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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 270 of 293)
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76m. long, and cut 1793, passes Burton-in-Kendal,
Lancaster, Garstang, Preston, then by about 4 m. of
rail, to Brindle, thence to Leeds canal at Whittle
le Wood, rising 222 ft., falling 66. K. and
Windermere rail., 10J HI. long, made 1846-7, goes
from Oxenholme on Lane, and Carl, line to
Birthwaite on the lake; cap. 231,000/., reed.
(June 1849) 165.174/., expend. 182,876*. Kend.
P. L. Union, contains the pars, and their tnshps.
etc. in the above ward, with Delliker, Holme,
Kirkby-Lonsdale, Barbon, Custerton, Firbank,
Hutton Roof, Killington, Lupton, Mansergh,
Middleton ; acres , pop. 34,694, cases relieved
(yr. 1846-7) 3029 (out-door 2697), expend. 9771Z.,
prop, rated 144.580/. Sup. Registry comprises the
same ; pop. 34,677 + 198. The New County Court
district corresponds with the Registry, except
Ambleside and Kirkby-Lonsdale, which are made
into separate districts. Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs,
22 Mar. 29 Apr. Wbitsun. Sat (hiring), 8-9 Nov.
cattle, horses, etc. Races, Aug.

Kendale House ( ) 1 m. N. of Driffield, E. R.

XemlaU House (7) 4 m. E. of Watford, 5. Hert*.
W. Phillimore, Esq.

KENDALSHIRE hmlt (35) Westerleigh par.
SW. Gloucester. 2 m. SW. of Chipping Sodbury
-108. Pop. 410.

Kendar Loch, 9 m. S. of Dumfries, E. Krkcudbt.

KENDERCHURCH, or HOWTON, par. (43) Web-
tree hund. SW. Hereford. 10m. SW. of Hereford
-134, on R. Dore. Acres 890 ; pop. 102 + 3 ; poor r,

SQ 4




367. (Dore U.) ; real prop. 12197. St Man- Cur.
(Heref.) val. 587., patr. Earl of Oxford.


KENE. See KANE, Louth.

which has K. Castk, on R. Deveron, an old ruin
of the Earls of Buchan.

KENELM, ST., chplry. (54) Hales Owen par.
Salop, locally in Worcest, 2 m. SW. of Hales
Owen- 11 7, containing Hunnington and Romsley,
in a fine spot, is called after Kenelm, King of
Mercia, who in 819, when 7 yrs. old, was mur-
dered by his sister Quendrida, in Clint wood.
Pop. 571. St. Kenelm Don. (Wore.) val. 1257.,
patr. Vicar; church (Hen. III.), with old saxon
door of the older one, and a fine pointed tower.
On the S. wall is a figure of St. Kenelm, whose
body was found here.


Kenfie/d House (3) 4 m. SW. by S. of Canter-
bury, E. Kent, W. Delmar, Esq.

KENFIGG, HIGHER, hmlt. Margam par. near
the following. Pop. 137.

* S3- KENFIGG, LOWER, par. (36-7) New-
castle hund. S. Glamorgan. 6 m. W. of Bridg-
end-181, containing Skerr, is a decayed place
by the coast near Margam abbey, which be-
longed to Jestyn-ap-Gwrgam, whose castle being
restored by his conqueror Fitzhamon, and the
Despencers, was inundated with the town 16th
cent. ; is a contributory boro' to Swansea, the
bounds (including High and Low K. and part of
Trissient) being unaltered by the Reform bill ;
and is nominally governed by a portreve, re-
corder, etc. Acres about 1550, with sand-hills,
rabbit warrens, and a freshwater lake nearly 2 m.
round ; pop. 297 + 2 ; houses 54, with a town-
hall ; poor r. 837. (Bridg. U.) ; real prop. 1 1457. St.
M. Magdalen Vic. with Pyle. On the Via Julia
stands an ancient stone 5 ft. high, with " Pun-
peius Carantorius " on it, and certain Ogham let-
ters like those in Ireland ; and on Margam hill
is another stone. From ' Cefn-y-figen,' i. e. ' ridge
above the pool.'

hund. Mid. Warwick, contains the pars, of Ashow,
Bagington, Babbenhall, Cubbington, Harbury,
Kenil worth, Leamington Priors, Leek-Wootton,
Lillington, Milverton, Offchurch, Radford Semele,
Stoneleigh, Ufton,Whitnash, and part of Bishop's-
Tachbrook ; acres 37,970, pop. 22,838, houses 4426.

