes,

Horley Green ( ) neir , W. R. York, has a
strong mineral water.

HORMEAU, GREAT, par. (47) Edwinstree hund.
NE. Herts. 2 m. E. of Buntingford-31, on R. Quin,
containing Hare Street, was held by Edgar Athe-
ling, and later by the Sandfords and De Veres.
Acres 2160 ; pop. 595 + 2 ; poor r. 353Z. (Bunting.
U.); real prop. 30567. ; charities 217. St. Nicho-
las Vic. (Roch.) val. 1217., patr. St. John Coll.
Camb. H. Bury, Col. Owen. i^T H., LITTLE, par.
as above, m.S. Acres 2L60 ; pop. 121 + 2 ; poor
r. 1107. ; real prop. 1377/. ; charities, Porter's, etc.
607. St. Mary Rect. (Roch.) val. 3117., patr. St.
John's Coll. Camb.

HORSIER HUNDRED (13, 45) NW. Berks, con-
tains the pars, of Abingdon vie., Bagley Wood,
Besselsleigh rect., Cumner v., North and South
Hinksey curs., Radley c., Seacourt, Sunninghill r.,
Wootton, Wytham r., and parts of St. Aldgate
and St. Helen ; acres 21,550, pop. 3958, houses

HORN par. (64) Alstoe hund. N. Rutland. 5 m.
NW. of Stamford-89, near //. Lane, or Ermine
St., was partly held by the Bps. of Durham at
'Domesdy.' "Acres with Exton; pop. 38 + 2;
poor r. 17. (Oakham U.) ; real prop. 7. Living,
a Rect. (Pet.) with Exton; no church. At
Bloody Oaks, 'Loosecoat' battle was fought 1470,
when Edw. IV. defeated the Lancastrians, who
pulled off their coats to run away the faster.

HORN tythg. (18) Crewkerne par. S. Somerset.
near Crewkerne-132, is joined to LAYMORE.

P. Horn Cross ( ) near Dartford, NW. Kent.

Homage (45) 4 m. N W. of Thame, Mid. Bucks.

HORNBLOTTON par. (19) Whitstone hund. E.
Somerset. 6m. SSW. of Shepton-Mallet-116, on
the Fossewav. Acres 1330 ; pop. 104 ; poor r.
1067. (S. Mallet U.) ; real prop. 17027. St. Peter
Rect. with Alford.

P. HORNBY chplry. ( ) Melling par. 2V. Lan-
cash. 10 m. NE. of Lancaster-240, a small place
in a fine spot, at the bridge, on R. Lune, and once
a mkt. town, had a premonstratensian priory cell
to Croxton, given to the Stanleys, lords Monteagle
of H. Castle, which was found, by N. de Montbegon
after the Conquest. Acres 2290 ; pop. 318, in the
cotton trade ; poor r. 1807. ; real prop. 26627. ;
charities, Thornton's 147. St. Margaret Cur.
(Manch.) val. 927., patr. P. Dawson, Esq. H.
House, Mrs. Murray. The castle was late a seat
of the Marsdens. Fairs, every other Tuesd. 30
July, cattle, tgp" HORNBY hmlt. ( ) Great
Brougham par. N. Westmrld. 3 m. E. of Penrith
-283, on R. Eamont.

P. HOUNBY par. ( ) East Hang par. N. R.
York. 6 m. ENE. of Leyburn-235, contains Ain-


derley-Myers and Hackford in Bedale. Acres
3690 ; pop. 309, of town 87 ; poor r. 157. (Leyb.
U.); real prop. 13847.; charities 97. St. Mary
Vic. (Rip.) val. 1357., patr. Dean and Chap, of
York. H. Castle, seat of Duke of Leeds, formerly
of the St. Quintins, is a meet for the Bedale
hounds, iggf HORNBY tnshp. ( ) Gt. Smeaton
par. N. R. York. 7m. N. of N. Allerton-225, near
R. Tees. Acres 2050 ; pop. 278 + 1 ; poor r. 1237.
(X. Allert. U.) ; real prop. 20887. H. Castle, G.
Burdon, Esq. ( ?)

Hornby Hall (46) 3 m. NN W. of Hatfield, Mid.

HORNCASTLE SOKE (70, 83-4) parts of Lind-
sey, Mid. Lincoln, formerly held by Q. Editha (as
below) and the Conqueror, contains the pars, and
benefices of W. Ashby cur., Coningsby, Haltham-
on-Bain, Horncastle vie., Langrick Ville, Mare-
ham-le-Fen rect., and M.-on-the-Hill c., Moorby
r., Roughton, Thimbleby, Thornton-le-Fen c.,
High c. and Low Toynton r., Wilksby, and Wood-
Enderby c. ; acres 24,780, pop. 9987, houses
2047. >J< H. DEANERY, archd} r . and dioc. of Lin-
coln, contains the benefices in the soke, with
Bamburgh c., Martin r., Scrivelsby r., Tatter-
shall don. cur., Thornton r., Woodhall v.

