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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 262 of 293)
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IXGLESHAM par. (34) Highworth hund. Wilts.
and Farringdon hund. Berks. 2 m. N. of High-
worth-74, on the Thames. Acres 890 ; pop. 125 ;
poor r. 567. (Highw. U.) ; real prop. 20427.
Living, a Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val. 2957., patr.
Bishop of Sarum.

P. INGLETOX tnshp. ( ) Staindrop par. S.
Durham, 6 m. SSW. of Bishop's Auckland-248.
Acres 800 ; pop. 334 ; poor r. 1277. (Teesdale U.).
Living, a Cur. (Dur.) val. 407., patr. Vicar.

P. IXGLETOX chplry. ( ) Bentham par. W. R.
York. 9 m. N W. of Settle-235, near N. West. rail,
on R. Creta, under Ingleborough Hill, containing
Twisleton and Gearstones, has a fall of 90 ft. at
Thornton scar, which rises 300 ft. Acres 15,280,
hilly, with coal and limestone, hollowed into Yor-
das, Weathercote, and other caves ; pop. 1355
+ 12, cotton spinners and colliers; poor r. 5017.
(Settle U.); real prop. 86897.; charities loL



Living, a Cur. (Rip.) val. ISO/., and I. FELL or
CHAPEL- LF.-DALE Cur. C4/., patr of both Rector.

Inglewight Lodge ( ) 5 m. SE. of Garstang,
Mid. I.ancash.

Inglewood House ( ) near Hungerfbrd, W.
Berks. Capt. Dunn.

INGLEWOOD FOREST dist. ( ) Penrith par.
E. Cwnbrld. 3 m. N. of Penrith-283, is in a
dreary tract, which was forest before Hen. VIII.,
stretching up to C-trlisle. Pop. 116. /. Cottage,
J. Williamson.

Inf/lismaldie, 3 m. NW. of Marykirk, SW.
Kincardine, on R. North Esk, Earl of Kintore,
with large woods.

1 iKfmanthorpe Hall ( ) 2 m. NE. of Wetherbv,
W. R. York. R, F. Wilson, Esq.

Ingmire Hall ( ) 2 m. W. of Sedburgh, W. R.
York, on R. Lune, seat of J. Upton, Esq.

INGOE tnshp. ( ) Stamfordham par. S. North-
mbrld. 9 m. NE. of Hexham-279. Pop. 231, col-
liers. /. Hall, J m. S.

INGOL hmlt. ( ) Preston par. Mid. Lancash.
2 m. N W. of Preston-217, on Lancaster rail. Pop.
88; real prop. 21 137.

INGOLOESTHORPE par. (69) Stnithdon hund.
NW. Norfolk, 5 m. NNE. of Castle Rising-100,
near the Wash. Acres 1480 ; pop. 344 + 8 ; poor
r. 1657. (Docking U.); real prop. 20667. ; chari-
ties 51. St. Michael Sect. (Norw.) val. 3477., patr.
Rev. J. Leir. I. House, J. Davy, Esq.

INGOLDMELLS par. (84) Candleshoe wap. E.
Lincoln. 10 m. E.of Spilsby-129, near /. Point, on
the coast, where coral and other pebbles are found.
Acres 2250 ; pop. 259 + 5 , poor r. 95/. (Spils. U.) ;
real prop. 24487. St. Peter and Paul Rect. (Line.)
val. 737., patr. Mrs. Hutton's heirs ; church, has
brass of W. Palmer (1520) with a palmer's staff.

INGOLDSBY par. (70) Aswardhurn wap. SW.
Lincoln. 7 m. SE. of Grantham-110, on R. Glen,
containing Scotland hmlt., has the Round hills
tumuli, and a circular camp 500 ft. diam. Acres
2350; pop. 402 + 6; poor r. 1167. (Granth. U.) ;
real prop. 27317. St. Andrew Rect. (Line.) val.
338/., patr. Christ's Coll. Camb.

INGON hmlt. (54) Hampton-Lucy par. S. War-
wick. 1 m. N. of Stratford-on-Avon-96, belonged
to Shakspeare's mother. /. Hall, 1 m. NE.