P. M. S3.. KENILWORTH par. in the above
hund. on N. West, branch rail., 100 m. from
London, and 4 m. N. of Warwick, containing Red-
fern, was part of Stoneleigh before the Conquest,
and given by Hen. I. to Geof. de Clinton, who
found, an austin priory, and the castle (on the
site of a saxon one), which coming to the Crown,
was granted by Hen. III. to Simon de Montfort,
who rebelling, it was taken 1266, after 6 months'
siege, by the king, who bestowed it on his son
Edmd., under whom (1278) it was the scene of a
tournament (in which Roger Mortimer was the
challenger, and the ladies wore " silk mantles "),
and under his grandson, the scene of Edw. II.'s
abdication 1327, coming through John of Gaunt
(who restored great part of it) to the Crown, it
was given by Q. Eliz. to her favourite Dudley,
who (1575) entertained her for 17 days, as related
in " Kenilworth," where the best account of the
place is found, afterwards coming to the Crown
again, was dismantled by Cromwell, and is now
held by the Earl of Clarendon under a grant from
Ch. II. Acres 6460, fine champaign country;
pop. 3149 + 5, in the manufact. of horn combs, vo-
latile salts, hartshorn, etc. ; houses 666, straggling,

with 3 chapels, Edwards' free school (707.), sch.
of industry (107.), almshouses; poor r. 16447. on
12,1947. (Warw. U.) ; real prop. 16,5547.; cha-
rities 1377. St. Nicholas Vic. (Wore.) val. 2807.,
patr. Ld. Chancellor ; church, part norman, with
a fine door, font, etc., the Dudley crest (bear and
ragged staff). The ruins of the castle, which
covered 7 acres, include Caesar's tower (the oldest),
16 ft. thick ; Lancaster buildings ; great hall 86 ft.
by 45 ; the gate-house, with a large sculptured
mantel-piece ; Mortimer, Water, and other towers,
parts of the walls, etc., all covered with ivy. The
parks and chase were 20 m. in circuit, " the'like for
strength, state, and pleasure, not being within the
realm of England." Traces of the priory church,
chapter-house, etc., have been found. Bp. S.
Butler, a native (1774-1839). Mkt. D. Wed.
Fairs, 30 Apr.

KENINGHAM (66) 6 m. SSW. of Norwich-108,
E. Norfolk, is a Red. with Mulbarton.

KENLEY par. (61) Condover hund. Mid. Salop,

4 m. WNW. of Much-Wenlock-148. Acres 2280 ;
pop. 294 + 1 ; poor r. 527. (Atcham U.) ; real prop.
7. Living, a .Rec<. (Lkh.) val. 1197., patr. Duke
of Cleveland.

KENLEY-BOTTOM hmlt. ( ) Bishop's Lydeard
par. Mid. Somerset. 5 m. NW. of Taunton -141.
Pop. 10. |^ K. Farm (8) 4 m. S. of Croydon,
E. Surrey.

Kenlowre, or Pitmillie, River, rises at Cameron,
E. Fife, and runs 9 m. E. to St. Andrew's bay,
near Kingsbarns.

P. M. KENMARE par. (93-4, etc.) Glenaroght
bar. S. Kerry, 13 m. S. of Killarney, 202 from
Dublin, a chief police and petty sess. station and
bathing place, on R. Blackwater, near K. River,
was found, as Nedeen 1670 by Sir W. Petty, an-
cestor of Marq. of Lansdowne, who partly owns
it. Acres 22,507, mountain, bog, with limestone,
copper, lead ; pop. 5839 + 88, of vil. 1339 + 26,
some miners and in coasting trade ; houses 155,
with 2 chapels, bridewell, suspension bridge across
K. Sound, pier, etc. Living, &Rect. (Lk. A. A.)
with Tuosist, val. 3617., patr. Bishop. Lans-
downe Lodge, J. Hickson, Esq. A'. River, or
bay, is 22 m. long, and 2 to 5 m. broad, with
2 to 40 fath., and free from dangers, except
Maiden and Rottenharrick rocks, having Ard-
groom and Kilmachaclog barbs, on S. side, and
Sneem and Dinish on N. Near this are Dun-
kerron and Cappanacuss castles, belonging to the
O'Sullivans, and two druid altars, partly of red
stone not found on the spot. Gives title of earl to
the Brownes of Castlerosse. Kenmare P. L. Union,
contains 7 elect, divs. in Kerry, with 1 5 guardians ;
acres 217,815. pop. 33,656, ho. room for 1060, cases
relieved (yr. 1847-8) 4979 (besides 13,332 out-
door), expend. 12,0337., prop, rated 24,6897. Mkt.
D.. Fairs, 22 Feb. 17 Apr. 22 May, 1 July,
15 Aug. 26 Sept. 20 Nov. 15 Dec.

