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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 259 of 293)
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Hartford vie., Holywell-cum-Needingworth r.
Houghton r., Old Hurst, St. Ive's c., Pidsey-cum-
Fenton, Ramsey, Great and Little Raveley c.
Abbott's and King's Ripton rs., Somersham r.
Great (c.) and Little (r) Stukeley, Upwood c.
Warboys r., Wistow r., Witton, Woodhurst, and
part of Hinchinbrook ; acres (exclusive of Hunt-
ingdon) 77,440, pop. 19,030, houses 3890.

HURSTLEY tnshp. (56) Letton par. W. Here-
ford. 4 m. SW. of Weobly-145. Acres 420 ; pop.
105 + 4 ; real prop. 932/.


Hurston (9) 7 m. SE. of Petworth, Mid. Sussex,
a meet for Mr. Napper's hounds.

HURSTWOOD tnshp. ( ) Whalley par. E. Lan-
cash. 2 m. E. of Burnley-211, is joined to

HURTMORE hmlt. (8) Godalming par. W.
Surrey, 1J m. NW. of Godalming-33, near R.Wey.

Hurts or Herts Hall ( ) close to Saxmundham,
E. Suffolk, C. Bayley, Esq.

Hurtwell(48} 4' m. SE. of Winslow, Mid.Bucks.

P. HURWORTH par. ( j SW. Stockton ward,
SE. Durham, Gt. N. of Engirt, rail., 3 m. S. of
Darlington-241, on a hill by R. Tees, containing
Jfeasham. Acres 3920, of town 2670 ; pop.
1599 + 25 and 1235, in the linen manufact. ; poor
r. 4147. (Darling. U.) ; real prop. 61607. ; cha-
rities 387., of which 277. to school. All Saints
Rect. (Dur.) val. 5747., patr. Rev. R. H. William-
son, rector. The eccentric Emerson the mathe-
matician, was a native (1701-82).

Hurworth, Black and White ( ) 7 m. WNW.
of Hartlepool, E. Durham, belong to Wilkin-
son of Coxhoe, whose hounds are kennelled here.

HUSBAND'S, Leicester.

BORN, Beds.

Husham Green ( ) 1 m. W. of Esher, N. Surrey,
J. Scott, Esq.

HUSTHWAITE par. ( ) Birdforth wap. N. R.
York. 3 m. N. of Easingwold-212, contains
Carlton. Acres 2800, of town 1680 ; pop. 577
+ 4, and 406 ; poor r. 1007. (Easingw. U.) ; real
prop. 30157. ; charities 77. Living, a Cur. (Yk.)
val. 917., patr. Trin. Coll. Camb. H. House, J.
Bland, Esq.

HUT-GREEN hmlt. (87) Eggborough tnshp.
W. R. York. 5 m. W. of Snaith-173.

HUTBANK hmlt. ( ) Preston Quarter tnshp.
W. Cumbrld. near Whitehaven-294.

HUTCHISONTOWN q. s. par. in Gorbals par. NW.
Lanark, suburbs of Glasgow, near Hutcheson's
bridge, on the Clyde, belongs to Hutcheson's
hosp. in the city. Pop. 3559. Living (presb.
Glasgw.) val. I., patr. Church Bldg. Society.

HUTHWAITE vil. (88) Thurgoland tnshp. W.R.
York. 3 m. SE. of Penistone-175.

HUTTOFT par. (84) Calceworth hund. E. Lin-
coln. 3 m. E. of Alford-139, near the coast. Acres
3310; pop. 515 + 4; poor r. 2777. (Spilsby U.) ;
real prop. 58177. ; charities 67. St. Margaret Vic.
(Line.) val. 1007., patr. Crown ; church, has an
old decorated eng. chest. H. Bank, 2 m. NE.

P. HUTTON par. in the Merse, SE. Berwick.
3 m. SE. of Chirnside-50, near Union bridge on
the Tweed and Whitadder, contains Paxton, seat
of the Homes. Size 4 m. by 3, level, and very
fertile, with stone, granite, trout, salmon, etc. ;
pop. 1133 + 3; real prop. 94697. ; for poor 3437.
Living (presb. Chirns.) val. 2367., patr. Crown,
was held by Redpath, who translated ' Boethius.'

