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37827. on canals ; ditto rentals 249,7177., or 20s.
lljd. per acre (when wheat was 77s.), and
312,0837., or 26s. 2Jd. per acre (wheat 55s.);
county income ('48) 71727., of which 4659Z. from
co. rate (on a value of 279,570Z. made 1836),
19577. from the Treasury. Poor r. (yr. 1846-7)

for 3 unions 29,6087. on 296,8687., or 2s. in the
(wheat being 59s.), cases relieved 7445 (out-
door 6551) in estimated pop. of 58,924. Total
charities 36717., of which 11777. for schools and
education ; savings bks. (see HUNTINGDON below) ;
in yr. '38-9, 516 m. of road (137 being turnpike)
were maintained for 585 17. In '46- 7, out of 99 pars.
93 had 158 church schools, supported by 39707.,
with 7220 child, attending, and 178 paid teach-
ers (21 being monitors), whose salaries were
30037., and who had 69 teachers' houses ; out of
these 3 were free schools, and 43 sund. sch. (ex-
clusively, with 288 teachers and 2889 child.) ;
and 135 in union with the National Soc. had
10,297 child., and total grants of 28957. Offenders
in '48, 104 (or 88 av. of 5 yrs.), of whom 77 were
committed, 18 were females, under 15 yrs. of
age, 36 could not read or write. Following
the 3 registry districts of '45 (total pop. 55,565
+ 510), the 'births' were 2033, of whom 984
were females, 116 or 5*7 percent, illegit ; 'deaths'
1173, or 1 in 47, the all-England av. being 46 ;
' marriages ' 422 (at church 379), of which 434

persons, or 49'4 per cent., signed with marks.

A range of low iron sand hills through Woodhurst,
Stukeley, Alconbury, Gidding, divides the ' Kim-
meridge' (on SE.) and 'Oxford' clays (SW.) from
the fen lands in N. and NE. which belong to the
great Bedford level, and though still apt to flood,
have been so far reclaimed, that Ramsey and Ugg
meres (900 acres) grow fine crops of wheat, and
Whittlesea mere (1570) is nearly drained (?).
Smaller streams are the Alconbury and Kym,
and the old R. Nen's head ; at Somersham and
Hailweston are mineral springs, and fish and
wild-fowl are still caught. Yarn is spun, and at
St. Neot's paper is made. Soil, loamy and good,
with meadow on the Ouse and Nen ; chief crops
wheat (3 qrs. per acre), oats, beans (3 qrs.),
barley (5 qrs.), with rape and mustard seed;
cattle about 10,000, sheep 200,000, of the
Leicest. and Lincoln breeds, yielding 4500 wool-
packs ; good cheese, butter, and malt are made,
and many pigeons reared ; estates are large, and
farms run from 507. to 5007., and let yearly. Of
antiquities there are Bulwarks camp, and a roman
villa lately found at Chesterton, remains of
Ramsey abbey (a gate) and St. Ive's priory (barn,
etc.), and old churches at St. Neot's, Hartford,
Chesterton ; Cromwell (whose mother was a
Stuart of Rosyth) was born at Huntingdon on
the site of Cromwell Ho., Cotton the antiquary
at Denton, Sam. Pepys at Brampton ; at Lit.
Gidding the Ferrers' had their protestant nun-
nery (Ch. I.), and Stilton gives name to the
Leicester cheese, which was first sold here. Seats
are : Duke of Manchester Kimbolton Cast., Bp. of
Lincoln Buckden Pal., Earl Carysfort Elton Ha.,
E. Sandwich Hinchingbroke, E. Kilmorey Wores-
ley Ph., Lady Sparrow Brampton, Bickerton, Bt.
Upwood, Kenrick of Alwalton, Rust of Cromwell
Place, Heathcote of Conington Ho., Duberley of
Gain's Ha., Stanley of Paxton PL, Fellowes of
Ramsey Ab., Astell of Everton; besides Wash-
ingley, etc. About 28 m. of the Gt. North, rail,
pass St. Neot's, Huntingdon, Yaxley, Peterboro',
where about 10 m. of Nthmpt. and Peterb.
touch the N. border ; from Huntingdon 6 m. of
the Camb. line go to St. Ive's, whence 11 m. of
the March rail, turn off past Ramsey, etc. Roads
from Huntingdon are : (1) To St. Neot's 9,
thence to Bedford 21. (2) S. along Ermine St.
to Caxton 10 ; or N. to Alconbury Hill 5, Stilton
13 (thence to Yaxley 15, Peterboro' 19), Chester-
ten 18, Wansford 22. (3) SE. along the Via
Devana to Cambridge 15 ; or NW. to Ellington


