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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 271 of 293)
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and 18 ext. par. places and villes; about 1180
Tils., hmlts., etc. ; 2 cities, Canterbury (e.) ses-
sions town and seat of the primate, Rochester (u>.),
which are market towns, as are the 29 following

Maidstone (the county, assize, sess. town),
Ashford (e.), Bromley (H>.), Dartford, Dover,
Faversham, Gravesend municip. boro' (M>.), Green-
wich new boro', Sevenoaks (if.), Tenterden (w.),
Tonbridge, Cranbrook (zt>.), Milton, Chatham
new boro', Lydd, Queenboro' old boro', Sandwich,
Smarden, Westerham, Woolwich, Wrotham, Deal,
Folkestone, Hythe, Margate, Ramsgate (e.),
Romney old boro' (e.), Sittingbourne (e.), Sheer-
ness, the first thirteen being poor-law unions
(reckoning two for E. and W. Ashford), along with
Blean (or Herne) Bridge, Eastry (or Deal),
Elliam, Hollingbourne, Hoo, Lewisham, Mailing,
Medway (or Rochester), N. Aylesford, Romney
Marsh (or Romney), Sheppey (or Minster), Thanet
(or Ramsgate), or 28 unions in all, the first
fifteen (except Rochester), along with the same,
being registries, and the first thirteen and last
eight being ne\v county courts, along with Tonb.
Wells ; returns eighteen members to parl. (as before
the Reform bill), viz. 2 for E. Div. (pop. 302,773,
elect. 7251), with Canterbury for election town, and
those above marked (e.) for polling places, 2 for
W. LKv. (pop. 246,384, el. 9271), with Maidstone

for elect, town, and those marked (K>.) with Maid-
stone and Blackheath pol. places, 2 each for Can-
terbury (el. 1625), Dover (el. 2060), Greenwich (el.

5573), Maidstone (el. 1577), Rochester (el. 1227,)
Sandwich (el. 943), 1 each for Chatham (el.
1 159), Hythe (el. 485) ; is governed by a lord lieut,
48 deputy lieuts., high sheriff, and about 410
magistrates; is in the Home military district
and circuit, and constitutes the archdeaconries
of Canterbury and Rochester in the diocese
and province of Canterbury. Real prop. (1815)
1,687,4437., ('43) 2,907,6067., of which 16917.
on fisheries, 40297. on quarries; ditto rental,
865,2317. or 17s. 4d. per acre (when wheat was
77s.), and 1,327,4917. or 26s. 7^d. per acre (wheat
55s.); county income ('48) 40,9987., of which
27,3137. from co. rate (on a val. of 1,747,9467. made
1841), 72087. from Treasury. Poor r. (1846-7) for

27 unions 208,2587. on 2,340,8367. or Is. 9rf. in the
(wheat being 59s.), cases relieved 56,105 (out-
door 45,811), in estimated pop.'of 581,183. Total
charities 39,3927., of which 74267. for schools and
education ; savings bks. ('49) 23, with 940,9277.
from 35,112 depositors; in yr. '38-9, 4322 m. of
road (508 m. being turnpike) were maintained
for 48,5197. In '46-7, out of 440 pars. 400 had
813 church schools, supported by 37,4417. with
44,347 child, attending, and 1128 paid teachers
(239 being monitors), whose salaries were 39,1697.
and who had 345 teachers' houses ; out of these

