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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 261 of 293)
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Illinghurst, High, Farm (8) 5 m. SE. of Go-
dalming, S W. Surrey.

ILLIXGTON par. (66) Shropham hund. S. Nor-
folk, 3 m. NVV. of E. Harling-89, near Norwich j
and Brandon rail. Acres 1380 ; pop. 93 ; poor r.
30/. (Wayland U.) ; real prop. 738/. St. Andrew \
Rect. (Norw.) val. 140/., patr. R. K. Long, Esq.

ILI.INGWORTH vil. (88) Ovenden tnshp. W. R. <
York. 2 m. NVV. of Halifax-197. St. Mary Cur. j
(Rip.) val. 140/., patr. Vicar.

ILLMIRE, or ILMEU, par. (7) Asherdon hund.
Mid. Sticks. 3 m. WNW. of Princes Risborough
-36. Acres 810; pop. 79; poor r. 50Z. (Wy-
combe U.) ; real prop. 1216Z. ; charities 3/. St.
Peter Vie. (Oxon.) val. 88/., patr. Earl of Chester-
field. I. House, M. Frewen, Esq.

ILLOGAN par. (31) Penwith hund. W. Cornwall,

2 m. N\V. of Redruth-263, near Bristol Channel, |
includes Carn-Brae fort (anct. Halangiurn), and
belongs to the Bassets of Tehidy. Acres 8010 (or
8028), with copper and tin at Cooks' Kitchen
mine, also granite, slate, porphyry, cobalt, grit-
stone; pop. 7815 + 174, miners; poor r. 1300/.
(Redr. U.) ; real prop. 55,166^., of which 41.026Z.
on mines; charities, Basset's school, etc. 10Z. St.
Illogan Rect. (Exet.) val. 587/., patr. Baroness
Basset, of whose fain, the church has brasses, etc. ;
Menwinnim, now a farm, was an old seat of theirs.
Coins, etc. have been found at Carnbrae, and tram
rails run down to Basset's Cove with mining pro-
duce. Redruth Union poor ho. is here.


ILLY tnshp. ( ) Hales Owen par. Salop, locally
in Worcest. near Hales Owen-117. Pop. 94.

ILMEU. See ILLMIRE, above.

ILMINGTON par. (44) Upper Kiftsgi.te hund.
Gloncest. and Kington hund. Warwick. 4 m. NVV.
of Shipston-on-Stour-83, containing Lark Stoke,
Compton Scorpion, and Foxcote, is a meet for the
Warwksh. hounds. Acres 3400, with a mineral

water ; pop. 891 + 6 ; poor r. 473/. (Shipston U.) ;
real prop. 4937A ; charities 58/. St. Mary licet.
(Wore.) val. 624/., patr. Rev. E. J. Townsend,

P. M. ILMINSTER par. (18, 21) Abdick hund.
S. Somerset. 14 m. SSE. of Bridgwater, 136 from
London, on Chard canal and R. Isle, containing
Crook Street, Town, Horton, Hilcombe, Church,
and Winterhay, is a polling and petty sess. town,
with a mkt. from saxon times. Acres 4390 ; pop.
3227 + 117, some in the cloth and silk mills, malt-
ing, and tanning; houses 622, in two streets,
many thatched, with 3 chapels, mkt. -house,
bank, free gram, school (521/.) found. 1550, byH.
Waldron (a native), with 4 exhibitions at Oxon.,
4-arched bridge; poor r. 11381. on 10,373Z.
(Chard U.); real prop. 6242/.; charities 5331.
St. Mary Vic. (Ba. and W.) val. 200Z., patr. J. L.
Lee, Esq. ; church (which belonged toMuchelney
abbey), cruciform and decorated eng., 120 ft. by
50, with a tower, chantry chapel, and 2 brasses
(from 1410) of the VVadhams, one being Nicholas,
founder of VVadham Coll. Oxon., with effigies and
mons. Samwayes, a divine, was a native. At
White Lackington Pk., then the seat of Col. Speke,
is a chesnut under which Monmouth dined before
the battle of Sedgemoor. Mht. D. Wed. Fairs,
last Wed. Aug.

