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Icanhoe of the Saxons, is BOSTON, Lincoln.

ICCOMB par. (44) Upper Oswaldslow hund.
Worcest. and Slaughter hund. Gloucest. 2 m. SE.
of Stow-on-the-VVold-82, contains Round Horn,
and a small danish camp on a hill. Acres 970 ;
pop. 162 + 2; poor r. 577. (Stow U.); real prop.
18127. St. Mary Rect. (Gl. and Br.) val. 1497.,
patr. Dean and Chap. Worcester; church, an-
cient, with effigies of a knight.

Jceni, or Cenomanni, or Cenimagni, were the
people of No: folk, Suffolk, Cumb. and Hunts., of
whom Boadicea was queen, and Venta Icenot-um,
or Caistor, near Norwich, the capital. Icknieid
way, on which were Iciani, now Igborough, and
other places, was named after them, and part of it
near Dorchester, called Via Jceniana, or Icening


P. ICKENHAM par. (7) Elthorne hiind. NW.
Middlesex, 2 m. NW. of Uxbridge-15, in a rural
spot, was called Tykenliam, and belonged to the
Shordiches. Acres 1420 ; pop. 396 + 10 ; poor r.
215/. (Uxbr. U.) ; real prop 30617. St. Giles Rect.
(Lon.) val. 3827., patr. T. T. Clarke, Esq. of
Swakeley, an old seat ; church, has brasses,
etc. of the Shordiches. Some of the Hastings
fam. were residents.

ICKFORD par. (13, 45) Ashendon hund. Bucks.
and Ewelme hund. Oxford. 3m. WNW. of Thame
-44, on /. River, contains Draycott, and was the
spot where (or at Itchinford, Hai.ts.) Edw. the
Elder treated with the Danes 907. Acres 1500 ;
pop. 386 + 2 ; poor r. 2177. (Thame U.) ; real prop.
22627. ; charities 107. St. Nicholas Rect. (Oxon.)
once held by Abp. Sheldon and C. Downing tho
puritan, val. 3927., patr. Rev. J. C. Townshend.
T. Phillips, who wrote the " Life of Card. Pole,"
was a native.

ICKHAM par. (3) Downhamford hnnd. St. Au-
gustine lathe, NE. Kent, 4 m. E. of Canterbury
-55, on R. Stour, contains Well. Acres 2190,
partly in hop-grounds ; pop. 577 + 1 ; poor r. 3457.
(Bridge U.) ; real prop. 65907. ; charities 157. St.
J. Evangelist Rect. (Cant.) val. 9977., patr.

ICKLEFORD par. (46) Hitchin hund. N. Herts.
1 m. N. of IIitchin-34, on Icknield way, at the
ford of the Ivel, under Wilburv hills. Acres 940 ;
pop. 570 + 7; poor r. 1967. (Hitchin U.) ; real
prop. 21727.; charities 37. St. Catherine licet.
(Roch.) val. 2557., patr. R. Lindsay, Esq. ; church,
has a tomb to Boswell, the gipsy king. /. House
T. Cockayne, Esq.

3o 2



TOKLES vil. (82) Brinsworth tnshp. W. R.
York, near Rotherham-159.

ICKLESHAM par. (5) Guestling hund. Hastings
rape, E. Sussex, 1 m. WSW. of Winchelsea-64,
near R. Brede. Acres 4270, partly in hop-grounds ;
pop. 681 + 8 ; poor r. 3987. (Rye U.) ; real prop.
65 14/. ; charities 31., and the Cheyney almshouses.
St. Nicholas Vic. (Chic.) val. 715/., patr. Bishop.
/. Park, .