28 were free schools, and 158 sund. sch. (ex-
clusively, with 913 teachers and 9837 child.) ;
and 320 in union with the National Soc. had
25,279 child, and total grants of 88977. Offenders
in '48 1020 (or 893 av. of 5 yrs.), of whom 788
were convicted, 182 were females, 33 under 15
yrs. of age, 368 could not read or write. Follow-
ing the 19 Sup. Registry districts of "45 (total
pop., except Greenwich, 449,446 + 4512), the
' births ' were 15,279, of whom 7441 were females,
935 or 6-1 per cent, illegit.; 'deaths' 9072 or
1 in 51, the all-England av. being 46; 'mar-
riages' 3960 (at church 3728) of which 2717
persons, or 33 per cent, signed with marks. Ex-
cept at the marsh borders of the Thames, London
clay, with sand, etc. prevails along the N. (rising
446 ft. at Shooter's Hill, ft. at Gad's Hill),
to a line through Hayes, Farningham, Rochester,
Rodmersham, Canterbury, Littlebourne, to Re-
culver ; thence S. to the downs, which are one
with the Surrey hills, near Brasted, Wrotham,
Paddlesworth (hill 642 ft. highest in the co.),
Cuxton, Buxley, Hollingbourne (616 ft.), Len-
ham, Wye, Stoning, to Folkestone (565 ft.), is
chalk, which is found in all the E. corner and
Thanet (except along the Stour), and shows
itself here and there near the Thames; green
sand lies further S. to the hills by Crookham,
Mereworth, Barming (near the hop and fruit
grounds round Maidstone, etc.), the Suttons,
Chart, etc. to Hythe ; and beyond (except Rom-
sey Marsh) belongs to the Weald a level, rich,
well wooded tract, which was part of the great
forest of Coed Andred, and yields rag and pur-
beck stone in the hills about Tonb. Wells, Lam-
berhurst, Goudhurst, etc. Fossil fruits, etc., with
sulphur pyrites are found on N. side of Sheppey ;
marble is worked at Bethersden, fuller's earth
at Boxley, lime at Woolwich, Greenhithe, in the
Medway, etc. Silk, and a tew muslins are ma-
nufactured at Canterbury (in 1847, a bad year,
80 and 140 were in the silk and flax mills), hop
bagging at Maidstone, etc., copperas at Deptford
and Whitstable (from the pyrites), powder at
Dartford, Feversham, Ospringe, paper (943
hands) at Boxley, Dartford, Dover, Maidstone,
salt at Stonar, etc., wood toys (of holly, plum,
etc.) at Tonbridge ; linen bleaching is carried on
at Crayford, Bexley, shipbuilding at Woolwich,