Kenmare Castle (32) 5 m. E. of Bruff, E. Li-
merick, near Hospital, J. Gubbins, Esq.

P. KENMORE par. in Breadalbane, Mid. Perth.
8m. NE. of Killin-74, in a fine spot near the
bridge on R. Tay, on a point (cean mare great
head) where it runs out of L. Tay, contains
Acharn, Blairmore, Bridgend, Stronfernan, with
parts of Glenlochay and Glenquaich, 28 m., and

5 m. off. Size about 20 m. by 9, sheep farms, and
rising 3945ft. at Ben Lawers; pop. 2539, de-
creasing, of vil. 106; real prop. 81807. ; for poor
4S7L Living (presb. Weem) val. 2547., patr.
Marquis of Breadalbane, heritor, of Taymo'
Castle; church, b. 1760, near Drummond Hill
(500 ft.), which has a good prospect. Alex. II.
found. 1122 a priory cell to Scone, where his


queen Sybilla was buried. A druid circle of 3
rows is 180 ft. round.

Kmmure Castle, near New Galloway, Mid.
Kirkcudbt. Dow. Lady Kenmure, on L. Ken, was
partly b. loth cent.

KENN par. (22) Exminster hund. E. Devon.
4 m. S. of Exeter-164, on R. Ken, under Haldon
Hill. Acres 6460 ; pop. 1078 + 9 ; poor r. 6877.
(St. Thomas U.) ; real prop. 77607. ; charities 371.
St. Andrew Sect. (Exet.) val. 68U, patr. J. H.
Ley, Esq. * KENN, or KENNE, DEANERY,
archdy. and dioc. of Exeter, includes the be-
nefices marked * in Exminster and Wonford
liunds. with Crediton vie., Oldridge cur. gif
KENN par. (19) Winterstoke hund. .ZV. Somerset.
9 m. N. of Axbridge-130, belonged to the
Kenns, of whom was the good nonjuring bishop,
one of the Seven sent to the Tower, and composer
of the " Morning Hymn," etc. Acres 720 ; pop.
322 + 5 ; poor r. 82/. (Bedminster U.) ; real prop.
30971. Living, a Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. 7.,
patr. Vicar of Yatton. K. Court, .

Kennail Lough (41) in -S. Cavan, on the borders
of Westmeath and Longford.

KENNAKTU tnshp. (56) St. Harmon par. NW.
Radnor. 4 m. X. of Khavader-181. Pop. 487 ; real
prop. 10797.

KENN ic DEANEEY. See KENN, Denon. above.

Kennedy Castle ( ) 3 in. E. of Stranraer, NW.
Wiyton. near Cast. K. Loch, belonged to Earl
Stair, took fire 1715, and has part of the walls
left 70 ft. high.

Kennell Park ( ) at the N. Tyne's head, W.
NorthmMd. near Keilder Castle, belongs to Duke
of Northumberland and the Swinburnes.

KENN KR LEIGH par. (21) Crediton hund. NE.
Devon. 4 in. N. of Crediton-180, on K. Greedy.
Acres 600; pop. 118; poor r. 3SL (Credit. U.);
real prop. 7437, St. J. Baptist Rect. (Exet.) val.
1 107., patr. Govrs. of Crediton Charity.

Kennet River (12, 14) springs near Marlborough
Downs, N. Wilts, and runs past Marlboro', Hun-
gerford, Newbury, to the Thames at Reading;
eels and trout are caught. K. and Avon canal,
cut 1810, 57m. long, and 44ft. broad, begins at
Midgham, passes Newbury, Hungerford, Totten-
ham Pk., Devizes, Senington (where the Wilts,
and Berks, canal joins), Bradford, to R. Avon at
Bath ; riaing 210ft. with 32 locks, falling 404 ft.
with 48 locks, with a tunnel 2 m. at Burbage.