P. ICKLETON par. (47) Whittlesford hund. S.
Cambridge. 5 m. SW. of Linton-48, on Cambridge
rail, and Icknield St., was a mkt. town under the
nunnery found. (Hen. II.) by the De Veres or
Cantelupes. Acres 2672 ; pop. 700 + 2 ; poor r.
4377. (Lint U.) ; real prop. 33237. ; charities 697.
St. M. Magdalen Vic. (Ely) val. 857., patr. Bishop.
Roman coins and remains of a villa, bath, etc.
were found 1848.

pars. (51) Lackford hund. NW. Suffolk, 4m. SE.
of Mildenhall-70, on R. Lark and Icknield St.,
has Kentfield camp of 25 acres, where coins, a
lead cistern, etc. have been found, and the
" Pilgrims' cross." Acres 6580 ; pop. 254 and
271 ; poor r. 2427. (Milden. U.) ; real prop. 31007. ;
charities 46/. Living, a Rect. (Ely) val. 5047.,
patr. Rev. D. Gwilt of /. House, rector ; church,
has some roman bricks found in the camp.

Icknield, or Iknield, Street, or road of the Iceni, a
british and roman way, which went from Yarmouth
or Caistor ( Venta Icenorum) past Taesburgh {Ad
Taunt), Icklingham, Exning, Ickleton, Royston
(on Ermine St.). Baldock, Dunstable (near ~Dur-
eobrivaE on Watling St.), Tring, Wendover, Wat-
lington, Streetly (on Thames, whence the Ridge-
way or Ickleton St. goes along the hills to Abury),
Speer, Walbury, Salisbury (Sorbiodunum), Bad-
bury Rings (near which it is called Achling
Ditch), Maiden Castle (Z>*rmum near Dorches-
ter), by another ridgeway to Weymouth. A
continuation is supposed to have gone through
Bridport, Exeter, etc. to Land's End, where it
met the way from Abury through Stretton, etc.

ICKORNSHAW hmlt. ( ) Cowling tnshp. W. R.
York. 6 m. NW. of Keighley-206.

IcksMl, or Ixhill (45) 4 m. NW. of Thame, W.

ICKWEI.L hmlt. (46) Northill par. Mid. Beds.
3 m. W. of Biggleswade-45, near /. Green, a meet
for the Cambridgesh. hounds. Pop. 206. /. Bury,
J. Harvey, Esq.

ICKWORTH par. (51) Thingoe hund. W. Suf-
folk, 3 m. SW. of Bury St. Edmunds-71, was
given to Burv abbey by Bp. Theodred. Acres
1350; pop. 62*+ 2; poor r. 737. (Thing. U.); real
prop. 1653/. ; charities 27. Living, a Rect. (Ely)
val. 238/., patr. Marquis of Bristol of I. House,
which is of roman brick 600 ft. long in a park
llm. round, and was begun 1795 by the Bp. of
Derry, in the Italian styles, including some basso-
relievos from Homer after Flaxman.

IDA BARONY (40-1, etc.) SE. Kilkenny, con-
tains the pars, of Ballygurrim, Clonamery, Dun-
kitt, Dysartmoon, Gaulskill, Kilbride, Kilcoan,
Kilcolumb, Kilmakevoge, Rathpatrick, Rosber-
con, Shanbogh, and the Rower, with parts of
Jerpoint west, Listerlin, Rossinan ; acres 61,704,
an. val. 40,786/., pop. 20,869, houses 31G4.

IDBURY par. (44) Chadlington hund. W. Ox-
ord. 6 m. SW. of Chipping Norton -73, contains
Bowld and Foscott, and a roman camp. Acres
1370; pop. 207 + 2; poor r. 957. (C. Norton U.);
real prop. 23727. ; charities 14/, St. Nicholas Cur.
(Oxon.) val. 60/., patr. Chan, of Sarum ; church,
has a norman door.

IDDEXSHALL tnshp. ( ) St.. Oswald par. W.


C/teshire, near Chester- 183. Acres 530 : DOD.

IDDESLEIGH par. (26) Shebbear hund. Mid.
Devon. 3 m. NE. of Hatherleigh-201, near Rs.
Torridge and Okement. Acres 2630 ; pop. 545 ;
poor r. 229/. (Okehampton U.) ; real prop. 21897. ;
charities 31., and houses for poor. St. James Rect.
(Exet.) val. 3507., patr. Major Pitman ; church,
has effigies of a crusader.