ILSINGTON par. (25) Teignbridge hund. S.
Devon. 4 m. NNE. of Ashburton-192, has a mi-
neral water. Acres 7100, with good granite at
Haytor quarry, clav, lead; pop. 1093; poor r.
603/. (Newton-Abbott U.); real prop. 6800/. ;
charities 98/., of which Ford's school 211. St.
Michael Vic. (Exet.) val. 313/., patr. Dean and
Canons, Windsor. Ingsdon Ho., C. Munro, Esq.
Jgp ILSINGTON hmlt. (17) Piddletown par. S.
Dorset. 3 m. E. of Dorchester-120.

P. M. ILSLEY,. EAST, or MARKET-!., par.
(13) Compton hund. Mid. Berks. 14 m. NVV. of
Reading, 54 from London, a polling and petty
sess. town, on the chalk downs, under Ickleton
St., near Gt. West, rail., is noted for its sheep
market. Acres 3610; pop. 733; poor r. 45 11.
(Wantage U.) ; real prop. 4438/. ; charities 2J.
St. Mary Rect. (Oxon.) val. 645/., patr. Magdl.
ColL MM. D. Wed. Fairs, every other Wed.
from Easter to Midsummer, for sheep to fatten for
the London mkt.^ from 20 to 25,000 being sold at
a time ; 26 Aug., Weds, after 29 Sept. 17 Oct. 12
Nov, At the wool fair, July 1850, fleeces sold
26s. to 29s. per tod. .Races, Oct.

ILSLEY, WEST, par. as above, 2 m. NW. Acres
3670 ; pop. 404, some in the breweries ; poor r.
220/. ; real prop. 3498/. All Saints Rect. (Oxon.)
val. 537/., patr. Dean and Canons, Windsor,
once held by Mark Antonio, archbp. of Spalatro,
who first accounted for the colours of the rain-
bow, and by Bp. Goodman.

ILSTON, or" LLANILLTYD, par. (87) Swansea
hund. W. Glamorgan. 6 m. WSW. of Swansea-206.
Pop. 365 + 7 ; poor r. 81 /. (Swans. U.) ; real prop.
15D4/. St. Illtyd Rect. (St. Dav.) val. 200/.,
patr. Ld. Chancellor. Coins of Nero, etc. were
found 1825.

ILSTOX-ON-THE-HILL chplry. (64) Carlton-
Curlieu par. SE. Leicest. 8 m. ESE. of Leicester
-96. Acres 1900 ; pop. 151 + 2 ; poor r. 811. (Bil-
lesdon U.) ; real prop. 2337/. ; charities 123/., of
which town land is 88/.

Iltney (1) 3 m. SE. of Malton, E. Essex.

ILTON par. (21) Abdick hund. 5. Somerset. 2 m.
X N W. of Ilminster-136, on Chard canal, contains
Ashford, Hurcott, and llford. Acres 1920; pop.
557+2; poor r. 109/. (Chard U.); real prop.
3387/. ; charities, Whetstone's almshouse. St.

3 o 4




Peter Vic. (Ba. and W.) val. 193Z., patr. Pre-
bendary, gg- ILTON tnshp. ( ) with Pot,
Masham par. N. R. York. 2 m. SW. of Masham
-223. Acres 2400; pop. 237 ; poor r. 647. (Bedale
U.) ; real prop. 13847.

Imayle, of the Irish, in Wicklow, was a seat of
the O'Tooles.

IMBER par. (14) Heytesbury and Swanborough
hunds. Mid. Wilts. 6 m. ENE. of Warminster-96.
Acres 2490 ; pop. 405 ; poor r. 303/. ( Warmin. U.) ;
real prop. 25377. ; charities 21. St. Giles Cur.
(Sal.) val. 122/., patr. Marquis of Bath.

Imersay, or Oversay, Isld^ SW. corner of Isla,
coast of W. Argyll.

Imlagh Bog ( ) near Ballinskelligs bay, 5".
Kerry, contains 3076 acres.