5, Thrapston 17. (4) To St. Ivc's 5 ; or to Ram-
sey 9, thence to March 21.

'iff * P. M. HUNTINGDON (52) locally in Hurst-
ingstone hund. Mid. Hunts. 65 m. N. by W. of Lon-
don or 58 by rail. ; the co. assize, sess. election, and
a polling town, on R. Ouse and Ermine St., and
Gt. North, and Ely rails., grew out of the ruins of
Jjuroliponte or Go'dmanchester, opposite, and had
15 churches at one time, was Huntandene of the
Saxons, who made it a mint or moneyers' town,
and Huntedone of ' Domesdy.' (Huntersdune on the
common seal), was given as an earldom by
Stephen to Q. Matilda's brother David (after-
wards David I., who reb. the castle on the site
of E<lw. the Elder's), being forfeited by Bruce,
was bestowed by Edw. I. on the Clintons, was
surprised 1G45 by Ch. I., who kept his court here
1640-1 ; has returned two members from Edw.
I., the bounds by the Reform bill including the
old boro' (which comprises 4 pars, as below) and
Godmanchester, no. of electors 390 (of 10/.
houses 981) ; is a boro' by prescription, first char-
tered by John, and under the new act is governed
by a may. 4 aid. 12 council., with the style of
" may. aid. and burgesses of the boro' of H.," and
income of 494/. Acres of new boro' 5000, of
old 1230 (or 1004), fertile, pasture; pop. 5500,
and 3507 + 24, in the corn, wool, and malt trade ;
houses 677, in a long street, well-built, with 2
churches, 4 chapels, town-hall for assizes, etc.,
with an assembly room, and portraits of Geo. II.
and III. and Earl Sandwich, co. gaol, literary
institution, gasworks, 2 banks, savings bank
(64,258/. from 2099 depositors), theatre, foundry,
a 6-arched and 3 other bridges, free gram,
school (at St. John's hosp.), with 2 scholarships
at Camb., and which had Cromwell for a pupil,
under Dr. Beard, Walden's boys' green coat
school (134/.), girls' sch. found, by Fishbourne (a
native), St. John's ancient hosp. (424Z.) found.
(Hen. II.) by David I., and St. Margaret's lepers'
hosp. or almsh., founded by K. Malcolm and given
to Trinity Hall, Camb., many mills, infirmary,
and Union p. house ; poor r. 12461. on 12,298Z. ;
real prop. 15.682/. ; charities 682/., besides 21. paid
for an annual sermon against ' witchcraft.' Liv-
ings, are: All Saints Rect. with St. John Vic.
(Ely) val. 190/., patr. Ld. Chancellor, church,
early and later eng., with carved timber roof, and
tombs of R. Levitt (1503), the Fullwoods, and
Cromwell's ancestors ; St. Mary and St. Benedict
Rects., 162/., Ld. Chan., ch., reb. 1608-20, with an
8-sided font, and tombs of the Sayers, etc., is on the
site of an austin canonry found. 973, which being
moved (Hen. II.) beyond the town by Eustace de
Lovetot, and made the burial place of the earls of
H., came to the Cromwells and Montagues. At
this spot Oliver (1599-1658) and his children were
born, in a house now the seat of G. Rust, Esq., a
descendant. No traces of an austin friary found,
about 1285, nor of the castle, which Hen. II. de-
stroyed. Hitchinbrook Ho., Earl Sandwich, on
site of a nunnery moved from Eltisley ; The
Views, J. Maule, Esq. ; Brampton, Ladv O.
Sparrow. Henry of H. a chronicler, and 1'rior
Gregory a hebrew scholar, were natives ; Cowper
was a resident ; it is the militia head qrs., and
gives title of earl to the Hastings fam. The
Castle hills and the Bridge command good views,
ifc H. ARCHDEACONRY, dioc. of Ely, contains
the deaneries of Huntingdon (which includes
the 4 pars, above only), St. Ive's, Leighton-
stone, St. Neot's, Yaxley, or 84 benefices in all.
Huntingd. P. L. Union, contains the pars. etc. of
Alconburv, Alconbury Weston, Barham, Bramp-
ton, Buckworth, Conington, Coppingford, Easton,



