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Caddy's fee school, etc. 16/. St. Paul Cur.
(dies.) val. 96/., patr. S. Irton, Esq., a family
here before the Conquest, of /. Hall, which has
a fine view, gg" IRTON tnshp. ( ) Seamer par.
2V. R. York. 3 m. SSW. of Scarborough- 187. Pop.
134 + 3.

* P. M. IRVINE par. Cunninghame dist. 2V. Ayr.
10 m. N. of Ayr, 69 from Edinbro' (75 by rail.),
a thriving port at mouth of /. River, between
Rs. Annock and Garnock, was called Earwine,
Irwine, etc., and had, near Chapelwell, a white
friary, found, before 1285 by the Fullertons; is
a royal and parl. burgh contributory to Ayr (no.
electors 235), chartered 1308 by Bruce, and go-
verned under the late act by a provost, 2 bailies,
dean of the 6 trades, 17 council., with a revenue
of 1789/. Size 5 m. by 2, sandy and fertile ; pop.
of burgh including part of Fullarton 8267 (old
burgh 4594), of town 7647, of par. 5214, in a
good coal and shipping trade ; houses (old burgh)
1073, neatly built, with 3 chapels, town-house,
prison, mkt. and custom houses, 3 banks, news-
room, good academy, and other schools, large mill,
good stone bridge (reb. 1824) ; real prop. 10,161 /. ;
for poor 889Z. Living, val. 280/., patr. Earl Eg-
lintoun, heritor, of EgL Cast., and whose old tower
is here. Jack, a leader of the Buchanites (called
after a Mrs. Buchan who gave out she was the
woman of 12th chap. Rev.) was minister; Gait
(1779-1839) author of" Annals of the Parish," etc.
was a native, and James Montgomery the poet
born here (1771) ; Burns had a flax shop in Glas-
gow-Vennel St., which was burnt; and it pub-
lishes the ' Ayrsh. News-Letter ' newspaper. The
barb, is fit for small craft only at high water, and
has a small wooden pier. In 1846, 120 sail of 16,237
tons (38 being under 50 t. each), and 2 steamers
of 342 t. belonged to the port, which has Ardros-
san, Largs, Saltcoats, Troon, for sub-ports ; and
the tonnage Inwards and Outwards, including
repeated voyages, was ' coastwise ' 208 sail of
12,649 t. and 2066 of 135,860 tons (besides 220
steamers of 57,268, and 2t!4 of 72,292 t.), from
and to ' colonies ' 22 of 6960, and 54 of 15,350 t.
(besides 2 foreigners of 481 t. outw.), from and
to 'foreign ports' 8 of 1104, and 39 of 6802 t.
(besides 5 foreigners of 1 185 and 3 of 537 t) ;
total customs 3148/. & /. Presbytery, svnod of
Glasgow, contains Ardrossan *, Beith *, Dairy *,
Dreghorn, Dunlop *, Feuwick *, Irvine *, Kil-
birnic *, W. Kilbride *, Kilmarnock *, Kilmaur *,
Kilwinning *, London *, Stevenston, Stewarton *.
Ditto Free Church, contains those marked * and
Perceton, Saltcoats. Kirk Fasts, Wed. before 2nd
Snnd. June, and 3rd or 4th Sund. Oct. Mkt. Ds.
Mon. Sat. Fairs, 1st Wed. Jan. 1st Tu. Ma}-,
Wed. before Ayr Fair, 3rd Mon. Aug. and Wed.
after. Races, .

3i> 3



Irvine River, rises at London hill, NE. Ayr.
and runs about 22 m. W., on the border of Cun-
ninghame and Kyle, past Kilmarnock, and, re-
ceiving the Carmel and Annock, to the sea below
Irvine, where it makes the harb., which has
much sand in it.