P. M, HORNCASTLE par. in the above hund.
17 m. E. of Lincoln, 134 from London, on Gt.
North, rail, under the Wolds, a polling and petty
sess. town (the roman BannovaUium of Stuke-
ley), on a corner (hyrn) made by Rs. Waring
and Bain, was held by Q. Editha, and with a
castle, by Adeliza de Candia and Girard of Rhodes,
and given by Hen. III. to the bps. of Carlisle.
Acres 2510 ; pop. 4521 + 54, in the corn, wool
trade ; houses 921, with 4 chapels, 2 banks, savings
bk. (25,1377. from 997 depositors), Ld. Clinton's
free gram, school (2407.) found. 1562, Watson's
free school (627.), dispensary, and Union p.
house; poor r. 19087. on lo,8167. ; real prop.
18,6907., of which 17607. on canal ; charities 4447.
St. Mary Vic. (Line.) val. 6127., patr. Bishop of
Carlisle; church, has 2 brasses (1519) and tombs
of the Dymokes of Scrivelsby, champions of
England. Roman walls, urns, coins, etc. have
been found; and there was a labyrinth called
Julian's bower. Horncas. P. L. Union, contains
the pars, in the above soke, with Asgarby,
Ashby Puerorum, Asterby, Bag Enderby, Bark-
with (East and West), Baumber, Belchford,
Benniworth, Bucknall, Cawkwell, Claxby Pluck-
acre, Dalderby, Edlington, Fulletby, Gautby,
Goulceby, Greetham, Hagworthingham, Hamer-
ingham, Hatton, Hemingby, Horsington, Kirkby-
on-Bane, Kirkstead, Langton-by-Horncastle,
Lan.-by-Wragby, Lusby, Martin, Miningsby,
Minting, Panton, Rauby, Revesby, Salmonby,
Scamblesby, Scrafield, Scrivelsby, Somersby,
Sotbv, Stainton Market, Stixwold, Gt. Sturton,
Tattershall, Tattershall Thorpe, Telford, W.
Torrington, Tupholme, Tumby, Waddingworth,
Winceby, Wispington, Woodhall, Wragby ; acres
] 13,123, pop. 23,222, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7)
2849 (out-door 2220), expend. 10,3747., prop,
rated 1 18,1957. Sup. Registry comprises the same ;
pop. 23,220 + 264. The New County Court dis-
trict corresponds with the Registry (except
East and West Barwith, W. Torrington, Wragby,
which go to Market Rasen). Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs,
14-22 June, 14-27 Aug. (horses), 28-9 Oct. At
the great horse fair of 1850, good voung carriage-
horses sold for 200 to 300 gs., hunters 100 to 150
gs., galloways 60 to 80 gs., cobs 40 to 50 gs.,
ponies 15 to"l8 gs. ; good cart-horses 60 to70gs.,
second-rate 30 to 40 gs., colts 35 to 40 gs., year-
lings 12 to 16 gs.


P. HOKNCHURCH par. (1) Havering-Attc-
Bower hund. S W. Essex, 2 in. SE. of Romford
-12, near E. Count, rail, and K. Ingerburn, had a
priory found, by Hen. II. as a cell to the hosp. of
St Bernard, Savoy, which, with the Savoy in
the Strand (bestowed upon this cell by Peter earl
of Savov), was given by Wil. of Wykeham to
New Coll. Oxon. Acres 4920, with brick land ;
pop. 2399 + 21; poor r. 12607. (Romf. U.) ; real
prop. 18,8057. ; charities 927., and some alms-
houses. St. Andrew Vic. (Roch.) val. 7407., patr.
New Coll. Oxon. ; church, ancient, with a spire of
170 ft., and some old brass inscriptions. H. Lodge,
T. Mashiter, Esq.

P. HORNCLIFF tnshp. ( ) Norham par. Dur-
ham, locally in Northmbrld. 4 m. SW. of Benvick
-337, on R. Tweed. Acres 840 ; pop. 322 ; poor
r. 77/. (Berwk. U.). H. Howe, .

P. HORNDEAN vil. Ladvkirk par. SE. Berwick.
4 m. S. of Cbirnside-50. "Pop. 124. |^ HORN-
DEAN (11) 4 m. N. of Havant, SE. Hants.