IDDOLE hmlt. (41) Llandefeilog par. S. Car-
marthen. 4 m. S. of Carmarthen-218, on R. Towv.
Pop. 184.

P. IDE par. (22) Exminster hund. E. Devon.
2m. SW. of Exeter-164. Acres 1120; pop. 795
+ 4 ; poor r. 2727. (St. Thomas U.) ; real prop.
38907.; charities 47. St. Ida Cur. (Exet.) val.
loo/., patr. Dean and Chap.

P. IDEFORD par. (22) Teignbridge hund. E.
Devon. 2 m. SE. of Chudleigh-182. Acres 1810 ;
pop. 331 ; poor r. 92/. (Newton Abbot U.) ; real
prop. 27087. ; charities 107. St. Mary Rect (Exet.)
val. 270/., patr. Heywood's Trustees.

IDEHILL chplry. (6) Sundridge par. W. Kent,
3 m. SW. of Sevenoaks-23. Living, a Cur. (Cant.)
val. 1327,, patr. Rector.

IDEN par. (5) Goldspur hund. Hastings rape,
NE. Sussex, 2m. N. of Rye-63, near R. Rother
and Military canal. Acres 3120, partly in hop-
grounds; pop. 554 + 4; poor r. 273/. (Rye U.) ;
real prop. 58687. ; charities 57. All Saints Rect.
(Chic.) val. 7537., patr. Rev. G. A. Lamb, rector.

Iden Green (5) 2 m. SSE. of Cranbrook, S. Kent.

Idington, near Chirnside, E. Berwick, a barony
belonging to Hay of Dunse, formerly to the

P. IDLE chplry. ( ) Calverley par. W. R. York.
3 m. NE. of Braclford-196, near Leeds and Liverp.
canal and R. Aire, contains Windmill and 7 hmlts.
with Airedale Independent college and Bradford
Union poor ho. Acres 2420; pop. 6212 + 80, in
the woollen mills and coal pits ; poor r. 12907. on
13,0767. (Bradf. U.) ; real prop. 15,854/., of which
10187. on quarries ; charities 1547., of which Han-
son's for the college 1507. Living, a Cur. (Rip.)
val. 1507., patr. Vicar.

Idle River (82-3) formed by the union of Rs.
Maun and Meden, which rise in Sherwood Forest,
Mid. Notts, runs from Perlthorpe 40 in. N. and
E. past Elkesley (where R. Wollen joins), Ret-
ford and Bawtry (where R. Ryton or Worksop
joins) to R. Trent at Stockwith, NW. Lincoln.
close to the Chesterfield canal.

Idlecombe (10) 3m. SW. of Newport, I. of
Wight, S. Hants.


IDLICOTE par. ( ) Kington hund. 5". Warwick.

2 m. NNE. of Shipston-on-Stour - 83, is a meet
for the Warwick, hounds. Acres 1410 ; pop. 82 ;
poor r. 467. (Shipston U.) ; real prop. 16657. ; cha-
rities 57. St. James Rect. (Wore.) val. 807., patr.
Col. Peach of I. House.

IDMISTON par. (14) Alderbury hund. SE. Wilts.

3 m. SE. of Amesbury-77, on a branch of R. Avon,
contains Ford, Gomeldon, Porton, and Shripple.
Acres 6160; pop. 497, of tythg. 255 ; poor r.
2547. (Amesb. U.) ; real prop. 25747. ; charities 37.
All Saints Vic. (Sal.) once held by Bowie the
Spanish scholar, val. 2607., patr. Bishop.

IDRIDGEHAY tnshp. (71) with Allton, Wirks-
worth par. Mid. Derby. 3 m. S. of Wirksworth-140.
Pop. 194+ 1 ; poor r. 397. (Belper U.) ; real prop.