S. Dumfries.

Irvon River, rises in Bryngarw, NE. Brecon.
and joins the Wye at Builth, near Cefn-y-Bedd,
where Llewellyn ap Gryflydd was killed ; trout
and salmon pink are caught.

Irwell River (89) rises near Holme in Rossen-
dale Forest, SE. Lancash. and runs about 30 m.
S. by the side of Rossendale rail, past Bury
(where R. Roch joins) and Manchester (where
Rs. Irk and Medlock join), under Bridgwater
canal, to R. Mersey, near Irlam. /. River, T.
Drinkwater, Esq.

Is-GoRFAi HUNDRED (78) NW. Carnarvon.
under Snowdon, contains Carnarvon and the pars,
of Bettws-Garmon cur., Llanbeblig vie., Llanberis
rect., Llan-ddeiniolen r., Llan-faglan c., Llanfair-
is-Gaer c., Llanrug r., and part of Beddgelert ;
pop. 17,642, houses 3538. See ARVON DEANERY.

ISA-PEN (!SA and UCHA) tnshps. (78) Dwy-
gyfylchi par. NE. Carnarvon. 2 m. W. of Conway
-223. Pop. 76 and 363.

ISAF HUNDRED (78) NE. Carnarvon, contains
the pars, of Caerhun vie., Conway r., Gyffin cur.,
Llanbedr-y-Cennin rect., Llan-gelynin r., and
part of liglwys-Fach ; pop. 4432," houses 933.

ISALED HUNDRED (79, 74) W. Denbigh, con-
tains the pars, of Cerrig-y-Druidion rect., Gwern-
Howel, Gwytherin r., Llan-gerniew cur., Llan-
gwym vie., Llannefydd v., Llan-sannan v., Nant-
glyn v., Pentrevoelas c., and parts of Henllan c.,
Llanfair-talhaiarn c.,Llanfihangel-Glyn-y-Myfyr
r., Llanrhaidr-in-Kemmerch, and Yspytty c. ;
pop. 12,041, houses 2480. This and Isdulas hund.
below, corresponds to DENBIGH and LLANRWST

ISALLT tnshp. (79) Llys-faen par. Carnarvon.
locally in Denbigh. 4 nil W. ot Abergele-214.
Pop. 129.

Isamniurn Pr. of Ptolemy, is St. John's point,
SE. Down, near Dundrum bay ; Isannavaria, or
Isanta Varia, of Antonine, is 'Burnt Walls, near
Daventry, on Watling St.

ISAR-AFON tnshp. (78) Caerhun par. NE. Car-
narvon. 4 m. S. of Conway-223. Pop. 368.

Isay Isld., W. side of Harris, Western Islds., in
W. Tarbert Loch.

Isca, or /. Damnoniorum of Antonine, a roman
stipendiary town, was EXETER, on the Isca,
Isaca Fl., or Exe ; Isca, or /. Secunda, I. Colo-
nia, I. Legionum, a roman colonial town, the head
of the Silures in Britannia Secunda, was CAER-
I.EON on the Isca FL or Usk, and the Via Julia, or
Akeman St. ; Ischalis, was ILCHESTER, Somerset.

ISCOYD, or ISCOED, chplry. (73) Malpas par.
SE. Flint. 3 m. W. of Whitchurch-103, has brine
springs at Wich Brook, and Broad Oak, where
M. Henry was born. Pop. 515 + 8, colliers; real
prop. 4222J. /. Hall, P. Godsell, Esq. See also
ISHCOED and ISYCOED. ' Is coed,' i. e. under wood.

ISDULAS HUNDRED (78-9) NW. Denbigh, con-
tains the pars, of Abergele, Bettws-yn-Rhos, St
George, Llanddoget, Llauddulas, Llanelian, Llan-
saintffraid, and parts of St. Asaph, Eglwys-
Fach, Llandrillo-yn-Rhos, Llanfairtalhaiarn, and
Llanrwst ; pop. 12,483, houses 2774.