KENNET, EAST, par. (14) Selkley hund. Mid.
Wilts. 5 m. WSW. of Marlboro'-74, on R. Kennet.
Acres 1000; pop. 75; poor r. 311. (Marlb. U.);
real prop. 1381/. Living, a Cur. (Sal.) val. 58/.,
patr. R. Mathews. Esq. of A'. House. |gp K.,_
EAST and WEST, tythg. Avebury par. near the'
above, is noted for its ale breweries. Pop. 108.

KENNETPANS vil. Clackmannan par. S. Clackm.
1 m. S. of Clackmannan-32, has a distillery, and
NEW KENNET vil. 1 in. N. of it, which belongs to
I Job. Bruce, Esq. of A". House.

KENNETT par. (51) Staploe hund. SJ5. Cam-
bridge. 4 m. NE. of Newmarket-61, on a branch of
R. Lark, was Fairfax's head-quarters, 1647. Acres
1400, heathy; pop. 228+3; poor r. 957. (New-
mkt. U.); real prop. 14327. ; charities 137. St.
Nicholas Rect. (Ely) val. 1167., patr. W. Godfrey,
Esq. of K. Hall

P. KENNFORD (22) 3 m. S. of Exeter-164, E.

P. KKNNINOHALL par. (66) Guiltcross hund. S.
Norfolk, 18 m. SW. of Norwich, 90 from London,
near E.Count. rail, and once a mkt. town, was a seat
of the saxon kings, called OteninkhaJa (i. e. Cyning
halla, or king's house) in ' Domesdy.'and held by
the De Albinis, Monultos, Mow brays, and Howards,

KEN 969

who had a palace on the site of the first one. Acres
3660 ; pop. 1389 + 13 ; poor r. 90U (Guiltc. U.) ;
real prop. 70567. ; charities 671. St. Mary Vic.
(Norw.) val. 2507., patr. Bp. of Ely ; church, has
a norman door. The H-shaped palace of Thomas

D. of Norfolk, forfeited on his attainder, was for
a time the residence of Mary (who was here from
1548 till her brother died 1553) and Elizabeth,
and pulled down by the family about 1650. It
has the Guiltcross Lnion p. house.

KENNINGTON tnshp. (13) Radley and Sunning-
well pars. N. Berks. 2 in. S. of Oxford, on the rail,
and R. Thames. Pop. 136 ; real prop. 1030/. ^
KENNINGTON par. (3) Chart hund. Scray lathe,

E. Kent, 2 m. N. of Ashford-53, near Canterbury
rail, and R. Stour. Acres 1320, with hop-grounds ;
pop. 585 + 12; poor r. 146/. (E. Ashfd. U.) ; real
prop. 3 If 01. ; charities 11. St. Swithin Vic. (Cant.)
val. 2111., patr. Archbp.

P. KENNINGTON district par. (7) Lambeth

rr. and boro', E. Brixton hund. .ZV. Surrey, 2 m.
of St. Paul's, a crown manor held under the
duchy of Cornwall, had a palace belonging to the
Black Prince and his successors on the site of the
manor house in Park Place. Pop. 31,289, some in
a vitriol work ; houses 5486, including the Oval,
8 chapels, L-police stat., savings bk. (70857. from
645 depositors), gram, school, licensed victuallers'
and nat. schools. St. Mark Rect. (Win.) val. 700/.,
patr. Archbp. ; church, b. 1824 for 23,0007. ; St.
James and Carlisle chapels, val. 7. and /., Pro-
prietors. On K. Green, which was formerly the
place of execution for the co., some of the rebels of
1745 were hung, and the chartists had their meet-
ing 10 Apr. 1848. Borough-english custom pre-
vails in the manor, which Alleyne the player held
1604-9. Hen. III. kept Christmas here 1231, and
called his parliaments 1232 and '34; Edw. III.
kept Christmas 1342. J. Calcott the composer
(1766-1821), and his brother Sir A. Calcott the
painter (1779-1844) were natives.

P. KENNOWAY par. Kirkaldy distr. <S. Fife.
2 m. NW. of Leven-24, in a cliff or den, with a
pleasant view over R. Forth, contains Baneton,
and part of Star. Size 3 m. by 2, or 3750 acres,
fertile, with soft stone and coal ; pop. 2044 + 31,
of vil. 1101, linen weavers; real prop. 46787.;
for poor 1317L Living (presb. Kirkcaldy) val.
243/., patr. Crown.