IDROKE-EAST BARONY (16-7, etc.) Mid, Car-
low, contains the pars, of Agha, Clonygoose, Dun-
leckny, Kiltennell, Lorum, Sliguff, and part of
Ballyellin, Fennagli, Killinane, Myshall, Murney,


and Ullard ; acres 52,858, an. val. 36,5707., pop.
20,765, houses 3616. I.-WEST BARONY (11-2,
etc.) W. Carlow, contains part of Leighlinbridge,
the pars, of Oldleighlin, Tullowcreen, and part of
Cloydagh, Killinane, and Wells; acres 23,066,
an. val. 15,0297., pop. 8435, houses 1486.

IDSTONE tythg. (34) Ashbury par. NW. Berks.
5 m. NW. of Lambourn-65, on Port Way. Pop.
178; real prop. 19447.

IDSWORTH chplrv. (11) Charlton par. SE.
Hants. 6m. S. of P etersfield-54. Pop. 396+8;
real prop. 15157. Living, a Cur. with Charlton.
I. Park, Rev. Sir S. C. Jervoise, Bt.

IFAN. See TIR-EVAN, Denbigh.

S. Tipperary, contains part of Carrick-on-Suir,
the pars, of BaTlyclerahan, Carrick, Kilcash, Kil-
grant, Kilmurry, Kiltegan, Lisronagh, New-
chapel, Rathrorian, Temple-etney, and part of
Caher, Donaghmore, Garrangibbon, Inishloun-
aght, Killaloan, Kilsheelan, Newtownlennan, and
St. Mary's Clonmell ; acres 57,219, pop. 41,696,
houses 6066. I. AND O. (WEST) BARONY (80-2,
etc.) S. Tipperary, contains the pars, of Ardfin-
nan, Ballybacon, Derrygrath, Molough, Mortles-
town, Neddans, Newcastle, Rochestown, Shanra-
han, Templetenny, Tubbrid, Tullaghmelan, Tul-
laghorton, Whitechurch, and part of Caher;
acres 117,175, pop. 43,694, houses 6996.

Iffert Isld. W. side of Lewis, Western Islds.

P. IFFLEY par. (13) Bullingdon hund. Hfid.
Oxford. 2 m. SSE. of Oxford-54, on the Thames,
near Oxford rail., contains Hockmoor and Little-
worth. Acres 1500; pop. 958; poor r. 3937.
(Headington U.); real prop. 32557.; charities
1477., of which 397. to Dr. Nowell's school. St.
Mary Cur. (Oxon.) val. 617., patr. Archdeacon;
church, chiefly norman, of which the W. front is
a good specimen, with a large low tower, piscina,
font, remains of a stone pulpit, and several pointed

IFIELD, or SIIINGLEWELL, par. (6) Tolting-
trough hund. Aylesford lathe, NW. Kent, 2m. S.
of Gravesend-22, on Watling St. Acres 350,
partly in hops; pop. 172+10; poor r. 727. (N.
Aylesf. U.) ; real prop. 775/. St. Edmeades Rect.
(Roch.) val. 1207., patr. W. Edmeades, Esq. of
/. Court (?).

P. IFIELD par. (8) Burbeach hund. Bramber
rape, N. Sussex, 6m. NE. of Horsham-36, near
Brighton rail. Acres 3880, with ironstone ; pop.
1061 + 15 ; poor r. 380/. (Ilorsh. U.); real prop.
25607. St. Margaret Vic. (Chic.) val. 1807., patr.
Miss Dehany ; church, has effigies of a Templar.
/. Court, J m. N., an old moated house.

IFORD, or IVEU, tythg. (16) Christchurch par.
S W. Hants. 1 m. W. of Christchurch-100. Pop.
286 ; real prop. 13047. igT IFORD par. (5) Swan-
borough hund. Lewes rape, <S. Sussex, 2 m. S. of
Lewes-50, near Brighton rail. Acres 1680 ; pop.
174; poor r. 957. (Xewhaven U.) ; real prop.
36987. St. Nicholas Vic. (Chic.) val. with Kings-
ton 3437., patr. Mrs. Capper's Representatives.
l^af IFORD par. (19) Elstub hund. W. Wilts, near
Bradford- 100, is joined to WESTWOOD.