ISELL par. ( ) Allerdale-below-Denvent ward, i


W. CumMd. 3 m. NE. of Cockermouth-306 on

! R. Denvent, contains I. OLD PARK tnshp. (pop

; 107), Blindcrake, and Sunderland. Acres 6760,

| with coal and copper, and building-stone at

1 Moothley Hill ; pop. 535 + 3 ; poor r. 257. (Cockerm.

U.) ; real prop. 1005/. St. Michael Vic. (Carl.)

val. 157/., patr. Sir VV. Lawson, Bt., of /. Hall,

an old seat, partly restored.

Iselstone Reef ( ) near Bamboro' Castle, NE.

ISERTKELLY par. (104, 114) Loughrea bar. S.
Galway, 6 m. SW. of Loughrea-109, has an old
castle. Acres 1894 ; pop. 209, decreasing. Living,
a Vic. with Killinane. Castleboy, R. Persse, Esq.
ISERTKIERAN par. (63) Slievardagh bar. $E.
Tipperary, 8 m. N E. of Fethard-103. Acres 1429,
good ; pop. 341, decreasing. Living, a Rect. with


P. ISFIELD par. (5) Loxfield Dorset hund.
Pevensey rape, Mid. Sussex, 5 in. NXE. of Lewes
-50, on R. Ouse. Acres 1910, partly in hop-
grounds ; pop. 477, some paper-makers ; poor r.
244/. (UckfieldU.); real prop. 2806/. St. Mar-
garet Rect. (Chic.) val. 340/., patr. Archbp. of
Cant. ; church, has 3 brasses (from 1516), and
other tombs of the Shirleys, under one of which
the gravestone of Gundreda was found, and moved
by Sir W. Burrell to Lewes 1775. /. Place, .

ISHASI par. (52) Orlingbury hund. Mid. North -
mptn. 4 m. N. of Wellingboro'-67, on a branch of R.
Nen, belonged before 1424 to the ancestor of Sir C.
Isham of Lamport. Acres 1 150 ; pop. 397 + 8, some
in the woollen mills ; poor r. 324Z. (\Vellingb. U.) ;
real prop. 2700/. ; charities 34i St Peter Rect.
(Pet.) val. 37 1/., patr. Bp. of Lincoln; church,
has a tower which ' batters,' or slopes inwards.

ISHARTMON par. (47-8, 52-3) Forth bar. 5.
Wexford, 3 m. S. of Killinick-100, on L. Tacum-
shane. Acres 966, with stone ; pop. 23'J + 1.
Living, a Cur. with Killinick. Butlerstown, J.
Boxwell, Esq., near the old castle tower.

ISHCOKD, or ISCOED, hmlt. (41) Llandefeilog
par. S. Carmartheti. 5 m. S. of Carmarthen-218,
near the Towey and Via Julia, is joined to CIL-
MARCH. gaT ISHCOED hmlt. St. Ishmacl par. as
below, seat of Sir J. Mansell, Bt., formerly of the
Pictons. Pop. 49.

ISHLAWRCOED hmlt. (36) Bedwelty par. W.
Monmouth. 7 m. W. of Pont-y-Pool-149. Acres
3080 ; pop. 2484 + 41.

ISILMAEL, ST., par. ( ) Kidwelly hnnd. S.
Carmarthen. 8 m. SSW. of Carmarthen-218, at
R. Towey's mouth, on Carmarthen Bay, contains
Broadlacy, Ferry Side cur. and bathing place,
Hull, Ishcoed, Llansaint c., Treforis, and Ystrad.
Pop. 895, engaged in catching cockles, etc. ; poor
r. 212*. (Carmar. U.) ; real prop. 4410/. Living,
a Vic. (St Dav.) val. 187/., patr. Ld. Chancellor;
church, close to the sea. Pengay, C. Bevan, Esq.
l^ ISHMAEL'S, ST., par. (38) Roose hund. SW.
Pembroke. 5 m. \V. of Milford-258, on the Haven,
near Pill priory. Pop. 502 ; poor r. 251/. (Haver-
ford. U.) ; real prop. 3682/. ; charities II. Living,
a Vic. (St. Dav.) val. 108L, patr. Ld. Chancellor.
Ishol Isld. in L. Linnhe, N. Argyll, ijg" Ishol
Isld. SW. side of Islay, W. Argyll.