Ellington, Gidding, Godmanchester, Hamerton,
Hartford, Huntingdon, Leighton, Ramsey, Rave-
ley (Magna and Parva), Ripton (Abbotts and
Regis), Sawtry (All Saints, St. Andrew, and St.
Judith), Spaldwick, Stukeley (Magna and Parva),
Upton, Upwood, Wodwalton, Woolley ; acres
83,053, pop. 14,831, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7)
3257 (out-door 3050), expend. 9516/., prop, rated
90,061?. Sup. Registry comprises the same ; pop.
18,432 + 158. The New County Court district in-
cludes the Registry, with that of St. Ive's. Mht.

D. Sat. Fairs, Tu. before Easter, 2nd Tu. May,
Sat. before Old Michaelm. day, 3rd Sat. Nov.,
cattle. Races, 1st Tu. Aug., at Portsholm oval
course of 2 m., near Cromwell's Acres, which be-
longed to the Protector. [See Wood's ' Hist, of

Huntingdon (9) 2 m. SSE. of Portarlington,
NE. Queen's Co., C. Coote, Esq. igT Huntingdon
( ) near Clonegall, N. Wexford, Dr. Durdin.

HUNTINGFIELD par. (50) Blything hund. NE.
Suffolk, 4 m. SW. of Halesworth-100. Acres
2570; pop. 397; poor r. 303Z. (Blyth. U.) ; real
prop. 3050/. ; charities 44/., of which 41. for school.
St. Mary Rect. (Norw.) val. with Cookley 1054/.,
patr. Lord Huntingfield, of Heveningham, who
takes hence his title ; church, has a brass inscrip-
tion to T. Paston. H. Hall, .

HUNTINGFORD tythg. (35 ) Wotton-under-Edge
par. StV. Gloucest. near Wotton-107. Pop. 59.

HUNTINGTON tnshp. (80) St. Oswald par. W.
Cheshire, 2 m. SSE. of Chester- L8?, at the ferry
on R. Dee. Acres 970 ; pop. 143 + 3 ; poor r. 76/.
(Gt. Boughton U.) ; real prop. 2175/. H. Hall,
| m. N W. gif Huntington, or Nunlands, close to
Haddington, Mid. Hadngtn. belonged to the priory

HUNTINGTON HUNDRED (42, 56) W. Hereford.
contains the pars, of Brilley cur., Clifford vie.,
Eardisley v., Huntington c., Kington v., Whitney
rect., Willersley r., andWinforton r. ; acres 28,850,
pop. 6066, houses 1273. UiT HUNTINGTON par.
in the above hund. 3 m. SW. of Kington-154, near
R. Arrow, has the old ruined castle of the Bucking-
hams. Acres 2120 ; pop. 262 ; poor r. 222Z. (Kingt.
U.); real prop. 1650/.; charities 118Z. to GofPs
free school. St. M. Magdalen Rect. with Kington.
^T HUNTINGTON chplry. (43) Holmer par. Mid.
Hereford. 2 m. NW. of Hereford- 134. Acres 600 ;
pop. 115 + 5; poor r. 36/. (Heref. U.); real prop.
1194Z. St. Bartholomew Cur. with Holmer. H.
House, J. Cheese, Esq. g3T Huntington (61) 2
m. S. of Wellington, E. Salop. ig|" HUNTING-
TON tnshp. (62) Cannock par. Mid. Stafford. 3 m.