Northfleet, Chatham; Feversham, Milton, etc.
are famous for their oyster beds. Iron (out
of the Weald clay and green sand), and cloth
(about Cranbrook, Tenterden, etc.) were once
made, the 'Grey Coats' having founded
some of the oldest families. Climate mild and
genial ; surface hilly, and abundantly wooded
in the Weald and uplands with oaks, beech,
chesnut, ash, willow, maple, birch, etc. ; soil, on
the whole clayey, mixed here and there with
loam, sand, etc., improved by good husbandry,
and fish, woollen rags, and chalk manures, but
sand and gravel prevail on the wastes of Black-
heath, Bexley, Dartford, Mailing, etc. ; wheat,
beans (10 to 20 bush, per acre), barley, oats, are the
chief crops, with canary (3 to 5 qrs.), radish
(8 to 24 bush.), and other seeds, vegetables, etc.,
in Thanet, which has a loamy soil, manured
with seaweed, peas, canary, spinach, mustard,
and other seeds, in the rich sandy flats of Sand-
wich, Deal, Feversham, peas, clover, in the
fertile mould of Sheppey (where the best wheat is
raised), and rye, turnips, hay, etc., in the marl
and clay of the Weald; woad is grown on the
poor lands, and asparagus, rhubarb, cauliflower,
potatoes, etc., in the mkt. gardens at Deptford,
Greenwich, Eltham, etc., along the great roads ;
hops (24,888 acres in '45, the duty being /.,
at 2d. per lb.), which were first brought into use
(Hen. VI.), are chiefly cultivated from Farleigh
and Maidstone to Canterbury, and, mixed with the
young apple, cherry (which the Romans intro-
duced A. D. 48), and filbert trees, make a delightful
show ; thick coppices for hop-poles, clothes-props,
etc., and orchards, abound; sheep (about 820,000,
yielding 18,500 packs) are pastured on the downs
of E. Kent, and (with herds of cattle) in the rich
meadows on the Thames and of Romney marsh,
where 300,000 of a superior long-woolled breed,
which fattens early, are fed; and fine poultry,
rabbits, venison, game, are abundant From the
prevalence of gavelkind custom, which is pecu-
liar to this county, there are about 10,000 (?)
freeholders ; farms average from 10 to 200 acres,
leases run from 7 to 14 yrs., and many old tim-
bered farm-buildings exist. Smaller rivers are,
the Darent (20 m. long), Cray (with trout), Ra-
vensbourne (10m.), Rother; trout are also found
in the Stour ; Tonbridge Wells, Sydenham, Can-
terbury, etc., have mineral springs. Of antiquities
are : roman camps at Ospringe, Barham (Caesar's),
Trenworth.Bonning (rom. villa), Folkestone, Stut-
fall, Keston or Holwood (anct. Noviomagus),
danish at Milton, Hackendown, Dane-pits (a
barrow), Kenardington, saxon at Coeldred,
besides tumuli at Shottington, Woodnesboro',
Shebbertswold, Liminge, Chartham, Sutton Va-
lence, Julaber's Grave ; druid circle at Addington,
and a cromlech at Kit's Coty House ; old abbeys at
Lesnes, Feversham, Canterbury (St. Augustin's),
W. Langdon, Bradsole or Radigund, Boxley,
Mailing, Reculver ; priories at Aylesford, Horton,
Dover, Folkestone, Bilsington ; nunnery at Mins-
ter, and preceptory at Swingfield, where John
(1213) submitted to the legate Pandulf ; cathe-
drals, at Canterbury, Rochester; old churches
(chiefly norman), atBabchild, St. Marg.-at-Cliff,
Barfreston, Patricksbourne, Saltwood, Boughton-
Aluph, Eastwill (where the last Plantagenet was
buried 1550), St. Leonard's, Harbledown, St
Mary's (Dover) ; castle ruins, at Reculver, Rich-
boro', and Dover (roman), Cowling (the Cob-
hams'), Rochester, Saltwood (the Archbps'.), Chil-
ham, Leeds, Thurnham, Arlington (Wyatts'),
Leybourne, Tonbridge, Hever (where Hen. VIII.
wooed A. Boleyn), Horton, Eynesford, Shoreham,