Isis River, the poetical name for the Thames
above Oxford.

ISKEKNEN HUNDRED (41) SE. Carmarthen.
contains the pars, of Bettws cur., Llan-arthney
vie., Llanddarog c., Llandebie, Llanfihangel-
Aberbythych c., and part of Llandilo-fawr v. ;
pop. 9498, houses 2033. See LLANDILO-FAWR


fskir River. See Yskir, Brecon.

Isla River, rises under Glass Mhiel, NW. Forfar.
in the Grampians, and runs 30 m. S. and bW.
through Glen Isla (where R. Back joins), over
Reekie fall, past Airlie (R. Melgum joins),
Ruthven (where is I. Bank, P. Kuthven, Esq.),
Meigle (R. Dean joins), past a point where the
Ericht joins, to the Tay near Kinclaven, E. Perth.
Salmon abound. giF /. River, rises above Bo-
triphnie, N. Banff, and runs 15 m. NE. to R.
Deveron above R'othiemay.

ISLAND vil. (13) Kennington tnshp. N. Berks.
2 m. S. of Oxford 54, on the Thames. ijgT ISLAND
par. (135, 144) E. East-Carbery and Ibane bars.
S. Cork, 2 m. S. of Clonakilty-188, on the Bay,
contains Inchydoney isld. Acres 2676; pop.
1436. Living, a Rect. with Kilgarrifte. Tlie
Island, T. Hungerford, Esq.

Island House ( ) near Castleconnel, NE.
Limerick, Sir R. De Bourgho, Bt.

Islandbuwn Isld. ( ) in L. Strangford, E.

P. ISLANDBRIDGE vil. (18) Uppercross and
Dublin bars. S. Dublin, near Dublin and the Cork
rail, at the Westmoreland 1-arch'd bridge, 105 ft.
span, on R. Liffey (b. 1791), to Phrenix Pk., con-
tains an artillery barrack, flour mills, and cotton
works. Pop. 767.

Island-derry (20) near Dromore, NW. Down.

ISLANDEADY par. (68-9, etc.) Carra and Burris-
hoole bars. Mid. Mayo, 5 m. E. of Newport-176,
contains /. Lough, 4 m. long, under Croaghmoyle
niountn. 1412 ft, high. Acres 24,939, with bog
and hill; an. val. 61547. ; pop. 8463, decreasing.
Living, a Rect. with Castlebar. Rabins, H.
Browne, Esq., was occupied by French 1798.

ISLASDIHANK par. (25-6) Middlethird bar.
E. Watvrfurd, 3 m. SW. of Waterford-96, near
Don Isle Cast, and the sea. Acres 4537, rocky ;
pop. J504 + 37. Living, a Rect. with Kilbride.
Dunhill, W. Power, Esq.

P. ISLANDMAGKE par. (41, 47) Lower Belfast
bar. SE. Antrim, 6 m. NE. of Carrickfergus-110,
a peninsula between L. Larne and the sea, where
Ed. Bruce landed 1315. Acres 7036, good with
basalt, coal, limestone ; pop. 2782 +17, some
weavers, fishermen. Living, a Rect. with Car-
rickfergus. A cromlech, the Gobbins basaltic
caves, and Castle Chichester, are seen along shore.

Islundmore Isld. (24) in Lough Strangford, E.
Down. Igp Islandmore Isld. (76) 5 m. SW. of
Newport W. Mayo, acoast-gd. station in Clew bay.

