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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 269 of 293)
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Kirkcudbt.) vaL 2997., patr. Crown. A logan
stone here weighs 10 tons ; at Moss Raploch
liruce beat the English; .and the great stone
dyke runs across to Dindculk Cast, ruins. Ken-
inure, Visct. Kenmure ; Glenlee, Sir. W. Miller,
Bt. Gordon, author of the f Independent Whig,'
a native.

KELLS (LOWER) BARONY (10-1, etc.) N.
Meath, contains the pars, of Cruicetown, Emlagh,
Kilbeg, Kilmainham, Moynalty, Newtown, Sta-
holmog, and parts of Enniskeen, Moybolgue, and
Nobber; acres 36,171, an. val. 28,9027., pop.
14,627, houses 2531. K. (UPPER) BARONY (15
-8, etc.) N. Meath, contains the pars, of Burry,
Dulane, Girley, Kells, Kilskeer, Teltown, and parts
of Balrathboyne, Donaghpatrick, and Loughan ;
acres 49,552, an. val. 48,239/., pop. 22,142, houses

P.M. KELLS par. (16-7) Up. Kells bar. N.Meath,
9 m. N W. of Nevan, 39 from Dublin, a sessions and
chief police town, on R. Blackwater, had a monas-
tery found. 550 by St. Columb, which being burnt
1 156, was reb. by Walter de Lacy, who walled the
town ; returned two members to parl. before the
Union, under charter of Rich. II., and is governed
by a sovereign, provosts, 24 burgesses, etc., and in-
come of 7197. Acres8597, good ; pop. 7648 + 81,
of town 4205, some in a lace factory ; houses 605,
with chapel, court house, bridewell, bank, savings
bk. (18,3697. from 609 depositors), Union poor
house. Living, a Rect. (Meath) with 3 others,
val. 12067., patr. Bishop ; church, has tombs of the
fam. of Marq. of Headfort, who takes hence title of
baron ' Kenlis.' It publishes the ' Meath Herald '
newspaper ; and is the militia head qrs. Head-
fort, near it, has an old cross, and an imperfect
round tower 99 ft. high. Kells P. L. Union, con-
tains 14 elect, divs. in Meath, Cavan, Westmeath ;
acres 115,942, pop. 45,282, ho. room for 1280,
cases relieved (yr- 1847-8) 3230 (besides 5930
out-door), expend. 12,4367., prop, rated 123,3397.
MM. D. Sat. Fairs, 27 Feb. and May, 16 July,
9 Sept. 16 Oct 17 Nov.

KELLY par. (25) Lifton hund. W. Devon. 7 m.
N\V. of Tavistock-207, near R. Tamar. Acres
1700; pop. 258; poor r. 1617. (Tavist. U.); real

prop. 24367. St. Mary Kect. (Exet.) val. 2C67.,
patr. A. Kelly, Esq. of Kelly, a very old family.

Kelly Castle, near Arbirlot, S. Forfar. a fine
ruin on R. Eliot, which belonged to the Ochter-
lonies, etc. igp" K. House, near Innerkip, W.
Renfrew. R. Wallace, Esq., where K. Burn falls
into Frith of Clyde at K. Bridge Port.

Kellybrook (45) 7 m. SE. of Roscommon, S.
Roscomn. near Lough Roe, Kelly, Esq.

Kellyburn ( ) near , Northmbrld. belongs to
the Ellisons.

Kellyderry (43) near Broadford, E. Clare.

KeUysgrove (88) near Ballinasloe, E. Galway,
Kellv, Esq.

KeUyvUle (19) near Stradbally, E. Queen's Co.,
D. B. Kelly, Esq.

KELMARSH par. (53) Rothwell hund. N.
Northmptn. 5 m. WSW. of Rothwell-77, is a meet
for the Pytchlev hounds. Acres 3750 ; pop. 163
+ 1 ; poor r. 1097. (Mkt. Harboro' U.) ; real prop.
47977. St. Dennis Rect. (Pet.) val. 6407., patr.
Lord Bateman of K. HaU, which has a good gal-
lery of paintings.

