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late act is governed by a provost, 2 bailies, 16
council., with a revenue of 2607. Size 17 m. by 3,
hilly, including Glenshira, Benbuie, etc., with
blue mica stone, grey marble, deer, game, etc. ;
pop. 2285 + 15, of burgh 1233, in Loch Fyne
herring, and other fisheries, with a little linen-
weaving and coasting trade ; houses 263, well-
built by the duke, with chapel, 2 banks, court-
house and prison, mkt. place with a pillar to
memory of the sufferers of 1685, shipping quay,
blast furnace (at a distance), grammar, par., and
girls' schools ; real prop. 68387. ; for poor 3907.
Living, val. 1687. to english minister, 1587. to
gaelic ; church (in two, under one roof) bv Milne,
with a spire 107 ft. high. /. Castle, seat "of Duke
of Argyll, a large square pile reb. 1745-8, by Adam,
on the old site, has a good collection of highland
armour, old tapestry, and large plantations, etc.
Steamers go to Glasgow, through L. Fyne, etc., and
via L. Eck, and /. Bay has 6 to 15 fath. water.
iff I. PRESBYTERY, synod of Argyll, includes
Craiguish, Inverary, "Kilmartin, &. Glassary,
Knapdale (North and South) ; Ditto Free Church,
see DUNOON. Kirk Fast, Th. before 2nd Sun.
Feb., last Sun. June. Mkt. D. Frid. Fairs, Frid.
after Kilmichael, 3rd Wed. June, 3rd Frid. July.

INVERAVEN par. 15 m. S. of Banff, S. Banff".
and E. Elgin. 116 from Edinbro', on Rs. Spey,
Avon, and Li vet, includes Glenlivet (famous for
its whiskey) and Drummin Cast. Size 12 m. by
2, fertile and wooded, with lime, marl, salmon,
trout, etc. ; pop. 2417, decreasing ; real prop.
50387. ; for poor 7477. Living (presb. Aber-
lour) val. 2397., patr. Earl of Seafield of Cast.
Grant; church, b. before 1586. Ballinadalloch,
Sir J. M. Grant, Bt. Remains of druid circles at
Down of Dilmore, and two other places. At
Scala was a rom. cath. college. Fairs, Tu. be-
fore 26 May, 2nd Tu. July o. s., Tu. before 23rd

Inveray Rividet, a branch of R. Dee, S W. Aber-
deen, in Braemar par. 5 m. long, having /. Castle
ruins near the mouth.


INVERBROTHOCK q. s. par. in St. Vigean's par.
SE. Forfar. near Arbroath-62, is a living (presb.
Arb.) val. 7., patr. Pewholders. Pop. 5195.

P. Invercannich, 12 m. SW. of Beauly, -tV. In-

Invercnrity. See Inveryuharity, Forfar.

Invercauld House, near Braemar, SW. Aber-
deen, on R. Dee, J. Farquharson, Esq., visited by
Pr. Albert, 1848.


dist. SE. Argyll. 21 m. S. of Inverary-104, be-
tween L. Streven and Frith of Clyde. Size 10 m.
by 6, hilly sheepwalks, with grouse, etc. ; pop.
699 -t- 10 ; real prop. 32907. ; for poor 817. Living
(presb. Dunoon) val. 1~0/., patr. Marquis of
Bute of Montstuart. Southhall, J. Campbell,
Esq. ; Knockdow, A. Lament, Esq. Cainis are
so 'ii, and Ardein mote hill; Eallangherrig Cast,
in L. Ridden was blown up in Argyll's rising for
Monmouth, 1685.

P. INVERCOE vil. Appin dist. N. Argyll. 23 m.
NE. of Oban, 116 from Edinbro', near Loch


Jiivereshie, near Loch Inch, E. Inverness. 9 m.
S\V. of Aviemore Inn, Sir J. M. Grant, Bt.