ISLAND'S BARONY (39-42, etc.) Mid. Clare,
contains Ennis, Clare, the pars, of Clareabbey,
Clondagad, Drumcliff, Killone, and Kilmaley,
with several islds. in R. Fergus ; acres 67,102, pop.
29,264, houses 4582.

ISLANUSHIRE ( ) belonging to Durham, but
locally in N. Northmbrld. contains the pars, of
Ancroft, Fern Island, Holy Island, Kyloe, Tweed-
mouth, and part of Belford ; acres 26,820, pop.
8830, houses 1690.

Islanmore (30) near Croom, Mid. Limerick, R.
Maxwell, Esq.

ISLAY DISTRICT, SW. Argyll., includes the
pars, of Bowmore or Killarow*, Kilchoman*
(where St. Choman landed), and Kidalton*, in
the island (as below), Jura and Collonsay, Kil-
meney, and N. Knapdale. Pop. 18,071. * I.
PRESBYTERY, svnod of Argyll, contains the
above, except Knapdale. Ditto Free Church,
those marked ".

ISLAY, or I LAY, as above, 2 m. SW. of Jura,
15 W. of Cantire, was forfeited by the Macdo-
nalds, lords of the Isles (including Jura and
Marlvinch also) 16th cent, and came to the Camp-



bells of Calder and of Shanfielcl, who sold it,
1849, to a Tontine Comp. for 600,0007. Size
20 m. by 15, or 139,700 acres, of which 34,000
are arable and well cultivated, 83,400 heath,
rising at Ben Yarn 1500 ft., B. Ronastell
1050, B. Tartevil 762, B. Oe 546, chiefly
gneiss, schistose, with clay slate (on W.), pri-
mary limestone, and veins of lead (with 16 to
18 oz. silver per ton), iron, copper, manganese,
graphite, also marble, good sand for glass, shell
sand for manure, peat, and abundance of game,
wild-fowl, fallow deer, etc. ; circuit 90 of coast,
rocky in part, and along which are : Port Askeg
and Dunlossit tower in /. Sound, Thurot's bay
near Ardmore hd., Texa isld. near Portnahaveh
or Loudinas bay, Tarsker and Oter rocks near
Mull of Oe, where the cliffs are 750 ft, L. Indal,
leading past R. Laggan up to Bowmore and R.
Sorn, Oersa isld. and light near Rhinns pt. (with
Corydirua whirlpool), Uaimhonore and Savieg
caves near Tonvore hd., Neave's isld. near L.
Greinord. Lobsters, trout, salmon, and other fish
are caught. Pop. 1 1,846, mostly gaelic-speaking.
Climate healthy ; black cattle are reared, and
barley and oats raised ; excellent whiskey is made
at 11 distilleries; and there are brick and tile
works, and several meal mills. At L. Gurim are
remains of a castle of the Macdonalds, who were
installed standing on a great stone. 1. House,
W. F. Campbell, Esq. /. Sound, on the Jura side,
is 8 m. by 1 to 2, with 5 to 10 fath. water,
pretty strong tides, and foul ground.

ISLE-ABBOTTS par. (21) Abdick hund. S.
Somerset. 5 m. SW. of Langport-128, on B. Isle, or
Ivel, which runs to R. Parret, contains Stewley
and Woodlands. Acres 1810 ; pop. 413 +3 ; poor
r. 1137. (Langp. U.) ; real prop. 2177/. St. Mary
Vic. (Ba. and W.) val. 4271., patr. Dean and
Chap. Bristol. igP I.-BREWERS par. as above,
J m. E. on R. Isle. Acres 1190; pop. 338+8;
poor r. 921. ; real prop. 23557. All Saints Vic. (Ba.
and W.) val. 1267., patr. Gen. Michell. i^ /.
Martin, in L. Broom, NW. Ross. 5 m. NNW. of
Ullapool, is 1 m. by 1. igf I. OF ELMLEY. See
See WIGHT. ^ I. of Up Rossall ( ) 2 or 3 m.
NNW. of Shrewsbury, Mid. Salop, F. Sandford,
Esq., a spot nearly surrounded by the Severn,
belonging to the Rossalls before 1546. giP I. OF
WHITHORN vil. 3 m. SE. of Whi thorn- 144, SE.
Wigton. in that par., has an iron spring. Pop. 495.
l^ I.-TANERA vil. 5 m. S. of Ru More, NW. Ross.
on Taneramore isld. at the mouth of L. Broom.