KELMSCOTT chplry. (34) Broadwell par. W.
Oxford. 4 m. SW. of'Bampton-71, on the Thames,
is a meet for the Vale of White Horse hounds.
Acres 900; pop. 179 + 3; poor r. 817. (Farring-
don U.) ; real prop. 15767. St. George Cur. with

KELPIN-HILL hmlt. ( ) Batley tnshp. W. R.
York. 2 m. N. of Dewsbury-187.

KELSAI.E par. (50) Hoxne hund. E. Suffolk,
1 m. N. of Saxmundham-89. Acres 1590; pop.
1126 + 2 ; poor r. 5557. (Blything U.) ; real prop.
52987.; charities 3537., of" which 507. to school.
St. Mary Rect. (Xorw.) val. with Carlton 7007.,
patr. Col. Bence. K. House, J. Sheppard, Esq.

P. KELSALL tnshp. (80) Tarvin par. W. Che-
shire, 4m. XNW. of Tarporley-178. Acres 1170,
with good stone, and a mineral spring ; pop. 686
+ 4 ; poor r. 2467. (Gt. Boughton U.) ; real prop.
28727. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. /., patr.

Kelsey Park (6) 1 m. W. of Bromley, NW.

KELSEY, NORTH, par. (86) S. Yarboro' wap.
N. Lincoln. 4 m. W. of Caistor-153. Acres 5370 ;
pop. 767 + 12 ; poor r. 3587. (Caist U.) real prop.
50497. ; charities, a share in Ashby Folville almsh.
Living, a Vic. (Line.) val. 2207., p'atr. Prebendary.
K. North End, 1 m. SE. ^p K., SOUTH, pa'r.
N. Walshcroft wap. as above, 2 m. S. on Caistor
canal, contains Moorton. Acres 4980 ; pop. 622 ;
poor r. 2667. ; real prop. 36417. St. Mary and
Nicholas Rect. (Line.) val. 6877., patr. Crown
and J. Skipwith, Esq. ; church new, with an
old tower, and brass of a knight (1430). K.
Hall, . Bp. Ayscough, Hen. VI. 's confessor,
and Anne Askew the martyr (b. 1520), were

KELSHALL par. (47) Odsey hund. NE. Herts.
3 m. SW. of Royston-38. Acres 2090 ; pop. 276
+ 2 ; poor r. 1237. (Royst, U.) ; real prop. 25407. ;
charities, poor's land 227. St. Faith Rect. (Roch.)
val. 3797., patr. Bishop of Ely.

KELSICK tnshp. ( ) with Dnndraw, Brom-
field par. NW. Cumbrld. 2 m. WNW. of Wigton
-303. See DCXDRAW.

KELSO DISTRICT, N. Roxburgh, contains the
pars, of Eckford, Ednam, Honnam, Kelso *, Lin-
ton, Makerstown, Morebattle *, Roxburgh, Smail-
holm, Sprouston, Stitchel, and Yetholm ; pop.
13,991. ij< K. PRESBYTERY, synod of Merse,
includes Neuthorn *, and all the above, except
Eckford and Smailholm. Ditto Free Church,
those marked *, and Eccles, Gordon, Lauder,


Stow, Westruther. Kirk fasts, Wed. before last
Sund. Feb. and June.