INGRAM par. ( ) N. Coquetdale ward, .2V.
Northmbrld. 1 m. SSE. of Wooler-320, on R.
Ereainish, under the Cheviots, contains Fawdon
and Reaveley. Acres 14,890; pop 220+2, of
town, with Linhop and Greenshawhill, 92 ; poor r.
277. (Glendale U.) ; real prop. 36097. St. Mi-
chael, (Dur.) val. 4627., patr. R. L. Allgood,
Esq. Reveley Manor, a seat of the Reveleys.

INGRAVE par. (1) Barnstable hund. S. Essex,
2 m. SE. of Brentwood-18, near E. Count, rail., is
a meet for the S. Essex hounds. Acres 1220 ;
pop. 530 + 13 ; poor r. 1797. (Billericay U.) ; real
prop. 16897. ; charities 67. St. Nicholas Rect.
with W. Horndon.

Ingress Abbey (1) 3 m. ENE. of Dartford, NW.
Kent, seat of T. Harmer, Esq., was called Ince-
grice, and held by Dartford nunnery, the Car-
michaels, Besboroughs, Calcrafts, Roebucks, and
since rebuilt with the stones of old London

INGROW hmlt. ( ) Keighley par. W. R. York.
near Keighley-206. Living, a Cur. (Rip.) val.
with Hainworth 7,, patr. Bishop.

INGS hmlt. ( ) Hugil chplry. W. Westmrld.
fi m. NW. of Kendal-262, has the chapel b. 1743
by Bateman, a poor lad, native born, who became
a rich Leghorn merchant.

INGS, NORTH, hmlt. ( ) Rheriff-IIutton tnshp.
N. R. York. 10 m. NNE. of York-199.

Ingsdon (22) 3 m. WNW. of Newton-Bushel,
SE. Devon. C. Monro, Esq., formerly the Beau-

INGTHORPE hmlt. (64) Tinwell par. NE. Rut-
land. 2 m. NW. of Stamford-89, on R. Gwash.
Acres 670 ; pop. 8.

Inqtlwrpe Grange ( ) 6 m. WSW. of Skipton,
W. R. York.

INGWARDINE tnshp. ( ) Stottesden par. NE.
Salop, 4 m. N. of Cleobury-Mortimer-137. Pop. 20.

INGWORTH par. (68) S. Erpingham hund. NE.
Norfolk, 2 m. N. of Aylsham-119, on R. Bnre.
Acres 560 ; pop. 152 ; poor r. 637. (Aylsh. U.) ;
real prop. 10857. St. Lawrence Rect. (Norw.) val.
1277., patr. W. Windham, Esq. !< I. DEANERY,
archdy. and dice, of Norwich, contains the bene-
fices in S. Erpingham hund., or 31 in all.

Inholmes (13) 3 m. N. of Hungerfbrd, SW.
Berks. 3. Seymour, Esq.

INHURST tythg. (12) Baughurst par. N. Hants.
4 m. NE. of Kingsclere-54. Pop. 117.

Inish Cupel, 1 m. W. of Seil Isld. W. Argyll, and
1 m. long. ' Inish,' ' inch,' etc., an island.

Inishae Islet ( ) between Mannin bay and
Ardbear harb. NW. Galway.

INISHAIL par. joined to GI.ENORCIIY, Mid.
Argyll, so called from the " beautiful island," in
NE. corner of L. Awe, which has remains of a
cistertian nunnery, still used as a burial-place.
Pop. 813. Near Inishail are, /. Clonnel with an
old castle of the Campbells ; /. Eraith of ' Os-
sian,' with chapel ; Traoch Elan, etc.

P. INISHANNON par. (97) Kinalea and E. East-
Carberry bars. S. Cork, 12 m. SW. of Cork, 175
from Dublin, a police and petty sess. statn. on R.
Bandon, near Downdaniel and Shippool Castles,
was walled and given 1412 to the Barrys by
Hen. V. Acres 7153, slaty, with stone; an.
val. 58157.; pop. 3615, of vil. 625, decreasing.
Living, a Rect. (Ck. R. C.) val. 5497., patr.
Crown, for C. Kearney, Esq. /. House, S. Adder-
ley, Esq.; Firgrove, R. Quin, Esq. Fairs, 29
May, 3 Oct.