Barnstable hund. S. Essex, 4 in. SE. of Billericay
-23, has the two round towers, etc. of Heron Hall,
a ruined seat of the Tyrells. Acres 2090 ; pop.
529 + 9; poor r. 1987. (Billed. U.) ; real prop.
22867. All Saints Rect. (Roch.) val. 2627., patr.
Rev. J. Pearson, rector; church, has a norman
font, 2 chapels, with tombs, arms of the Tyrells
and Petres of Thorndon.

P. HORNDON-ON-THE-HILL par. as above, 4 m.
SSE., near E. Count, rail., was once a mkt. town,
and has a good prospect. Acres 2390 ; pop. 676 + 6 ;
poor r. 3387.(0rset U.) ; real prop. 43337. ; charities
107., and Poley's almshouse. St. Peter Vic. (Roch.)
val. 210/., patr. Dean and Chap, of St. Paul's.
Fair, 29 June, wool. igT H., WEST, par. as above,
near E. HORNUON, which belongs to the Petres,
was held by the Fitz-Lewises, the last of whom
was burnt to death (Hen. VII.) with his bride,
on his wedding night, in the manor house. Acres
470; pop. CO; poor r. Ml. (Billeri. U.) ; real

?rop. 9627. St. Nicholas Rect. (Roch.) val. with
ngrave 3447., patr. Rev. R. Johnstone, rector;
church, built 1734, with a brass of a Fitz-Lewis
(1400). Horndon or Thorndon Hall, Lord Petre.

HORNE par. (6, 8) First Tandridge hund. SE.
Surrey, 6 m. SE. of Reigate-21, contains Harrows-
ley boro', near which is the site of Thunderfield
Castle, said to have been a palace of K. Athel-
stane's. Acres 4270 ; pop. 649 + 5 ; poor r. 4457.
(Godstone U.) ; real prop. 33267. ; charities 11.
St. Mary Rect. (Win.) val. 450/., patr. T. Poyn-
der, Esq. H. House, belongs to the Pickerings ( ? ).

Horneck Castle (33) 1 m. W. of Penzance, S W.

HORNER hmlt. (20) Luckham par. NW. Somer-
set. 5 m. WSW. of Minehead-163. Pop. 42.

Hornerhouse ( ) near Peniston, W. R. York.
S. Fenton, Esq. (?)

HORNET kmlt. (9) Rutnbolds Wyke par. SW.
Sussex, near Chichester-62. Pop. 108.

Hornhead (15) S. side of Sheephaven, N. Done-
gal, is chiefly a rabbit warren. H. House, Rev.
C. Stewart.

HORNII,EAZOW hmlt. (44) Stan way par. NE.
Gloucest. 4m. NE. of Winchcomb-95.

HORNING par. (66) Tunstead hund. E. Norfolk,
9 m. ENE. of Norwich-108, on R. Bure, has some
remains o Holme abbey, of which abbot Daniel
found. St. James's hosp. here about 1154. Acres
2480 ; pop. 467 ; poor r. 2221. (Tunst. U.) ; real
prop. 42107. ; charities 157. Living, a Vic. (Norw.)
val. 174/., patr. Bishop.

HORNINGHOLD par. (64) Gartree hund. SE.
Lcicest. 8 m. NE. of Market-Harboro'-83, was



held by Rob. de Todeni, who gave it to Belvoir
priory. Acres 1120; pop. 98; poor r. 247. (Up-

Eingham U.); real prop. 21757.; charities 107.
t. Peter Vic. (Pet.) val. 80/., patr. W. Chamber-
lain, Esq. ; church, has a sculptured early norman
doorway and 8-sided font on pillars.

P. HORNINGLOW tnshp. (72) Burton-on-Trent
par. E. Stafford. 1 m. NW. of Burton- 125, on
Gd. Trunk canal, near Derby rail., has Burton
Union poor ho. Acres 2430 ; pop. 852 + 46 ; poor
r. 104/. (Burton U.) ; real prop. 49067.

HORNINGSEA, or HoRNSEA, par. (51) Fiendish
hund. S. Cambridqe. 3 m. NE. of Cambridge-50,
on Ely rail, and R. Cam, has a priory destroyed
by the Danes about 870. Acres 1580 ; pop. 298
+ 2; poor r. 3767. (Chesterton U.) ; real prop.
22867. ; charities 41. St. Peter Cur. (Ely) val.
/., patr. St. John's Coll.

P. HORNINGSHAM par. (19) Heytesbury hund.
-S W. Wilts. 4 m. SW. of Warminster-96. Acres
2320; pop. 1290; poor r. 9257. (Warmin. U.);
real prop. 3811/. ; charities 417., of which 317. to
Crey's school. St. J. Baptist Cur. (Sal.) val. 1657.,
patr. Preb. of Heytesbury.