INVERESK par. 6 m. E. of Edinbro', NE. Edin-
bro', at R. Esk's mouth, in a charming healthy
spot above the Frith of Forth, including Mussef-
burgh, Cowpits, Craighall (the Hopes') Fisher-
row, Monktonhall (was the Falconers'), Stoney-
hill (Earl Wemyss),with Pinkie, where the Scots
were beaten 1547, andCarberry Hill (540 ft., the
Fullertons' seat) where Mary surrendered to
Kirkaldy of Grange, etc., was a roman station,
;ind was occupied by Cromwell, and by the High-
landers 1745. Size 3 m by 2, or 4500 acres, fertile
and well cultivated, with coal, stone, lime, sand ;
pop. 8263, decreasing, of vil. 211; real prop.
31,9077., of which 43617. on mines; for poor 22867.
Living (presb. Dalkeith) val. 3257., patr. Duke of
Buccleugh of Dalkeith ; church, lately reb. on the
hill, on the site of the old one (which contained
roman bricks) and of the camp, where an altar to
Apollo was found 1565, and coins, a bath, etc.
since, and whence roads went to Cramond and
Sherifrhall. Near it is Cromwell's fort, and re-
mains of Loretto chapel, which belonged to Dun-
fermline abbey. New Hailes, Sir J. Ferguson, Bt.
Edmonstone, Wauchop, Esq. ; Walliford,
Finlay, Esq.

Inverfarrakaig, on Loch Ness, N. Inverness, near
Foyer Falls.

P. Invergarry Castle, on L. Oich, Mid. Inver-
ness. 6 in. S. of Fort Augustus, belongs to Mac-
donald of Glengarry, and has Craig an Phitich, or
Raven rock, behind it.

P. INVERGORDON vil. near Rosskeen-196, W.
Ross, in that par. N. side of Cromarty Frith, has
a good harb. made by Macleod, of Cadboll. /.
Castle, J. Eraser, Esq. Pop. 998. Fairs, 1st
Th. of Jan. Feb. March, Apr. May, June, July,
Nov. Dec. 1st Tu. Aug. and Oct. etc.

INVERGOWRIE vil. Liff par. S. Forfar. 2 m. W.
of Dundee-45, on Dund. and Aberd. rail, and R.
Tay, where /. Burn joins it, was a separate par.,
and has Catermellie roman camp, 200 yds. square,
and a ruined church, on the site of one built
about 620 by St. Boniface. /. House, A.. Clayhills,

P. Inverie, near Fort Augustus, Mid. Inver-

INVERKKILOR par. 5 m. N. of Arbroath-62, SE.
Forfar. between Rs. Lunan and Keilor, on the
coast, near Red Head cast. (Will the Lion's),
was called Conyhoilles, and includes Ethie fishing
port (seat of Earl Northesk), Chapeltown with
an old church, March, Millfield, and part of
Frockheim q. s. Size 7 by 3, red sandstone,
Hat, and cultivated, with a rocky coast ; pop. 1897
+ 2o, of vil. 141, linen weavers, etc. ; real prop.
10,6767. ; for poor 4997. Living (presb. Arbr.)
val. 2477., patr. Crown. Remains of St. Murdoch's
chapel and danish camps are seen. Kinblyth-
niont, Carnegie, Esq. ; Anniston, J. Eait, Esq.



* P. M. INVEKKEITIIINO par. Dunfermline
dist. SW. Fife. 3 m. SE. of Dunfermline, 13 from
Edinbro', a sub-port to Bo'ness, near Keithburn,
on Ed. and North, rail, and Frith of Forth, in-
cluding Rosythcast.(the Stuarts'), Cruick's point
(between /. Say and Q. Margaret's Hope) where
Cromwell beat the Scots 1651, and Inchgarvie
opposite Queensferry, was a seat of Dav. I., of
Rob. III.'s Queen Annabella (who died 1403 at
the ' Inns ' friary), and of the convention of royal
burghs ; contributes to return 1 member with
Stirling, etc., no. of electors 45; was first char-
tered by Will, the Lion with a jurisdict. over
40 m. of coast, and under the late act is governed
by a provost, 2 bailies, dean of 5 trades, 15 coun-
cil., with a revenue of 7107. Size 6 m. by 1, flat,
except at Cruick's Ferry hills, which command a
fine view of the Forth, etc. ; pop. 2530 + 65, of
burgh 1674, in the export coal and fishing trade,
etc. ; houses 404, some old, with 2 chapels, town-
house, prison, libraries, distillery, brewery, ship-
ping quays, salt and tan works, corn mills,
market ho., grammar, girls', and other schools,
batter}', quarantine ves. or lazaretto ; real prop.
75577. ; for poor 5217. Living (presb. Dunferm.)
val. 2037., patr. Lady B. Preston ; church, lately
reb. Adml. Greig in the russian service, was a
native. There were 2 friaries ; a druid circle on
Lethem hill, an old chapel to Dunfermline abbey,
and a danish sculptured pillar 10 ft. high, are to
be seen. Tram rails run to Halbeath collieries,
lead has been found at Casland hill (Earl Mor-
ton), and herrings, young whales, etc. come up.
Mkt. D. Mon. Fairs, 1st Wed. March, 3rd Th.
May and June, 1st Frid. Aug. 3rd Wed. Oct.