E. of Penkridge-131, in the Chase. Pop. 121 +2.
flip HUNTINGTON par. ( ) Bulmer wap. N. R.
York. 3 m. N. of York-199, on Scarboro' rail, and
R. Foss, contains Earswick and Towthorpe. Acres
4830, of town 2760 ; pop. 652 + 3, and 490 ;
poor r. 48/. (Yk. U.) ; real prop. 6666Z. ; charities
9Z. All Saints Vic. (Yk.) val. 1271., patr. Sub-
chanters and Vics.-Cboral York cath.

Iluntingtower Castle, at Tibbermuir, SJZ. Perth.
belonging to Duke of Atholl, and used for calico
printing, was the seat where Earl Gowrie confined
Jas. VI. 1600, at the Raid ofRuthven; and gives
title of baron to Earl Dysart.

HUNTISHAM tnshp. (43) Goodrich par. S. Here-
ford. 5 m. SSW. of Ross-120, on R.Wye. Pop. 127.

HUNTLEY par. (43) Lancaster duchy, NW.
Gloucest. 7 m. WNW. of Gloucester-101. Acres
1480, with good limestone ; pop. 611 +5 ; poor r.
1 ('>.")/. (Westbury U.) ; real prop. 1410/. ; charities
281. St. J. Baptist Rect. (Gl. and Br.) val. 242/.,
patr. R. Capper, Esq. (3T HUNTI.EY hmlt. (72)
Cheadle par. N. Stafford. 1 m. S. of Cheadle-146,




seat of C. Sneyd, Esq. gip HUXTLEY tythg.
(18) Yeovil par. S. Somerset, near Yeovil-123.

P. Huntley Lodge ( ) near Cheltenham, Mid.
Gloucest. J. Taylor, Esq.

P. M. HCNTLY par. in Strathbogie, NW.
Aberd. 16 m. NW. of Aberdeen, 149 from Edin-
bro', including Dumbenan and Kinore (joined
1727), in a pleasant healthy spot on R. Doveran
(which rose "22 ft. higher than usual 1829), near
where R. Bogie joins, is a burgh of barony under
the Gordons, who take hence title of marquis.
Size 6 m. by 4, hilly, with plantations, etc., lime-
stone, plumbago, garnets, trout, salmon ; pop. 3642
* 10, of town 2731, linen weavers ; houses 596,
with church, 3 banks, schools, distiller}', brewery,
2 bridges (one old) ; real prop. 7936/. ; for poor
9757. Living (presb. Strathbogie) val. 186/., patr.
Duke of Richmond, of H. Lodge, through the
Gordons, of whose old seat, H. Castle, two halls,

fate, etc., remain. Mkt. D. Th. Fairs, last Wed.
an., last Tu. Feb. and March o. s., Wed. before 26
May, last Tu. May o. s., 2nd Tu. June, and Tu.
afte'r 2nd Tu. o. s., Wed. after 1st Tu. July o. s.,
Wed. after 2nd Tu. Aug. and Sept o. s., and 4th
Tu. Sept. o. s., Th. before 22 Nov., 1st Tu. Nov.
and Dec. o. s.

Huntly Glen (27) near Banbridge, N. Down.

Huntmoor Park ( ) near Iver, SE. Berks. Hon.
C. Tollemache.