//. Hall, . The late schoolmaster was 7 ft. 4 in.
high, gg*" HUTTON par. (1) Barnstable hund.
S. Essex, 2 m. W. of Billericay-23, near E.
Count, rail. Acres 2950 ; pop. 449 + 6 ; poor r.
1797. (Biller. U.) ; real prop. 26157. ; charities
387. All Saints Rect. (Roch.) val. 3867., patr.
Dean and Chap, of St. Paul's ; church, has brass
of a man in armour (1510). H. Hall, J. Forbes,
Esq. igT HUTTON tnshp. (89) Penwortham par.
Mid. Lancash. 3 m. SW. of Preston-217, near R.
Ribble, has the subscription gram, school. Acres
2000; pop. 563; poor r. 2387. (Prest U.) ; real
prop. 36017. H. Hall, Col. Rowstorne.

P. BUTTON par. ('20) Winterstoke hund. 2V.
Somerset. 5 m. NW. of Axbridge-130, near Gt.
West. rail. Acres 2040, with ochre and other
pits, where manv bones have been found; pop.
462 + 8 ; poor r. 2657. (Axb. U.) ; real prop.
35357.; charities 47. St. Mary Rect. (Ba. and
W.) val. 4347., patr. G. Gibbs, Esq. ; church, has
a stone pulpit H. House, with a timbered hall
and old tower.

BUTTON and CORRIE par., in Annandale, Mill.
Dumfries. 6 m. NE. of Lockerby-67, on Nielk,
Dryfe, and Corrie waters, has a moot-hill and
remains efforts at Carthur, etc. Size 12 m. by 3,
or 23,000 acres, hilly sheep-walks, with trout,
etc. ; pop. 809, decreasing ; real prop. 57647. ; for
poor 1297. Living (presb. Lochmaben) val. 2417.,
patr. Johnstone of Annandale, whose old seat was
Lun at Corriemains. Part of Graham of Gilles-
bie's tower is left.

HuTTON-BoNViLLE chplry. ( ) Birkby par.
N. R. York. 4 m. NN W. of Northallerton-225, on
Gt. N. of Engld. rail, and a branch of R. Swale,
containing Lovesome Hill, is a meet for the Be-
dale hounds. Acres 1080; pop. Ill; poor r. 397.
(Xorthallert. U.) ; real prop. 16547. St. Lawrence
Cur. (Yk.) val. 537., patr. Mrs. M. A. Pierse.
H. B. Hall, Col. Towers. ^ H.-BusHEU,
par. ( ) Pickering-Lythe wap. N. R. York. 5 m.
SW. of Scarboro'-187, containing W. Ayton, be-
longed to the Buscels who came over at the
Conquest. Acres 5670, of town 3510; pop.
811 + 4, and 506 ; poor r. 817. (Scarb. U.) ; real
prop. 32877. ; charities, 147. to school. St.
Matthew Vic. (Yk.) val. 3207., patr. Earl Fitz-
william ; church, has tombs of the fam. of G.
Osbaldeston, Esq., of H. B. Hall. ^ H.-Cow-
YERS ext. par. ( ) Allertonshire wap. N. R.
York. 2 m. NNE. of Ripon-212, on R. Ouse.
Acres 3010 ; pop. 190 + 4 ; poor r. 767. (Gt. Ouse-
burn Incorp.) ; real prop. 29057. fif H. GRANS-
WICK par. ( ) Harthill wap. E. R. York. 3 m. S.
of Gt. Driffield-196, on Yk. and N. Midld. rail., con-
tains Rotsea and Sunderlandwick, near the Wolds.
Acres 6230, of town 4710 ; pop. 1228 + 1 1, and
1154 + 10; poor r. 4577. (Driff. U.) ; real prop.
55167. ; charities 107. St. Peter Vic. (Yk.) val. 1307.,
patr. Lord Hotham. ^p" H.-HANG tnshp. ( )
Finghall par. N. R. York. 5 m. ENE. of Leyburn
-235. Acres 580 ; pop. 43 + 2 ; poor r. 297. (Leyb.
U.). gaT H.-HENRY tnshp. ( ) Monk-Hesleton
par. E. Durham, 7 m. WNW. of Hartlepool-253,
near the rail. Acres 1800 ; pop. 287 + 12 ; poor
r. 667. (Easington U.); real prop. 48837., of which
34607. on mines. fiT H., HIGH and Low, vils.
( ) Huttons-Ambo par. N. R. York, as below.
Igg- H.-I'-THE-HAY tnshp. ( ) Kendal par. S.
Westmrld. 3 m. SE. of Kendal-262, is joined to