IFTON par. (35) Lower Caldicott hund. S. Mon-
mouth. 3m. SW. of Chepstow-135, at R. Wye's
mouth. Acres 680 ; pop. 41 ; poor r. 497. (Cheps.
U.) ; real prop. 17987. Living, a Rect. with Ro-
giett ; no church.

IFTON-RHYN tnshp. (74) St. Martin par. NW.
Salop, 5 m. WNW. of Ellesmere-169. Pop. 1020
+ 1 ; real prop. 41487.

IGBOROUGH, or ICKBOROUGH, par. (65) Grim-
shoe hund. S W. Norfolk, 9 m. S. of Swaff ham-93,
is Iciani of Antonine, on R. Wissey and Icknield


way. Acres 1510; pop. 220+3; poor r. 627.
(SwafFh. U.) ; real prop. 7167. ; charities 97. St.
Bartholomew Rect. with Langford. A roman
milestone, pavement, and urns have been found.

IGHTERMUHRAGH par. (66, 77-8) Imokilly bar.
E. Cork, containing Castlemartyr-149, and Ladys-
bridge, has the remains of /. Castle, b. 1172 "by
the Capells, and the Desmonds' castle of In-
chicrenagh. Acres 5556, good, with limestone;
an. val. 44527. ; pop. 3092 + 47. Living, a Rect.
(Ck. R. C.) val. 5607., patr. Crown. Castle
Richard, R. Fitzgerald, Esq.

IGHTFIELD par. (73) N. Bradford hund. N. Sa-
lop, 8 m. NE. of Wem-163. Acres 2800 ; pop.
368 + 6; poor r. 667. (Wem U.) ; real prop. 23917. ;
charities 67. St. J. Baptist Rect. (Lich.) val. 2887.,
patr. H. Justice, Esq.

P. IGHTHAM par. (6) Wrotham bund., Ayles-
ford rape, W. Kent, 4 m. ENE. of Sevenoaks-23,
containing Moat (seat of the Selbys), Ivy-Hatch,
Redwell, Oldbury (camp of 137 acres), and Bo-
rough Green, which remain of its " eight hams,"
or hamlets, was once a mkt. town, and held by
the Crevequiers, Criols, Inges, Zouches, etc., now
by D. James, Esq. of/. Court Lodge. Acres 3170,
partly in hop-grounds; pop. 1039 + 2; poor r.
5907. (Mailing U.) ; real prop. 43617.; charities
157., of which 67. to James's school. St. Peter
Rect. (Cant.) val. 5107., patr. Cobb's Trustees;
church, has effigies of Sir T. Cawne, 2 brasses of
Sir R, Clement (1528), etc.. and among other
mons. one of Dame Selby, with some curious pic-
tures of needlework, for which she was famous.

IGHTONHILL-PARK tnshp. ( ) Whalley par.
Mid. Lancash. 1 m. NW. of Burnley-211, near
Leeds and Liv. canal and R. Calder. Acres 690,
with coal ; pop. 158 ; poor r. 427. (Burnl. U.) ;
real prop. 14687.

IGMANTHORPE limit. ( ) Kirk Deighton tnshp.
W. R. York. 2 m. NE. of Wetherby-194.

Igtea of the Saxons, is Clayhill, near Briaton.

Ii, Hii, or Heia, of the Saxons, is I-colm-kill, or
lona; liesmuth, is YARMOUTH, Norfolk.

etc.) N. Kildare, contains the pars, of Balraheen,
Cloncurry, Clonshanbo, Donadea, Dumnurrag-
hill, Kilcock, Mainham, and Scullogestown ;
acres 25,753, an. val. 23,2827., pop. 6162, houses

IKEN par. (50) Plomesgate hund. E. Suffolk,
3 m. W. of Aldborough- 94, on R. Aide. Acres
3630 ; pop. 342 ; poor r. 1617. (Plomesg. U.) ;
real prop. 18507. ; charities, town estate 367. St.
Botolph Rect. (Norw.) val. 3117., patr. T. W.
Allen, Esq. I. Hall, m. SW.