IMMINGHAM par. (86) E. Yarboro' wap. N. Lin-
coln. 9 m. NNE. of Cai8tor-153, near K. Humber,
contains Roxton. Acres 4280 ; pop. 221 + 2 ; poor
r. 86/. (Caist. U.) ; real prop. 3434/. St. Andrew
Vic, (Line.) val. 1057., patr. Earl of Yarborough,


IMOKILLY BARONY (76-8, etc.) SE. Cork, the
old Imocuille, contains part of Castlemartyr, the
pars, of Aghada, Ardagh, Ballintemple, Bally-
oughtera, Bohillane, Clonpriest, Cloyne, Corkbeg,
Dangandonovan, Garryvoe, Ightermurragh, Inch,
Kilcredan, KiHeagh, Kilmacdonogh, Kihnahon,
Mogeely, Rostellan, Titeskin, Trabolgan, Youghal,
and parts of Clonmnlt, Dungourney, Garrana-
kinnefeake, Middleton, and Mogeesha; acres
91,970, pop. 62,170, houses 10,037.

IMPHRICK par. (7, 8, 17) Orrery and Fermoy
baift. N. Cork, 3 m. N. of Buttevant-146, on K.
Awbeg. Acres 4011, middling; an. val. 3057Z. ;

S>p. 1459 + 7. Living, a Beet, with Lisgoold.
elvetstown, T. Crofts, Esq.

IMPINGTON par. (51) N. Stow hund. S. Cam-
bridge. 2 m. N. of Cambridge-50, was once a mkt.
town. Acres 1200; pop. 248 + 3; poor r. 1147.
(Chesterton U.); real prop. 19252.; charities 6/.
St. / jdrew Vic. (Ely) val. 128/., patr. Dean and
Chap. ; church, has brass of J. Burgoyne and fam.
(1500). In 1799 a woman, buried 8 days in the
snow, survived it for several months. /. House,
Mrs. Knight. Pepys, secretary of the navy (Ch.
II.), and author of the ' Diarv,' was a native

INAGH, or DYSERT, par. (23-4, 31-2) Inchiquin
bar. W. Clare, 4 m. SE. of Ennistymon-154.
Acres 19,887, bog and moorland, rising 1282 ft. at
Slievecallan ; pop. 4192.

Inagh Lough (24,37) 8 m. N. of Betraghby bay,
NW. Galway, a solitary lake in the mountains,
3 m. long.

Inane (17) near Eoscrca, N. Tipperary, F. A.
Jackson, Esq.

TXCE par. (80) Second Eddisbury hund. NW.
Cheshire, 4 m. VV. of Frodsham-191, near the
fern* on R. Mersey, has or had an old seat of the
abbots of St. Werburgh. Acres 1560, marshy ;
pop. 475 ; poor r. 1947. (Gt Boughton U.) ; real
prop. 4100/. ; charities 67. St. James Cur. (Ches.)
val. 1547., patr. Yates' Trustees; church, with
norman traces. /. Hall, I. Ince, Esq.

INCE-BLUNDELT, tnshp. (90) Sephton par.SW.
Luncash. 7m. WSVV. of Ormskirk-219, on R.
Alt, near the coast, the seat of the Blundells be-
fore Hen. III. Acres 2240; pop. 528 + 2; poor
r. 1311. (W. Derby U.) ; real prop. 5560Z. /. Hall,
C. Blundell, Esq. has close to it ' The Pantheon.'
built on two-thirds scale of the original at Rome,
and containing upwards of 500 pieces of sculpture,
statues, busts, bas-reliefs, urns, tables, columns,
vases, bronzes, including a Minerva, Diana,

Theseus, Canova's Psyche ; also 200 paintings,
among which are Raphael's Fall of Man,' land-
scapes by Wilson, Teniers' ' Alchymist.' gap" /.
j Castle (24) near Saltash, E. Cornwall, Lord Ash-
j burton, is on Lynher creek, gil" I.-IN-MAKER-
FIELD tnshp. "(89) Wigan par. S. Lancash. 1 m.
SE. of Wigan-200, on Newton rail. Acres 2210,
with cannel coal ; pop. 2565 + 66, in the collieries
and cotton mills ; poor r. 4167. (VViganU.); real
prop. 19,2097., of which 11.500/. on mines. /.
Hall, W. Anderton, Esq. through the Inces. At
Patricroft colliery near this ( ?), a salt spring was
found 1849, in the hard white stone, 410 yds.