P. M. 21- KELSO par. as above, 10 m. NE. of
Jedburgh-46, in a fine spot on R. Tweed where R.
Teviot joins, including Maxwellheugh, St. James,
Roxburgh old cast,, and remains of a tyronensian
abbey found, by Dav. I. 1128 (when moved from
Roxburgh), was called De Calco, Calchow, Kel-
kow, etc., after a chalk (kelk or calx) or gypsum
hill which has a good prospect ; was visited by
Hen. III. and his queen 1255, was the place
where truces were agreed on 1380, '91, and
Jas. III. crowned 1460 ; visited by Mary 1566,
taken 1639 by the Covenanters, burnt 1C84, oc-
cupied 1715 fey the Jacobites, and 1745 by Pr.
Charles in his march S.-ward ; is a burgh of
barony under the Kerrs (since 1605, when it was
forfeited by the Bothwells), governed by a baron
bailie, 15 stent masters, etc. Size 4 m. by 3,
or 6000 acres, fertile and cultivated ; pop. 5328
+ 39, of town 4594, skinners, flannel weavers,
and makers of hats, shoes, stockings, etc. ; houses
525, well built, with 2 churches, 6 chapels, town-
house, mkt.-house, school of arts, 2 banks, savings
bank, distillery, 2 mason lodges, theatre, pub.
library and news-room on the Terrace (a good
prospect), race-stand, archery and other clubs,
gram, and other schools, infirmary and dispensary,
distillery, girls' sch. of industry, and 5-arch bridge
(with a fine view) on the Tweed, b. 1800 by
Rennie in place of one carried away by the floods
1797 ; real prop. 21,989Z. ; for poor 1674Z. Living
(K. presb.) val. 321/., patr. Duke of Roxburgh of
Fleurs, chief heritor, church, 8-sided; North
Ch., val. L, patr. . A norman transept, and
tower 90 ft. high, remain of St. Mary's abbey,
which was ruined by the English 1522, '42, '45,
and finally by the reformers 1560, but partly
restored 1823 ; a franciscan friary, found. 1235
by a Bp. of Glasgow, stood near the site of
St. James's church (b. 1134), and at Wooden is
a cairn. Scott's ' Border Minstrelsy ' was first
pub. here by Ballantyne. Springwood, Sir W.
Douglas, Bt., and other seats are about ; it pub-
lishes the ' K. Chronicle,' and ' K. Mail,' news-
papers, and the Caledonian hunt meet here. A
branch rail, of 20 m. goes down the river past
Coldstream, to Berwick on the N. British line.
Mkt. D. Frid. Fairs, monthly (3rd Frid. after
Coldstream), 2nd Fr. May and July, 5 Aug. or
St. James's (large cattle F.), 2 Nov., cattle, etc.
Races, spring and autumn, on an oblong course
of l\ m.

KELSPOKE vil. Kingarth par. S, Bute, 6 m. S.
of Rothsay, near K. Castle.

Kelstage (82) 3 m. NE. of Matlock, N. Derby.

KELSTEIN par. (83) Louth Eske hund. NE.
Lincoln. 4 m. WNW. of Louth-143, contains
Lambcroft. Acres 2700 ; pop. 211 + 1 ; poor r.
112/. ( Louth TL); real prop. 34847. St. Faith
Vic. (Line.) val. 150Z., patr. J. E. Denison, Esq. ;
church, has a tomb to Lady Louth (1604).

KELSTERTON tnshp. (79) Northop par. Mid.
Flint. 3 m. S. of Flint-197. Pop. 136.

KELSTON tnshp. (79) Llanasaph par. N. Flint.
5 m. NW. of Holywell-200, at R. Dee's mouth.
Pop. 175, some in a brewery.

P. KKLSTON, or KILVKSTON, par. (19) Bath-
Forum hund. NE. Somerset. 3 m. W. of Bath- 104,
a fine spot, on Gt. West. rail, and R. Avon, which
belonged to Shaftesbury abbey, came through
Hen. \ III.'s natural daughter to the Harringtons
of K. House, of whom was Sir John, the wit and
poet, and friend of Q. Eliz. (who visited him
1591), and Jas. I., and John, author of Oceana.'
Acres 1250 ; pop. 255 ; poor r. 95/. (Keynsham



U.) ; real prop. 2859Z. ; charities 6/. St. Nicholas
Sect. (Ba. and W.) val. 296/., patr. Jos. Neeld,
Esq., M. P., of K. House, reb. by the Hawkinses
about 1770, near the old site.

KELTHORPE hmlt. (64) Kelton par. E. Rut-
land. 4 m. SW. of Stamford-89, near R. Welland.

Keltic Water, 7 m. long, S W. Perth, runs to
R. Teith, near Callander.