par. ( ) Leath ward, Mid. Cumbrld. 5 m. NW.
of Penrith-283, near Carlisle rail, and R. Peterill,
was held by the service of repairing the fences of
Plumpton forest, and holding the king's stirrup.
Acres 2370, moory ; pop. 264 ; poor r. 627. (Penr.




U.) ; real prop. 22647. ; charities, Fletcher's school,
etc. 261. St. James Sect. (Carl.) val. 1237., patr.
Dean and Chp. H. Hall, Sir H. R. F. Vane,
13t., through the Buttons ; H. Park, . On the
common are traces of Collinson cast, or fort ; and
Old Penrith, a ronian station, lies on the way to
Carlisle fgP H.-JoHN, H.-RooF, and H.-SoiL
tnshps. ( ) Greystoke par. Mid. Cumlrld. 4 m.
and 10 m. SE. of Hesket Newmarket-296, near
Greystoke park. Pop. 25, 197, and 359 ; poor- r.
1867". (Penrith U.) ; real prop. 42627. //. Hall,
the old seat of A. Huddlestone, Esq. (through the
Muttons), of which fam. was John, the priest who
saved Ch. II. after the battle of Worcester, and
gave him absolution on his death-bed. ig5P II.-
LE-HOLE tnshp. ( ) Lastingham par. N. R.
York. 3 m. N. of Kirby Moorside-228, on a branch
of R. Rye, contains Spaunton Lodge. Acres 1520 ;
pop. 272 ; poor r. 587. (Helmsley U.) ; real prop.
16097. |^ H.-LOWCROSS tnshp. ( ) Guis-
brough par. TV. R. York. 1 m. S\V. of Guisbrough
-245. Acres 1510 ; pop. 57 ; poor r. 367. (Guisb.
U.) ; real prop. 1091/. gST H.-MAGNA par. ( )
W. Gillingwap. 2V. 7?. York. 7m. NNW. of Rich -
mond-233, contains W. Layton and Lane Head.
Acres 2080, of town 1510; pop. 297, and 209;
poor r. 621. (Teesdale U.); real prop. 2719/.
Living, a Cur. (Rip.) val. 52/., patr. Vicar of
Gilling ; church, ancient. igST H.-MULGRAVE
tnshp. ( ) Lythe par. 2V. It. York. 4 m. W. of
Whitby-236, near Dursley bay. Acres 1480;
pop. 63 ; poor r. 107. (Whitby U.) ; real prop.
9357. M. Castle, Marq. of Normanby, where
roman uras have been found. gif H., NE\V,
tnshp. ( ) Kendal par. S. Westmrld. 4 m. E. of
Kendal-262, on R. Betha, near H. Common, where
is the reservoir of the Lancaster canal. Pop.
148; poor r. 1822, (Kend. U.); real prop. 14597.
Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. 80/., patr. Vicar.
Ijii" H., OLD, chplry. with Holmescales, as above,
2 m. SW. Pop. 488 + 6 ; poor r. 1937. ; real prop.
1393/. ; charities, Miller's school, with a library
attached. St. J. Baptist Cur. (Ches.) val. 987.,
patr. Vicar. U3T H.-PRIEST tnshp. ( )Warton
par. 2V. Lanca&h. 8 m. NNE. of Lancaster-240,
near Kendal canal. Acres 970 ; pop. 254 ; poor
r. 477. (Lane. U.) ; real prop. 15857. igT H.
ROOF. See H. JOHN, CumMd., above,

ROOF chplry. ( ) Kirkby-Lonsdale par. S. West-
mrld. 2 m. W. of K. Lonsdale-252, under H.
Crags, contains Newbiggin. Acres 2410 ; pop.
319; poor r. 1307. (Kend. U.) ; real prop. 21267.;
charities 167., of which 117. to school. Living, a
Cur. (Ches.) val. 807., patr. Vicar. //. R. Park,
belongs to the Charteris, through the Cams fam.