Kenny, Loughs of, on R. Melgum, W. Forfar
2 m. above Airlie cast, are 4 falls of 15 to 30 ft.

KENNYTHORPE tnshp. ( ) Langton par. E.
R. York. 3 m. S. of Malton-217. Acres 730 ; pop
72 ; poor r. 277. (Malt. U.) ; real prop. 7037.

Kenramer Hill (1) in Rathlin isld. N. Antrim,
449 ft. high.

KENRY BARONY (11-2, etc.) N. Limerick, con-
tains the pars, of Ardcanny, Chapelrussell, Iveruss,
Kilcornan, Kildimo, and part of Adare ; acres
30,938, pop. 13,312, houses 2240.

P. KENSALL GREEN hmlt. (7) Kensington and
Willesden pars. Mid. Middlesex, 5 m. \\ NW. of
St. Paul's, has a cemetery of about 50 acres near
the N. West. rail, (where the W. Lond. branch
turns off to Kensington canal), first opened 1832,
and the burial .place of Duke of Sussex (1843),
Princess Sophia ('48), Scott's daughters Anne and
Sophia, A. Cunningham, Syd. Smith, Murray the
publisher, Barnes ed. of the ' Times,' Hood, Liston,
Calcott, Sir W. Beattv, Birkbeck, Daniell the
painter, J. C. Loudon, G. Dyer, St. John Long the
quack, Morrison the hygeist, Ducrow, Geo. Robins.
St John Cur. (Lon.) val. 897., patr. Bishop. G.
Morland the painter lived here.

KENSINGTON DIVISION (7) Ossulstone hund.
Mid. Middlesex, contains the pars, of Acton, Chel-



sea, Chiswick, Ealing, Fulham, Hammersmith,
Kensington, Twyford Abbey, and Willesden;
acres 19,220, pop. 109,625, houses 16,671.

P. KENSINGTON par. in the above hund. 4 m.
WSW. of St. Paul's, including Brornpton, Nor-
land, Netting Hill curs.. Earl's Court, and parts
of Lit. Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Kensall Green,
was Chenesitune at ' Domesdy.' when it was held
by Aubrey de Vere, through whose fam. it came
to Sir W. Cope and Rich. Earl Holland, and was
made the seat of a royal palace by Will. III. (out
of a seat of the Finches), in which lived and died
Q. Mary, Q. Anne and her husband Prince George
of Denmark, Geo. II. and his queen Caroline who
contributed to improve it, and the Duke of Sussex,

whose niece, Q. Victoria, was born in it 1819.
Acres 2680, including 356 in the gardens, partly
in pasture, Hogg's nursery, and mkt. gardetis, with
red gravel (where yellow amber has been found),
and some mineral springs ; pop. 26,834 + 593, some
in the candle works, etc. ; nouses 3798, with 7
churches, 4 chapels, T-police stat., savings bk.
(32,4587, from 1573 depositors), W. Midx. water-
works at K. Gravel-pits, London and Westm. ceme-
tery, K. Square, 2 proprietary schools, Pemble's
nat, school by Vanbrugh (265/.), Methwold's
almsh. (18/.), 3 lunatic asylums and Union p.
house; poor r. 10,675?. on 167,8767,; real prop.
170,4427, ; charities 577Z., of which 1937. for appren-
ticing, etc. was partly left by " 0. Cromwell," who,
it is said, lived at Hale House. Livings, St. Mary
or St. M. Abbot Vic. (Lon.) val. 12427., patr. Bishop,