KELTON tnshp. ( ) Lamplugh par. W. Cum-
berld. 6 m. E. of Whitehaven-294. Pop. 192 ;
real prop. 28927. igr KELTON vil. Dumfries
and Carlaverock pars. <S W. Dumfries. 3 m. S. of
Dumfries-73, on R. Nith. Pop. 154.

P. KELTON par. on R. Dee, 5. Kirkcvdbt. con-
tains Castle-Douglas-92, Gelston, Kirkconnock
old par., and K. HILL, or Rhonehouse. Size 6 m.
by 3, or 9500 acres, fertile, with hilly pasture for
black cattle, etc., rising 1100 ft. in SW. ; pop.
2875; real prop. 91 89/.; for poor 922/. Living
(presb. Kirkcud.) val. 247/., patr. Crown. Two
circular 3-ditch'd camps, 117 and 68 paces round,
are seen, also Gelston cairn and Thor's druid
circle ; pottery and many other remains have
been found at Carlingwark loch.

KELTY vil. Beath par. S W. Fife. 4 m. S. of
Kinross-27. Pop. 257.

P. KELVEDON par. (47) Witham hund. NE.
Essex, on E. Count, rail., 3 m. NE. of Witham-37,
on R. Blackwater. Acres 3160; pop. 1483 + 2;
poor r. 498/. (With. U.) ; real prop. 7815/. ; cha-
rities 17/., with school and almsh. St. Mary Vic.
(Roch.) val. 403/., patr. Bishop of London. K.
Hall, W. Wright, Esq., with a good prospect.

KELVEDON -HATCH par. (l)Ongar hund. SW.
Essex, 4 m. NNW. of Brentwood-18, near R.
Roding. Acres 2070 ; pop. 430 +7 ; poor r. 295/.
(Ongar U.) ; real prop. 3038J. ; charities 27/. St.
Nicholas Rect. (Roch.) val. 513/., patr. W. H.
Ashpitel, Esq.

Kelvin Rivulet ( ) rises near Carntogher Hill,
Mid. Londondy. and runs W. to R. Roe. giT A'.
River, rises in K. Head at Kilsyth, S. Stirling.
and runs 15 m. W. along the Lanark, and Dum-
brtn. border, under Forth canal aqueduct (350 ft.
long) to R. Clyde, below Glasgow, past many
hills and bleach-fields.

K. Head (58) W. side of R. Teifi's mouth, N.

KEMBACK par. St. Andrew's distr. Mid. Fife.
3 m. E. of Cupar-32, on R. Eden and Ceres burn,
containing Blebo-Crags, in a pleasant spot, is a
meet for the Fife, hounds. Size 4 m. by 1, or
2300 acres, fertile, with stone, lime, coal, lead
ore ; pop. 778 + 12, some flax spinners ; real prop.
3615/. ; for poor 78/. Living (presb. St. Andr.)
val. 157/., patr. St. Andrew's Universitj r . A fine
view at Den of Dura, and trout and salmon are
caught. K. House, .

KEMBERTON par. (61) Brimstree hund. E.
Salop, 2 m. SW. of Shiffrial-135. Acres 2110,
with coal measures ; pop. 256 ; poor r. 58/. (Shiff.
U.) ; real prop. 2344Z. St. Andrew Rect. (Lieu.)
val. with Sutton Maddock 529/., patr. W. H.
Slaney, Esq.

KEMBLE par. (34) Malmesbury hund. N. Wilts.
4 m. SW. of Cirencester-88, on Cheltenham rail.,
contains Ewen and Wick. Acres 3600 ; pop. 597
+ 11 ; poor r. 234Z. (Cirences. U.) ; real prop.
4182J. ; charities 23J. All Saints Vic. (Gl. and
Br.) val. 249Z., patr. R. Gordon, Esq. of A'. Park.