INVEKKEITHNY par. 4 m. S. of Aberchirder
-159, NE. Banff, on R. Deveron, where joined
bv Keithnev Water. Size 5 m. by 2, hilly ; pop.
687 + 10 ; real prop. 33347. ; for poor 907. Living
(presb. Turriff) val. 2147., patr. T. G. Bremner,

P. Inverkindie, near Aberdeen, SE. Aberdeen.

Inverleith Place, 1 m. NW. of Edinbro', N.
Edlnb. J. Swinton, Esq.

&. INVERLOCHY vil. on L. Eil,5. Inverness., and
the R. Lochy, 1 m. E. of Fort William-135, where
Montrose routed the Campbells 1645, as described
in the "Legend," has traces of a town, and a
moated castle 90 ft. square, 9 thick, with the gate
and corner towers (one called Cuming's) 40 to
50 high. Donald of the Isles routed Marr here
(Jas. L).

Invermay, 6 m. SW. of Perth, SE. Perth., A.
Belshes, Esq. on R. May, in the midst of Mal-
let's " bonnie birks," and near the old town, and
Muckarsey and Humble Bumble falls.

INVERMORE and INVERBEG vils. ( ) form part
of Larne in Inver par. Antrim, as above.

P. INVERMORRISTON vil. Urquhart par. Mid.
Inverness. 5 m. NE. of Fort Augustus-131, at the
end of a fine road to Drumindrochet. Pop. 94.

Invernahavon, 8 m. N. Dalwhinnie, E. Invern.,
where R. Truim joins the Spey, and the Mackin-
toshes and Camerons fought (Jas. I.).

Inverneil, near Knapdale, <S. Argyll. J. A.
Campbell, Esq., on W. side of L. Fyne.

INVERNESS, a sea-side, highland, gaelic-speak-
ing county, NW. Scotland, beyond the Gram-
pians, once the seaUof the Caledonii and Cerones
in Vespasiana, and Clan Chat tan, now the Mac-
intoshes, Macphersons, Camerons, Frazers, Grants,
Macdonalds, M'Leods, etc., includes Araisaig,
Badenoch, Glenelg, Glengarry Lochaber, Moitlart,
Strathglas, etc., and many of the Western Islds.,
as Barra, Bernera (and light\ M ngala, Pabba,
and 5 others, S. Lewis (or Harris), Scalpa