INCH par. (88, 100) Imokilly bar. E. Cork, 5 m.
SW. of Cloyne-152, near Poer Head fort in Cork
harbour. Acres 3823, with slate, limestone ; pop.
1647, decreasing. Living, a Rect. (Ck. R. C.) val.
5007., patr. Crown. Castle Man', M. Longfield,
Esq. 'Inch,' 'inis,' 'ynys,' 'ennis,' an island.
gap" INCH par. (37-8, 47) Innishowen bar.
NE. Donegal, a military station, 4m. SW. of
Buncrana-157, partly on /. Isld. in L. Swilly,
where the O'Doghertys had a castle, which came
to the Chichesters, and Kirke encamped 1689
when bringing relief to Derry. Acres 3100 (737ft.
high at 1. Top) ; pop. 978, decreasing. Living,
a Cur. (Dv. R.) val. 927., patr. Dean of Derry.
/. Island, J. Kennedy, Esq. ig" INCH par. (30-1,
37) Lecale bar. ]\fid. Down, 2 m. X. of Down-
patrick-94, on R. Quoile, has at Inniscourcy in
L. Strangford, remains of a cistertian abbey found.
1180 by Sir Jno. de Courcy, and given to the
Fitzgeralds. Acres 6492, hilly, with slate, lead ;
pop. 2489, decreasing. Living", a Rect. (Dn. C. D.)
and prebend., val. 5657., patr. Bishop. Near the
abbey, of which the choir, etc. stands, are remains
of the old church. Finnebrogue, J. Maxwell, Esq.
ijap INCH par. is joined to KINGUSSIE, Inver-
ness. UiT INCH, or INCHFOGARTY, par. (34-5,
40-1) Eliogarty bar. Mid. Tipperary, 4m. NW. of
Thurles-95. Acres 4889, with bog ; pop. 1983 + 6.
Living, a Vic. with Clogher. /. House, G. Ryan,
Esq. ; Dovea, J. Trant, Esq. (gT INCH par. (35,
40) W. Shelmaliere bar. S. Wexford, 6 m. W. of
Taghmon-94. Acres 1389 ; pop. 526 + 12. Liv-
ing, a Vic. with Horetown.

P. INCH par. (45) Arklow bar. S. Wicklow, but
chiefly Gorey bar. (3) N. Wexford, 5 m. NE. of
Gorey-61, contains Coolgraney. Acres 6803, with
good dairy land ; pop. 2006 + 52. Living, a Rect.
(Du. G. K.) with Kilgorman, val. 4767., patr.
Bishop. St. Austin's, T. Bolger, on site of a
friary. |gp INCH par. (10-1) 6 m. WXW. of
Glenluce-141, W. Wigton. near R. Ryan, and so
called from an Inch, or is!d. in L. Kennedy, with
a ruined chapel, contains Saulseat old par., Airds,
Cairnryan, Lochans, with about 15 small lakes.
Size 9 m. by 7, hilly in part, with good pasture,
moss, mineral springs, fish, fowl ; pop. 2950 + 43 ;
real prop. 1 1,2747. ; for poor 483/. Living (presb.
Stranraer) val. 264/., patr. Crown. Cast. Ken-
nedy, burnt down 1715, was a seat of Earl Stair
of Culborn, who greatly improved the soil. There
are 9 stone cairns at Cairnmarran, and moats, or
moots, at Invernessau (336 ft. round at bottom,
78 at top, 60 high), and elsewhere.