Kembroke (48) 5 m. N. of Harwich, SE. Suf-

P. KEMERTON par. (44) Lower Tewkesbury
hund. N. Glftucest. 4 m. NE. of Tewkesbury- 10o,
near Glouc. and Binning, rail., under Bredon

o y o



Hill. Acres 1590, with good building stone ; pop.
661 ; poor r. 2261. (Tewkesb. U.) ; real prop.
4028Z. ; charities 15Z. Living, a Rect. (Gl. and
Br.) val. 560Z., patr. Bishop. K. Court, Rev. W.

Pembroke, which was conquered 1069 from Rhys
ap Tewdwr by Martin de Tours, who settled at
Newport, contains the pars, of Bayvil cur.,
Castle-Blythe rect., Dinas r., St. Dogmells vie.,
Eglwyswrw v., Fishguard, Henry's Moat r.,
Llandilo, Llanfair-Nant-Gwyn c., Llanfyrnach r.,
Llangolman, Llanllawer r., Llanychar r., Llany-
chlwydog r., Maenclochog, Meline r., Mona-
chlogddu c., Monington v., Morvil r., Moylgrove
c., Nevern ., Little Newcastle, Newport r., Pont-
faen c., Puncheston r., and Whitechurch ; pop.
15,559, houses 3779. >fc K. DEANERY, archdy. of
Cardigan, dioc. of St. David's, contains the bene-
fices above.

KEMEYS, COMMANDER, par. (36) Upper Usk
hund. Mid. Monmouth. 5 m. NW. of Pont-y-Pool
-149, on R. Usk. Acres 480 ; pop. 81 + 1 ; poor
r. 8Z. (Pont-y-P. U.) ; real prop. 534Z. All Saints
Cur. (Llan.) val. 53Z., patr. M. Gore, Esq. ^" K.
INFERIOR par. (35) as above, S. Monmouth. 5 m.
S. of Usk-142, on R. Usk. Acres 1430, with stone
quarries ; pop. 132 ; poor r. 791. (Newport U.) ;
real prop. 1532/. All Saints Rect. (Llan.) val.
130Z., patr. Rev. W. C. Risley.

KEMLYN, or CAMLYN (78) 7 m. NW. of Lla-
nerchymedd-253, N. Anglesea, noted for its marble,
or " verd -antique," quarry, is on K. Cove, which
has shelter for small craft in 3 fath., but with a
dangerous ledge called Harry Furlongs at the

Kemmer, or T Vanner, Abbey (59) 1J m. N. of
Dogelly, S. Merioneth, on R. Maw, was found.
1198 for cistertians, and part of the church,
abbot's house, and refectory are seen.

KEMNAY par. Garioch distr. S. Aberdeen. 3 m.
SW. of Inverury-126, on R. Don, has two mineral
springs under Kumb hills. Size 4 m. bv 2, or
4790 acres, hilly ; pop. 637 + 2 ; real prop/2332/. ;
for poor 86Z. Living (presb. Garioch) val. 158Z.,
patr. Earl of Kintore of Keith Hall. K. House,
Burnett, Esq. A pillar stone stands 11 J ft.
high, and salmon are caught.

Kemp Street (9) 4 m. WSW. of Cuckfield, Mid.

Kemp's, or Kaim's, Castle, near Tullibardine
Cast. E. Perth, and Ardoch, is a roman double-
ditched camp, 90 ft. by 75. 18^" K. Score, a gap
near Castle Campbell, Clackmannan, at Dollar.

P. KEMP- TOWN (9) at the end of Brighton-51,
S. Sussex, near E. Cliff, was found, by T. Kemp,
Esq., and includes the co. hospital, etc., with a
church, b. 1849, by Marq. of Bristol, for the
clergy daughters' school at St. Mary's Hall.

KEMPLEY par. (43) Botloe hund. NW.Gloucest.
5m. NW. of Newent-113, near Glouc. and Heref.
canal. Acres 1340, part common ; pop. 342 + 4 ;
poor r. 67Z. (Newent U.) ; real prop. 1985Z. ; cha-
rities 14/., of which 5Z. to Pyndar's school. Liv-
ing, a Vic. (Gl. and Br.) vaL 204Z., patr. Dean and
Chap. Heref. ; church, chiefly norman.