(and ft.), Tarrinshay, and 7 others, Skye (the
largest), Rasay, Soay, Scalpey, Rona, and 4
others, Eig, Shona, and 2 others, N. Uist,
Grimsay, Rouay, Borera, and 5 others, S. Uist,
Benbecula, Eriskay and St. Kilda, which stands
by itself 140 m. from the main ; is traversed by
the Caledonian canal, and bordered by Ross. (N.),
Moray Frith, Nairn. Elgin. (NE.), Banff. Aber-
deen, and the Grampians (E.), Perth. (SE.),
Argyll. (S.), the Atlantic (W.). Length from
Shona Isld. NE. to Grantown 94 m., greatest
breadth 53, av. do. 32 ; relative size lOO-lO.OOOths
(or 140-10,000ths inclusive of islds.); circuit
about 290, of which 40 m. are coast, chiefly to
the SW. (10 being on Moray Frith to NE.),
which has Loch Moidart (where Charles Stuart
landed), L. Na Nuagh opposite Eig Isld., L. Ne-
vish (heaven), and L. Hourn (hell), in Sleat
Sound opposite Skye, which has a ferry at Kyle
Rich, and is divided from the Western Islds. by
the Minch Channel with 20 to 90 fath. water ; all
the lochs, etc. are free from dangers, and the
shores "steep to," as sailors say. It contains
4245 sq. m., or 2,716,810 acres, of which 1209 m.
or 773,760 acres, are islds., 191 m. or 122,240
acres, are lakes, about l-12th is cultivated, and
3-5ths unprofitable ; 597,799 + 300 persons (42,181
in the islds.), of whom 52,261 are females, 45,899
under 20 yrs. of age, 86,738 county-born, 5847,
or 6 per cent., live by commerce, manufact. etc.,
13,746, or 14'1 per cent., by agricult. (3766 being
farmers and graziers), 681 educated professions,
2044 independent, 18,099 labourers and servants,
etc. ; 19,194 houses (reckoning flats) besides 659
empty and building; 24 parishes (10 in islds.),
and parts of 10 others (1 in islds.) ; 1 royal and
parl. burgh, Inverness, the county town, etc.;
4 small debt courts, Beauly, Grantown, Fort
Augustus, Kingussie, the last three being also
justice of peace courts along with Campbelfown,
Dunvegan, Barra, Aird, Fort William, Harris,
Nunton, N. Uist, Urquhart, Rothiemurchus ; re-
turns two members to parl., viz. 1 for county
(elect. 887), 1 for Inverness, as below ; is governed
by a lord and vice lieut., 55 deputy lieuts., a
sheriff, and 4 sh. substitutes for Lochaber, Skye,
Uist, with Harris, etc., and belongs to Inverness,
Abertarff, and other presbyteries, in synods of
Moray, Glenelg, etc., with 34 clergy, whose av.
stipends are 2107. Real prop. (1815) 185,5657.,
('43) 182,064?., of which 25967. on fisheries ; gross
rental (1811) 145,8447., or Is. \^d. per acre, ('43)
161,4997., or Is. 3d ; valued rent (1674) 73,1887.
scots; fiar, or av. price of wheat (1842) 49s. lljrf.
per qr., of meal 18s. 9d. per boll of 140 Ibs.
Savings bks. (see INVERNESS below) ; expend,
for poor (1847-8) in 31 pars. (25 being assessed)
1 3,0847., of which 98757. for 3538 poor on roll,15917.
for 746 casual poor. Schools (1837) about 156,
with 8140 child, attending. Av. number of

offenders (1836-46) 92, but 216 in '48. The

surface sinks towards the middle in a great glen
or trough from Moray Frith to L. Linnhe,
to which all the rivers run, and where Lochs
Ness, Oich, Lochy, help to form the Caledonian
canal 60 m. long, protected by forts St. George,
Augustus, and William. Gneiss is the prevailing
rock, with schistose from Ft. Augustus to Kin-
loch and L. Eil, and about L. Nevish, granite
at Ben Nevis (4370 ft., the 2nd in the kingdom),
at Cairn Gorm (4095 ft.), Scarsoch (3390), and
Ben Aulder ( ) in the Grampians, also near
Craig Phadric (1150 ft.), Glengarry, Garviemore,
Foyer falls, and Ft. William, and mountain
limestone along Ls. Beauly and Ness ; Skye and
its islds. are chiefly trap (with limestone on the