IKERRIN BARONY (22-4; etc.) N. Tipperary,
or Hy Kerin, the old seat of the O'Meaghers,
contains the pars, of Barnane-ely, Bourney,
Killavinoge, Killea, Killoskehan, Rathnaveoge,
Templeree, and part of Borrisnafarney, Corbally,
Cullenwaine, Roscrea, Templemore, and Tem-
pletouhy ; acres 69,382, pop. 30,261, houses 4989.

lid Fl., was the All, Shiel, or Wick river,

Ilacfiam, one of the Garveiloch or Mare islds.,
W. Argyll. 5 m. W. of Luing.

P. ILAM, or HAM, par. (72) N. Totmonslow
hund. NE. Stafford. 9 m. NE. of Cheadle-146,
on Rs. Hamps and Manifold (where they rise
15 yds. apart from under ground) in a fine glen,
contains Castern, Throwley, and Rushley. Acres
2250 ; pop. 244 + 3 ; poor r. 507. (Ashbourne U.) ;
real prop. 19427. ; charities 57. Holy Cross Vie.
(Lich.} val. 3557., patr. J. W. Russell, Esq., of
/. Hall; church, old, with an ivy-covered tower,

3o 3




and a mon. to P. Watts by Chantrey. Near the
bridge is a fountain under a 6-sided cross (like
Waltham) to Mary Russell (1840) by Derick. The
Hall, reb. in the elizabethan style, has an armoury,
some good pictures, and beautiful grounds, with
St. Bertram's well and ash. Congreve wrote his
" Old Bachelor " here ; and fossils are found in
Bunster and Thorp Cloud limestone hills, over the

Ilanmore, or Eilanmore Isld., NE. corner of Coll,
NW. Argyll.

Ilanmore Isld. (76) 6 m. NW. of Westport, W.
Mayo, is one of the largest in Clew bay.

Ilanroan Jsld., S. corner of Oronsay, coast of W.
Argyll, has a reef near it, and llanterach, 3 m. NE.

ILAR (LOWER) HUNDRED (57) W. Cardigan.
contains the town of Aberayron, the pars, of
Cilcennin vie., Henfynyw, Llan-badarn-Tref-Eg-
Iwys v., Llanddeinol cur., Llanddewi-Aber-arth c.,
Llanrhystyd v., Llan-Saint-ffraid v., Llan-ych-
aiarn, Llan-grwyddon c., Trofilan, and part of
Kilie-Ayron rect.; pop. 8566, houses 1941. I.
(UPPER) HUNDRED, as above, contains Gwnnws
c., Llan-Afan c., Llanfihangel-y-Croyddin v.,
Llan-Ilar v., Llanfihangel-Lledrod c., Rhostie r.,
Yspythy-Ystwyth c., and Ystrad-Meiric, and
part of Llanbadarn-Fawr v. ; pop. 8418, houses

Tintinhull hund. S. Somerset. 17 m. SE. of Bridg-
water, 121 from London, on R. Ivel, and the
Fosseway, an election and polling place (for W.
<So;n.), and formerly a sessions and mkt. town,
and a boro' returning 2 members (from Jas. 1.,
occasionally from 1257) till disfranchised by the
Reform act, was Pont-ivel-coed (Ivel bridge in
the wood) of the Britons, Ischalis of Ptolemy
and a principal roman station, Gifecestre of the
Saxons, repulsed the insurgent barons of W.
Rufus 1088, was made the sessions town by
Edw. III., and under charter of John is nomi-
nally governed by a bailiff and 12 burgesses.
Acres 690; pop." 1068, a few glove makers;
houses 188, ill built, with a chapel, bank, town-
hall, and assembly room, co. gaol, bridge which
had two old chapels on it, and a workhouse which
was an old seat of the Masters; poor r. 07/.
(Yeovil U.) ; real prop. 2799Z. ; charities, Veal's
almshouses 118/. St. J. Baptist Rect. (Ba. and
W.) val. 160/., patr. Bishop; church, ancient,
the only one left out of six. At Yard Lane are
traces of the roman wall which was 300 paces
by 200, and coins, bricks, etc. have been found.
Some remains are left of the black friary (Edw. I.)
where Roger Bacon was born or educated, op-
posite which was White Hall pilgrim's hosp. or
priory founded (Edw. II.) by W. Dacres. Mrs.
E. Rowe the poetess, etc., was a native (1674-
1737); and it gives title of earl and baron to
Fox-Strangeways of Redlynch. >& I. DEANERY,
archdy. and dioc. of Bath and Wells, contains the
benefices in Houndsboro', Somerton, Stone, and
Tintinhull huncls. with Compton Dundon vie.,
High Ham rect., Martock v., Muchelney cur.,
Pitney r., Podimore Milton r. Fairs, Mon. before
Palm'Sund. 2 July, 2 Aug. pigs.