P. KEMPSEY par. (55) Lower Oswaldslow
hund. Mid. Worcest. a pleasant spot, 3 m. N. of
Upton- 111, with a camp of 15 acres on R.
Severn, had a convent found. 799, and given to
the Bps. of Worcester, at whose palace here
Hen. II. and Edw. I. kept court, and Simon de
Montfort slept with his prisoner Hen. III. before
the battle of Evesham 1265. Acres 3390, part
common ; pop. 1367 +5 ; poor r. 413Z. (Upt. U.) ;
real prop. 10,42GZ. ; charities 61Z. St. Mary Vic.


(Wore.) once held by " W. Canynge" of Bristol,
with the deanery of Westbury, val. 248Z, patr.
Dean and Chap. ; church ancient, near the camp.
K. Court, R. Nuttall, Esq. A roman inscription
has been found lately.

P. KEMPSFORD par. (34) Brightwells Barrow
hund. SE. Gloucest. 2 m. S. of Fairford-79, on the
Thames and Thames and Severn canal, containing
Dunfield, Horcutt, and Welford, was held by
Earl Harold, Ernulf de Hesding (at ' Domesdy.'),
the Chaworths, Despencers, Dukes of Lancaster,
Thynnes (who rebuilt the old castle, now gone),
and Lords Coleraine. Acres 4740 ; pop. 998 + 11 ;
poor r. 591Z. (Cirencester U.) ; real prop. 7194Z. ;
charities, Ld. Weymouth's school 10Z. St. Mary
Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val. 604Z., patr. Bishop ; church,
b. (Hen. III.) by Hen. Plantagenet, Duke of Lan-
caster, whose arms are seen, and his horse-shoe
nailed on the door.

KEMPSHOT tythg. (12) Winslade par. N. Hants.
8 m. SW. of Basingstoke-45, was the seat of the
Pinks, of whom Rob. was warden of New Coll.
Oxon. in Elizabeth's time. Acres 330 : pop. 69.
K. Park, .

P. KEMPSTON par. (52) Redbornestoke hund.
Mid. Beds. 2 m. SW. of Bedford-50, on R. Ouse,
has at K. Wood a meet for the Oakley hounds.
Acres 5160; pop. 1699+12; poor r. 983Z. (Bedf.
U.) ; real prop. 9339Z. ; charities 46Z. All Saints
Vic. (Ely) val. 252Z., patr. Rev. H. Clutterbuck.
K. House, ; K. Bury, . ^f KEMPSTON par.
(66) Launditch hund. Mid. Norfolk. 1 m. S. of
Litcham-101. Acres 650; pop. 62 j poor r. 867.
(Mitford U.); real prop. 1026Z. St. Paul Vic.
(Norw.) val. 167Z., patr. Earl of Leicester. K.
Lodge, Hon. Gen. Fitzroy.

Kempton, or Kemton, Park ( ) 3 m. W. of
Kingston-on-Thames, SW. Middlesex, T. Man-
ners, Esq., was called Cold Kenningtim, and for-
feited by Will. Earl of Cornwall (Hen. I.) to
the Crown, was a royal seat till 1331, and,
later, was held by the Killigrews, Musgraves,
Hill a rich Turkey merchant, etc.

KKMPTON tnshp. (60) Clunbury par. S W. Sa-
lop, 4 m. SE. of Bishop's Castle-159. Pop. 216.

P. KEMSING par. (6) Codsheath hund. Sutton-
at-Hone lathe, NW. Kent, 3 m. NNE of Seven-
oaks- 23, near St. Edith's holy well, was once a
mkt. town, and had a castle built before Hen. II.
Acres 2090, partly in hop-grounds ; pop. 433 + 9 ;
poor r. 274Z. (Seveno. U.) ; real prop. 2432Z. ;
charities, Lady Smythe's 20Z. St. Mary Vic.
(Cant.) val. with Seal 396Z., patr. Earl Amherst ;
church, has brass of a priest (1320).