Eltham (royal palace) ; old houses (most of them
now farms), at Ford, Bourne Place, Bekesbourne,
Maidstone, Charing, Hailing, and Otford (all the
Archbps'.), Bloor's Place, Eastchurch, Dandelion,
Mansion, Swanton, Ratling Court, Westonhanger
(the Poynings'), Scott's Hall, Repton (Fogges'),
Ripley near Hothfield (where Jack Cade was
taken), Halden PL, Combwell, Simpson's, Orping-
ton (the Harts'), Sissinghurst (the Bakers'), Bir-
ling PI. (Says'), Pimpe's Court, Kent Ho. (Le-
thieulliers'). Wat Tyler's rebellion began at
Dartford 1381, Jack Cade's at Blackheath 1450 ;
Q. Elizabeth was born at Greenwich palace, Cax-
ton somewhere in the Weald, Wotton at Bough-
ton Malherbe, Sir Philip Sydney and Algernon S.
at Penshurst, Harvey at Folkestone, Bp. Home at
Otham, Wolfe at Westerham, Pitt at Haye's
Place, Mrs. Carter at Deal, Mrs. Macauley at Ol-
lantigh ; Hooker died at Bishopsboume, Camden
at C. Place ; Peter the Great studied shipbuilding
at Deptford, while living at Evelyn's seat, Say's
Court. Watling Street, nearly following the
London road, went by Blackheath, Shooter's Hill,
Southfleet (anct. Vagniaca), Gadshill, Rochester
(Durobrivis), Sittingbourne (Durolevum), Canter-
bury (Durovernum), to Dover (Dubris), with
branches at Canterbury to Reculver (Regulbiuni),
Richboro' (Rituptz), and (called Stone Street) to
Lvmpne (Lemanis). Some of the chief seats are :
Earl Thanet Hothfield PL, Duke of Wellington
Walmer, Marq. Camden C. Place, M. Conyngham
Bifrons, Earl Caledon Bounds, E. Dartmouth
Blackheath, E. Stanhope Chenening, E. Romney
Mote, E. Darnley Cobham, E. Ripon Montreal, E.
Winchelsea Eastwell, E. Hardinge South Ph., E.
Aylesford Friars, E. Aberdeen Greenwich Ph., E.
Cornwallis Linton, E. Amherst Knole, E. G^iildford
Waldersham, Visct. Torrington Yotes PI., Visct.
Sydney Frognall, Lord Barharn Teston, L. Harris
Belmont, L. Carrington Deal, L. Farnborough
Bromley, L. Bexley Foot's Cray, L. Rokeby
Monk's Horton, L. De Despencer Mereworth, L.
Teynham Teynham, L. Auckland Eden Farm, L.
Sondes Lees, L. Wynford Leesons, Lady Mor-
daunt Eltham, Baroness Montesquieu Bridge Hill
Ho., Dow. March. Londonderry N. Cray, Countess
Buckinghamshire E. Coombe, Eardley, Bt. Bel-
videre, Farrington, Bt. Blackheath, Calder, Bt.
Boxley, Twysden, Bt. Bradborne, Oxenden, Bt.
Broome, Rivers, Bt. Chafford, Hislop, Bt. Chaiiton
(near Canterbury), Wilson, Bt. Charlton, Brydges,
Bt. Denton, Filmer, Bt. M.P. E. Sutton, Rycroft,
Bt. Evelyns, Shaw, Bt. Eltham Lodge, Honey wood,
Bt. Evington, Bridges, Bt. Goodneston, Colebrook,
Bt. Gt. Lodge, Geary, Bt. Oxenheath, Stirling, Bt.
Otford, Laffan, Bt. Otham, Lubbock, Bt. High
Elms, Baring, Bt. Lee, Hudson, Bt. Leuvet, Haw-
ley, Bt. Leybourne, Dyke,Bt. Lnllingsione,Knatch-
bulL, Bt. Merstham, Fagg, Bt. Jlystole, Sydney, Bt.
Penshurst, Dering, Bt. Surrenden, Montefiore, Bt.
E. Cliffe, Fitzherbert, Bt. W. Farleiyh, Head, Bt.
Hermitage, Tydden, Knt. Milstead, Burton, Knt.
Sackett's Hill, Papillon of Acrise, Stratford of
Addington, Dering of Barham, Brockman, M. P.
of Beachboro', Cartier of Bedgebury, Morris of
Betshanger, Wells of Bickley, Bell of Bourne PL,
Godfrey of Brook St., Darell of Cale Hill, Foote
of Charlton PL, Wildham of Chilham, Stretfield
of Chidingstone, Polhill of Chlpstead, James of
Ightham, Johnson of Danson, Price, M. P. of
Deane Pk. (an old seat), Oakley of Eden Lodge,
Bonne of Elford (old), Yates of Fairlawn, Plump-
tre, M. P. of Fredville, Pott of Freeland, Toke of
Godington (old), Knight of Godmersham, Bradley
of Gore Court, Bailey of Hall PL, Loribond of
Hatfield Peverell, Jones ofHayle PI., T. L. Hodges,