Isle, The( ) 7 m. ESE. of Bishop's Auckland,
SE. Durham. ^ Isle, The (61) 3 m. NW. of
Shrewsbury, Mid. Salop, on the Severn. /. Park,
i m. NE.

P. ISLEHAM par. (51) Staploe hund. E. Cam-
bridge. 1 m. N. of Newmarket-61, near the ferry
on R. Lark, had, before 1219, a priory cell to St.
Jacutus, Brittany, moved to Linton 1254. Acres
4396, fenny; pop. 2127 + 18; poor r. 12027. (New-
market U.) ; real prop. 83197. ; charities 2097., of
which Peyton's hosp. for 12 is 1361., besides
the interest of 8007. for baptist minister. St.
Andrew Vic. (Ely) val. 450/., patr. Bp. of Ro-
chester; church, has brasses of J. Bernard (1451),
Sir T. Peyton (triple-canopied, 1484), etc., and
near it the norman one belonging to the priory,
now a barn. /. Hall, Mrs. Knight



near Gd. Junct. canal, contains the pars, of Hes-
ton, Isleworth, and Twickenham ; acres 9280, pop.
I5,8',t3, houses 2887.

3r 4




P. ISLEWOUTH par. in the above hund. I'm. SW.
of Brentford-7, on the Thames, containing Houns-
low, Brentford End, Smallbeny Green, Whitton
Dean and Wyke Green, and Brentford Union
poor ho., was held by Earl Algar before the Con-
quest, and came as Gistelesworde to Walter de St.
Valery, then to Rich, king of the Romans, whose
castle was destroyed 12G4 by the Londoners, af-
terwards to Sion convent by gift of Hen. V. who
found, it 1414 at Twickenham, and which, being
moved here 1432, was granted by Jas. VI. to the
Percies of Sion House. Acres 3120, in rasp-
berry, strawberry, and other fruit, and in mkt.
gardens; pop. 6614+104; houses , with 4
chapels, flour mills, brewery, Lad} 7 Hill's blue
school (316Z.), Sunday sch. (16/.), Tolson's (1717. ),
Ingram's (86/.), and Bell's (67/.), almshouses;
poor r. 27142. on 22,002Z. (Brent. U.) ; real prop.
30.069/. ; charities 10687. All Saints Vic. (Lon.)
once held by Byfield the commentator, and Cave,
val. 681/., patr. Dean and Canons, Windsor;
church, rebuilt 1704, "with an old ivied tower, has
brasses of Chase (1544) and another, effigies of a
Darcy, and Devaux, and mons. of Mrs. Dash or
Tolson, Sir O. Gee, Byke the antiquary, and
Keate (a native) who wrote the account of the
Pelew islds., etc. Simon de Montfort encamped
here 1263, and borough-english custom prevails.
Among the residents were Ld. Baltimore (founder
of Maryland), Countess of Sutherland (a native,
and the ' Sacharissa ' of Waller), Talbot Duke of
Shrewsbury, Duchess of Kendal (mistress of Geo.
I.), and Sheridan. /. House, Dow. Lady Cooper ;
Sion Hill, Duke of Marlborough ; Wyke Ho., E.
Ellis, Esq. (?)