Thingoe hund. W. Suffolk, 2 m. SW. of Bury-
St.-Edmunds-71, containing Horsecroft, belonged
to the Bury abbots, whose old seat was H. House.
Acres 1780 ; pop. 597 + 13 ; poor r. 2447. (Thing.
U.) ; real prop. 41327. ; charities 247., of which 97.
to school. St. Leonard Rect. (Ely) val. 4597.,
patr. Marq. of Bristol, who takes hence the title
of Earl Jermyn ; church, decorated eng. LITTLE
H. church, in ruins.

HORNINGTOFT par. (68) Launditch hund. N.
Norfolk, 4 m. NE. of Litcham-109. Acres 1460 ;
pop. 290; poor r. 2217. (Mitford U.) ; real prop.
22467. St. Edmund Rect. with Whissonsett.

HORNS CROSS hmlt. (26) Parkham par. NW.
Devon. 6 m. SW. of Bideford-201.

Hornsby ( ) 8 m. SE. of Carlisle, E. Cumbrld.
on R. Eden, is a meet for the Carlisle harriers.

P. M. HORNSEA par. ( ) with Burton, N.
Holderness wap. E. R. York. 37 m. E. of York,
190 from London, near York and N. Midld.
branch rail., a coast-gd. station and watering
place near H. Mere, which is 1 J m. by , contain-
ing about 430 acres, with plantations and fish.
Acres 3160; pop. 1005 + 22; poor r. 2287. (Skir-
laugh U.); real prop. 57577.; charities 1197., of
which church estate 1117. St. Nicholas Vic.
(Yk.) val. with Long Riston 3827., patr. Ld.
Chancellor ; church, had a tall spire blown down
about 1710. H. Seek was swallowed by the sea,
which still gains on the low cliffs of this coast.
M ht. D. Mond. Fairs, 13 Aug. 18 Dec. horses,

P. HORNSEY par. (7) Ossulstone hund. E. Mid-
dlesex, 5 m. N. of St. Paul's, in a rural spot by the
New River, containing part of Highgate, Crouch
End, Muswell-Hill cur., Fortis and Stroud Greens,
was called Harinae, and belongs to the bps. of
London, who had a palace at Lodge Hill, where
Rich. II. pacified some of his insurgent barons,
and the citizens received Ed. V. and Hen. VII.
Acres 2960 ; pop. 6937 + 108 ; houses 960, with 2
chapels, savings bk. (40457. from 196 depositors),
school; poor r. 15197. on 29,1727. (Edmonton
U.) ; real prop. 34,8917. ; charities 1477., exclusive
of Highgate. St. Mary Rect. (Lon.) once held
by Bp. Westfield, val. 4937., patr. Bishop ; church,
reb. 1883 (on site of one b. of the stones of Lodge
Ho.), has a tower with a corner turret, and a
brass of a child, etc. Lightfoot, the hebraist,
was a resident. Harringay Ho., seat of J. Chap-
man, Esq. ; Toppsfield, . Near Brownswood




(which constitutes a prebend) is H. Wood House,
where ' Qveene Victoria halted ye 25 Oct. 1843.'
Gavelkind custom prevails here.

HORXTON par. (53) Bloxham hund. N. Oxford.
5m. NW. of Banbury-71. Acres 1400, with fire-
stone ; pop. 592 + 4 ; poor r. 4057. (Banb. U.) ; real
prop. 26837. St. J. Baptist Vic. with Horley.

P. HORRABRIDGE ( ) near Plj-mouth, "& W.

Horridge Ho. (81) 2 m. E. of Chapel-le-Frith,
NW. Derby. W. Gisborne, Esq.

Horringer Hall (51) 3m. WSW. of Bury St.
Edmunds, W. Suffolk.

Horrinpford (10) 4 m. SE. of Newport, I. of
Wight, S. Hants, on R. Brading.

HORRINGTOX, EAST and WEST, tythgs. (19)
Wells city, NE. Somerset. 2 m. E. of Wells-120.
Pop. 121 and 129; real prop. 49597. Living, a
Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. /., patr. Vicar.

HORROCKS FOLD vil. (89) Little Bolton chplry.
S. Lancash. near Bolton-197.

Horsburgh Castle, 2 m. E. of Peebles, E. Peebles,
a ruined seat of the Hosburghs of Pirn, with
remains of a beacon tower, near Inverkeithing,
or St. Ronan's well.

Horse Channel, off the Wirrall, NW. Cheshire,
is the S. passage to the Mersey, past the Floating
Light, between Hoyle Sands and Burbo Flats,
with 3 to 8 fath. water. gaP H. Channel, in the

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