M. P. of Ilempsiead, Duppa of JTolUngbonrne, Ward
of Holu-ood, Harmer of Ingress, King of Kelsey,
Toone of Keston, Austen of Kejspingstone, D'Aeth
of Knowlton, Malcolm of Lamb Ab., M'Cormick of
J.niKjIty Lodge, Goodheart of Langley Pk., Martin
of Leeds Cast., Herri cs of Rivet-head, Selby of
It/htham Mote (old), Gosselin of Mt. Ospringe,
Millcs of Rachington, Hawkins of Nash Court,
Sawbridge of O/7a/(*i<//*,Champneysof Ostenhanger,
Wlu>ler of Otterdean, Halford of Paddock Ho.,
Colquhoun of Penshurst, Hilton of Preston Ho.,
Deacon of Quarry Hi/I, Hammond of St. Alban's,
Deedes, M.P. of Sondling, T. T. Hodges, M.P. of
Sandgate, Hussey of Scotney, Lambarde of Seven-
ontis, Foote of Sherry Court, Alexander of Summer
Hill, Scott of Sundridge, Pearson of Tankerton
Tower, Jones of Waterlngbury (old), Angerstein
of Woodlands, Best of Wiertnn. The E. and W.
Kent and Tickham hounds hunt here ; and it gave
title of duke to the father of Q. Victoria. Roads
from Maidstone are: (1) To Offham 6 m., Farm-
ingham 15 (Dartford 20, Woolwich 28), Foots-
cray 20, Eltham 24, Blackheath 27, London 32.
(2) Kit's Coty Ho. 3, Rochester and Chatham 8,
Gravesend 14. (3) Detling 3 (Bromley 25), Mil-
ton 10, Queenboro' 16, Sheerness 18. (4) Leeds
Cast. 6, Charing 13, Ashford 19, Hythe 29, Sand-
gate 32, Folkestone 34, Dover 40 (Feversham 18) ;
or by Charing, to Chilham 21, Canterbury 26
(Whitstable 32), Sturry 28 (Herne Bay 33), Sarr
33, Ramsgate 38 (or Margate 37), Broadstairs 40
(or bv rail, from Canterbury to Minster 12 m.,
Ramsgate 16, Margate 20, Sandwich 17, Deal 21) ;
or by Cant, to Littlebourne 30, Ash 35, Sandwich
38, Deal 42, Walmer 43 ; or by Cant, to Bridge 29,
Barham 32, Wootton 35, Ewell 38, Dover 41.
(5) To Boughton 4, Staplehurst 9, Cranbrook 14
(Tenterden 21, Appledon 27, N. Romney 33),
Hawkhurst 18, Hastings 31. (6) Mereworth 6,
Tunbridge 12, T. Wells 17, thence to Brighton.
(7) To Otham 6, Sevenoaks 13, Westerham 18,
thence to Reigate. About 160 m. of S. East. rail,
pass Reigate, Tunbridge (branch to T. Wells),
Paddock (br. to Maidstone), Staplehurst, Ashford
(branches to Canterbury, Whitstable, Sandwich,
Deal, Ramsgate, Margate, besides one to go to
Hastings), Folkestone, Dover, also the N. Kent
past Greenwich, Woolwich, Gravesend, Rochester.
Kent, Kingdom of, which included Kent (the
territory of the Cantii), and for a time part of
Surrey and London, was founded by Hengist 446
-9, succeeded by Eske or Aesc 488 (whence Aescin-
gas, " sons of the ash-tree "), Octa 512, Ymbrick
(or Ermeric) 534, Ethelbert 5G8 (' Bretwalda ' from
589, and 1st Christian king), Edbald 616, Ercom-
bert 640, Egbert (or Ecgbryht) 664, Lothaire (or
Hlothere) 673, Edrick (or Eadric) 684, Withdred
(or Wihtred) and Waetbard (?), jointly, 690-3,
Eadbert and Edelbert and Alric, jointly or other-
wise, 725-50, and, under Wessex, by Ethelbert-Pren
794, Cudred (or Cuthred, a mercian) 799, Baldred
805-823, when it was reduced by Egbert to an
earldom, held by Ealhere 852, Coelmere 897, and
others, to Godwyn, who died 1053, and whose son
K. Harold was killed at Hastings 1066.

Kent River ( ) rises in K. Fell, near the roman
road, S. Weslmrld. and runs 20 m. S. through
Kentmere Tarn, past Kendale, Leven's Hall,
where there is a salmon leap, and Milnthorpe, to
the dangerous sands in Morecambe bay, re-
ceiving the Sprit and Mint in its way.