ISLET WALTON chplrv. (71) Kegworth par.
NW. Leicester. 2 m. S\V. of Castle Donnington
-116. Acres 410; pop. 65; poor r. 31Z. (Shard-
low U.); real prop. 82 U. All Saints Cur. with

folk. I. Hall, W. Bagg, Esq. ( '?)

P. ISLINGTON, ST. MARY, par. (1, 7) Ossulstone
hund. Finsbury div. and borough, a large suburb
of N. London, 2 m. N. of St. Paul's, traversed by
the New River and Regent's canal (chiefly under
ground), containing Highbury (with a camp),
Holloway (which reaches to Highgate hill),
Ball's Pond, Battlebridge curs, (where Suetonius
Paulinas, it is said, defeated Boadicea), Kings-
land and Newiugton Greens, was Isendone of
' Domesdy.' afterwards Iseldone, etc., Hyssglton in
the ' Turnament of Tottenham ' in Percy's ' Re-
liques,' and a " merry " country village, which the
citizens visited for its dairies and cakes, duck-ponds,
archery, and sports. Acres 3050, gravelly, with
mineral springs, and mostly in pasture towards the
country; pop. 55,690 + 1838 ; houses 8508, some
old, but many new about Barnsbury Park, Canon-
bury, etc., including Cloudesley, Lonsdale, Mil-
ner, and Gibson squares, Highbury crescent, etc.,
1 1 churches, 13 chapels, savings bk. (43,430/. from
2443 depositors), Clerkenwell New County Court
(formerly a school), Model Prison for solitary
confinement, N-police stat., dispensary, Church
missionary coll. for 40 students, b. 1827, High-
bury Independent college (1826), now ch. of
England training college, proprietary school,
literary institution, athenaeum, ch. of England
young men's association, working men's institute,
Caledonian asylum (1827) for children of scotch
soldiers and sailors, new cattle mkt. of 15 acres,
63 ft. above high water, reopened 1848, with
sheds 3300 ft. round and room for 3000 cattle and
50,000 sheep, Whittington's coll. or almshouses
at Holloway, near the spot where he heard Bow