Inch-Brayock, or Rossie Isld. in the S. Esk's
mouth, E. Forfar. has bridges on both sides,
towards Montrose and Craig, and was a distinct
par. (gP /. Burn, runs to R. Kelvin, S. Stirling.
4 m. W. of Kilsyth. ^ I. Cailliach, SE. side of
L. Lomond, W. Stirling, was a par., now joined to
BUCHANAN, and has traces of a nunnery, whence
the name " old women island," with tombs of the
Macgregors, Mac Alpines, etc. $ I. Castle (3d)



m. E. of Atliy, S. Kildare, belonged to the
ac Kellys. i!g~ /. Fad, in L. Lomond, NW. of


Mac Kellys. ^ /. Fad, in L. Lomond, NW. of
Inch Cailloch, as above, and near I. Freichland,
I. Galbraith (which has an old seat of the Gal-
braiths), and /. Grange (?). IJgP /. Garme Istd.
in Frith of Forth, S. Fife, opposite Queensferry,
was fortified in the war. gaT / House (15) 2 m.
S. of Balbriggan, NE. Dublin, J. T. Madden, Esq.
Igf" /. Islet ( ) in L. Allen, Mid. Leitrim, has
some church ruins. giT I., ST. LAWRENCE,
par. (14, 23) Clanwilliam bar. Mid. Limerick, 7 m.
SE. of Limerick- 11 9. Acres 2203; pop. 843, de-
creasing. Living, a Vic. with Ballybrood. gif" /.
Peninsula (55) between Dingle Bay and Castle-
maine Harb-, W. Kerry. Igf LTavanach, or
Monk's Isld. W. side of L. Lomond, N. Dumbrtn.
near Luss, is f m. by J m., with /. Moan E. of it.
Igir I.-Torr, in L. Lomond, W. Stirling, near

Inchabor Isld. SE. corner of L. Lomond, NE.
Dumbrtn. mouth of R. Endrick.

Inchafray Abbey, at Madderty, Mid. Perth. 8 m.
W. of Perth, of which there are remains on a spot
by the E. Pow, called Insula Missarum, was found.
1200, by Gilbert Earl of Strathearn, given to the
Drummonds with a title, and belongs to Earl

Inchard Loch, near Rhiconich, Edderachylis
par. W. Suthrld. is 5 m. long and 1 to 3 broad.

Inchbeg (73) 1 m. WNW. of Cork, Mid. Cork,
S. M. Hussey, Esq.

Inchbreek' near Turriff, N. Aberdeen. A. Stuart,

Inchcape Rock. See Bell Rock.
Inchclair Isld. in L. Lomond, SW. of Inch
Cailliach, as above, not far from Inch Croin.

&. Inchcolm Isld. in Frith of Forth, S. Fife.
opposite Aberdour, from which it is cut off by Mor-
timer's Deep, has the cloisters, refectory, kitchen,
8-sided chapter ho., dungeon, etc., with a danish
pillar, of the cistertian abbey, found. 1123 by
Alex. I., on site of a hermitage, which came
through the Stewarts to the Morays, with title
of St. Colme ( ?). It was plundered by the En-
glish 1335, '6, and '84, and fortified by Somerset
1547, and in the late war. Near it are the
Oxscars, Car Craig, Cramond, and other rocks.
Pop. 5.

Inchconachan, or Colquhoun's Isld., W. side of
L. Lomond, ^V. Dumbrtn. near Luss and Inch
Croin, which has a lunatic asylum on it.

Inchcormac Isld. in Loch Swin, W. Argyll.
near Jura Sound.

Inchdairnie, near Kinglassie, S. Fife. J. Aytoun,

INCHICRONAN par. (18-9, 26-7) Upper Bun-
rathy bar. N. Clare, 6 m. NE. of Ennis-138, con-
tains Crusheen, and has, in /. Lough, remains of
King O'Brien's castle, with an austin abbey found.
1190, and given to the Thomonds. Acres 17,438,
with mountain and bog ; pop. 5118 + 51. Living, a
Rect. with Kilneboy. /. House, Ld. Fitzgerald
and Vesci.

INCHIGEEI.AGH par. (80-2, etc.) W. East-Car-
bery and W. Muskerry bars. W. Cork, a police
station, 6 m. NW. of Dunmanway-198, contain-
ing Gougane Barra, the sources of the Lea, has
some old castles of the O'Learys who were seated
here. Acres 45,415, with mountain and bog ; an.
val. G267/. ; pop. 6357 + 57 ; of vil. 233. Living, a
Vic. (Ck. R. C.) val. 433/., patr. Bishop. Boyle
Grove, J. Boyle, Esq. Fairs, 31 May, 31 Aug.,
3 Dec.