P. KENTCHURCH par. (43) Webtree hund.
SW. Hereford. 11 m. W. of Ross-120, on R. Mon-
now. Acres 3810; pop. 295; poor r. 108/. (Dore
U.) ; real prop. 22277. ; charities, Beavan's school,
etc. 12/. St. Mary Rect. (Heref.) vol. 2467., pair.



Ld. Chancellor. K. Court, J. Scudamore, Esq.,
the seat of the fam. for many centuries.

KENTFORD par. (51) Risbridge hund. W. Suf-
folk, 5 m. S. of Mildenhall-70. Acres 710 ; pop.
152 ; poor r. 67. (Mildenh. U.) ; real prop. 13317. ;
charities, 14 acres of poor's laud. St. Mary Rect.
with Gazeley.

P. KENTISBEARE par. (21) Hayridge hund.
NE. Devon. 3 m. ENE. of Collumpton-160, near
Gt. West. rail, and R. Culme. Acres with Black-
borough 4890 ; pop. 1184 ; poor r. 8067. (Tiverton
U.) ; real prop. 58537. ; charities 337. St. Mary
Rect. (Exet.) val. 4867., patr. ; church, has an
old screen, and brass of a man in armour (1529).

KENTISBURY par. (27) Braunton hund. N.
Devon. 8 m, NE. of Barnstaple-192. Acres 3480 ;
pop. 422 + 8; poor r. 1187. (Barnst. U.); real
prop. 29117.; charities, Jones's sch. 57. Living, a
Rect. (Exet.) val. 2597., patr. Rev. B. Sweet, rector.

KENTISFORD hmlt. (18) Marnhull par. N.
Dorset. 3 m. N. of Sturminster-109.

Kentish Knock at the Thames's mouth, out-
side the Long Sand, lat. 51 40' N., long. 1 39'
E., 15 m. NNE. of N. Foreland, is a growing
bank 7 m. long NE. and SW., and 2 broad, partly
dry at low water, with 4 fath. water around,
and a revolving light, 38 ft. high, put up 1840, and
seen 10 m. flS" 'K. Lane (7) 3 m. SE. of Hat-
field, S. Herts.

P. KENTISH TOWN hmlt. (7) St. Pancras par.
Marylebone boro', E. Middlesex, 3 m. NW. of
St. Paul's, in a pleasant spot, once called Kentis-
tonne, now constituting the prebend of Kaunteloe
or Cantelows, in St. Paul's (leased to Marq. Cam-
den, thro' the Jeffreys), has 3 chapels, school, and
brewery, new schools by Hakewell (1848), and
governesses' benevol. institutn. by Wyatt, in tudor
style (1849). Living, a Cur. (Lon.) val. 2007., patr.
Vicar; church, b. 1783, with tomb of Grignon the
engraver. W. Bruges, Garter King-at-Arms, en-
tertained the emperor Sigismund in Hen. V.'s
time at his house here ; the tree opposite the as-
sembly rooms was shattered by lightning, June,

KENTMERE chplry. ( ) Kendal par. W. West-
mrld. 8 m. NNW. of Kendal-262, on R. Kent, near
High Street roman way (2700 ft. high) and A'.
Tarn, once a swamp, 1 m. long, with trout,
perch, ducks, now drained and cultivated, con-
tains K. Tower, where the excellent Bernard
Gilpin, the apostle of the North, was born (1517-
83). Pop. 198, in the blue slate and limestone
quarries ; poor r. 1047. (Kend. U.) ; real prop. 13417.
Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. 707., patr. Vicar.