ILDERTON par. ( ) N. Coquetdale ward, N.
Northmbrld. 3 m. SSE. of Wooler-320, under the
Cheviots, containing Middleton, Roddam, and
Roseden, near R. Breanish which has a fall at
Linhopespout, was a seat of the Ildertons. Acres
9670, moory; pop. 505, of town 121; poor r.
59A (Glendale U.); real prop. 7421/. St. Mi-
chael Rect. (Dur.) val. 96Z., patr. Duke of North-
umberland. Near this are the druid circle of
10 stones under Hedgehope (which rises 2347ft.)

and Roseden Edge, Bewick hill, and Haerup-
burn camps.

Ileden (3) 4 m. SE. of Canterbury, E. Kent,
seat of the Plumptres of Fredville (?).

Hen Rivulet (106) W. Carbery-West bar. 5.
Cork, runs 12 m. S. to Baltimore harbour.

II.FORD hmlt. (21) Ilton par. S. Somerset. 2 m.
N. of Ilminster-136. Pop. 36. ^= llford (5)
3 m. SSE. of Lewes, 5. Sussex, on R. Ouse.

P. ILFORD, GREAT, ward (1) Barking par.
S W. Estex, a station on E. Count, rail. 7 m. from
London, 5 m. WSW. of Romford, on R. Roding,
near Epping Forest, containing Aldboro' Hatch
and Barking Side curs., is a distinct par. since
1830, and a petty sess. town. Pop. 3742 + 23;
houses 721, with 2 churches, 2 chapels, K-
police stat., gardens close to the rail., and a
hosp. for a chaplain and 6 persons, founded for
lepers by Adeliza abbess of Barking, and given
to the Fanshaws ; poor r. /. ; real prop. 20,551/. ;
charities 65/. for the hospital, now held by the

Cecils. Living, a Vic. (Lon.) val. 430/., patr.
All Souls Coll. Os
quis of Salisbury.

All Souls Coll. Oxon. ; St. Mary Cur,


P. ILKORD, LITTLE, par. Becontree hund. 1 m.
SW. of the above. Acres 750 ; pop. 189 + 7 ; poor
r.58Z. (W. Ham U.); real prop. 23317. ; charities
3 1/. St. Mary Rect. (Lon.) val. 408/., patr. W.
Hibbit, Esq. ; church, has tomb of Lethieullier
the antiquary, of Aldersbrook (now a farm). /.
Lodge, R. W. Hall, Esq. ; /. Cottage, R. Brassey,
Esq. Fair, Feb. to May, for scotch and other
cattle, near the forest.