church (which belonged to Abingdon Abbey),
was reb. 1272, and has tombs of the Riches, the
Countess of Warwick ( Addison's wife), Dr. Jortin
(vicar), Bp. Bullingham, Dean Hodges, Goodall
the physician, Lord Molesworth, the Ponsonbys,
the Colmans, Pegge son of the antiquary, Mrs.
Inchbald, Madan author of ' Thelypthora,' Can-
ning's son George (with some lines by him) ; St.
Barnabas Cur. 4051., Vicar. The Paface, seat of
Duchess of Inverness, consists of three quadrangles
of brick (the top by Wren), with staircase and
ceilings by Kent, mantel-piece in the cube room
(39 ft. square) by Rysbrach ; the pictures have
been moved to Hampton Court, and the D. of
Sussex's library of rare bibles, etc. sold. The
Gardens, including 300 acres taken out of Hyde
Park (to which Rennie's bridge over the Ser-
pentine leads), with a large piece of water called
the basin, were laid out with elm, etc. by Wise,
Bridgman, Kent, and a flower garden has been
added by Loudon. Foxes were hunted in it 1798.
Abbot's Kensington, or Holland Ho., seat of Lord
Holland, a fine elizabethan house, b. 1607 by Sir
W. Cope, and once the residence of Addison (who
died in it) and C. Fox ; Campden Ho. was b. 1612
by 1st Visct. Campden, and became the seat of Q.
Anne when princess, and Lord Burlington ; K.
House was seat of Duke of Portsmouth, and a
school ; K. Gore (opposite the Gt. Exhibition) of
Wilberforce, Lady Blessington, and Count D'Or-
say, now of M. Soyer; Villa Maria of Canning;
Kingston Ho. of Duch. of Kingston and Marq.
Wellesley (who died in it), now Earl Listowel.
Sir P. Perceval the loyalist, Boyle 4th Earl Orrery,
and Ld. Chan. Camden, were natives ; Sir I. New-
ton died at Pitt's buildings; and among other
residents were Chardin the traveller, Ld. Keeper
Bridgman, Gen. Lambert, WilL Earl Craven,
Duchess of Mazarine (1692), Talleyrand, Wilkie,
and the pious R. Nelson who died here. Gives
title of baron to the Edwardes'. K. Observatory,
Sir J. South, lat. 50 30' 13" N., long. 4' 45'/ W.
The K. Canal, 2 m. long, runs from Earl's Court
(where the W. Lond. rail, of 3 m. from the N.


West, and Gt. West, lines, joins it), to the
Thames, opposite Battersea. Kensinyt. P. L.
Union, contains the par. above ; cases relieved
(yr. 1846-7) 3215 (out-door 2528), expend. 10,675?.,
prop, rated 167,8767. Sup. Registry comprises the
same, with Brompton, Fulham, Hammersmith,
Paddington, North End, Walham Green ; pop.
74,779 + 2179 ; 106 and ' many more ' deaths from
cholera in 1849. It belongs to Brompton New
County Court district.

KENSTONE tnshp. (73) Hodnet par. N. Salop,
5 m. E. of Wem-163. Pop. 104.

KENSWICK ext. par. (55) Knightwick par. W.
Worcest. 4m. NVV. of Worcester-Ill. Pop. 27.

KENSWORTH par. (46) Dacorum hund. NW.
Hei ts. 4 m. W. of Luton-31, tinder K. Hill (904 ft.
high), was given by the Confessor to St. Paul's
cathedral. Acres 2280, part common ; pop. 842
+ 11 ; poor r. 2397. (Luton U.) ; real prop. 3637?. ;
charities, Brugis' for widows and school 187. St.
Mary Vic. (Roch.) val. 1807,, patr. Dean and
Chap, of St. Paul's ; church, a small norman, with
figured doorway.