SE.), and the Western Islds. are gneiss. Other
heights are, Ben Attow 4000, Carneelar 3350,
Mealfourvhonie 2730 ft., Wardlaw ; Cuchullin
(2295) and Storr (2100) in Skye, Conahan (in
St. Kilda) 1380, Scuir (in Eig) 1335. Marbly
limestone and traces of lead are found, and at
Balachulish good slate is quarried. Woollens are-
spun for home use ; and in 1847, a bad year, 59
hands were employed in the mills. Chief rivers
are, the Spey, Findhorn, Coiltie, Enneric, Foyers,
Gary, Glas, Lichart, Lochie, Morriston, Nevis,
Orren, with salmon in the larger ; the lakes, be-
sides the above, Laggan, Ericht, Morrer, Alvie,
Ashley, Dundelchailk, Ruthven, An Eilan, Inch,
Morlich, Moy, Treag, Affaric, Benevian, Clunie,
Quoich, Arkaig, Shiel, Garry, Ouchan, Ranach,
with several smaller, and Levin salt- water, lochs ;
trout are fished, and solan geese, etc. found in
the rocky cliffs of the islands. There are falls at
Foyers (a very fine one) and Kilmuack. Planta-
tions of birch, alder, fir, etc. at Croy, Duthel,
Glenmore, Strathspey, Kiltarlity, and at Coill-
more remains of the great forest which gave
Scotland its old name of Caledonia. Sheep farm-
ing is carried on largely ; about 120,000 Cheviot
and other sheep, and 45,000 Kyloe black cattle,
are reared on the hills, which are nearly all
heathy ; good arable land lies on L. Beauly, in
Glen Urquhart, Kilmuir (in Skye), and" the
straths by the rivers, oats, barley (or bear, some
of the best at St. Kilda), rye, wheat, potatoes ;
much kelp made for manure in the islds. and
along the coast ; farms of all sizes, and the smaller
holdings very mean. Red deer abound, and deer
stalking is practised. Some druid remains are
found at Snizort (Skye), roman at Ness Cast, or
Boness, and Rutbven near Kingussie; old castles
at Inverness, Cawdor (Macbeth's), Inverlochy
(near which Montrose routed the Campbells
1645), Tirim, Elan na Re, Moy (Macintoshes'),
Cast. Stuart (Morays'), Aldelaugh, Chisaniel
(M'Neills') in Barra, Duntular (Macdonalds'),
Dunscaich; old churches at St. Kenneth's (L. Lag-
gan), Rowadill. At Cromdale some of the Stuart
party were beaten 1695 ; Pr. Charles's column in
Glenfinnin stands on the spot where he hoisted
his standard 1745 ; Mrs. Grant the authoress
lived at Laggan ; and at Glenroy are seen the
parallel roads, or marks, left by old lakes which
have sunk. Seats are : Earl Seafield Cast. Grant,
Lord Lovat Beaufort Cast., Ld. Macdonald Armi-
dale, Ld. Glenelg Waternish, Cameron, Bt. Fass-
fern, Grant, Bt. Hallindulloch, Cameron, Knt. In-
verailort, Tytler of Balnain, Ogilvie of Corriemony,
Grant, Knt. Rothiemurchus, Chisholm of Chisholm,
Mackintosh of Meyhall (chief of Clan Chattan),
Macintosh of Aberarder, Maclean of -S. Uist,
Macleod of Macleod, Macneil of Barra, Fraser of
Abertarff, Macqueen of Airds, Macgillivray of
Dunmaglas, Stewart of Achnacon ; also Cantray,
Holme, Invergarry, etc. Roads from Inverness are :
(1) To Moy 13, Duthel 25, up the Spey to Avie-
more 32, Spey Bridge 45, Dalwhinie Inn 58,
thence down the Tay to Perth 112. (2) Along
the canal to Kelmuir 13, Fort Augustus 28, Ft.
William 43, Pr. Charles's pillar 61, Arisaig 71,
whence by ferry to Skye 83. (3) To Kilmorach
13, Erchless Cast. 20, Knock Fin 30, Ratachan
51 (or 64 through Glen Morriston), Kyle Rich
ferry to Skye 59.

* P. M. INVERNESS par., on Moray Frith, NE.
Invent. 161 m. from Edinbro' by the great military
road, the county town, justiciary and sheriff's
court, capital of the Highlands, and port, in a tine
healthy spot at R. Ness's mouth (including Bal-
loch, Clachnahnrry where the canal ends, Hilton,