P. M. ILFRACOMBE par. (27) Braunton hund.
N. Devon. 43 m. NW. of Exeter, 202 from London,
a polling town, bathing place, coast-gd. station,
and sub-port to Barnstaple, with th only good
harb. on that side of Bristol chan., sent b ships
to the siege of Calais (Edw. III.), and was taken
1645 for Ch. I. by Doddington. Acres 3620, with
clay slate, arragonite, etc. ; pop. 3679 + 47, of
town 2855, in the coasting trade and fisheries ;
houses 716, on the cliffs' side, with 2 chapels,
bank, mkt. house and school, public rooms ;
poor r. 10842. on 12.558/. (Barnstaple U.) ; real
prop. 17.173Z. ; charities 2U Holy Trinity Vic.
(Exet.)once held bv Camden the antiquary, val.
with Lee 150/., patr. Prebendary ; church, ancient,
with a carved rood loft. The harbour, land-
locked by the cliffs, dries at low water, and is
defended by a half natural pier of 850 ft. (im-
proved by the Bourchiers and Wreys, who held
the manor), at the end of which is Lantern Hill
1 28 ft. high, with an old chapel for a lighthouse at
the top, used only in winter. Near Welder's mouth,
a gap in the cliff to the beach, is Capstone Hill
181 ft. high, and beyond the range or outer road-
stead is Hillsborough dauish camp 441 ft. high,
with a land-slip below it. Steamers run to Swan-
sea and Bristol. Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, 14 Apr.
Sat. after 23 Aug.

I/gars (1) 5 m. N. of Rayleigh, S. Essex.

P. ILKESTON par. (71) Morleston hund. SE.
Derby. 8m. NE.of Derby-126,on Midld. rail, and
Erwash river and canal, contains Little Hallam and
Colmanhay cur., is a watering place of late date,
belonging to the Duke of Rutland. Acres 2290, coal,
iron, with traces of lead ; pop. 5326 + 8, stocking
and lace-makers ; houses , with 5 chapels, baths,
Smedlev's school (10/.); poor r. 1259/. (Basford
U.) ; real prop. 10,503/., of which 1087/. on mines ;
charities 97/., of which Smedley's for schools and
almshouses at this and other places 601. St.
Mary Vic. (Lich.) val. 250/., patr. Duke of Rut-
land. The Notts assizes were held here once
during the plague; and the people are toll free



at fairs, etc., by tenure of keeping a gallows near ;
the town. Mkt.D. Thurs. Fairs, 6 Mar. Whit.
Th. 1st Thursd. after Christmas, horses, cattle, etc. ]
ILKETSHAW, ST. ANDREW, par. (66) Wangford j
huncl. NE. Suffolk, 3 m. SK. of Bungay-109.
Acres 1780; pop. 548 + 3; poor r. 385Z. (Wangf.
U.) ; real prop. 2586/. ; charities, town estate 22/.
Living, a Vic. (Norw.) val. 139/., patr. Burigay
Gram. Sch. fiPl., ST. JOHN, par. as above,

1 m. NVV. Acres 800 ; pop. 71 ; poor r. 457. ;
real prop. 13G31. Living, a Rect. (Norw.) val.
3111., patr. Ld. Chancellor, g^ I., ST. LAW-
RENCE, par. as above, 2 m. SE. of Bungay.
Acres 1750; pop. 221; poor r. 175/. ; real prop.
1554/. Living, a Cur. (Xorw.) val. 471., patr.
Rev. J. C. Safford, curate, fgp I., ST. MAU-
GARET, par. (50) as above, 1 m. SE. Acres 1070 ;
pop. 315 + 1; poor r. 266/. ; real prop. 3151Z. ; |
charities 5/. Living, a Vic. (Norw.) val. 131/.,
patr. Rev. G. L. Alison, Vicar.

P. ILKLEY par. ( ) Upper Claro and Skvrack
waps. W. R. York. 5 m. NE. of Keighley-206,
on R. Wharfe, near Leeds and Thirsk rail.,
containing Middleton, Nesfield, Rumbald's Moor,
and Wheatley, is a small watering place, the
AUcana of the Romans, with Counterhill, Cas-
tleburgh, and Woofa bank camps. Acres 7600,
with a good cold spring, of town 3590 ; pop.
1174+11, and 778 + 8; poor r. /. (Carlton
Incorp.) ; real prop. 32 18/.; charities 146/., of
which 77/. to free school. All Saints Vic. (Rip.)
val. 126/., patr. G. Hartley, Esq. A roman altar,
coins, and traces of a fort, have been found.

Illary, Ileray, or Baleshare, Isld. between N.
Uist and Benbecula, Western Islds. is 3 m. by 1,
with sand and pasture. Pop. 80.

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