P. KENTON par. (22) Exminster hund. E.
Devon. 3 m. SSW. of Topsham-170, on S. Devon
rail., where R. Ken joins R. Exe, containing
Cofton and Starcross curs., was a mkt. town, and
belongs to the Courtenays of Bordenham, but for
a while was held by the Heles, Hungerfords,
Monk duke of Albemarle, etc. Acres 4850 ;
pop. 2312 + 26; poor r. 8357. (St. Thomas U.);
real prop. 11,3647. ; charities 167. All Saints Vic.
(Exet.) val. 2657., patr. Dean and Chap. Sal. ;
church, later eng. with pinnacled tower 100 ft.
high, carved pulpit and screen. K. Lodge, ;
Oxton Ho., J. Swete, Esq. (aJ" KENTON hmlt.
(7) Harrow-on-the-Hill par. N. Middlesex, 2 m.
NE. of Harrow-10. Pop. 99. K. Lodqe, .
KENTON par (50) Loes hund. Mid. Suffolk,
2 m. NE. of Debenham-83. Acres 2270 ; pop.
287 +2 ; poor r. 2147. (Plomesgate U.) ; real prop.
17937.; charities 387. All Saints Vic. (Norw.)
val. 1377., patr. Lord Henniker. K. Hall, Am. S.

P. KENTON, EAST and WEST, tnshp. ( ) Gos-
forth par. SE. Northinlrla. 2 m. NE. of Newcastle




-275. Pop. 819, formerly in the coal and stone
quarries ; poor r. 283Z. (C'astle Ward U.). ^g K
Park. See KEMPTON, Middlesex.

Kentraugh ( ) near Castletown, /. of Man
E. Gawne, Esq.

Kent's Hole ( ) 2 m, from Torbay, SE. Devon
a series of limestone caves 682 ft. long.

KENTSTOWN par. (26, 32) Lower Duleek bar.
E. Meath, 4 m. SW. of Duleek-22. Acres 2521,
good; pop. 514+ 1. Living, a Reel. (Meath) with
2 others, val. 306/., patrs. Crown and Lord Dun-
sanv. Somerville, Sir \V. M. Somerville, Bt.

Kentwell Hall (47, 51) 4m. N. of Sudbury,
/S W. Suffolk, seat of H. Logan, Esq. once of the
Cloptons, etc.

Kenure Park (8) near Rush, N. Dublin, Sir
W. R. Palmer, Bt.

Kenward (6) near Nettlested, Mid. Kent, Sir J.
K. Shaw, Bt., close to Maidstone branch rail.

KENWICK tnshp. (73) with Stockett and
Whettall, Ellesmere par. N. Salop, 3 in. SE. of
Ellesmere-169. Pop. 55.

Kenwick Hall ( ) 1 m. SSE. of Louth, E. Lin-
coln. H. Allenby, Esq. (?)

KENWICKS PARK and K. WOOD tnshps. near
Kenwick, Salop, as above, 1 m. SW. Pop. 120
and 137.

Kenwith, or Cynvit, or Henny, Castle ( ) 1 m.
W. of Bideford, NW. Devon, was the spot whence
the Earl of Devon sallied out and beat the Danish
pirates under Hubba, taking their Raven, etc.

KENWYN par. (31) W. Powder hund. SW.
Cornwall, near Truro-255, contains Buldiu and
Chacewater curs, and Tregavethan, the old seat
of the Laughairnes. Acres 8110, or 8094, with
tin, slate, etc. ; pop. 9607 + 114, in the mines, and
Calenick and Cavedras smelting works; poor r.
1879/. (Truro U.) ; real prop. 24,820/. St. Cuby
Vic. (Exet.) val. with St. Kea 703/., pair. Bishop,
church, has a good chime of bells, and a fine
view ; St. John and St. George Curs. /., Vicar,
Crown and Bishop. Here are barrows on the
Downs, and St. Clare's Well. Chincoss was the
seat of the Haweses ; Roseworth of Enys ; Com-
prigny of Vivians.

P. KENYON tnshp. (89) Winwick par. S. Lan-
cash. 3 m. E. of Newton-193, on Manch. rail,
where the Bolt, and Leigh joins, gives name and
title of baron to Lord K. of Peel Hall. Acres
1660; pop. 323; poor r. 1961. (Leigh U.); real
prop. 2161/.