INISHARGY par. (12, 18) Ards bar. E. Down,
contains Kircubbin-111, on L. Strangford. Acres
5516 ; pop. 3014. Living, a Vic. with St. Andrew's.

Inishark Isld. (114) near Inishboffin, SW.

Inisharn Isld. ( ) in Killery harbour, S W.

Inishatirra Isld. (7) in Lough Key, N. Ros-

Inishbeg Isld. (141, 150) in Baltimore harb. S.
Cork, at R. Hen's mouth. " Innis beg," or smalt
island, is a common name for many others, as
one near Bloody Foreland, Donegal, another near
the Gt. Blasquets, Kerry, etc.

Inishbiggle Isld. (43) in Achill Sound, W. Mayo,
belongs to the O'Donnells. Acres 800.

INISHBOFFIN par. (114) Murrisk bar. SW.
Mayo, on Boffin Isld., 18 m. SW. of Lewisburgh
-184, in Ballinakill Harb., had an abbey found.
667 by St. Colman, and a castle b. by Cromwell.
Acres 3151 ; pop. 1612 + 15, fishermen, etc. on B.
Bank. Living, a Rect. with Ballinakill. Belongs
to Marq. of Sligo.

Inishboffin Isld. (14) 4 m. NE. of Bloody Fore-
land, N. Donegal, is a coast-gd. station. (3~ I,
Isld. ( ) in L. Ree, I^onnford, had a small abbey
found, by St. Rioch, and burnt 1089 by the Danes.

INISHCALTRA par. (13, 20-1) Upper Tulla bar.
E. Clare, and (134-6) Leitrim bar. SE. Galway, has,
on Holy Isld. in L. Derg, " 7 churches " or cells,
including one found, by St. Camin before 658, burnt
949 by Danes, and reb. in saxon style by Brian
Boroimhe, also a round tower of 70 ft., where St.



Cossgratli died 898. Acres 11,28.1, with moun-
tain, sandstone, bog, lime ; pop. 2378 + 18. Liv-
ing, a Vic. (K. K. C. K.) with 2 others, val. 1607.,
patr. Bishop. The Isld. is a favourite burial place ;
St. Columba died here 548, and Corcoran, a scholar,
1040; a 'patron' is held 12 Mar. to St. Camin,
who wrote a commentary on the Psalms which
Usher saw a copy of. Woodpark, P. Keade, Esq.

Inishcaragh, or Inishkeeragh, Isld. (48) 1 m. S.
of Arran, W. Donegal, in the Atlantic.

P. INISHCARRA par. (61-2, 72-3) E. Muskerry
bar. Mid. Cork, 8 m. W. of Cork-160, on R. Lee.
Acres 10,190, with slate; pop. 4407 + 96, some
paper-makers. Living, a Rect. (Ck. R. C.) with
Mattehy, val. 9527., patr. Bishop. Ardrum, Sir
G. Colthurst, Bt.

Inishcarrow Reef ( ) in Clew Bay, Mayo,
8 m. W. of Westport, a resort of seals.

Inishcloghran, or Inchcleraun, Isld. (21) in L.
Ree, Longford.

Inishcoo Islet ( ) near Rutland, W. Donegal,
in the Atlantic.

Inishcorker Isld. (GO) Clonderalaw bar. S. Clare,
in the estuary of R. Fergus.

P. Inishcroane (16) 8 m. N. of Ballina, W.
Sligo, on the bay.

Inishdadrom, or Coney, Isld. (60) in R. Fergus,
S. Clare, 6 m. SW. of Newmarket. Acres 226,
with limestone.

Inishdoney Isld. (15) in Lower L. Erne, Mid.

Inishdooey Isld. (14) near Inishboffin, N. Do-

Inishdoorus Isld. (40) in L. Corrib, .ZV. Galway.

Inishdriscol Isld. (149) in Roaringwater bay,
S. Cork, belonged to the O'Driscolls.

Inishduff Isld. (97) in Fintra bav, >$. Donegal,
5 m. SW. of Killybegs.

INISHEER par. *(1 19-20) Aran bar. S W. Galway,
25 m. SW. of Galway-133, is one of the Aran
islds. Acres 1400 ; pop. 456 + 1. Living, a Vic.
with Ballinakill.