HUNTON chplry. (12) Crawley par. N. Hants.
6 m. N. of Winchester-62, near S. West. rail.
Acres 1560 ; pop. Ill ; poor r. 681 (New Winch.
U.); real prop. 8197. St. James Cur. with Craw-

P. HUNTON par. (6) Twyford hund. Aylesford
lathe, Mid. Kent, 4 m. SW. of Maidstone-34, on
R. Beult, near Coxheath and the Weald, was a
inkt. town under the Lenhams, and came to the
Giffords, Clintons of Court Lodge (an old moated
seat), the Wyatts, etc. Acres 1940, in fruit and
hop-grounds; pop. 740 ; poor r. 4727. (Maids. U.) ;
real prop. 51037. ; charities 307., besides a sum
left by Bp. Porteus for a school. St. Mary Beet.
(Cant.) val. 7837., patr. Archbp. ; church, has
tombs of the Fanes of Burston, now a farm-
house; Jennings, . Beattie visited Bp. Por-
teus at the rectory, which commands a very
fine view. Two storms in 1746 and 1763 did great
injury here.

P. HUNTON chplry. ( ) Patrick Brompton
par. N. R. York. 5 m. ENE. of Leyburn-235.
Acres 1770 ; pop. 534 ; poor r. 987. (Leyb. U.) ;
real prop. 46187, St. John Cur. (Rip.) vaL 1007.,
patr. Bp. of Chester.

P. HUSTON-BRIDGE (7) 3 m. NNW. of Wat-
ford- 16, SW. Herts, on Birmingh. rail, and Gd.
Junct. canal. H. House, ; Langleybury, E.
Whittingstall, Esq.

Huntroyd ( ) 3 m. WXW. of Burnley, Mid,
Lancash. L. Starkie, Esq. (?)

Hunts Green (8) 6 m. SSE. of Reigate, SE.
Surrey. gg H. Green (62) 4 m. SSW. of Tarn-
worth, NW. Warwick.

HCNTSHAH par. (21) Tiverton hund. NE. De-
von. 6 m. NE. of Tiverton-165. Acres 2930 ; pop.
157 ; poor r. 487. (Tivert U.) ; real prop. 17337.
Living, a Rect. (Exet.) val. 1867., patr. Rev. Dr.
Troyte, rector, of H. Castle, igp" HUXTSHAM vil.
(43) 4 m. NE. of Monmouth, SE. Hereford, near
the ferry on R. Wye.

HUXTSHAW par. (26) Fremington hund. NW.
Devon. 2 m. NNE. of Torrington-194. Acres
2390 ; pop. 296 ; poor r. 1047. (Torring. U.) ; real
prop. 12187. ; charities 37. St. M. Magdalen Rect.
(Exet.) val. 1827., patr. Lord Clinton.

HL.NTSHILL hmlt. (20) Chilton-Trinity par.

Mid. Somerset. 2 m. SW. of Bridgwatcr- 139.
j Pop. 2i>.

HUXTSLOW vil. near Westruther, W. Berwick.
! under Lammermuir.

Somerset, contains the pars, of Huntspill and Pu-
riton ; acres 6800, pop. 2095, houses 422.

P. HUXTSPILL par. in the above hund. 5 m. N
of Bridgwater-139, near Brist. rail, and R. Par-
ret's mouth, containing Aston Morris, was once a
mkt. town. Acres 50 10; pop. 1643 + 16; poor r.
8347. (Bridgw. U.) ; real prop. 7.; charities 107.,
of which 77. for How's school. All Saints Rect.
(Ba. and W.) val. 6077., patr. Balliol Coll. Oxon. ;
All Saints Cur. 507., Rector. II. Court, S. Pain,
Esq. Fairs, 29 June, 10 Aug. 17 Dec.

P. Huntstown House (13) 4 m. NNE. of Lucan,
W. Dublin, H. J. MacFarlane, Esq.

HUXTWICK tush p. (87) with Foulby and Nos-
tal, Wragby par. W. R. York. 4 m. ESE. of Wake-
field-182. Pop. 152.

HUXTWORTH hmlt. (20) N. Petherton par.
Mid. Somerset. 2 in. SSE. of Bridgwater-139, on
Bristol rail, and R. Parret. Real prop. 11907.
H. House, C. Chapman, Esq.

HUNWICK tnshp. ( ) with Helmington, St.
Andrew Auckland par. Mid. Durham, 2 m. NW.
of Bishop Auckland-248, near R. Wear. Acres
1560 ; pop. 338 + 17 ; poor r. 867. (Auckld. U.).