P. HuTTON-RuDBY tnshp. ( ) Rudby-in-
Cleveland par. N. R. York. 3 m. WSW. of Stbkes-
ley-238, on R. Leaven.. Acres 1890 ; pop. 911,
in the linen manufacture ; poor r. 3262. (Stokes.
U.) ; real prop. 36212.

P. HUTTON, SAND, tnshp. ( ) Bossall par.
N. R. York. 7 m. NE. of York- 199, near R. Der-
\rent. Acres 2280 ; pop. 224 + 6 ; poor r. 367.
(Yk. U.). //. S. Park, J. Walker, Esq. S H.,
SAND, tnshp. ( ) Thirsk par. 2V. R. York. 3 m.
W. of Thirsk-217, near Gt. N. of Engld. rail.
Acres 940 ; pop. 309 ; poor r. 537. (Thirsk U.) ;
real prop. 16092. St. Mary Cur. (Yk.) val. 1157.,
patr. Archbp. fl3" H.-SKSSAY tnslip. ( ) Scssay
par. N. R. York. 4m. SE. of Thirsk-217, near
Gt. N. of Engld. rail. Acres 600; pop. 114; poor
r. 537. (Thirsk U.) ; real prop. 30707.

P. HUTTON, SHERIFF, par. ( ) Bulmer wnp.
2V. R. York. 9 m. SW. of New Malton-217, near
York and Scarboro' rail., containing Cornbrough,
Farlington, N. Ings, Lillings Ambo, and StitU-n-

ham, has remains of Bertrand de Bulmer's castie
(Steph.) where Rich. III. confined Edw. Planta-
genet, and Elizabeth, who became wife of Hen.
VII., and which Hen. VIII. gave to his natural
son the Duke of Richmond. Acres 9590, of town
4310; pop. 1499+12, and 955+8; poor r. 3. 4 i97.
(MaltonlL); real prop. 550 17. St. Helen Fc.(Yk.)
val. 1947., patr. Archbp. H. Lodge, ; S.H. Park,
! G. Thompson, Esq. figf H.-SoiL. See H. JOHN,
Cumbrld., above. gif H. WANDESLEY tnshp.
( ) Long Marston par. York Ainsty, 5 in. W.
ofYork-199. Acres 1250; pop. 125; poor r. 147.
(Barwick Incorp.) ; real prop. 21977.

HUTTONS-AMBO par. ( ) Bulmer wap. N. S.

I York. 3 m. SW. of New Malton-217, on York

rail, and R. Derweut, contains H., HIGH and

: Low, vils. Acres 2300 ; pop. 408 j poor r. 2467.

(Malton U.); real prop. 34437. St. Margaret

Cur. (Yk.) val. 937., patr. Archbp.

HUXHAM par. (21) Wonford hund. NE. Devon.

3 m. NE. of Exeter-164, near Bristol rail, and R.

Culm. Acres 830, with manganese; pop. 150;

\ poor r. 1027. (St. Thomas U.); real prop. 10832.

Living, a Rect., with Poltimore.

HUXLEY tnshp. (80) Waverton par. W. Cheshire,
3 m. WSW. ef Tarporley-178, near Chester canal
and Crewe rail. Acres 1600 ; pop. 279 + 3 ; poor
r. 1397. (Gt. Boughton U.) ; real prop. 21687.
H. Hall, a seat of the Wilbrahams, who have the

HUXLOE HUNDRED (52-64) E. Northmptn.
is Hochesla of 'Domesdy.' including N. and
S. Nevesland, and contains the pars, of Great
(rect) and Little (vie.) Addington, Aldwinkle,
(All Saints and St. Peter's), Barnwell All Saints,
Barton Seagrave r., Burton Latimer r., Cranford
(St. Andrew and St. John r.), Denford ., Fine-
don v., Grafton-Underwood r., Irthlingborough r.,
Islip, Kettering r., Lilford, Lowick, Slepton, Sud-
borough, Twvwell, Warkton r. and Woodford r. ;
acres 41,790", pop. 13,962, houses 2886. See

P. HUYTON par. (80) W. Derby hund. SJT.
Lancash., 2 m. SW. of Prescot-198, on Liverp.
and Manch. rail, contains Knowsley cur , Roby,
and Tarbock. Acres 9720, with coal and stone,
of town 1630, pop. 3749 + 33, and 1263+17;
poor r. 1757. (Presc. U.); real prop. 75317.; cha-
rities 40/., of which 107. to free school. St. Michael
Vic. (Ches.) val. 2027., patr. Earl of Derby, of
Knowsley Pk.