INCHINABACKY par. (65-6, 76-7) Bam-more
bar. Cork, 2 m. NW. of Castlemartyr-149. Acres
J 175, good, with limestone : pop. 543 + 3. Living,

a Rect. (Ck. R. C.) val. 144/., patr. Bishop. Rox-
boro', J. M'Sweeny.

INCIIINNAN par. Upperward, N. Renfrew. 3 m.
N. of Paisley-52, on Rs. Clyde, White Cart, and
Gryfe, near Greenock rail., contains Broomlands
and Luckensford, and had a castle of the Lennoxes,
16th cent. Size 3 m. by 1, or 3100 acres, culti-
vated ; pop. 678 + 3 ; real prop. 5708/., for poor 86/.
Living (presb. Paisley) val. I, patr. Campbell
of Blytheswood ; church, b. about 1100, was given
by Dav. I. to the K. Templars, whose lands here
came to the Sandilands. Near N. Bar, on the
Clyde, is Old Bar Castle ; and Argyll was taken
1685, at I. Bridge, by Riddell.


IITCHIQUIN BARONY (16-8, etc.) Mid. Clare,
contains Corofin, the pars, of Dysert, Inagh, Kil-
keedy, Killinabey, Kilnamona, Rath, and Kuan ;
acres 88,387, an. val. 28,400/., pop. 21,231, houses

Inchiquin Isld. (41) in L. Corrib, N. Galway,
had a small abbey found, by St. Brendon. gif /.
Castle (67) 4 m. SW. of Youghal, E. Cork. ^ I.
Lough (17) near Corrofin, Mid. Clare, a fine lake
with some castle ruins of the O'Briens or Quins.

Inchira, Inchmartin, Meginch, etc., are islds.
formed in the Tay, where R. Earn joins, SE.

Inchirourkemore (11) near Askeaton, N. Lime-

Inchkeith Isld. 3 m. SSE. of Kinghorn, S. Fife.
in Frith of Forth, is f m. long, rocky, with good
water, was given to the Keiths by Mai. II., forti-
fied by Somerset, but taken by the French 1549,
strengthened by Regent Q. Mary 1560, and occu-
pied 1639 by Hamilton; has, with remains of the
fort, a revolving minute light, lat. 56 2' N., long.
3 8' W., 220 ft. high, put up 1804, and seen 18 m.
It belongs to Duke of Buccleugh, and the Highland
Club meet here annually ; near it are Long Craig,
Brigs, Hewit, N. Craig, Waft Craig, Haystack,
Pallas, and other reefs. Jas. V., they say, to find
out the primitive speech of man, sent a couple of
infants here in charge of a dumb woman, but the
result is not told.

Inchkcnneth, between W. Mull and Staffa, W.
Argyll, has an old chapel on it.

Inchlonaig Isld. SW. corner of L. Lomond, N".
Dumbrtn. was famous for yews.

Inchmacherin Isld. ( ) in L. Key, N. Roscomn.

&. Inchmachome, in L. Monteith, S. Perth, be-
longing to Duke of Montrose, has, in the midst
of old trees, remains of the church, cloisters, etc.
of an austin priory cell to Cambuskenneth,
found. 1238 by the Monteiths of Tulla, visited
1310 by Bruce, valued at 234Z., and given to Q.
Mary's guardian Erskine, who brought her here
1547 before she went to France.

Inchmarin, the largest isld. in L. Lomond, N.
Dumbrtn. a hunting seat of Duke of Montrose,
2 m. by J, well wooded, has remains of the Len-
noxes' castle, and is independent of any par. or

Inchmarnoch Isld. W. side of Bute, in Frith of
Clyde, has St. Marnoch's old chapel, and an-
chorage near it in 9 to 10 fath.

INCHMARTINE par. is joined to ERROL, Perth.
on R. Tay.

Inchmickery, in Frith of Forth, between Cra-
mond and Inchcolm Islds., has a large oyster bed
round it.