Ken River (22) rises under Haldon Hill, SE.
Devon., and runs 8 m. SE. past Kenn and Kenton
to R. Ex, at Powderham Cast. ^ K. River,
rises in Carsphairn par. N. Kirkcudbt., and, re-
ceiving the Deugh, etc., runs through Glenkens
(where a good breed of sheep are found) 20 m. S.
to K. Loch, which is 5 m. by 1, to where R. Dee
falls in, and gives it a new name.

P. Kenaqh Rieulet (22) Rathcline bar. W. Long-
ford, runs NW. to R. Camolin, near Cloonlara.
KENAHAN vil. ( ) Bannagh bar. S W. Donegal.
KENARDINOTON par. (4) Blackbourne hund.
Scray lathe, SE. Kent, 6 m. E. of Tenterden-55,
in Romney Marsh, near military canal, has some
danish earthworks. Acres 2130 ; pop. 163 ; poor
r. 201Z. (Tenter. U.) ; real prop. 3132Z. ; charities
2Z. St. Mary Rect. and Vic. (Cant.) val. 114Z.,
patr. Mrs. Breton.

KENARTH, or CENARTH, par. (41) Elvet hund.
NIV. Carmarthen. 2 m. W. of Newcastle-Emlyn
-2*29, a fine spot near the 12 ft. salmon leap on
R. Teifi, contains Dolbryn, Emlyn, and Gelly-


gaily, and Newcastle Union p. house. Pop. 2044
+ 13, of hmlt. 149; poor r. 375f. (N. Emlyn
U.); real prop. 441 11 St. Llawddog Vic. (St.
Dav.) val. 158A, pair. Bishop ; church, near the
fall, where 100 fish are taken at a time. Gelli
Dewyll, a seat of the Brigstokes.

Keribane, i. e. White Head (4) near Bengore
head, N. Antrim, is composed of chalk in the
midst of basalt, with the ruins of M'Allister's
castle upon it.

Kenbury House (22) 3 m. S. of Exeter, E.
Devon. Mrs. Stowey, on R. Ken.

KENCHESTERpar. (43) Grimsworth hund. Mid.
Hereford. 5 m. NW. of Hereford- 134, between
Credenhill camp and the R. Wye, is Magna Castra
(corresponding to Kyn-chester, i.e. great-Chester)
or Magnae of Antonine (but Ariconium of Cam-
den), and has traces of the walls, which covered
50 acres, and a temple niche (called the ' chair ').
Acres 1040 ; pop. 99 ; poor r. 54f. (Heref. U.) ;
real prop. 1088Z. St. Michael Rect. (Heref.) val.
182/., patr. Ld, Chancellor. White pavements,
bricks, urns, coins, a bath, altar, etc. have been
found; and roman ways went hence to Wor-
cester and Wroxeter.

KENCOTT par. (34) Bampton hund. W. Oxford.
4 m. WNW. of Bampton-71. Acres 770; pop.
19G ; poor r. 90/. (Witney U.) ; real prop. 1716/. ;
charities, Carter's sch. 31. St. George Rect.
(Oxon.) val. 246Z., patr. the Hammersleys;
church, has norman door, with a Sagittarius
shooting a dragon.

KENDAL WARD ( ) S. Westmrld. contains
the towns of Ambleside and Milnthorpe, the pars,
of Beetham vie., Grasmere reef., Heversham e.,
Windermere r., and parts of Burton-in-Kendal v.
and Kendal v. ; acres 147,440, pop. 18,441, houses
3347. <& K. DEANERY, dioc. of Manch. and Car-
lisle (sometime Chester) contains the benefices
above, with Beetham ., Bolton le Sands .,
Halton r., Heysham r., Wartin .