bells, par. schools (160/.), clothworkers', Davis's,
bricklayers', bookbinders', benefit societies', and
other almshouses, new fever hosp. 230 ft. long,
b. 1849-50 by C. Fowler, near the wesleyau chapel
(reb. 1849 in pointed style) on site of one burnt
1848, large cattle layers, white-lead, floor-cloth,
and other factories, workhouse, near which was
j Reed moat camp, supposed to have been Sue-
i tonius's; poor r. 13,131/. on 287,518/. ; real prop.
323,773/., of which 10,809/. on canal ; charities
962/., of which 69/. to Lady Owen's school, etc. at
Clerkenwell, and 669/. (now estimated at many
thousands) to "14 acres," or Stone.field estate, left
by Cloudesley for endowing the Hermitage chantry
(now down). Livings are: St. Mary Vic. (Lon.)
once held by Cave, Strahan (afriend of Johnson's),
and by Bp. Wilson, val. 1155/., patr. Rev. D. Wil-
son, vicar ; church, of brick, b. 1751-4, by L. Dow-
biggin (on the site of one b. about 1483), has a
tower repaired 1787 (by means of a curious wicker
scaffold put up by Birch a basket maker), 2 brasses
and tombs of Lady Owen (a native), Cave, Aubert
of Highbury Ho., Dr. Hawes (a native) founder of
the R. Humane Soc., Blackbourn a bishop among
the nonjurors, Poole founder of the small-pox
hosp., Baxter author of " G!os. Antiquit." and
Cloudesley, Osborne the bookseller, and J. Ni-
cholls, are in ch.-yard; Holy Trin. Car., 485A,
Trustees, church, b. by Barry, as were St. John's,
Holloway, and St. Paul's, Ball's Pond which see ;
St. Stephen and St. Peter, each 3007., Trustees,
latter ch. by Barry 1834-5, for 3407/. ; All Saints
Cur, ICO/., Incumb. of Trinity Ch. ; St. Paul (Nor-
folk St.) Cur. 150/., IncumbI of St. Paul's, Ball's
Pond. St. Matthew's new ch. b. 1850-1. Canon-
bury Tower, to which Eliz. used to come to
hunt, belonged to the priors of St. Bartholomew,
afterwards to "Rich" Spencer, ancestor of the
Comptons, and later it was the lodging place
of Goldsmith, etc. ; the priors of St. John had a
moated seat near Highbury Barn, which Jack
Straw's mob pulled down. The small chapel to
the lepers' hosp. at Ball's Pond, near Kingsland
gate, belonging to St. Bartholomew's hosp., was
taken down 1847, it was about 700 yrs. old, and
had 12 or 14 pews. K. Hen. VIII. 's walk leads
to Newington Green, where are some old houses ;
Fisher Ilo. in the Lower road belonged to the
Fishers ; near it, in Cross St., are some remains of
a seat of the Fowlers of Barnsbury ; the ' Queen's
Head ' stands on the site of an old timbered house ;
the ' Pied Bull ' (now restored) was Raleigh's ;
at the ' Red Lion ' Paine wrote his " Rights of
Man ; " G. Morland the painter kept the ' Barley
Mow,' and Topham the strong man the ' Duke's
Head.' Pepys, when a boy, used to be carried to
the ' King's Head ' to partake of cakes and ale.
Nichols the antiquary (1744-1826), who wrote an
account of Islington andthe"H5st. of Leicestcrsh."
etc. was a native ; De Foe, Cruden, Dr. Pitcairn, A.
Newland (cashier to the bank) died here ; Browne,
founder of the Brownists, was a lecturer; lip.
Stillingfleet once held the prebend ; S. Clarke the
orientalist kept school here ; and Mrs. Robinson,
who translated the " Death of Abel," was a resi-
dent, as were Collins and C. Lamb (in Colebrooke
I Row). The Snowdon chiefs who came with Llew-
I elyn to do homage to Edw. I. were quartered at
Islington, but^the supplies of milk, mead, and welsh
ale proved so inadequate to their wants, that they
I threatened never " to visit it again but as con-
! querors ;" Hen. VI. was taken here in his wan-
j derings after the battle of Hexham ; Rough, the
j friend of Knox, was seized in Mary's time at the
I ' Saracen's Head,' and burnt, as were 13 other suf-
! fcrers Gavelkind and borough-english prevails in


some parts ; and fine eels are caught in the New
River. The boro' elections take place at /.
Green. Coins dated 110, weapons, and other roman
remains were found 18-15 near White Conduit Ho.
Islingt. Sup. Registry comprises the par. above ;
pop. 55,6ilO + 1838 ; births 18i]8 (888 being fe-
males, 43illegit.); deaths 1258; marriages 632,
of which 121 persons signed with marks: 175
deaths from cholera in 1849. It belongs to
Clerkemvell New County Court district. Mkt.
Ds. Tu. Th. cattle, sheep, pigs ; Wed. horses, hay,
at the cattle mkt., from which a branch rail.
380 yds. long is to be made to the E. and W. India
Docks rail.

IsLir par. (52) Huxloe hund. NE. Northmptn.
$ m. NW. of Thrapston-73, on Northampton and
Peterboro' rail, and R. Nen. Acres 1370 ; pop.
547 ; poor r. 3737. (Thraps. U.) ; real prop. 25307. ;
charities 111/, to Medbury's ahnsh., and poor
clergy, widows. St. Nicholas Rect. (Pet.) val.
3777., patr. Mrs. W. Stopford ; church, later eng.

P. ISLIP par. (45) Ploughley hund. Mid. Ox-
ford. 4 m. N. of Oxford-54, on Bucks, rail, and
R. Ray, where it joins R. Cherwell, was the birth-

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