INCHMORE limit. (41) Upper Moyfenrath bar.
S. Meath, 7 m. SW. of Trim-27, at the bridge on
R. Bovne.

IncJimore Isld. (15-22) 6 m. N. of Athlone, W
Wcstmcath, in Lough Ree, seat of R, Sandys,


Esq., on site of St. Liberius' austin friary, gif 7.
Jsld. (6) in L. Gowna, N. Longford. g^" /.
Peninsula (19) 3m. SE. of Kilkenny, Mid. Kil-
kenny, has an old castle of the Graces.

Jnch-murrin. See Inchmarin, above.

P. IXCIITURE and ROSSIE par. 9 m. E. of
Perth -40, E. Perth, near Frith of Tay, and Dund.
and Aberd. rail., was made one 1670, and includes
Baledgarno, Ballendean (the Trotters' seat), and
Polgavie port. Size 4 m. by 3, fertile and culti-
vated ; pop. 965, decreasing, of vil. 243 ; real
prop. 81157. ; for poor 1387. Living (presb.
Dundee) val. 2257., patr. Crown. Gives title of
baron to Lord Kinnaird of Rossie Priory.

Inchturk Isld. ( ) near Inchmore, Westmeath,
above, has remains of a nunnery.

Inchtuthil Camp, at Caperth, NE. Perth, on R.
Tay, is the roman In Media, 500 yds. square, on
site of a british one, with a 5-ditch'd camp near it.

Inchydoney Isld. (135) in Clonakilty Bay, S.

IXCHYRA vil. Kilfauns par. SE. Perth. 4 m.
SE. of Perth-40, a small port on R. Tay, late
seat of D. A. Blair, Esq.

IXCOMB tnshp. (46) Ivinghoe par. E. Sucks.
near Ivinghoe-33, is joined to RIXGSHALL.

Incuneningum of Bede, is CUXNINGHAME, Ayr.

Indal Loch, SW. side of Islay, W. Argyll, is
10 m. broad from Rhins light to Mull of Oe, and j
llm. deep, with good anchorage in 2 to 8 fath. |
off Bowmore, and cliffs here and there 500 to 700
ft. high.

India Shoal, 5 m. E. of Wicklow, E. Wicklow,
has 2 to 4 fath. on it. gg I. Vilh (5) near Port-
arlington, NE. Queen's Co. C. L. Sandes, Esq.

Inganess Bay, in Pomona, Mid. Orkney Islds.
3 m. E. of Kirkwall, near I. Head, is 3 m. by 1 to
2, with good anchorage.

Ingard Head (50) W. side of Ballyteague Bay,
S. Wexford.

IXGARSBY hmlt. (63) Hungerton par. E. Lei-
cest. 5 m. E. of Leicester-96. Acres 810 ; pop.
26 ; real prop. 15997. I. Hall, Carver, Esq.,
was a grange to Leicest. ab., and has the beau-
tiful carved bed on which Wolsey died, and
some barrows or giants' stones.

P. IXGATESTOXE par. (1) Chelmsford hund.
Mid. Essex, 6 m. SVV. of Chelmsford-29, on E.
Count, rail., so called from Ing a meadow, atte or
at, the roman mile stone, which it is thought
stood here on the way to Colchester, was a mkt.
town under the abbots of Barking, and given by
Hen. VIII. to the Petres. Acres 670; pop. 856
+ 7 ; poor r. 5207. (Chelms. U.) ; real prop. 46847. ;
charities 4/. St. Mary Rect. (Roch.) val. with
Buttsbury 4207., patr. Lord Petre, of whose
fam. the church has tombs and effigies, and who
lived at /. Hall, an old seat, till their removal to
Thorndon. The Hyde, seat of the Disneys.

INGBIRCHWOOD tnshp. (88) Penistone par.
W. R. York. 2 m. NW. of Penistone-175. Acres
820 ; pop. 419 + 41 ; poor r. 617. (Wortley U.) ;
real prop. 1445Z. " Ing," a meadow, as in the

IXGERTHORPE tnshp. ( ) Ripon par. W. R.
York. 3 m. SSE. of Ripon-212. Acres 470 ; pop.
46 ; real prop. 14107.