Inisherk Isld. (89) 2 m. W. of Gormuna isld.
W. Galway.

31. Inishfallen Isld. (66) Lower Killarney Lake,
Mid. Kerry, the most beautiful of the lake islands,
abounds with elm, ash, holly and other ever-
greens, and has an oratory and the ruined walls
of an abbey found. 7th cent, by St. Finian the
Leper, in which the " Annals of I." down to
1320, one of the earliest and most trustworthy of
irish histories, were written, the original being
in the Bodleian Lib. Oxon.

Inishfarnard Isld. (101) in Coolagh bay, SW.
Cork, contains 34 acres.

Inishfree Islds. (32, 41,48) 2m. SW. of Gwee-
dore bay, W. Donegal, in /. Say.

Inishgeil, or Inchaguile, Isld. ( ) 4m. SSW. of
Cong, N. Galway, in L. Corrib, has remains of a
chapel, etc.

Inishglora Isld. (16) 2 m. W. of the Mullet, W.
Mayo, in the Atlantic.

Inishgort, or Inishgoula, Isld. (76) in Clew bay,
W. Mayo, 5 m. SW. of Newport, has a fixed
light (lat. 53 49' N., tong. 9 41' W.) put up
1827, 36ft. high, seen 10m.

Inishkea Islds., N. and S. (23) 6 m. NW. of
Blacksod Point, W. Mayo, in the Atlantic.

INISHKEEL par. (64-7, etc.) Bannagh and Boy-
lagh bars. W. Donegal, near Ardara-61, contain-
ing Glenties, had on Innis Coel isld. remains of a
monastery found. 590 by St. Coel. Acres 102,082,
hilly, rising 1958 ft. at Aghlas mountn. ; pop.
12,606 + 117. Living, a Rect. (Dy. R.) val. 406/.,
patr. Bishop.



INISHKEEN par. (29, 32) Farney bar. SE. Mo-
naghan, and (6,11) Louth and Upper Dundalk
bars. NW. Louth, 5 m. W. of Dundalk-50, a police
station, with a danish fort, and some traces of
St. Dagen's abbey, found. 6th cent. Acres 6193 ;
pop. 3732 + 4. Living, a Rect. (Arm. C.) val.
4527., patr. Bishop.

Inishkeeragh Isld. (16) Erris bar. W. Mayo,
5m. NE. of N. Inishkea, in the Atlantic.

INISHKENNY par. (74, 85-6) Cork and E. Mus-
kerry bars. Mid. Cork, 5 m. SW. of Cork, has
remains of Ballymacdane austin abbey, found.
1450 by the M'Carthys. Acres 3859, with bog ;
pop. 1390 + 10. Living, a Rect. (Ck. R. C.) val.
3437., patr. Bishop. Castle White, G. White, Esq.

Inislilacken Isld. (63) in Roundstown bay, W.
Galway, is a coast-gd. station.

Inishlire Isld. ( ) in Clew bay, W. Mayo, 6 m.
SW. of Newport, a coast-gd. station.

Inishloe Isld. (60) mouth of R.Fergus, S.Clare.

IXISHLOUNAGHT par. (76, 82-3) E. Iffa and
Offa bar. S. Tipperary, and (1) Glenahiry bar.
.ZV". Waterford, near Clonmel-104, on R." Suir,
containing Abbey and Toberaheena, had an abbey
found. 1187 by King Donald O'Brien (on the
site of an older one), and given to the Geoghs.
Acres 9378, with granite, limestone; pop. 4764
+ 51. Living, a Rect. (Ca. E. W. L,) val. 593/.,
patr. Crown.

INISIIMAAN par. (119) Aran bar. SW. Galway,
25m. SW. of Galway-133, is the middle isld. of
the S. Aran group in Galway bay. Acres 2253 ;
pop. 473 + 5. Living, a Vic. with Ballinakill.

Inishmaclelan Isld. ( ) one of the Blasquets,
W. Kerry, 3 m. SW. of Gt. Blasqnet.

Inishmacnaughten Isld. ( ) 4 m. W. of Bun-
ratty, S. Clare, where R. Fergus joins R. Shan-
non. Near this is Fynish, with a nunnery.