Hwealluecie of the Saxons, is WHALLET Lane. ;
HWERWILLE is Whorwell Ab. Hants. ; Hwiccas,
or Magesettam, the seat of the Wiccii, near the
Severn, Worcest., was part of Mercia. though for
some time independent, and included Glmic.,
Wore., and part of IVarwk., corresponding to
the old diocese of Worcester; Hwitcirc, is WIUT-
CHURCH, Hants. ; Hwiterne, WIIITHERN, f fit/ton.

HWYLBREN tnshp. (79) Gwaenysgor par. 2V.
Flint. 4 m. NE. of Rhyddlan-108. " Pop. 109.

Hy Brazil, a rich a'nd fertile country in Irish
fable, lost under the sea, between Donegal and
Mizen Head. "Hy" corresponds to O', Mac,
etc., signifying a clan, or the territory of a clan,
as in the following : Hy Breassil, was Clanbrais-
sail, Arnutt/li ; Hy Brassil was part of Offaly ;
Hy Conall, see C. Muirtkemne. Hy Conall (Juitra,
or Fearmore, was Connelloe bar. Limerick, where
St. Senanus, the poet's woman-hater, was born.
Hy Briun ratlin, was in Athonrv bar. E. Galway-;
Hy Briun Cullan, see Crioclt Catalan. Hy Briun
Sinna, or Tirmbruin, was in Roscommon, along
the Shannon. Hy Briun (Xortli), was Muintir
Birne, Tyrone; Hy Cormaic, part of Hy Macar-
tlu-n Londondy. on L. Fovle. Hy Falaia, sea





Offaly. Hy Fiachria, was along the Derg, Tyrone
and Londondy. including Ardstraw diocese. Hy \
Fiachria Aidhna, waspartofClanricarde, Galuxty; ;
Hy Fiachria Muaidha, on the Moy (or Muadus), ]
Mayo ; Hy Figinte, Connelloe and Iraghticonner '
bars. Limerick and Kerry ; Hy Fogarta, about
Thurles, Tipperury, seat of the O'Fogartys. Hy \
Kerin, see Ikerin. Hy Kinsellagh, was between the
Barrow and Slaney, Wexford, seat of the Kin-
sellaghs ; Hy Liathain, in Decies bar. Waterford,
opposite Youghall. Hy Mairche, is Slievmargy
bar. Queen's Co. Hy Macarthen, was on L. Foyle, [
.Londonderry. Hy Machnais, or Macvais, was in
Moygoish bar. Westmeath, on R. Inny ; Hy Maine,
or Mainech, E. Galway, seat of the O'Dalys and
O'Kellys. Hy Media, or Umaille, was Morrisk ''
and part of Garragh bars. S W. Mayo, seat of the
O'Malleys. Hy Meith Mhara, or ' maritime,' was
about Carlingford, Louth, on the Sea ; Hy Meith \
tire, or ' inland,' was Oriel bar. Armagh, near the j
former, seat of the O'Hanlans. Hy Niellia, \
South, was Meath ; Hy Niellia, North, was Ty-
rone, Tyrconnell, etc. in Ulster, seat of the O'Neills [
orNialls. Hy Onach, was part ofRoscommon bar. i
Roscmn., seat of O'Connors-Roe and O'Connors-
Don. Hy Regan, or O'Regan, was Tinnehinch
bar. Queen's Co., seat of the O'Duins or Duns,
and O'Regans; Hy Semnia, part of Dalaradia
(which see). Hy Veach, see Iveach.