KENT (1-7) a sea-side county, SE.England, be-
tween the Thames and Channel, and the nearest
to France, which some think it once joined,
was the seat of the Cantii (from ' cant,' a corner,
as in Cantyre, etc.), in Britannia Prima of the
Romans, who first landed somewhere between
Deal and Richboro' under Caesar, Aug. 55 B. c.,
and May 54 B. c., and again under Claudius 42
A. D., was the saxon Cantguar-lantd ( Chenth
at ' Domesdy.'), with a kingdom which lasted
from 446 to 823 (as below), was ravaged 9th
and 10th centuries by the Danes, who settled at
Thanet, Sheppey, etc., is traversed by Watling
St., by the S. E. rail, and its branches, watered
by the Stour (anct. Sturius), Medway (Maduni),
etc., and bordered by Susx. (SW.), Surrey (W.),
Midkx. (NW.), the 12 reaches or bends of the
Thames and Essex (N.), N. Sea and Eng.Channel
(E. and S.). Length from Deptford ESE. to
S. Foreland 67 m., greatest breadth 35 m., av.
ditto 22; relative size 269-10,OOOths ; circuit
190, including 125 of coast, which in many parts
is a rich marsh, and has along it Deptford vic-
tualling yard, Greenwich hosp., Woolwich dock-
yd. and" arsenal (opposite which, in Essex, a
small patch called N. Woolwich belongs to Kent),
Erith, Greenhithe, and Northfleet where the
chalk appears, Gravesend bathing place, I. of
Grain opposite Southend, Sheerness dock-yd. on
I. of Sheppey at the mouth of the Swale and the
Medway, which leads up to Chatham dock-yd.
and Rochester, Cant sand near the Nore light,
Whitstable Flats where the cliff begins, Herne
Bay bathing place, Reculver (anct. Regulbium)
where the sea gains ground, Margate bath, place,
N. Foreland (Acantium Prom.) and It., near
which the cliffs are 100 to 150 ft. high, Broad-
stairs and Ramsgate bath, places, Pegwell bay
(Portus Ritupce) where Hengist and St. Augustine
landed, and whence the sea, which has long been
retiring, went round the I. of Thanet in roman
and saxon times by a channel li to 4 m. broad,
Sandwich cinque port near Richboro' where the
roman ' count of the saxon shore ' was seated,
Gull Stream It. between the Brake and Goodwin
sands (with a safety beacon fixed on chalk),
and leading to the Downs anchorage which is oft
the coast where Caesar landed, castles at Sandown,
Deal, and Walmer (seat of warden of Cinque
Ports) built by Hen. VIII. for defence, S. Fore-
land It., off which is the S. Sand Head It., Dover
cinque port (anct. Port-its Dubris) with its castle
(469 ft. high) and barb, of refuge, 19 m. from



Cape Grisncz in France across the Strait which
has the Ridge and Varne shoals in it, Shakspeare's
cliff, Folkestone (cliffs 565 ft. high) the chief port
for France, Hythe cinque port and its martello
towers, Roar and Swallow sands in E. bay,
Romney cinque port and the marsh, with Dun-
geness It. at the corner, Chapel bank, and Rye
(Portus Novus). It contains 1557 sq. m., or
996,480 acres (972,240 by addition of pars.), of
which 940,000 are arable, meadow, etc. ; 548,337
+ G916 persons, of whom 163,109 are in Green-
wich, Woolwich, Deptford, Chatham, Maidstone,
Gravesend, Canterbury, 275,805 are females,
248,336 under 20 yrs. of age, 427,244 county-born,

55,688 or 10-2 per cent, live by trade, manu-
fact, etc., 47,585 or 8'7 per cent, by agricult.
(5477 being farmers and graziers), 5782 educated
professions, 18,629 independent, 96,296 labourers
and sen-ants, etc. ; 95,482 houses, besides 5850
empty and building ; 5 lathes and 65 hundreds,
in 2 divisions the E. Div. containing St. Au-
gustine's lathe on the E. (with the bunds, of
Bewsboro', Bleangate, Bridge, Cornilo, Downham-
ford, Eastray, Kinghamford, Preston, Ringslow
or Thanet, "Westgate, Whitstable, Wingham),
Shepway lathe on SE. (or bunds, of Aloesb ridge,
Folkestone, Ham, Hayne, Hythe, Loningboro',
Newchurch, Oxney, Stouting, Street, Bireholt
franchise, besides L'angport, Pountney, and Worth
hunds. which belong to Romney Marsh lib.), and
N. Scray lathe on the N. and Mid. (or bunds, of
Boughton-under-Blean, Calehill, Chart, Favers-
ham, Felboro', Milton, Sheppev, Teynham,Wye),

the W. Die. containing Aylesford lathe in the
Mid. (or hunds. of Brenchley, Chatham, Eythorne,
Hoo, Larkfield, LittleGeld, Maidstone, Rochester
city, Shamwell, Toltingtrough, Twyford, Wash-
lingstone, Wrotham, and Tonbridge Cowey),
Sutton-at-Hone lathe on W. (or hunds. of Axton,
Blackheath, Bromley, Codsheath, Lessness, Rux-
ley, Lomerden, Westerham), and S. Scray lathe
on S. (or hunds. of Barnefield, Berkeley, Black-
bourne, Cranbrook, Marden, Rolvenden, Selbrit-
tenden, Tenterden) ; 423 parishes (including
those in Canterbury, etc.), with parts of 2 others,

Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 270 of 293)