Inishmacowney Isld. (60) in the mouth of R.
Fergus, S. Clare.

INISHMACSAINT par. (107, etc.) Tirhugh bar. S.
Donegal, chiefly (7-10, 12-5) Magheraboy bar.
NW. Fermanagh, containing Derrygonnelly-42,
Churchill, and part of Ballyshannon, on Loughs
Lower Erne and Melvin, and R. Erne, has Castle
Tully ruins and remains of an abbey found, by
St. Nenwid 6th cent. Acres 53,993, with lake,
islds.. bog, and sandstone, rising 1113 at Slieve
North ; pop. 14,693, decreasing. Living, a Rect.
(Arm. C.) val. 686/., patr. Marquis of Ely, who
has the manor.

INISHMAGRATH par. (15-7, 20) Drumahaire
bar. Mid. Leitrim, 7 m. SE. of Drumahaire-126,
contains Drumkeeran, and has some church
and other remains, in L. Allen. Acres 27,439, hilly,
with bog, stone, lime, coal, iron ; pop. 9603 + 163.
Living, a Vic. (K. E. A.) val. 5007., patr. Bishop.
Strand Hill, J. Fawcett, Esq. ; Corry Lodge, F. Cul-
len, Esq.

Inislimakeera Isld. ( ) 1 m. W. of Rutland,
W. Donegal, in the Atlantic.

Inishmeane Isld. (32) 1 m. NE. of Gola, W.
Donegal, in the Atlantic.

INISHMOUE par. (110-1,119) Aran bar. SW.
Galway, 30 m. SSW. of Galway-133, is Gt. Aran
Isld., containing Killeany and Killoran. Acres
7635 ; pop. 2592 + 28. Living, a Vic. with Bal-

Inishmore Isld. (33) in Upper L. Erne, Mid.
Fermanagh, near Belleisle, R. Hall, Esq.

INISHMOT par. (6, 7, 12-3) Lower Slane bar.
NE. Meath, 2 m. SE. of Drumcondra-48. Acres
1457 ; pop. 481 + 8. Living, a Vic. (Meath) val.
137., patr. Bishop.

Inishmulclohy, or Coney, Isld. (7,8, 14) in Sligo
bay, N. SHgo, 5 m. NW. of Sligo.


Inishmurray Isld. (1) Carbury bar. N. Sligo, S.
side of Donegal bay, belonging to Visct. Pal-
merston, has a cromlech and remains of a mo-
nastery, etc. found, by St. Columb and St. Molasse,
and destroyed by the Danes 807.

Inishmurry Isld. (59) in the mouth of R. Fergus,
S. Clare.

Inishnabroe Isld. (61) Corkaquiny bar. W.
Kerry, one of the Blasquet islds.

Inishnee Isld. (50, 63) in Roundstone bay,
W. Galway, 3 m. long.

INISHO\VEN BARONY (29-31, etc.) NE. Donegal,
the old Inis-eoghuin, or O'Doghertys' country, con-
tains Buncrana, Cardonagh, the pars, of Burt,
Clonca, Clonmany, CuldaflF, Desertegny, Donagh,
Fahan (Upper and Lower), Inch, Mintiaghs,
Moville (Upper and Lower), and Muff; acres
197,860, an. val. 44,0 18/., pop. 55,462, houses
10,066. Inis. P. L. Union, has 21 elect, divs. in
Donegal, with 23 guardians ; acres 159,323, pop.
43,569, ho. room for 600, cases relieved (1847-8)
1687 (besides 1862 out-door), expend. 271 11., prop,
rated 36,6077.

Inishowen Head (13) 5 m. NE. Moville, NE.
Donegal, at the mouth of L. Foyle, with a fixed
light on Donagree point, lat. 55 1^ N., long.
6 5G' W., put up 1837, 67 ft. high, and seen 13 m.

Inishruin Isld. (9) near Renvyle point, N. Gal-

Inishsirrer Isld. (23) 3 m. SW. of Bloody
Foreland, NW. Donegal.

INISIISKERKIN vi!. ( ) opposite Baltimore harb.
S. Cork, has an old ruined abbey, and the O'Dris-
colls' castles.

Inishugh Isld. ( ) in Clew bay, If. Mayo.