Hunwick Hall ( ) near , Nvrtftmptn. W.
Orlebar, Esq.

HUXWOKTH par. (68) Holt hund. N. Norfolk,
2m. SW. of Holt-119. Acres 940; pop. 234,
tanners; poor r. 1107. (Erpingham U.) ; real prop.
7. ; charities 67. for Symond's school. St. Law-
rence Rect. with Stody"

Hunworth ( ) near , Somerset, belongs to
the Portmans through the Pophams of Littlecott.

Hurcot (14) 2 m. N. of Salisbury, SE. Wilts.

HURCOTE hmlt (18) White Lackington par.
S. Somerset. 1 m. E. of Ilminster-136.

HURCOTT hmlt. Ilton par. near the above.
Pop. 12. 3p HURCOTT tythg. (18) Somerton
par. Mid. Somerset. 1 m. NE. of Somerton-123.

HrRDCOTT hmlt. ( ) Baverstock par. -S. Wilts.
4m. W. of Wilton -84, is a meet for the S.Wilts,
hounds. Pop. 58. H. House, A. Powell, Esq.

Hurdlestown (17) near Kells, N. Meath. gap"
Hurdlestown (44) near Broadford, E. Clare, W.
Bently, Esq.

HURDLEY tnshp. (60) Church Stoke par. SE.
Montgomery. 3 m. SE. of Montgomery-168. Pop.
205 ; real prop. 16577.

Hurdlow (81) 6 m. WSW. of Bakewell, NW.
Derby. (O Hurdlow, 1 m. SSE. of the above.

Hurds Deep, a serpentine hollow, N. of the
Channel Islds. between lat. 49 and 50, 40 m.
long and 2 to 3 broad, with a coarse gravelly
bottom 5 to 20 and 30 fath. deeper than the
neighbourhood, which is sandy.

HURDSFIELD tnshp. (81) "Prestbury par. E.
Cheshire, 1 m. ENE. of Macclesfield. Acres 860 ;
pop. 3551 + 47 ; poor r. 2917. (Macclesf. U.) ; real
prop. 88637. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. 667., patr.
Hyndman's Trustees.

Hurlers, The (25) near St. Clear, Mid. Cornwall,
are two druid circles of stones, 3 to 6 ft. high.

HURLESTOX tnshp. (73) Acton par. 5. Chesh.
2m. NW. of Nantwich-164, on Liverpool canal.
Acres 1060 ; pop. 192 ; poor r. 577. (Nantw. U.) ;
real prop. 26297.

P. HURLET vil. Abbey par. Mid. Renfrew.
near Paisley-51, on R. Lavern, has Earl Glasgow's
collieries, and a large factory for the alum found
in the shale and slate clay, along with Epsom
salt, etc. Pop. 287.


P. HURLEY par. (7) Reynhurst Lund. E.
Berks. 2m. SW. of Gt. Marlow-iJl, at the ferry
on the Thames, in a fine spot, containing Knowle
Hill cur., was given by the Conqueror to Geof.
de Mandeville, who 1086 found, a benedictine
cell to Westminster Ab., which came to the Love-
laces (Lords Hurley), who about 1600 b. Lady
Place on site of the old crypts, where the plan-
ners of the Revolution of 1688 met. Acres 4530 ;
pop. 1119; poor r. 5917. (Cookham U.) ; real
prop. 78347. ; charities 587. St. Mary Vic. (Oxon.)
val. 263/., patr. Rev. F. J. Wethered, vicar. Lady
Place, now seat of Capt. Parker, through the
Wilcotes, etc., has remains of the priory, refectory,
and a saloon said to be painted by S. Rosa, and
the crvpts have been visited by William III.,
Geo. III., and Paoli.

P. HURLEY hmlt. (62) Kingsbury par. N.
Warwick. 4 m. WSW. of Atherstone-107. Real
prop. 4776/. H. Hall, Mrs. K. Willington.