IXGESTRIE par. (72) S. Pirehill hund. Mid.
Stafford. 3 m. E. of Stafford-141, on Gd. Trunk
canal and R. Trent, came from the De Multons to
the Chetwynds (Edw. III.), who take hence title
of visct. Acres 1150; pop. 118; poor r. 387.
fStaf. U.); real prop. 26387. St. Mary Rect.
(Lich.) val. 5697., patr. Earl Talbot (a Chet-
wynd) of /. Hall, an old elizabethan seat,
partly restored ; church, reb. 1676 by the Chet-

wynds, with their mons., arms, stone font, screen,

Ingetlingum of Bede, is CHILI.IXGHAM, N. I?.

INGHAM par. (83) "W. Aslacoe wap. NW. Lin-
coln. 8 m. N. of Lincoln-132. Acres 1750; pop.
514 + 15 ; poor r. 777. (Line. U.) ; real prop. 29137.
Living, a Vic. (Line.) val. 507., patr. Col. Neville.
tgflxGHAM par. (68) Happing hund. NE. Nor-
folk, 7 m. SE. of N. Walsham-125, was held by
the Inghams, etc., and had a small college for the
redemption of captives found. 1360 by Sir Miles
Stapleton. Acres 1980; pop. 509 + 9; poor r.
1717. (Tunstead Incorp.) ; real prop. 24737. Holy
Trinity Cur. (Norw.) val. 7., patr. Bishop;
church, has 2 canopied brasses (from 1432) of the
Stapletons, and effigies of Sir O. Ingham, go-
vernor of Acquitaine (Edw. II.), and Roger de
Boys. I. Hall, .

P. IXGHAM par. (51) Blackbourn hund. NW.
Suffolk, 4 m. N. of Bury-St.-Edmunds-71. Acres
1910; pop. 208; poor r. 1577. (Thingoe U.);
real prop. 16317. ; charities 87. St. Bartholomew
Rect. (Ely) ral. with Culford and Timworth 5497.,
patr. R. B. de Beauvoir, Esq.

Ingleborongh Mountn. ( ) 8 m. XNW. of Settle,
W. R. York, near N. West, rail., is 2361 ft. high,
and steep on E. and S., with a morass under-
neath ; is limestone and grit, covered with grass
to the top, which is generally hid in mists, and
has a view taking in the Craven hills, all Lan-
cash. etc. to Snowdon, the Irish Sea, Cross Fell,
and the lake mountains. Actaea spicata grows

IXGLEBY tnshp. (71) Foremark par. S. Derby.
6 m. NE. of Burton-125, on R. Trent. Pop. 157 ;
poor r. 297. (Burton U.) ; real prop. 14317.

P. IXGLEBY -ARXCLIFFE par. ( ) W. Lang-
baurgh lib. N. R. York. 7m. SW. of Stokesley-238,
contains I. CROSS hmlt, Acres 1840 ; pop. 329 ;
poor r. 1107. (Stokes. U.) ; real prop. 21027. Living,
a Cur. (Yk.) val. 497., patr. B. Abbs, Esq. ^
I.-BARWICK tnshp. ( ) Stainton par. N. R. York.
3 m. S. of Stockton-241, near R. Tees, contains
Leven-Bridge and Newtown. Acres 1190; pop.
138; poor r. 807. (Stockt. U.) ; real prop. 19417.

P. INGLEBY-GREEHHOW par. ( ) W. Lang-
baurgh lib. N. R. York. 4 m. ESE. of Stokesley
-238, contains Battersby and Greenhow. Acres
6400, of town 2610; pop. 355, and 161; poor
r. 1347. (Stokes. U.) ; real prop. 13217. ; charities
137., of which 47. to school. Living, a Cur. (Yk.)
val. 677., patr. Sir H. Foulis, Bt. of /. Manor,
first granted by Jas. I. tf^ I., NORTH and
SOUTH, hmlts. "(83) Saxelbv par. W. Lincoln.
6 m. NW. of Lincoln-132. P'op. 33 and 44 ; real
prop. 19947. Living, a Vie. with Saxelby.

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