INISPOLLAN GRANGE ext. par. (14-5) Lower
Glenarm bar. E. Antrim, 3 m. W. of Cushenden
-138. Acres 934 ; pop. 135.

Inisrocha Isld. ( ) in Lower L. Erne, JV.

INISKUSH vil. (33) Loughlinsholme bar. SE.
Londonderry, 4 m. N. of Bellaghy-116. Pop. 282.
/. House, H. Ellis, Esq.

Inistalla Isld. (104) near Inisturk, SW. Mayo,
in the Atlantic.

Inisfegil Isld. ( ) W. side of Killery harb. S W.

P. M. INISTIOGE par. (32-3) Gowran bar. E.
Kilkenny, 13 m. SE. of Kilkenny, 80 from Dublin,
a police station, in a pleasant spot at the 10-
arc-hed bridge on R. Nore, has remains of an austin
abbey found. 1210 on site of an earlier, and given
to the Butlers ; and under charter of Jas. I. is
governed by a portreve, 1 2 burgesses, etc. who
returned 2 members to paxl. before the Union.
Acres 9741, good, with bog, granite, lead; pop.
3501 + 28, of vil. 956, some lace-maker?; nouses
141, with chapel, dispensary, part of an old cross.
Living, a Vic. (Os. F. L.)" with Clonamery val.
2887., patr. Bishop. Woodstock, W. F. Tighe, Esq.
Mkt. D. Frid. Fairs, 9, 13 June, 14 Oct.

Inistravan Isld. (78) 1 m. N. of Littermore, W.

Iitistruskar, or Inishtooshert, Isld. (51) 4 m. N W.
of Dunmore head, W. Kerry.

Inistitbbred Isld. (60) in the mouth of R. Fergus,
S. Clare.

Inisturk Isld. (94, 104) 7 m. SW. of Clare isld.
SIV. Mayo. ^ I. Isld. (21) 6 m. NW. of
Clifden, NW.Galway.

Inisvachtuir Islet ( ) in L. Sheelin, N. West-

Inisvickillane Isld. See Inishmaclelan, Kerry.

INKUEURON par. (54) Mid. Oswaldslow hund.
E. Worcest. 4 m. W. of Alcester-103, contains
Cokehill with the remains of a nunnery. Acres



C940; pop. 1809 + 7; poor r. 7117. (Alcest. U.) ;
real prop. 14,1857.; charities 827., of which poor's
land 807. St. Peter Vic. (Wore.) val. 8407., patr.
Earl of Abergavenny of Knighton Park ; church,

INKERHAI.L (82) 5 m. E. of Mansfield, Mid.
Notts, in Sherwood Forest.

Inkersall (82) 3 m. ENE. of Chesterfield, NE.

P. IXKPEN par. (12) Kintbury Eagle hund.
SW. Berks. 3 m. SSE. of Hungerford-64. Acres
2840 ; pop. 743 + 2 ; poor r. 3387. (Hungerf. U.) ;
real prop. 36117. ; charities 257. St. Michael Rect.
(Oxon.) val. 5207., patr. J. Butler, Esq.

Inner Load (8) 3 m. N. of Haslemere, S W.


INNERGOWRIE par. is joined to LIFF, Forfar.

P. INNERKIP par. Lower ward, W. Renfrew.
5 m. SW. of Greenock, 71 from Edinbro', a bathing
place in a fine spot at mouth (inrer) of R. Kip, on
Frith of Clyde, including Gourock q. s. Size 7 m.
bv 6, hilly, with good views over the Clyde ; pop.
3420 + 133, of vil. 431 ; real prop. 14,7547. ; for
poor 3427. Living (presb. Greenock) val. 2307.,
patr. Sir M. R. S. Stewart, Bt. of Ardgowan.

P. INNERLEITHEN par. 5 m. E. of Peebles, E.
Peebles, and N. Selkirk. 28 m. from Edinbro', a
watering place in a fine spot on R. Tweed, where
joined by R. Leithen, including part of Kailzie old
par. and a good mineral spring, supposed to be the
real " St. Ronan's Well." Size 9 m. by 4, or 30,000
acres, hilly sheepwalks, 2295 ft. high at Windle-
straw; pop. 931 + 13, of vil. 463, some in a
woollen factory, settled here by Mr. Brodie;
houses , with a pump-room, library, bridge to
Traquair, etc. ; real prop. 61377. ; for poor 2467.
Living (presb. Peebl.) val. 2317., patr. Livingstone
of Booth. Remains of Horsburgh Castle, and
other border towers. Traquair, Earl Traquair.
The St. Ronan's Club meet here for trout-fishing
and other sports.