P. HURLFORD vil. Riccarton par. Mid. Ayr.
near Kilmarnock-62, on Glasg. and Ayr rail.
Pop. 371.

Hurlstone Point ( ) E. side of Porlock bay,
W. Somerset, in British Chan., is the craggy end
of the N. Hills which line the coast.

HURN tythg. (16) Christchurch par. SW.
Hants, near Christchurch-100. Pop. 482; real
prop. 47147.

HURRY hmlt. ( ) Hunderthwaite tnslip. N. R.
York. 6 m. NW. of Barnard Castle-246.

P. HURSLEY par. (11) Lower Buddlesgate
hund. Mid. Hants. 4m. SW. of Winchester-62,
containing Ampfield cur., was part of Merdon, be-
longing to the saxon kings and bps. of Winton,
and was seat of Rich. Cromwell through his wife,
a Maijor. Acres 9850 ; pop. 1520 + 11; poor r.
6267. ; real prop. 10,4767. ; charities I/. All Saints
J ic. (Win.) val. with Otterbourne 4407., patr.
Sir W. Heathcote, Bt. of H. Lodge, which stands
on the site of the old house wherein the seal of
the commonwealth was found about 1746;
church, has tombs of R. Cromwell (who died at
Cheshunt) and his fain. The H. hounds are ken-
nelled here. Hurs. P. L. Union, contains the pars,
etc. of Baddesley, Farley, Hursley, Otterbourne ;
acres 16,400, pop. 2592, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7)
276 (out-door 220), expend. 1201/., prop, rated
13,6537. It belongs to Winchester New County
Court district.

P. HURST par. chplry. (7) Sonning and Charl-
ton hunds. E. Berks, and Amesbury hund. Wilts.
3 m. NNW. of Wokingham-31, near Gt. West,
rail., contains Bean Wood cur., Broad Hinton,
Newland, Winnersh, and Whistley Hurst. Acres
6860 ; pop. 2339 + 17 ; poor r. 1. (Woking. U.) ;
charities 4417., of which Bigg's for poor, etc. 209/.,
.Barker's and Twyford's almsh. 1007., Polehamp-
ton's school, etc. 881. St. Nicholas Cur. (Oxon.)
val. 1737., patr. Bishop; church, has tombs of
the Harrisons of H. Place (now Mrs. Wowen), an
old elizabethan seat b. by Treasurer Ward, and
once occupied by the Q. of Bohemia, daughter of
James I. H. Park, Sir J. Conroy, Bt. ; H. Grove,
Captain Bolders, M. P. ' Hurst,' a wood, gives
name to many places once forest, as in the
following, and ilorsted (Hursted), Ticehurst,
Hawkhurst, etc.

HURST tnshp. (55) Dilwyn par. NW. Hereford.
1 in. N. of Weobly-J45, is joined to NKWTOWN.
<gT HURST par. (4) Street hund. Shepway lathe,
SE. Kent, 6m. SE. of Ashford-53, on Royal
Military canal, in Romney Marsh. Acres 560,
partly m hops ; pop. 40; poor r. 2 II. (K. AshfiL
U.) ; real prop. 7447. St. Leonard Rect. (Cant.)
val. 55/., patr ; no church. ^ HUKST (88)



near Asliton-umler-Lyne-186, SE. Lancashire,
seat of T. Seel, Esq. ( ?) Living, a Cur. (Manch.)
val. 1507., patr. Crown and Bishop, gap" HURST
tnshp. ( ) Woodhorn par. E. Northmbrld. 5 m.
ENE. of Morpeth-289. Pop. 42. ^ HURST
hmlt. (18) Martock par. S. Somerset. 2 m.
NE. of S. Petherton-130, is joined to BOWER-
HINTON. Real prop. 21 14/. lgi HURST vil.
(53) Stoneleigh par. Mid. Warwick. 4 m. SW. of
Coventry-91. gSTHuRST hmlt ( ) Marrick par.
N. R. York. 2 m. N NE. of Reeth-242. Pop. 352.