Kcoldah, 5 m. S. of Fairout Head, NW. Suthrld.
on Durness Kyle, J. Scobie, Esq.

Kepel- Cove-Tarn ( ) on NE. side of Helvellyn,
W. Westmrld. feeds a brook which runs to Ulles-
water, and has fine trout.

KEPP vil. Kippen par. 5. Perth. 7 m. S. of
Callander-52. Pop. 43.

Kepping Burn, at Largs, near Kelburne, NW.
Ayr., where Alex. III. routed Haco and his
north men.

Keppoch, 10 m. NE. by E. of Fort William, S.
Inverness, on R. Spean, belongs to the Macdonalds,
who defeated Macintosh of Glenspean, in one of
the latest clan fights in Scottish history.

KEPWICK tnshp. ( ) Over Silton par. N.R. York.
6 m. NNE. of Thirsk-217, is a meet for the Sin-
nington hounds. Acres 2520 ; pop. 173 + 2 ; poor
r. 29/. (Thirsk U.) ; real prop. 1607/.

Kerara Isld. Kilbride par. NW. Argyll, at the
ferry (1m. wide) from Oban-124, is 4 m. by 2,
hilly and bare, with some fine views of L. Linnhe,
and Gylen cast, the old ruined seat of the Mac-
dougalls, where Alex. II. died 1249. Perriwinkles
abound, and are sent to London.

KERDIFFSTOWN par. (19) N. Naas bar. E. Kil-
dare, 2 m. NNE. of Naas-20. Acres 703 ; pop. 35.
Living, with Kill ; church, a ruin. K. House,
Hendrick, Esq.

KERDISTON par. (68) Eynsford hund. N. Nor-
folk, 6 m. WSW. of Aylsham-118. Acres 1680 ;
pop. 201 ; poorr. I. (Aylsh.U.) ; real prop. 2409/.
St. Mary Rect. with Reepham.

KerehiU Castle (30) near Kilmaganny, W. Kil-
kenny, a ruin.

KERESLEY hmlt. ( ) St. Michael's par. N.
Warwick, near Coventry-91. Acres 1070 ; pop.
436 + 2, ribbon weavers ; real prop. 29197. Liv-
ing, a Cur. (Wore.) val. 70/., patr. Bishop.

Kerfield, 1 m. E. of Peebles, Mid. Peebles., has
an ale brewery.

Keriog River. See Ceiriog River, Denbigh.

Kerloach Mountn. near Strachan, N. Kincar~
dine, and R. Dee, in the Grampians, is about
1890 ft. high.

KERI.OGE par. (42) Forth bar. S. Wexford,
2 m. S. of Wexford- S4, near the sea. Acres 269,
with copper traces; pop. 116. Living, a Rect.
with St. Patrick's, Wexford.

KERMINCHAM tnshp. (80) Swettenham par.
Mid. Cheshire, 5 m. NW. of Congleton-162, near
R. Dane and Manch. rail. Acres 1080 ; pop. 191
+ 2 ; poor r. 647. (Conglet. U.) ; real prop. 18931.
K. Hall, Mrs. Parker.

KERNANSTOWN par. joined to CARIX>W.

Kerridge Hall (81) 2 m. NNE. of Macclesfield,
E. Cheshire.

KERRIER HUNDRED (31, 33) SW. Cornwall,
contains the towns of Helstone vie. and Penryn,
the pars, of St. Anthony v., Breage v., Budock,
Constantine v., Cury (cur. with Breage), Fal-
mouth, Germoe (c. with Breage), St. Gluvias v.,
Grade rect., Gunwalloe (c. with Breage), Gwen-
nap ., St. Keverne v., Landewednack r., Mabe
(v. with Mylor), Manaccan v., St. Martin r. with
Mawgan r., Mawnan r., Mullion v., Mylor ., Per-
ran-Arworthal (c. with St. Stithian's), Ruan
(Major and Minor) r*., Stithney v., St. Stithian's
., and Wendron v. ; acres 103,550, pop. 58,080,

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