Innerpeffray. See INCITAFFRAY, Perth.

INNERWEIX vil. (26) Sorbiepar./?. Wigton. has a
harb. on Wigton bay, near /. Head.

iNNERwicKpar. 4m. SE. ofDunbar-28, J?.//ue7-
d'mgton. near N.Brit, rail. andLammermuir,on the
coast, contains Skateraw, Thorntonloch, and re-
mains of the Hamiltons' castle, destroyed by Pro-
tector Somerset 1547. Size 10 m. by 3, fertile, with
rocky shore, and hilly pasture, on stone, lime,
and traces of coal; pop. 961, decreasing, of vil.
144 ; real prop. 10,3857. ; for poor 937. Living
(presb. Dunb.) val. 2787., patr. Mrs. Ferguson of
Raith. Near Ederkin or Edinken's bridge, a
tumulus marks the spot where K. Edwin of
Northumbria was killed ; there is another, besides
Blackcastle camp, and an old chapel.

limes House, near Urquhart, NE. Elgin, and
L. Cotts, seat of Earl Fife.

P. INNFIELD, or ENFIELD, vil. (48) Lower Moy-
fenrath bar. S. Meath, 18 m. SSW. of Navan, 24
from Dublin, on Royal canal, near R. Blackwater.
Pop. 375 + 7. Johnstown, J. H. O'Rorke, Esq. ;
Ryndville, R. F. Rynd, Esq.

Innistore, near , Argyll. Col. J. Fleming.

Innistrahul Isld. ( ) 7 m. NE. of Malin Head,
NE. Donegal, has a revolving light in lat. 55 26'
N., long. 7 14' W., 167 ft. high, put up 1812, and
seen 18 m.

Inny River ( ) rises in L. Sheelin, N. Westmeath,
runs 40 m. SW. through Lough Iron and Derra-
varagh, and falls into L. Ree, 5. Longford, passing
by Ballymahon. (gT /. Rivulet (80) rises near
L. Cloon, S. Kerry, and runs 15 m. SW. to Bal-
linskelligs bay.



Innyard (50) near Fethard, S. Wexford,
Lynn, Esq.

"p. K. IXSCH, or INCH, par. Garioch dist. Mid.
Aberdeen. 9 m. SE. of Huntly-149, on R. Urie,
near Foudland Hill (800 ft.) includes Dunodeer
vitrified fort, and is a burgh of barony to Hay of
Rannes. Size 5 m. by 3, or 9400 acres, fertile and
heathy, with good blue slate; pop. 1379 + 4; real
prop. 56977.; for poor 2397. Living (presb.
Garioch) val. 2047., patr. Sir W. Forbes, Bt. of
Craigievar. Fairs, Frid. before 18 Mav, and Nov.
3rd Wed. May o. s. 3rd Tu. Oct. o. s.

INSH q. s. par. in Alvie and Kingussie pars.
SE. Inverness. 8 m. SW. of Aviemore Inn-129.
Pop. 613. Living (presb. Abernethy) val. 1207.,
patr. Crown.

Inshewen, near Tannadice, Mid. Forfar. J.
Ogilvy, Esq.

INSKIP tnshp. ( ) with Sowerby, St. Michael-
on-Wyre par. Mid. Lancash. 5 m. SSW. of
Garstang-229. Acres 2940 ; pop. 735 ; poor r.
1607. (Garst. U.); real prop. 37287. Living, a
Cur. (Manch.) val. 1007., patr. Vicar.

Inson (55) 3 m. S. of Bromyard, E. Hereford.

P. INSTOW par. (26) Fremington hund. NW.
Devon. 4 m. WSW. of Barnstaple-192, a water-
ing place on the bay at mouth of Rs, Torridge
and Taw. Acres 1360 ; pop. 557 + 19 ; poor r.
1697. (Barnst. U.) ; real prop. 23817. ; charities 37.
St. J. Baptist Rect. (Exet.) val. 2927., patr. A. S.
Willett, Esq.