Ressawrie, Smithtown), at the end of Caledonian
(.anal, near the roman Vanatriu, was a seat of
the. Irtish kings up to 843, and had the Thane j
of Cawdor's castle where Shakspeare makes |
Macbeth murder Duncan (though the real spot
seems to be Bothgowan near Elgin), whose son i
Mai. Canmore razed and built another; was the
Macintoshes' seat 12th cent.; burnt 1229 by
M'Scarlane, taken by Edw. I., retaken 1230
by Bruce; was besieged 1400 by the Macdo-
nalds, Lords of the Isles, who burnt it 1411;
visited 1427 by Jas. I., and by the regent Mary
1555, who held parls. here, by Q. Mary 1562,
who took the castle and kept court here ; be-
sieged 1G45 by the royalists who took it 1G49,
taken by Cromwell 1G51, garrisoned by Cope 1745,
taken by Ch. Stuart 174G, and occupied by D.
of Cumberland after CuUoden; declined at the
Revolution, but revived after 174G, and was much
damaged by the Hoods of 1849 ; returns one mem-
ber to parl. with Forres, Fortrose, Nairn, for
contributory burghs, no. of electors 470 (total
784, and 10/. houses 2546, pop. 18,080) ; was first
chartered by Will, the Lion, and under the late
act is governed by a provost, 4 bailies, dean of
the G trades, 21 council., etc., with a revenue of
1707/. Size 10 m. by 2 (between L. Ness and
the Frith), hilly, fertile, well cultivated and
planted; pop. of par. 15,418+109, of burgh
9100, in a general trade some hemp and wool-
len spinners; houses (burgh) 1931, well built,
in four principal streets, with 4 churches, 8 cha-
pels, court-house, etc. by Burn (on the castle
site), tolbooth with a good spire, and the
Clach na Cudden stone in front. Northern as-
sembly rooms, athenaeum and another news room,
libraries, custom-house, excise office, 6 banks,
savings bk. (12,830/. from 1330 depositors),
gas and water works (1828), 2 mason lodges,
breweries, tanneries, regular 7-arch bridge (b.
1688) broken down in the floods of 1849, sus-
pension bridges to the promenade in the river,
good academy (1787) and other schools, infir-
mary ; real prop. 30,332/. ; for poor 2668/. ; cha-
rities about 900/., of which Macintosh's for
academy 864, besides Dr. Bell's bequest for
a school 8540/., and Anderson's 3837/. Livings
are: 1st and 2nd charge, val. 277/. each, patr.
Crown and Prof. Scott, church, 92 ft. long;
chap, of ease, 150/., Crown ; N. and S. Kirk,
val. /., patr. . The barb, admits 400-ton
craft, and those of 200 tons come to the quays
near the ferry to Kessock. In 184G, 232 sail of
10,848 tons (145 being under 50 t. each) and 1
steamer of 40 t. belonged to the port, which has
Cromarty, Burghead, Findhorn, Lossiemo', Port-
mahomack, Fortrose, Fort George, Nairn, Fort
William, for sub-ports; and the tonnage Inwards
and Outwards, including repeated voyages, was
' coastwise ' 944 sail of 62,390 t. and 721 of 41,250
tons (besides 63 steamers of 19,082 t, and 80 of
22,142 tons), from ' colonies ' 2 of 457 t. inw.,
from and to 'foreign ports' 6 of 923 and 10 of 1363 1.
(besides 8 foreigners of 469 and 3 of 224 t.) ;
total customs 6155/. Steamers go to Glasgow
(through the Caledonian canal), Aberdeen, and
Edinbro'. At the " Lovat Arms," near the bridge,
Q. Mary lodged, and Ch. Stuart and D. of Cum-
berland slept at Lady Drummuir's house in
Church St.; the first coach started 1715; the
peoi>le are simple and old fashioned, and chiefly
gaelic-speaking ; salmon, herrings, etc.. are caught.
Muirtown, H. Duff, Esq. ; Ness Cast., Baillie,
Esq. ; Dochfour, E. Baillie, Esq. ; Culdathill was
the Cummings'. Cairns are to be seen at Cair-
naire, etc., and Leys and Torbreck druid circles




(here called draikes, after </ra/r//iedr.iids) ; traces of
Cromwell's fort (now a hemp factory) near the sea,
a column of a black friary found. 1223 by Alex. II.,
Tom na hetirich hill 250 ft. high, and a vitrified
fort at Craig Phadric (1150 ft.). It publishes
the ' I. Courier ' and ' I. Advertiser ' newspapers,
is the militia head qrs., and gives title of duchess
to the wife of late Duke of Sussex. >fr I. PRES-
BYTERY, synod of Moray, contains Daviot*,
Dores*, Inverness*, Kiltarlity*, Kirkhill*, Moy*,
Petty. Ditto Free Church, the above, with Strath-
errick, Strathglass. Kirk fasts, Thurs. before 2nd
JSund. Feb , and last Sund. June. Mkt Ds. Tu.
Frid. Fairs, 3rd Wed. June, cattle; 1st Wed.
after 1 1 Feb. and Nov. o. ., last Frid. Apr. and
Oct., 2nd Th. and Wed. after 18 July, 1st Wed.
after 15 Aug. o. s.

Jnvernettie Hurl, near Peterhead, NE. Aber-
deen, has large brick-works close to it.