Hurst Castle (10-16) 4 m. S. of Lymington,
S W. Hants, at the end of a narrow shingley
causeway, 2 m. long, was b. by Hen. VIII. to
command the Needles passage, and was the place
of Ch. I.'s confinement, Dec. 1C48, the month
before his death. H. C. Lights, lat. 50 42' N.,
long. 1 33' W., put up 1812, are 755 ft. apart, 66
and 29 ft. high, seen 12 and 9m. and, in a
line bearing NE. by E. J E. (by comp.), lead over
the Needles Bridge, a shoal which joins the
Shingles bank. igf" H. COURTNEY tnshp. (87)
Birkin par. W. R. York. 2 m. NW. of Snaith-173,
on R. Aire. Acres 560 ; pop. 134 + 2 ; poor r. 397.
(Selby U.) ; real prop. 11307. ^ H. End (46)
3 m. ESE. of Newport-Pagnel, NE. Bucks.

Hurst Farm (35) 3 m. NW. of Berkeley, W.
Gloucest. on the Severn. igT H. House ( )
near W. Moulsey, N. Surrey, Sir D. Hill, on the

P. HURST GREEN hmlt. (5) Salehurst par. NE.
Sussex, 7 m. N. of Battle-56. ^g" H. Green
(62) 3 m. NW. of Coleshill, NW. Warwick, on
Birmingham canal.

P. HURST GREEN ( ) near Clitheroe, York.
is a Cur. (Rip.) val. 7., patr. Trustees.

P. HURST, OLD, par. (52) Hurstingstone hund.
E. Hunts. 5 m. NE. of Huntingdon-59, near an
old stone, which gives name to the hund. Acres
1350, once woodland ; pop. 182 ; poor r. 987, (St.
Ive's U.); real prop. 16867. St. Peter Cur. with
St. Ive's ; church, has an old 8-sided font.

Buttinghill hund. Lewes rape, Mid. Sussex, 5 m.
SSW. of Cuckfield-38, near Brighton rail, under
the S. Downs, was held by Earl Goodwin, the
Fitzwarrens, Pierreponts, Gorings, Shaws. Acres
5590 ; pop. 2118 + 63 ; poor r. 10077. (Cuckf. U.) ;
real prop. 11,9327.; charities 497., with a school
and Campion's small-pox hosp. St. Lawrence
Rect. (Chic.) val. 10007., patr. N. Borrer, Esq. ;
church (Edw. III.) has an old font, wooden spire,
and effigies, etc. of the Dacres, Courthopes, Cam-
pions of Danny, which was built 1595, now seat
of W. Campion, Esq. &TH. Priory (86) 2 m. S.
of Crowle, NW. Lincoln. C. Stovin, Esq. (gp
Hurst, 77e (56) 4 m. S. of Bishop's Castle, <S W.
Salop. $&" H. TEMPLE tnshp. (87) Birkin par.
W. R. York. 3 m. NW. of Snaith-173, on R. Aire,
had a Templars' preceptory, found. 1252 by Ralph
de Hastings. Acres 680; pop. 114; poor r. 227.
(Selby U.).

Evingar hund. N. Hants. 2 m. SW. of Whitchurch
-56. Acres 3070; pop. 506 + 1; poor r. 2507.
(Whitch. U.); real prop. 28627.; charities 27.
St. Andrew Vic. (Win.) val. with Bourne 2027.,
patr. Bishop. II. Park, Earl Portsmouth, with
a mansion designed by Wyatt. <3F" H. TARRANT
par. .(12) Upper Pastrow hund. NW. Hants. 5 m.
NNE. of Andover-63, contains Brickleton. Acres
6380 ; pop. 850 + 7 ; poor r. 6407. (Ando. U.) ; real
prop. 41777. ; charities 197. St. Peter Vic. (Win.)
val. with Vernham Dean 3707., patr. Bishop.


Hunts, so called from on ancient stone near Old




Hurst, contains Huntingdon, the pars, of Blunt-
isham reel., Broughton r., Bury cur., Colne c.

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