HYCKH AM- NORTH par (83) Lower Boothbv
Graffo wap. W. Lincoln. 4 m. SSW. of Lincoln
-132, on R. Witham. Acres 1990; pop. 367 + 5;
poor r. 90/. (Line. U.); real prop. 2591/. ; cha-
rities 2 All Saints Car. (Line.) val. ISO/., patr.
Bishop : no church. ig|" H. SOUTH par. as
above, 1 m. SW., contains Haddington. Acres
1160; pop. 147 + 3; poor r. 17/,; real prop. 1694/.
St. Michael Rect. (Line.) vaL 340/., patr. Ld.

HYDAN DOL and H. UCHA tnshps. (60) Castle
Caereinion par. E. Montgomery. 3 m. E. of Llau-
fair-178. Pop. 72 and 94; real prop. 1819/.

P. HYDE, or GEE CROSS, chplry. ( ) Stock-
port par. NE. Cheshire, 4 m. NE. of Stockport-176,
a modern town, on R. Tame, Peak Forest canal,
and Manch. and Shef. rail. Acres 660 ; pop. 10,170
+ 303, cotton spinners and weavers, and colliers ;
houses , with 4 chapels, bank, mechanics' insti-
tute, etc. ; poor r. 478/. (Stockp. U.) ; real prop.
22,9247. ; charities, 8/. to free school. Living, a
Cur. (Ches.) val. 156/., patr. Rector; St. Thomas
Cur. 130Z., Crown and Bishop. H. Hall, the old
seat of Capt. J. Hyde Clarke, a descendant of the
great earl of Clarendon, of whom there is a

HYDE tnshp. < 44) Didbrook par. NE. Gloucest.
4 m. E. of \Vinchoomb-95, is joined to PINNOCK.
iSf" HYDE hmlt. (34) Minchinhampton par.
Mid. Gloucest. 1 m. N E. of Minchinhampton-98.

P. HYDK ville(7) Kingsburv par. Mid. Middle-
sex, 8 m. NW. of St. Paul's. Pop. 263. ^HYDE
tythg. (18) Montacute par. S. Somerset. 4 m.
VV N \V. of Yeovil- 123. Pop. 46. ^" Hyde ( )
near , Worctst. W. Skey, Esq. fgg Hyde, near
Skipsea, E. R. York, was washed away by the

Hyde Abbey, or New Minster, at WINCHESTER,
Hants., was famous for its illuminations ; and here
Godeman, the monk, painted 963-70, St. Ethel-
wold's ' Benedictional,' 11^ in. by 8J, belonging
to Duke of Devonshire. i$g HYDE, EAST and
WEST, hmlt, (46) Luton par. S. Beds. 3 m. SE. of
Lutou-31, on R. Lea. Pop. 631. Living, a Cur.
(Ely) val./., pair. Vicar. giT //. End (13)
at Denchworth, NW. Berks. C. Hyde, Esq., near
the site of a moated seat (?). tfiP H. Hall

(47) 4 m. S. of Bishop Stortford, W. Essex,
near Camb. rail, and R. Stort. gg H. Hall ( 1 )
near Ingatestone, Mid. Essex, and E. Count, rail.,
J. Disney, Esq., whose collection of marbles,
bronzes, vases, etc. is described in the " Musaeum
Disneianum." ggT H. House ( ) 3 m. NNW.
of Amersham, Mid. Bucks. R. Ward, Esq.
^ H. House ( ) 4 m. NW. of Wareham, SE.
Dorset. G. Peach, Esq. gaT" H. NORTH limit,
(7) Norwood chplry. and Heston par. W. Middle-
sex, 3 m. WNW. of Brentford-7, on Gd. Juuct.

Hyde Hall, Great (47) 1 m. NE. of Sawbridge-
worth, E. Herts. Gen. Sir J. Malcolm, near E.
Count, rail. ; Lit. H. Hall, Earl Roden. $3T H.
Park House ( ) near Cork, S E.Cork, J. Moi-rou<fh,
Esq. ^ H., WEST (7) 2 m. SW. of Rick-
mansworth, S W. Herts. St. Thomas Cur. (Roch.)
val. 100/., patr. Bp. of London.

Hyde Park (61) near Belfast, S. Antrim.
<gp H. Park (8) near Cranley, S. Surrey.
gT H. Park (27-8) 2 m. SE. of Killucan, /;.
Westmeath, on Royal canal, G. J. D'Arcy. Esq.
[email protected] //. Park (3) hear Ballylarkin, N. Wexford,
M. F. Beauman, Esq. $&-~Hyde, The (47) 6 m.
W. of Sudbury, N. Essex.