INVEUNOCHTIE, the old name of Strathdown,
Aberdeen, at R. Nochtie's mouth.

INVEROURAN vil. 8 m. S. of King's House Inn
-10, N. Argyll, on L. Tnlla.

Inverquharity, near Kirriemuir, Mid. Forfar.
Sir J. Ogilvie, Bt., on R. South Esk, a large
pointed pile, b. before the 15th cent.

Inter quoich, 17 m. N. of Fort William, Mid.
Inverness, near Quoich loch.

P. IXVEUSNAID hmlt. Buchanan par. NW.
Stirlg. has a mill and fort at the highland pass
near L. Lomond, whence a steamer runs up the

INVERUGIE vil. St. Fergus par. E. Aberdeen.
near Peterhead- 144, on R. Ugie, has the two
ruined courts, etc. of the Cheynes' castle, which
came to the Keiths, who received the Pretender
here 1715, and forfeited it 1745.

INVERUGLASS hmlt. Luss par. NE. Dumbrtn.

3 m. NW. of Luss, at the ferry on L. Lomond,
where R. Douglas falls into it, is opposite /. Isld.,
which has the Macfarlanes' ruined seat.

# P. INVERURY par. Garioch dist. Mid. Aber-
deen. 16 m. NW. of Aberdeen, 126 from Edinbro',
on /. Canal and R. Don, where joined by R. Ury,
and Bruce beat the Comyn, is a royal and parl.
burgh contributory to Elgin (no. of electors 115),
first chartered 1558 by Q. Mary, and governed
under the late act by a provost, bailie, 9 council.,
etc., with a revenue of 2851. Size 4 m. by 2, or
5000 acres, hilly; pop. (including part of Port
Elphinstone) 2020 + 60, of burgh 1619 ; houses
274, with church, 2 chapels, 3 banks, savings bk.
(6688/. from 1111 depositors), school, stone bridge
(1791) on R. Don; real prop. 6447/. ; for poor
353Z. Living (presb. Garioch) val. 258/., patr.
Earl of Kintore, heritor, of Keith Hall, who
takes hence title of Lord Keith of /. A rom.
rath, college at Aquharties. The canal, cut 1793
-1805, 19 m. long, 23 ft. broad, goes down to
Aberdeen, with a fall of 168 ft. and 17 locks; it
is useful to the country, but has not paid the
constructors. Fairs, every 2 weeks or month,

Invervigar, 4 m. S. of Fort Augustus, Mid.

INWARDLEIGH par. (26) Black Torrington
hund. Mid. Devon. 3 m. NW. of Okehampton
-195, on a branch of R. Torridge. Acres 6050 ;
pop. 715 + 8; poor r. 159J. (Okeham. U.^; real
prop. 25447. Living, a Rect. (Exet.) val. 277/.,
patr. Rev. R. Holland.

INWORTH par. (47) Lexden hund. E. Essex,

4 m. NE. of Witham-37, near E. Count, rail, and
R. Blackwater. Acres 1430 ; pop. 591 + 15 ; poor
r. 2 14/. (With. I".); real prop. 22. r >9/. ; charities
21. All Saints Kect. (Lon.) \ ; 1. 30W., patr. T.





Foynder, Esq. ; church, has a porch partly of
roman bricks, an old pavement, and a piscina.

Ion (46) 4 m. SW. of Shefford, S. Beds, be-
longs to Mowbray of Cockairaey.

21. IONA isld. and par. q. s. in Kilfinichen par.
NW. Argyll. 2 m. from SW. corner of Mull,
called / (sounded ee, i. e. island) or I-colum-kil
(i. e. Columba's church isld.) by the Gaels, lona
(i. e. l.-thonn, isld. of waves) by the monks, Hy
by Bede, was given by K. Conal to his relation
Columba, who 565-97 converted the Picts, etc.,
and found, the chief seat or abbey of the Culdees
(who in their day protested against romish power
and corruption), which, being ravaged or burnt
by the Northmen 797, 801, 805, 983, 1069, became
a cluniac priory about llth cent. (?), was given
1617 to the Bps., and now belongs to the Duke
of Argyll. Size 3 m. by 1, clay slate, serpen-
tine, gneiss, etc., flat and fertile ; pop. 1084,
gaeh'c-speaking. Living (presb. Mull) val. L, Crown; church, b. by Parliament. The

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