INTAKE hmlt. (82) Handsworth par. W. R.
York. 2 m. SE. of Sheffield- 162.

INT WOOD par. (66) Humbleyard hund. E. Nor-
folk, 3 m. SW. of Norwich- 108, on Brandon rail,
was given by the Conqueror to Eudo Dapifer,
and came to Sir T. Gresham and the Ilobarts.
Acres 440 ; pop. 49 ; poor r. 77. (Henstead U.) ;
real prop. 8437. All Saints Rect. (Xorw.) val.
with Keswick 3507., patr. R. S. Muskett, Esq. of
/. Hall, near the remains of the old elizabetlian
house, where Dudley, in 1549, was entertained
by Gresham, whose arms are visible ; church, has
a round tower with 8-sided lanthern.

INVER par. (40) Lower Belfast bar. E. Antrim,
containing part of Larne-121, on Lame Lough,
had a small priory. Acres 1773, good, with iron-
stone ; pop. 1020 + 7. Living, a Rect. with Car-
rickfergus. ' Inver,' ' inner,' etc., means a fertile
spot at a river's mouth. ifiPlNVER par. (92-3, etc.)
Bannagh bar. S. Donegal, 5 m. NE. of Killybegs
-161, where /. River falls into /. Bay, which is
4 m. by 2, with good anchorage, contains Port and
Mount Charles, and had a franciscan monastery
found. 15th cent, on the site of St. Natalis's.
Acres 36,810, part good, with waste and mountain
rising 1490 ft. at Ben Bawn ; pop. 12,835 + 105.
Living, a Rect. (Ey. R.) val. 4647., patr. Bishop.
Seaview, Earl of Belmore ; Salthill, Mrs. Mont-
gomery. A wooden house 16 ft. square, was found
1833, 66 ft. down in the bog. tgT INVER vil.
( ) Erris bar. NW. Mayo, 6 m. NE. of Bel-
mullet in Broadhaven Bay, near /. Point.
t3T INVER vil. Little Dunkeld par. Mid. Perth.
near Dunkeld-59, on R. Tay, where R. Bran
joins. Pop. 106. iJiP INVER vil. near Tain, 2V.
Ross, in that par. Pop. 211. i*ir INVER vil.
Assynt par. SW. Suthrld. on R. Inverkirkag,
which runs between L. Assynt and /. Loch (1m.
by 1), on the coast.

Inverailort, near L. Aylort (3) 5 W. Inverness.,
Col. Sir A. C. Cameron.

INVERAU.EN in Cromdale par. E. Inverness.
and S. Elgin, on R. Spey, near Grantown-103, an
old par. of which the church remains.

INVERALLOCHY vil. Rathen par. NE. Aberdeen.

2 m. S. of Frazerburgh-152, has remains of a
castle which " I Jordan Cuming gat for bigging
the abbey of Deer." Pop. 507.

Inveramsay, near Garioch, Mid. Aberdeen. P.
Irvine, Esq.

Inveran Creek ( ) near Costello Bay, S. Galway.

INVERARITY par. 3 m. S. of Forfar-58, S. For-
far. on a branch of R. Dean, has Haerfaulds roman
camp at Lower Moor, whence a road went to
Battle-dykes. Size 3 m. by 3, moory, with sand-
stone and slate ; pop. 997 + 9 ; real'prop. 62647. ;
for poor 1137, Living (presb. Forf.) val. 22G/.,
patr. Totheringham of Powrie.

* P. M. INVERARY and GLENARY par. Argyll
dist. W. side of L. Fyne, Mid. Argyll. 104 m. from
Edinbro', 48 from Glasgow, through L. Eck, etc.,
the county town, justiciary and sheriff's court,
a centre for tourists, and seat of the Dukes of
Argyll (to whom it belongs) since 14th cent., in
a fine spot at R. Aray's mouth, near Duncoich
fort (700 ft. high), was defended against Gen.
Gordon 1715, made a royal burgh 1648, contri-
butory to Ayr (no. of electors 45) ; and under the

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