HYDES PASTURES hmlt. ( ) Hunningham
par. Mid. Warwick, near Warwick- 90. Acres
470 ; pop. 21.

P. HYLTON tnshp. ( ) Monk Wearmouth par.
NE. Durham, 3 m. NW. of Sunderland-268, on
the Wear, has some remains of the castle of the
Hyltons, seated here from Athelstane to 1746,
when it came to the Musgraves. Acres 2670 ;
pop. 550 + 13; poor r. 106/. (Sunder. U.); real
prop. 27881. Living, a Cur. (Dur.) val. 65/., patr.
Proprietary ; church, has tombs of the Hyltons.
H. Castle, J. Bowes, Esq., now modernised.

Hyndboum House ( ) 4 m. E. of Blackburn,
Mid, Lancash. Rob. Peel, Esq.

Hyndburn River ( ) rises in Bowland Forest,
N. Lancash. and runs 9 m. N. by W. to R. Lune
at Hornby.

HYNDFORD, m. SE. of Lanark-31, Mid.
Lanark, near the bridge on Douglas water, a
burgh of barony under the Carmichaels, to whom
it gave title of earl.

Hyne Lough. See Hine Lough, Cork.

HYRETH vil. (40) Llanfallteg par. W. Car-
marthen. 4 m. NE. of Narberth-240.

Hyrtling-beri of the Saxons, is IRTLING-
BOROUGH, Northmptn.

Hysktre Islds. See HelPe Skerries, Arijyll.

HYSON-GREEN (71) Lenton and Radford pars.
SW. Notts. 1 m. NW. of Nottingham- 124.
Living, a Cur. (Line.) val. 150/., patr. Ld. Chan-

Hysseburre of the Saxons, is HUKSTBOURNK,

HYSSINGTON par. (60) Montgomery hund.
Montgmry. and Lower Chirbury hund. Salop,
3 m. N. of Bishop's Castle-159, contains Muckle-
wick. Pop. 364 + 3; poor r. 100/. (Clun U.) ;
real prop. 1329/. ; charities I/. Living, a Cur.
(Heref.) val. 16 1/., patr. Rev. R. E. Owen, curate.

P. HYTHE ( ) near Colchester, NE. Essex.
' Hythe,' a haven or port, as in the following,
and Queenhithe, Rotherhithe, etc.

HYTHE HUNDRED (3, 4) Shepway lathe, SE.
Kent, includes Hythe cinque port and W. Hythe ;
acres 2240, pop. 2502, houses 480.

* P. M. HYTHE par. locally in Shepway
lathe as above, 65 m. from London, or 75 by S.
East, rail., and 14 m. S. of Canterbury, on Mili-
tary canal, near Limne (or Lemanis), at the end
of Stone St., a petty sess. town, watering place,


and decayed cinque port (with Westmeath for a
member), rated at 5 ships, was given 1036 to the
Abps. of Canterbury, whose seat was at Saltwood
Castle (now a ruin); returns one member or
' baron ' to parl. by the Reform bill (instead of 2
from Edw. III.), the new bounds including the
old boro' (which comprises the par., with parts of
W. Ilythe and Aldrington), Cheriton, Newing-
ton, Folkestone, and Saltwood, no. of electors
!*/>, and 107. houses 2112; was chartered by
Eliz., and under the new act is governed by a
may., 4 aid., 12 council., with the style of " may.
jurats, and commonalty of town and port of H."
and income of 386/., partly from the manor, which
was granted by Eliz. Acres of new boro' 2622
(of old boro' 17l'7), of town 860 ; pop. of new boro'
8939, of town 2265, some fishermen ; houses
459, in a long street, separated by a great bank of
shingle from the sea, which has retired f m.,
with 2 chapels, court hall and mkt. place, savings
bk. (19,6957. from 723 depositors), gaol, theatre,
barracks, Moncrieff, Sutherland, and Twiss forts,
9 martello towers, Bp. Hamo's or St. Bartholo-
mew's hosp. (271/.), St. John's hosp. (180/.)
found, before 1336 for lepers; assd. taxes 6407. ;
poor r. 585/. (Elham U.) ; real prop. 71847. ;
charities 4857. St. Leonard Cur. (Cant.) vaL
1757., patr. Rector of Saltwood ; church, on the
cliffs, cruciform and early eng., with norman
door, etc., stone seats, piscina, font, crypt with
numerous bones in it, and tombs of the Deedes of
Sandling. A fire and the plague did great in-
jury here (Hen. IV.). Otf the town is the Roar
Bank, with 1 to 4 fath. on it. Mkt. D. Sat.
Fairs, 10 July. 1 Dec.