# P. M. " KENDAL (i. e. Kent-dale) or
KIKKBY- (i. e. Church-town) ES-KEXDAL, par.
in the above and Lonsdale wards, a station
on Lane, and Carl. rail. 258J m. from London,
or 262 by road, 20 m. SW. of Appleby, under
a scar on R. Kent and Lancaster canal, and
a polling and sessions town, containing Burne-
side, Crook, Grayrigg, Helsington (a seat of
the Bellinghams)/Hugil, Hutton (Old and New),
Kentmere, Natland, Selside, Long Sceddale,
Staveley, Underbarrow, Winster (all curs.),
Sizergh (the Stricklands'), and 12 other tnshps. ;
was the head of a barony held at the Conquest
by Ivo de Talebois, from whom it came to the
Braces, Rooses, Parrs, Thwengs, Lumleys, De
Coucys, Copelands, Beauforts, and through the
Crown to the Lowthers, and was settled by the
Flemings 1337, who established the manufact. of
woollens, and " Kendal green " buckram ; returns
one member to parl. by the Reform bill, the bounds
including the tnshp. with that of Kirkland and
parts of Nether Graveship adjoining, no. of
electors 390 (of 10/. houses 1741) ; was first char-
tered by Eliz., and under the new act is divided
into 3 wards, governed by a may., 6 aid., 18 coun-
cil., with the style of " may. and burgesses of the
boro' of K.-in-K.," and income of 832. Acres
of par. 68,360 (the largest in co.), of boro'
3678, with limestone, blue slate, and good marble,
and many orchards ; pop. 18,027 + 60, and 11,519,
of town 10,225 + 21, in the manufact. of wool-
lens, linseys, worsted, clogs, combs, bobbins, car-
pets, fish-hooks, leather, rope, woollen cards in
the marble works and the fruit trade; houses
(town) 2161, of stone, planted with poplars, with



3 churches, about 12 chapels, town-hall, house of
correction, gaol, 2 banks, White Hall by Webster
(b. 1825) 148 ft. by 37, and including ball, news,
and library rooms, mechanics' institute, museum,
powder mills, corn and fish mkts., the Revolution
obelisk on Castlelawhill (a saxon earthwork), 3
bridges, Pennington's (1525) free gram, school
(38/., besides 6 exhibitions at Oxon.) where Shaw
the traveller (a native), Dr. Fothergill, and Bp.
Law were educated, Sande's hosp. and blue-coat
school (328Z.), Pyper's nat. school (80/.), Sled-
dall's green-coat sch. (25/.), school of industry
and savings bank, dispensary, mills, dye-houses,
and Union p. house ; assd. taxes 3027/. ; poor r.
2467/. on 23,4817.; real prop. 29.81U ; charities
1418/. Livings are : Holy Trin. Vic. (Ches.) val.
285/., patr. Trin. Coll. Camb., church (which
had 4 chantries) is 180 ft. by 99, with 5 aisles, and
tombs and 2 brasses of several vicars, Bp. Dawson,
and the Parrs, Stricklands, Bellinghams (a brass) ;
St. George Cur. 200/., Vicar ; St. Thomas Cur.
/., Trustees. There are remains of three towers,
keep, etc. of the old castle in which Q. Cath.
Parr was bom, of an old chapel (now a house)
on Chapel hill, another at Stranmongate
bridge, near an old house with " pax hac domo "
on it, and St. Leonard's hosp. or the Spittle,
given by Will, de Lancaster to ' Conynges-
heved ' priory, now the Lowthers'. On Helse
hill was a camp ; Dockwray Hall was a seat of
the Dockwras ; and at Abbots hall, which be-
longed to St. Mary's, York, died Judge Chambre'.
The plague carried off 2500 persons in 1598;
Jas. I. was here 1617 ; and some of the rebels
stopped 1715 and '45. Among the natives were
Rich, de K. a grammarian, Bp. Potter, the loyal
Dean Potter his nephew, Sir G. Wharton, W.
Walker the astronomer, Hudson and Wilson the
botanists (the latter a stocking knitter) ; Romney
the painter died here. It publishes the ' K. Gazette'
and ' K. Mercury ' newspapers, and gives title of
baron to the Herberts. Corydalis bulbosa is in-
digenous ; mean temp. 37 to 58, fall of rain
61 in., being the greatest in Engld. The canal,

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