HYTHE, WEST, par. ( ) as above, 2 m. W. by
S., within the boro'. Acres 1380; pop. 239 + 7;
poor r. 517. (Romney U.); real prop. 11507. St.
Mary Vic. (Cant.) val. 347., patr. Archdeacon.



IBANE and BARRYROE BAKONY (134-7, etc.)
S. Cork, contains the pars, of Abbeymahon,
Ardfield, Donaghmore, Kilsillagh, Lislee, Tem-
pleomalus, and part of Castleventry, Desert,
Island, Kilgarriff, Kilkerranmore, Kilmeen, Rath-
barry, Ross, Templequinlan, and Timoleaque ;
acres 35,291, pop. 24,349, houses 4202.

Ibber, or Ipper, River (82) runs 7 m. E. to R.
Rother, at Chesterfield, J\E. Derby.

IBBERTON par. (18) Whiteway hund. N. Dorset.
4 m. S. of Sturminster-109. Acres 960 ; pop. 232
+ 1 ; poor r. 1617. (Sturmin. U.) ; real prop. 15127. ;
charities 157. for church and " curfew " land. St.
Eustache Rect. (Sal.) val. 2207., patr. Lord
Rivers, of Rushmore Lodge.

IBHLK tnshp. (81) Wirksworth par. Mid. Derby.
3 m. NW. of Wirksworth-140. Pop. 93.

Ibernus, or lernus, Ft., of Ptolemy, is Kenmare
river, Kerry, about which the Jberitii were per-
haps seated.

IBKRIUS, ST., par. (48, 53) Forth bar. S. JVex-
ford, 4 m. SK. of Killinick-100, includes Broad-
way, near Lady's isld. lake. Acres 891, good ;
pop. 528. Living, a Cur. (Os. F. L.) with Mary's
isld., val. 557., patr. Bishop.

IUUICKAX BARONY (30-1, etc.) W. Clare, con-
tains Miltown-Malbay, the pars, of Kilfarboy,
Killard, Kilmurry, and part of Kilmarduaiu* ;
acres 57,028, an. val. 19,7577., pop. 25,186, houses

IBSLEY par. (13) Lower Fordingbridge hund.
W. Hants. 3 m. N. of Ringwood-92, on R. Avon.



Acres 870; pop. 325 + 1; poor r. 1217. (Ringw.
U.) ; real prop. 15897. St. Martin Cur. with Ford-

P. IBSTOCK par. (63) fiparkenhoe hund. W.
Leicester. 4 m. N. of Market Bosworth-106, near
R. Anker, contains Donnington, Hugglescote, and
Coalville cur. Acres 4270, with coal, brick, clay-
stone, etc. ; pop. 2002 + 17 ; poor r. 5167. (M. Bos-
worth U.) ; real prop. 55997. ; chanties 37. St.
Dennis Rect. ( Pet.) once held by Abp. Laud, val.
with Donnington and Hugglescote 9647., patr.
Bp. of Rochester. /. Grange, S. VVeston, Esq.
A branch mining rail, joins the Swanniiigton

IBSTONE par. (13) Desborough hund. Rucks.
and Pirton hund. Oxon. 7 m. W, of High Wy-
combe-29. Acres 1380 ; pop. 347 + 3 ; poor "r.
2027. (Wye. U.); real prop. 8547. St. Nicholas
Rect. (Oxon.) val. 1567., patr. Merton Coll. ;
church, on the Oxfd. side. /. House, stands on
the county border.

IBURN-'DAI.E hmlt. ( ) Ugglebarnby chplry.
N. R. York, near Whitby-236.

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